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tv   FOX 13 600 News  FOX  February 25, 2016 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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the man were gruesome they want him put to death. and explaining why the killer will not get the punishment he deserves. timing is everything when he decided to plead guilty to the charges to avoid the death penalty and had the prosecutor scrambling. >> ted involved greed, betrayal and murder. >> this was james foster speaking out after his son was arrested for the murder of his best friend and roommate. >> never been violent. never. i'm not buying the fact he did that to his best friend. >> the scene was violent. investigators say that foster used a hatchet to kill josh dees
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home. then he was caught in his stolen car trying to pawn off items belonging to his best friend but that was three years ago. >> his attorney made a move. >> he will enter a plea of guilty based on the understanding that the court can only impose a sentence of life in prison. >> because the u.s. supreme court called the process unconstitutional. until it is fixed the state cannot hand down sentences. that caught the prosecutors flatfooted. >> the state is requesting the court to allow the state time to respond in writing and set this in the afternoon, the public defender could not hear what he was saying t is a rare i never encountered it in 33 years a situation of a prosecutor
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entry of a plea, the judge sided with the defense. there is currently no statute in the state for the imposition of the death penalty. >> until the law is changed, the state's death penalty is on hold and the defendants like charles fost kerr dodge it all together. now foster is expected in court tomorrow to plead guilty but he is racing against time because the senate is expected to pass a new death penalty law next week. we'll keep you posted. right now in pinellas county a flight to the airport had to abort take off this afternoon right there. that plane flight 904 was heading to kansas city when they aborted the take off. and the public information officer said it was a mechanical issue a passenger contacted us -- contacted us and said there was an engine failure on take off.
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the clean up iten continuing down in port charlotte after a tornado touched down there. people have been working to clean up their homes and clear their roofs. this very not seen anything like this since hurricane charley which was 12 years ago. as kimberly kuizon shows us, neighbors are working with one another to get on track. >> tarps on roofs here have been going up since last night. and it was an ef-1 with winds about 97 miles per hour. 33 homes were damaged. >> and we spoke with it is too unsafe. >> if they were here all the the sheet rock came down this would
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we'll chair because of an accident. his father picked him up and they hid in a closet. this is nothing new for the neighborhood. homes here were destroyed when charlie hit but people rebuilt. >> that's what they are going through, that's a lot of sympathy for the people there. 191 are unliveable. the families are trying to find a new place to call home. s. there were a lot of contractors in and out. homeowners are warned to be on the look out for people trying to scam them. a committee rejected a
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bill that regulates fracking in florida. and chris cato is here on what the bill would do. why did it fail? >> it failed by one vote after three hours of debate. the sponsor garrett richter said it failed because his fellow senators and the public do not understand the status of fracking in florida. now as you know is the process which companies drill a hole in the ground and use water, sand and chemicals to fracture the bedroom and release gas t is controversial and groups hate it but it is not regulated by florida. the bill would impose a more tore yum until environmental location could stud the impact and set up regulations and standards. >> a study permits science to drive the issue. it happened once in florida.
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right now to stop it. his bill would allow dep to issue permits or not and impose the larger fines. but opponents say that setting up a framework is akin to rolling out the welcome mat to prospectors and the chemicals used in the process could hurt the state's aquifer. >> people realize our supply is at the root of our health and without good information we should not assume it is safe. we should assume the opposite. >> and there is this a lot of counties don't like the fact the will would prohibit governments from imposing bills on fracking. it was voted down it's not dead. and the senate appropriations committee may hear it tuesday. some have opposed proposed amendments and a bill has passed through the house. we'll keep an eye on it. and deputies asking for help
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into several cars in a ymca parking lot. the morning of february 18th the deputies say the woman smashed the windows of six cars outside of the y on 16th street and stole purses left in the car. she tried to cash a check stolen from a car at a bank. here is a better picture f you recognize it go to the hillsborough pinellas county sheriff's office. an officer was just 25 years old when he was shots at point blank range and killed. the police are working on a project to remember those killed in the line of duty and build a memorial. as ken suarez shows us the effort took a step forward. >> it was a day of moving ahead. by looking back. >> and skied to make a toe nation.
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donated $10,000 toward as memorial. >> the piece is not -- peace is not free it is at a price and comes with the lives of the officers who put on the uniform. >> four years ago his brother approached a group of teens hanging out in a park and shot to death. since then their sister has joined the force, i love helping. it is an honor to remember my brother. this is a way that i can always have him be a part of me. >> they are now a big part of the memorial, the planned to be built. the statute of an officer will be flanked by plaques with the names of officers who lost their lives. it has been tough raising money the goal is $300,000.567890000 is donated in the past few months. the gift jump set number to 60.
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humbling. and i think that our home is that it will jump start other entities, corporations. >> whether they know anyone affected. in lakeland, ken suarez, fox 13 news. well the police hope to break ground on this memorial by this summer. what is it like to be a police officer? the department showed us with cameras. some you have to see to believe. that's like the weather, awesome. >> it is. a lot of action going on in the past week or so. things are good. the front is gone t is windy and it is cold at the beach. sunny and 59 degrees. a welcome preview coming up. he has been part of our family here for 30 years almost. only the third sports director in the station's history,. >> that's impressive. chip cart ser retiring. when you have been around that
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people in the sports world have a few words for our friend chip. chip, you know i was thinking 28 years that's a long time. i think that's how long ago it was i won the 500. obviously a lot of water over the dam and under the bridge. are you a pro. are you a great example.
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to lay3 first time...we're getting an police deal with on a daily basis. the department released a series of body camera videos. and the department released a series of videos and the first time they have done so wearing them last spring. tonight. what are they hoping that the public takes away from this. >> and tpd said the goal is to give a broader view and when they see the clips it will build the trust. >> and from rude -- >> did you not put them out. >> to belligerent. >> and that happened all the time every day.
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busts through a locked glass door, i watched it i thought wow. >> and 60 police officers have been wearing the body cameras. for the first time the department released videos, we wanted to show the community the perspective. this is the prediction in january of 2015. >> this is going to be a new reality show for the rest of the community, she was dead on when she said that. >> close down. >> it include as water rescue. >> chases of some uncooperative people or an uncooperative gator, i got you, i got you. >> and it shows the helpful momets. >> they don't make the headlines like fixing a wheelchair. changing a tire. >> are you back in business. >> or tossing a football around with a 6 year old. >> now you get to see the other side. there is a reason for a lot of
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surprising. >> it is going to be a reality check for a lot of people. but he hopes people will focus on the moments, the ones that end in a handshake. >> and no problem. >> sir. >> and tpd and south florida are wrapping up a study into the cameras. the results will be this summer. that will determine whether the department should buy more of the devices. aaron mesmer, fox 13 news. >> now your sky tower radar forecast with paul dellegatto. our yo-yo weather continues after the front went by with severe weather. today another chilly winter day with the mercury struggling to reach the 60s. 64 is the high in tampa and 363 in the hourly data. mid to upper 60s. south of us. what is interesting a flashback to the severe weather. a tornado near duette that the
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it was an ef-1 with winds over 104 miles per hour. and it hit rural areas did not hit the structures. knocked down the trees. trunks. ripped in half. >> and that in eastern manatee did not impact any structures or homes. we got lucky on that and not the one in charlotte county. we stayed chilly tonight. mid-60s. and the high at tiaa couple more days below average weather and we start warming up next week. not good boating weather. and sees up. a small craft advisory in effect and temperatures certainly held in check and pouring south across the state. i don't think it will rain again this month. the next chance will be on
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look at the extent of the dry air. how extensetive is. across the plains states right now 59 in tampa. and all the blue is colder running about 5 to 10 degrees colder across the bay area. that trend is continuing tonight. the nice thing is that the air is nice and dry, no humidity dew points holding in the low 40s. the winds are gusty and the big storm up by maine and high pressure west of us the play is giving us a gusty west and northwest wind. we're 59. the dew point at 12. we have one front that we have to deal with. back here. that will go by late tonight and tomorrow.
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of a couple of hours. >> and for that reason every day and by next week we bounce back into the 70s. a couple of days and that killed people last night. and the wild weather gusting over 60 miles an hour. now it is all turned into snow and some has been heavy on the chicago 34 now. nashville 38. birmingham all the white is snow and pennsylvania near washington, dc. and snow in the hills and mountains and north carolina. a wintry scene for them. tonight we are in the 40s and the 50s. lots of sunshine. crisp and cool any morning clouds are melting away we top off in the 60s.
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slowly drifts our way on friday and saturday and on sunday. high pressure is our friend t is locked in for a couple of days. we're down to 49. sunshine for friday. and 61 and more sunshine a high of 63. we'll watch and see how they play out on wednesday. there is a chance that the pattern holds in there. a round of showers and thundershowers some could be heavy. we turn cooler again thursday and friday. chip. >> buddy there is one team in the division they would like to see the team look like and operate the same way. and you heard the saying what a difference a year makes. that fits the lightning. why a part of the team should
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the play playoffs. >> congrats on a wonderful career and best of luck to you in your endeavors. congrats on your retirement. i hope your handicap is low. congrats on a outstanding career and best of luck in the future. >> congrats and retirement v a good one from all of us. >> and miss is merissa lynn. >> i found someone, john cooper head etch could of the lightning.
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>> you made it's been about a month since the bucs hired dirk it has been a month since dirk koetter was hired. but he has put together a staff and he hired his pieces. the others and pick up through free agency and starts at the combine. they want to model them after the panthers. thrill will take more than free ain'ts but if he wants to be a factor in the -- that will take more than free agents but if he wants to be a factor. >> we may get traded. it will be tough.
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>> the panthers are a good time they hit on the draft picks. patient with the coaches. they have great players and well coached. , they have done a great job and gives us the pattern. this. >> they have a lot of cash. a salary cap will be $12 million higher. the bucs have $50 million in cap space. no more team is than the bucks and not many have more cap cash. now they have to spend it the right way. it is funny how things change in a year. last season the lightning were the highest scoring team. no team scored more. this season not even close. the defense is better. that's the change.
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and that's the difference it can make. >> it will be because of the defense. >> and. >> can you you cannot make it an every period thing. >> i don't know too many that don't you know give up goals. >> and we're getting back to the rooteds here. >> they won a bunch and defense is the reason why. that's a different way of doing it than before. >> speaking of the lightning. >> how are you. >> i'm great. >> how about i, great. >> how are you. >> great, great. >> one of my favorites. >> are you one of our favorites,
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to send you out the right way. >> you have been a great friend of the club for a long time. >> it's my favorite sport. i was a love the game. and love the organization you always do it the right way. >> and we wish you the best in your retirement. story,. [ laughter ] no, no, we don't want to go back there. >> the guy did a unbelievable incredible. one of the best. >> this means a lot you need to get that framed. >> because of the retirement now we'll take you up to officiate high school hockey. >> now you have plenty of time i know it i have to get a mouth guard. >> most of them are fake anyway. >> and all the best, pal.
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>> thank you. >> that's great. >> if t is like the big surprise. thank you, jay. >> we'll be right (music playing) i feel pretty (west side story) not every cake can be handcrafted in store by skilled decorators layered with fresh berries and frosted to perfection like our publix bakery chantilly cake it'll be remembered for all the right reasons. publix. where shopping
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3 they are putting final touches on they're putting the final stages on the republican didn't tonight this one at the opera center in houston, texas. donald trump will be trying to maintain his lead and senator
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to win his own home state. without a win it could be game over for ted cruz. next tuesday is an equally important day for bernie sanders. as we report, he is looking beyond this weekend's south carolina primary. >> i need your help and leading by trouble digits. bernie sanders passing on the pal pal met palmetto state looking to snag the votes in the state of ohio. >> the world changes when you have billionaires making the decisions. a billionaire riding a tidal wave of momentum.
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short change a trump townching. a poll has the gop front runner 15 points behind ted cruz and adversary. >> there is one campaign that trump. >> marco rubio, meanwhile, has been a strong second place finisher but yet to nap. he logos him by 17 points in the home state a potentially deadly below, he is losing in a landslide to donald trump in hits own state? well maybe he will turn it around somehow but i'll believe it when i see it. 12 states and a territory are in play super tuesday. it is important because it's the biggest one dray grab for delegates. in washington, joel waldman, fox
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patrick to talk about. you have to start with marco rubio and what was he talking about. where does he go from here. let's put that in the form of a bar chart. look at the disparity and in marco rubio's home state as florida's junior senator. the presumption is that with jeb bush dropping out it would go to marco rubio. and this is not bearing out and the numbers that we're seeing from yucatan the poll. he will carry this into the debate that's the story of the news cycle he will have to address during the debate. the question is what will he take on that he will be under intense pressure to attack him
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republican establishment is panicking and wants someone, besides jeb bush, who did not succeed, to take donald trump down. >> and how to you expect this to play out in terms of what will be different here? you will have ted cruz and marco rubio attacking each other. they tussled they pulled each other down. and they have to realize that time is running out and both want to be up there with donald trump and they feel that's the way to beat him but the same thing they cannot attack each other. >> thank you.
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that the f.b.i. can get the information from the iphone in a manner that protects mart phone users. >> and now common sense can prevail here. >> and bill necessarilien on the floor. and apple asked a magistrate to reverse the order telling the temperature to hack a hacked iphone. and it is a dangerous power. the f.b.i. director called the dispute the hardest question he had seen. as we report here at 6:30. no president would be -- pro precedent would be set if apple helped the f.b.i. >> the dispute between apple and the f.b.i. is increasing. and apple's ceo tim cook said the company will refuse any order to help the feds preserve data from the iphone of one terrorists.
6:35 pm
congress the case will not be setting any precedence. >> the code the judge directed apple to write works0s on this phone. getting out and working on my phone or your phone is not a real thing. >> but congress is divided on the issue. some say they're preparing legislation that would compel apple to help the f.b.i. others remain sceptical about the privacy implications. >> if this exists on a server it will be the target of our adversaries. experts are saying it is unlikely they will get what they want in the case. >> can the government force a person to work for it when the person or in this case a corporation does not want to. >> apple said it will fight to the supreme court.
6:36 pm
fight. >> the director said. and a passenger who was on a ship has filed a class action they should have known of the warnings before anthem of the seas set sale from new jersey 46789500 passengers were forced to hunker down as it encountered 35-foot waves. the system was damaged and the cruise was canceled. they will not comment a turn
6:37 pm
it was on its way. the crew was able to swim to shore to save the stranded fishermen. an ice breaking ship is stuck after running aground during a mission. the ship broke free during a blizzard on wednesday. none of the crew were hurt. it is watertight but the crew will have to wait to assess the damage they deal with winds of 80 miles an hour through the region right now. a scandal with central command at macdill getting attention. that's next. i want to wish you the best of luck in retirement. enjoy your family and friends. go fishing.
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i want to thank you again during this extended visit from your extended family, all you want is a peaceful moment to stream your show. and you need enough bandwidth to share with a full house of hungry users. lightning internet from bright house networks. the speed you need. and now connect to... standard tv and 50 megabit lightning internet... only $94 a month
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in 1934, steak 'n shake decided the world didn't need another hamburger. it needed a steakburger. so they used 100 percent beef. quick seared to seal in the flavor ... ... you'll only get from a steakburger. steak 'n shake, home of the original steakburger. tonight - the chairman of the tonight the chairman of the house intelligence committee is talking about a scandal linked to central command. a whistle plower said that the personnel deleted files and e-mails and it was during a probe into the reports that intelligence was altered to militants. and the personnel surveyed problems with the integrity. and command has the headquarters
6:41 pm
the activities in the middle east. and captiol hill buzzing with a few names. testifying about our nation's security at several hearings. and threats are coming from several places around the world and including china. and jennifer griffin has more from the pentagon. >> this is the lineup talking about the experience. >> and james clapper said the threat is, quote. daunting. >> let's threatening. >> the u.s. and china agreesing to not caught the theft of property. clapper telling lawmakers the jury is out on whether beijing is keeping up its end of the deal. >> we have seen some reduction i
6:42 pm
to say at this point whether they're in strict compliance. >> china discussed at a hearing with the military leaders. they say the country is looking to keep the u.s. out of the pacific where there is a dispute over territory in the south china sea. >> the developments and capability and anti-aircraft as you describe the it limited our ability, we're not out to keep china down but we don't look for anyone to dominate the region and not win to push the united states out. >> isis another topic in the hearings with the president meeting his national security organization. next, cleaning up from another we'll tell you about it. retiring.
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and that's amazing. i grew up watching you on the sports section of fox news. and i know that are you old because i have been watching you since i was little and i'm 31. so congrats to you it has been a pleasure watching you on the news and report on all the bucs and nascar and everything that you report on.
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everything you have done for our (music playing) i feel pretty (west side story) not every cake can be handcrafted in store by skilled decorators layered with fresh berries and frosted to perfection like our publix bakery chantilly cake it'll be remembered for
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publix. where shopping
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imagine buying a car on your smartphone. you don't have to talk to the gm. >> it is like amazon for cars. >> and a money back guarantee. >> rates for home loans have dropped to the lowest levels in a year. and freddie mac said the rate on 3.62%. that's down from a week ago. the lowest level since february last year. decline was seen in the fixed rate. they are helping with the affordable i as housing supply pushes the prices higher. oil prizes led to gains. the dow is up more than 200.
6:47 pm
>> a lot of green. solid. >> nasdaq and s&p rising 24. florida is not the only place cleaning up from the severe weather. it clobbers cities up the east coast. and we have how it hit very hard in virginia. >> violent weather slams this town of 2000 a 2 year old was among those closed. >> i never saw it dangerous before just on tv but not here. that's what is shocking. >> the weather hit without warning. the damage is significant. this laundry is among the structures destroyed. >> it came fast and went fast. >> heavy rain caused a basement wall to collapse trapping a man who went to check on his pump. a firefighter said he is lucky to be alive, the only thing
6:48 pm
that post right there. >> dozens of buildings in pennsylvania sustained damage. >> we could see a gap from our basement door and we saw the power go out and it started flickering. it was off. we knew something was not good. >> the storms hit the philadelphia area where the high winds knocked this sign on to the restaurant roof. >> people were sitting under there and actually holding on and people were safe. >> the guard has activated to help the residents here and they declared a state of emergency. >> , we hope for a space x launch it was scrubbed why. but doesn't look like it will be weather. >> i tweeted it, looking to the east. should be good and scrubbed. there is 141 until they had the launch. we'll try again. the sky would have been great.
6:49 pm
take a look. sky. it had clouds early in the day. that moved in from the gulf. we'll take a trip and show you the sun sets. and the beach camera. it is outstanding. decent wave action because of the gusty wind we go up over to the east. the science camera. good visibility looking to the east. sparkles. it is dry. things pop when you look through the camera lens. the bay shore camera. and lakeland. we have clear skies. that's the view that we would have seen of the launch t is scrubbed. the launch they will try again tomorrow night. ins meantime it was chilly. 10 below average.
6:50 pm
a night time low tonight. gusty northwest winds the old squeeze play. you have a storm over the gulf of maine, high pressure west of us in and in between the systems. we have a gusty wind even tomorrow thinking about boating seas about 2 to 4 feet with a northwest wind strong especially early in the day. the weak better for boating high west. satellite and radar you see the clouds over the caribbean with the front. but the air mass is very dry. that will bring a band of
6:51 pm
58 in wauchula and frost proof in the 40s. diminish. they are running at 10 to 15. they will diminish later. the models pick up. for a time cloudy. that will pass by. the area of high pressure will by sunday. this is sunday at 3 a.m. the high is still west of us. we're still on the cool side so many days of cool weather and then by monday the high starts to shift east of us. we start moderating and we wait for a front back here that will 59. patchy clouds.
6:52 pm
clouds for a time. they melt away. sunshine breezy and cool. back up to 61. then on saturday a good day. sunny and cool. chilly on saturday. sunday we warm up nicely. i think this weekend just about as good as it was last weekend. last weekend was fantastic. this is good, too. >> kelly. still ahead the story of how doctors saved this boy's life. john wilson, chip. best of everything that you do on here on out. enjoy it. >> thank you for all you did for us in tampa bay you with were the best on your feet without a
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tonight at 11 seaworld admits to spying on groups. the parks reason for doing so. and a survey that offers some food for thought y is the cereal industry blaming mill millennials for the soggy sales. >> all right. jacksonville defied the odds. he did not have a chance. >> thanks to all children's hospital. his life is what is right with tampa bay. >> life has not been easy for jack. >> it is a dark time we felt like we were waiting to lose them. they didn't think he would live after he was born. >> he said there is no way to say this, your baby isn't going to live he will be fine inside mama but when he is born it is
6:56 pm
will have this kid. >> heart medications kept him alive well beyond expectations. but limited what he could do. >> he has not been in the pool, play baseball, he has not been able to be outside or get off the couch much. >> that changed last year at all children's hospital where jack had a heart transplant, transforming this ten year old's life. >> it is incredible, i feel like i'm pinching myself. >> i can run around in the backyard and play on the swings. >> active and fun play time outdoors that would have never been possible. >> i never thought he would be this healthy ever. >> his outlook on life is brighter. >> i'm waiting for someone to be in the pool again that will be fun. >> jack's health and new heard
6:57 pm
progress. >> we went from feeling like we would lose this kid for his whole life to all of a sudden. we are in some unbelievable lessed bonus time. >> time that the family thought they would never have together. >> they're so grateful. >> so happy. >> he is precious, our prayers add thoughts with him we found out he is back in the hospital fighting to prevent his body from rejecting the heart. you know what he is doing great and just a little precious one. >> fight the good fight. we're there wishing you the best. >> the news keeps on going. facebook, twitter and instagram that's where we are when you're not with you.
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>> today on "tmz" -- harvey: ufc champ conor mcgregor gets -- regrets saying he would whoop jesus on our photog. >> what could be better, getting trash talked from the best trash talker. harvey: charlie, he was two steps from kicking your ass. you got hit? >> next time i see him i'm going to ask another jesus question. >> big man, you could get jesus' >> chris pratt at l.a.x. i go, do you ever miss being fat? >> i'm still a bit fat. >> no, you're not. >> it's just all hidden. >> dude, he's right, he will


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