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tv   FOX 13 1100 News  FOX  February 24, 2016 1:00am-1:30am EST

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and in his last few minutes, he was honorable, compassionate and sensitive and protective. and that's how i remember him. and coming up, with just five days till the academy
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tag time. the ballots are in for oscar sunday. live on abc. host chris rock is ready for liftoff. i am ready for that liftoff, too. that leads us to our social media question, what's got you most excited about sunday's oscars? liz, what did we find out? >> billy, lots of love for chris rock. keith says opening monologue with his kind of topical comedy i'm anticipating that. joe says the most exciting to see, this oscar sunday is leonardo win an oscar. time. give that man an oscar. >> it will be the least restful show he has ever been to, i imagine. stay connected. join the conversation at dawn brancheau chooses to support the park where the killer whale breeder died. you are watching fox 13. starting with this first tonight, at least seven tornados have hit parts of the southeast
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that includes one that ripped through an rv park in convent, louisiana. two people died there. 30 injured. about 100 mobile homes were damaged. those storms are also to blame for two deaths in louisiana. one in mississippi and paul dellegatto was just telling us about very devastating reports coming out of the pensacola area of florida. again caused by a line of storms that have come through. homes have been hit there. apartments destroyed. they're still really trying to assess the damage in the pensacola area. those storms will impact us. paul is tracking that and joins us with the latest. >> reporter: it's all due to, chris, this cold front that will be moving across the gulf mexico tonight. things are quiet. i'm not expecting any issues tonight. we've had so many cases this winter where the severe weather event has been, you know, 2:00 a.m. to 6:00 a.m. at least tomorrow there will be daylight. everybody's up. and that by itself on its own kind of reduces the risk of
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people are up and awake. nefrs there's going to be a strong line of storms heading our way. the trailing cold front will pass by by midday around the bay area then move to the south. i think a lot of the energy that will be producing tornados will stay north of us. in fact the outer-banks of north carolina will probably have a higher risk of tornados up there than we'll have here. but i still think we'll have strong storms. this is the line that has produced, you know, damaging tornados in pensacola. sections of i-ten have been closed tonight because of tornado damage. and now they're getting close to panama city. pensacola. and these individual cells which move onshore, these will have to be watched for tornado development. this is what happened when the one in pensacola that headed north of i-ten and produced all kinds of damage north of the interstate. so all these cells could be impacting panama city.
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hour or two. heavy weather heading that way. we'll track that. in the meantime it's all about a cold front, usual squall line, heavy rain and gusty winds. the front goes by. we're out. goodday tampa bay os it tomorrow morning. more coming up at 11:15 p.m. back to you. new at 11, the state has cleared a citrus county teacher accused of child abuse. denise hall hall oewell was arrested. the state attorney's office found evidence or rather a lack of evidence to back up the claims. she spoke exclusively to fox 13's haley heinz about the damage this has done to her reputation and what it's going take to get her life back and this sounds really serious. >> it sure is. you know denise halliwell may never fully have her life bank but she is anxious to clear her name. this is a story of the justice system relying on evidence and witnesses and ultimately finding an accused woman to be without blame. it's what she has been trying to prove from the very beginning.
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>> the situations are not always what they seem. >> reporter: -- denise's life has been in limbo. >> she'll never be the same person because in the back of her mind we've rattled this woman and this family's foundation. >> reporter: it started last september with a 911 call. her youngest of two adoptive sons was missing. deputies found the 12-year-old hiding in a neighbor's head. >> begins to tell them how he didn't eat. he is accused by his mother. he is locked in his room for hours on end. these things are patently false. >> reporter: but deputies arrested her calling it one of the worst cases of child abuse they've seen in a very long time. at face value it sounded awful. both her children were taken. she lost her job as a teacher. all the while trying to explain her son suffers from behavioral and anger issues. sometimes a lock was the only thing keeping him from running away. >> he is troubled. i have logged three years worth
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as trying to manage this and take hoet notes. way. that was also ignored. >> reporter: the a accusing child was placed in foster care but soon came reports of violent out yourself outbursts. that high struck the foster parent and threatened to accuses him of child abuse. based on his willingness to make false accusations the state attorney's office says it's unlikely a jury would find the defendant guilty. >> the government didn't drop the case. they never filed it. >> reporter: hallowwell was cleared. >> it's been a total of five months and a nightmare for five months. >> pictures of hallowwell's son tell a very different story. there were fishing trips. rays games and vacations. >> while her legal troubles are gone she faces a new battle. google the name denise hallowwell and you will see the damaging headlines. she carries this piece of paper. proof that accusations don't
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>> don't be quick to judge. >> reporter: the citrus county sheriff's office maintains its deputies did a thorough investigation and presented the office. now hallowell who is adopted herself has her older son back home while the younger son is getting the help she needs. she is doing all she can to get herself back in the classroom teaching. >> anchor: let's hope she gets everything back soob soon. now to nevada where republicans are still choosing their candidates in the presidential primary. most caucus sites close in about an hour. the most populous one clark county where las vegas is close at 11:30 p.m. four years ago it took the republican party four days to tally the votes. donald trump is expected to win by a comfortable margin. let's look at the current delegate count after iowa, new hampshire and south carolina. trump with 67 delegates.
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rubio ten. john kasich five. carson three. nevada awards 30 delegates. it is not a winner take all so each could add to his total. the polls are suggesting that trump will win big and rubio and cruz will be slugging it out for second place much like south carolina. both of them held a lot of rallies in the silver state over the past few days. >> we're still fighting against each other in july, august and september, we are going to lose. we have to come together at some point here or we will lose. >> no more empty promises. we want a proven constitutional conservative who will fight the washington cartel and fight for the working men and women of this country. >> reporter: cruz and trump are holding watch parties in las vegas tonight. rubio is already campaigning in michigan. that's where this video was taken about an hour ago. election officials are reporting that they're on pace for a record turn out tonight for the
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and that would make it the fourth straight primary contest where republican voters have set a record for turnout. new developments tonight in a local race. a candidate for largo city commission has been cleared after he was accused of threatening his rival. robert avery was arrested back in august for extortion. investigators say he sent an anonymous email to his then opponent aaron darr. he threatened to release negative information about darr race. earlier this month the state attorney's office chose not to prosecute saying the facts and the evidence didn't warrant it. avery is still running for seat three on the commission. darr has since dropped out. darr says he will meet with his lawyers later this week to talk about whether to seek recourse. we are getting your first look at all 11 members of tampa's new police citizens review board. this board was set up to analyze police cases and decide if officers acted appropriately. their first meeting wrapped up just a few hours ago at city hall. fox 13's crystal clark joins us live from tampa police headquarters.
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this point where we were tonight. >> it certainly has, chris. from issues over who should be the one selecting these members to even how much power they should have. as you said it's taken months to get to this point. the overall tone in tonight's meeting was a positive one. these members come from a variety of different backgrounds. there's a former naacp president as well as folks with a legal background and even local small business owners. of the nine voting members, five were selected by mayor bob buck horn. four selected by city council and the mayor chose the two alternatives. despite criticism that he had too much of a say in who would be selected to review his police department. now tonight board members voted rasheed akill as one of the chairman or rather to be the council chairman. police couldn't say what the first case will be that they review but they made it clear these members will only be discussing cases that have already been closed by tpd offering the chief suggestions
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future to improve on similar cases. each member had a very different reason for why they chose to take on this new role. >> the city asked and stepped up to the plate. as i believe any citizen would do with the concerns the nation is facing. >> i've been a citizen here all my life. and i think it's important for us to spend some time doing things in the community that will make a difference. i think this can make a difference. >> reporter: board members have all completed the police citizens academy prior to tonight to get a better idea of what officers face on the streets every day. they tell me it's a really eye opening experience being able to ride along with officers at night and seeing exactly what they're facing and getting an idea of what happens prior to those cases reaching their table. now the board again will not know until their next meeting exactly what cases they'll be reviewing. we're told that next meeting is scheduled for late march.
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fox 13 news. new this hour, two clearwater firefighters subsded for having sex on duty. starting today lieutenant william fry is suspended for 30 days without pay. starting friday, his subordinate fire medic tiffany will be suspend ford 15 days without pay. it's part of an on going investigation into the fire station 49. investigators say they found provocative photos of fry on her phone and co-workers reported that the pair made living at the station uncomfortable. it was one of three sexual misconduct cases involving clearwater firefighters since 2012 and is what prompted the city to start looking into install cameras in all eight firehouses. the mother of dawn brancheau the killer whale trainer killed at seaworld. >> coming up her family is supporting the amusement park. >> if that's what our child's dream is and help to get that dream started. >> we'll look at the foundation
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that's new at 11:22 p.m. danger on i 75. a wrong-way driver caught on camera.
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hair raising video out of hair raising video out of sarasota. watch right there as a wrong-way
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sheriff's deputy on i 75. it happened monday morning. nobody hurt. and the driver was arrested. he is 21-year-old ryan flurry of port charlotte. deputies say his blood alcohol was three-and-a-half times the legal limit. >> yesterday does basically bring home the fact that yes that was an alcohol related incident to where this individual probably did not realize which way he was going and the amount of danger that he was putting those on the roadway in. >> anchor: deputies say times it appeared flurry was going 70 direction. they think he went six miles before they caught him. let's get back to this rough weather that's just hammering parts of the southeast right now. look at this video from louisiana. three waterspouts. see the big one there then smaller ones. pinning over lake pontchartrain near new orleans. as we mentioned earlier, it has been an evening of dangerous weather in the south. at least seven tornados touching down. that's expected to climb because
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western part of the pan handle, pensacola area, about more tornados. the death toll is currently that's two in louisiana. one in mississippi. paul has been tracking those storms and the reports of damage. >> reporter: it's been sketchy all night but we've had reports of damage along i-ten, subdivisions north of pensacola hit hard. and a g.e. plant may have suffered major damage with search and rescue on the way. today we had one of those days where the clouds are really racing from south to north. if you are outside tonight you can kind of tell that changes are on the way. on this view as well from our tower cam control burns blowing a lot of smoke and lots of phone calls and text messages from people that smelled smoke around the bay area. that's prescribed burns across sections of hillsborough county. here is the bad weather if it is east of pensacola and west of tallahassee. mostly concerned about these
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it is what we call the discrete cells on their own that quite often cab produce waterspouts over the water. as they move onshore they become tornados. the line is obviously bad but as some of the individual cells moving on shore we'll watch out for later tonight. after midnight there could be impact at our state capital. that weather continues into montgomery and birmingham. multiple severe weather watches in affect. and even on the back side near the upper-level low there's rain near jackson. for us, the state is quiet tonight with some showers on the east coast. we'll stay dry throughout the night time hours. tomorrow morning when you get up we'll be watching the approach mexico. it will be this cold front racing to the east. the winds will pick up in advance of the front. tomorrow morning just a good idea to turn on good day, check the sky tower radar app.
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most likely they'll be a severe-thunderstorm watch, maybe a tornado watch out for portions of the viewing area as the line moves our way. and any one of these cells will produce or can produce some strong down burst winds at the very least. heavy rain and frequent lightning. the energy that's producing the tornados is going to miss us. that's going to slide northeast and there could be bad weather in the carolinas. we will get the squall line mainly some down burst winds, straight line winds that still can cause winds 40 to 60 miles an hour. then we go into a long stretch of significantly cooler weather. look at the wind gusts out in the gulf. buoys 36. 29. 27. lots of wind in conjunction with the front and the storm prediction center in norman, oklahoma has us in the yellow which is a light risk of severe weather. it doesn't sound like much. you know it is a slight risk. well in weather's jargon a slight risk is something to be
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there is a risk. any one point likely or could have severe weather. the arrival time is 8:00 a.m. to noon along the coast. but kind of moves inland from noon to three. then three to six from highlands county south as the front moves pretty much northwest to southeast. we're all in the warm sector now. it is a warm and muggy night. temperatures near 70. the dew points up in the upper 60s. the winds up in the speed all night long. could be a touch of sea fog near the coast as the front moves our way. winds at pensacola at 30 miles an hour. breezy and warm tonight. we're rain free. and 70. a squall line going by tomorrow. windy, thunderstorms, some could be strong to perhaps severe in the mid-70s. then coming up on thursday, mostly sunny and school. 63. once the front goes by, you can plan on a long stretch of dry and in some cases chilly weather with nighttime lows between 40
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3 tomorrow tomorrow marks the sixth anniversary of the death of dawn brancheau. she is the seaworld trainer killed by one of the orcas she worked with all the time. so many people have wondered how is her family doing. how they're coping. whether they still is you port seaworld. >> we'll get insight into that. fox 13 joins the family as they try to keep dawn's memory and
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>> reporter: little hands, tiny voices. >> we got him right here because they know the food is here. >> reporter: big excitement. for these kids it is a chance to visit a theme park they might not otherwise get to see and experience animals they might not otherwise get to meet. the woman who leads them visits seaworld with mixed emotion. >> you have memories that you bring up but there's a lot of great memories too. >> reporter: debbie is the executive director of the dawn brancheau foundation named for her sister. the organization brought the kids here to seaworld today. >> i think a lot of times nice foundations are born out of trapping diz and this is ours. she followed her dreams all the way to where she wanted to be at seaworld training the animals that she loved. >> reporter: you know dawn brancheau as the seaworld trainer who was violently killed in 2010 when a whale lashed out
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for the past six years the organization has been working in dawn's name to improve the lives of children and animals through community service projects. their goal isn't exactly to inspire kids to work in a place like this. but-- >> if that's what that child's dream is and we help get that dream started and promoted, fine with us. >> reporter: the tragedy doesn't keep brancheau's family away from seaworld. they believe the animals, the people who train them, and the excitement in the eyes of kids keep their beloved sister's memory alive. >> i would say that her most important task at seaworld was caring for the animals. and loving those animals. and second was educating. >> reporter: seaworld has struggled financially since brancheau's death. the tranlty was the centerpiece of the documentary black fish fish which was critical of the killer whale program. since 2013 the company's stock price has been cut in half. seaworld's income dropped a
1:29 am
and its it saw 100,000 fewer visitors over that same time period. despite all that's happened dawn brancheau's family still goes see the whales she trained. >> everyone in our family we've all decided we are not marine animal trainers. we can't know what dawn would say, pretty confident to say that dawn would want those animals to continue to be cared for and to love like she lfoov replace its orca show with something they say that focuses on theuralat behaviors. chip? >> the lightning we're going to predict [ inaudible ] i think they had one of the most exciting plays in hockey.
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