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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 7AM  FOX  February 24, 2016 7:00am-8:00am EST

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p3 happening right now: a tornado watch for part of our area. p>>russell: a tornado watch for art of our area. pthis storm system has already pleft a path of destruction from pflorida. psome is deadly. plet's get over to dave right now pfor the latest. p>>dave: we're at the tail end of pthe line of thunderstorm pactivity and now it's beginning pto work its way onshore. pwe talked about around sunrise pand citrus, hernando county pgetting the brunt of the heavier prain. pyou've got thunder, lightning, psome gusty winds so we'll be phoning in first on that articular spot and right along phighway 19 where again, the rain pis heavy. plightning and thunder, it's a pterrible start to the day but we pdo have some heavier cells poffshore of hernando and citrus pcounty. pi look at these and we have to pbe careful because even though pit doesn't look like much, you pcan always get just a sweet
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pfor a very short period of time. pthat's why we're not going to plet our guard down. pi want to go further out to the pgulf. pyou see strong storms as well. pthis is the case where there's a plot of energy in the atmosphere. pthe good news is that right pthere is the back edge of the prain line of rain. ponce that squeezes through later pthis hour, things start to quiet pdown in the northern counties. pfurther south, we've got a pstrong thunderstorm and with it pthere's been a lot of lightning, pthunder and the rain is starting pto work its way in pinellas pcounty coastline and the pstrongest part of the storm is pstill well offshore. pthere's a marine warning out. pnot that you're getting on your pboats any time soon but within pthat strong thunderstorm, this pcould drop a water spout or two pas it approaches the coastline pover the next hour or so. ponce that moves through coastal pareas, things will start to pquiet down. pright now we talked about 7:00, p8:00, 9:00 in the thick of it.
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pup, not only through georgia but pwell. pthere's your tornado watch. pi don't think it will be in peffect the whole time. pi think once that secondary line pmoves through, you should be pbetter. ponce we hit the afternoon hours, pexpect windy and cooler pconditions to settle in as highs pgo back to the 60s. pbut of course, we talked about pthat line of storms. preally damage further to the pnorth. pfor more on that, let's talk to pjen. p>>jennifer: that line of storm $ pto blame for at least three pdeaths. pthis is new video from overnight pin pensacola and there's a lot pof damage here from a tornado. pwe're told several people are phurt and search operations are punderway. pofficials estimate the path of pdestruction from that tornado is ptwo miles long. pand look what a tornado did at pst. james parrist, louisiana. pthe storm tore apart at least
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p300 people live in the trailer ark. pofficials are using search dogs pto find any survivors. pthey tell us two people are dead pand at least 30 others hurt. pseven have them critically. eople are being told to stay paway from the area. p>> this is pretty much a search pand rescue. pit will be an active scene well pinto tomorrow and we're going to phave some road closures here pwith the highways because of ower lines and the need to rotect the scene. pso it would not be a good time pto -- p>>jennifer: and take a look at pthis. pthat's three water spouts pspinning on lake pontchartrain pnear new orleans. pthe middle one, you can see, is pbig. pother two much smaller. pfortunately, none of them made plandfall. pdave is tracking the weather and phe'll have much more on the pstorm system all morning long. pright now let's check on the pcommute with vanessa. p>>vanessa: we have delays along p275 and sticking here with the pweather concerns, high wind padvisory for folks crossing the psunshine skyway bridge so take pspecial care if you're crossing
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pthe bridge is open but pespecially if you have a high rofile vehicle, you'll want to pgive yourself extra room between pyour vehicle and others around pyou. pright now 275, we're following psome unusual congestion. pbearss avenue to i-4 is up to a p20 minute ride. plooks particularly slow around pbyrd street. pwe do have a driver reported pcrash in the area. pso far we've not been able to inpoint this or seen anything pofficial on f.h.p. but it is pnotable to head early if you pwant to head this way. p>>laura: thank you. plook closely. pthese two women on the right ptook a wallet that doesn't pbelong to them. psomeone else left it behind and pthe store clerk didn't know any pbetter. pfox 13 shayla reaves is covering pthis story for us this morning pfrom polk county. pgood morning. p>>reporter: good morning to you. pthe victim reportedly left that pwallet behind and instead of preturning it, these two women pdid something else. pright now check out this psurveillance video. pthese are the suspects papproaching the counter inside
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paccording to the polk county psheriff's office, the pair saw pthe victim leave a wallet next . pauthorities say they lied to the pclerk and claimed the wallet as ptheir own. pthe clerk handed it over. pthe suspects flee with stolen roperty. plook at this video. pthe women made no effort to hide ptheir faces. pthis all just happened around p3:00 on saturday afternoon in pthe 28,000 block of u.s. highway p27. pheartland crime stoppers posted pthis picture of the getaway pvehicle on social media. pit's been described to us as a pred truck. pif you recognize the suspects pseen there on your screen, pyou're urged to give the polk pcounty sheriff's office a call pand you can also report pinformation anonymously by preaching to heartland crime pstoppers and you could also be peligible for a cash reward pthere. pback to you. p>>laura: thank you. pand also in polk county this pmorning, we're learning new pdetails about an accident in olk county that killed a mother
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pabout 7:00 p.m. an 18-year-old pmarcus morris was driving peastbound on state road 60 and phe tried to make a turn onto prifle range road when his car pwas hit on the passenger side by panother vehicle driven by p24-year-old. pmorris was airlifted to a phospital with critical injuries. pit's not known if he will psurvive. phis mother, 44-year-old melissa pmc london, died at the scene. pall four people travelling in pthe other car involved are pexpected to be okay. p>>russell: this is certainly palarming video. pit shows a wrong way driver on pi-75. pit was the middle of the day, preally, 11:00 monday morning. psarasota county, not the time pyou would expect to see a wrong pway driver on the interstate. pvideo shows the driver speeding ast a deputy. pinvestigators say 21-year-old pryan flory of port charlotte was pat the wheel. plegal limit.
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pfor six miles. phe was going at speeds as high pas 70 miles an hour. pdeputies were finally able to pstop him. pnobody got hurt. p13-year-old boy is accused of pgoing on a 90-minute crime spree pin hillsborough county. pdetectives say he broke into a pdaycare and stole the keys to a pvan. pdetectives say he drove to a pcell phone store where he tried pto break in. pthe brothers of the owner were pable to chase him away. pit didn't end there. phe went back to the daycare, pstole a second van and after pcrashing that vehicle, he took psomebody's bicycle. pthis is his fifth arrest since pseptember. p>>laura: a palm beach county pwoman says she was following a pscript in the murder for hire lot that gained her nationwide pnotoriety back in 2009. pshe tried to hire someone to pkill her husband but as it turns pout, the man she believed was a phit man was actually a pconfidential informant.
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olice video shows the p33-year-old's reaction when olice told her that her husband pis dead. pit was aired across the country pon an episode of "cops." pthe lead attorney asks a judge pto throw out the case before the pscheduled may trial. pthe police department violated phis client's right to a fair pinvestigation by airing the pvideo on national television. pthe judge will rule whether to pthrow out the case in the next pfew weeks. p>>russell: a recent report that pindicated nearly 10% of all pbridges across the country were pin need of repair has phighlighted a specific overpass pon tampa's leroy selmon pexpressway and now state pofficials are saying that roblem has been fixed. pthe question was the westbound poverpass near 22nd street. pfdot says that section was pstructurally deficient for many pyears due to failing areas of pthe bridge deck.
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preplaced in 2014 and part of the pi-4 connector project. pin july of 2015, the bridge was pno longer considered deficient. pthe group responsible for pcollecting the data on deficient pbridges say their information pcame from 2015 files released by pthe federal highway padministration. pthey also state specific pconditions on bridges may have pchanged as a result of recent pwork. p>>laura: another win for donald ptrump. pit wasn't even close. phe blou everyone out in the pnevada caucuses. pthat's three wins in a row. pdoug reports from washington. p>>reporter: these results came pin overnight. pdonald trump big victory in pnevada, more than 20 points up pover marco rubio, just edged out pted cruz for second place. pjust about an hour after the oll was closed, donald trump pclaiming victory in nevada, pshowing more and more confidence pthat he will clench the
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p>> it's going to be an amazing ptwo months. pwe might not even need the two pmonths, folks, to be honest, all pright? p>>reporter: trump follows pvictories in south carolina and pnew hampshire. phe even carried ee vangelicals pthere. p>> you wouldn't declare a winner pof the football game after the pthird minute of the first pquarter but having said that, if eople want to take on donald ptrump, and want to bring him pdown, they can't be waiting too pmuch longer and there are only ptwo people who have won one of pthe first three primaries. p>> while ted cruz rallied in pnevada after the results came pin, marco rubio had already pmoved on to victory. pthe polls in nevada showing late pdeciders went his way. prubio was the clear second pchoice in the field narrowing. p>> 70% of republicans don't want pdonald trump to be the nominee. eople.
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pdown, it's a one-on-one choice pbetween donald trump and psomebody else. pwe're going to win. p>> nevada had about 30 delegates pin play but that pales in pcomparison to super tuesday pwhich is now less than a week paway when all of these states pand about 600 delegates will be pup for grabs. pin washington, fox news. p>>laura: and the poll from pnevada show a lot of anger with pthe way the government is pworking right now. p60% of voters feel that way. pthe economy and government pspending are highest on the list pof concerns. pimmigration and terrorism are pclose behind. p>>russell: happy and healthy. pthree bay area towns near the ptop of the list. p>>laura: and then the battle of pthe bulge. pit's not just couch potatoes at prisk for obesity. pwhy the air we breathe may be pmaking us fatter. p>>dave: radar is very active but pthunderstorms up in citrus, phernando county and another very plarge thunderstorm which is
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pwe have the tornado watch out pfor pasco county north for the pnext couple of hours. pwe're watching this real closely pand once it moves through, then pwe've got to deal with much pcooler air in its wake so a lot pto talk about. the new caramel macchiato from dunkin' donuts. of espresso, milk, uplift your mood. or iced macchiato today.
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p>>dave: 7:15 and here come the pstorms onshore. pyou can see the darkness. peverybody has a flash of light pfrom out in the gulf as well as pthe clearwater hilton beach pcamera. pyou can see how dark and ominous pit is looking out over the psirata beach as well. pthere's a lot on the radar, a pcouple of big thunderstorms. pthere's one up here. plet's start with this one pbecause it's already onshore pfrom citrus and hernando pcounties, right along 19. pright now you're getting some pvery, very heavy rain. pthunder, lightning, and gusty pwinds. pnow, these particular counties pfrom pasco county north are for pa tornado watch. pthe wind dynamics in the patmosphere have set up this pmorning, any one of these
7:16 am
plittle of rotation but right pnow, just looking at gusty winds pwith a heavy rain and the pthunder and lightning but pnotice, as you get through here, pthere's another stronger storm pthat is just sitting offshore pcitrus county and this one is pcoming at you probably about 20, p25 minutes as well. pso don't let your guard down as pthat first initial line of rain pmoves through the area. pthere's the back edge of it. pthat's the good news that once pyou get through the second pthunderstorm which moved through pless than a half an hour, then pthings will start to quiet down pin citrus and hernando counties. pfurther south, we actually have pa very strong storm and it's pbeen holding together well penough that we can keep a close peye on this as it approaches the pcoastline. pclearwater, some rain now. pnotice the lightning is hovering poffshore here and the rain is pbeginning to work toward port de psoto and the sunshine skyway and pthen this strong thunderstorm. pthis is my main concern of this
7:17 am
pto the east at about 50 to 55 pmiles an hour. pradar has been detecting a bit pof rotation here so there may be pa water spout with this one, otential for a water spout pbefore as this cell moves ponshore and probably will be in pa half an hour or so, so we're pgoing to be watching this one pvery, very closely. pwhen the atmosphere is set up plike this, and it may not look plike much on the radar, every ponce in a while you get a quick pspin and that's why we're pkeeping, again, an extra close peye on things. pas you go further south, you get pinto this area where this second pstorm is that i showed you pheading toward, say, pinellas pand the sarasota area. pthese wind gusts inside the pstorm have been up 40, 50 miles pan hour at 8,000 to 10,000 feet. pthat will show you that you have pat least a strong storm and that pwill be moving onshore in a half phour or so. ptornado watch, pasco, hernando, pcitrus county and areas north. pthe lion share of the severe
7:18 am
pdon't want to see it anywhere pbut it's going to be up here in pthe carolinas where there's a pmoderate risk for severe weather pvery close to the raleigh area. psarasota, this yellow color here pnorth, that's your slight risk pfor severe weather. pso while these storms move ponshore, one or two could roduce wind gust in excess of p50, 55 miles an hour and an pisolated tornado. pclose watch on the radar, don't plet our guard down until that pline is through. pit should be through the whole pviewing area of before lunchtime ptoday so we're getting it out of pthe way early but you're also in pthe heart of the morning commute pso that's a huge concern for eople on the roads. psome of those gusty winds are pcoming through. pit's mild, there's no doubt pabout that. pfeels like a summer morning out pthere. pit's 72 degrees. pthe winds, look at the winds pthat are kicking up 21 to 24 pmile-per-hour winds straight out pof the due south this morning. pas the front comes through and pthe winds start to shift a plittle bit, we'll drag in cooler
7:19 am
retty hefty wind gusts, pthoelgs. pclearwater 30. psarasota at 32. pso if nothing else this morning, pyou've got heavy rain, thunder, plightning and gusty winds. pthat's not good at any time of pday, especially right in the pmiddle of these views. pwe'll keep a close eye on the pyou can, too. pwe'll tell you how in a second. ptomorrow's high only in the mid pconditions. pwe have all kinds of marine padvisories out there. pi mean, but you're not going pboating today, once this line pmoves through, look at the pcooler air settle in. pby friday, you've got a high of ponly 60 degrees. plows in the 40s for this pupcoming weekend. pwe mentioned how you can watch pthe radar. pi know not everybody can sit by pyour tv all morning. pdownload the fox 13 news app and pfor the android and the iphone pand you can also get the pskytower radar app and that will phelp guide you through this pwarning issued that will pop up
7:20 am
pas you're out and about. pspeaking of, now that the rain pis moving in, let's see how pthat's impacting our morning pcommute. p>>vanessa: we've been able to phold off a whole bunch of pcrashes. pwe do have a few hiccups here pand there so we'll just keep an peye on things and cross our pfingers. phopefully folks will take it peasy on the roadways and we pdon't see too many concerns. pwe want to check in on i-4. pwe have maybe a little bit of punusual delays. pit's not terrible but we're a pcouple of minutes up on those ptravel times from what we're pused to seeing this time of pmorning in the stretch papproaching the downtown pinterchange. pthis is a live look at phillsborough avenue camera where pit is essentially crawling at pthis point. pfor folks in lakeland, we do phave more of a safety concern pthan a delay concern. pdisabled vehicle, right now pright in the middle of the ptravel lanes. pat least one lane blocked here. p>>russell: thanks. p7:20 right now. plooking for the happiest and
7:21 am
pyou're close. pstate of american well-being preleased their list of the phappiest, healthiest communities pand there are some familiar laces on it. plisten to this. pnaples, the director said that eople like their community. pthey added that the residents phave the lowest levels of stress preport little depression and ptend to live interesting lives. pthe north port, sarasota, pbradenton area is third. pbad news for residents pcharleston, west virginia. pthey come in dead last. p>>laura: that is why we love to plive here. pyou know, a lot of that phappiness and healthiness comes pfrom a lack of pollution and an pincrease in air quality, pespecially since a study links pair pollution to obesity. pstudy out of china suggests ollution is impacting our pwaistlines. presearchers placed one rat in a pchamber containing air from pbeijing which is one of the most olluted places on the planet. panother rat was placed in a
7:22 am
pcontaining no pollutants. pafter two weeks' time, the rat pbreathing the polluted air was pfat, had heavier lungs and phigher cholesterol. presearchers say the polluted air pcauses stress, it inflames the porgans and messes with our pmetabolism. p>>russell: there's a british guy pand he has legally changed his pname to bacon double pcheeseburger. psimon smith says he was out pdrinking with friends when they pjoked about changing their names pand the first thing that came to pmind was the burger king pfavorite. pmr. cheeseburger says his mom pwas furious. phis fiance wants him to change phis name back before they get pmarried. pdouble bacon cheeseburger says phe doesn't have any regrets. phe even gets free burgers when phe shows his identification at pburger joints. p>>laura: well, i guess have it pyour way. p>>russell: good one.
7:23 am
pgive her a hands, ladies and pgentlemen. pgive her a hand. p>>laura: you're welcome. pfalling flat. pcoming up, why most of the super pbowl commercials didn't score pwell with viewers. p>>russell: and walter allen has panother extraordinary ordinary. p>>walter: i think it's funny you prefer to him as pmr. cheeseburger. pthis week is pretty special to pme. pit took a month or so of lanning logistics and i even phad to go through a background pcheck to bring you this story. p>> we're the last obstacle and pthat child. pi'll take the bullet. p>>walter: in the next half hour pof "good day," some bad to the pbone bikers on a mission for pchildren and this week's pextraordinary ordinary is pfighting so no child is in pdanger or living in fear. pcharley belcher, it has to be a pyucky day out. phear some show tunes. p>>charley: i have it for you. panother opening of another show. pin fact, that's what they're psinging right now.
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pwe're at plant high school. pthis chorus among the best of pthe best. pfor many different coral groups phere at plant, these are the pbest singers they have here. pfor 25 years they've been doing pa cabaret style musical review. pthey call it rick's cafe. pwe're going to make the sunshine pon a new customers can save an average of $500 just by switching to progressive. so you'll be bringing home the bacon in no time. sorry. get a free quote
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p>>dave: strong thunderstorms are pmoving onshore now. pthe potential is there that one pof these could go severe. pthere's two distinct areas we're pwatching. pone in citrus county and phernando county. pthat one is quickly moving ponshore and i'll start with pthat. pwe can get that one there and pthen you've got this big complex pof storms which has, in the ast, half hour or so showing a plittle mid level rotation so otential is there for a water pspout as this activity, i mean, pit's quickly moving off to the peast. pso places like pinellas county pall the way down through pbradenton and sarasota have to pdeal with that storm there in
7:28 am
pholding on citrus county, pthey're getting very heavy rain, pthunderstorm activity now, this pactivity is racing to the east. pdon't be surprised within that pband of rain it's very, very pgusty winds citrus county and pcounty. ponce this line moves through, pthen that is really the back pedge of it. pover. pwe do have moderate rains moving pright now. pthat yellow indicating some of pthat moderate rain and then, of pcourse, this very strong storm pwhich is rapidly approaching the pcoastline. pthis will be from st. petersburg pdown through sarasota. pyou can feel the impact of the pstorm as it races off towards pthe east and i mentioned quickly phow there was some rotation pwithin this. pyou can look inside the storm pand in particular, what we're plooking at are the green areas pnext to the red and a lot of ptimes when these storms are papproaching the coastline, you pget that. pyou get a little rotation and a
7:29 am
pwhy this particular cell is preally important to keep a close peye on the next 30 minutes. psome of the level rotation holds por whether it starts to fall papart as it approaches the pcoastline. pnonetheless, very minimum, we phave to deal with strong pthunderstorm activity on the pradar throughout the next couple pof hours because once it hits pthe coast, it will quickly start pto make its way further inland pand then it's just going to pcontinue to be windy but turn pcooler this afternoon. pkind of a one, two punch where pthe storms over the next couple pof hours followed by the wind pand cooler air late today. p>>laura: thank you. pin the headlines this morning, a lane crashed in the mountains pof nepal. p>>russell: a small aircraft had p23 people on board, everyone pbelieved dead. pthe plane took off from a small pairport in the tourist town this pmorning. ptotal flight time was supposed pto be 19 minutes but contact was plost eight minutes after ptakeoff. pofficials say the chances of pfinding anybody alive is small.
7:30 am
pfound lane guilty of cutting an punborn baby from the womb of panother woman. rosecutors were able to prove pintent and the defense says that pit was a spontaneous decision. plane told her family for months pshe was pregnant and she even pthrew herself a baby shower. pthe victim in the attack is pstill trying to cope with the ptragedy. p>> i'm only trying to find peace pand stability in the turbulent pweek of this event. pmy spirituality and my faith in phumanity and in spirit gets me pthrough even my darkest days. pi do not mean to suggest it pmakes it easy. p>>laura: remark believable -- pshe forgives wilkins for what pshe did. pthe baby did not survive but pthis never became a murder trial psparking the debate over the plegal rights of a fetus. p>>russell: a gun store in west pmichigan says that jason dalton pwas there the day of his alleged pmurder spree.
7:31 am
pbrowsing the store in kalamazoo. phe fatally shot six people in pthree different locations while pworking as an uber driver. pseventh victim is in critical pcondition, just 14 years old. rosecutors say dalton admits pkilling everyone but we still pdon't know why. p>>laura: this could put some of pthe conspiracy theories to rest pregarding the death of supreme pcourt justice scalia. preport from the sheriff's office pin texas shows nothing out of pthe ordinary inside of the hotel proom. pthere were no signs of struggle. phe was staying at a resort in pwest texas when his baby was pfound two weeks ago. phealth problems. p>>russell: say it saint so but pthe real estate market may be pcollapse. p>>laura: coming up, the the new caramel macchiato from dunkin' donuts. of espresso, milk, and a caramel-flavored swirl uplift your mood. indulge in a hot or iced macchiato today.
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pcheck the skytower radar. pindividual cells. pone in citrus county producing pvery heavy rain, thunder and plightning and then this psecondary cell which is much pfurther toward the south which pwill impact pinellas, looks like robably in the next half hour por so. pthis one has got some gusty pwinds out over the gulf now and peast. pso if you live right along the pimmediate coastline from inellas to manatee to sarasota, pi urge you to keep it with us pjust to keep an eye on this articular cell that could pactually be a water spout passociated with this, well poffshore. pwe see a lot of this activity pholds together as it approaches pthe coastline. ptornado watch does continue. pthat's this box north of tampa. pmorning. pby that time, i think this line pwill move well to the east. pjust heads up, heavy rain and pvery minimum. pvanessa will have heavy rain palong the coast, thunder, plightning and gusty winds the pokay?
7:36 am
pwe're starting to see wet proadways here on the fdot pcameras. pwe're checking out a shot in inellas county along 275. pright now you can see the roads pare looking slightly wet. prain on the camera so definitely pa reason to maybe leave a little pearlier this morning so you can pslow it down and be safe on the proadways. pyou're not rushing to where you pneed to go. pright now we want to check in on psome trouble spots. pu.s. 301 at selmons expressway, pwe have a crash that's new and preported with northbound lane pblockages. pyou can see some delays in the pnorthbound direction, maybe just pleave a few minutes earlier. pwe'll watch to make sure you pdon't have to take a route. pthat's not the case at this oint. pnothing heavy or congestion here p275 southbound. pbearses to i-4 up to a 29 minute pride. pyou probably want to leave pearlier here. p75 southbound drivers from the p275 junction of pasco heading to pi-4, that's 24 minutes and we're pdeveloping down with the travel ptimes. pwe were in the red a few minutes pago. pthis is down to 13 minutes pwestbound i-4, branch forbes,
7:37 am
p>>russell: 7: 36 right now. pst. petersburg is asking pdevelopers to submit their pvisions for the 85 acres psurrounding tropicana field all art of a plan to spruce up both pthe city skyline and atmosphere. pdeadline and final plans is pseptember 30. pseven person review board will pselect three finalists from the ool similar to how they picked pthe new pier design. pofficials are hoping to make the ptropicana site more of a one day pouting complete with hotels, prestaurants and hopefully still pbaseball. pcity officials want the rays to phave a design in hand by the end pof the regular season. pand if the team decides to move pto hillsborough, there would be pa plan b. p>>laura: $5 million for a super pbowl commercial. pa lot of money, isn't it? pand it looks like that was not a pwise investment as it has been pin years past. pthey did a little science to pfind out how the super bowl ads pdid.
7:38 am
pthey asked avx to analyze the pcommercials and how effective pthey were and they pcross-examined with their plikability measured by "usa ptoday." pthe results showed some major pflaws. p$100 million worth to be exact. p21 commercial spots were neither pliked nor effective. pmountain dew, sophie and square pspace all missing marks. psurprisingly, winning commercial pdidn't even have an agency. pdoritos took it by a landslide. pthey were rated very likable and pvery effective. pthe ads were the result of crash pthe super bowl contest which we pcover regular people that send pin their own ads hoping they can pmake a final cut. p>>russell: it's 7:38 right now. pour housing market is pretty pfragile. pdoesn't take much for prices to pgo up or down. pright now things are up but that pmay not last a whole lot longer. pit's scary to think about it. pgeoff simon will tell us how pforeign currency values may be
7:39 am
p>>russell: so what's going on phere? pi think people are about to be psurprised at how many foreign pinvestors are buying our real pestate. p>>reporter: it's really premarkable. pthroughout the united states peach year, $100 million worth of preal estate is sold to foreign pbuyers, investors and that's pbasically 8% of all homes sold pin america. p>>russell: and i would probably psay a lot of those homes are pbeing bought in florida. p>> that's right. pflorida has a bigger proportion pof homes sold throughout the punited states. pin fact, leads the country in pterms of homes that are sold to eople from outside the area. p>>russell: and i guess when we pstart talking about all of the pworld's economies are connected, pthis is certainly a case because pif a country is in trouble, its peconomy and its currency is pdevalued, that's going to cause pa problem for buying a house phere, right? p>> absolutely right. pwhat you see on the screen, the pmedian home prices in the tampa pbay area and for all homeowners,
7:40 am
pit went up 12% in value last pyear. pokay? pthat's good news. pyour home is worth more. pbut if you are buying homes with pmoney from brazil or russia or pcanada or mexico or euro, that phouse is not $155,000. pbecause your currency has pdevalued so much, it's the pequivalent of $240,000 if you're pfrom brazil, more than 50% more. prussian, if you're a russian pbuyer, that house is equivalent pto $200,000. pcanadians, 24%, 190. psame thing with mexicans and peuropeans. pthey're paying 15% more because psimply as a result of their pcurrency being worth less now pthan it was a year ago. pso that's sort of like adding pinflation on to the cost of the roperty. p>>russell: it's amazing. pthat graphic was amazing, pespecially when you look at pbrazil. p>> right.
7:41 am
pwho come from brazil because pbrazil's economy has been pshaping. pit's been an important stablist pto the housing market. pbut if all of a sudden that pvalue changes and that house pliterally costs them 50% more, pnot 10% or 11% more, 50% more, pthat could affect home buying. p>>russell: 50% more. pjust based on their money. pall right. phey, good to see you as always. pwe'll talk soon, okay? phey, walter. p>>walter: this week's segment phas been a month or two in the pmaking. pi had to go through background pchecks. pthe reason, child safety and pempowering them not to be in pfear. pthis organization takes that pvery seriously. pin fact, the head of these pbikers says they'll ride to hell pto bring back a child. pthey're this week's pextraordinary ordinary. p>> the sound, the roar, the prumble, the vibration. pi tell my wife all the time, if
7:42 am
pi'm not happy. p>>walter: looney is his name, a pnickname given by the way he prides and without a doubt, he's pa 100% bad to the bone biker. p>> you can tell that there is an pintimidation factor. pwe get comments, we get dirty plooks. pwe've watched people get up and pwalk out when we walk in. p>>walter: it's from his huge pheart and love of children in pdoing whatever it takes to keep pthem safe from the real bad pguys. p>> i'll take a bullet if that's pgoing to stop that child from pliving in fear. p>>walter: he's the chapter of pbikers against child abuse. pthis is what it looks like when pa group adopts a child in the pbiker family. pevery biker rides to the child pand welcomes them with open parms. p>> they should grow up like pevery other normal child out pthere and enjoy life and get to pdo things kids do without having pto worry about going to testify, pwithout having to worry about is pthis person going to hurt me
7:43 am
p>>walter: they walk the walk pwhich is why i couldn't even ptell you any of their names, preal names. pthey go by nicknames. p>> hi, sugar bug. pwelcome to the family. p>>walter: their mission is not pgoing after the bad guy. pit's allowing the child an popportunity to trust adults pagain and give them the power pto not be afraid. p>> it was a young girl and she phad woke up and we went to her phouse and just took post around pher house so she could go back pto sleep at 3:00 in the morning. pif there's a threat on a child, pwe will go stand 24/7 security pas long as it takes until the pthreat is gone, until the child pis not in fear anymore. p>> he helped me. pthey protect me. p>>walter: how does that make you pfeel? p>> happy.
7:44 am
pgodsend like they're guardian pangels, no doubt about it. p>>walter: he certainly does poffer inspiration. p>> my son passed away, nine pyears old. pi don't worry about things pbecause my angel is with me. p>>walter: a reminder in life, pit's possible to go from tragedy pto triumph. p>> i'm out there helping pchildren and i couldn't help pcody. palthough i wish the outcome was pdifferent, it did bring me to do pthis. pi know this is the best thing pi've ever done in my life. p>>walter: the members of baca pare strictly volunteers and are pavailable for children 24/7, 365 pa year. pwe put information on our pwebsite, pif you have an idea or someone pyou think is an extraordinary pordinary, shoot me a suggestion pon my facebook page. ptake a look at skytower radar. pdave is keeping a close eye on
7:45 am
7:46 am
pwe'll some people don't like to share their wifi, but at bright house networks, we do. login to one of our hotspots and get your code for free wifi at over 50,000 bright house wifi hotspots.
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7:48 am
p>>dave: 7:48. pstrong thunderstorms moving ponshore affecting citrus county pat this hour. phernando and pasco are okay at pthis point in terms of thunder phere at the station. pthen there's a big thunderstorm pis on a huge complex of pthunderstorm activity sitting pjust offshore next 15, 20 pminutes. pthis is going to push onshore as pwell so we'll talk about these ptwo individual cells right now. pand one of the things we've plooked for in severe weather and pwe talk about isolated tornados pis rotation within a pthunderstorm. pthe green on this map, winds are pcoming towards the radar. preds are away.
7:49 am
psee a red next to a green and pright now, we're okay. pthere was a broad circulation pwithin this particular pthunderstorm complex a few pminutes ago but it's something pthat bears watching as it starts pto work onshore in the next 20 por 30 minutes but i will tell pyou at the very least, this is palready happening in pinellas pcounty. pbradenton, sarasota, you're pgoing to get heavy rain, pthunder, lightning and gusty pwinds. pthat's minimum. pokay? pwhether or not you get severe pthunderstorm wind gusts and/or pan isolated tornado remains to pbe seen but it's something to be pwatching as it pours onshore the pnext 20 or 30 minutes. pso far it's holding its own, pthis whole thunderstorm complex pbut it's making for a very wet pstart to the day. pthe models yesterday were pthinking this is going to come pin a little later in the morning pbut sometimes with the el nino attern, they could be off by a pfew hours. pthere's the big thunderstorm and
7:50 am
pbradenton, sarasota, all the way pto st. petersburg keep a close peye because it's very heavy prain. pit's not too far away. pmaybe 20, maybe 30 minutes. pthen here's the back edge of the pheavier rain moving up to citrus pcounty. pso crystal river, homosassa, panother 30 minutes or so, we'll ush that out of the way and pthen the conditions will start pto move. pwe have the tornado watch from asco county north through 10:00 pthis morning but i expect after pthis moves through, we'll start pto drop into other counties so preal close and as you look pthrough the next seven days, pwhat i want to show you is after pwe get through this morning, pmuch, much better. pin fact, it's going to be windy ptomorrow but much cooler. pwe're going to go from that p80-degree high yesterday to back pto 60 to a high on friday. pbut again, skytower radar app, pif you have to walk out the pdoor, keep that in your back ocket as the storms move pthrough. p>>vanessa: thank you.
7:51 am
phelping with the roadways. pwe're dealing with not only pcrashes but also just overall pcongestion. pthe rain is really slowing pthings down. pwe're seeing especially on our pmajors, right now as we're ptaking a look at i-4 and pmacintosh road, we do have some pwestbound and even looks like peastbound delays. pthis crash we're following is preally going to be more on the pwestbound direction with that pleft lane blocked and for all pyou folks heading in towards ptampa, we do have travel times phere of 22 minutes from buckman phighway to 75. pi did check some alternates. pusual suspects 92, that one is pactually not going to be a whole plot quicker than taking i-4. pbest bet at this point is to pleave a little earlier. psome good advice also for you pdrivers heading out along 275 psouthbound and the last report i pshowed you a 28 minute travel ptime. pit's now up to 37 minutes. pthat's very uncomfortable. pbearss avenue to i-4, plan at pleast an extra 10 minutes or so pout the door if you have to head pthat way. palso congestion we're dealing pwith, 75 southbound bruce b
7:52 am
pthe interchange along i-4 pwestbound. p>>russell: all right. pa lot going on. pshall we get to charley? p>>charley: you guys having a pgood morning, i hope? pit's messy out there. pin fact, rachel, you think it's pgoing to rain today? p>> definitely. p>>charley: yeah. pyou know, that was a perfectly pdelivered line. pyou know how rachel knows that? pher last name is delagado. p>>laura: nice. p>>dave: i'm sorry to interrupt pyou, charley. pi a pole pologize apologize. ptornado watch has been expanded pto include hillsborough county, inellas county, manatee and psarasota until 10:00 this pmorning. pthat big line of storms off to pthe southwest which is papproaching the coastline has pthe potential to produce a water pspout. ptornado watch expanded to pinclude hillsborough, pinellas, pmanatee and sarasota.
7:53 am
7:54 am
7:55 am
pnow you can go back to p>>charley: "good day." pi'm charley belcher from plant phigh school. pshe's used to being upstaged by pmeteorologists. prachel, come here for a second. pbefore we were so rudely pinterrupted by dave osterberg,
7:56 am
pher dad is paul. pwe had to break in with tornado pwatch news but i wanted to make psure she got on tv. pwe're at plant high school. pbruce is the man of music here pand you have been for how many pyears now? p>> 21. p>>charley: congratulations. p>> thank you very much. p>>charley: you've been doing pcabaret style musical revue pcalled rick's cafe. pin 1992, casablanca was pcelebrating its 50th panniversary, i think it was. p>> that's right. p50th anniversary and so they pdecided to tie that in with a pdinner theater concept and here pwe are 25 years later still pmaking it happen. p>>charley: you have the most ptalented kids around and this is pthe best of the best that take art in this show. p>> right. pand what you see behind us here pis our varsity women's chorus. pone of the wonderful things pabout the show is that the pcontent is really delegated by pthe students quite a bit.
7:57 am
pabout what is in the show and pthey all audition and so it's preally special for them, too. p>>charley: all kinds of great pbroadway hits you can see for pthe show. p>> right and some of the shows pthat are represented here, west pside story, fiddler on the roof, pkiss me kate, chicago, the pgranddaddy of them all, les pmis. pwe have music from all eras, pmodern to golden age. peveryone is really proud of what pwe have going on here. p>>charley: thank you for having pus. pit's thursday, friday, saturday pnights. pbig news, lots of weather to get pto.
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
pto celebrate the 3 ((russell)) good morning! i'm russell rhodes! ((laura)) pwelcome i'm russell rhodes. pi'm laura moody. pgood morning we thank you for pjoining us on this busy pwednesday morning. pfebruary 24th. pand there is some severe weather phappening right now in the state pand here in the bay area. plet's get straight to dave. pwe have a tornado watch, we had pit from pasco county north. pnow it has been extended further psouth. pyou can see why that big pthunderstorm that's concerns me psitting out there over the gulf. pbut hillsborough pinellas, pmanatee and sarasota county. pnow under that tornado watch puntil 10 o'clock this morning. pwe have a two distinct areas of pstrong thunderstorm activity. pi'm going to focus in on first pone to the north. pup in citrus county because it's pimpacting that area now.


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