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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 6AM  FOX  February 23, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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3 3 a young woman continues to fight for her life after a p>>laura: a young woman continues pto fight for her life after a pfreak accident in south america. pthis morning, she is back in pflorida after a 2,000 mile pflight. p>>russell: new hampshire, south pcarolina, can he do it in pnevada? pdonald trump poised for another pdouble digit win as the race for psecond narrows. p>>laura: and a disturbing story, pa mother is accused of running paway as firefighters work to prescue her daughter from their pburning house. pthe trouble she is now facing pthis morning. pand good morning, everybody. pi'm laura moody. p>>russell: and i'm russell prhodes. pwe also have a crew at a house
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pwe're going to check in with ken pin a moment. p>>laura: first dave, a look at pthe forecast. pmore rain on the way, you say. p>>dave: especially but it's a pdifferent atmosphere this pmorning. pwe're starting in the 60s. peverybody except for bartow in pthe 60s. ptampa international, there's pyour 65. pcrystal river is 63. pwinter haven 62 so as we have pthe cloud cover hanging around pin that southeast wind, our dump pnumbers are also up there. pthey're back in the 60s so dare pi say, it's a muggy start to our pday. pwe'll have clouds for the most art, a little bit of sunshine pmixing in today. pthe overall rain chance is paround 30%. ptomorrow's rain chance, better pthan 70%. pwe'll get some storms tomorrow pas well as talk about the timing pof all of that in a little bit. pi do want to check in right now p>>vanessa: we were following pthis crash out of pasco county pfairly closely.
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plane blockage we're seeing. pall eastbound and westbound planes are blocked. pin addition to that, the pentrance ramps onto 75 are also pblocked. psounds like this is a big, big, retty big response as far as preligion crews and it's going to pbe a pain in the neck but if you pdo have to access 75, i would padvise heading down to wesley pchapel. pin the meantime, same sort of parea, another crash we've been pfollowing since our last hour, pfive miles north of state road p72, the left lane is still pblocked in this area. p>>russell: a developing story in ptampa. pfire forces several people from ptheir home and a neighbor raying next door comes to the prescue. psprings. p>>laura: ken is live at the pscene for us this morning. pken, the fire is out but the pdamage is already done, right? p>>russell: p>>reporter: yeah. pwe have a fire like this, you phave to get your brain back
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pimagine being 4:00 in the pmorning, you're asleep and all pof a sudden, you see flames. pthe neighbor comes over. pwe had some real chaos going on phere not too long ago. ptony was one of the four people pinside. phe's not comfortable talking to pus on camera but he was inside, phis mom inside along with his pbrother and the owner of the phome. phe tells me there's no official pcause of the fire but they were ptalking about some electrical roblems so maybe that's psomething we should look at. phe's holding this little guy and pthis is, not surprisingly, pbenji, one of the two dogs pinside. pboth got out. pwe know where he is. phis other dog, apparently some lace around the neighborhood. phe could be hiding under a house pbut apparently, he is okay as pwell so if you see that dog, i'm psure the family would like that pdog back. pbottom line, this all started pabout a few minutes before 4:00. pit was put out in less than 20 pminutes but lots of damage. pin the meantime, they think it pstarted in the front room or the pfront two rooms.
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pdamage. pa neighbor just happened to be raying and she saw this house pengulfed in flames. pshe ran outside with her phone, pcalled 911. pwe talked for just a short time pago. plisten to what she told us. p>> i jumped up and looked in my pwindow. pas i look at my window, i see a pflame. pi'm like, oh, my god. pmom, sammy house on fire. pi jumped up, grabbed my phone pand i went running around the pcorner. pas i'm running, i'm calling the olice at the same time. pas i'm calling the police at the psame time, i'm freaking out. phey, hey, hey. pthere's a house on fire. p>>reporter: one of the questions pfor the family, what are we pgoing to do tonight? pthe american red cross will come pto a situation like this, robably give them three days or pso to kind of get it together. pi also have to tell you that the pgentleman who was trying to put pout the fire with a hose before pthe firefighters got here, he pwas burned.
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poff to the hospital. pone more time, here is one plittle dog looking for a second pdog. peveryone seems to be okay given pthe fact they went through so pmuch. pagain, no official word on what pthe cause of the fire is. pthe fire marshall will be here pinvestigating that for the pbetter part of the day. pback to you guys. p>>russell: thanks. pa deadly crash on a dark road, ptwo joggers were hit by a car. pthey died at the scene. pit happened last night in avon ark. ptroopers say the joggers were prunning in the same direction as ptraffic. pthey were not wearing lights or pany reflective clothing. ptroopers say the driver did stop pafter the crash. pit's not clear whether she'll pface any charges. p>>laura: a young woman from the ptampa bay area who was nearly pkilled in a freak accident in psouth america is back in florida pthis morning. p>>russell: her flight out of pcolombia landed last night.
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p22-year-old schuyler arakawa pand a friend were swimming when pa boulder hit her on the neck. pnearby doctors in colombia did pwhat they could, saving her life pin the process. pthe family is cautiously poptimistic. pyesterday she made a 2,000 mile pjourney to miami in a medically pinduced coma. pshe was taken to jackson pmemorial hospital. pthe flight was not covered by pher insurance. pfamily and friends are trying to praise money to cover the bill. p$140,000. pshe's a graduate student at pyale. pthis morning, scheyler's mom and psister are at her side. ptoo. p>>russell: detectives arrest two ptampa teens in armwood high pschool yesterday charged in pst. petersburg hotel. pit happened oef the weekend. pshawn turner mc gee and a p16-year-old were arrested. pshots fired during a birthday arty at the holiday inn express
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ptwo people were shot, both pexpected to be okay. pmc gee is charged with paggravated assault. pattempted murder. pschool. p>>laura: a sexting scandal has procked a community typically so pquiet, it was named lake placid. pstudents, some as young as 12, phave been sending each other pnaked selfies and last night pmore than 200 parents, teachers pand students packed an emergency pmeeting to address the issue. pauthorities say that the girls, pjust 12 and 14 years old. pthey were sharing graphic ictures and video. pthe images were shared with pother students, too, some ended pup on social media and in some pof those cases, they were used pto bully the girls. pnow some kids can face child ornography charges. arents are demanding immediate paction. p>> to see so many kids, thinking pthat this is the right thing to pdo. p>> it's very upsetting.
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pdaughter and it could have been pmy daughter. pyou know, i'm like devastated. p>>laura: well, investigators phave not decided whether anyone pwill face charges. pthe deputy student of highlands pcounty schools have said that psome of those involved may face pexpulsion. p>>russell: and another pdisturbing story. pa miami woman is accused of pleaving her 6-year-old daughter pscreaming inside of her papartment as firefighters prescued the child. pthe mother ran. p32-year-old erica rosello is pcharged with child neglect. pher daughter was taken to a phospital and treated for smoke pinhalation. pfirefighters say the girl would phave died if she stayed in the papartment another three minutes. pshe's under house arrest. pa judge has barred her from even pseeing her daughter. pdonald trump is looking for his pthird win in a row heading into pthe next republican presidential pcaucus in nevada. p>>laura: he's leading by double pdigits.
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pthat's intensifying. pmarco rubio and ted cruz came in psecond and third in south pcarolina. pboth trying to convince voters pthey are the stronger trump palternative. p>>russell: cruz has asked his pnational spokesman to resign pbecause he promoted a video that pwrongfully depicts marco rubio pas trash talking the bible. pcruz calls it an error in pjudgment. p>> the news story he sent around pwas false. peven if it was true, we're not a pcampaign that is going to pquestion the faith of another pcandidate. peven if it was true, our pcampaign should not have sent pit. p>>russell: several candidates phave accused the cruz campaign pof dirty tricks. phe said that cruz is in charge pof the campaign and he's pcreating a culture of misleading eople. pafter nevada, fox news megyn pkelly is hosting a campaign pforum and it's tomorrow night.
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pkelly says that trump's absence pis not due to the ongoing feud. pshe cites scheduling issues. p>>laura: it is just about 6:10 pnow. ptonight the democrats will go phead and head one last time pbefore the weekend's south pcarolina primary. phillary clinton and bernie psanders will take part in a town phall in north charleston. pand the latest fox news poll pgives clinton a 28 point lead in psouth carolina. p>>russell: coming up, a warning pfor anyone who has ever lost a pcell phone. p>>laura: a man used an app to ptrack his phone down and was pmurdered. pwe'll explain what happened. pand then an uber driver accused pof going on a seven hour pshooting rampage has a chilling pconfession. pwhat he said moments after his parrest. p>>dave: 6:10 and a very mild ptuesday morning. pmuggy, a big shift as we get pmore of a south wind in general pand that's pumped up the dew oints to 63.
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plook at the big storms over ptexas. pactivity will eventually heading pour way for tomorrow. pbefore today, variable clouds, a pchance of a shower this pafternoon but a much better rain pchance tomorrow mid to late pmorning. plet's talk about that coming up phere on the new caramel macchiato from dunkin' donuts. let hand-crafted layers of espresso, milk, and a caramel-flavored swirl uplift your mood. indulge in a hot or iced macchiato today.
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p>>dave: good tuesday morning. pmany spots are 10 degrees warmer pthan yesterday at this time. pyeah, it is a noticeable pdifference. pnot only do we have air ptemperatures in the 60s but poverall, as the winds are more pout of the southeast, we brought pthe dew point numbers up into pthe 60s so it's a bit more puncomfortable outside. p63 citrus county, 63 in psarasota. peverybody seems to be pretty pclose to each other. pthe coolest spot on the hourlies pis bartow at 59 but everybody pelse seems to be sitting in the p60s this morning and that's
6:15 am
p13 degrees warmer in crystal priver. pgoing to keep the clouds around ptoday with a little sunshine eeking in from time to time. pi don't think there will be any preason why we don't get back to pthe upper 70s for high ptemperatures but this time, pwe've got dew points in the plower 60s so you've got a little pbit more moisture that you've phad at the surface. pthat may lead to a quick little pshower this afternoon. ptake your umbrella. pmay not need it but the rain pchances today are sitting at paround 30%. pyou can see ahead of the whole pbig storm system, you get these ptiny little showers so you may pget one or two later. pdon't be surprised to be caught poffguard. pthe main area of rain back out phere, and this is actually a pbig, big piece of energy and pthis is going to help to enhance pall out ahead of this cold front pand throughout the day today, pthe potential is there for some pvery large thunderstorms. pin fact, to be honest, there pcould be a big tornado outbreak
6:16 am
pthe storm prediction center here phas actually put out a moderate prisk for severe weather which pincludes right around new porleans, lake pontchartrain, pslidell, louisiana, through psouthern alabama and even parts pof our panhandle as well. pa moderate risk is actually retty high overall. pdon't be confused by the term p"moderate risk." pyou could see large, large ptornados sometime later today in pthis area. psome of the energy, a lot of the penergy moves to the north later ptonight. pthere will still be enough penergy and that whole system pmoves through here tomorrow that pwe could get a strong to severe pthunderstorm. pwe're under a slight risk of psevere thunderstorms really from ptampa and along i-4, areas to pthe north all the way to parts pof georgia and the carolinas as pwell. pthat will be tomorrow. ptime frame for our weather looks pto be mid to late morning to pmid-afternoon. phonestly depends on where you plive.
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pyou're lake ooking at 10:00, noon, pand then everything shifts in pthe afternoon. pit will be around lunchtime, pcool, windy behind the front. pbig difference in temperatures. pbig, big difference as highs pwill only be in the 60s. preally after tomorrow. pso today, high temperature near p77 degrees. p30% of rain chance and that will pbe mild. prain and thunderstorms tomorrow, pslight risk of severe weather. pwe'll be with you all day long. pand then it cools off a bit into pthursday morning. p54. pthe high on thursday only 65 pdegrees and then you're going to pwake up friday morning needing pyour jackets as lows are back in pthe 40s again. p>>vanessa: oh, boy. pvery chilly. plet's get to pasco county. pcrash. pmess throughout the morning.
6:18 am
pwe're getting multiple reports pof a jackknifed semi at the poverpass here and that's why pwe're seeing the lane block pjanls we are. pall eastbound, all westbound planes blocked as well as the pentrance ramps blocked heading pon to 75 off state road 52. pwe'll get more information, pass pit along to you as we go pthroughout the morning. pthe best alternates in the area, peastbound and westbound, not ptrying to access 75, st. joe proad both to the north of state proad 52 or if you're trying to pget onto 75 probably heading psouth to wesley chapel pboulevard. pmeantime, we want to check other arts of our majors. pi-4 at memorial boulevard, this pis in polk county. pwe have a steady flow of traffic pbut green travel times to show pyou and also green travel times pthrough hillsborough county. plooks good 75 southbound in phillsborough as well and then p275 southbound, fletcher to inellas, a 33 minute ride. p>>russell: thanks. pnew this morning, uber
6:19 am
pcomplaints of erratic driving by pthe man suspected in the pshooting rampage in michigan. p>>laura: the gunman picked up puber fares after the first pshooting and probably got other priders along the way. phe faces six counts of murder palong with a slew of other pcharges. pdetectives testified that after pdalton was read his rights, he ptold them he, quote, took eople's lives. phe admitted it. phe was denied bail. pif convicted he faces life in rison. enalty. p>>russell: 14-year-old girl pwounded outside of a kalamazoo pcracker barrel was initially pannounced brain dead. pshe kweezed her mother's hand. pthis morning the family is being pcautious. pthe teen is in critical pstill uncertain. p>>laura: uber has faced pcriticism in the past over the pthoroughness of the driver pbackground checks but notably pit's been slammed for not pconducting fingerprint checks on papplicants.
6:20 am
pcriminal record and nothing that pwould have flagged him for any preason. pthe company has no plans to pchange its screening process for pdrivers. p>>russell: 16-year-old passenger phas died after being injured in pthe pearl harbor helicopter pcrash. pit happened last week, all pcaught on camera. pteen and three family members pwere visiting from canada when pthe helicopter crashed near the earl harbor visitor center. pthe other family members are pokay but the pilot is still in pserious condition. p>>laura: alabama mom was shot pand killed after he used an app pto track his stolen cell phone. olice say he tried to confront pthe chief and was gunned down poutside of a church in the pbirmingham area. pshooting forced the college to pgo on lockdown. olice are looking for the pshooter. pinvestigators say this case pillustrates the danger of trying pto catch a criminal on your own. palways call the police first and plet them handle it. p>>russell: later today a digital prights group is planning to hold prallies outside of dozens of
6:21 am
pincluding two here in tampa bay. psoftware would help the f.b.i. punlock an iphone that belonged pto one of the san bernardino pshooters. pthey say they're standing up to pthe customer's privacy. pit starts at 5:30 outside of the papple stores at west shore and pat the brandon town center. p>>laura: he helped turned the pburb into a fun place be. pwhat is next for baker? p>>russell: there's a new ruler pof the sea. pfind out where this big fish was giving people options based on kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase.
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p>>laura: do you know what time pit is? ptime for hot clicks. ptaylor katz is sick. p>>russell: but look who is here. p>>laura: walter, happy as ever. p>>walter: good morning. pwe're going to turn back the pclock to a time when ladies pore
6:25 am
ptake a look. this video proves that you pmaybe they're not moving as fast pas they used to but they're pstill moving. pa nursing home in england -- p>>laura: good for her. p>>walter: nice. psome of the residents got ptogether for a sock hop and pdanced to elvis. pthey're having a blast. pthose ladies could teach us a pthick or -- thing or two, pincluding the gentleman on the pright as well. pthis is why i go to my pool and pnot the ocean. pa group of scuba divers spotted pthis off the coast of portugal. pit's a giant fish. pyes, a giant fish. pit's known as the sun fish. pit's the heaviest known bonnie pfish in the world. pit can weigh up to 5,000 pounds.
6:26 am
papparently harmless to humans. plook at that thing. pi won't take my chances. pwe've heard of toy dogs. pi don't know how crazy i am of pthis video but they're usually psmaller verg sions of other kinds pof dogs. ptake a look. p>> oh, yeah. psee what i mean? pkind of redeems itself at the pend. pi'm not crazy about this video. pi would rather have the pchihuahua bite the guy in an pankle. pthis was recorded at a wedding pwhich explains the vest. pthey discovered his special ptalent. phe spins around. p>>laura: you can hear everybody plaughing in the news room. pthis could go either way, i'll
6:27 am
p>>walter: i'm wincing. pi don't know. p>>laura: still ahead, president pobama lays out his plan to close pguantanamo bay. p>>russell: there's a new plan to pease congestion in tampa bay. pshayla reaves is getting a first plook. pgood morning. p>>reporter: hi. pgood morning to you, russell and plaura. pmore elevated lanes are on the pway and the dollars have already pbeen approved. pi'll tell you what it means (vo) making the most out of every mile. that's why i got a subaru impreza. love.
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p>>dave: do you know what? pit is warmer, muggier than
6:31 am
plook at this shot of tampa as pwe're looking east and toward pthe sun up which will be, by the pway, at 7:01. pjust a few more days we'll get pthe sun up before 7:00. pwe had 65 degrees at tampa. pthat's a big difference from pyesterday. pcoolest i have for you is 59. pagain, 65 being warmest. pforecast can easily get us back pto the 70s today. pheads up this afternoon. pthrough. p but the best rain chance could pbe tomorrow morning. pmid-morning or so, some pthunderstorms as well. pwe'll discuss that in a few pminutes. p>>vanessa: see you again. pa new crash coming to us out of pmyakka city. pit's state road 70. peastbound lane blockage in that parea so at the very least, pyou'll want to plan extra time. pif you can, get over to 64 or pfruitville and use that as the peast bound alternate. plet's check on 275 southbound. pit is starting to jam up just a plittle bit here and this is a plive look near fowler avenue. pwe have some yellow travel times
6:32 am
pbearses to i-4 up to a 12 minute pride. pdon't forget we do have a crash pinvolving what we're hearing is pa semi truck. pstate road 72 and 75. pwe're hoping to get the chopper pin that area. p>>russell: prayer and quick paction may have saved a family pin sulphur springs. pfire broke out at a home this pmorning. pa neighbor who was praying at pthe time saw the smoke and phelped get inside. pone dog was taken from the home pand one still missing. pno word yet how the fire pstarted. p>>laura: guns, explosives and pdrugs all within reach of a p5-year-old girl. pthat's what authorities found at pa home in venice. psteven pace and katie smith were parrested. psomeone called the department of pchildren and families after pneighbors started to notice pgarbage pile up. pin the inside, deputies found pthe house covered in filth and
6:33 am
pgrenades and what they believe pis synthetic marijuana. p>>russell: st. pete woman won $1 pmillion after playing a $25 pscratch offgame. pshe bought it from the gulfport pmini mart on 58th street south. pthe store will get $2,000 bonus pfor selling the ticket. pright now florida lawmakers are pconsidering a bill that would pcap the price of scratchoff pgames at $25. p>>laura: now it was supposed to pbe one of his first acts in poffice and now it could be one pof his last. p>>russell: today president obama pwill present congress with his lan to close guantanamo bay. pthe plan has been in the works pfor years and it involves ptransferring most of the pcountries. pthe rest, who cannot be ptransferred because they're too pdangerous, would be moved to a pdetention facility in the u.s. pthe location has not been pannounced. pcongress is already planning to pfight the closure. p>>laura: the president has
6:34 am
pstop the spread of zika virus. pthe money would go into research pbut also support territories plike puerto rico where the virus pis already widespread. pthe president also wants pflexibility to use the money pleft over from the 2014 outbreak pto take on the sdmr i -- zika pvirus. p>>laura: have will be several lans to ease some congestion pand last night we got a look at pthe latest. p>>russell: shayla reaves is live palong gandy boulevard with a review. pgood morning. p>>reporter: good morning to you. pif you travel gandy boulevard, psome traffic relief could be on pthe way. pup near gandy park south right pnow, this time next year, pactually a little later than pthis time next year, the end of pnext year, you'll likely see pthis particular area covered pwith some construction pequipment. pnow, the reason for that is pbecause some dollars have just pbeen approved to extend the
6:35 am
pright now you're looking at pvideo of the area. pan engineering firm has been phired to put together the plan. pa construction company will need pextension. pthe project is expected to cause p$2.6 million, money already papproved by the tampa, phillsborough expressway pauthority. pthe extension is a toll road but pexperts say the lanes will help pwith congestion and provide an palternative to gandy boulevard pfor evacuation. pwell, moving forward, we're told pthe plan is to break ground by pthe end of next year or towards pthe beginning of the following pyear. pof course, at this point, how psoon you could be driving on the planes, we're told as early as p2020. pback to you. p>>russell: it's going to be a pconstruction project. pwe'll talk later.
6:36 am
pwe know and love. am ioro and rick baker. pboth of them are loving their pnew lives after their mayoral preign. pfor the newest chapter for rick pwritten. pif you're lucky in life, you get pto enjoy the job as much as rick pbaker did. p>> being mayor is the best job i phad. p>>laura: st. petersburg was in ptrouble when he took over in p2001. ptoday it's beautiful, the place pto be. p>> i think it all started in st. ete. pwe redeveloped the area and we pgot park shore. p>>laura: the whole nation pstarted paying attention. pgrand prix came to town. pthat's just a start. p>> you put together a plan to ptry to bring it downtown back pand then it works, that's --
6:37 am
p>>laura: he's quick to credit pthe entire team for that. pit took the whole town to pull pit together and there have been psome great moments along the way pthat united the city like never pbefore. plike this one. pthe rays run for the world pseries in 2008. p>> that was a lot of fun. pthat was a lot of fun. pthat was an exciting time for pthe city. p>>laura: and speaking of the prays, the former mayor talks pabout one of the more complex arts of the job. pwhat will become of the trop? phe smiles, happy to say that is pnot his job anymore. padding that the city will thrive pno matter what. p>> i'll tell you, if i had any pfive acres in downtown st. etersburg, i'm sure you could pfind some great things to do to pmake a tremendous economic pimpact to the city. p>>laura: these days he's resident of the edwards group pwith a list of projects a mile plong. pamong them, the sun dial. phe's got something else on his
6:38 am
p>> i am interested in getting pback into public service again. p>>laura: he always loved public poffice but after his reign as pmayor, he made his family the riority. phis wife joyce, his kids. p>> my kids were four and five pwhen i took office and so they pliterally gru up at city hall. p>>laura: he swore he would see pthem through school, to be there pfor the big moments. p>> now my youngest is a freshman pin college and my oldest is a psophomore in college. p>>laura: so it's time. peven though he hasn't filed, it pis expected that he will run for pcongressman david joly's seat pwho is leaving to take the spot pleft by marco rubio, an election pthat would put him up against pcharley crist. p>> whatever it is, i want to pknow, i want to have an impact pon people's lives in some way. p>>laura: he told me some people pget into office to be something. phe will run to do something. pthat's just the kind of leader
6:39 am
pwe'll keep you posted. pby the way, if you're ever at pthe saturday morning rocket and pthe rowdies stadium, keep a plookout for rick baker. phe plays the guitar there, psometimes with his daughter. pso tomorrow, i catch up with pformer tampa mayor who -- and pthen we'll talk about what was pgoing on behind-the-scenes after pher mayoral reign. p>>russell: you love that story. pyou start thinking about what pst. petersburg, downtown was pbefore he became mayor and now p-- and that seems so long ago. p>>laura: it's true. pwell, it was a long time ago. p>>russell: now it's the place to pgo. p>>laura: it is. ptomorrow's is good, too. p>>russell: this is severe pweather awareness week. pfortunately, we're not dealing pwith anything bad right now, but pthere is some rain on the way. p>>laura: and dave will show us
6:40 am
6:41 am
6:42 am
6:43 am
pwe'll explain why denny p>>dave: 6:43. pweather headlines, setting pthings up in the deep south ptoday, talking about parts of plouisiana, mississippi, alabama. pi want to show you where coming pup in just a couple of minutes. pthen for tomorrow, not today, ptomorrow a slight chance for psevere weather. preally from i-4 north, north art of our viewing area, pincluding tampa itself had a pslight chance for severe weather pand the timing, mid to late pmorning along the coast and then pduring the afternoon as you go pfurther inland. ptemperatures cool big time pbehind the front. pwe're talking about highs only pin the 60s, especially going pinto the weekend and low
6:44 am
p40s. pso 65 degrees outside this pmorning. pno problem for the temperatures pright now. pi mean, it's mild outside. pnot only here but through the anhandle where they're in the pmid 60s, down to south florida pwhere they're in some cases the pmid 70s from five to 13 degrees pwarmer around the state than it pwas yesterday at this time. pa couple of differences, we have psome cloud cover overnight and ptwo more of a southeast wind. palso with that wind, we've pmanaged to take the dew point pnumbers which were in the 40s pand lower 50s and bring those pback up into the lower 60s. pas you step outside today, pnumber one, yeah, you're going pto know it's warmer but number ptwo, you're going to say it's a plittle muggy outside. pso we're going to get back to pthe upper 70s and i don't think ptoday will be a major issue. pit could be one or two little pshowers but some of the pinstability and extra moisture pin the atmosphere so today's prain chance is 30%. pnot a huge concern there. pthis is the big concern.
6:45 am
pthis big piece of energy is just pstarting to drive toward the peast. pas it works into eastern plouisiana, southern alabama, pmississippi and even parts of pthe florida panhandle, you could pbe looking at a major severe pweather outbreak later today. pany time you're in the slight prisk, you have to be, you know, pto the orange which is enhanced pand then it's like you really phave to watch out. pmoderate risk is actually a lot phigher than you really think it pis. pit actually is worse than it psounds and there's going to be psome big, perhaps long track ptornados in parts of the deep psouth today. pthat energy stays north of us pbut as the front comes through ptomorrow, mid to late morning, pit's going to bring with it some pgusty winds and the potential pfor severe weather so here's the pmap for tomorrow from the storm rediction center in terms of pthe chances for severe weather. pmainly from tampa going up
6:46 am
pis under a slight risk. poverall, 30% rain chance today. p70% tomorrow. pbut after tomorrow, we're going pto sweep the front through, pbegin to clear skies out and pthen it's just going to turn a plot cooler, especially this time pof year. pso variable clouds today. pwe'll do about 77, pretty close pto where we were yesterday. p30% rain chance. pcloudy, breezy tonight. pi urge you tomorrow morning when pyou get up and hopefully you do pit every morning when you get pup, check back in with us. pwe'll show you on the radar pwhere the line of storms is pbecause late in the morning, pit's going to come through some pareas again, you have that pslight chance for severe weather pand after it squeezes through pduring the afternoon, we'll pbegin a cooling process. pboaters, small craft advisories pbegin at midnight tonight so pobviously boating not in ptomorrow's forecast at all. pnext seven days, we'll drop. pit's not going to be extreme. pwe're not talking about freezes por anything, but it's going to pbe a lot colder in the mornings, pfriday, saturday and sunday with
6:47 am
pactually in the 60s. pvanessa? p>>vanessa: all right, dave. pwe're looking up at pasco pcounty. p75 and state road 52 where we phad reports of the jackknifed psemi. phere's the sky fox shot we were romising. pit shows a semi truck under the poverpass turned essentially psideways here. pwe do have eastbound lane pblockages, complete blockages. pthat traffic we're seeing is pbeing diverted onto the pinterstate southbound 75 so pyou'll want to avoid that area pif you're heading in that pdirection. pwestbound traffic from what pwe're able to tell is pexperiencing some lane blockage. pwe have flashing lights here we pcan see on the overpass, it is pmoving but a bit slower so pwestbound drivers, give yourself pextra time. pearlier we were getting some preports of the entrance ramps pbeing affected, not really pseeing any concerns with that pbut really, what we're not pseeing is traffic exiting 75 ponto state road 52. pif you're heading on the pinterstate, trying to get to 52, pi would probably either exit pheading northbound, southbound,
6:48 am
pwe'll keep you posted with the platest on this. p>>laura: all right. pthank you. plooking at some top stories, acifier, check. pwipes, check. pgun, check. pa man is in jail for putting his pgun inside his girlfriend's pdiaper bag where a 6-year-old pfound it. pand the boy pulled the trigger. pthe recoil hurt him but potherwise he's okay. pthe judge told the man to stay paway from the child. pyouth sports league is asking phillsborough county for help pafter vandals cost $10,000 in pdamage to their ball field. pleague officials say that at pnight, there's not enough light paround the park. pthey've installed cameras and plight poles but they don't have pthem wired. pthey're asking the county, which powns the park, to light it up so pthat thieves stay away. pand the celebrations continue at pthe daytona international pspeedway but this year's 500 pwinner is a little sad. phe just gave away his race car. pdaytona.
6:49 am
pinside the stadium and they pleave it just like it was on prace day, covered in confetti pand dirt. pwinner denny hamlin says it will pbe a little tough adjusting to a pnew car but it's well worth it. p>>russell: it's fun to see it, ptoo. pcoming you mean, a florida man's lan to build the ultimate man pcave is no more. pwe'll tell you who stood in the pway of his dream garage.
6:50 am
6:51 am
know you can keep your financial big picture under control. know you can see how much you have to spend and whether you should transfer funds. know you can easily keep track of what you're putting away. and know you're budgeted for the great escape.
6:52 am
3 3 3 starbucks customers are a fickle bunch ... p>>russell: starbucks customers plove the coffee but you change pone little thing, and you're pgoing to hear about it. p>>laura: they changed something pagain. pjoining us to talk about it, plauren simonetti. pwhat now? p>>reporter: their loyalty rogram. pcustomers are mad, mad, mad. pokay. pif you spend a lot of money on pstarbucks, meaning you like to porder, you know, the fun stuff, panything other than the brewed pcoffee, you probably are going pto like this, this program. pthey're going to reward you two pstars for every dollar that you pspend. pthe folks who like the simple pstuff can go in every day, maybe pjust get a tall brewed coffee, pspend about $2.42, they're not prewarded where you get a star
6:53 am
pit's going to go two stars per pdollar. pso it's based on dollars spent. pthe other change happens to how pyou reach the gold status when pyou have gold status, you can predeem stuff. pyou have to spend about $150. p>>russell: are you one of those? p>> no. p>>laura: i do like starbucks. p>>russell: we don't have a lot pof time but we have to talk pshipping. p>> so sneaky, amazon was. pthey decided to increase the pamount you have to spend to get pfree shipping from $35 to $49 pand this whole move is a way to pentice people to say, we'll pspend a little more, $99, and pbecome prime numbers. ponce you're a prime number, pyou're snuck into the amazon puniversity. pthey like it that way. pyou spend two times more than a pregular customer. p>>laura: you're more than that. pyou're averaging way more than
6:54 am
p>>russell: we have to go but psometime soon i want to talk to pyou about too big -- too much pstuff for shipping. pthey ship -- they put a little pthing in a big box. p>> i know. pit's so annoying. pthat was supposed to change last pyear. pi don't know what happened. p>>russell: we'll talk later. pthank you. p>>laura: don't miss lauren psimonetti on our sister network pstation. pif you're not sure where to find pthe fox business network, log on pto fox and look for pchannel finder. p>>russell: florida man is being pforced to give up his dream of pbuilding the ultimate man cave pfor car collectors. pcollier county commissioners prejected a machine's plan to pbuild a place where collectors pcould store their cars and hang pout. pit would have second story plofts, oversized garage doors pand a private club for special pevents. pthe suites have a starting price pof $200,000. pthat's what i said, $200,000. p>>laura: it is 6:54.
6:55 am
pthan normal. pnews? p>>russell: it's developing so pyou'd better make this good. p>>charley: uh-oh. pi'm just now developing like a pgood polaroid picture. pshake me a little bit and i'll pcome a little more into focus. phow are you doing? pyou? p>>charley: fantastic. plook where i am. p>>russell: it's pretty back pthere. p>>charley: we're talking about pthe charity polo classic out phere at plant city. pit's a great tradition here in lant city and it's gorgeous. pjust gorgeous. pi think i'm going to have a pfriend in a second. phi, sweetheart. pdo you want to be on tv with me? phi, buchl eautiful. phow are you doing? pwe'll see polo horses in action pa little bit later. pquickly play the percentages pwith me here. pthis is something that normally pvanessa does. pit may require honesty. p>>laura: okay.
6:56 am
pcoffee we had at work was better pquality. p>>laura: true. p>>charley: sorry. p>>russell: it's better than it pused to be. p>>laura: it's not bad. p>>charley: 40% of us lie about phow much chocolate we eat. p>>laura: i've done that. p>>charley: all right. p>>laura: there's no need to pdivulge all of that. p>>charley: i agree. p35% of us have fallen in love pwith someone we didn't initially pfind attractive. pi would say that's true for panyone that's ever fallen in plove with me. p>>russell: probably. pi'll give you that. p>>laura: you're not a ersonality guy? p>>charley: and 25% of women have psaid no to a marriage proposal pat least once. p>>laura: no.
6:57 am
pthey ask, i say yes. ptime and time again. p>>russell: we have to go. p>>charley: we're going to have a p"good day." pyou can see the brand right pthere. p>>russell: see you later, man. p>>laura: coming up at 7:00, pimportant information from the ptampa police department. pthey are here to explain what to pdo if you see a wrong way driver pheaded your way. p>>russell: and the sad side of pthe super bowl. pturns out everybody hated the pcommercials but some were worse pthan others. p>>laura: and only two things are pnot burned when this car burst pinto flames. pthe driver, remarkably, had a pvery special book. pwe have that story at 7:00. p>>dave: 6:57. pwalking out the door, seems like pa different atmosphere. pit's warm, it's muggy outside. pwe have temperatures in the mid p60s. palso mostly cloudy. pwe'll throw a 30% rain chance in pthere. pthunderstorms a strong ossibility. pthere's your time frame.
6:58 am
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3 (( russell- settling for second. why p>>russell: settling for second. pwhy finishing behind donald ptrump in nevada will have some pbig benefits. p>>laura: and bodyguards for pbeyonce. psecurity during her concert ptour. pthe controversial leader poffering protection if police pwon't do it. p>>russell: start saving, pmillennials. pthey need millions to retire. pit requires sacrifice and a lot pof good luck. pi'm russell rhodes. p>>laura: and i'm laura moody. pgood morning. pall that and a whole lot more. pfirst we go straight to vanessa. p>>vanessa: we've been following


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