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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 7AM  FOX  February 23, 2016 7:00am-8:00am EST

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3 (( russell- settling for second. why p>>russell: settling for second. pwhy finishing behind donald ptrump in nevada will have some pbig benefits. p>>laura: and bodyguards for pbeyonce. psecurity during her concert ptour. pthe controversial leader poffering protection if police pwon't do it. p>>russell: start saving, pmillennials. pthey need millions to retire. pit requires sacrifice and a lot pof good luck. pi'm russell rhodes. p>>laura: and i'm laura moody. pgood morning. pall that and a whole lot more. pfirst we go straight to vanessa. p>>vanessa: we've been following
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pand 75 in pasco county for a plittle while now. pwe have sky fox monitoring the plane blockages and the latest is pwhat we're seeing here. peastbound lanes are completely pblocked. pwe've actually seen all of that ptraffic being diverted off onto p75 before you get to that poverpass. pof course, this is the semi ptruck in question underneath pthat overpass. pthese are the westbound lanes pthat we're seeing. pthey are allowed to move through pbut they're moving a bit slow. phowever, not seeing westbound ptraffic allowed to access 75 psouthbound so a couple of opgs pfor -- options for folks in the parea. peastbound, maybe consider darby proad or st. joe road. palso an option trying to get to p75, either making a u-turn pheading eastbound and going palong with that diversion on 75 psouthbound or taking old pasco proad down to the wesley chapel pboulevard ramp and access 75 pfrom that point. pwe'll keep you posted with the platest out here. p>>dave: we're in the mid 60s,
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pthis time. pa little cloud cover, it would phave been a great start to the pday. pas the day move as z s -- moves palong, we should get more in the pway of cloud cover. pno problem getting in the upper p70s today as winds shift more ptowards the south. pnot a lot of rain on the radar pright now. pit's well back out to the west pover southeastern texas. pthat will be our issue tomorrow pmorning but at least for today, pwe have 30% rain chance. phighs back to the upper 70s. ptomorrow morning. pstick around for that seven-day pforecast. pwe'll talk all about it. p>>russell: it's 7:02 right now. pa tragic accident has killed two pjoggers. pthey were hit in avon park last pnight. pthe driver could not see them. p47-year-old rodriguez and p40-year-old sepetas were not pwearing lights or reflective pgear. pthey were also jogging in the psame direction as traffic so pthey could not see a car coming
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p>>laura: also new this morning, pa startling wakeup call for a ptampa family. pa house fire forced several eople from their home in psulphur springs. pby the time firefighters got pthere, there was a ton of smoke. pthank. ply three people and a dog were pable to get out safely. pthe family is searching for a psecond dog. pno word yet what caused the pfire. pinvestigators are still on the pscene. p>>russell: 7:03. prepublican voters in nevada will pcaucus today. pit could be another big day for pdonald trump. pmaybe somebody like florida psenator marco rubio. phere is doug. p>> if donald trump wins nevada ptoday, it's a lot of momentum to pcarry into super tuesday. pthe state of nevada is, as you pmight suspect, a roll of the pdice. pcaucuses are tough to predict pand polling has been articularly sparse but peverything we know suggests that pthis is donald trump's state to plose.
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pin front of a large crowd last pnight in las vegas. p>> if you assume we get a tie, pyou're going to vote, you know? por as some would say in the old pschool, caucus. pbut just forget the word caucus. pjust go out and vote, okay? pmarco rubio got a slew of new pendorsements yesterday. pand rubio may have benefitted pfrom an unforced error by ted pcruz's campaign. pcruz communications director prick tyler tweeted a link to a psub titled video from a ennsylvania college newspaper preporting to show rubio mocking pthe bible. pit was quickly discredited and ptyler apologized but cruz went a pstep further. p>> this morning i asked for rick ptyler's resignation. p>>reporter: cruz hoping that his psupport will help him today in
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pblunt the rise of donald trump. pthis race in nevada may be pvoters. pturnout today expected to be in pthe range of 10% to 15%. p>>russell: listen to this. pjeb bush spent $130 million on phis presidential campaign and phas nothing to show for it. pnot a single win before dropping pweekend. pit may be one of the least psuccessful campaign spending in pthe history of politics. phere is where some of the money pwent. pmost of it is advertising. p$84 million. phis campaign spent another $10 pmillion on consultants, another p$95,000 for travel expenses pwhile trying to raise money. pnearly $16,000 for valet parking pfor donors attending the fund praising events and almost $5,000 pfor pizza. p>>laura: it is 7:05 now.
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pfor any of the beyonce concerts, pa minister says he'll help. phe'll make sure the security psector is set to do the job. phe applaudes beyonce for taking pa stand during her super bowl erformance. pa lot of people blame her for psending a dangerous message by paddressing a tribute to the pblack panther party, a party pknown for having violent pconfrontations with police. p>> look at how you treat beyonce pnow. pyou're not going to offer her olice protection. pbut i will. p>>laura: we don't know how pserious he is about that, but olice say they'll have enough psecurity for the beyonce concert pon april 29. pthey will not need help from the pnation of islam.
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pwakening during her nap. pup. pshe saw someone trying to get pthrough her sliding glass door. psurveillance video shows two men ptrying to get in. pthe homeowner exchanged a few pwords in spanish. pthey ran away. pthe woman is okay, nothing ptaken. pthe hillsborough county psheriff's office wants to catch pthe men before they try breaking pinto somebody else's house. p>>laura: a group of thieves may plike vodka. pthey stole 10 bottled s bottles. pthe bottles are worth about $30 papiece. pif you know any of these psuspects, call crime stoppers at p1-800-873-tips. p>>russell: hernando county two eople are accused of running a pscam. pthey say the pair told them some pstories to get work paving pdriveways. pdetectives think the number of pvictims in hernando may climb to
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pcases in hillsborough and pasco. p>>laura: two high school pstudents are facing charges for pa shooting at the holiday inn pexpress on 54th avenue north in pst. petersburg. p18-year-old shawn mc gee is pfacing aggravated assault pcharges while 16-year-old pcharles jones faces attempted pmurder charges. pwe're not showing his mug shot pbecause of his age. pboth boys attend armwood high pschool in tampa. pshooting sunday morning sent two eople to the hospital. pthey're both expected to be pokay. p>>russell: parents, teachers and pstudents gathered in highlands pcounty after the sexting scandal psent shock waves. pit involves students at lake lacid. pthe principal says at least 20 pgirls sent nude pictures, one peven shot a video. pgraphic images were shared among pboys and girls and put on social pmedia pmedia. pthe principal reminded parents pthat sexting is illegal and said pthat nothing is deleted from a
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psocial media, it can last for pever. pthese are lessons that have to pstart at home. p>> i think if we don't start peducating kids, we have kids pthat are going to get tried and pconvicted of child pornography peventually. pif we don't start taking a stand pand doing what's right. p>>russell: well, investigators phave not yet decided whether or pnot to file any charges against panyone. pthe deputy superintendent of phighlands county schools has psaid some of those could be pexpelled. p>>laura: imagine this. pa double decker gandy boulevard. pit's not a pipe dream anymore. lans to build elevated lanes pare officially moving forward pand shayla reaves is live in ptampa to talk about it. pthe hope here is to cut down on pcommute times. pgood morning. p>>reporter: good morning to you. pthere could be relief for anyone pwho might use gandy boulevard to pget where they need to go every pday. pright now near gandy park south
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pcould see a lot of construction pequipment dotting this articular area of the roadway. pthat's because late next year, pthe plans are going to be in peffect for a new elevated lane pthere above gandy boulevard. pso this is just approved. pthe tampa hillsborough pexpressway authority approved pthe money to add elevated lanes. pthe selmon west extension is pexpected to cost about $2.6 pbillion. palready an engineering firm has pbeen hired to construct a plan. pthe extension is a toll road but pexperts say those lanes are pneeded to relieve congestion. p>> it does a number of things. pboulevard. pthere's people that go up on the pextension, they're paying a toll pso they're not a customer of pgandy businesses. pthey're just trying to get pthrough the neighborhood. pby moving them up and off of
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pgandy boulevard for people who pwant to go to the businesses pdown there. p>>reporter: so this particular pexpansion, it could be useful pnot only for the day-to-day pcongestion but also in case of pan evacuation. pit would provide an alternative pfor folks who might be trying to pleave the area in case of some psort of emergency. pso how soon could we see it? pwe're told they could be pbreaking ground by as early as plate next year or the beginning pof 2018. pand the project is scheduled to pbe completed by 2020. pback to you. p>>laura: thank you. p>>russell: some of you love your pjobs, others don't. pcompanies with the happiest pemployees. p>>laura: and a place to go for et adoption. pken is there. pwe'll hear from him in a few pminutes. pfirst, dave's forecast. pgood morning. p>>dave: 59 to 65 degrees. pour temperatures are running way pabove normal. lus that southeast wind has umped in.
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pcloud cover to settle in for plater this afternoon. pit wouldn't surprise me to get a pquick sprinkle or shower. pin general, tomorrow is our best prain chance. pthat's going to be mid to late pmorning along the coast, pafternoon inland. pi'm getting ahead of myself,
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p>>dave: over the past 24 hours, pwe moisten the atmosphere up a plittle bit, got a little more pcloud cover, southeast winds, pall combined to give us a new, pmild start to the day. pthere are enough breaks in the pclouds that we get a decent pamount of sunshine and that's pgoing to help to push those ptemperatures back to the upper p70s. pi know. pupper 70s for highs today. pthere's the sun that came up pover lake mirror this morning. panother shot of our tampa cam. pour temps, though, five to 13 pdegrees warmer, depending on pwhere you are, look at the 70s. pmid 70s in west palm this pmorning. p62 wauchula, frost proof, 63 plakeland. p65 in tampa but that's not the
7:16 am
psouth to southeast wind and pthese dew point numbers have pgone up so you probably are pgoing to be out -- if you work poutside today, you'll notice a pdifference. pit feels muggier outside. pthis atmosphere hangs with us puntil tomorrow when the front pcomes through. pthe main rain from our front may pcome through in mid to late pmorning but the actual front pitself not until the afternoon. pradar. pyou see a couple of scattered pshowers, well out ahead of the pfront in the panhandle moving up pto georgia, the carolinas. pwe may even get a quick tiny pshower today, but not a big pdeal. prain chance today is 30%. pbut this is a huge piece of penergy and it is just smack over phouston now. pthe air is incredibly unstable pin parts of the deep south and pwe're looking at a potential ptoday for a major severe weather poutbreak in this area shaded in pred which is a moderate risk for
7:17 am
plake pontchartrain, slidell, plouisiana, coastal mississippi, pcoastal alabama and maybe even ensacola for later this pafternoon, keeping an eye on pthat. pas this energy moves to the pnorth, tonight and tomorrow, we pstill run a slight risk for psevere weather, really from i-4 pnorth and that's going to be mid pto late morning as these storms pmove on with the coast and peventually through the afternoon pas it slides to the east coast. pthat's the time frame for ptomorrow's rain. pfor today we're just setting up pshop, right? pvariable clouds, 30% rain pchance. pit will be warm, muggy, 77. pcloudy, breezy tonight with a plow of 67. ptomorrow showers and pthunderstorms. pi've showed you a few of those pespecially tampa north could be psevere. pwe've got the slight risk for psevere weather. ponce the front moves through ptomorrow afternoon, we'll start pthe process. phow about 60 for a high by pfriday afternoon with lows over pthe weekend in the mid 40s. pso dramatic turn in
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phere at 7:17, here's a couple of pnew trouble spots on the proadways, starting off in the parea of van dyke road east of pthe suncoast parkway. pwe're getting reports of one plane blocked in the eastbound pdirection and delays eastbound pand westbound through the area. palways remember the move over plaw as you pass on through and pgive yourself a couple of extra pminutes if you have to head this pway. pwe also have a crash we've been pfollowing since the last hour of p"good day" but we have a couple pof updates here. pstate road 70 in myakka city, pwe're getting reports of some pdebris and also some fluids from pthat vehicle in the roadway so pthere could be an extensive pcleanup effort underway. peastbound traffic is blocked. pwestbound delays, if you can pavoid that area, probably your pbest bet. pmeantime, here's a look at pcongestion on the majors. asco to i-4 is up to a 31 pminute ride heading southbound pon 75 between the junction and pi-4. p16 minutes. plooks like we do have some pheavier congestion here, 75 to
7:19 am
pthe votes are in. pthe labrador retriever is pamerica's top dog for the 20th pyear in a row. plab is popular because of its ptemperament as you know. plook at that puppy. pand they get along with almost peveryone. palso great with kids and they're psmart, too. phe's sort of a mix. pthe other top breeds of dog this pyear are the german shepherd, in psecond, the golden retriever pthird and the bulldog is fourth pand the beagle is fifth. ponly four breeds can claim the ptop spot during the 100 years. pin addition to the labrador, pthat includes the poodle, beagle pand the clocker er er er
7:20 am
pspaniel. p>>russell: all right. pthe health of tiger woods. pback injury. p>>laura: and then a close call. pbystanders pull a man out of a pburning s.u.v. and why they're pcalling this divine pintervention. pfirst charley belcher. pgood morning. plist. p>>russell: i know. pi know. p>>charley: no dachshund. pnot even in the top 10. pthe french bulldog is at least pin the top 10. pwhat's wrong with you people? pdachshunds are pretty little pdogs. pthat leaves more for me and my pwife to love. pthat's all right. pwe're talking about horses. plook at these beautiful faces. pwe're in plant city, home of the pfifth annual charity polo pclassic. pit's become a great charitable ptradition out here, raising pmoney for great causes.
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pbill cosby's wife is not done pgiving her deposition in the plawsuit against her husband. p>>laura: she has to go back in pjust a few weeks' time. pshe went to a boston hotel pyesterday to answer questions pfrom lawyers representing seven pwomen. pthose women accuse her husband pof sexual assault. pthey're suing him for defamation pfor calling them liars after pthey went public with their pallegations. p>>russell: the confession from pthe uber driver accused of pkilling six people in a random pshooting rampage in michigan, rosecutors say jason dalton has padmitted he fatally shot his pvictims in three different plocations over the weekend. pthe 45-year-old has yet to preveal a motive. pdetectives found several guns. phis wife and parents are pcooperating. p>>laura: there's a lot of pspeculation right now about the phealth of golf pro tiger woods. preporter says that tiger's back pinjury has gotten worse. pto the point where he can't move pwell and it is painful to sit. phe said the surgery typically
7:25 am
pthis time and he doesn't think pthat tiger will be returning to pgolf any time soon. eople who know this reporter pdon't think he would make this pstory up, especially this pserious. ptiger's agents say this is a plie. p>> come on. pcome on. pthe blood of jesus, get him out pof here. pcome, on come on. p>>russell: witnesses are calling pit divine intervention. pa driver and his bible survived pa fiery crash in memphis on psunday. pseveral good samaritans and an pofficer were able to pull the pdriver from the car after it pcaught fire. pa bible was also pulled out. pthe car a total loss. pthe bible was not damaged. pwow. p>>dave: 7:25 on this tuesday pmorning. p59 to 65 degrees. retty uniform temperatures this pmorning but the cloud cover, pthey're coming in and out povernight. psoutheasterly wind, it's also pmuggy. pyou know, the forecast, look at pthis.
7:26 am
pa good chance of showers and pthunderstorms. pwe're under slight risk for psevere weather tomorrow, say, pmid-morning or so from around pthe tampa area and points north. ponce that line moves through, pthe cooler air settles in. pby thursday afternoon, highs ponly in the mid 60s. p>>vanessa: thank you, dave. pwe want to get back up to pasco pcounty where we've been pfollowing that jackknifed semi pand i just want to keep you up pto date on what we're seeing on pthe scene as well as the lane pblockages in the area f. you're pjust joining us, this is state proad 52. pit looks like they have a pspecialized tow truck in this parea with a bit of a crane psituation. pthey're trying to pull it out pand look like they managed to ull this partially out from punder the overpass. pin the meantime, we're seeing pthe eastbound lane blockages pwith all the traffic being pdiverted off. pseeing improvements along the pwestbound lanes. pwe have two lanes fully moving pafter you get past the overpass. punfortunately as you can see, pyou can't enter 75 southbound. pthey do have part of that
7:27 am
pas i mentioned before, best palternates, eastbound traffic, pyou'll probably want to avoid pthat area for sure. pst. joe road is an alternate. pwestbound drivers, if you don't phave to access 75, give yourself pextra time for the delays in the parea. pif you do have to access, robably take old pasco road pdown to wesley chapel boulevard. p>>russell: all right. pmedia relations. pcoming up, how yankees are pteaching players to behave in pfront of reporters. p>>laura: and a home to call ptheir own. pjennifer epstein is talking pabout a special day for one pfamily in particular. p>>jennifer: good morning. phabitat for humanity has done it pagain and because of that, one plocal family is about to get the
7:28 am
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p"good day." pit's 7:30 now. pand in the news this morning, pthanks to family, friends and a pcommunity of strangers, a young pwoman from tampa is back in the punited states to get medical pcare. pschuyler aratawa was in south pamerica for post graduate study pand while she was on a rafting ptrip in colombia, a boulder fell poff a cliff right on to her phead. pher family cannot say enough pabout the river guides. pthey carried her you tell out of the priver and to the hospital. pwithout their help, she wouldn't phave survived. pshe was in the hospital in pcolombia until late last night pwhere she was brought to a pmedical facility in miami. pshe'll continue her treatment pthere. p>> it's so touching.
7:32 am
pwords because you really just pdon't know how to say thank you pto everyone. pi think it shows something great pabout tampa bay. pi think it shows something great pabout the berkeley community, pthe yale community, our friends, pfamily. pit's truly overwhelming. p>>laura: according to her mother pwho is updating her facebook age, the focus right now is pschuyler's vision. pwhen the boulder hit her in the phead, it hit both optic nerves. pshe can flutter her shoulders pand move her toes, all positive psigns according to her mother. p>>russell: 26-year-old committed psuicide by driving the wrong way pand crashing head on into a ptruck in the florida turnpike on psunday. phe drove his car going north and pcollided with a tractor trailer. pthe driver of the truck and his assenger were not hurt. pcomes four days after he posted pit on facebook saying he planned pto kill himself by driving the
7:33 am
phe even said where he was going pto do it. pbut he said a prayer stopped phim. phe had an ongoing battle with pdepression and has been phospitalized at least seven ptimes after suicide tammys. pvanessa? p>>vanessa: yeah. pyou know, unfortunately not all pwrong way drivers are trying to pdo this. pit's a situation we do deal with pin the area. psome cases are drunk drivers, pconfused on the highway. pwe go for a traffic tip tuesday, psome advice to do if you see a pwrong way driver. pthere are some things folks can pdo to make their chances better, pright? p>> good morning. pit's good to be with you here pagain. pyou know, what an unfortunate psituation. pusually wrong way drivers end up pin a bad situation. pyou know, back in 2014 we had a preally bad fatality. p2015 everything seemed to be
7:34 am
pof 2016, we have another pfatality. pyou know, some of the things eople can do when they're out pand they're driving is just be paware of your surroundings. pyou always got to look ahead. pwe have so many distractions pnowadays with our cars from the ptexting to facebook to just ptalking on the cell phones and pthings like that and we just ask pfolks to be aware when you're pdriving up on the interstates or panywhere for that matter, but articularly up on the pinterstates, try to drive in the pright-hand lane, especially at pnight. pa lot of people doing the wrong pway driving, beside the person pyou just mentioned there, a lot pof them are intoxicated. pthey're high on drugs or they're pdrunk out of their mind and pthey're going down the one way, pgoing up the exit ramps, getting pon the interstates and us as pindividuals, there's not a lot pwe can do about that except try pto be aware when we're driving pon the interstate. pmost of these things happen at pnight. pat night drive to the right.
7:35 am
plittle slower. pif something comes your way, you phave time to react. pyou have the shoulder to the pright that you can drive into pand such. pand also just be aware. pbe aware of your surroundings. plook up ahead, scan up ahead pgoes a long way off. pyou can possibly see something pcoming from a distance. p>> you mentioned sticking to the pright. pi read in some tips when we were phaving this discussion, it seems plike if it is an impaired pdriver, they have a tendency to pfavor what they see as the pright-hand lane, which would be pthe left-hand lane. pthey're trying not to get caught pby police. p>> that's correct. pa lot of them, to them it's the pright-hand lane that's the slow plane and they want to drive, not pto get stopped. pthey think i'm intoxicated or pi'm high or whatever, they'll pget in the lane and start pdriving and really they're in pthe fast lane on the interstate. pat nighttime again, folks can pstay, just drive the speed plimit, stay in the right-hand
7:36 am
pwould be their right hand -- i pmean, left-hand lane, opposite pof that, you stay in your pright-hand lane and just drive, plook ahead and be aware to revent something like that from phappening to you. pthat's for sure. p>>vanessa: these situations seem pto be to the point where not ponly as drivers we're trying to pdo something to protect pourselves but also fdot trying pto do some things to protect pdrivers. pyou were speaking about some pbeacons and i remember when they pwere installed recently in our parea. pcan you talk about those? p>> absolutely. pthe florida department of ptransportation has done a fine pjob of trying to stop wrong way pdrivers up on the interstates. pif you notice when you're out pdriving on the interstates now, pyou may have never noticed this pbefore but look. pis there a barrier in between pyou and the other lanes? pand that's going the opposite pdirection and usually, yes. pthere's going to be cables, pthere's going to be barriers up pso it really prevents people pfrom coming over. pwhere they're getting on the pinterstates at is actually up on pthe exit ramps and the florida
7:37 am
pis -- there's a pilot program pbut in hillsborough county, they phave equipped 16 offramps or pexit ramps with these beacons pand, you know, usually already pon these exit ramps, there are psigns saying wrong way, don't pcome this way. psome of them have flashing plights but these beacons now, pit's really neat. pthe technology is catching up. pif someone starts to drive up on pthe offramp of the wrong pdirection, radar catches it and pflashing. pit looks like a u.f.o. dropped pout of the sky and said, hey, pyou're going the wrong way. pso it also alerts the florida pdepartment of transportation pright away that someone is going pup the wrong way on this exit pramp and now the florida highway atrol and they're coming. pthey're trying to get out there pto prevent something like that pfrom happening. palso the message boards, the proad rangers and the department pof transportation put messages pup on the message boards that pyou see right now on the
7:38 am
pwrong way driver. pthe turnpike, this is a pilot rogram here in hillsborough pcounty and seems to be working pokay but down in south tampa, pthey've had -- i mean, south pflorida, they've had about a pdozen incidents where they've phad these wrong way driver pincidences active the beacons pand by the time they got out pthere, everything is cleared up. pso we're hoping what that's psaying is people are going up, pthese lights are so bright, it's palerting them, whether they're pintoxicated or not and they're pturning around and going the pregular direction. pgood news here in hillsborough pcounty. p>>vanessa: and we talked about pthis before. pi guess it's too soon to tell phow those are affecting the pwrong way instances in our area, pbut of course, some good advice. pthank you so much. p>> thank you for having me. p>>laura: 7:38 now. pbig day for habitat for humanity pin hillsborough county. pthey're raising the roof on ptheir 178th home. pdeserving family will get it, ptoo. pjennifer epstein is in tampa to
7:39 am
pdonation and the family who is pgetting this very lucky gift. phey, jen. p>>jennifer: yeah, they are pgetting a very big gift this pmorning. plike you said, it's 178th home pbeing built by hillsborough pcounty habitat for humanity. pnot even 8:00 in the morning and pyou can see the eager volunteers pgetting ready to continue pbuilding this home that is going pto go to a very deserving family pin the area. pit couldn't be done without the phelp of the volunteers and of pcourse, the c.e.o. of the phabitat for humanity, tina. pthank you so much for being out phere and talking with us. p>> thank you. pthank you for coming. p>>jennifer: talk to me about the phome and the family that's going pto receive it. p>> this is our 178th home in phillsborough county. pthe home buyer is a local family pthat is -- the woman is pcurrently raising her pgrandchild, has had lots of pdifferent things happen in her plife but this is just truly a pblessing for her. ptampa honda has been the primary psponsor on this home so we pwouldn't be able to do it pwithout them.
7:40 am
pvolunteers helping to raise the proof on the home so we're very pexcited about it. p but the family, she will be phere, priscilla will be here to pthank tampa honda for coming pout, but i think one thing that pi just want to say real quick is pthe fact that habitat, the model pfor habitat is our home buyers pcome in and buy the home. pit's a zero interest mortgage pthat makes it affordable. pwhat we're doing here is a hand pup, not a handout and that's so pimportant to what we do and to pthe people that sponsor us. pwe're very excited about it. p>>jennifer: and raising the roof pis happening today so the roof pis going on this house? p>> absolutely. pby the end of the day, you'll psee a full roof on the home and plots of sweaty guys out here, pyou know, making sure that the plive. p>>jennifer: and when are they pexpected to move in? pdone? p>> it should be done in about ptwo months. pit will be complete, totally pwith landscaping and the whole pworks. p>>jennifer: we have a lot more pto talk about with you in the pnext couple of hours. pmaybe i'll put a hard hat on.
7:41 am
pfor this event. pi have sandals on this morning. pthank you so much. pso a lot of volunteers out here pthis morning. pwe have at least 15 and we're pgoing to watch them raise the proof, hopefully talk to the pfamily moving into the house pvery soon. p>>laura: you'd better take care pof those shoes. p>>jennifer: why did i wear these ptoday? p>>laura: we'll leave it there, pjen. pthank you. pi had to. pi just had to. pthey're brand new. p>>russell: she's showing them poff. et resource center in tampa pjust wrapped up a major prenovation. p>>laura: they're going to be pcutting the ribbon today. pken is there to talk about it. phey, ken. p>>reporter: good morning. pthis is really a day to show off pwhat's been done the last couple pof months or so. pas you said, or maybe you didn't psay, it's a half million dollar prenovation. pwhen you walk into this place, pit is a lot bigger, a lot more pconsumer friendly, a place that pyou want to check things out. pfor example, if you want to pcheck out dogs, let's say there
7:42 am
pyou need some time to hang out. pdon't hang out. pyou can go to this computer and pfigure out what breed of dog you pwant or what sex or, you know, pjust cuts through time and it's peasier. pthen you go in the kennel and pcheck things out. plet me bring in scott. palso, you have deals going on pwith dogs and cats. pwhat are the deals? p>> it's only $14 to adopt either pa dog or a cat. p>>reporter: and that includes pwhat? p>> spay and neutering, shots, panything you could want. p>>reporter: everybody is pinvited, including county pcommissioners? p>> at 10:00 we'll have the grnd popening. p>>reporter: if you want to come pdown and check it out and if you pjust happen to be here and you psee something over there or you psee a kitty cat like the one pthat scott is holding and you pwant to adopt it or a dog, it is pthe deal of a lifetime. p$14 and that includes peverything. pcan i interest you in a dog or a pcat?
7:43 am
pbefore. pthat got me abe many years ago. p>>reporter: me, too. pthere are costs to keep them up pas well. p>>laura: our viewers always come pthrough. pmy guess is, just a matter of ptime. p>>russell: it's something that pmany millennials may not be pthinking about. pnot yet. pretirement. pit seems like a long way off but pit's something they should pseriously start saving for. pnew estimates say that pmillennials should try to have pat least $2 million in the bank pfor the time they retire. pthat means saving $20,000 a year pfor 30 years and hoping for a 6% paverage return. pwith the compounding interest, pyou can reach that goal. pit's not going to be easy. pit will take some sacrifice. pnot impossible, though. pa lot of people are not ready pfor retirement, even the older pamericans. pthey're finding out the hard way pthey need more money than they poriginally thought. p
7:44 am
3 it's a goal for a p>>russell: sorry. pit's a goal for a lot of people pto be happier at work. pwell, job search website career pblitz has come up with companies pwhere people are their happiest. pthey look at things like work plife balance, relationships, pmanagement, resources and pcompensation among other things. pamerican computer security pcompany mc afee comes in fifth. pchevron comes in third. pcommunications company broadcom pcorp comes in second and johnson p& johnson comes in first place. pjohnson & johnson. pthe average salaries for all the ptop five start at $55,000 and
7:45 am
pdave has the forecast coming up. (vo) making the most out of every mile. that's why i got a subaru impreza. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. the new caramel macchiato from dunkin' donuts. let hand-crafted layers of espresso, milk, and a caramel-flavored swirl uplift your mood. indulge in a hot or iced macchiato today.
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3 3 )))))))) p>>dave: about 7:48, very mild, pvery muggy outside. pthe atmosphere is set up as we phave some cloud cover streaming pthrough but we have also had dew oints in the 60s thanks to the psouth to southeast wind. retty start, polk county, huh? pmore cloud cover in general as pthe day moves along but not pbefore we take the temperatures pwhich are in the low 60s and pbring them back to the upper p70s. pwe're running six to 13 degrees pwarmer than yesterday at this ptime. pand oh, yeah, the dew point pnumbers are a lot higher as pwell. pthis big storm system out here pin texas, look at the rain going pinto houston. psliding east into northeast, pthis is a big severe weather
7:49 am
pa moderate risk from new orleans pover to pensacola. pthere could be some big, long ptrack tornados here. pa lot of energy moves north but psome is around tomorrow. pfor us, the line moves through pmid to late morning. pwe're looking at the potential pfor a slight chance for severe pweather. pfrom tampa north, there's a pslight chance for severe weather ptomorrow and it's going to be pkind of a late morning setup for pyou. ptoday is 77 degrees for a high ptemperature. pand maybe a quick little pisolated shower later this pafternoon. pa chance of rain today. ptomorrow a round of showers and pthunderstorms moves through, say paround late morning, midday pthrough the early afternoon and pthen it turns quite cool, punseasonable y cool, in fact. pfriday's high is 60. psaturday morning low in the mid p40s. p>>vanessa: that is a chilly pmorning, dave. pthank you. p7:49 is the time. pwe have a new crash that's pactually just popped up here palong i-4. pwe'll touch on that. pthis is between 301 and 75. pdelays are building back towards
7:50 am
lease take u.s. 92 chlt . p>>laura: it is 7:49. psorry. pi had to turn my mic on. p>>walter: the yankees are back pin tampa for spring training and pthey did more than just pbaseball. art of spring training is pwatching a video of how to pconduct interviews with us. peven the superstars, there are pdozens of clips showing the pgood, the bad, the ugly, ways to pbehave or risk looking childish pduring an interview. ptwo of the clicks are from post pgame interviews. pwe'll start with the good. p>> so many different things we pcould have done throughout the pgame. pi think it just solidified the otential win for us but it pdidn't happen for us. ptom brady, good for him, what he pdid tonight. p>>walter: that's seahawks pquarterback and he was gracious pin defeat, despite throwing a
7:51 am
pgoal line to cost the team their psuper bowl win. pthey lost to the patriots. pthat's a good example of panswering questions from the pmedia no matter how bad you feel pafter a loss. pnow, panthers quarterback cam pnewton, he did the opposite. plisten to this. p>> i know you've seen studies pand pretty much what you have pseen on film. p>>walter: yeah. pthat was after the loss to the pbroncos just a couple of weeks pago. phe didn't answer any questions. phe didn't answer yes or even no. pthat's an example for the pyankees to use as a bad pinterview. pthey've been doing it for the plast decade and it's even psomething that derek jeter had pto do before retirement and we pknow he did a lot of interviews, robably thousands before his pcareer. plet's get to charley belcher. pit must be nice out. p>>charley: it's gorgeous. pabsolutely gorgeous.
7:52 am
pd.i. polo is where we are, the psite of the cherry polo classic, pfifth annual. pright? pfifth annual. pit's a great event out here. phold on a second. pokay. phe's done. pyou don't want to see the horse pdo their business on live tv. pokay.
7:53 am
7:54 am
7:55 am
pstick around and let's go a p>>charley: "good day tampa bay." pit is a good start to the day pout here at d.i. polo in plant pcity. phome of the fifth annual charity olo classic, happening this pweekend. pgreg is here with more. phe's the proud driving force, if pyou'll pardon the pun, at this pevent for five years now. pbig hats for the ladies, bow pties for the guys. p>> most definitely. p>>charley: this thing started pout five years ago and i premember at the time, it was plike charity match, hopefully it pwill work. pby golly, it has. p>> most definitely. pthe best thing about this, if pyou've never been to a pell owe pevent before, it's a true polo pmatch. pwe have great sports here in the
7:56 am
plightning and bucs and the rays. pthis is something completely pdifferent. pyou're going to watch world pfamous polo players play polo. pif you're lucky enough to have a pticket, which unfortunately this pyear we're completely sold out. p2017 we're talking about. pwe have 950 people that are pcoming. pwe sold out over a month in padvance so now we're talking pabout next year. pthe reasons we sell out is we phave all the top restaurants. pwe have bone fish, we have poyster catchers, we have three pbands this year and you pmentioned the divots. pthat's probably the most fun. pmy wife loves that. pglass of champagne, you're pwalking on there, stepping on pthe divots and it's a nice ptradition of the polo event. p>>charley: this year, children's pcancer center, big brothers and pbig sisters of tampa bay, hands pacross the bay. p>> the automotive helping hand pfund as well. p>>charley: and over the years, phundreds of thousands of pdollars. p>> this year alone, we should praise over $200,000 so we're ptalking about hundreds of pthousands of dollars and an pimportant part of charities,
7:57 am
pyou hear a lot of things about pmaybe not everything going -- pevery penny goes back to the plocal community for all four of pthose charities. p>>charley: great. pthank you very much. pwe're going to hit the field, psee some polo action and before pyou ask, no, alcides segui did pit last year. pi'll probably just be standing pon the sidelines. p>>laura: i remember that. p>>charley: he was in the woods pand he didn't come back for like pthree hours. p>>russell: the day we lost palcides segui. pwe'll see you later, okay? p>>charley: all right. p>>russell: bye. pwell, you may not need a compass pif you have a dog. pat 8:00, dave o. the science pro ptells us why all you have to do pis wait for them to go potty. p>>laura: can't stay away from pthat segment, can we?
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
pbefore3 ((russell an answered prayer? a neighbor up pan answered prayer. pa neighbor up late, praying, pspots from a nearby home. pher quick action may have saved plives. preleasing stress for nine months pknowing your baby's health at pnine weeks. pdr. jo tells us a pros and cons pof a new prenatal test. pfrom tampa bay's number one news pstation, this is good day tampa pbay. p hey everybody it's 8 o'clock pi'm russell rhodes. pgood morning everybody.


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