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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 6AM  FOX  February 26, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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lowe's presents: how to put your foot in your mouth. man, wish my yard looked like yours. hey, the grass is always greener on the other side of the... sorry. now get 20% off sta-green fertilizer, at lowe's. 3 a shooting rampage rocks a small town in kansas .. p>>laura: a shooting rampage procks a small town in kansas. pthe gunman taking shots at eople before storming the pfactory where he worked. pthis morning the officer who put
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preunion amid all the chaos. p>>russell: when a deranged pgunman is on the loose, every psecond matters. phow to protect yourself from an pactive shooter. p>>laura: then donald trump on pthe defensive as his rivals try pto take him down before he pbecomes unstoppable. pan explosive debate before super ptuesday. p>>dave: 6:01 on this lovely pfriday morning. pbig, big difference in ptemperatures. pif you're along the coast, like pst. petersburg is closer to 60 pdegrees. pthe influence of the gulf pdefinitely making a difference pthis morning along the pcoastline. pit's one of those weird days pbecause all of us are still pgoing to average out to be in pthe lower 60s despite where you pare this morning so do expect pyou'll need the light jacket pthroughout the day today and pthen tonight, most of us get pback to the lower 40s. pcourtney, good morning. p>>reporter: good morning, dave. pwe're seeing railroad pconstruction now in clearwater
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pdrivers along state road 60. peastbound lanes reportedly along pstate road 60 at 0 0 at myrtle road. pcleveland street to the north pcan get around the detours and pdelays building through the parea. pyour interstates still in good pshape. p275 traffic heading to the psouth, just out of the i-4 pinterchange. pabout a seven minute trip from pi-4 as you make your way toward pthe tampa side and the howard pfrankland bridge. p>>russell: a shooting around and pkansas. pmore than a dozen people hurt, p10 critically. pthe law enforcement officer, pafter he began shooting at him, pthe officer saved a lot of plives.
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pmanufacturing plant in heston, pabout 5 miles north of wichita. pexcel industries makes lawn pmower products and you can only pimagine the terror knowing that pone you love was inside the lant when it started. p>>russell: the raw emotion was pcaught on that. pshe was reunited with her phusband while giving an pinterview. p>> i'm shocked. pyou know, i never thought psomething like this would phappen. p>> how is your husband doing? pyou were able to talk to him. p>> yeah. phe said he's okay. phe just said somebody next to phim got shot. poh, my god. poh, my god. p>> you can come in here. p>>russell: that's jennifer. pshe saw him for the first time
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pjared said someone near him was pshot in the leg. phe and his co-workers used a pbelt to stop the bleeding and pwatched him until the ambulance pgot there. p>>laura: and multiple co-workers pand news outlets identified this pman as the shooter. pthese pictures are from his pfacebook page. phe also has a video that shows phim shooting what appears to be pan assault rifle. pthere it is. pauthorities say that the gunman pused an assault style weapon and pwest. pward has convictions ranging pfrom fleeing from police to pgrand theft and here is how one pof his co-workers described the pgunman. p>> he was a nice guy when i pworked with him on second shift. pwe hung out. peverything was -- i gene, pdoesn't seem like this kind of pguy. pthat's for sure. p>>russell: well, still don't pknow why the gunman opened fire. pthe people appear to have been prandomly targeted. pauthorities hope to find an
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pstay with fox 13 as the story pdevelops. pearlier this week i had a chance pto visit with the facility where pthe hillsborough county deputies ptrain for situations just like pthis. pcoming up at 6:30, we'll talk pabout what to do, what you pshould do if you're ever in that psituation. p>>laura: there were originally p17 contenders for the republican residential nomination. pnow there are only five. pnext week, the remaining pcandidates will face their pbiggest challenge yet, psuper-tuesday. p>>russell: and voters in a dozen pstates are headed to the polls. pbefore they do, the candidates pare in one last debate. p>>laura: walter has the phighlights. p>>walter: looked more like a pthree person cage match. pmarco rubio and ted cruz pattacked donald trump. pthey attacked him on a number of pissues. p>> you're the only person on pthat stage that's ever been pfined for hiring people to work pon your projects illegally. p>> i'm the only one on the stage
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p>> if you build the wall the way pyou build trump towers, you'll pbe using illegal immigrant pworkers to do it. pit's not a sound bite. pit's a fact. p>> he's promising if he's pelected, he will cut deals in pwashington. phe's given hundreds of thousands pof dollars to democrats. panyone who really cared about pillegal immigration wouldn't be phiring illegal immigrants. p>>walter: trump hit back preminding the audience of prubio's debate meltdown this pmonth as well as the cruz pcampaign's questionable tactics. p>> this guy is a joke artist and pthis guy is a liar. pyou have a combination of pfactors. phe can't do it for the obvious preason and he can't do it pbecause he doesn't know how to ptell the truth. pother than that, i rest my case. p>> one at a time.
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pi promised governor kasich can prespond. p>> can someone attack me, lease? p>> that was ben carson asking to pjoin in on the fray. psomeone pick on him, please. phe and john kasich were on the psidelines of the chaotic battle ptaking place on center stage. pgovernor kasich called for rubio pto drop out of the race citing phis shaky numbers in his own phome state. pa poll yesterday gives trump a pdemanding lead over rubio in the pstate of florida. pflorida is a winner take all pstate. pthe candidate with the most pvotes gets all of the 99 state pdelegates. ponly 24% of republicans say they pwould definitely not support ptrump for the nomination. paides paides slugged off the poll pnumbers saying they're wrong. p>>russell: we have a new look at
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pa poll on likely democratic rimary voters, a huge lead pamong women propels the former psecretary of state, hillary pclinton, to 59-33 over bernie psanders among likely democratic pvoters in florida. ptomorrow south carolina could ptip the scales in the race for pthe democratic nomination. phillary clinton and bernie psanders have been crisscrossing pthere. precent poll numbers show clinton phas a double digit lead in the almetto state. psanders has shifted much of the pfocus to super tuesday and pbeyond. phe's spent the past few days in poklahoma and ohio. p>>laura: the white house pcontinues for that potential pnominees for the supreme court pvacancy left open by the death pof justice scalia. pthis morning they can cross one pname off the list. pthe nevada governor sandoval psays he's not interested. phe said he's humbled and
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pmentioned. psenate republicans have vowed pnot to hold confirmation phearings for anyone that resident obama nominates. p>>russell: jury selection begins pnext week in hulk hogan's plawsuit against gossip website pgawker. pthere's another pretrial hearing ptoday. phe sued gawker after it ublished a sex tape featuring phogan. pjury selection begins tuesday pand you can count on fox 13 and pgloria gomez to be there. p>>laura: florida has lottery pfever. pearlier this month a florida pcouple claimed their share of plast month's $1.6 million owerball jackpot. pand now a woman from largo has pwon $43 million. pfox 13 shayla reaves is live at pthe seminole winn dixie where it pwas sold and there's a little psomething special about the pnewest winner, right? p>>reporter: oh, absolutely. pruby sora is 90 years old. pi can only imagine that feeling pof checking the numbers and
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pyou are actually a winner. pone day you're going about life pas usual and the next day you're pa millionaire. pwell, in her case it's multi pmillionaire and that's a ticket urchased here in seminole. pwe're in front of the winn dixie pon park boulevard where ruby pmade that winning ticket urchase. pyou're looking at video on the pscreen. pflorida lottery officials say pthat purchase landed her a $43 pmillion prize. pnow, she won a jackpot, pofficials telling us she's pclaimed it and decided to take phome a one time lump sum ayment. pshe'll get $31 million but she's pnot the only one winning big. pin fact, the store is winning pbig, too. pin fact, they collecteded p$100,000 just for selling that pwinning ticket. pso at this point, it's not clear pwhat the winner plans to do with pher earnings so we'll go ahead pand keep you posted. pif we hear anything further, pback to you. p>>laura: she's got time to think pabout it.
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pthe f.a.a. is now investigating pthe emergency at clearwater st. ete airport yesterday. p>>russell: and sea world padmitting to planting spies and pnow the stock is on the decline. p>>dave: mid to upper 50s along pthe coast. pbig difference in temperatures pthis morning but you know what's pinteresting about this? pby the end of the day, we're all pgoing to be in the lower 60s. pcooler, drier air on the way ptoday. pwe will have sunshine.
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psunshine in the afternoon. p>>dave: some of you need winter pgear this morning. pothers not so much. plook at the difference. p59 degrees in st. petersburg. pi get the mid 40s new tampa, lant city as you go north, pwe're 43 now in brooksville. psame for bushnell. p45 in dade city. pyes, zephyrhills has managed to pdrop back to 39 degrees. pwhat a difference. preally the further you are away
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pit's going to be today because i pfeel like with that onshore wind pflow, we are getting a bit of an pinfluence from the 63, 64-degree pwaters of the gulf so that's why pit's still 58 in bradenton, 54 pin sarasota but then again, you pget away from that and it's 41 pin bartow. pit's quite a different patmosphere in bartow today, what pit feels like versus st. etersburg. psounds like winter gear, early pspring gear. pinteresting thing about this is pright now, we have cooler, drier pair settling in. pyou see this band of clouds? pthere's nothing to it, right? pno rain. pthis is another weak little pfront and what this is going to pset the stage for is behind it, peven drier, cooler air settling pin. pinteresting. pso like the dew point right now, pmid 40s which is dry, which is pnice, which is pleasant. pby tomorrow morning, it will be paround 30. pyou can see drier air mass and
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pair masses is this little band pof clouds so this will move pthrough and while we may start pour sunrise may show us a few pclouds, we're quickly going to pget back into mostly sunny pskies. pyou can see that little band of pclouds working its way towards pthe south and the east with that psecondary front. preally just much cooler and it's pgoing to be real noticeable in pthe overnight and the early pmornings because while we make pit to only 62, give or take a pdegree today, tonight we're pgoing down to the 40s and even pthe 30s in a few spots. pso mostly sunny today, 62 pdegrees. pagain, we're going to start the pday with a little band of clouds pmoving through but then we will pget back to mostly sunny skies. pby the way, i love that early psunrise at 6:58. pdon't rain on my parade when we pspring forward in a few weeks. povernight low tonight, starry pskies, going to be cold.
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pgoing to dip back in the 30s. pnobody is in danger of a freeze ptonight. pokay? pmaybe a little bit of pros in a pfew spots but no freeze. psaturday, seasonably cool, high ptemperature around 64 degrees. pone more day, north winds 15 to p20. ptoday caution flags are still up pbut after today, this secondary pfront coming through, things pstart to quiet down mostly on psunday. pwe have more of a northeast to pnorth wind at 10 knots and that pwill be better out at the pcoastal waters. p60 for tomorrow. p70 on sunday. pback to the mid 70s or what i pcall normal for tuesday but then panother front on wednesday gives pus a quick shower, knocks us pback in the 60s for thursday. pwe'll send vanessa. p>> i like the 76, 77 stuff. pyou get points for that. pi wish i had a little more to psay. pthere's not so much going on pthis morning. pveterans expressway, delay-free
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paverage of 60 miles an hour as pyou make your way towards gunn phighway heading north or south pbound, in between gunn highway pand hillsborough avenue. pit does look like railroad work pthat is going on through psaturday so you'll find detours peastbound along state road 60. pthis is chestnut street in pbetween fort harrison around and pmyrtle avenue. pyou can use drew street, even pcleveland street to the north. pthose will help you get around pthe detours and delays this pweekend. pno problems for anyone yet along pthe howard frankland bridge. plive look at the tampa side. pheadlights heading northbound. pstandard six minute trip between pfourth street and kennedy. p>>laura: all right. pthank you. pfirst it was the bad weather. pnow a technical difficulty. pspace x rocket launch was called por last night. pit was less than two minutes pfrom liftoff when the launch was pscrubbed. pthere were several issues with pthe temperature of its super pchilled liquid oxygen fuel.
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p>>russell: here is one. psea world admits it sent its own pworkers to infiltrate an animal prights group. pthe development comes months pafter peta accused sea world pemployee of trying to incite pviolence while posing as an panimal rights advocate. pthe company promised it won't phappen again. pthey won't say who authorized pthe infiltration. pat least one employee pretended pto be an activist is still pemployed by sea world. pcompany stock down 11% pyesterday. p>>laura: 6:20 now and florida phealth officials have confirmed pvirus. pthey are in miami dade and porange counties. pthat brings the statewide total pnow to 35. pof those cases, only four are pstill exhibiting symptoms paccording to the cdc. psymptoms associated with the pzika virus lasts between seven pand 10 days. p>>russell: a convict who pdisappeared from an ohio prison pcamp in 1959 and was found in pflorida just last year is soon
6:20 am
pfrank was once held at the ohio rison that was used to film the pshaw shank redemption. pyesterday he told the ohio arole board he's living a clean plife. phe'll never forget the fatal paccident that led to his arrest. phe was granted parole. phe'll get out of prison in papril. phe's 79 years old. p>>laura: in the past month, pwe've seen some perfect examples pof el nino's impact on florida pweather. p>>russell: later this hour, data p-- p>>laura: well, nasa. p>>russell: dave will chat with pnasa about the weather system pacross the u.s. lus it's time to pick our hot pclick of the week. pwe're going to show you the pnominees and you get to vote. pwe'll reveal the winner. giving people options based on their budget is pretty edgy... kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase.
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3 p>>laura: are you ready? p>>russell: yeah. pi think so. pyou know it's friday. pit means it's time to pick the phole click of the week. p>>laura: first we have the pfriendly little girl.
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pspread joy wherever she goes, pwaves and it doesn't stop there, peither. pshe gives hugs out, too. pin this case, she's in a grocery pstore. pher name is joey and she just is p16 months old. pi don't know if she could be any pcuter. pwatch this. pcutest hug you've ever seen. pmore than 45 million people have pwatched this video since the pbeginning of the month. p45 million. pthat just made her day. p>>russell: here we go with the pnext one. p>> she's really good patient, phuh? p>> yeah. p>> checking her ears? pbe careful. pgentle. p>>russell: well, that is nala. pshe's a very patient and gentle pgiant. pshe just sits patiently as this pyoung human goes through a
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pdoctor tools. pgood dog. p>>laura: so cute. pthen finally we have this video. pi don't know if you saw it on pmonday. pit shows a police canine having pa little fun. pcan't be all work and no play. pthis is max. pstate police posted this video pon facebook saying it's a little pwarmer today and a good chance pto clean all that winter grime poff your car if you can find a phelper. pso cute. p>>russell: all right. pnow it's time to vote. pgo to our website, pyou'll find the link on our home age. pfollow the link to watch the pvideos again or simply vote. pwe have results around 6:50. p>>laura: a plane grounded at st. ete clearwater airport after assengers hear a loud boom. p>>russell: and the f.a.a. is pinvestigating. pand this morning, america wakes pup to another deadly shooting pspree.
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pyou're ever in p>>dave: grab the jackets this pmorning. pa lot of us are in the 40s punless you're right at the coast pwhere you can see the mid to pupper 50s are still hanging paround. pthe further from the water you pgo, the cooler it is. pwe have 43 in brooksville. p41 in bartow. pbeautiful downtown bartow, ptemperatures are quite chilly pthis morning. phow is that for a start to the pday? pby the way, that little band of pclouds moving through is the pleading edge of cooler, drier pair. pbehind it, it gets breezy again pand even drier than it is right pnow, believe it or not. pi think with that northwest wind pkicking right back in again and pthe cooler air settling in, we pstill only make lower 60s for
6:30 am
ptime to check and see what's phappening on the roadways. pcourtney? p>>reporter: it's still quiet. prailroad construction will slow pyou down in pinellas county. panother accident reported along peast lake road at furloch road, pa little south of keystone. preports of a left lane blocked pand we're hearing delays pbuilding in the southbound pdirection. inellas county drivers, peastbound chestnut street, state proad 60 before fort harrison and pmyrtle avenue, detours with the prailroad construction taking lace through saturday so expect pdetours around there. pyou can also take cleveland pstreet as a couple of your palternates. p>>laura: a development on what olice are calling an assault pstyle rifle killed three people pand injured more than a dozen pothers at a factory in kansas. phe was shot and killed by the pfirst officer to arrive on the pscene. pthere were about 150 people in pthe factory when the shooting pbegan and this morning, that
6:31 am
pand he saved many lives. p>>russell: as the community pmourns, we're learning more pabout the shooter. pjen has an update on that. p>>jennifer: law enforcement pagencies have not identified the pgunman but his co-workers say pthey know exactly who he is. pthey have identified him as pdedrick ford. pthese are pictures from his pfacebook page. pemployee there. pit happened around 5:00 in the pevening when the gunman was in a pcar and shot the man in the pstreet in a nearby town. pa short time later, another erson was shot in the leg at an pintersection. pshooter stole a car that the psecond person was driving and pthen headed to the factory. pfirst officer to arrive was palone. pthat officer single handedly ptook down the shooter. pauthorities have not released pthe officer's name, only saying pthat he is a hero. p>> even though he took fire, he pwent inside of that place, saved pmultiple, multiple lives, a hero pas far as i'm concerned.
6:32 am
pthe shooting victims were in pcritical condition at area phospitals. pof course, we'll continue to pfollow this story as it pdevelops. pyou can stay with fox 13 for the platest. prussell? p>>russell: thanks. peven after news like that, paccording to the f.b.i., you phave a better chance of being pstruck and killed by lightning pthan you do being shot and pkilled by an active shooter. premember yesterday we showed you phow the hillsborough county psheriff's office trains for pthis? ptoday we're going to talk about pwhat you should do if you're pever in this situation. phillsborough county deputies ptraining on this state of the part simulator, in this case, an pactive shooter. p>> hands up! p>>russell: it's part of what pthey use to train deputies at pthe tactical training site in plithia. panother is tactical city. pas a training exercise, deputies pcan go from room to room to ursue a shooter. pbut what would you do if you pwere ever in this situation? p>> okay.
6:33 am
pthat's the easiest and best way. pget away. pcall 911, give us as much pdescriptive data information as pyou can because we're coming, pwe're coming as quick as we can, pwe're coming with as many pdeputies as it takes to stop pthat threat. p>>russell: but what if you can't pget away? plaw enforcement is at least pthree minutes away and the pgunman can do a lot of damage in pthree minutes. pyou hide. pget behind something. pwhen law enforcement arrives, do pwhat they tell you. p>> show me your hands! p>> it's important for citizens pto know, if you have an pencounter with law enforcement, pwe tell you to put your hands pup, put your hands up. pdon't back talk, put your hands pup. pdo what we tell to you do. pthat helps us in that process. pif i told you to put your hands pup and the first thing you do is pgo to your pocket, what am i pgoing to think? phe's going after something so pfollow the instructions of law penforcement. p>>russell: and finally, and this
6:34 am
pcan't hide and you have no palternative, fight. p>> before they talked about run pand hide. pget away and hide. pwell, now you're getting more pthan a fight part. plisten. pif you come down to that psituation, that scenario and pit's you or him, fight. pif you have to fight or you have pto lose, fight. p>>russell: the f.b.i. says that p60% of active shooter situations pare overwith by the time law penforcement arrives. psan bernardino, they were gone pby the time the authorities got pthere. pbut think of the damage that pthey did. pagain, you have a better chance pof being hit by lightning than pbeing shot right at the shooter. pbut you always have to ask, what pif? p>>laura: it is 6:34 now. pthere was another shooting spree pjust last week and an uber pdriver charged with killing six eople in mitch michlt lawyer pfor the family says that the man
6:35 am
pthe shooting and they don't have pany explanation. pdetectives say that jason dalton pconfessed to the killing. phe was denied bail earlier this pweek. p>>russell: back in december, a phusband and wife killed 14 eople in the worst terror pattack on u.s. soil since 9/11 pand earlier this month, apple pfls ordered to hack into an piphone used by one of the san pbernardino killers. pyesterday the company laid out pits legal defense. papple arguing that court order pviolates its constitutional prights. pjustice department wants apple pto write special code so that pthe f.b.i. can bypass the hone's lockout function. papple says the government force pa company to work for them and pthe company has said that the pgovernment's demand would make pall iphones less safe. p>>laura: security at this year's pstrawberry festival is a top riority more than any other pyear. pthere will be officers stationed pat every admission gate this pyear as well as some on horse pback patrolling parking lots and pthere will also be more security pcameras.
6:36 am
pwands to inspect guests at prandom. pthe organizers say increased psecurity is not a response to pany specific threat. pstrawberry festival runs from pmarch 3 to the 13th. p>>russell: another black eye for pallegiant. pa flight from st. pete pclearwater had to abort a ptakeoff after passengers say pthey heard a loud boom. pairport. assengers were delayed for pseveral hours, right? p>>reporter: they absolutely were pand the f.a.a. is investigating pthat aborted takeoff. pspeaking with passengers, they psay they heard a loud boom pcoming from the right side of pthe plane. ilots parked that aircraft. panother one came in and those assengers were able to take off pto kansas city about four or pfive hours after their intended ptakeoff. pi will say this is not the first ptime allegiant airlines has had pissues here at st. pete pclearwater international pairport. pin fact, the f.a.a. tells fox 13 pthey sent a written reprimand to pthe airline for another aborted planding in las vegas in august. pexperts have said that incident
6:37 am
pwith the elevator which is a art that creates the lift on pthe aircraft got stuck in the pupward position. pthe f.a.a.'s investigation prevealed improper maintenance pcaused that issue but the agency psays it has satisfied the same pissues from happening again. pthursday's flight had dozens of assengers on board. pit was leaving from st. pete pclearwater to kansas city. pallegiant said that the plane pinvolved in thursday's emergency pwill be inspected. pallegiant flies about 95% of the assengers here at the airport pand it's responsible for the precord 1.6 million passengers plast year. p but the airline has experienced pa series of highly publicized roblems. pin one month last year, the pairlines made two emergency plandings, one on june 17 for the pairline called a ressurizization issue and panother on june 8, a flight made pan emergency landing eight pminutes after taking off after
6:38 am
pwe spoke with passengers this pmorning before they caught a pflight with allegiant airlines. plisten in. p>> they all have their issues, pyou know, so we have flown with pdifferent companies and have pdifferent problems. pyeah. pi still fly allegiant. p>>russell: p>>reporter: that seems to be the pconsensus. pallegiant airlines maintain ptheir airlines are safe. pback to you. p>>russell: thank you. p>>laura: all right. pit was cold and then warm, then pbeautiful and then rainy. pnow it's cold again. pnext dave will show us what lies pahead on this weather prollercoaster. p>>russell: and we're going to
6:39 am
6:41 am
phow it's
6:42 am
pwe're starting to see slow ptraffic heading southbound, pexpect delays from fletcher, preally down to hillsborough pavenue. pgive yourself 12 minutes from pbearss avenue to i-4. inellas county, a slowdown east plake at furloch road, a little psouth of keystone. pthis wreck has reportedly been pmoved off to the side but still pcausing a minor delay through pthe area. prailroad crossing repairs, peastbound state road 60 at pchestnut street in between pharrison avenue and myrtle pavenue. pthose detours in place through psaturday. p>>dave: 6:42 here. pwhat a difference in ptemperatures. pthis is absolutely a result of pthe warmer waters in the gulf pand then onshore wind helping pthings out a little bit. pnew port richey is 56. p59 degrees in st. petersburg. p54 in tampa. pthen you go inland and it's pchilly stuff. pin fact, look at bartow's ptemperature at 41. pmost of us, especially way from
6:43 am
pall going to be tomorrow morning pso we do have cooler, drier air psettling in. plow to mid 40s along i-10. pwarmest we got is down over the pkeys and it's a little cooler pthan yesterday in central pflorida. psix to nine degrees cooler poverall. ponce you look at this map, this pis our dew point map that pmeasures the amount of surface pmoisture. pdew points in the summertime are pin the 70s, right? pmuggy stuff. pwe drop below 50 and it gets pvery comfortable, very pleasant poutside. pthey're 46 now. pit gets real dry and i mean bone pdry. pdew points running 30. pthat's what we have in ptallahassee. pthe reason i point this out is pbecause this is the type of pdrier air that is headed psoutheastward so during the day ptoday, we're going to continue pto get a push of somewhat pcooler, somewhat drier air on ptop of our already dry air mass. pwe're drying it out even further
6:44 am
pthis little band of clouds pthat's moving through right now, pbehind it the winds are going to ick up out of the northwest. pit will be breezy and it's going pto drag that drier air that we phave up in the northern part of pour state down right through. pyou may feel a little bit of a pdifference. pit's going to be hardly pnoticeable. pagain, just a few clouds. p but the net result will be that peven if you're starting in the pmid 50s or starting in the lower p40s, your high temps today are ponly going to make it back to pthe lower 60s and then when the psun goes down tonight, it's a pdramatic drop in temperatures ptomorrow. pi'll tell you one thing, though. pit's going to be a pretty pweekend. pit's going to be a beautiful pweekend, a cool one, especially pwith high pressure just panchoring itself on top of us pand what that will do is give us pthe quite chilly mornings, yet pmoderating temperatures during pthe afternoon. pso while we get lower 60s today, pwe may actually flirt with 70 by
6:45 am
pour next chance of rain actually pyou can see it here, doesn't pcome through until likely pwednesday time frame and right pnow, a lot of energy from that pwednesday storm system is going pto be much further north and -- pthan even the last one and that pwill lower the chance of strong pstorms. pi'm talking about something pthat's five, six, seven days paway. pwait until we get closer. pmostly sunny skies, we'll go 62 pfor a high temperature today. pbreezy, kind of cool. pdon't forget that sunrise in pjust a few minutes. pi do love when the sun comes up pbefore 7:00 in the morning. pit's always short lived. pwe turn the clocks forward in a pfew weeks and that puts it right pback to near 8:00 again. p42 tonight. pthat's going to be in the tampa parea. pas you go east, you go north, pyou're likely to get temps back pin the 30s. pwhile that may generate a little pfrost, we're not expecting any pwidespread freezes or anything plike that so that's good.
6:46 am
pand beautiful sunshine tomorrow pbut as much sunshine as we pmuster up, seasonably cool ptemperatures are going to reside. p64 for a high temperature for ptomorrow afternoon. pboating now, people have been pwaiting for a couple of days now pas that front has come through. pcan you wait one more? lease. pwe have caution flags up for pcoastal waters today. pif you go well offshore, it pbecomes small craft advisory. pthere's a little secondary push pof cooler air keeping it a bit pchoppy with north winds around p15 to 20 knots. pfor saturday, especially i think pfor sunday, things will get a plot better. pwe'll get back to more of a plight to moderate chop with seas prunning two feet. psunday being the better of the ptwo weekend days to do some pboating but get out there ptomorrow as well. plow tide coming up at 9:46 this pmorning. pour high tide, 3:52. pover the next seven days, you're pgoing to see once again, a nice pmoderating trend. pby the beginning of next week,
6:47 am
pback into the low, even mid 70s pwhich is, by the way, our normal pfor this time of year. ponce that front does come pthrough on wednesday, even if we pget just a few showers, it will pcool back off again by thursday. pour highs in the 60s. pwe just touched 6:47. pthis week we got an up close and ersonal look at how el nino is phaving an impact not only on pflorida's climate but truly the pentire country. pa very powerful storm caused pdestruction from the gulf coast pall the way up to new york. pnasa scientist george huff man pis at nasa's space flight center pin green belt, maryland this pmorning. pand you guys, george, good pmorning, by the way. pyou've been studying this el pnino from the start. pa record breaking one. pcan you talk my viewers through, pwhat it is that el nino is? psome think it's a storm but it's
6:48 am
pit's a pattern change, right? p>> absolutely. ptypical el nino starts as a slug pof warm water which works along pthe equatorial pacific. pwhen that happens, it warms up pthe atmosphere in different laces than usual in the tropics pand forces a jet stream out of pthe normal pattern. pthis causes a great deal of recipitation, including on the pwest coast of the u.s. p>>dave: one thing we typically psee with an el nino is that some pof the destructive storms and pthe heavy rainfall in pcalifornia. pnow, they're going through one pof the worst droughts they've pever had. phad this el nino so far lived up pto -- lived up to the true form pin helping california with their pdrought? p>> this particular el nino, pwhich is the strongest since the p1997-1998 event is more of a
6:49 am
ptime and so it's tended to send pmost of the rainfall to the pnorth, in northern california up pinto the state of washington and poregon. phowever, southern california has pgotten enough rain that, in pfact, they've gone to the pshort-term drought. pit's temporarily over there. phowever, the long term drought pis not over. pthe good news is that the snow ack in the sierra nevadas is pessentially on track to be pnormal this year which is the pfirst time in several years. p>>dave: i know that's good. pi mean, that's at least some pgood news. pwe don't want destruction but we pdo want to help out the drought psituation. pwe're out of time but we'll talk pto you again in the 9:00 hour of p"good day" so we look forward to pthat. pwe'll talk more questions. pokay? pthanks a lot. p>> okay. psee you then. p>>russell: thank you, dave. p>>laura: coming up, we're going pto reveal the hot click of the pweek. p>>russell: and some business
6:50 am
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6:53 am
pjoining us is lauren simonetti. pgood morning. p>>reporter: good morning. p>>russell: you. p>>reporter: oil up. pgas prices are cheap. pbecause of that, when we're ptalking about electric car pdeals, how do you sell an pelectric car when you can buy a ickup truck and fill it up and pit's no big deal? pchevrolet is gives a $1,000 pdiscount on a new plug-in car. pyou can only get the discounts pin 11 states. pflorida is not one of those pstates. pa lot of layoffs on the energy pcompanies on top of 18,000 it phad previously announced. pif you're keeping track of all pof these oil cuts in the energy pmarket, since 2014, the number p260,000 this year alone. p>>russell: wow. pwe'll talk later. pthank you. p>>reporter: thank you. p>>laura: have a good weekend.
6:54 am
pour sister network station f. pyou're not sure where to find pit, go to fox and plook for channel finder. p>>russell: we saved the best for plast. pcheck in with charley belcher. pyou okay? p>>laura: got me all choked up. p>>charley: a little water. pa little water. pyou have had a lot of coffee ptoday. pyou're just getting started. pthe morning is early. p>>russell: we're okay. pyou go. p>>charley: it got very quiet pthere. pyou know what it is this sunday, prussell rhodes. p>>russell: this sunday? pam i supposed to -- sunday pnight. pacademy awards. p>>charley: that's right. pi call them the academy awards. psince 2013 it is officially -- pare we having issues? p>>russell: we're good. pyou go. p>>laura: i'm sorry, charley. p>>charley: that's okay. pthat's all right. pi just don't know what's going pon, on tv. p>>russell: it's just you. p>>laura: it's all you all the ptime. p>>charley: this is my favorite ptime.
6:55 am
p>>russell: just enjoy it. p>>charley: it's called the poscars. pit's no long he were the academy pawards. pkentucky fried chicken gave up pand they said, fine. pwe'll just call ourselves tfc pand fed ex says, fine. pwe're not federal express. pwe're fed ex. pand russell rhodes, do you know phow oscar got its name? p>>russell: yes. psomebody won one, one time and psaid that looks like my uncle poscar. p>>charley: you're close. preally, there's no definitive panswer. pit's become legend. p but the most common legend is pthat the academy librarian and peventual executive director pthought it resembled her uncle poscar and said something and ptherefore, the academy started pcalling the award oscar.
6:56 am
pbut it is the -- cough again, plaura, because i lost my place. pit's called the academy award pmerit is the official name of poscar. pnow you know. pnow you know what you didn't pknow you needed to know. pi'm going to tell you something pfantastic this morning. pguys, i've got something really pcare to share with you. pwe're at the armed forces phistory museum in largo. pwe visit it every veterans day. pit's a fantastic place. ptoday they're having a flea pmarket from 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 .m. so you'd better get out phere this morning. peverything is going to be gone pthe way they have it priced. pthey're selling goggles and pboots and crates and a little pbit of everything and prices are pso slow and they're selling pbazookas that no longer work. pthey're selling these trucks and pit's a fundraiser for the museum pand wait until you see the rices. p>>russell: we have to do hot pclick of the week because psomething big has happened. p>>laura: thank you, charley.
6:57 am
pwe've never seen this before. pit's a tie. p38% to 38%. pwe have our friendly little girl pwho is just adorable. p>> you're a good patient, nala. pshe's a really good patient, phuh? p>> yes. p>>russell: we also have the huge pdog patient with its human pdoctor. pa tie. p>>laura: i love it. ps good. pyeah. pthat little girl, too, she just preminds me so much of emma at pthat age. psaying hello to the world. p>>russell: a local vet is paccused of dumping his pets on pan abandoned street and then ptaking off and he does it all pwhile in uniform. phis reason at 7:00. p>>laura: and then a local woman pwins $43 million in the lottery
6:58 am
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they're always on television.
7:00 am
3 3 wisely! 3 3 3 3 3 p>> i feel like i'm in a pnightmare and i can't believe pthe guy shot people up lived pright across the street from us. p>>laura: a deadly shooting pspree, why his motive may stay a pmystery. p>> what a debate it was last pnight in texas. pthe last debate before super ptuesday. pi'm in washington. pwe'll have the details just pahead. p>>russell: and cover girl


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