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tv   FOX 13 1000 News  FOX  February 21, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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happy anniversary, honey. (baby laughing) >> a developing story tonight in kalamazoo, michigan. an uber driver is accused or going on a here in vineland, new jersey where progresso light soups are made, we'll never give up our cheddar, our cream, and especially our bacon. so we figured out a way to add rich ingredients like this into 22 light soups, all with 100 calories or less per serving. so if you want to eat light and not give up rich flavor, do what we do...make it
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>> as far as i know it was completely random. >> right now at 10:00, terror in michigan. police say an uber driver went on a seven-hour rampage, shooting people at random. >> i thought this is more than, like, kids running up and down playing pranks on each other. >> gun firebrokes out at a birthday party at a st. pete hotel sending guests scrambling for cover.
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>> american and a dream wedding and a dream wedding comes true for a couple who didn't have to pay anything because of their inspirational story. >> good evening, i'm lloyd sowers. >> and i'm haley hines. a prayer service was held just a short time ago in kalamazoo for the six victims of a shooting spree after an uber driver went on a killing rampage, shooting people at random. he is in custody but police say they have no idea what sparked this crime and say they believe it was totally random and i just shot at whomever he saw. >> the last shooting happened at this cracker barrel. he went up to five people and thought them in their shot them in their vehicle.
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an active shooter randomly shooting people. >> fearing for his safety he got in his car and drove to grand rapids for the night but he didn't realize how close he got to the scene. >> turns out where they picked him up was just a couple of blocks from where we were driving. it was at bell's brewery and we drove right by there. >> police say that jason dalton was randomly shooting at hurricane katrina. >> hurricane people.>> he encounted them and shoot them in their vehicle and there were four dead on the scene and one clinging to life. >> and police also say a father and son were killed. the mass kerry massacre began at 5:42 when he shot a woman multiple times
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>> when you see these, and you think are they that much different than us and could someone just snap and decide to let evil reign? and unfortunately it happened to us. >> we are learning there may have been at least one warning sign. this shows that dalton drove in a crazy manner acarding to one woman when he had uber passengers in his veak, vehicle. one woman tweeted out urging people to say away from dalton. uber says he passed a background check and his neighbors said he never saw any red flags. >> he mainly struck to himself and listened to music and there was always banging but never a concern that something like that would happen. >> six people are dead and two
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after a random act of violence. police say jason dalton did not put up a fight when they arrested him. >> and police say that the suspect did not have a criminal record and was married with two children. >> two people were hurt after a birthday party after a st. pete hotel turned into a crime scene. police were called out to the holiday inn express and there had been an argument there. they found 19-year-old octavius brown and 17-year-old demetrius crawford with gunshot wounds. while this was going on, several gymnastics teams from out of the country here for a meet were tried to meet, and one mother said she thought the noise was just a party but when officers went door to door she realized how serious it was.
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and he said could we check your room to see if there are bullet holes in your room. >> it's shocking had coming from a foreign country and not being used to this type of gun violence in the united states. >> one of the teens was treated and released the other is in critical condition. >> and this is a story of sacrifice that won them a contest to have their wedding ceremony and reception in oa deis odessaand this couple has to win over a lot of hearts to win this wedding. >> dozens of military couples entered this competition, and more than 65,000 people voted and the inspiring story of the couple were brought together by
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>> chris, you may now and should kiss your beautiful pride! >> their marriage is built on love. >> i couldn't be happier. >> and sacrifice, and it starts long before they walked down the aisle, before samantha emerged from a pristine pink car in a gar gorgeous goan gotten. >> he showed me a picture of her before she deployed and i had the hots for her. >> neither had any idea what fate had in story for them. >> i stepped on a 30-pound ied, and i lost both of my legs and my left arm. >> that was in afghanistan, and chris saved brian's life. >> he is one ofort of the reasons i'm
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baby sister get married. >> chris and samantha got to know each other and they were eventually inspip inseparable. they later entered a cop test to wind a wedding. but chris doesn't consider himself a hero. >> the heros are the ones who didn't come back or came back wounded. >> but their story won over voters and got them a dream wedding that had everything, including a bride in a '57 chevy, and family and friends were there to celebrate these newlywe hads we lyweds who aced the biggest day of their lives. >> the consolation prize for the
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still got to hold their weddings at the farm free of charge. >> and we have an update on that deadly shooting that happened saturday at a north tampa hookah bar. manuel ortiz jr. is the man who died after someone opened fire just after 4:00 a.m. so far deputy have not released any information or made any arrests. and someone opened fire at another tampa plub club last week killing two people, so far no arrests in the shooting at the club rayne bar. >> and a young woman was
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excusion in columbia when a large rock fell on her head causing al crushed skull and severe injuries. er family is trying to fly her back to the united states for treatment. >> and this video was posted on the internet and detectives tracked them down. the crime happened at perry's house in largo where they found 10 pitbulls and they are now in the custody of animal services. >> and southbound lanes had to be suggest down around 5:00 this morning after aing tanker a tanker crash. traffic has been detoured south to u.s. 41 through north port
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spilled fuel. the northbound lanes remained open but the southbound side is expected to stay closed until tomorrow morning. >> and in downtown clear water, court street has opened earlier than anticipated after csx railroad track repairs were completed ahead of schedule. chestnut will be closed next weekend. >> once considering the front runner for the republican presidential fom presidential nomination, jeb bush has now suspended his campaign. he came in a distant fourth in the south carolina primary. he superpac raised more raised $150 million, far more than the other gop candidates but the fundraising
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votes or enthusiasm. >> the people in new hampshire and south carolina have spoken and i really respect their decision and so tonight i am suspending my campaign. >> well have complete coverage from the weekend coming up tonight at 10:30. >> for the first time we are hearing from a central florida deputy who was deliberately run over by a suspect. here what she has hear what she had to say coming up next. >> and a beautiful weekend out there, with temperatures in the 70's but what does your work
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i would have changes coming >> for the first time we are hearing from the orlando deputy run over by a suspect. >> sergeant marcy pierce is nursing pretty bad injuries and hospital. a teenaged driver ran her over friday morning when she tried taking her into custody. the 15-year-old steps on the gas and headed straight for her. she suffered a broken foot and has four stitches in her head but she said she is grateful for the community support. >> i'm going be okay and anyone who knows me knows i'm going to get through this. i have this life ahead of me and i'm going to make the most of it.
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arrested the teen three times since accept, september and this time he is facing attempted murder charge charges. >> and so far authorities in fiji report five people have been killed by cyclone winston, measured as a category 5 storm, the winds up to 177 miles per hour collapsed hundreds of homes and brought down trees and power lines and you see the damage in the intensity of this storm. authorities are urging people to stay indoors and they work to clean up the damage. >> damage. a lot of work to do there, and a very intense storm like we saw on radar last night, one of those huge storms. i guess a category 5? >> yes, a category 5 and for an
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for them, and definitely devastating for them. the good news is the storm is now far enough away that they can start the recovery process, but let's get to weather trivia for tonight, guys. we talked about this earlier and you have had time to mull this over. despite being in the dry season, february, has the fourth highest rainfall of all of the months and so what is that record? 5.67? 6.13? 7.48? or 8.29? >> i stared at this question for a good hour to fully understand it, i still don't think i do. >> i scared at it for 10 seconds. >> well, you are smart than i am. >> yeah, right, that is why you beat me so bad. >> well, i picked a. >> this is half the fun, what
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>> i closed my eyes and pointed to the screen. >> and that always works for her. and what did i say? i think i said c, why? because it was c -- >> b? >> d. >> i never go with d and so i thought that i would throw it in there. >> are we going to get the sad tram patrolman trombones again? >> wha-wah, wah. >> and and the daily rainfall -- >> amazing. >> yeah, so good guess, and -- -- (sad trombones). >> it's probably the only time
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>> well, 1-0 looks good, and if this br were a baseball game, that would be good. and then check out the time lapse here, plenty of people on the beamps beaches and for good reason, what a great day it was. and a great day yesterday and tomorrow, and if you were going to take advantage of the beaches, today was the day to do it. slightly love above argue average but all in all, just about where we should be. temperatures running a couple of degrees warmer warmer now than where we were yesterday at this time. temps remain fairly light and
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winds, the highest 5 miles per hour down in lake placid, but they will pick back up heading into the day on wednesday. so we have this ridge of high pressure over us right now. we had a couple of people posting pictures of the ring around the moon? that has to do with the high clouds, and the ice crystals and sometimes it's a sign of rain coming into the forecast. well, we don't really have that rain coming per se tomorrow but we are seeing the moisture increase, and so the saying does hold true somewhat at least, we show a stray afternoon shower, 20% chance, not too big, but heading into wednesday more of a chance of scattered showers, the chances closer to 30 to 40% and then watch what happens on
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there is the tightly wound cyclone, and a trailing front, and another chance of strong storms out there, it's going to push through quickly heading into wednesday and by wednesday night, it's gusting cooler and we have seen several of these throughout the winter. 76 and filtering sunshine, and so more in the way of clouds. the seven-day forecast, 77 on tuesday, 30% rain chance and 767 on wednesday, and 60% and storms, some maybe on the stronger side, and by saturday, we are talking about overnight lows only in the low 40's. >> guys? all right, thanks. it was a perfect day to go to the beach. >> but many people living with disabilities don't have that option.
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changing that, next. >> the daytona 500 is decided by a length of a ruler -- actually, it was, and marisa lynn takes us inside victory lane where they
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champ as well as a car. ((haley vo >> new at 10:00, everyone should be able to enjoy a day at the beach but for those with disabilities that is not always the case. now one man is making it possible po just about everyone to hit the sand here in florida. >> and his business is booming. >> one of greg's clients wants to go to the beach for the first time since 2001. >> 15 years ago i had an accident and i haven't been able to go to the beach since because i have to walk with a cane and i can't walk with a cane on the beach. >> the fat-tired wheelchairs are controlled by a joystick and this gives this man a chance to
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>> you are not depending on anyone, for once. and particularly on a beach it gives you a sense of freedom. >> the chairs rent from $60 to 90 a day, and a batly battery charge lasts for six hours. some of the chairs can go into the surf. >> what they feel is what i love, and that is joy when somebody gets on a chair and they look at me and they smile and drive away. there is nothing better. >> current clients whom he describes as fiercely independent range in age from 12 to 100. >> a tragedy in miami this weekend. >> a little boy playing outside his apartment complex was hit by
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>> the dust may be settling after close races in south carolina and nevada but the remaining campaigns are just getting started. just seven candidates are left as the race for the white house picks up even more speed. >> we have the latest from the campaign trail. >> with only seven people left in the race for the white house, candidates are going full-speed-ahead into the coming week. >> they didn't pay the electric bill -- oh, i like that much better! those lights were brutal, do they come from the dishonest press? >> trump's solid win in south carolina has rubio and cruz now jousting for position. >> donald's campaign has been
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in america but you can't just say you are going to make it better, you have to say how you are going to do it. >> meantime the last governorrer governor in the race, kasich is focused on crucial southern states and hillary clinton is hoping to harness heroin in south carolina into a push through super tuesday, but banders bernie sanders is showing no signs of slowing down. >> with democrats votes in south carolina next saturday and the republicans heading to the caw caucuses on tuesday, this is a big thing as everything rushes towards super tuesday on march 1. >> miami dade plus are searching for suspects responsible for the
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king carter, a first grader was playing outside his miami apartment when two men got out of a car and started shooting. it is not clear who was the intended target but carter got caught in the cross-fire and later died at the hospital. his father and aunt are among those asking why. >> just think about your life at six, playing in the neighborhood. our family is hurting right now but it could easily be your family next. >> police are looking for someone who was driving a black four-door sunday. and an violence march was planned outside that apartment complex tomorrow. and the eight remaining supreme court justices are returning to
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scalia, and now the debate over who should replace him is dividing people along party lines. >> right now president obama is in the process of whittling down a short list. on friday he was photographed at the white house carrying a thick binder and inside are the resumes of people the white consideration. >> i expect he will be dedicated a significant portion of his weekend to that. >> he called senate majority leader mitch ma mcconnell and rich grassily, but both are saying he will continue to block anyone he nominates. and the president is promises to nominate someone who is highly qualified and that would serve
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to say who would satisfy both sides of the aisle. >> it is not just one but two branches of government. >> we all want to get secret unaccountable money out of politics that starts with appointing a new justice to the supreme court. >> the supreme court returned from a month-long recess tomorrow and they will begin hearing oral agents with only eight justices on the bench and no time frame for when that ninth seat will be filled. >> cheesy, arrested and garlicky, apparently it's too much for some people. four people were arrested for fighting over food. a staff member got angry because
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she threw a tip jar at them, and then there was a fight. >> you act this way? there is a place for us. >> they don't deserve to be on our streets. >> all four are arrested and are charged with burglary and criminal mischief. >> and some people take that garlic knots seriously. >> to put cheese on them! of all things. >> you are always asking what color is this or that? >> but not anymore, how a simple >> but not anymore, how a simple pair of glasses is changing the way that color-blind people see the world. >> government officials knew about a deadly outbreak of legionnaires but did not tell the public for nearly two years. >> is the water safe to drink? >> we continue our investigation into the flint water scajts
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ba da ba ba ba >> from traffic lights to what we wear, most of us take our color vision for granted. but for about 12 million american, sorting out those subtle hues is challenging.
10:39 pm
pair of glasses is changing the way that color-blind people see the world. >> look at your kids' eyes, they are so pretty! >> i don't know how to explain it. >> oh my god! >> these youtube people show color deficient people as they see new colors for the first time. >> is it a noticeable difference? >> oh, yeah. >> it's all thanks to a special # pair of pair of classes called enchroma. >> brian schneider works with exercises and he says red, orange and green blend together. to make sure his wiring was right he wears a meter. green. >> his first experience wearing them was watching cartoons with
10:40 pm
>> i didn't have words to describe it, it was just overwhelming for me. >> he says he is now like a kid in a candy story. >> the display with the skittles and the m & m's it was like all, this is amazing. >> these are worn by surgeoning during laser procedures to protect their eyes. >> but discovering what else they could do was purely accidental. it happened at a freeze by friend borrowed his glasses and said -- >> he said, quote, dude, i can see the cone and he was referring to the fluorescent orange field marker. >> it turns out that the same
10:41 pm
protect your eyes from the lasers also helps the brain to straight out the colors. the doctor says it's been eye-opening. >> we see moments of extreme elation. >> this is really cool! >> because color deficiencies deficiencies vary, the doctor says so will the results. >> i have a son and i went to buy him a silver pair of shoes i brought them home and my wife said you realize these are pink. >> without the classes it looks looks bluish but when you put the glasses on it does seem there is a little more red to it. >> while jack's experience was not as dramatic as others i now pink. >> that is pretty cool.
10:42 pm
children to $350 for adults. turns out only 11 states require testing of color deficiency and florida is not one of them. >> and speaking of eyes, a lot of eyes on daytona. >> we are going to go inside victory lane to talk with the winners and there were a couple of losers not feeling good tonight, and it was a sad day for the lightning. on the road a trip for father and son to bound and dad doesn't twont
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>> the daytona 500 wildest finish ever. mat kenseth was less than a mile away from being crowned the champ and in a flash he went from champ to finishing tenth and there wasn't even a wreck. all eyes on chase eliot, the youngest driver to lead the field and he clearly had a target on his back but just 19 laps in his day came to a crashing halt.
10:46 pm
and he car breaks lose, he will managed to keep it off the wall but his car suffered a lot of damage. turn 4 was really tough for drivers. vickers was filling in for the injured tony steward and he could suffer some damage but managed to stay on the track and just 30 laps to go, dale earnhardt jr. makes an aggressive move and avoids traffic but not the wall. he is done for the day, and then 16 laps left, patrick tries to block biffle, and she is in for a wild rise, she was a lap down and near the back of the pack and mat kenseth took t lead with
10:47 pm
the end. hamlin got by him and hamlin edges him right at the line, the closest finish in the history of the 500. it goes to denny hamlin, and toyota gets their first daytona 500 victory. and marisa lynn is inside victory lane for the hamlin celebration. >> no. 11 finally gets to pull into victory lane, denny hamlin the newly crowded daytona 500 champion. it has been 23 years since joe gibbs racing has won the daytona 500 and he said he wanted a win and that is exactly what he got. >> the last thing i want to do
10:48 pm
someone else win the race and luckily matt gave us the room when we got inside and it all worked out but, wow, still, the last lap happened so fast and toiment iwant to relive and rewatch it to figure out what the heck i did. >> i thought it was close, really close, and i didn't think either way. i just said, man, what was close and that was the only thing i could think of. tried to look up at the big screen like you always do, and just trying to do the best i could at being on the line but just came up short. >> a very disappointed martin truex who lost by 1/100th of a second. the closest race in daytona 500 history. and we will hear more from denny
10:49 pm
champion's breakfast and we'll be in daytona for that as well. reporting live, marisa lynn, no fox 13 sports. >> thank you, marisa. and you know dads don't like to be disappointed and when you plan a trip it better be good. the lightning trail 1-0 in the second period and watch them work the puck. j.t. brown is really having a great season and the lightning's traveling dad's club? they love it. stamkos with great vision finds callahan, and let it is fly, and it's 2-1 bolts. the lightning pick up a powerplay late in the third and time is running out when johnson gets it to stamkos and he is not
10:50 pm
victory, 4-2 by adding an empty nether. and netter. today it became official as the pitchers and catchers hit the field for spring training. no big speech from cash, he is holding out until the whole team reports on friday, but it's hard to believe this is the 19th spring training for the rays, eighth in port charlotte. gone with ten starters from last year but the club feels they are going to be better, and that it hinges on pitching and defense. >> the guy who is are returning they don't need much message of anything. they go about their business in a very professional manner and show up to play every night and so just reiterate that and we'll go from there. >> the games start late next
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>> all right, mike is back with >> a gorgeous weather pattern continuing and that means more
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check this out, and degree andrew dees. this one with the sun going down in the distance over the tree, and we have a bright moon out there, not a full moon but a pretty nice shot out there. keep sending them in and we'll keep showing them on air. 79 in brandon and 78 in arcadia, and so mid to upper 70's heading into the day tomorrow and you can tack on a degree or two mo most areas especially if they stay in the sun just a little bit longer. i could see the temperatures even a degree higher or so. hid 70's right along the coast and maybe approaching that 77 mark with more sun and still in the 70's even off to the north. a dewpoint of 53, and winds out
10:55 pm
lights winds and light winds even into the day on monday but tuesday they will start to pick up and especially wednesday and thursday, we'll see gusty winds at times. 57 in brandon and 57 in brooksville, 55 in crystal river, overall temperatures running a couple of degrees higher than where we were yesterday at this time. satellite and radar view, here are the high clouds streaming in right now. back to the north you see one batch of rain exiting the midatlantic and this is all part of a large frontal system, extending back towards texas where you see an area of clouds and storms gathering there, and eventually that starts to work our way. cold air to the north and warm air to the south. we'll stay on the warm side of things at least through wednesday until we get into the
10:56 pm
here is how that future forecast turning out. more filtered sun throughout the morning and we eventually see those cumulus clouds popping up and a couple of showers could develop along the seabreeze. the best chance is from i-4 southward and the farther inland you get, and so highlands and hardee and desoto counties you have the best chance at rain tomorrow, but not big change, 20 to 30%. rain chances close to 30, 40% but still a warm day on tuesday, and temperatures in the mid 70's. partly cloudy and milder, for the day tomorrow, 76, filters sunshine and isolated showers. scattered showers around on tuesday and then a frond through on front throughon wednesday, with the potential for severe weather. we'll have to watch that one closely.
10:57 pm
friday back into the mid 60's heading towards saturday. >> a lock of john lennon's hair was hold at auction today. >> it sold for $35,000. and the 4-inch lock was trimmed and kept by a german barber in 1976 as he was about to star in the film how i won the war. that hair was one of several beatles related items up for auction. >> auction. >> 35,000? >> wow. >> i don't know. it should be in a museum, a collection. >> and billboards capture the attention of all kinds of drivers. >> but one shows three women of varying faiths all with head covers promoting a very different message. >> and a loss the new caramel macchiato from dunkin' donuts.
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