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tv   FOX 13 News at Noon  FOX  February 24, 2016 12:00pm-1:00pm EST

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we're out of 2% i wonder what else could be better around here? i heard that. switching to better internet is now easier than ever. only fios has the fastest internet available, with uploads up to 5x faster than cable. get 100 meg upload and download speeds plus tv and phone for just $69.99 a month online with no annual contract. switch to better. switch to fios. pfrom tampa bay's number one psnooze news station, this is the pfox 13 news at noon. p storms continue to move pthrough florida leaving a big less behind. pin panhandle. pgood afternoon everyone i'm plinda hurtado. pthanks for joining us. pwe are continuing to track pstorms out there. pgovernor rick scott is getting a plook at the tornado damage left pbehind in pen is a clo colorado pla. pstorm heavily dajdz at least pthree apartment buildings a pcomplex in city. pseveral people were injured. pwe've tracking some storms out pthere with cooler weather behind pit. pso let's check in now with
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phey jim what's going on now. pstill tracking storms. pbig storms through pinellas pcounty hillsborough county just pa couple hours ago. pnow action shifted down to our psouth. pstill have a couple of left over pshowers, now entering pinellas pcounty. pbut really the big action is pdown to our south, in sitting pjust off the coastline. pyou can see that pretty strong pcell that's hitting just off the pcoast of say central and psouthern sarasota county. papproaching southern sarasota. palso charlotte county. pand then watching this cell for pthe past say half an hour to 45 pminutes. pbecause it's been showing just a pbroad, broad rotation down in pthis area. pkind of measure this off the pcoastline. pand it's still sitting probably pabout 18 miles off the coast. pi've watching this since robably about 40 to 45 miles poff the coastline. pso as this continues to move ptowards the coast, there's the ossibility we could see a ptornado trying to develop in pthis. pso we're going to watch this pvery closingly. pif you're down?
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pcharlotte county, you have to pwatch this as we go through say pnext half an our or so. pcontinue to keep you updated on pthe progress of that cell. potherwise you can still see some prain through sarasota, heading pup into manatee county. pnow pushing to the north of 64. pand then into pinellas county. pmoving into clearwater. pthis will quickly work it is way pinto western hillsborough pcounty. pand just the next few minutes. pand left over light showers to pour north. pand then also into polk county, pstill looking a little bit of pactivity across northern p polk pcounty. pbut really, we're going to pcontinue to watch that cell down pto our south. pjust off the coastline. pand there you see it looks like pwe just had a tornado warning pthat's been issued looks like pdown to sour south. pwe're going to continue to watch pthis here as we get bulletin pjust coming out. pthat's in fact we have a trn pwarning for hardee, hillsborough pand into manatee county.
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pso looks like radar is now pindicating something down it psays here a tornado located pabout ten miles to the northeast pof lakewood ranch. pkind of zoom down into that parea. pwe are looking down right in pthis cell here. pkind of get the radar situated pright, stop the radar in that parea. pthere you see it. pright in that area. pjust to the north of 64. pi will go ahead and switch over pto the velocities. pand take a look at this. psee what we can figure out what pthis cell. pthere in fact you do see it, pit's sitting just to the south pof 64. pthis is east of i-75. pin manatee county. pyou can see this cell right phere, go ahead ask circle that parea. pand you can see it right there. pthis is working on towards the pnorth. pand the northeast right now. pat about 35 miles an hour.
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pranch area. pabout ten miles to the northeast pof lakewood ranch. pand again, so if you zoom out a plittle bit wider on this, if pyou're in this area, up towards pduet, into eastern manatee pcounty we have this tornado pwarning. pgo ahead and flip back over to preflectivity on this so you can pkind of see where this cell is. pyou can see pretty large cell pworking it is way through pcounty. pmoving towards the north right pnow. pand there you see the tornado pwarning. pso if you're in this area, you pwant to go into that safe area pof your house, away from the pwindows. pthe possibility of a tornado on pthe ground in this area. pright now this is just a radar pindicated rotation. pso no confirmation of any ptornado on the ground with this pat this point. pbut you can certainly see a retty well defined rotation pthere. pand it looks like it's now pcrossed over 64, so sitting just pto the north of 64. pto the west of bethany.
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pthis working its way on towards pnortheast right now about 35 pmiles an hour. pof duet. premember we just had that ptornado just several weeks ago pup towards duet. pso there's a population out here pthat has to watch this very pclosely as we go through the pnext few minutes here. pthis again this warning puntil 12:30 this afternoon for pthey are one cell here. plast couple of scans here we pwill back this up to look at pthis rotation there. pyou can see developing just pbefore noon. pit looks likee that rotation pmoving over 64. pso still really showing a decent protation or at least radar pindicated rotation with this pcell. pand that's why we have that pconcern and you can kind of see phere, pretty intense pthunderstorm in that area pworking its way pretty quickly pon towards the north and east. pwe will continue to watch this pas we go through the next few pminutes here to see if this pcontinues to strengthen or if it
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pbut there's some population out phere. pthis is not a heavily populated parea, but it's east of i-75. peastern manatee county. pagain, if you're in this area, pjust to north of state road 64, peast which of i-75 and manatee pcould not. pyou want to take shelter right pnow for the possibility of this ptornado in this area. pso we will continue to watch pthis. pif i have any more developments pwith this, i will certainly let pyou know, linda and we'll get pright back to you. p>> all right thank you, jim. pthe same storm system that hit ensacola we're talking about pnow killed at least three people pand caused massive damage in pgulf states. pat least 7 tornadoes touched pdown yesterday afternoon. p7. ptwo people were killed in plouisiana when a tornado ripped pmobile homes. pa third person was killed in pmississippi after their mobile phome was crushed. panother tornado ripped apart a pcoast guard station. pwitnesses describe the force of pthe twister sweeping through pthat town.
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pyou can hear it ripping trees papart. pit was terrible. pi mean, you could just imagine pwhat it was tearing up it was pright behind our house we just pcouldn't see it. pit come south i mean it come peast right across here, right pacross lake we live on other pside of swamp right there. pcome right through here i told pmr. sony we just missed it and pjust wiped this place out. p>> and the carolinas and pvirginia are predicted to get pmore severe weather today. p>> is there any stopping donald ptrump? pit's the question being asked ptoday by senator marco rubio and pted cruz after billionaire mogul pwon big in a gop caucus last pnight in nevada. pit now puts trump firmly in lead pwhen it comes to delegates. p>> now we're winning, winning, pwinning. pdonald trump running away with phis third state in row winning pnevada by widest margin of all pwith nearly 46 percent of vote ptrump sweeping all criritical pvoting blocks along the way
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pevangelical and another power of psegment some were skeptical he pcould win. p>> you know what i'm really phappy because i've saying it for pa long time. p46 percent with hispanics. p46 percent. pnumber one with the hispanics. articularly impressive pconsidering trump strongest privals both hispanic themselves. psilver state win gives trump 81 pdelegates, more than 60 ahead of pmarco rubio and ted cruz putting pbillionaire dominating position pheading into next week's super ptuesday primary when one quarter pthe total delegates are up for pgrabs. prubio edged out cruz in nevada pis now in battle with texas psenator trying to take trump pout. plast time mitt romney. phe donald trump under performed pnot once but twice. pin south carolina two 2 remain pdemocratic candidates hillary pclinton and bernie sanders are ptrying to make inroad with pminority voters particularly pafrican americans who make up a pbig part of the electorate in
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p>> you judge your country it pseems to me not by the number of pmillionaire and billionaires it phas. pyou judge your country on how it pits weaking and most vulnerable eople. pa clinton sanders go to battle pin south carolina democratic arty that saturday. pwhere clinton will try to extend er 400 plus delegate lead over pthe vermont senator. pin washington, joel waldman, fox pnews. p>> and we continue to track some retty strong storms. pwe do have that tornado warning pfor manatee count. pthat goes until 12:30 also pincluding portions of hardee pcounty and also, southern pmanatee or southern hillsborough county. preally what the area we're ptalking about is into central pand eastern manatee county. pand that goes until 12 long 30 pyou can see is that strong storm pin this area. pmoving in general direction of pduet right in this area here. pit's moving on towards northeast pright here about 35 miles an phour.
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plike it has weakened a bit. pbut that warning does continue puntil 12:30. pi'll have an update thon and pcomplete forecast coming up in a plittle bit. pbut as we continue to watch this pcell you can kind of watch it's pahead and flip over velocities phere if i back this up, last few pminutes, just as it was passing pover 64, go ahead and zoom right pinto that area. pand clear off this as we are pcrossing right over 64, you can psee that stronger looking pcouplet right there. pthat's the area that we're pwatching. pbut notice as we move along with pthis we still have it but it's pnot nearly as distinct. pat this point it looks like this pmay be weakening but we're going pto continue to watch this over pthe next several minutes to see pif in fact this continues that ptrend. pbut at least for now we do have pthat tornado warning out that pcontinues until 12:30 in eastern pmanatee county.
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pbasically heading in the pdirection up towards duet up ptowards 62. pif you're in this general area, pyou want to move towards the pcenter of your house. pmove away from any windows. pwe're going to continue to track
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p tornado warning continues pfor that one cell in manatee pcounty. pkind of look a that wider view pyou can also see some strong
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papproach the coastline of pcentral, southern sarasota pcounty. palso down towards punta gore ptoday into charlotte county. pwe've seeing some rotation in pthose cells down to our south. pbut we're going to continue to pkind of focus in on the these ptwo areas, the one which is psitting off the coastline, you pcan see here as we measure that psitting probably about 12 to 13 pmiles off the coast. pand then, we also have this area phere, which is now moved to the pnorth, and a state road 64. pnorth and east of lakewood pranch. pwest of myakka head. pwest of northwest of myakka pcity. pmoving in general direction of pduet. pbut i have to tell you in last pfew minutes here this is really pshown it's that its kind of pweakened quite a bit. pand this will continue to work pits way on towards the pnortheast. pstill we're talking about pretty pstrong thunderstorm in this area
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retty gusty winds as kind of pflip over and look a just preflectivity. pshowing rainfall in this. pyou can still see very strong pthunderstorm. pnow working iths way over 62. pbetween parish and duet. pvery, very heavy rain in that parea. pwe certainly do have some protation in this cell to the peast of i-75 heading up towards pduet that has the possibility of roducing a tornado. pthat cell at least the rotation pin it still seems to be pweakening somewhat. pat the same time we're watching pthat area that continues to work pits way towards the coastline of pcounty. pso i'm going to zoom down into pthat area to see what we've got pgoing on to the south of there. pyou can see we do now have a psevere thunderstorm warning. pwhich has been issued down
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pthat goes until 1 o'clock this pafternoon. pthe possibility of winds pexceeding 60 miles an hour as pthis works its way on shore. pyou can see the strongest part pof this is just now starting to pmove on shore. preally from venice, venice down ptowards inglewood. pand then stretching over towards pnorthport and port charlotte. psome of this area is not in our pviewing area. pbut down towards inglewood, pvenice, venice east into pnorthport. pyou're certainly, you are in our pviewing area. pand then, you will be looking at pthat possibility of some very pstrong winds as this cell makes pits way on shore. pwe've seen the kind of the phistory of some rotation with pthis cell. pi'm going to go ahead and flip pover to the velocities in this. pand this one really looks like pit's holding itself together pquite a bit. pwe've seen it from time to time. pthat rotation may be becoming a plittle bit weaker with this
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pindicating a pretty strong protation with this cell at this ptime. pand so there, there's, this is pan area where we continue have pto watch very, very closely as pwe go through the next several pminutes that red shade is pshowing sheer in excess of 60 pmiles an hour that sheer is what pwe're talking about the pdifference in winds wind speeds pand directions indicating the ossibility of a tornado trying pto, strong rotation in that pcell. pkind of moving back up towards pthe north, we look up into this pone tornado warning still in peffect to our north. pthat's into manatee county. pthat goes until 12:30. pso probably another 14 minutes pthat this is in effect. pand we're looking at here is psome strong winds in this. pwe're also looking at the ossibility of the cell rotating
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plook at the velocities in this. pand if i back this up, a little pbit here you can see it was pnever an extremely strong protation in it. pbut you certainly, you can see pthere was a rotation in this parea right through here. pthat's moved over 64. pmoving toward the north about 35 pmiles an hour moving on towards pthe northeast. pup towards duet. pkind of putting it into at kurn ptime frame there. pand you can see it's still is pshowing that rotation right in pthis area right there. pso that's why this tornado pwarning does continue into peastern manatee county. pthat an area if you're inside pthis box the area we're talking pabout is to the east of i-75 pbetween 64 to your south, 62 to pyour north. pif you live over towards duet, pthis is an area where you want pto head inside and get away from pthe windows. pthere's that possibility that ptornado may be forming in this
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pwe may actually have the tornado pon the ground. pwe don't have a confirmation of pthis at this point in this area. pbut, this is an area that is pcertainly showing the ossibility of some strong protation in this cell. pso that's anner that we will pcontinue to monitor for the next pseveral minutes. pat the same time we have severe pthunderstorm warning down to our psouth into sarasota county. pthis is southern sarasota county psouth of venice over towards pinglewood northport and also at pthe same time you ever got the pstrong thunderstorms moving on pshore. pwhere we're going to get pstraight line winds in excess of p60 miles an hour. pwe also have rotation which is pnow sitting off shore. pat this point we're probably ptalking about 10 to 12 miles off pthe coastline. pit's being working it is way ptoward the coast and probably pabout 15 to 20 miles an hour pright now. pbut in advance of that, we do
12:20 pm
pright now you can see right palong the coastline from venice, pvenice east, down into pinglewood, very strong pthunderstorms. pnow working there way on shore. pquite a bit of lightning in this pas well. pso that's why there severe pthunderstorm warning out in padvance of that rotation where pwe could see some winds gusting pin excess of 60 miles an hour. pelsewhere you can see we do have prain, lighter rain up into psarasota county. palso into pinellas county. pnorthwestern hillsborough pcounty. pwe have the rain as well. psome left over showers across pour northern counties through pcitrus, hernando and pasco pcounty. pthat's the actual front that is pus. pand that's couple of left over pshowers into polk county as well pdegrees. pthe dew point, that's at 71. phumidity is 93 percent. pwinds are out of the south,
12:21 pm
ptemperatures right now, they are pstill fairly mild. pbut we will see big cool down as pthis front moves our way. pyou can see the winds all pgusting up from the south in padvance of the front currently pgusting 24 to 26. peven up about 32 miles an hour. pnow we do have a high surf padvisory out with the ossibility of rip currents. pthat goes through thursday pevening. pseas running 5 to 7 feet as pwell. pthat goes through tomorrow, ptomorrow evening. pthat front will continue to pswing on through here. pbut still you can still see a retty gusty line. pa pretty strong line of pthunderstorms that will continue pto work et cetera way on shore. pthe heaviest portion of this pright now looks like it's to our psouth from manatee county down pto the south. pand you kind of watch this on pfuture cast. pthat front swings through here. pwe are going to clear out the pskies. pand then colder, windy weather pstarts to move in by late ptonight and i into tomorrow. pwe turn back a lot more sun and
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pmuch cooler temperatures as we phead into the second half of the pweek. pnow we have these storms around pbut they will ending as we go pthrough the afternoon hours. phigh temperature about 74 pdegrees. pthen for tonight, breezy, pturning cooler overnight low of p52 degrees. pmainly sunny for tomorrow. pdaytime high of 64. pon the water small craft pcautions are out. pwinds are turning towards the pwest at 20 knots. pseas 4 to six feet with choppy pbay waters. phigh tide at 3:10 this pafternoon. pnow the 7 day forecast much pcooler temperatures push in here pas we get into the second half pof the week. pyou notice by the weekend we're plooking at overnight lows in the p40s. pwe're back with more as we
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p and high folks pld here with pjim weber. pit has be a fairly busy morning pno the level they had north of pus yesterday. pbut one cell approaching duet pthat's now tornado warned. panother one approaching sarasota pcounty both obviously give us psome concern. pin short-term one heading for pduet additionally we will have pwatch one moving on shore next p10 to 15 minutes. pyeah the one in manatee county pheading towards duet, it starred pout looking like it was starting pto weaken some that's what you psee with a cells sometimes. pyou can he looking a velocities phere this now start to approach p62 to southwest of duet. pseeing a pretty decented pcirculation going to continue to pwork toward northeast about 35 pmiles an hour, that warning at
12:26 pm
p12:30 could be extended. pwe'll see, you know, and main pconcern is going to be duet. palong state road 62. pthis is that at this point just pradar confirmed. pthunderstorm that has a psignature of a tornado. pwe've had no confirmation at pthis point of any tornado being pon ground. pa lot of times the rotation just pabove surface does not make it pall the way to the ground. pbut we're watching this, and the pstorm continues to be tornado pwarned until 12:30. pwhich is literally about four pminutes from now. pso we will watch that. pand thing is, is, you got to get pin an interior part of your home pif you're watching us along pstate road 62 and wet duet. pin duet if you're a mobile home pthat is not a safe place to be.te. pin duette if you're a mobile phome that is not a safe place to pbe. pif you any if you have any
12:27 pm
pwatching on tv give them call plet them know severe weather is pon the way sometimes they aren't pwatching t and don't have radar papp on their phone. psystem. pit's the warnings in effect for panother four to 5 minutes. pwe will watch that. padditionally, there is that cell pwhich has been in other words pway southwest of us. pyeah down to our south. pin southern sarasota county. pat this point, that only has a pthat. pbut, there is the possibility pthat as this gets closer to the pcoastline that we will be plooking at a tornado warning. pbecause it's really, it's been pshowing that broad rotation in pthis. pi've watching this, back in the pweather office well before the pnoon show started. pright around 11:20 this morning. pwhen it was probably about 50 pmiles off the coastline and that pcirculation is really held
12:28 pm
pit's a large broad circulation. pthat little couplet. pthat's about eight and a half pmiles off the coast. pif there is a, at this point it pwould a water spout over the pgulf. pit's been holding together. pso you know you have some a plittle bit of time. pbut in inglewood and along u.s. p41, south of venice, some decent opulation here. ay attention. pwatch how this plays out on tv pon your app. pand you may have to get inside pan interior section of your phouse storm moves on shore. pit is familiar to signature we phad with that tornado outbreak pin january that made land fall pnear sarasota. pjust on the sarasota, that's pspin is our computer detecting protation. plike a little bit of cylinder. pit shows that the thunderstorm pis rotating. pand it's moving off to the east. plet's, just pop that off there pso you can really see in past
12:29 pm
pthey are just gate to gate just pright next to each other, that pbecome much more evident with pthis cell. pso this is certainly showing a preally, a very sustained pcirculation with this right now robably a little over eight pmiles off coastline you can see pthat wind sheer in it. pin excess of 58 miles an hour. pwhat we're looking a very trong pwinds inside this rotating that phas be a case for about an hour pnow. pat this point does not have a ptornado warning associated with pit. p>> i tell you i think at some oint, i would be shocked if pthis isn't eventually warned as pa tornado. pnot a sure thing but i had say p70 to 80 percent chance. pyou just got to be careful. pi know the weather service is pgoing to have some caution.
12:30 pm
pthat approaching the coast, it's pbetter to just maybe overwarn it pa little bit. pbut i do expect in the next ten pto 15 minutes probably this is pgoing to be go from severe pthunderstorm warning to a ptornado warning as this cell pmoves on shore. phere's the another look at that protation. pit's pretty apparent. pagain the cylinder is a little pspins what's up with that? pthat is the computer the palgorithm that goes into the pcomputer program that says whoa. pthis is rotating. pand shows, by putting on this pfor you, here's some help pletting you know. pand real simple on. pand circle sheer marker. papproaching. pso you know we're talking about. pand u.s. 41. pand you know this going to be a pvenice. robably a little south of pvenice heading into inglewood.
12:31 pm
pand 76. pwhat is that? pjust a continuation f the pextended the tornado warning for pthe cell near duette. pthat's going to be in effect puntil 1 o'clock. pthat cell that the one we're ptracking up towards duette pmoving towards the northeast the p30 miles an hour. pwe still see that tornado pwarning you can see they moved pthat polygon with, that warning parea. pso as you kind of zoom back up pinto that area, what we're ptalking about is now from did pyou oat, now stretching over pinto extreme south and psouthwestern polk county for pthis cell. pso we will continue to watch pthis as very closely. pif you're in this area newer pduette flipping back over toward pvery lofties on this, you can psee this. pbasically just, just to the west
12:32 pm
pand we will continue to watch pthis working on toward the pnorth. pin this morning reissued for pthis cell near duette. pthat goes until 1 o'clock this pafternoon. pjim, that storm i said i would pshocked, 12:31 just a minute ago pnow there tornado warning up for psarasota county, northwestern pcharlotte county. p>> there you see it. pwe saw that coming. pradar's indicating thunderstorm pcapable of producing a tornado pabout 19 miles southwest of pnorthport. p7 miles west of inglewood moving peast at about 30 miles an hour. pand the main impact is going to pbe northport area. pso they have gone ahead now even pthough there isn't a tornado on pthe county overlandjust makes psense for safety purposes to pissue tornado warning in advance pof the cell moving towards the pcoastline.
12:33 pm
pthis will be inglewood. pnorthport. pyou got to get, you just got to pget a little plan here get out pof a mobile home. pget yourself in a house. pinterior sections of your house. antry, whether it's a bathroom psomeplace that does not have a pwall to the outside. pthis is not going to impact peverybody. pthis pretty impressive cell pdecent location off the pcoastline measuring about 90 pmiles an hour. pthis probably e f 0 e f 1 as pmoved on shore. pthe water spout is still off the pcoast. pbut the weather service has gone pahead and said here it's coming. plet's have people get ready for pthe storm. pand holding together the history pof this thunderstorm has been pfor the past 45 minutes, it has pbeen showing rotation all along. pand this reminds me of same type pof set up that we had with that pthunderstorm that was off the
12:34 pm
pjanuary that ultimatately went on pshore and caused some damage in pthose homes south of sarasota pand then moved inland and roduce another cell. panother tornado here in duette. pabout a month ago. pthis is a definite sign of psheer. pand rotation in this pthunderstorm. pin the red, this is now where pthe tornado warning is in peffect. pit's a large area. pobviously the tornado warning is pno the going to impact the pentire section where it's red to pbe right wheremoves on shore. pinglewood into northport. pso pay attention. pbecause the thunderstorm is pdefinitely heading your way. pas of now it has been showing a pcontinuation or rotation and pmost likely a water spout pongoing just off the coast of pinglewood. pthat is moving rapidly northeast pjim. pthis focussing in on that area pwhere we're seeing strongest psheer. plet's go ahead and measure that pyou can see off the coast of
12:35 pm
plittle over about six and a half pmiles off the coastline there. pso we're going to continue to pwatch that area there which is psitting off the coastline about psix and a half miles in that ptornado warning for sarasota pcounty. pthat goes until 1 o'clock this pafternoon down into sarasota. pthis is really a very long phistory of showing rotation. pjust backing out wider view on pthis. pyou can see all way out into the pgulf of mexico. pwhat we're looking swath showing protating. pat this point no reason to pbelieve that this is going to pweaken substantially as it moves pon towards the coastline. p>> go ahead.
12:36 pm
pyou can see there. pin excess of 70 miles an our pindicate possibility of large phail in this. pyou can see motion with this. pthis bti is an index that would pbe very from 0 to 10. pand 6.5 is pretty high for us. pthat is. pyou know this is a scale of 1 to p10. pand typically around here, we pget 1s and 2s. pand this one is the computer plooking at the amount of protation. p6.5 is, i mean look at the sheer pvalue, 92 miles an hour off the pcoast. pthe width of the storm about ten pmiles. pthere's the arrival times. pyou're looking at, it you kind pof jump. pbut it looks like to me moving pmore towards englewood than ptowards these areas.
12:37 pm
pthe bti is a tornado index on a pscale of 0 to 10. pand 6.5 in florida is a high pnumber. pand that would pretty much pconfirm this thunderstorm's pright now producing a water pspout and ultimately produce a ptornado as it moves on shore. pso pay attention. pif you're watching us in and you phave any friends that live in pthis area, this is the inglewood pnorthport venice area. pgiver them a call. psay hey turn on the tv. pturn on fox 13 you've got pweather heading your way. pit's not on the coast yet but pit's getting awfully, awfully pclose. psame time don't want to forget pabout tornado warn into manatee pcounty now. pthat one. pwe will move up. ptwo areas that we are monitoring pclosely. pand that one it's looks like at pthis point, still showing p>> but you look at how the two psystems look, and you can easily
12:38 pm
pshowing much stronger winds, pmuch more rotation and the fact pthat there's lightning in the pthunderstorm also a sign pinstability and amount of energy pin the thunderstorm. pso of the two, the one papproaching sarasota county pwould be more intense one. pbut still, you know, even if pthis is spawning an ef 0 tornado pthat's certainly enough to cause psome damage. p>> yeah. pand it's still showing sign of protation even if it doesn't have pthat rotation with tornado on pthe ground. pstill a very intense storm right pnow. pso the possibility of some retty strong gusty winds in pthis cell is a real distinct ossibility. pmoving on towards the northeast phour. pbut obviously at this point, the pstronger of the two systems is pcertainly this area which is now papproaching the coast. pand there it is. pthese are wind speeds.
12:39 pm
pshow us winds in relation to pradar site winds coming towards pradar site winds going away from pradar site. pwe have greens and reds pintersecting. pthat means they are going this pway, they are, this way and when pthey are doing that, the storm pis rotating. pthat's when you get a pthunderstorm that would be roducing a water spout or a ptornado. pit's getting awfully close to penglewood right now. plet's see if we can get a closer plook here. pshow us going that way. p>> yeah. pi think the computerist just phaving a little trouble. pnow bfi is up to 6 boy.6 with pten miles and the sheer, 92 pmiles an hour. pthat's a lot. pthat's something that we're pgoing to have to continue to pmonitor. pso kind of disregard the exact pmotion that computer there. pyou can see just starting to it plooks like update. pit p>> it may be moving bit pnortheast it maybe moving a plittle bit more to the east than
12:40 pm
phere we go. plooks like starting to refocus pon this. pwhere you see still have bti 6.6 palong the coastline. psome of the areas that could be paffected, rotunda, punta gore ptoday isles. pthat would be along north beach proad and gulf boulevard, and pthen, coming over to main land pon beach road. pget over to 776. pthat's a lot of folks on there ptake that drive over beach road pover to the key manso at that pkey. pand all way into mccall road. pjust pay attention. pgrove city, this storm is pdefinitely heading your way with pstrong winds and most likely pdeveloping tornado. pyeah this point here go ahead pand get measurement off the pcoastline off englewood looks plike about four and a half miles pof off coastline. pthis is still moving pretty
12:41 pm
phour. pso realistically we're probably ptalking what? panother 5 minutes. pand this could be on shore in pthis area. protation. p>> if you're watching on any pcell, and you're in a situation pwhere you're safe and storm is paway from you feel free to send pme some messages through my ptwitter account or my facebook paccount so we can get that pinformation on the air. pof course only do it if it's psafe. pdon't run outside with a raging pthunderstorm and a tornado to ptake pictures. pbecause you want do see them on ptv if you have some information pto share feel free to post them pon my facebook page. pand we'll do our best to get pthem on tv and keep viewers safe pand informed. pthere you see still showing that psheer in excess of 70 miles an phour. pvery strong rotation in this pcell. plooks like now sitting between pfour to four and a half miles
12:42 pm
psarasota. pwarning goes until 1 o'clock at pthis point. pif this trend continues there's pthe possibility this warning pmight have to go a little bit plonger. pbut at least at this point we're ptalking about warning until p1 o'clock southern sarasota into pcharlotte county if you're down pin this area. plet's take a look, so i don't pwant to favor anybody. plet's go back up and look at the pcell in manatee county where pit's, you know its overland now. pyou know, you can compare the ptwo you can see that that pobviously the one approaching psarasota county is much pstronger. pthere is still hints of rotation phere. pi don't think this is a huge ptornado on the ground. pcould be still some definitely psome rotation that's gone pthrough duette. pi think a big distinction to pmake between the two is notice pwhen we're looking at the cell
12:43 pm
pwe're seeing that much closer pcouplet between the red and the pgreen. pyou're seeing a little space in phere which is indicating maybe a plittle bit more of a broader protation. pcertainly doesn't mean there's pnot a tornado, we're just not pdetecting this as much on the pradar. pbut still, showing a very pdistinct rotation with this pcell. pnow to the northeast of duette. plooks like in next few minutes pthis will be heading. pthis is what we're looking a phere so you understand at home. pwe call that couplet pthunderstorm spinning and all pthe radar beam is doing picking pup wind speeds and wind pdirection towards and away from pthe radar site just sees that in pvery small area winds are pshifting. pand in that small of an area the
12:44 pm
pthat is to produce a tornado. pwhat level it? pbounce back up briefing on pground briefly coming up. pwe don't know about it by plooking at this. pbut it's, certainly still a psignature of a tornado. pstill moving northeast has assed duette and now going to psneak into extreme southeastern. pthen head up into southwestern psections southeast hillsborough pcounty they get up into polk pcounty pay attention if you're pwatch ugh in extreme psoutheastern sections of phillsborough county. pyeah. pnot a whole lot of population in pthis area. pbut certainly. pthere's people out there in this parea. pthat's what we got to treat this pjust the same. pand we've got to warn folks out pthere of the potential moving ptoward northeast right now. pyou can see just to the south.
12:45 pm
p17 miles west wauchula. pmoving northeast at about 30 pmiles an hour. pa thunderstorm, this is not been pconfirmed visually. pwe've had hadn't had reports of panyone seeing a tornado, but pcertainly enough confirmation pfrom radar that would indicate pthat this is enough to be roducing i mean looks somewhat pimpressive of radar this at pleast ef 0 or 1 on the ground. pyou can see just in last scan of pthest looks like cycled back up. pmake intensifying a little bit. pso you can see getting stronger pwinds out of this. palso seeing that couplet, the pspace in between the red and the pgreen. plooks like maybe decreasing a plittle bit there. pthis certainly looks like an parea to watch. punfortunately as we learn the plesson during the last event, i pcan't stress enough that if pyou're in a mobile home, a lot
12:46 pm
pconcrete recreational center. pclub house. pjust get out of the mobile home pand take a walk and just get pyourself into a concrete pstructure until the storm goes pby. pand then you're okay. pbecause, you know mobile home pcan't deal in most cases with pwinds of 110 miles an hour. pyou have to get yourself pinterest into a structure that's pwell built, has a roof, has pconcrete block on the side. pthat will hopefully keep you psafe until the storm passes. p>> yeah so just going over the parea that we're talking about pnow, again, this you know we pwere focus much on duette. pthis now to north of duette. pmoving into it may slice into pextreme southeastern phillsborough county. pthere's a new radar scan. plooks liked right in that pcorner. pwhere you have 4 counties pmeeting. pyou have hillsborough, manatee, olk county and you have hardee pcounty.
12:47 pm
phere. pask that is the area where otential tornado is. pextreme southeastern phillsborough county and all of pcorners of those counties. pwe have to go back and talk pabout what's happening. pthat's not showing up up let's pgo back to the the cell papproaching. pthat's the one that's the thing pthat interesting huge broad pcirculation. pwhere it's tough to see in any articular spot even where ptornado will be. pthere's some rotation here. pnow up in englewood. pin englewood that could be a pthunderstorm that's producing pinitially a water spout that pcould be a tornado. pthen looking at additional areas
12:48 pm
palmost like multiple areas that pare spinning inside that pthunderstorm. pand that really means, and preally anywhere p>> you can see p>> how it spread out like this. pthis is a huge area that is protating. pso this up in venice east of pcomputer picking up some hail, pthen you've got the winds, you pknow rotating here, if you pay pattention, especially englewood pright now, yeah, weather service pjust sent a message really tight pcouplet evident just coming on pshore near englewood. pthat is probably a water spout pthat's making it on shore now as pa tornado. pas soon as it water spout makes phits land we classify it as a ptornado. pthat's a pretty significant plittle couplet going on right pthere. pgoing to zoom in there and kind pof show it.
12:49 pm
pyou some locations on this. pthere you see the area we're ptalking about. plooks like that's 41 moving down pinto inglewood. pmanso at that key. pmoved over beach road over to p776. pso if you're on deer lane spring plane, south mccall road, near pgodfrey creek, you know, there's pa tornado. pseek shelter. pstay away from windows if you're pinside your home wait for storm pto pass going to move inland and pjump east of probably jump east pof interstate and continue to pmove into eastern sections of pmanatee county.
12:50 pm
pgoes until 1 o'clock. ptime now 12:49. pstill have a large area of protation which is still off pshore, that there's the ossibility we could we could psee multiple tornadoes happening pwith this as it works its way on pshore from englewood down south pof there you can see that area pmoved on shore. pthat's one near i-4. pthe storm goes up almost 34,000 pfeet in bfi tornado index a pscale is 4 the one off coast psouth of bfi index about 4. ptop of that storm 21,000 feet. pthere are some ooifl times on pyour screen. pgrove city 12:56. protunda 12:58. ort charlotte at 1:20. pso two it looks like two areas pthat are rotating. pthere's the one that near
12:51 pm
psay north englewood or evening pup to appeals almost to venice. pthis one tracking up toward penglewood. plooks like maybe they are going pto changing around the warnings phere right now. pso go ahead. pyeah. pthey are just, they are pcontinuing the warning. pthey've kind of shrunk down box pa little by the you saw that pupdate on the screen. pbut at this point, they are psaying a severe thunderstorm pcapable of producing a tornado pnow located about 9 miles to the psouthwest of northport. pnear englewood moving towards pthe, moving towards the east at p35 miles an hour. pthat is the area. pgo ahead and zoom in that we're pfocussing on right now. pjust to the north of englewood. pyou can see it's certainly has, pwe were tracking this move
12:52 pm
ptaking a bit of more easterly pjog at this point. pnorth of englewood. pthis is in extreme southern psarasota county. pand still very impressive. phave we checked on the desk? pcan we have someone call into psarasota county and see if we've phad any confirmation of any pdamage, any visuals of a tornado pnear englewood? psee how things are playing? pyeah so at the same time we're pwatching that down there just pkind of briefly jump back to the pnorth to kind of up update you pon the cell. ptornado western warning moving pthrough manatee county. pnow you can see that rotation pwestern polk county. pthis warning, this goes until p1 o'clock at this point. pcould be extended. psouthwestern extreme psouthwestern polk county, this
12:53 pm
pgo inside away from windows into pthe center of the house pbathrooms typically a very good pspot to be in your house if pyou're in a mobile home, pstructure that maybe isn't a pstrong you want to seek better pshelter for this. pit's moving to the northeast pright now. p>> still holding together. pthis is i mean this a long, long ptrack circulation. pi can say it's long track ptornado on the ground because we pdo not have confirmation this is pon the ground. pradar signature has impressive pfor a long time. pi'm just checking if there has pbeen any confirmation. pup to this point i do want to padd which is krill call we're pnot here, jot is not here to pscare you. pyou just looking at the data and psome of the stuff is obvious. pbut i'm just checking to see if pwe've had any confirmation at pall of any sort of tornado that phas impacted englewood or protunda to the points east up to
12:54 pm
paseen no confirmation of any ptornado actually on the ground pin englewood. pbut we're certainly paying pattention to that. pa lot of this at this point has pbeen radar indicated tornado. pjust giving you some roads. psouth river road that is area in psouthern sarasota. penglewood. pthis is moving to the east now. pit skirting along that southern pend of sarasota county. pif you're up towards venice this pis no at concern for you. pit's it's down towards englewood pgoing a little bit wider on pthis, the motion with this looks plike it's going to continue, go pahead and put this into motion. pthis will travel on shore and pmove more towards an easterly pdirection. pso probably in the next few pminutes here, this is going to
12:55 pm
pmove into charlotte county. pat the same time, still have a pnumber of circulations that are pstill out into the gulf of pmexico. pit's pretty broad. pit's not one specific, which may pbe good. pbecause usually if you're plooking a significant tornado pmoving on shore, it is more of pan individual thunderstorm. pthis almost to me looks like pit's just a huge thunderstorm pthat is rotating and is roducing maybe a brief water pspout in this case a tornado. pthis would south river road pwhere it looks like the more psignificant amount of rotation pin that thunderstorm is poccurring. plet's just for a second, just pkind of reset things here and pget a view on how things look in pthe entire viewing area. plooks like the line of rain by
12:56 pm
ptampa right now that's probably pthe cold front going by. pi think that's the final line of prain going through tampa, st. etersburg, and along 75 into asco. pthat's cold front so everything pbehind that is clear. pand cold air rushes in. pthe weather ahead of that still pon warm sector. pand still feeling the impacts of pupper level sheer, high dew oints, and that's where the pinstability is. pthe threat of severe weather pfrom really from hillsborough pcounty all way up north is pminimal. peverything south of us where pwe're still in that soupy ptropical air mass that can and pwill in many cases produce psevere weather. pthat's the cell here in pnorthport this englewood and pnorthport. pjust a huge thunderstorm. pand embedded inside that rain, pand this is the, this is type of psituation where it's raining so phard that if there was a tornado pyou probably not going to see it pbecause just covered in rain. pthat's the problem in a psituation like this, a lot of
12:57 pm
pway down into venice that you're pnot going to see the tornado penough. pso here it comes coming down the pstreet. praining too hard. pyou just have to rely on radar pand look at the velocity mode pand see how wind are blowing pinside the thunderstorm. pit's still evident here, you pjust have that little couplet, pyou know from englewood toro ptune protunda. pfriends in northport a lot of pviewers always messaging and pkeeping in touch in northport. pthis thunderstorm that is pcapable of producing a tornado pis pretty much heading your way pif you're watching us in pnorthport. ay attention you're under not pyet because you're not inside pthe warning yet. pit's just on your door step. pand it's moving rapidly to the pnortheast. pand the other thing to remember pabout this cell that we're plooking at down into sarasota pcounty, we're showing you the pareas of rotation.
12:58 pm
pthe possibility of in this area. pbut as we look at just preflectivity of this, remember, pthis is very strong pthunderstorm. p>> you can still have strong pwinds in excess of 60 miles an phour. pthis is very intense pthunderstorm. pit does not take rotating winds pto cause damage to your house. pwe've seen a be in of roofs in pthe past, trees blown down. p>> this a good point. pi mean whether winds blowing 60 pmiles an hour from a tornado or p60 miles an hour from down burst pwinds, wind is wind. pit will still cause damage. pit's really anywhere in this parea that's covered in are very pintense thunderstorm. pwith that kind of radar you're pnot going to see tornado. pwhat may be happening how this pwill play out, if you can get phit by a tornado in your home, pthe rain will be pouring on your
12:59 pm
pthe rain and then the wind will ick up and we'll say i didn't pknow it was tornado that just pwent back you've got damage poutside. ptrees down. pthat's how this will probably lay out. pit doesn't look like this is pmajor e f 2, e f 3. pcertainly enough wind to cause pdamage. pwait for it to go by and just pstay away from windows if you're pin well built home in most pcases, you're going to be okay. pso our view into this into these pwinds, you know may be showing pit maybe a little by the weaker. pso that why you have to play on pside of caution with this. peven though you're not pnecessarily seeing as strong of protation indicated by what you psee on the radar p>> this is new. pweather service is expired ptornado warning for hardee, phillsborough county and manatee pcounty. pso the one that was inland has pallowed to expire. pthat's the one that passed
1:00 pm
pinto southwestern polk county. pno longer a tornado warning is pup for that cell. pso we can really keep on pwatching what's happening in psarasota county where cell pcontinues to move on shore. pbut they now have issued a new psevere thunderstorm warning. pthis is southwestern de soto pcounty. pthis goes until 1: 30, psouthwestern de soto. pso it's, let's draw this and get pa better feel for what's phappening here. pone second here. pand we will draw on these pwarnings so you can understand pthem better. pthis here is new. pthis is the severe thunderstorm pwarning right here. pand the tornado warning is right phere. pso what, what the weather pservice has done is instead of pcontinuing the tornado warning pinland they've gone ahead and ut up a severe thunderstorm pwarning thinking that maybe cell


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