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tv   FOX 13 News at Noon  FOX  February 22, 2016 12:00pm-1:00pm EST

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pfrom tampa bay's number one news pstation, this is the fox 13 news pat noon. p>> we are following few pdeveloping stories right now. pgood afternoon, everybody. pthank you for joining us today. pwe will start in sarasota county pwhere couple of now facing pcharges for drugs. pweapons and explosives. pfound in their home all within preach of a five year old child. pdeputies were called out to do pwelfare check at home on north pjackson road in venice.
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prifles, five hand guns, several pbocks of ammunition along with ptwo pipe bombs and hands pgrenades in master bedroom. pthe boom squad says as least one pexplosive devices was active. pinvestigators say home was pcovered in dirt and trash. psteven pays and katie smith are pfacing several charges including pchild abuse. p>> and in tampa some scary pmoment for liquor store clerk pwho ended up in a shoot-out. pas fox 13 reports, one suspect pis dead, and search continues pfor another. p>> p>> night on job take dangerous pturn for tampa clerk. pit all started just before 11 -- plast night at the 15th street pcut rate liquor store. pour cameras rolled as crime pscene technicians collected pevidence and investigators look pto piece together what happened. p>> tampa police say she received p9-1-1 call about gun fire from pinside of the business. pwe learned officers arrived and pfound suspect dead on sidewalk
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pwe are toll second suspect took poff it is unclear if he was parmed. pinvestigators checking psurveillance cameras for any pclues in the case. pif we bring you back out here, olice tell us, the clerk did pexchange gun fire with at least pone of those suspects. olice are asking any one with pany information in this case to lease go ahead and give them pcall. pfortunately, in this case we plearned the clerk was not hurt. pback to you. p>> thank you. p>> so panel pay police are not preleased name who died and they pworking identify family members pas you heard the search pcontinues for success expect. pit is unclear this that clerk pwill face charges. ptampa police acaught another pdriver going the wrong way. eaveser saw vehicle going in pthe wrong direction on the 509 pstreet exist ramp for i-four. pvehicle was starting to merge pinto the through lanes of i-four phead on into oncoming east pbounds traffic. pwhen officer inter crepted and pstopped the car. olice say the driver didn't pappear to be impaired. pand driver was released with a ptraffic citation, for travelling pthe wrong way.
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parea fighting for her life in pcolombia after very serious paccidents. pas fox 13 reports her family psays she needs to be air lifted pback to the united states to get pthe help that thee that she pneeds. p>> skyler certainly made very pimpact at this campus at yale pwhere she went after graduating pfrom berkeley. p. pshe is a graduate student on pvery fellowship down in peru pdecides take a vacation with psome friends over to colombia. pshe was on rafting trip boulder pout of no place falls on her phead. pshe has fractured ribs and pfractured skull. pand other complications. pat this point we trying to get pback her more. psomeone who really knows what's pgoing on is kemp howeversteyn pdirector of college counseling. phow alumni community in articular reacting to this? p>> it has been amazing to see pquickly world has spread p how pquickly people are responded. pcertainly, alumni that knew her pwell went to school with her who
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pweren't familiar with had simply pknow that she went to berkeley. pwe theory offing out really psupported the go fund me beige i pthink the prayers and the ositive message that have gone pto her mom and to her sister phave meant a lot. p>> what's kinds of amazing we pare talking about alumni who pknew her other didn't but they pwere same class. pyou are kids that this is first ptime they are hearing about her pbut they so moved by what phappened to her they are pjoining. p>> right. p>>are you can look it is pinteresting kinds of go through pgo fund me to see who psupporting. pyes we have families that have pno relationship with rescue had pshe is with a here. pbut they are giving and they are pdoing their best. pwe lot of folks reach out to the phelp and support. pso it says is a lot about who prescue is and is. phow impacted us as community. pbut also, her friends, because pthey really, reaching out trying pto spread the world wicketly. pshe made her marc her. p>> a
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pcan light up our whole campus pshe did everything when she was phere sea one our top scholars. pshe was really involved in other ptropical ma program and held plead roles on the strategy he pwas soccer player she was head pone of mayor community service rograms on campus. pshe was vice president of her psenior class. pand did everything in her power psenior year kind bring her pfriends together and make that a pgreat year. pand she did all of that, she plived over an hour away. pso, just to be here with us pevery day was huge commitment on pher part. pand probably, the better part of pher day was spent here with us. pwith just enough time to sleep pand maybe do some homework at phome. pbut integrated herself into pevery single part of her campus pcommunity and just a very pgenuine very compaq that the erson p>> and now she spreading what pshe learned here at yale around pthe world. pand unfortunately, all you can psay to -- wow. lan of take that her mom and psister are down there now though pwant to bring her home.
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phospital hopefully by tonight pwhere she will get further ptreatment. pback to you. psituation. plater on today. p>> the remeaning head back to pworth first time since death of pher league calgarical it will ptough day and tough year as pfight new judge and it causes pdeep divide in congress. pright now president obama is in rocess of going through several otential replacements and pmaking short lift list friday pspotted at the white house pcarrying thick binder. pinside we are told were resume precords of people who white pconsideration. prepublican leaders say they resident's nominee. pno matter who it is. pso as justice begin hearing oral pargument today there still no ptimetable for when a 9th judge pwill join them. p>> dem dem republican residential candidates are back pon the campaign trail. pit comes to o days after donald ptrump won the south carolina rimary. pand hillary clinton won the
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pfox has the latest. p>> p>> the g.o.p. presidential pcandidates are heading west. pgearing up for their next show pdown in nevada. pwhere voters will head to the olls in tuesday's republican pstate caucus there. pand follows donald trump big win pin south carolina. pwhich further makes his position pat republican front renner pgiving him significant number pdelegates as goes into nevada pand super tuesdays. p>> one of the things i do that pno other republican can do paruibal, cruz nobody i will be pgetting lot of democrats to pcross over. pthey will be coming with me. pthe reagon dem testimonies they pcall them in i will be getting plot of independence i will win pmichigan which no one can even pthink about winging. palso looking ride momentum icked up in south carolina psenator marco rubio, who was psecond place with just over 22 ercent of the vote. p>> we were just in tennessee. phad 4,000 people came here to do pthis. pi am going to nevada. pto las vegas, when it comes our pcampaign what happens p in say
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pcountry. pthis is hillary clinton bernie psanders turn their sites on ray pstata getting face off psaturday. pfollows clinton win in nevada p53-47%. psander however araging voters to pmake south carolina the state pthat closes the gap. pbetween him and clinton. p>> on saturday, south carolina phas the opportunities to pwill. p>> clinton and sander will go pahead to head one last time pbefore this weekend primary. pwhen they appear in prime time ptown hall event tomorrow night. pin washington. pfox news. p>> all right. plet's bring politicel editor. pand represent rep gearing up for ptomorrow's caucus in nevada. pcould this be another big win pfor trump and super tuesdays pcould that be make or break for prubio or cruz? pwell let's start with nevada all
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pout in front. pmarco rubio trying to make play phere. phe has been for some length of ptime but remember with donald ptrump, his name has been on psigns in las vegas, and nevada, plong before he jumpeded into prace and he has a strong padvantage in that state heading pbet that he will win caucus. erhaps rubio finish second pthere are no guarantees because phe could dog fight once again pwith penelope cruz. pmoving over to super tuesdays. pmarco rubio is beneficiary of pjeb bush's exit to the race in psense that he picking up some of pthe support from the bush camp. pbut he has a lot of state as do pall remaining candidates flying pat them very quickly. pyou are looking at dozen states pand ted cruze in one of those ptexas, may have an advantage. pheading into what we used to pcall super tuesday now it is psome it to extent with this pthere no guarantees that either pone of them will drop out of the prace. pyou could still have a four or peven five-man republican race
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plet's talk about the democratic prace. pwhat does hillary clinton's win pthis weekend mean moving ahead pto super tuesday? prebounds. pthough it was close win i think pthis could serve blunt some of pthe momentum that the bernie psanders camp has achieved. pit is a chance for the clinton pcamp to catch its breathe if you plook again trans polling from pnevada she did very well among pwomen she won by 14 points. pall of this bodes very well as pshe moves and race moves to the psouth where you are dealing with pstates that are far more diverse pthan iowa and new hampshire. pthis is all very, very good news pfor her. pbut rep she was up by some 25 oints just five weeks ago in pnevada so, clearly, sanders has phad some movement in his favors. pand he is still a long way from pfinished. pif you look at the delegate map, pwhen you count super delegates, pyes, bernie sanders far behind. pbut they still have a very long pway to go and based upon way
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psome length of time before the pdemocrats figure it out p>> he not giving up. p>> no. pthank you, craig. psome thing dangerous found in pdiaper bag one man facing pcharges. lus, does seem like everybody paround you getting sick? pdoctors say the flu going around pand they are moment concerned pabout one group. pjim is here to check your pforecast. phey there you we just had a pfantastic weekend plenty of sun. plow humidity now today, starting pto see few more clouds that pwinds pret turning more towards psouth bringing some more pmoisture across state we are plooking at some storms across pmuch of southeast. pcold front heading in our pdirection.
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pcoming up jus pskytracker. p>> new at noon, man under arrest pfor putting gun in diaper bag. ptampa police this man put gun in phis girlfriend's diaper bag pwhile were at picnic table then pwent out fishing pier in pgirlfriend six year old son pfound the gun and fired off a pround. pboy was slightly hurt from precoil. pofficer says when arrived marc pquiz through gun into bay. phe does have a concealed weapons ermit. pmar cease charge cull able pnegligence. phe appeared in court this p$20,000. p>> distieshging situation at pschool in high lands county. plisten to this middle school pstudents are suspected of psharing sexually explicit ictures and video of themselves pwith other kids. ptonight school leaders hope put
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pschool district holding meet pabout section the a church in plake placid. pthey will parents to be there a pbe aware. plast week we reported a least pnine kids at lake placid middle pwere accused sharing nude ictures they were between 12 pand 14 years old. pwow. p>> deputies tell us this could pbe considered child pornography pcharges. pauthorities believe at the i phave least student will be given pcommunity service. pthat meeting by the way tonight pat 6:30 at the first resbyterian genesis center in plake placid. p>> lumber i will quitetores pstock way down after new report pshowing people certain types of pflooring are more likely goat pcancer. pthe centers for disease control pand prevention reviewed its preport people exposed type plumber liquid tatetores floors pthree times more get can ler pthat predicted. pand because of the concentration pof the cancer causing agent. plast year they pled guilty pimporting floors illegally and pthey agreed pay $13 million and
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plaminate flooring. p>> by now you have heard all of pcoughing and sneezing right? robably in your office place. pflu season is definitely here. pdoctor say we were actual peak pof season right now and this pyear the flu actually hitting pmore young and middle abled padult. pas fox 13 tells us, also sending plot of pregnant woman to pintensive care units at bay area phospitals in influenza on the prides in bay area. platest data shows increasing pcases across the state. pwith he hillsborough count teen preporting highest number of the poutbreaks. pmany local pharmacies say they pare having hard time keeping pmedications like tami ful a pdream for the flu in stock. pand most patients are testing ositive for h one n one. pthe flu strain also known as pswine flu that game world wide andemic in 29. p>> this particular strain seems
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paffect. psurprising part of the opulation head of. p>> severe flu has been reported pin the younger and middle aged atient the doctor medical pdirector at tampa general phospital, says she also seeing pan alarming increase of pinfluenza cases among pregnant atients. p>> pregnant woman can become pseverely affected by the flu. pwe currently very several women pin the hospital one intensive pcare unit with flu. p>> the influenza virus can cause pexpectationsing moms to go into plabor early. pand can some times prove deadly pfor both mom and the baby. paccording to to the state, the pflu has already claimed lives of pthree florida children this pseason. pnewborns cannot be sage pfreighted against the flu. pduring their first six months of plife. pthat's why according to the pdoctor it is important for every pone to get a flu shot.
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pthe community for those who are pvulernable who can't perhaps get pthe vaccine or didn't get chance pyet to get vaccine. p>> in tampa. pfox 13 news. p>> flu vaccine takes about two pweeks before it becomes peffective but directores stress pif you not gotten yours to get pflu shot now. p>> that will be me. pi haven't got one yet. pi am hoping i will the threw pseen not goat to the get shot. pit is hard to think you we right pmiddle of flu season. por the peak i guess p>> yes. p>> when you have nice weekend plike we had here you know just pmild temperature you are not pthinking of stuff like that and preally it has been just pbeautiful weather for past say 4 por 5 days here. pyou look back at the months, and pwe talked about whether we are pabove average or below average, pon those temperatures, and you pcan see we are kinds of half and phalf. pso that's what really makes for retty typical and pretty paverage months because we got psome cold days in and warm days
12:19 pm
paverage but really the weekend pwas pretty nice plenty of still p76 yesterday. pwe will above normal for today. pwe already hit 74 the average pfor this time of the year is 73 pdegrees right now we visiting pright at average of 73. pdew points at 60. phumidity at 64%. pand the winds are now turn more ptowards southwestly direction pright now. pas seven miles an hour. ptend to keep coastline maybe pdegree or two cooler. pas we go through the afternoon. pthat's exactly what you are pseeing. pyou are seeing some warmer ptemperatures throughout the p77. psea bringing all of way up to plookland at 75. pwesley chapel at 78. pbrad don 79. pbut head over to st. petersburg p71 degrees. pdown in sarasota 76. pand in venice at 75 degrees. p770s across basically the eninsula once you get up into anhandle you start it see some ptemperature a little bit cool. an nebraska city at 70.
12:20 pm
pspot at 68 degrees. pnow, despite nor south winds, at pleast for now dew points are pslowly coming up. pbut estimate fairly comfortable pso you head outside, you not pnoticing much of the humidity pjust yet. pyou will see running in upper p50s or low 60s but over the next pday or so, with more about of a psouth wind we will continue to pbring more moisture across the pstate. pso you will start to notice a plittle bit more humidity, and pyou are seeing more clouds pcover. pquestion see some showers downed pit our south also some more rain pdeveloping across much of the pdeep south. pa series of low pressures riding palong this frontal bounce pdreeshgs and we will have yet panother one which going to form pfurther back towards the west pand swing on through. pso we will start seeing some retty active weather across plouisiana. pmississippi, alabama as we head pinto tomorrow and then that will pall of working its way towards pus as we head into say pwednesday. pright now, you see on tuesday,
12:21 pm
psevere weather. pand including strong pthunderstorms, in possible of ptornados, and then that will pshift on towards the east. pwatch in here. pthere is that front working its pway across the southeast and pthen that area low pressure pswings on through. pand we see some storms heading pin our direction at we head into pthe midday hours on the pwednesday. pto forecast goes like this. pfor today, still looks good artly cloud you skies. pdaytime high of 76 degrees. pthen for tonight we are starting psome clouds overnight low of 63 pdegrees. oo by tomorrow, we will see pwarm breezy maybe isolated pshower or two as weed go into plater afternoon hours. pdaytime highs of 77. pknots. pseas two feet or less. phigh tide at 2:40 this pafternoon. phere is the seven day forecast. pcup see rain chances heading up pas we get into wednesday, and pthen behind that we clear out pskies and cooler temperatures, pweekends. p>> thank you, jim.
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pthose who are color blinds, see pthe world.
12:23 pm
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lights - to what we wear vision for granted. pit color vision for granted. pbut for about 12 million pamericans, sorting subtle hues pquite challenging. pdr. joe shows us simple pair of pglasses is changing the way pcolor he blind people see the pword. p>> p>> look at your kid's eyes. pthey are so pretty. p>> i don't know though explain pis it. pall right. p>> these youtube videos color pdeefficient shouldn'ts people as pthey see new keel lowers for the pfirst time in p>> it is very noticeable the pdifference? p>>.
12:25 pm
pof glasses, called encroma. pour cabling blue, greens brown, pand orange. pi was constantly going i have pget bright lights on it to see pthe difference in colors. pbryan snyder works computer he psays red orange and green blend ptogether. p>> you are always asking what pcolor is this? pwhat color is that make sure his pwiring was right, he used a pmetre. pnow he wears these glasses pinstead. p>> now i can see actually see pthis brown. pand this orange and this is pgreen. pbryan first experience wearing pthem was watching cartoons with phis son. pi couldn't have words to pdescribe is it. pit was just overwhelming for me. p>> bryan says he now literally plike a kid in candy store. p>> candy display with all of the pm and ms and skit wills, and peverything, else like whoa like pat the all of the colours. pwhile glass might seem magic the pinremember tore says how they pwork is purely science p>> these are worn by is your pgonzalez during the laser rocedures to protect theirize pfrom later light. pthey block harmful laser rays
12:26 pm
pbut discovering what else they pcould do was purely paccidentstal. pit happened at frisbee pcompetition when color blind pfriends borrowed his glass and psawle he never dude, i can see pthe cone what he referring was povering feel markers p>> simply put the yell color pblind are in wrong place and psignal to brain that per sevens plaps. pturns out the same wavelength pblocked out protect your eyes pfrom laser, also henned brain pseparate out the scold lowers. pthe doctor says, the response phas been eye opening. p>> we walked around with people pand it was moments of extreme pelation. p>> it is really cool! pbecause color deficiencies vary pthe doctor says so will the peffect of the glass. pjack has memorized colours all pof his life. pbut admits he some times gets pthem wrong. pi have son and i went to buy him
12:27 pm
pthought were silver. pand when i brought them he said pyou realize pink. pwe asked try glasses without the pglasses, it almost looks pblueish. pwhen i put glasses on, it does pred. pwhile jacks experience was pdramatic as others he no longer ink. p>> i see much more difference pnow with glasses on. pfor fox medical team. p>> thank you have doe cost any pwith your $250 for children to p$350 for adults. pand doctor pushing to get pinsurance coverage and also foe pkoogs on children because, it pcan affect their are learning. pturns out only 11 states require ptesting for color deficiencies. pflorida, is not one of them. p>> key don'ting saves just utted scam tart tim targeting pelderly what we are finding out pabout in scam. pand it's scary to think that our psenior loved ones could suddenly pwander away. pit happened to my family.
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phow we keep our seniors safe. pstay with us. we stop arthritis pain, so you don't have to stop. tylenol 8hr arthritis pain has two layers of pain relief. the first is fast. the second lasts all day. we give you your day back. what you do with it is up to you. tylenol . when your type 2 diabetes numbers right direction, it can be a burden. but what if you could wake up to lower blood sugar? imagine loving your numbers. discover once-daily invokana . with over 6 million prescriptions and counting, it's the #1 prescribed sglt2 inhibitor that works to lower a1c. rrr invokana is used along with diet and exercise to nsignificantly lower blood sugar in adults with type 2 diabetes. p p it's a once-daily pill that
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low blood sugar. imagine life with a lower a1c. are you loving your numbers? there's only one invokana . ask your doctor about it by name. 3 a gunman, who authorities believe chose victims at random in kalamazoo, michigan, killed at least six and seriously injured two others over the weekend... uber driver jason dalton was arrested early sunday and is expected in court later today. fox's mike tobin 3
12:31 pm
phimming service if things that pnature. pso, whether they have proper rotocal and procedures in lace, that fed out. ro tension shal drivers i don't pknow that. p>> p for now, much of the community premains in shock. rayer service last night giving eople a chance to come ptogether. pbut many say they are still ptrying to couldn't to terms with pthe tragedy. p>> we see san bernardino and you psee these other communitieses, psandy hook and with a would you pthink, are they that much pdifferent than us. p>> police say adalton contact pseveral people during the prampage. pbut they are notticing and
12:32 pm
pin kalamazoo, michigan. pfox news. p>> developing at noon, deputies pin hernando county bust cam partist who bilked has sands from pelderly he with an allege doing pconstruction scam where he the pknock on doors of elderly eople. phe would say they could do work pon their driveway for several phundred dollars. pdepth he would use flim sigh pconcrete that would quick quo pwash away they not at least 13 pvictims and believe once the pstory gets out there will be pbetween 20 and 50 more. p>> right now look like just in pspring hill but again that's why pwe are out here now doing this ress conference. pbecause, he want to reach out to pany other potential trick i ams pthat may be in hernando county por pass he could county or as pfar as tampa we just don't know phow far he reached out. p>> deputies have asked us not puse picture of dennis prairie pwho has been charged with grand ptheft because they want any new pvictims to be able to identify phim themselves. phe being held on bond but even pif he does bond out, he faces
12:33 pm
phe will be not going anywhere. pvictim san bernardino terror pattacks say file legal papers poppose apple on iphone pincryption. pthey hope the move will force papple to unlock the phone pbelonging to one. pshooters. plawyers for group says they want pto know why they were targeted pby she is shotters and this pcomes as apple and justice pdepartment clash over gaining paccess to encrypted information. pon one pshooter's phones. papple says granting government paccess would inprints on privacy prights of their customers. pdespite last-minute effort from pbilling could be wife will give pdeposition today about her phusband sexual assault pallegations. pcosby lawyer have been fighting pto keep camille from giving that ptestimony, they even filed plast-minute motion delay the ptestimony. pbut judge denied that appeal plate last night. pseven women are suing bill cost pbow in massachutes claiming he pdefamed them by denying the pallegations. p>> interesting story here. pone pop star helping another in
12:34 pm
pkesha fighting get out contract pwith produce or dr. luke. pshe claims he sexually assaulted pher for years. pjudge ruled on friday that she pcould not get out of contract. pnow other singer jumped to psupport her on social media and ptaylor swift really showing psupport donating $250,000 to pher. pto help with her financial pnights. p>> for people facing charges on pthe east don't. pafter food fight, food fight got pwait out of the hand. pit happened palm coast pizza ray prealm in palm coast. p. pcustomer got mad at the stuff pbase they put cheese on her pgarlic knots they tried to give pher money back but police said pshe threw tip jar at them pinstead. pthen police say, three other eople joined woman in violently ptearing up the restaurant. pall four have been arrested. p>> it is fear lot of families phave senior loved one wander pagent way. pthese cases can some times have pa tragic end. pwe will take look at what you pcan to keep elderly in your pfamily safe.
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12:37 pm
3 ((linda-vo the pof p>> much relief after phillsborough dunn found 70 year pold wandered away home this pmorning and investigator say pthis were added concerns for pwith dementia. pand they weren't sure that she pwould find her way back. pwell luckily, she was found psafe. pi had similar incidents recently pwith my family. pthrough facebook. pmy 91 year old father in law, he pdrove to store to get some milk pand he didn't come back home for pwhat was like ten hours and when phe returned he couldn't tell us pwhere he had been. preally, really scary and we are
12:38 pm
pbut paid tree act of our family pand he still want to drive. pus. pjoining me talk about keeping pour seniors safe is a clifrng pcoordinator for madonna center pfor alzheimer's and memory loss. pi had read that because it is pvery long title. pkim, clinical coordinator as pwell. pso ladies basically what both of pyou do is help the elderly and ptheir families. pso let's talk about first of all psilver alert seniors usually do pfind their way back home. pbut why do we have silver alert? phow does it work? p>> silver alerts started in p2008. pit is a program to help law penforcement find someone who has palzheimer's disease or rented pdementia that's lost in car. pand since the beginning of psilver alert, have been over p1200 silver alerts issued. pall of them have been found pexcept for two. p>> wow. pso, we wanted to silver alert
12:39 pm
pfather in law what i learned pworking with law enforcement and pthey were great, is that they do phave certain protocal. pso, what -- things they have to pdo first. pwhat can you do to help family pget through the fear. pten hours long time for someone pto be mission in p>> now time to start the pconversation for driving. pthe change for driving. pwith someone that has palzheimer's disease, or related pdid he present shah, it is not pif they should stop driving but pwhen they should stop driving so pyou need start making that pconversation now. p>> and, to help you make that pconversation, you could utilize rimary care physician. pto get that conversation pstarted. pask them to start you know the pdirection of leading them in pthat conversation. palso, maybe already friends that pinterest stopped driving they pcan them why did they stop pdriving and how did they stop peven talk to them cost saving pthey are going to have when they pstop driving. p>> you all actually have pevaluation, too in test you want pto call or something that could pyou bring ellington person
12:40 pm
p>> yes. pwell psychological see value loo paddition is pen and paper test pthat tests people and several pareas of their functioning. pand including judgement, and preason, visual spatial pfunctioning and that can help pdetermine whether loved one pshould be tested -- should stop pdriving. pas well as the driver the pability assessments which they poffer at morton place. p>> we do have drive able rogram. pit is evaluation for testing psomeone specifically that has phad cognitive decline in their pthinking and their reasoning. pso that's going to give us kind pof like black and white answer pif they are still safe to drive pi know and speaking from ersonal experience, it is very phard and so having program like pthat is very important, ladies pus. pif you like some more pinformation, head over to my pfacebook beige. pi have lifted some memories pdisorder clinic and phone
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pat your sky tower forecast3 t-v shows like hell's kitchen and master chef... appeal to our
12:43 pm
pseemingly endless fascination pwith food. pdrama tv cooking competition pdraws many of us in. pbut as we report most smoking preality show of all taking place pin kitchen all across the bay parea. p. p>> every year in the u.s., pnearly 430 billion pounds pfood is available for people to pbuy. plandfill. psounds obscene? pmost? pyes. pi believe that p>> 25% of the food and drinks pgarbage. pa loss to your wallet more than p$2,000 a year. p>> i could see that. plist. pfollowed by dairy products. pand then meats, at fred's market pthe problem was not bruised pfruit. psess much food actually poverwhelming. pfred boat not wall watering
12:44 pm
pto overeat when it is buffet. pcustomer left so much food on ptheir plates, that fred said penough is enough. p>> what we have initiated is a rogram call want not with a pdiscounts on their bill for pfinishing every thing on their late. p>> fred then followed with pfriendly reminders on his menu. p>> the amount of food that we phave been able to not throw paway, has gone down probably pabout about 75%. p>> so what can you do to keep pfood from going to the landfill? pdoctor kevin murphy, an expert phas some tips. p>> each week before you go pshopping, make menu of meals you lan to have that day. pvery, or very common important ptip something very easy to do pdon't shop hungry. pwhen it is storing foods in prefrigerator, it is important to premember that they need to be pstored as proper temperature. p>> fda says set fridge at 40
12:45 pm
pdegrees. pand tip about restaurants when pyou eating out don't overorder. pand if you do, don't forget to pask them to package of up your pleft over and done forget bring pthem home with you. pfood want awareness reached pgrocery store p>> since 2009 we have partnered pwith feeding america p>> that's a local food bank, ublic super market donates item plike deli meats, fruits and pvegetables. pto distribute to needy. pwe recognize that there was an popportunity with fresh product pthat we have in our stores. pthat will help us, open the pdoors to the community that we pserve. p>> now as our kelly rain for pcomplete list of doctor murphy's ptips to save money and curb pwant, visit our web site. p>> and he will why wait number pcincd mae margarita day and pdozens of people claimed they pinvenged cocktail. pwhich mixes. pif you didn't no, tequila triple psec and lime just including
12:46 pm
phe claimed he invented drunk for phis friends. psimilar sorry uponed up in 1938 pfrom bar inty want yeah if and pthen there is story from dallas ptexas where socialite named pmargarita some said made drink pfor her how the guests. pone of those agains was tommy philton. pwho had add drink to his how ptolls. pthen of course goat really opular in 1970s in. pyou probably no why. psong. p>> well hillsborough river ptesting out new color today. pcrews put in green dye in small ortion of the river see how it plooks just ahead of official pevent for saint pa trick's day pwhich is happens on march 19th. p>> something about river going pgreen. p>> tells you test spring. ptime for greet witter in? p>> yes. pand amazing it seems like flying pthrough this year. p>> i know. pyou know, february is before you pknow we will be talking about psummertime. pand then, you know have go great plooking weather.
12:47 pm
plooking day temperatures, pwarming up pretty quickly as we pgo through the morning and then pinto afternoon. plook outside right now. paround. pthat's because we are starting pbringing p>> and. pall advance of the cold front pwhich heading our way on pwednesday. p73 degrees outside right now dew psouthwest. pat seven miles an hour. paway from the coastline, we are pseeing temperatures warming up peven faster brandon, 81 degrees. pwesley chapel has 78. pand wach 78 abringing p>> along coastline st. etersburg flujts water psurrounding you which water ptestimony am by wayry around 63 pto 64 degrees right now. pso that keeps the temperature in
12:48 pm
pupper 70s across the central and psouthern parts of the state, and pthen lower 70s once you get into pthe panhandle. pthere you see winds all weekend plong relooking may requirely peastern wind be now you see turn pmore towards south which helping pbring a little bit more moisture pback across the state. pbringing the humidity slowly pback up also bringing some pclouds, you can he is a some pshowers down to our south. palso, clouds and rain across pmuch of the south right now. pthis is rain which weather there pstay around for another day or pso before yet another area of plow pressure forms back further ptowards the west. pswing through here really helps penergize some of these storms. pacross parts of say mississippi pand into alabama and in fact, pthere is the possible of some psevere weather by tomorrow. pyou see have seen red shaded parea that's area of moderate prisk for strong thunderstorms, pand including tornados, for ptomorrow. pand across southern mississippi.
12:49 pm
pinto the panhandle, this fronts pwill continue to work its way on ptowards the east. pthen by wednesday, you can see phillsborough bay inc.cly just to pnorth of i-four and then into pnorthern florida there is that pslight risk of seeing some pstrong thunderstorms including a ossible tornado, and as we get pinto midday on wednesday. pwatch it all play out here on pfuture cast you got this fronts pstrung out across the southeast. pthese areas of low pressure pcontinuing to ride along this pfrontal boundary then we get pstronger one that forms in peastern texas. prolls on towards east there you psee some of the strong storms, pmoving into mississippi. palabama for tomorrow. p. p. pand then heading in our pdirection as we get into pwednesday, after a that it will pclear out our skies in drop pthese temperature bam being pdown. pby the end of week we were back pinto temperatures in morning phours in 40s with daytime highs pin 60s 76 degrees for today. p>> so pretty nice day for today. pwe will see more clouds around pfor tonight.
12:50 pm
povernight low of 63. pand for tomorrow, warm afternoon pa little bit breezy 77. pfor that daytime high. phere is seven day forecast you psee rain chances, working their pway up on wednesday. pand then the cooler temperature pmake return for the second half pof the week. pand then into weekend. p>> thank you jim p>> getting their dream wedding. pand is to the costing them a enny.
12:51 pm
12:52 pm
another dominate weekend.. for "deadpool." the foul- pfor dead pool. pfoul mouthed marvel super hero pcrushed competition again at the pweekend box office. pmade another $55 million to past pthree days.
12:53 pm
p$230 million here in america. pand almost $500 million world pwrite. pif could actually pass that half pbillion milestone later today. pdead pool character was first pintroduced in an xmen movie solo pfilm has made more money than pany of xmen movies during entire prun. p>> of course. psequel already in works p can't ptell from the mask special paffects movie stars bryan preynold. pwhich also yoezing film his pcareer. p>> military couple gets the pwedding of this i have dreams pand it did not cost them a cent. ptheir story sacrifice won them pchance to have their wedding at pold mcdonaldsy farm in des pmoines odessa. pit called mission i do by no it pwas down to final four. p65,000 people voted on the pwinner and fox 13 shows us, pchris and samantha inspiring pstory what set them apart. p>> chris you play now and should
12:54 pm
p>> chris for and samantha pmarriage built on love i pcouldn't be happier were and psacrifice p>> you are happiness p>> and started long before they pwalked down the ill, before psamantha emerged pristine pink pand an evening car in gorgeous pgown. prewind any lives back a new pyears. phe actually showed me picture of pher before we demowed. pkind of had hot for her. p>> back then, chris barely knew phis event actual best man and is pa ma than's brother. pchris in army sergeant had bryan pin squad. pneither had any idea, what fate phad in store for them. p>> i stepped on a 30 pointed ied pwhich home made explosive. pand i was lost my legs and left paverage that in afghanistan in p2011. pchris, saved bryan's life. p>> he one reasons why i am pstaying here. pand experiencing my baby sister pgetting married today p>> >> as they helped bryan precover, chris is samantha got
12:55 pm
pwere accept p>> everything fell into place. pand just been perfect ever sin pthey engaged last august and pentered contest to win a $30,000 pwedding at old mcmickey's farm. pchris may not consider himself a phero p>> the heros are ones that pdidn't come wack. pones that came back wounded. pbut irinvestor hero emand dest pany knee won over voters and won pthem a dream wedding that had peverybody even bride in 57 pchevy. pand most importantly, p>> blood brothers family and pfriends there to celebrate knees pnewlyweds who aced the best pmission of their lives p>> you can't compare to panything. pi don't know. pit is just -- happiyest day of pmy life. p>> that was aaron reporting. pthis is second year old pmcmickey's farm held this pcompetition. pconsulation prize for three pcouples who did nod win, not bad pat all. pthey still got hold their pweddings at the farm, free of
12:56 pm
p>> well after living through, 18 residents, 106 question woman pthought she would never see day pthe united states elected black resident. pbut her wish came introduce she peven got to meet the first pfamily in person. p>> p>> oh! p. p>> live! p>> p. p>> yes! pvirginia met president and the pfirst lady yesterday and as you pcan see, and hear she was very pexcited about it. pso much so, that she michelle pdid some dance moves while they pchatted. pvery cool. pmcclairen was born in 1909 long pdreamed of visiting the whites pshows she one hundreds guests pwere honored black history pcelebration last week. pshe turns 107 next months. plook and she still dancing. p>> that's amazing. p>> great day for her. p>> great weather we having. pjust can't get much better
12:57 pm
pit has been nice again, pbeautiful we can' look today psome storms that will heading pour way as you look sky tower pradar he can see lots of rain pacross much of the southeast. pthat rain eventually going to be pheading our way as we head into pwednesday. pbut before then you could see psome severe storms across parts pof the software east. prain chance up to about 63079 pand then cooler temperatures preturn to second half of the pweek. p>> i don't mind that i want to pwear my turtle neck maybe at pleast once more. p>> maybe 12 more times that's robably it.
12:58 pm
12:59 pm
1:00 pm
pwill keep posting latest all day you were wearing kanye. >> does kris think that kanye is damaging her kardashian empire and is he maneuvering behind the scenes to fix it? i'm billy bush. she's definitely having fun at the expense of her ex. >> my worst, i think is going to be caitlyn. >> she said that marcus was having an affair with nicole brown sim p ton. >> the new beverly hills housewife foundz herself in the smack of an old o.j. simpson love triangle. >> for me -- >> an interesting end to a fashionable week. we pick our style star.


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