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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 7AM  FOX  February 22, 2016 7:00am-8:00am EST

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america runs on dunkin'. 3 3 ((russell- a deadly decision. a store clerk pulls out his **own gun during a robbery p>>russell: deadly decision. pshootout with suspected thieves. lus -- p>>reporter: we're still talking pabout south carolina and nevada pas the race for president. pi'm in washington and we'll have pthe very latest just ahead. p>>laura: and looking your best. pthe age when we are the most pstylish and it takes men about psix years longer and welcome to pthe 7:00 hour of "good day tampa pbay." pi'm laura moody. p>>russell: and i'm russell prhodes.
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pto get to dave. p>>dave: temperature range of 50 pdegrees in citrus county and as pwarm as 63 in southern pinellas pbut look at most of these pto normal. pyou add a couple of degrees pabove tampa, stuff like that but pit's a decent day. pnotice the clouds beginning to pstream in off of the gulf. pit will not generate a lot of prainfall today but we do have prainfall chances tomorrow and pespecially on wednesday. plet's enjoy a nice, dry, pfiltered sunshine type of day. phighs in the mid 70s. pvanessa, good morning to you. p>>vanessa: good morning to you. pwe want to bring you an update psouthbound 275. pwe mentioned a new crash that pwas in the area of fowler pavenue. pwe can see it's actually all off ponto the shoulder. pit's looking a bit slow heading pthrough the area as we check out pthe delays, we see backups ptowards fletcher and all the pcongestion continuing until you pget to about i-4.
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pminutes out the door at the very pmost. pwe're really not seeing any pmajor delays but it is something pnotable in the area and a psituation for the move over law. pwe also want to let you know pabout a pedestrian involved pcrash in tampa. pthis is along nebraska avenue. psky fox is checking out the area pearlier. plooks clear. pwe did see some flashing lights pin the area but they cleared out retty quickly. p>>laura: new this morning, a pstore clerk who did not let two probbers intimidate him. p>>russell: he took out his own pgun before killing one of them pin a shootout. pshayla reaves is at tampa police pheadquarters. pgood morning. p>>reporter: good morning to you. pand the job took a dangerous pdown. pright now one suspect is dead pand police are looking for panother. pi want to take you back to this pvideo captured last night there pat the 15th street cut rate pliquor store. pas our cameras rolled, crime pscene technicians gathered
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pworking to piece together what phappened there. pit started just before 11:00 plast night. ptampa police received a 911 call pabout gun fire from inside the pbusiness. pofficers arrived and found a psuspect dead on the sidewalk and pa handgun nearby. pright now police are still pworking to sort out the details pbut they have released reliminary information to us. paccording to the preliminary paccounts, two suspects preportedly entered the store, pbrandished a firearm and pexchanged gun fire with a clerk. pat least one bullet struck the psuspect who died at the scene. pthe second suspect did not stick paround. pit's unclear if the second psuspect was armed as well but we pcan tell you the clerk is okay. olice are going to be checking pthe cameras there on the roperty to see if those cameras pmay have captured any images or pany clues that can help pinvestigators working this case. pso far they have not released pthe name of the suspect who died pas police worked to notify pfamily members but of course, if pyou have any information on this
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ptampa police a call. pback to you guys. p>>russell: talk later. pthank you. pdetectives are looking for a pkiller. portiz fatally shot at the psmoking bowl hookah bar over the pweekend. pthree other people are hurt. olice have not told us why the pgunman shot through a crowd. pif you know who the killer might pbe, call crime stoppers. pand st. pete police are looking pfor the person who shot two eople at an area hotel. pthe shootings happened saturday pnight at the holiday inn express pon 54th avenue north. p19-year-old victim is in pcritical condition after being pshot in the upper body while a p17-year-old is recovering. pwe're told a lot of gymnastics pteam from out of the country pwere staying there. p>>laura: tonight in highlands pcounty, a middle school meeting pabout sexting. pseveral sexting incidents pinvolved students. phe's already held an assembly pwith students.
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pit starts at 6:30 at the first resbyterian church in lake lacid. pit can be illegal depending on pyour age and in this particular pcase, the highland county psheriff's office is considering pfiling criminal charges. p>>russell: donald trump has pmomentum heading into tomorrow's pnevada caucuses. phe's clearly the republican pfrontrunner now in the residential race after the big pwin in south carolina on psaturday. psame could be said for hillary pclinton, too. pdoug is in washington. pgood morning, doug. p>>reporter: good morning. pfor donald trump this is all pabout a power play. pthere's no actual power. p>> because to put them in our pjails -- p>>russell: the lights went out pin georgia on donald trump last pnight. phe fired up the crowd. p>> get those lights off! poff! p>>russell: that may be the first ptime that trump shied from the
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pinstincts seem to be on point, pscoring the win on saturday in a pcontest that saw marco rubio pcome in as a surprise second and pjeb bush drop out. ptrump is well positioned to win ptomorrow's nevada caucuses and pfrom there heading into super ptuesday, he may be tough to pstop. p>> trump is in a strong position pand hillary clinton i think is pheaded to the nomination but her ponly constituency looking at the pexit polls, is african-americans pwhere she has strong majorities. p>>reporter: that will be crucial pfor clinton heading into the rimary in south carolina. pafter her big win in nevada over pthe weekend, she will be in pcalifornia today tapping into pthe well healed donors who plargely fuelled her campaign. psanders stayed on the trial in psouth carolina. p>> if you look at national polls pand you want a candidate who is
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pyou're looking at him. p>>reporter: sanders would be phappy just to have a strong psecond place showing in south pcarolina. p>>russell: thank you. ptake care of your voice. p>>laura: he doesn't have much pvoice left. plook around work today. pyou may find a few co-workers pstaying home sick. pit is going around, isn't it? pthe latest data shows an pincrease in flu cases around the pstate. phillsborough county has the pmost. pand this year's strain seems to pnot just seniors. phealth officials are urging peveryone to get the flu shot. pthat's the best way, they say, pto protect yourself and everyone paround you. pmeantime, some people might be pskipping work because they're a plittle sore. phundreds took part in pyesterday's 39th annual pgasparilla distance classic. pthey ran the half marathon. paustin richman won the race with pa time of one hour and seven
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p>>russell: is that good? p>>dave: that's great. p>>laura: kayla atkinson won the pwomen's title. pwere you out there? pdave? p>>dave: , p>>laura: good for you. pthat's the place to be. pimpressive crowd, wasn't it? p>>dave: that's impressive. pabsolutely. pcongratulations to everybody. pthe 5 k's all the way to the phalf marathon, good for you. pget out there and weather was erfect for it. pwe've got temperatures running p60 to 63 from tampa to st. etersburg. pmid 50s inland right now. pforecast the next couple of days pis 76 today, good. ptomorrow a 30% rain chance with pa high of 77 but a much higher prain chance for wednesday. pmaybe some strong storms as pwell. pwe'll detail that. pjen? p>>jennifer: how tile stylish are you?
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p>>jennifer: that may depend
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pmonday morning. pfiltering of the cloud cover, pkind of pushing its way through pbut that's not going to stop us pfrom getting back to where we pleft you yesterday which was pback in the mid 70s. pa couple of people enjoying the pday at bradenton beach. pit doesn't matter what camera i pshow you, it's all beautiful pthis morning overlooking lake pmirror. pget. pdon't you like that? pcontrail streaming through and pyou can see it there. panyway, that's just a pretty pstart to the day. plooking west on ken by as -- pkennedy as well. pa few more clouds but we should peasily take the temperatures, pupper 50s to along the coast, ptake them and bring them back up pinto at least the mid 70s. pi think in general, we're going pto go maybe three degrees above pnormal for a high temp. pwe're also going to begin pstatewide just to pull moisture pin from the south.
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pdirection. pthat's going to bring up the dew oints and make it feel a little pmuggier, probably come tomorrow, ptomorrow afternoon. pnotice there's a lot of rain psitting back out over here with pa line of showers and pthunderstorms expected to move pthrough here on wednesday. pthat's our main line of rain. pit's going to be on wednesday pvery early in the afternoon. pup until that point, you may see pthere. pfor instance, maybe a stray pafternoon shower tomorrow as we pstart to see the approach of the pfront but there's your main line pof rain which is going to move pthrough early on wednesday pafternoon. pthen by wednesday evening, with pthe rain out of here, the gusty pnorthwest winds are going to pstart to take over and that's pgoing to drag in some cooler air pso while today will be three pdegrees above normal as far as pour temperatures go, by the end pof the week, we're going to be pway below normal again. pthis is the way it sets up for pthunderstorm activity. psevere risk tomorrow.
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penhanced chance for severe pthunderstorm, probably some big pstorms coming through the anhandle, pensacola, back to pmobile, alabama and then through pnew orleans as well. pwe'll shift this risk into pwednesday and see where that uts us. pit puts tampa basically areas of pi-4 to the north under a slight prisk for severe weather and pagain, the time frame early in pthe afternoon on wednesday. pwe'll be fine tuning this pforecast over the next 36, 48 phours but i think the point is pthat we're going to have to deal pwith a lot of thunderstorms pagain so always stay tuned and pwe'll let you know the latest on pthat. pit's not today, though. pthat's for wednesday. pclouds, sunshine, nice, mild, 76 pdegrees for a high. pmostly cloudy, mild tonight with pa low temperature of 63 degrees pand then a little breezy ptomorrow. pthere could be a quick little pscattered shower in the pafternoon. pthat rain chance around 30%. prain chance for wednesday. pthen the rain is done but then pthe cooler air wants a shot at pus and that will be thursday, pfriday and saturday with highs pin the 60s for all three of
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p>>vanessa: thank you, dave. p7:14. plet's check on our times on the pmajors. plet's start with the veterans pexpressway where i think we have psome pretty manageable times pcompared to what we usually see psouthbound. ptop to bottom, it is a 24 minute pride. pand you'll start to hit the psevere delays in the area of pehrlich road. pwe're averaging speeds around 15 pmiles an hour. pgood conditions. palso in the northbound pdirection, 12 minutes right pthere. plet's get a live look over the psunshine skyway bridge. pvery pretty shot if you're pcoming from 75 heading over the pbridge, you have a 17 minutes pride ahead of you. pyou can see some congestion palong 275 southbound, 75 pjunction in pasco to i-4 pdowntown, 29 minutes. palso some heavier delays pwestbound i-4. p17 minutes is your ride from 75 pto downtown. p>>laura: thank you. pyou know, whether you're at work por hanging with friends, when pyou look around, you cannot help pbut notice someone with style. pthey dress to impress always. pjennifer epstein is here now to
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eak stylewise. p>>jennifer: so are you rad about pruffles? por do you go nutty for net? pfashion might not be your strong psuit but a new study says your psense of fashion or lack thereof pis less about your style and pmore about your age. paccording to a british study, pyour fashion sense peaks at a pcertain age. pwomen are most stylish at age p30. pfor men, it's age 36. pand it's not just about who and pwhat you wear. pconfidence and general knowledge pof self are huge contributing pfactors. pthese are ages when men and pwomen often bring home bigger aychecks, giving them the pability to spend more on clothes pand accessories. pat age 30, women have an average p212 articles of clothing in ptheir closets, 24 pieces of pjewelry and seven pairs of pdesigner shoes totaling about
7:17 am
pare you shaking your head in pagreement right now? pyou know who you are. paccording to glamour magazine, pthere are 10 things every woman pshould have in their closet. pa work bag and evening bag, pheels and flats, a simple ptailored flats, good bra, a good pcoat, jeans you love, sfw you pfeel sexy in and an investment iece. pso we peaked already. p>>laura: yep. p>>russell: no, you haven't. pyou're in your prime. p>>jennifer: think about it. p212 pieces of clothing in your pcloset. p>>laura: you and i just cleaned pout our closets so -- p>>russell: start all over. p>>jennifer: you went shopping pthis weekend. p>>laura: fun, jen. pthank you.
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p$250,000. p>>laura: plus -- p>> holy lord. p>>laura: this close call. pa landslide caught on camera. phow this has been an pinconvenience to hundreds of eople as you can imagine. pand charley belcher hanging out pat this morning's cool school. p>>charley: good day to you and phappy monday to you. pyes, indeed. pwe're at pepin academy, their asco county campus on little proad in new port richey. pstudents wiping sleep out of ptheir eyes on this monday pmorning. pare you ready for school? pit's monday morning. pare you ready? p>> yeah! p>>charley: are you excited about pthis day? p>> yes! p>>charley: it's energy like that pwe'll feed off of this morning. pi'll tell you why apparently, people think i'm too perky. so now i'm not being perky, telling you that drivers that switch to progressive save an average of $548! whoo!
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(vo) making the most out of every mile. that's why i got a subaru impreza. love. it's what makes a subaru,
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welcome back to good day tampa bay. p>>laura: welcome back. pthe time right now is 7:21 and pnew details this morning about
7:22 am
pshooting six people in pkalamazoo, michigan. p>>russell: jason dalton was pworking as an uber driver icking up customers between the pmurders. phere is kelly wright. p>>reporter: a michigan community pis grieving after a gunman goes pon a shooting spree, killing at pleast six people and injuring ptwo others. pthe violence breaking out psaturday night in the city of pkalamazoo. p>> there is no connection that pwe're aware of between three pdifferent sets of victims to peach other or any of the victims pto mr. dalton. p>>reporter: 45-year-old jason pdalton shot five people outside pof a cracker barrel restaurant, pincluding a 14-year-old girl pbefore killing a father and son poutside a dealership. pa woman was also shot outside of pan apartment complex. p>> a few people just came out pand started helping her and i
7:23 am
plike this lady got shot. p>>reporter: dalton, taken into pcustody, had no criminal record pand worked as an uber driver. pa man who was a passenger in the pvehicle hours before the pshootings says he could tell psomething was wrong. p>> we got maybe a mile from my phouse. phe got a telephone call and pafter that telephone call, he pstarted driving really perratically, running stop signs. p>>reporter: people in kalamazoo pcame together for a prayer pvigil. pothers say the incident has left pthem shaken. p>> there's a feeling of fear and pthere's kids who won't go poutside. p>>reporter: jason dalton is pexpected to be arraigned on pmultiple counts of murder and pattempted murder. p>>laura: in other headlines now, pbill cosby's wife will give a pdeposition today in springfield, pmassachusetts. plawyers have been trying to
7:24 am
phas denied their request. pseven women are suing her phusband. pthey accuse the famous comedian pof defamation by calling them pliars. p>>russell: this is frightening pand just tragic. pnearly 37,000 cases of the zika pvirus so far in colombia and pthat includes 6,000 pregnant pwomen. pmosquito borne virus can cause psevere bitter defecting. pand things are even worse in pbrazil. pjust six months away from the psummer olympics. p18 people confirmed dead after a pcyclone in fiji. pwind speeds hit 177 miles an phour, destroying hundreds of phomes in the popular island pdestination. pforecasters call it the most
7:25 am
psouthern hemisphere. (laura that's a land slide in idaho. about 14 tons of pthat is a landslide in idaho. pabout 14 tons of debris slid pdown the side of a mountain, pblocking a highway just outside pof the town of elk city. pthat road is the only way in or pout of the area. p250 people cannot leave until pthey clear all of this away. pit's about 40 feet deep and 500 pfeet long. p>>dave: wow. pand a very pretty start. pyou need a light jacket. pbeautiful outside this morning. pnext three days, 76 for a high ptoday. p77 tomorrow with clouds and otential for shower but a line pof showers and thunderstorms
7:26 am
pthat high temperature in the mid p70s as well. p>>vanessa: thank you, dave. pwe were just getting word from a pviewer, we got a tweet from the plakeland area showing a crash. pyou can see a heavy emergency ersonnel response. pthis is along memorial and pflorida so you'll probably peither want to avoid that area pbecause we're seeing delays in pmany directions and if you can, pgive yourself extra time to pnavigate any detours in this pstretch. pmeantime, holiday drivers, u.s. p19 and alternate 19, we have a pcrash with lane blocks reported pthe last couple of minutes or is pa. pwe saw the delays pop up so at pthe very least, some extra time pout the door this morning. pwe'll watch it and see if the pdelays get too bad. pthere's still some here. pwe showed you a wreck on the pshoulder now near fouler. pyour travel times coming from pfletcher where we're seeing the pbackups really start as you're pcoming 75 southbound and papproaching this.
7:27 am
pminute ride so plan accordingly. p>>russell: the presidential prace, coming up, we'll talk to pbret about who could benefit pfrom jeb bush being out of the prace now. p>>laura: a family asking for pyour help. pken is on that story this pmorning. pgood morning, ken. p>>reporter: good morning. pincredible story out of kol bee pa, south carolina. pa i don't mean was on a rafting ptrip and a boulder the new caramel macchiato from dunkin' donuts. let hand-crafted layers of espresso, milk, and a caramel-flavored swirl uplift your mood. indulge in a hot or iced macchiato today.
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oh-oh, oh-oh oh-oh-oh-ooh, oh hearts are made for sharing. spread some sweetness with dunkin' donuts' cookie dough and brownie batter donuts. heart-shaped happiness too sweet not to share. america runs on dunkin'. 3 story p>>russell: we have a developing pstory for you right now. pstate troopers are investigating pa fatal pedestrian crash. pit happened on county road 611 pnight. olice say frank bartello had pjust gotten into a car accident pwhile he was walking across the
7:31 am
pother driver. phe was hit by chrysler 200. p68-year-old died at the scene. p>>laura: there was a desperate prequest from a tampa family this pmorning. pthey're trying to bring schuyler parakawa back home after a pserious accident in colombia. pthis is so sad, ken. p>>reporter: it really is. pyou'll hear a first hand account pof what happened in colombia in pjust a minute from now. pthis person i talked to on the hone and she saw, punfortunately, every terrible pminute of it. pnow, schuyler was with her pfriends on an adventure of a plifetime. pit was going to include prepelling and rafting and pwonderful memories. pno one expected it to end like pit did. pi just got off the phone with pone of her best friends who was pon the trip and still in kol ponly bee a. she tells me there pwere about a dozen people on a pcliff about 20 or 30 foot high. pthey jumped off, one off the
7:32 am
pafter schuyler jumped, something pbizarre happened. pa boulder fell right on to pschuyler's head. p>> then her body floated to the psurface at which point one of pthe guys pulled her body into pthe boat. p>>reporter: the sound quality of pthat interview not great. pi was talking to this woman. pshe was on her way from colombia pback to peru, pretty tough ptravel conditions but she was pgood enough to call us and give pus an update. plet me tell you a little bit pabout schuyler. pshe graduated from berkeley a pnumber of years ago, went to pyale, she got her undergraduate pfrom yale and graduate from yale pand she's in south america doing
7:33 am
ursue -- peru helping people. pwho would expect something like pthis to happen? pshe at this point is hopefully pgoing to be transferred with her pmom and with her sister who flew pdown there to help. pshe's going to be transferred pfrom south america up to miami, robably getting there around p6:00 or so tonight and then lots pof medical work to be done on pher. pshe has a fractured skull, she's pgot fractured ribs, she's got plung problems but her best pfriend told me it is amazing, palive. pback to you. p>>laura: thank you. p>>russell: it's 7:33 right now. pflorida primary is three weeks pfrom tomorrow and by then, only pa handful of presidential pcandidates may be left. pchief political anchor is in pthis morning to talk about the pmorning. p>>reporter: good morning. p>>russell: well, so following pthe weekend, it looks like it's ptrump and hillary, the two to p>> that's right.
7:34 am
philly now heading to south pcarolina where she has an padvantage after that win in the pnevada caucuses and donald trump pleading south carolina with a pbig one wig win, heading to nevada. phe's well positioned in the psilver state to do well. pmarco rubio may have received a pbump because of jeb bush getting pout of the race. pwe'll see how that plays ptomorrow. p>>russell: let me ask you about pthat. pis jeb going to endorse anyone pat this point, do we think? p>> i don't think yet. pbut eventually there will be a punity rally some place. pyou still have john kasich and pmarco rubio vying for the pestablishment right, if you pwill, for the republican party. pyou have ted cruz and ben carson pdivvying up the other vote.
7:35 am
pwill be a coming together and pyou'll see endorsements start to pflow. pmitt romney would have endorsed pbit now, i thought. phe might be the next big name we phear about deciding. p>>russell: i read this morning psomewhere, i'm not sure psomewhere at this point, that pmaybe he'll be endorsing marco prubio. phave you heard that? p>> that's the going bet. pyou would think you would do it pbefore nevada because obviously phe has some influence there but pi think the endorsements only pmean so much. pthe big story line in this pelection is the panti-establishment, panti-washington anger that is pessentially all in the trump pcampaign and it is what is pdriving him to these victories. pthe question is, whether he can pkeep going and rack them up pahead of super tuesday and the ps.e.c. primaries. p>>russell: it looks -- after
7:36 am
plike bernie sanders has a ways pto go. phe has a hill to climb, doesn't phe? p>> he does. pthere was some thought that he pcould really do well in those pcaucuses because of the -- it's pa little smaller turnout, it's pabout really people who are most pengaged and he has a lot of pmomentum as far as excitement on phis side. p but the establishment in the pdemocratic party is raising its phead and supporting hillary pclinton. pand i think you'll see more of pthat in south carolina. p>>russell: all right. pwe have to run. pgood to see you as always. pand we'll talk next monday. p>> sounds good. p>>laura: he's a trooper. pit was a long weekend for him. pdid you see it? pwhat an incredible end to the pdaytona 500. pit was a photo finish and walter phas the highlights of this very plong race. p>>walter: good morning. pdenny hamlin didn't even know he
7:37 am
pone of the best finishes ever at pdaytona. pnot a good day for chase pelliott, son of bill elliott. phe would be done for the day and pthe other favorite, dale pearnhardt, junior was looking pfor his third win on the panniversary of his dad's tragic pdeath. phe crashes into the wall. phe'd be done for the day. pso bring it to the last lap. pthis is between denny hamlin and pmark truex, junior. pit is one of the best finishes, pone of the closest, in fact, the pclosest in daytona history. plook at this. p500 miles and it comes down to pinches. phamlin was happy but puzzled. p>> it's the pinnacle of my pcareer for sure. pyeah, i haven't got a pchampionship yet and so this is pobviously the biggest win for
7:38 am
pcircumstances, i mean, we found p12, 13 years ago, it's his pbirthday today. p>>walter: and looks like denny phamlin was a man of his word. pa letter hamlin wrote in pelementary school, the childhood pessay was written in 1987 and pit's all about the daytona 500. phamlin wrote how he dreamed of pwinning the race and taking home pthe million dollar prize. phe did get one thing wrong. phe predicted he would win it in p1998 but better late than never. pthis was the biggest win for ptoyota and hamlin's first win as pwell. p>>russell: other sports now, prays return to work. pspring training is officially punderway. itch he weres and catchers had pa workout yet in port charlotte. prest of the team joined them pfriday. pkevin cash has a few players to pchoose from to fill his ross perr. pto hockey and the lightning beat
7:39 am
psteve stamkos had the winning pgoal, 25th of the season. plightning are home tomorrow pnight to play arizona. p>>laura: a new report makes phollywood looking bad. p>>russell: a generous gift. pa $250,000 donation from taylor pswift. pshe's helping a female sing we pare court costs. p>>dave: great start to the day. psunshine and a little bit of pcloud cover mixing in. p55 degrees there with an east pwind at five. pwarmer today. pi have some storms around for pwednesday and then much cooler pby the end of the week so a lot pto talk about. pstick around for that.
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(donkey sound) (elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong. (elephant noise) hey candidates. enough talk.
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p>>dave: almost 7:43 and i'm plooking over the bay to an pabsolutely gorgeous start to the pday. pwe need to clean this camera but pyou get the point. pfiltered sunshine is streaming pthrough. panother shower. pwe're in the lower 50s in a few pspots, some spots in the upper p50s. pour normal for this time of pyear, about 55, give or take a pdegree so close. pit's 57 in frost proof. p54 in lakeland. ptampa plus st. petersburg, both pin the lower 60s. pyou ever brooksville at 50. pocala at 48 so we do have some pcooler air. pnext couple of mornings will be pmild but the colder air is going pto settle back in thursday, pfriday and even saturday morning pas well. pso far winds are mainly out of
7:44 am
pgoing to shift to the south the pnext 24 to 36 hours and that's pgoing to start to bring in more pmoisture and that moisture, pwhich is going to be moving in, pis going to collide with this pcold front that's slowly going pto be dropping to the south and peast. pnet result, a line of showers pand thunderstorms. pwhen does that mean through? pall indications are wednesday, pearly afternoon. pnow, out ahead of it, we may get pa quick shower, say tuesday pafternoon, but the main line of prain with thunderstorm activity pis going to move through on pwednesday and future cast kind pof showing that. pit gives you an idea. pwatch the winds and the shift to pthe south and carrying more pmoisture. pby tuesday afternoon, there's a pchance for a quick shower. pshouldn't be significant but a pquick shower and then by pwednesday morning, you'll watch pthe line of storms beginning to pset up shop. pby wednesday at 7:00 in the pmorning, looks like they may be pspeeding it up a little bit. pyou'll see this line heading ptoward the coastline.
7:45 am
pearly in the afternoon, a chance pfor a strong thunderstorm or two pwill be in and around the area. pso clouds and sunshine, nice, pmild today. phighs 76 degrees. pmostly cloudy, mild, lower 60s ptonight and then warm and breezy pwith an isolated afternoon pshower tomorrow. pthat rain chance is 30% with a phigh of 77. pwe'll double the rain chances up pto 60% for wednesday. pbreezy as well going into pthursday. pthe thing is, we're going to pbring some colder air in. pwe're back in the 40s for lows, pfriday morning, saturday morning pwith highs in the 60s, vanessa. p>>alcides: sounds good. pthank you. ptime is 7:45. plet's talk about nie uns -- new pincidents on the roadways. pwe do have a new crash preportedly blocking at least one plane. pthis is along 66th street north pand ulmerton road. pthe inside lane is blocked and pchecking out our road sensors phere, we do have some delays peastbound and westbound papproaching this intersection so pyou'll probably want to plan a pfew extra minutes out the door
7:46 am
pthis is more of a safety pconcern. pi checked for delays and didn't psee any but along the bay side pbridge, crossing the water here, pwe have reports of a shopping pcart that's blocking a right plane so just keep your eyes ealed heading that way. pright now, we do have some heavy pcongestion going, 275 psouthbound, 75 to i-4 is a 36 pminute ride. p50 minutes is your time along 75 psouthbound between bruce b downs pand i-4. pcoming along i-4 westbound from pmlk to 275, that is an 11 minute pride. pdrive safely. p>>russell: did you say shopping pcart? p>>vanessa: a shopping cart. p>>russell: it's 7:46 right now pand a new study says that phollywood's film industry is, pquote, whitewashed. pfindings are released by usc pschool for journalism. pit functions as a straight white pboys club.
7:47 am
plimited to faces on the screen, perment. pthey analyzed all people from pthe actors to the writers to the pexecutives. pstudy found 87% of directors pwere white, only 3% to 4% of pfilms were directed by women. pof the 109 directors, just two pwere black women. pjust as bad when it comes to pcharacters on the screen, too. pout of 414 speaking parts, just pa third of them were female. p23.3% of those roles were played pby minority groups. pthat's about 10% less than the pdiverse makeup in the united pstates. pstudy also ranked broadcast pnetworks by what they call the pinclusive ity index. pnone of the major networks pranked better than 20%. ptime warner got a zero. pfindings come just days before pthe oscars where, for a second pstraight year, all the nominees pare white. p>>laura: taylor swift is helping pa friend. pshe just gave a $250,000
7:48 am
phelp with a contract dispute. pshe's accusing the record roducer of sexually assaulting pher. phe claims that's a lie, accusing pher of fabricating the charges pto get out of the contract. psony says they're willing to let pher work somewhere else and the pjudge said no to s pcontinues. pswift says that it's the show of psupport for keisha. p>> wait for it. : p>>russell: well, deadpool wins pat the box office again. pthe r rated comic book adaption pis the highest ranking ever. pkung fu panda is number 3 -- pthree.
7:49 am
pjust celebrated their dream pwedding over the weekend and pthey didn't have to pay for a pthing. pchristpher and samantha tied pthe knot at old mc micky's farm plast night. pthey won a $30,000 wedding at pthe farm in a contest called p"mission i do." pit provides a free wedding it a plocal veteran and their story psets them apart from dozens of pother finalists. pchris saved the life of psamantha's brother after he pstepped on a bomb in pafghanistan. pher brother lost both of his plegs and an arm. pand chris and samantha met pduring her brother's recovery pand they say they didn't realize phow great their story was until pthey entered the contest. p>> it's not until we had to put pour -- how we met on paper and peverything. pthat's when we realized, oh, pwow, this is kind of pinteresting. pso, you know, i think once eople heard about it, the psupport system was just huge.
7:50 am
pthat old mc micky's farm has pheld this competition. p>>russell: nice. pvery nice. pall right. pcharley belcher, we need to get pto him right now at a very cool pschool this morning. p>>charley: look at this. plook at my new friend eric. phow sweet is that? pit says charley's world and it's pgot charlie brown there and eric pdid that just for me. pwhere did eric go? pi was going to put him on tv. pthat's all right. phe's here somewhere. pwelcome to pepin academy. pwhat's happening, everybody? phow are you doing? pthey're waking up. pthey're just waking up. pthey're young kids. pit's a monday morning. pi know how it feels. pthey're just waking up. pit's monday morning and it's our pcool school. pyou can come on in. pcome on in. pit's all right. pyou can wave. epin academies is a wonderful, pwonderful place that focuses on
7:51 am
pit's a great place for the pcampus. pi'll tell you why it's a cool pschool with all the cool kids. pyeah. p pstick around. plet's all make it a "good day
7:52 am
7:53 am
7:54 am
p>>charley: "good day." pi'm charley belcher coming to pyou from new port richey this pmorning. pit's our annual -- not annual, i pguess. pit's our weekly cool schools, pisn't it? pwe do it annually also. epin academies and we're pvisiting their pasco county pcampus so les keller is the rincipal here. pacademy ies pacademies, we're familiar with pthem. phow many campuses are there? p>> two locations in hillsborough pbut the same charter and we're pthe only one up here in pasco. p>>charley: and explain what it pis. pit is a public charter school pbut tuition-free. p>> tuition-free but for students pwith identified learning pdisabilities. p>>charley: and that can run the pgamut from autism to just pdyslexia or struggling. p>> just struggling, adhd. pwe serve all kinds. p>>charley: and it's a wonderful pservice that you provide.
7:55 am
pthe public school system might pget left behind because the pteachers don't have the time p>> they fall through the cracks. p>>charley: what's your student pbody? p>> we're up to 272. p>>charley: wow. p>> we hoping to to about 306 pnext year. p>>charley: this is at the top of pthe center. p>> this is a temporary location pand actually, we hope to be in pthe permanent location in the p2017 school year. p>>charley: that's going to take psome money, i'm sure. p>> it's going to take money but pwe have a great initiative pcoming up which will be april 1 pand second. pwe're looking for donators and panybody that can help us out. p>>charley: kitchen for pepin. p>> it's a fishing tournament for asco. pit will be up here in pasco, and
7:56 am
p>>charley: april 1 and 2nd. pso what can i do to get involved pwith that? p>> go to our website, www.pepin p>>charley: the pepin family does pa lot of good work. p>> they're philanthropic for us. p>>charley: they are and the goal pwas to make sure the kid didn't pjust fall through the cracks. p>> that's correct. p>>charley: i'm sure you have pamazing success stories. p>> we do. pwe haven't had a graduating pclass yet. pthe first graduating class will pbe next year. pwe're excited about that. pwe hope to have the same success pthat hillsborough has had where pthey have an 80% graduation rate pfor students and that's very pgood. p>>charley: what grades are you pteaching? p>> third through 11th this year pand third through 12th next pyear. p>>charley: i'm looking forward pto you showing us around. p>> sure. p>>charley: and telling us cool
7:57 am
pdid you see what eric made me? p>> i love that. p>>charley: i love it, too. epin academy pasco edition. prussell and laura? p>>russell: looking forward to pit. psee you later. pserious life changing events and pit all started with a chance pmeeting. pat 8:00, how a tampa bay rays itcher helped to change a pteen's life forever. p>>laura: and a certain type of pcancer is decreasing in women. palso at 8:00, the vaccination pthat's beh (vo) making the most out of every mile. that's why i got a subaru impreza. love. it's what makes a subaru,
7:58 am
again! r again!
7:59 am
again! again? again! again! general mills is removing artificial flavors and colors from our cereals. so you can love cereal... again! ((russell catching a
8:00 am
catching a shark with one purpose in mine mind, a shark selfie. what happened after the shark was caught. >> an ace with a heart of gold, how chris arching helped a young fan find an adoptive family. >> this is "good day tampa bay." >> thank you for waking up with us this monday, february 22nd. we need to get a check of the beautiful forecast right now, with dave. >> it is beautiful outside. we have temperatures already in the lower 60s. clear water, tampa, winter haven, leesburg, st. peters burgh in the ( ) lower 60s and i think we are looking at temperatures back in the mid 70s for highs. a good chance of rain coming through wednesday and maybe a few strong storms as well. i will touch more on that in the next weather. first let's check the roadways.


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