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tv   FOX 13 1100 News  FOX  February 21, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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oh-oh, oh-oh oh-oh, oh-oh, oh-oh-oh-ooh, oh hearts are made for sharing. spread some sweetness with dunkin' donuts' cookie dough and brownie batter donuts. heart-shaped happiness too sweet not to share. america runs on dunkin'. >> when a random individuals decides to be evil, i don't know how you -- how you stop that. >> right now at 11:00, a bizarre indication in case many case in michigan while an uber driver goes on a killing spree while on the job. >> this strain seems to be more aggressive.
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and who is getting hit the hardest. >> hardest. >> hardest? >> good evening, i'm haley hines. >> and i'm lloyd sowers, thanks for bees with us tonight. developing in michigan police say an you you you uber driver killed six people apparently picking up and dropping off passengers in between shootings. it all started at an apartment complex. a woman was with her three children when she was shot, she is expected to survive and then jason dalton killed a father and his son and then opened fire on
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barrel restaurant. he shot them in their car, a teen, among the victimming victims is fighting for her life in the hospital. >> -- found it surprising based on what they knew at the time. >> dalton was a former insurance adjustor who had no criminal history. they described him as your average joe. and dalton did not know any of his victims. investigators are still looking for a motive, but so far have no int indication as this. >> and 29 manuel ortiz was shot to death outside a hookah bar, and detectives are still searching for the shooter. if you have any information on
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crimestoppers.>> and the coughing and the sniffling? doctors say the glue flu season is here but this year it's hitting more young and middle-aged adults and it's also sending pregnant women to emergency rooms. >> the latest data shows increasing cases across the state with hillsborough county reporting the highest number of outbreaks. some local pharmacies say they are having trouble keeping tamiflu in spok and stock and patients are testing positive for h1n1, also known as the swine flu. >> this strain of h1n, seems to be more serious and comes with respiratory impacts.
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part of the population hard. >> it's being reported more in younger and middle-aged patients. >> this doctor says she is also seeing an alarming number of cases among pregnant patients. >> pregnant women can be severely impacted by the flu. >> we have several in the intensive care units. >> they can send moms into labor early and it can prove deadly for mom and baby. the flu has already claimed the lives of three newborns this season. newborns cannot be vaccinated against the flu their first six months of life and that is why it's important for everyone to get a flu shot. >> they need to help the rest of the community and help those who
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didn't have a chance. >> the flu vaccine does take about two weeks before it becomes effective, and doctors stress if you have not gotten yours yet, get your flu shot know. >> now. >> trump swept all 50 delegates in south carolina and it's enough to solidify his position as the man to beat in the primary. >> for democrats clinton won the nevada caucus reaffirming her strength with woman and minority voters. >> to put them in our jails -- they didn't pay the electric
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better! oh! oh, that is so much better. those lights were brutal, do they come from the dishonest press? >> and florida senator marco rubio finished strongly coming in second just narrowly beating ted cruz. today he campaigned hoping to gain on his rivals and he said the best days for america are ahead but that the u.s. has to take care of business first. >> and south carolina was the end for jeb bush, he came in a distance fourth, and with poor showings in aye aye iowa and new hampshire he decided to suspend his campaign. >> and better bernie sanders says he will fight for the interests of all americans, not just the
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>> this campaign is gaining mo hen tum because momentum because we are listening to the american people and listening in a way that other campaigns don't. we are listening to the millions of workers in this one who are making $9 or $10 an hour and they can't make it on $9 or $10 an hour. >> clinton and bernie sanders will campaign in south carolina all week. polls showing that clinton is already ahead by about 20 point. >> a judge issues a last-minute order to delay the scheduled deposition of bill cosby's wife. attorneys say she has had no involvement with the facts underlying the case. eight woman have sued accusing the median of sexual assault,
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a judge has called for a delay and a hearing tomorrow morning. >> and a couple's inspirational story wins them a dream wedding and they did not have to pay a thing for it. they tied the knot after winning a $30,000 wedding at the farm in a mission called "i do". and chris saved the life of samantha's brother after he stepped on a bomb in afghanistan. he lost both of his legs and an arm. after that she and chris got to know each other and they were inspep inseparable. >> not until we had to put how we met on paper, that is when we realized oh, wow, this is kind of interesting. and i think once people heard about it, the support system was just huge.
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the farm has held this competition. >> coming up tonight, one group tries to banish islam phobia. >> it's an act of devotion and of worship, and it's a part of the faith. >> a new billboard aims to know what nuns, the mother of jesus, and muslim women have in common. >> and warmer weather for several weeks but there are changes some people don't like to share their wifi, but at bright house networks, we do. login to one of our hotspots and get your code for free wifi at over 50,000 bright house wifi hotspots.
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>> okay, tonight we lined up some blunders from the campaign trail. >> he called himself the joyous tortoise. >> i do this with joy in my heart. >> we'll have some fun with candidates in both parties. but as always, we've also lined up some serious investigations of failures in government. here in tampa bay, we are digging deeper into problems at the v.a. that are crawzed caused problems for our vets.
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die so they don't have to deal with us. >> and we are asking if tainted water caused an outbreak of legionnaire's disease, they knew about the problem but delayed telling the public for years. >> if it's urgent to speak with someone, dial zero. >> i'm sorry, zero is not a valid opposite. good bye. >> it's all on mother, money, power and politics and starts right here at 11:30. >> new tonight, this billboard is getting a lot of buzz. >> it was put up by a mosque to promote peace. >> the billboard is about highlighting modesty, as some women practice by using the head covering.
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>> high in the sky off of i-4 is a billboard with a message from the american muslim center, and we spoke with a representative saying that muslim woman are not the only ones who wear head scarfs. >> a lot of people don't think about christian nones and nuns and the mother of jesus who also wore them. >> she is worried about the message people are getting when they see violence on the news pertaining to terrorist attacks. >> it's scary for me to see that i am being portrayed like that. and that is the message that an average person is getting when they turn the tv on.
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feeling intimidated by what they are seeing in the media and they need to realize this is not the real picture. >> >> i think perfect pretty much describes the weather we've been seeing the last week, especially this weekend. temperatures both days in the mid to upper 70's with plenty of sunshine out there and here is a look at the time lapse view, what an incredible weekend it was. 55 was the low this morning and so our lowing right where they should be, and 3 to 5 degrees above average. here is a look at the calendar view, and we had a cool week there. this third week and now heading into our fourth has been anything but cool. we've been seeing the temperatures temperatures 3, 4, 5, 6 degrees
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average, that is going to continue on monday and into tuesday and wednesday as well. but the humidity is going to creep up and by wednesday i think you will feel that stickier moisture in the atmosphere. a couple of fronts and one is going to bring a threat of storms and they could be on the stronger side, we'll have to keep an eye on that. temperatures flip back to below average, and down to 57, and 59 in the north in palm harbor. 59 in dade city, and 56 out in zephyrhills. 58 in myakka city, and 57 right now in lakeland. satellite and radar, high pressure in control.
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their way towards south florida, kind of a sign of things to come, with a few showers popping up and working working their way towards our inland counties. tuesday, we'll bump it up a little bit more and you see the moisture increasing from the southwest. scattered showers out there, rain chances 30 to 40% and then wednesday as this front pushing through, could be storms and gusty winds, the rain chances there close 60%. 60 degrees and partly cloudy. and another warm day, slightly more humid and more in the way of clouds. the seven-day looks like this. warm weather the next three days. rain chances 20,30, 60% and then we dry out and cool off and we
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3 you've got to love a good prank. >> tonight in trending you have to love a good prank and this is about as trashy as it gets -- >> this is calling for the latest invention, a remote controlled wheelie bin, but no one else knows that. the trash collectors try to pick it up only to have it keep on rolling.
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he is not in on the joke. >> it's just rolling through the sidewalks and the streets and the cars don't even know what is happening. some people were trying to -- oops, well, that doesn't work, but who comes up with these things? >> there is nobody in it? >> no! >> it took a while to build. >> oh, it has a camera in it. >> don't even know what is happening. >> but i like the idea, you at night. >> now there is a practical purpose for this. not just trolling people. >> and work can be a challenge at times but one japanese company has come up with a bizarre way to help women relief stress. they hire hunky men to wipe their tears away.
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and you pay to cry, and how could you cry? watch a sat film sad film or a short story or an emotional song, and then the hunky guy comes in and washes your tears away. >> i want to do this -- what ?! i don't know what to say about this. you could do all of that for free. >> yeah, they don't look thrilled at all. >> such a sad story. we need a hunky guy to come in right now. >> if that $70 included chocolate and flowers, maybe. >> and now he is crying. >> well, talking about people crying, a couple of drivers over at daytona. we'll take you inside victly victory
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3 the lightning >> the lightning picks a perfect time for their father's day trip, just a second annual but after seeing how well their boys
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might want to keep them around a little bit longer, maybe till the end of the regular season. the lightning trailed in the second period but watch them work the pub puck here. j.t. brown having a fantastic season. watch him bury the puck there. and stamkos, great vision on the ice, and he teed it up and it's 2-1 bolts. the lightning on a powerplay late in the third, and johnson get it is to stamkos and he is not missin', and dads? high-fives iewl fives all around. and the daytona 500 couldn't have been any closer. denny hamlin wins by the narrowest of margins. toy i
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drivers in this thing. denny hamlin charges high, and kenseth ryes to block him but can't do it and at the wire, it's hamlin that edges him. the closest finish in the history of the 500 and it goes to hamlin and toy i don't toyota who get their first 500 victory. >> no doubt it was the car. he actually pushed me in the 150 as well and i knew his car was really good at doing that, so i mean, as much of a team victory, the 11 car couldn't have done it without the push of kevin har rick. >> harvick. >> you would rather get beat by a few feet than inches but matt moving up to plok that
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gave us an opportunity to win. i was trying to push matt off of 4, and that was i thought the best student we opportunity we had. >> amazing that matt kenseth goes from first to tenth in less
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>> stay tuned, craig pnot able to tell with the pbacteria was it could like any pother pneumonia. pwe saw a spike in legionnaire's pdisease. phasn't really been put out to pthe public. pit's not the thing we should pexpect in america. pthe public has a right to be poutraged. poutrage doesn't even begin to pcover it. pyou feel cheated?


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