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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 8AM  FOX  February 25, 2016 8:00am-9:00am EST

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ba da ba ba ba ((russell a destructive hole in one. pa destructive hole in one. pfour teens under arrest for pstealing and a vandalizing a plocal golf course. p>> and then a picture taken poutside of bradenton chick-fil-a phas this employee earning praise pfor his compassion and humanity. pwait until you hear the story pbehind it. p>> from tampa bay's number one pnews station, this is good day ptampa bay. p hey everybody 8 o'clock i'm prussell rhodes. pi'm laura moody thanks for pjoining february 25th. pwe need to get to check of the pforecast right now with dave posterberg. p yeah, it was a crazy, before pwe do that it was a crazy day
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punfortunately, a deadly storm pmoves along the east coast pkilling at least six people. pthreatened more than 80 million eople with strong wind, ptornadoes and large hail. pnow in virginia, the governor pdeclared a state of emergency pafter a tornado touched down ptearing apart a small town pkilling three people there. p>> including a two-year-old. pand before that storm system pmoved up the coast it hit pcharlotte county yesterday. plook at this tornado tore pthrough a neighborhood in harbor pheights area near port charlotte pdamaging close to 30 homes. pclose to where that happened a psuntrust bank building just off pstate road 776, u.s. 41 also pdamaged. pno one was seriously injured pthankfully. pthis is a good example of how pnasty the weather is right now. poff coast of new york city. pabout an hour ago, a coast guard pboat overturned while coming to pthe rescue of a 74 foot ship pthat ran aground. pnow coast guard members have pbeen plucked out of the water. pnow that water has got to be pcold they are okay.
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pand has 5 to 7 crew members on pboard. psystem. pit went all the way up eastern pseaboard. pthankfully that's moving oh out pand cooler air is settling in. pwe're at 55 degrees. pcurrent temperature right now is pa lot cooler than yesterday at pthis time. pbut it's not all that bad. pcompared to where we should be. pknot, northwest wind at 7 miles er hour. plow to mid 50s to start. pbut should only make it back pinto the mid 60s for high ptemperatures today. ptomorrow. pmore on that coming up in a plittle bit. pgood morning, vanessa. pgood morning, dave. pwe don't have anything really pnew incident wise we're pfollowing some earlier incidents pthat are still causing concerns pon roadways this hour. pstarting off pinellas county we phave a better look at this point pof the crash that's reported in pavenue north. pyou can see it's all on the side pmostly but it appears to kind of pbe impeding a merge lane here. pso things are slowing down in pthat northbound direction. lan for about 49 minutes
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pdefinitely give yourself extra ptime out door. pextra time outdoor also crucial phere along veterans expressway psouthbound a crash reported a pwaters at one point was blocking pa left lane. plooks like that cleared out for pthe most part. pwe're still dealing with plingering delays. ptravel times improved very, very pslightly by a couple minutes or pso since our last report. pabout 43 minute top to bottom on pthe vets. pi will let you know southbound palternates that we're seeing plooked kind of congested a wes. pyour best really to give pyourself extra time. p>> it was a frantic call to olice that had them searching pfor are a missing boy that as it pat all. pwell now these parents are in ptrouble. pand chances are we may not know pthe entire story of what phappened here for a while. pshayla reeves is live outside of pthe clearwater police pdepartment. pand shayla, police say they ptapes. pwe hoped they were. pbutter in not releasing them any ptime soon, correct? p>> reporter: that is correct,
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pi've in communication with pspokesperson for clearwater olice. pthey tell me the call has some pevidentiary value to them it is pinvestigation. pthat is the reason they do not lan to release that 911 call. pthat should shed a little more plight on the situation unfolding phere just yesterday. pbut i want to take you right to pthe pictures here. pthese are parents at the center pof all of this. pright now you're looking at a pmug shots for 24-year-old angel pcan, and 27-year-old nester. paccording to authorities, the pmother and father are facing pfelony charges for miss using p911 and also filing a false olice report. pauthorities are teleus an pofficers were frantically psearching for are boy who never pwas really missing she she had pleft her three-year-old son in pcar she came out of house and pdiscovered the child and car pmissing.
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pdriver crashed at u.s. 19 and pcure will you road. olice didn't find a child there ponly a stolen car. pand the suspect accused of a ptaking it. plater investigators say the pmother admitted she made up the pstory about her son, officers pfound him at a pinellas park day pcare. phere's what his parents had to psay after their arrest. p>> no comment. pthe police took care of it. puntil the truth comes out. pso i just wait until i get my pturn in court. p>> now he said he was at work pwhen the situation unfolded. pand it's not the first time his pcar was stolen. pthe children are now in their pgrandparents custody as for the pdriver of that stolen car, pstevie gamble, jr. we're told he pis behind bars facing multiple pcharges, including fleeing and palluding reckless driving pdriving without a license or psuspended license. pand also, grand theft auto. pof course we will continue to
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osted as we learn anything pmore, guys. pback to you. p>> all right shayla. pstrange story. ptalk later, thank you. pthere is a search happening pright now for a woman accused of pan abusing a baby. pthe north port police department pand the sarasota county psheriff's office searching right pnow for lacy 21-year-old is pwanted on one count, one felony pcount of child neglect causing pgreat bodily harm. pand the victim just three months pold. olice believe that she is psomewhere either in north port por ven is. pif you know anything, please pcall police. p>> and this should serve a premind tore always lock your car pdoors. olk county deputies are looking pfor two men caught on camera pstealing from cars on heather pbrook drive and bryce and luke pin lakeland. pearlier this week deputies say pthe men checked car door handles pand found at least three of them punlocked. pthey stole cash, electronics and peven a gun. p>> and four teenager are facing pa slew of charges this morning
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pdollars worth of damage at pwinter haven golf course. pover the course of the last pweek, this group took nearly 43 pthousdz worth of property from pmaintenance shed on the course. pand some of those items included pa large lawn mower, which had pbeen crashed into at shed's pdoorway a $35,000 tractor, which pwas later found in a pond. pand one of the suspects who was pjust 15 years old said he was a pstealing the equipment for joy prides. p>> 8:07. pkind of like an episode of csi olk county deputies say a woman pdenied shooting her boyfriend in pthe head. pthe problem with that deputies pnever told her how the man died. olice say star was at last erson to see her boyfriend palive. pthey say thee took her brother pto her house on sunday when pclark's body was fond instead of pcalling police they say he asked pher brother to help bury the pbody he refused. pinstead the woman's 19-year-old pdaughter found his body the next pday and she called police.
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pfirst degree murder. p>> former animal shelter worker paccused of a stealing thousands pof dollars in donations. pdetectives in manatee county parrested gail judah after a pmonth-long investigation. pshe was office manager bishop panimal shelter and fired last pyear since 2008 deputies say see ptook more than $66,000 by paltering weekly books. p>> backyard gun ranges are now pbanned in state of florida pgovernor scott signed the bill plast night. pand while the law does not allow eople to sut up gun range it pdoes allow them to fire a gun to rotect themselves or their roperty. pgovernor scott signed another pbill yesterday making a change pto the stating ten 20 life law pthat sets mandatory minimum psentences for crimes involving pguns. pthe change now gives judges pflexibility when sentencing eople who have been convicted pof aggravated assault. plaw previously forced judge to pissue a ten year sentence if psomeone displayed a gun and 20 pyears sentence if someone fire pad gun as warning sign. p>> and then also in tallahassee
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papproved guidelines for police pdepartments that used body pcameras. pright now 18 departments have pthe cameras. pand this bill would require them pto develop police policies pregarding the training of pofficers. rivacy rules, and a storage of pthe videos. pthis bill is now headed to full psenate for a vote. p>> computer coding is foreign planguage credit is one step pcloser to becoming reality after assing the senate. pit now has to pass the florida phouse. pthe state requires students to ptake foreign language for two pyears before they graduate. pif it passes, it would take peffect for 2018 between 19 pschool year. p>> 8:09 right now. pand there's this rescue dog, pmaybe blind and deaf. pit can still smell. pand this dog is nothing short of pamazing. pdog's name is joe he was on walk pwhen he start spinning in circle pand barking as way to alert smns pwasn't quite right. pit wasn't. pthere was an underground gas pleak. eople living nearby also
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pcame out they found the gas leak pin the exact spot where the that pdog had been standing. phis owner says he's proud of joe pday. p>> pretty neat, huh? pchilly weather's back dave's pgoing to be here with how long ptemperatures. luses this morning i'll do it pthis morning good day good deed pfrom bradenton. pwhat whun chick-fil-a worker did pthat will brighten your day. phey charley, what you got? plaurel and hardee handshake? pwhat's going on there? p>> look at this, isn't this pcool? pthis is actual certificate pguiness world records. panna lease who right there. pthere is anna lease right there. pshe set a record for most summer psalts on at we will of death in pcircus sarasota. pit was 4.
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3 3 ((laura 2shot)) a picture is worth a thousand words! ((russell)) pand one that was a taken outside pof a bradenton chick-fil-a is pspeaking loudly. pjen is here with look photo and pa story behind hey. phey good morning guys. pit's proof if we open our eyes pand our hearts we will see good pthings happening all around pusand an act of kindness in pbradenton ease reminder why we pshould never pass judgment and pinstead of looking down on eople, we should sit down with pthem and hear their story. pamber kelly took this picture of pa bradenton chick-fil-a employee pon his break sitting underneath pman. pmeal. pamber writes just a few raw
8:15 am
pto one another and reaching out pto do something completely pselfless is what the world pneeds. pyour especially young man i hope pyou touched his heart as much as pyou touched mine. pwe contacted chick-fil-a and pspoke to the young man in the icture. phe said he was just led by god pto sit down and speak to the pman. phe was very taken aback by all pthe attention, he just wanted to pleave it at that. phis manager says he's an amazing erson who is always doing good. pwe also talked to amber. pgirl would who took the picture. pshe said most amazing part for pan employee didn't judge man's psituation he actually sat down pnext to him as his equal. p>> right in our backyard. pcan you believe it? p>> i know. pyeah. p>> and technology these days pallows us to catch those little pmoments and report them. pyou know. pand you think about how many ptimes you drive by somebody. pexactly. pand you don't. pand then you see that. pgood for him. pgood for him. pgreat story. pgreat story. pi know aworked hard on that one
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pall right we'll get over to dave posterberg right now. pquite a different set up than pwhat we had yesterday. pi mean yesterday at this time pall the storms were starting to pmove on shore. pnow, you look out toward the pcoast still windy and wind will pbe the issue overall today. pits pretty too from hudson beach pyou look at that camera mostly psunny skies all way down to psirata beach. pi want to show you this camera pfrom time to time today, with pthe northwest winds that we phave. pthey are going to generate, pnickname we use cold air clouds. pthat's what or streaming off the pgulf some areas sunny and other artly cloudy ask cool era psettling in temperatures low to pmid 50s a couple spots upper p50s. pso you think hey it's going to pbe back in 70s today. pbut no, with that colder air psettling in today. pwe've got to settle for 64 pdegrees for high temperature. pwhich not bad, trust me. pnow in chicago going to be in p30s again. pso tonight overnight lows now
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preinforcing shot of cooler air pwill come in after dark tonight pallowing most of us to get back pinto the 40s for overnight lows pand then tomorrow more of a pstruggle with sunshine and ptemperatures only 62 degrees. lease, no boating again today. pwe have high surf advisories rip pcurrent issues. pgive it one more day and then pthings will start to get better. pespecially this weekend on our pcoastal waters. pspeaking of the weekend, it is pgoing to be a will okayer than pnormal especially morning low psaturday 43. psunday morning 44. pwe get back to normal beginning pof next week. ptemperature wise. p8:17. plet's get check on majors in our ptravel times right now. pwe do have mod rated congestion plingering most of or may have pyours right now 275 southbound pcoming from 75 junction heading pto downtown interchange. pis in yellow zone. p29 minutes. pnorthbound. pit looks like you also have 13
8:18 am
pand westbound drivers i-4 plan ptore ten minutes branch forbes pto 75. pa couple minor incidents. pthey look minor because we're pnot seeing any big delays u.s. p301 northbound lane blockage pfollowing a crash appears to be pmore of a safety concern than pdelay concern. pthen for you folks traveling in pwestchase area disabled vehicle pat shelton and waters possibly pblocking at least a lane. p>> well boynton beach pcheerleader surprised a boy with rom. pand his reaction was priceless. pmichel found out that none of pher class meats in the special pneeds class had gone to prom plast year. pthe senior says she's already pgone photo two proms ask had so pmuch fun she wanted to make sure psomebody else got at chance. plook at that. pshe decided to ask her friend pjonathan to be her date and very pspecial way. pyou saw she walked into class pwith a giant cookie cake. pthat's good way to do it.
8:19 am
pto prom with me. pand reaction there you saw it pjonathan clearly very excited of pcourse. phe did eventually say yes. poh. pa little hug right there. pi love it. retty neat not much of us left pthis morning after the dog and p>> all right. pafter columbine in 1999 law penforce the across the country pchanged the way they react to an pactive shoot era 9 o'clock i was pthere hillsborough deputies ptrain for these scary situations pand thank you. pgoing to be hard. psports director chip carter will pjoin us to talk most memorable pmoments of his career and whae i psay looking forward to most in phis retirement. pbut first, you know, good day is pcircus.
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p good day tampa bay. pi'm charley belcher coming to pyou from a sarasota. pexit 213 off i-75. plook for the big top and circus
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pheart is racing my palms are psweaty. pi've let bella talk me into pgetting wheel of death wheel of pdeath ladies and gentlemen. poh, man. pbella. p>> i'm ready. pi don't know what's weight limit pon this? p>> how much do you weigh because pabout 150. pthen i want off now p[ laughter ] p>> it's not how much you weigh pit's how quick you are. p>> all right. pwhat am i doing. plooking forward. pokay. pall right. pi thought we were going to go pslow. pall right. pcouple steps back. pand now here we go. pa couple steps forward. phead up. phead up. pwhy are we going so fast? pi thought we were going slow. phead up. pkeep going forward there hands pout for balance. pthere you go. phands out for balance keep pgoing. pall right. pnow couple steps back. pcouple steps back head up. pjust like you're doing. pyou're fine. pnow, couple steps forward. phead up. phead up.
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pwe're going kind of fast. phead up. pthere you go. phead up. pthere you go. pnow reach forward just a little ore. pforward you can put your hands pforward. phands forward. pthere you go. pall right. pgoing backwards. pall right. pi'm not supposed to touch the psides. pbackwards a little bit. ptrying not to say any bad words pon live tv, forward. phead up. phead up. pkeep walking. pit's because i'm too fat to go pabove p>> no, no you're doing good. pokay. pthere you go. phi. phi. plook at that. pyeah. plook at that. pfeel good? pno. pnope. pno i feel like i'm p>> keep walking backwards. pwell all right. pyou're fine. phands out keep walking pbackwards. pit probably looks like nothing pon tv too, keep walking pbackwards. pthere you go. pokay. pwe'll go backwards. pbecause what you don't know
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ptell me about circus sarasota pthe show. pyear. pand from circus performers from pall around the world and really erformances. pbut greatest thing about circus pconservatory, they are in the pcommunity, 365 days a year. pso this is basically just the pfundraiser. pcome here and have a great time pwith your family and this money pactually sends performers and a pcircus clowns to children's phospitals, nursing homes in the pcommunity. p365 days a year. pthere's also a circus school pcalled, the circus arts pconservatory. phow do you feel? p>> still like i'm i may lose my pbreakfast i did not eat. pall right. pi think we're done. plet's go back to the bottom. pall right. pthere we go. pcircus sarasota. pit probably looks leak nothing
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p>> no it looked like something. pno. phe's a nervous wreck. pi'm a wreck we all are actually pi'm on the chair i'm upset. pwe've got executive producer plaura cross in here. phow many times we went around plike 20 times p>> 35 at least. pi don't know. pit was crazy. pgreat job, man. pgreat job. pgreat job. p [ applause ] p>> now get out of there. p>> yes. pget out of there. pcheck please. p>> check please. p>> wow. pthat was great. pall right. pa morning isn't it? pwhat's going on? pall right. pa terrifying trek through pflorida a list of places you pneed to see if you're feeling padventurous. pthat is one of this hard rock is plooking for few good men, pexactly right. pgood morning to you laura ask prussell they are rolling the apparently, people think i'm too perky. so now i'm not being perky, telling you that drivers that switch to progressive save an average of $548! whoo!
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3 3 ((laura 2shot)) the hard rock casino in tampa.. is catering p hi hard rock casino in tampa pis catering to the ladies. pmanagers there around rolling pthe dice and taking their pchances and hiring men as pservers. palcides segui is live outside pthe hard rock. palcides, i posted this on pfacebook a little while ago and psomebody responded you fit the rofile. pi fit the profile p>> that you got the look, the ersonality. pyou got it all going on. p>> good. pi just, maybe i'm short on the plooks short on the muscular pside. pall right i will take pcompliment. pi have question for you. pi don't know if you guys go to
8:31 am
pi mean, you and laura how do pfeel about this for it or pagainst it? p>> i'm for it. pabsolutely. pabsolutely. p>> and i what i put out on pfacebook i thought they already phad them. pthis, that's what i think psurprises me. pthat's surprises me. pno, no. pi didn't know, this was a gender pspecific occupation still. pyeah. pwell, well i don't want into plegalities of it. pi will say this in most casinos plike, well i spent a long time psince i've been out to vegas. pbut on the show floor itself the pfloor itself i mean all women. pthis is a big move seminole phard. pyou know what, we're the pchange's times. pno doubt about that. pexecutives will actually tell pyou more than 50 percent of ptheir customers are actually pwomen. pso this is targeting the laura pmoodies out there. ptarting the women out there that pgo to the casino and they want pto see male servers. pthat's exactly what will happen.
8:32 am
pmen as beverage servers on pcasino floor first time on roperty currently employs one p70 drink servers of course all pof those are women casino pemployees say they want to pexpand the amount of services on pcasino floor. pso of course they need more pemployees to do that. pso they are hiring more men. pwednesday they held a job fair. pthey received several job papplications and hard rock is pnot only casino to actually have pmale servers. pthis kind of what you were ptalking about. pcouple years ago atlantaic city pnew jersey made this move as pwell. pmale servers will wear boots, pblack pants, and a button down pshirt with a red undershirt. pmaybe not exactly what you were pthinking they'lled actually wear pa uniform will be different. pbut it does match waitresses and pservers work between 24 and 32 phours a week and get paid $3.25 pan hour plus, plus tips. pi mean potential is there to pmake 10 to 12 bucks an hour i pimagine a lot more depending on phow good you are at serving pthose drinks.
8:33 am
pmore information on that you can palways go to our website, retty interesting stuff. pi think it's, i think it's a psign of the times that can make pa move like this. pi do too. pi do too. pall right. pall right. p>> all right. prunner. pdonald trump couldn't make last pnight's debate and other pcandidates came out firing. phere's fox news correspondent pjackie. premaining republican candidates pfor president joined fox news pfor town hall in houston. pwith one exception. pthere business man front run has pconflicting campaign event in pvirginia. pwe did offer to let him join by psatellite he does. pby satellite. pbut his campaign said his pschedule would not allow it. pthey were very polite and pcordial p>> there as never ab candidate
8:34 am
pif you look nationally in the phead to head polls, donald pconsistently loses to hillary picon cyst incidentally beat phillary the question is how do pwe prevent nominating a pcandidate who loses the general pelection or for that matter if pdonald wins the general election pwho heck knows what he would do pas president. pyou know, we need a president we pcan trust. p>> florida senator marco rubio palso took shots at the front prunner. pwe're not going to allow the pconservative movement to be pdefined by an nominee who isn't pa conservative. pand certainly need to elect psomeone prepared to be president pin thoughtful and sear oh pimportant way given threats this pcountry faces. pohio governor john kasich zest phe's not dropping out you just phang on a you know what lot of eople were to say if i would pget out donald trump would win pohio and that would end prepublican candidates face off pnext debate thursday night in puniversity of houston. pevent comes days before the
8:35 am
pin new york, jackie, fox news. p and speaking of republican pcandidates marco rubio has quite pthe little fan a six-year-old pgirl named camille from sarasota pdrew this picture for marco prubio. pit says her prayer for pjanuary 2017 is that the rubios pmove into the white house. psenators cam pane tweeted out pimage gave thanks to camille for part work as well as the prayers. pnow to the democrats and hillary pclinton push for gun control. pit could be what she needs to pwin the democratic ticket. pclinton has spent last few days pcampaigning with mothers who phave lost children to gun pviolence. pincluding the mother of trayvon pmartin. pand here's why this is such a pbig deal. pnew poll shows 70 percent of pdemocratic voters believe gun pcontrol is important. pand bernie sanders has a history pof siding with gun companies. pnot the victims of the pshootings. pclinton plans to use that fact pto her advantage going into psuper tuesday. p8:35. pbattle between apple and f.b.i. pintensifying.
8:36 am
pf.b.i. says it wants justice for pthe victims of the san pbernardino shootings while apple psays it wants to protect it's pcustomers. pceo of apple tim cook sat down pwith woun interview eerie fusing pto back down the issue is pwhether apple should comply with pthe a court order to unlock piphone one san bernardino pterrorist creating this back pdoor to the phone would be pdangerous. pbut the feds say something needs pto be done to continue it's pinvestigation into the shooting. p what is at stake here is can pthe government compel apple to pwrite software that we believe pwould make hundreds of millions pof customers vulnerable around pthe world including the u.s.? pthe government needs the passistance of third parties to pinsure the search is actually pconducted judges all over the pcountry and on the supreme court phave said that those parties pmust assist if it is reasonably pwithin their power to do so.
8:37 am
pwaited too long to ask apple for phelp with the investigation. pbut at this point if apple were pto create an encryption busting pcode it will be creating psoftware version of cancer. eople around the country, pflorida is the ultimate vacation pdestination. pwarm weather sandy beaches. pdisney, of course. pand while all of that is great, pit can get pretty old for people pwho live here. pbut, a new road trip around the pflorida will give you whole new erspective on our state. pand it is terrifying. pand 900 mile trek takes people pon a tour of florida's nine most phaunted destinations. pand the first stop is st. paugustine 17th century fortress. pthe casino has several ghost pstories including a seminole man pleaping from a wall. pand a woman in a white dress pwandering around. pcloser to home the done cesar pthe owner is set to haunt hotel pwith his wife. pmany people have claimed to see
8:38 am
pand the beach too. pand last spot is known as most phaunted location in florida. pthe may stringer nows pbrooksville said to be haunted pby people who died there. pin fact it's now a museum. pbut at night, there are adults ponly ghost tours. pive been here 21 years and never pheard of that one. pwe should do a halloween show. pwe should spend the night there. pit's a one tank trip at minimum. pshould spend the night there. pi would. pwould you do it? p>> you know i've heard the pbenoit is haunted too. phe just dodged the question. p>> like that. pdid you like that? pcan you imagine? pyou know i don't know p>> all of us there together. pi don't know if i want to do it palone. pbut with you guys there, we'd pbeen there for you. pwhat's there to be afraid of? pno sleep. pthat's what i am afraid of we do pthat every nights. pi think it will be interesting.
8:39 am
palcides segui has to go with us. plet's. pfraidy cat. pyou guys think i'm kidding. pi think that's something we pshould do. pstuff. pyou got lower 50s, crystal priver, leesburg, winter haven, phaines city. plakeland with a 52 degree start pto the day. pwe're in the mid 50s a tampa pinternational. pactually up closer to 60 in pbrandon, bradenton, sarasota. pwhile we look at temperatures, pyou're saying that's lovely pstuff, dave. pgoing to be in 70s. pno it's still i think going to pstay in the 60s for highs. pright now we're 16 to 20 degrees pcolder than we were yesterday at pthis time. pbrisk winds, seven to 14 miles er hour. pseeing a few gusts over 20. pthis hour as well. pand i think even with sunshine ptoday, thanks to that northwest pwind, what we're going to, we're pgoing to keep temperatures in pmid 60s for highs. pnot bad late february. pyeah we're ten degrees below pnormal.
8:40 am
pit's been worse. pmostly clear tonight. pnow grab your jackets tonight pfor most of us getting back into pthe 40s. pthen 62 tomorrow. psunshine and unseasonably cool pweather. lease stay off the coastal pwaters again. pi know that front is well pthrough and sun's out you got to pgive it one more day out in pgulf. pnext seven days you see that no prain chances to speak of and ptemperatures stay on punseasonably cool side for at pleast through saturday. pand then, we start in earnest a phalf way decent warm up for the psecond half the weekend you pgoing to join us p>> that sounds really creepy. pyou know what guys, when i pworked in my first gig in macon pgeorgia in news i did a story on pghost hunters in area. pat night we did the shoot. pwe went supposedly haunted house pwe have all pictures with weird porbs and lights and stuff we pcouldn't explain. pso. p>> that's my little ghost story. p>>s all right. pso here 8:40 let's turn to the proads. plooks like we got kind of busy
8:41 am
plet's start off in tampa area 50 pstreet and causeway boulevard. phillsborough county sheriff is pasking drivers to avoid this parea. pthere's a dump truck that papparently hit a power pole. pwe have live wires down in the proadway. pfortunately it sounds like there pare no injuries. pso that good news. pbut of course it's going to be a pmess in this area. pdefinitely take another route if pthat's usually along your route pthis morning we will keep you osted on latest on that pmeantime thank you to marcia who ptweeted this to me. pthis is a look at 75 southbound pat state road 54 in pasco pcounty. pyou can see here, involving very pat least a pick up truck on its pside. pwe're hearing from an emergency pcrews they do have a get folks pout there to perform an ex tra pindication in southbound pdirection here. pi showed you on sensors you do phave some delays. pso we do have lane blockage to preport in that area. pmeantime looks like chopper is pgetting a little resituated phere. inellas county, this is pwestbound 118th near 49th. pwe do have a crash, mostly on pthe shoulder.
8:42 am
pright lane. pit is cause something jams pheading in that westbound pdirection. pdrive safely here. pall right time right now 8:41. pand you know when we have a big pdecision to make there's no pdoubt we've been told to sleep pon it. pyeah you've heard that before. pturns out that really is the pbest thing that you can do. presearchers out of university of pbristol say during our sleep, atterns of brain activity that phappen during waking hours are pactually sped up and replayed. pbasically helping to create and prestore memories. pthis apparently works same for eople who have to take big ptest. pyou might, you know want to pull pan all nighter. pbut researchers say that's pactually counter intuitive. psleeping could actually help you pstore the information you need pto remember. pwhile also helping you feel less pstressed. revious studies show it can pimprove memory and creativity. pand this latest research is just pone more reason to get a good pnight sleep. pwell there you have it. pokay. pget readied to rev up your
8:43 am
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8:46 am
8:47 am
8:48 am
phe's got a one autograph psession, two saturday, one on psunday. pyou're first item is free. pyou're big duke's fan you will phave items for sale as well osing for pictures et cetera. pgoing to be fun time. phey michael thank you so much i pwant to walk over and talk to pgene. pgene is owner of judge, 1970 ontiac gto. pyes ser. pit going fantastic especially plooking at this beautiful car. pschool sweetheart. pthat's right. pi had one very similar to this pin high school. pi love the car. pbricks back memory i sit inside pthis car i go from 56 years of page to 18 again. pjust in a moment of you know psecond getting in the car. pso when you have this car, peither at the auto show or you preactions? pi get bet you show stop area plike celebrity you go wherever pyou go people are stopping plooking at it brings back
8:49 am
pand it's a conversation piece pdefinitely. p>> okay. pi got to ask you, you got to pfire it up. pwe got to hear it, right? p>> listen to that baby purr. plisten to that baby purr. psounds great. pso, auto fest tonight, tomorrow, pand through the weekend pessentially, right? pabsolutely. pgates are open now. pwe're open today until 5, p6 o'clock open 8 o'clock every pmorning and sunday we wrap at p3 o'clock. pcarlisle or carlisle for information on pthe weekend happenings. psounds great, thanks guys i pappreciate it. pwant to toss it to charley. pcharley you're usually the pcircus today you're at the pcircus. p>> absolutely. pcircus sarasota i think my heart pis just now beating normally pagain after my time in the wheel pof death. pno more of that i will get my pfeet firmly planted on ground. pinstead i will wow you with at
8:50 am
pstick around everybody. poh, man. pwe're going to watch him do what phe does when good day tampa bay pcontinues from sarasota. the new caramel macchiato from dunkin' donuts. let hand-crafted layers of espresso, milk, and a caramel-flavored swirl uplift your mood. indulge in a hot or iced macchiato today.
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oh-oh, oh-oh oh-oh, oh-oh, oh-oh-oh-ooh, oh hearts are made for sharing. spread some sweetness with dunkin' donuts' cookie dough and brownie batter donuts. heart-shaped happiness too sweet not to share.
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p good day tampa bay. pi'm charley belcher coming pcoming to you from sarasota this pmorning circus sarasota. pexit 213 off i-75. pyou'll see the big tent. pright on the same property as pthey are here tonight, tomorrow pnight a couple of shows on psaturday a show on sunday. pit's red, white and bellow. pa bellow really the one of the pstars of the show. pbut so many great performers pfrom around the world. rague. pknown as the fastest juggler in pthe world. pyes. pexactly. pcongratulations. pquite a title to have. p>> yes. pi have three records. pand what all do you juggle i pknow you will juggle clubs for pus. pis that your "spectre." p>> for the fast. pbut can you juggle anything? pyes. pyes. pballs, rings, in years i will pstart with balls and rings then pi can clubs.
8:54 am
pyears old. pdoes it run in your family? phow did you end up in this rofession. pi'm in the ninth generation and pi start very early with my pfather he was my teacher. phe was juggler as well. pso that continue to be an in the pfamily. p>> very nice you want to give us pa little demonstration here? p>> of course. pall right. pfire up a little circus music.
8:55 am
p>> oh, man. phe's going faster. pmy favorite part are his facial pexpressions. pyes. pi love it. pwell done, we well done i love pfacial expressions it is my pfavorite part you keep ghost pfaster and faster has anybody pclocked how fast those clubs are pmoving p>> i don't know how fast. p>> i'm asking questions there's pno answer to. pmario thank you very much sir i pappreciate that. pthere we go circus sarasota. pcircus sarasota exit 213 off pi-75. pthe show is red wide and bellow. ptonight, tomorrow, a couple of
8:56 am
pone on sunday. preally one ring russell. pthere's not a bad seat in the phouse. pchildren of all ages will enjoy pthis. pit's, it's great stuff. pdo you remember when, when he pwas with wringling the little psong they sang. pbow and bellow. pwhat is funny the other is slow. pyou remember that? p>> no. pyou don't. pall right. pi don't but it sounds like our ptheme song. pi'll see you later, man. pvery proud of you today. ptake care. pall right. pthank you my friend up for p9 o'clock the ling between pgrows. panother study show kids do pactive. palso, living in florida comes pwith some dangers. pwe're continuing our look at psevere weather today. phow to survive hurricanes and pfloods. pthe 9 o'clock hour of good day ptampa bay starts in a couple pminutes.
8:57 am
8:58 am
8:59 am
9:00 am
health-care insurance for all. including p well he was health supposed pto hale care insurance for peverybody including thieves. pdwr a report now says obamacare pcosting taxpayers millions in pfraud. p>> and mixing genres of music pcreating unique sound. phe's live here in our studio. p>> wow. p>> wow. pi radar good thursday morning peverybody i'm laura moody. pdave. pi got to tell you something i pwas when we all left here pyesterday, i kind of thought the pweather was done and we got panother dose p>> actual front hadn't come pthrough now prefrontal now big pstorms yesterday. pnow we've got clouds. pthese clouds ant going ren rate prain p>> not in more. p>> these strat cumulus clouds. pi know whaer thp these are cold pair clouds, russell. p>> 57 degrees is colder air


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