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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 7AM  FOX  February 26, 2016 7:00am-8:00am EST

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3 3 wisely! 3 3 3 3 3 p>> i feel like i'm in a pnightmare and i can't believe pthe guy shot people up lived pright across the street from us. p>>laura: a deadly shooting pspree, why his motive may stay a pmystery. p>> what a debate it was last pnight in texas. pthe last debate before super ptuesday. pi'm in washington. pwe'll have the details just pahead. p>>russell: and cover girl
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pcheryl tiegs slamming sports pillustrated for one of the pmodels they picked. pwe'll tell you why. plet's get right over to dave. p>>dave: what a pretty start to pthe day we have. pa cooler, drier air moving in pright now. plook how pretty. pyou can see the sun. pyou. pstop and look at this. pclear skies over in lakeland as pthe sun is just coming up over pthe horizon. pdon't get me wrong, it's chilly pfor the inland location. p45 in lakeland. p41 in bartow. p44 in wauchula. pa little warmer along the pcoastline. pmid to upper 50s and still the pcool air is settling in this pafternoon. phigh temperatures will be pcourtney? p>>russell: p>>reporter: we're starting to psee slow traffic along the pinterstates. p7:00, you can expect that this ptime of morning. plive look here at westbound i-4. pmoving toward the 275 pinterchange, it will cost you pnine minutes from dr. king pboulevard all the way to 275.
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pas well, expect delays from pehrlich past waters, easing up pavenue. pthat's 23 miles per hour. pas well as southbound 275 from pbearss avenue to i-4, that's pabout 28 miles an hour. p>>russell: we start this hour pwith a workplace shooting. pfour people dead, including the pgunman. phurt. pfox reporter has more. p>>reporter: a mass shooting in pheston, kansas started with a pcarjacking and moved on to a arking lot and a lawn mower ptowards a manufacturing company pcalled excel industries. p>> i know the shooter ersonally. phe was my partner. p>>reporter: co-workers say they pnever saw trouble. p>> he was a nice guy. pi worked with him on second pshift. phe was -- we hung out. peverything was ordinary. pi mean, yeah, didn't seem like pthis kind of guy. p>>reporter: a neighbor whose phusband works in the plant was pshaken.
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plived across the street from us. p>>reporter: the sheriff pexplained what happened in the lant. p>> inside the building, he shot pa total of 15 people. pfour were killed, including phimself, the shooter. plaw enforcement confronted the pshooter, gun fire was exchanged pbetween law enforcement and the pshooter and law enforcement shot pand killed the shooter. p>>reporter: again, the threat is pover because the shooter is pdead. pshot by a single police officer pwho ran toward the gun fire. pthat officer is already being pcalled a hero. p>> even though he took fire, he pwent inside that place and saved pmultiple, multiple lives. pa hero as far as i'm concerned. p>>reporter: the sheriff says he palso received a call from the pwhite house but released no pother details. pso far there is no word on a pmotive. p>>russell: police say the killer
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pthere's a chance the death toll pcould climb as well because five eople were shot and are still pin critical condition. pnew this morning, the search for pfour burglars in polk county. p>>laura: they broke into the psprint store off deer creek pconverse lane in davenport and pthey ran around for things to psteal but everything was in a psafe that they could not open. pa silver car was seen driving paround before the break-in. olice are searching for a erson of interest in the case. pif you can help, call crime pstoppers. p>>russell: deputy of the manatee pcounty sheriff's office has been pcharged with abandoning two padopted cats in a remote section pof the county, all while he was pon duty and in uniform. p30-year-old man resigned after phe was questioned by pinvestigators. phe adopted the cats in december pbut his daughter afters lerj i pcan to them. pa day later he dumped the cats
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plocation was known bought he pcommitted the act while he was pin his g.p.s. tracked squad car. pso far, just one of the cats has pbeen found. p>>laura: happening today in st. etersburg, the last pretrial phearing before the start of hulk phogan's trial against gawker pbegins. phe's suing the tabloid for pleaking a sex tape. pjury selection starts tuesday punless there's another delay. pthe case has dragged on for pyears. phogan wants $100 million. p>>russell: well, super tuesday pis next week. pthe republican race for resident may be down to two or pthree candidates after that. pdoug is in washington to tell us pabout another debate last night. p>> if do you know where donald ptrump would be right now? p>>reporter: there may have been pfive candidates on the stage but pthis is increasingly becoming a pthree man race for the prepublican nominee. pand marco rubio and ted cruz
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p>> he has to repeat himself five ptimes four weeks ago. p>> you repeated yourself so much pfive seconds ago. p>> donald, if you want to be pliked in washington, that's not pa good comment for a president. p>> this guy is a joke artist and pthis guy is a liar. pyou have a combination of pfactors. p>>reporter: and trump did have pto defend himself again and pagain. pquestions about releasing his ptax returns and his promise to pbuild a southern border wall and pforce mexico to foot the bill. pwhich through a response this pweek from mexico's former resident. p>> how are you going to make pthat pay for the wall? p>> i will and the wall just got p10 feet taller. pbelieve me. p>> okay. p>>russell: p>>reporter: at times it sfierled pout of control with exchanges pedging out john kasich and pneurosurgeon ben carson. p>> i promised governor kasich he
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p>> can somebody attack me, lease? p>>russell: the florida primary pis coming up in a few weeks, pmarch 15. pdonald trump still the man to pbeat. pin florida he gets 44% of the prepublican vote. psenator marco rubio is running a pted cruz third. pthe other two single digits. pthis morning, we also have a new plook at how the democrats are pfairing in florida. pit shows a huge lead among women ropels former secretary of pstate hillary clinton to a 59-33 psanders. p>>laura: as for the race for the pwhite house, as it heats up, so pdo preorders for bernie sanders' paction figure. pnew york based company has made pthese six inch prototypes for pthe vermont senator. ly ly wanted $15,000
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pthis year the quick starter is pcloser to $63,000. pif you need further convincing pabout why you need a bernie psanders' action figure, this pcommercial, which pays homage to pthe my buddy ads from the 1980s, pthey may open up your wallet. pthe same company has a hillary pclinton figure for sale, also lans to create some of the pg.o.p. candidates into toys. pelection season gets odder and podder by the minute. p>>russell: it's entertaining. pit is entertaining. p>>laura: that's one word for it. p>>russell: a woman writes a pletter to her boss about her ain. pcoming up, the reaction she did pnot expect. p>>laura: better late than never. pa 90-year-old woman became an pinstant millionaire. pshayla reaves is covering that pstory. p>>reporter: good morning to you. p90 years old and she's also a pwinner of a florida lottery pjackpot. pshe purchased a ticket right phere in seminole. pi'll have her story straight pahead. plet's check in with dave.
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pmake sure you have a jacket on, pfolks. pit's cool outside. pit's interesting. palong the coast, a little cloud pcover, 60 degrees from the psirata beach camera. plook at the difference. pas you go to lakeland, and it's p43 with clear skies so inland, pyou're much colder than along pthe coast. plooks like temperatures for the pmost part, low to mid 60s today.
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pbig warmup early next p>>dave: here is a look at the ptornado that hit the town of pwaverly, virginia the other day. pthis is cell phone video and you pcan see the twister in the pdistance as it tore eight to 10 pmile path of destruction. pit left four people dead and at
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pthe governor declaring a state pof emergency. pthis whole area, virginia, north pcarolina, it was well advertised pthat they had severe weather pcome in and problem is, you pdon't know exactly where these pstorms are going to touch down, pwhere the tornados touch down, phow strong they're going to be pwhen they do. pthey can jog either way by a few pmiles and it's out in the pcornfield, right? pthat's the problem with tornado pforecasting. pone positive is that through the pyears, at least through my pcareer, when i first started, we pwere able to give a minute or ptwo notice when a tornado is pcoming. pnow sometimes you can give 10 to p15 minutes' notice. pthe warning time is improving a pbit. plet's show you the beautiful pstart to the day that we have. psee these clouds coming through? pthere's not much to them but pthis is just the leading edge of peven drier air and it's settling
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pwe've had clouds along the pcoastline. pit's a mild start to the day palong the coast but then you go pinland and it's about 10, 15 pdegrees cooler so you've got pthicker, puffier jackets inland pthan along the coastline this pmorning. pthere are the clouds streaming pthrough the area so no doubt pit's going to be a pretty day. pwe're at 55 in tampa. plook at the difference. p43 in lakeland. plast check in zephyrhills was plike 39. paway from the water, definitely pcooler than it is right along pthe immediate coastline and pbehind the little secondary pfront will be cooler, drier air pwhich will continue throughout pthe day to just spill and spill pand spill. pand it could be like a subtle pdifference. pby the end of the day and povernight tonight, you'll pnotice, wow, it's a lot drier pthan it was this morning and pthis morning it's quite dry. pthe thing with drier air, here pit is coming in from the pnorthwest, by the way, it cools poff very, very quickly. pbut then it warms up quickly.
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pget back to the lower 6 0z, many pof us, tonight as high pressure pbuilds overhead and the winds pdie down, with all of that psignificant dry air in place, i pexpect temperatures to drop prapidly into the 30s and 40s ptomorrow morning. pnow, let's not get ahead of pourselves. p62 today, give or take a degree. ptonight tampa is at 42. pinland locations north might be pback to upper 30s. phowever, no significant freeze pis expected tonight so that's pgood news. pwall to wall sunshine for your psaturday. pthat chilly start. pdecently mild finish. pstill below normal with a high ptemperature around 64 degrees pfor tomorrow. pthe caution flags are still pflying for boated er rs today. pafter the low in the mid 40s, pback up to 70 degrees. pvery nice weather monday and ptuesday with a chance of shower pcoming through on wednesday.
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pcouple of days and then still pback to normal. p>> i like it slowly getting back pto normal. pwe're seeing the slow traffic pbuilding along the howard pfrankland bridge. pusual time of the morning you'll psee the delays on the tampa side pof the bridge, jumping travel ptime to seven or eight minutes pacross the bridge between fourth pstreet and kennedy. pnot too bad but it does slow pthrough the west shore area. pkeep this in mind today and ptomorrow through clearwater peastbound state road 60, that's pchestnut street. pit's blocked for railroad pcrossing repairs. pdetours are placed between fort psaturday. pthe rest of your travel times, pwe're in good shape along i-4 pwestbound. pit really doesn't look like it pslows down until you get a plittle closer to 275 but psouthbound 275, stop and go pright there from bearses to i-4. pthat's 17 minutes. p>>laura: all right. pthank you. plook at traffic in madeira, pcalifornia. pit's a pony trying to look like
7:17 am
pit was seen darting in and out pof traffic after escaping from a pchild's birthday party wednesday pnight. pit took a few hours to capture phim. phe's okay this morning. atience pays off. pa 90-year-old woman just won $43 pmillion playing the florida plotto. p>>russell: she chose the lump psum payment. pit's about half. pshayla reaves is at the winn pdixie in seminole where she pbought the winning ticket. pgood morning. p>>reporter: good morning to you pguys. pi can only imagine that feeling, pyou check the numbers and prealize this is actually real. pyou're a winner. pwell, that's what happened for p90-year-old ruby sara. pshe purchased the ticket in winn pdixie in seminole, florida. plottery officials tell us she pwon last week's florida lottery pjackpot. pthat was $43 million. pshe opted to take the lump sum pin this case so she's taken home
7:18 am
pthat's not too bad. pwell, officials say she was not pthe only person who won big. pthe store collected $100,000 pjust for selling the winning pticket. pit's unclear exactly what miss pruby plans to do with her pwinnings so we'll keep you osted if we learn anything pfurther, guys. pback to you. p>>russell: thank you. p>>laura: batman behind bars. pwhy police in gotham city pthrough the knight in jail. p>>jennifer: good morning. pif you look in your closet right pnow, chances are you have a row por maybe even a rack of shows. pyou probably never thought of it pbut there's a lot of power in pjust one of those pairs. pwhile most of us have a dozen pdifferent kinds, there's a lot pof people who don't have panything to protect their feet. pcoming up, i'll introduce you to phome town heros putting new pspring into the steps of so pmany. panother person putting spring in
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p>>charley: good day to you, pjennifer epstein. phave i got a flea market for you pguys. pvolunteer meeting just ended, pall the fine volunteers donating pservices to the armed forces phistory museum. pthey're here today to run the pflea market. pthere's already a line out the pdoor. p8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. ptoday and tomorrow they're pselling everything that they pcan't use here or like poverstock, if you will, that pdoesn't fit in the permanent pcollection. pthe prices are incredible. pthe merchandise is pone-of-a-kind. pit's just wait until i can tell
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pand tomorrow in largo. the new caramel macchiato from dunkin' donuts. let hand-crafted layers of espresso, milk, and a caramel-flavored swirl uplift your mood. indulge in a hot or iced macchiato today.
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oh-oh, oh-oh oh-oh, oh-oh, oh-oh-oh-ooh, oh hearts are made for sharing. spread some sweetness with dunkin' donuts' cookie dough and brownie batter donuts. heart-shaped happiness too sweet not to share. america runs on dunkin'. 3 ((laura- welcome back. the t p>>laura: welcome back. p7:2 p7:22 and quarterback menzel pcould be charged with abuse. p>>russell: a girlfriend has said phe threatened her.
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pone of her ears. pmisdemeanor charge is a maximum pof one year in jail and $4,000. phe was a first round draft pick pa few years ago for the pcleveland browns. phe's denying all the pallegations. p>>laura: the president can take pone more name off his list of ossible court nominees. pnevada governor sandavol does pnot want the job. phe did not give a reason but he psaid he's grateful for the precommendation he got from psenate minority leader harry preid. p52-year-old sandoval is former pfederal judge and second term pgovernor. phe's a republican. psome people think he could be a ossible candidate for vice resident. p>>russell: another day, another pcancellation for space x. rivate rocket maker was set pwith a broadcast satellite. pflight controllers called for an pabort. pengineers say it was due to ptechnical difficulties. pwhen they do get the rocket in pspace, space x will try to land pa discarded first stage booster pon an offshore barge.
7:24 am
pto do all of this. p>>laura: the caped crusader is pthe cuffed crusader. olice arrested a man dressed as pbatman in times square pwednesday. pthe 63-year-old woman visiting pfrom ireland took the picture pwith the performer but when she preached into her wallet for a ptip, she said the dark knight probbed a $50 bill and took off. pit only took a few moments for pofficers to take him into pcustody. pclearly he stood out. pthe performer has sued the city pfor wrong of the arrest twice. ponce as batman and another time pas spiderman. p>>russell: hawaii, the biggest pswells of the season left behind pdamage and a few scary memories pfor people living along the pbeaches. pwaves up to 70 feet slammed into pthe coastline knocking down ptrees and broken homes. p30 foot portion of a break on pthe north shore is also said to phave simply disappeared povernight due to high tides. pofficials say a stronger than pusual el nino is to blame for
7:25 am
pwe're really seeing that, aren't pwe, dave? p>>dave: we are. pdifferent parts of the world, it phas different impacts. pyou know, for us, cooler, wetter pthan normal with a chance of psevere weather. pthat's what we've had to deal pwith. pso i can't wait for it to end. p56 degrees with a pattern of pchange. pclearwater hilton beach camera, pnorth winds at 18 but you can psee it's pretty start to the pday. pnotice as you're heading into priver view, it's a lot cooler. pit's 50 degrees with the pnorthwest wind at eight. pnext few days, it's a steady pwarmup but the thing, the povernight lows for the next few pnights are going to be chilly so lan on 40s for lows, low to mid p60s for highs through saturday pand then sunday, a high back up pto around 70. pcourtney? p>>russell: all right. p>>reporter: we're seeing ptaillights here in the psouthbound direction at fowler pavenue. pbumper to bumper ride there as pyou make your way towards i-4. pit does start to thin out. pgive yourself 12 minutes from
7:26 am
pexpressway. pauthorities are on scene of a pwreck along lynn road heading psouthbound before gunn highway. pyou'll find delays there. pyou can see the very slow ptraffic as well along veterans pexpressway. pabout 21 miles per hour right pnow from gunn highway all the pway down to waters. p>>russell: coming up, a letter pwritten to a boss about pay. p>>laura: the entitled generation pfor a reason. erfect example. pairlines. palcides segui is covering that pstory. pgood morning. p>>reporter: good morning. pbusiness as usual here at pallegiant airlines. pthis a day after a flight was pforced to abort takeoff.
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3 (russell- welcome back to good day tampa p>>russell: welcome to "good pday." pit is just about 7:30. pmore problems this morning for pallegiant airlines. p>>laura: a pilot chose to abort pa takeoff at clearwater airport pafter passengers heard a loud pnoise and alcides segui is there pto tell us what will be pgood morning. p>>reporter: good morning to you. pthe f.a.a. is investigating and pso is allegiant airlines. pthat aircraft is parked and pthey'll be looking into why they pheard the loud boom coming from pthe engine. peither way, another aircraft pcame, took the passengers to pkansas city about four or five ptakeoff. pbut as you mentioned, this is pnot the first time allegiant pairlines has had an issue here. pin fact, the f.a.a. tells fox 13 pthey sent a written reprimand to pthe airline for another aboarded planding in las vegas in august. pthat incident could have been a
7:31 am
pwhich is the part that creates plift in the aircraft got stuck pin the upward position. pthe f.a.a.'s investigation prevealed improper maintenance pcaused that issue. pthe agency says it is satisfied pwith the changes the airline has pmade to prevent the same thing pfrom happening again. pbut again, thursday's flight had pdozens of passengers on board. pit was leading from st. pete pclearwater to kansas city. pallegiant tells fox 13 the plane pinvolved in thursday's emergency pwill be inspected. pthe airline has experienced a pseries of highly publicized roblems in one month last year, pthe airline made two emergency plandings. pon june 17 for what the airline pcalled a pressurization issue pand another on june 8 a flight pmade an emergency landing eight pminutes after taking off. pthere was smoke seen in the pcabin. pwe spoke with passengers earlier pthis morning before catching a pflight with allegiant airlines. pone person told me she had no
7:32 am
p>> i've been watching the news. p>>reporter: does that change pyour mind? p>> i wish i would have known pthis but no, i'll still get on pand go home. p>> a little worried but i feel pi'll make it fine. pthings happen from time to time. p>>reporter: allegiant is the pbusiest airlines here at st. ete clearwater international pairport with more than $ -- more pthan 1.6 million aircraft. p>>laura: smart pilot. phe did the best he could do pgiven the circumstance. pall right. pthank you. p>>russell: and this. pa family flying home to arizona phad a bad experience on board an pallegiant airlines flight. p7-year-old boy had an allergic preaction to a service dog on the lane. phe broke out hives, his sneezing pand coughing would not stop pafter moving to the rear of the
7:33 am
pafter a 90 minute delay, they pasked the family to get off the lane. peveryone started clapping. p>> it's not my fault because one pof them had a dog. pi'm not getting off this plane pwith my dog. pso if he didn't, we had to get poff the plane. p>>russell: what's making this peven tougher for the family is pthat the father, his dad, has pstage four throat cancer. pthey were on a bucket list trip pwith the dad because they don't psurvive. pallegiant is sorry but they made pthat decision after a pconversation with the physician. pthe family went on the next pflight. p>>laura: skp more security at pthe strawberry festival. pa guard is planned to be at pevery admission gate. psecurity guards can use hand pheld wands to use randomly. pthere's no specific threat.
7:34 am
pcautious. pfestival starts thursday in lant city. pit attracts about a half a pmillion people every year. pfollowing a number of deadly pshootings in st. petersburg. pchief of police, mayor kriseman pare set to announce new pinitiatives aimed at gun pviolence. pthe conference will take place pat 10:00 this morning. pnew community intervention pdirector will also be introduced pduring this address. pjust this past weekend, two pteenagers were injured after pshots were fired during a pbirthday party at the holiday pinn express on 54th avenue pnorth. pwe're going to have a look at psome moves the department plans pto take to keep us safe tonight pon fox 13 news. p>>russell: 7:34 right now. pa san francisco area woman who pwrote an open letter to her boss phas sparked a raging and olarizing debate about fair pwages for millennials. phere is walter with more on pthis. p>>walter: good morning to you. pwe first told you about this pstory last week. p25-year-old jay wrote an open pletter to her boss at yelp.
7:35 am
pshe is. pshe can't afford food, the pstudent debt she has. pshe can barely make rent and she pmates her job. pshe was making $12.25 an hour. pabout $8.15 after taxes and psurprisingly, just two hours pafter posting the letter, she pwas fired. pyelp c.e.o. says he has nothing pto do with that. pwhile some people have said that pthis is the typical spoiled pmillennia attitude, another pwoman, 29 years old, stephanie pwilliams, she criticized jay for pher concept of work ethic pdisplayed in the letter. pothers have defended her and say pthey need to give her more pmoney. pat one point, she targets her phealth care benefits saying, pi've got vision, dental, normal phealth insurance stuff and as pfar as i can tell, i don't have pto pay for any of it except pco-pays. p$20 to see the doctor or get an peye exam or to see a therapist por get medication. p20 bucks each is pretty neat if pspending $20 didn't determine
7:36 am
pget to work the next week. pthe criticism of millennials is pthey have a sense of pentitlement. pthat's why the reason why the ps.m.a. women's basketball coach phas chosen to retire at 55. pshe said kids are not as pcoachable as they once were. pshe's been echoed for 25 years pand that includes nine, 20 game pwinning seasons and seven trips pto the ncaa tournament. pshe said, quote, i see kids psometimes talking back to their pcoaches and it's like a way of plife. pjust being honest. prules and everything they get, pthey have not taken time to pappreciate. pi was happy to have a pscholarship. pkids nowadays are more concerned pabout when their next cost of pattendance check is. pit's a different world. pthe millennials are between 18 pand 34, about 77 million people. p26% of them still live at home. pmillennials are very tech savvy. ptop five brands are nike, apple, psamsung, sony and wal-mart. pone more thing, a recent survey
7:37 am
ptoo lazy to eat cereal. p40% of them skipped having a pbowl of cereal because they pconsider the cleanup an pinconvenience. pwhat do you think, jen? p>>jennifer: it's tough cleaning pout that bowl and that spoon. pwho has the time for that? ptime is 7:27. pyou know the saying, put your pbest leg forward, get a leg up. pyou have to start with the pheart. ptoday's home town heros prove pthat as they donate soles for psouls. pshe has been playing ball since pshe was a kid and can't imagine pher life without the game. p>> i love the game. pi've always had a passion for pit. p>>jennifer: they have more than pjust a passion for shooting phoops. pthey've got a heart for helping pothers. p>> we're so fortunate and then pwe have things that others don't phave maybe. pit's mind boggling. pit's hard to think about it. p>>jennifer: they teamed up with
7:38 am
pworld. pwho knows the importance of a pgod pair of sneakers than pbasketball players always on ptheir feet. p>> being on the court, being pable to run is amazing to me. p>> i have a lot of shoes. robably about 30. p>>jennifer: they hold shoe pdrives. psome players even donated their pold stuff. ptomorrow. p>>jennifer: no shoe is too worn. peach pair serves a purpose and pit's distributed, repaired or precycled. p>> they can go a long way, even pwhen you're finished with them. p>>jennifer: it's a simple thing, pdonating an old pair of shoes pbut it's made a big difference. pwant just for the people all pover the world who need them but pfor the guys and girls on the pgiving end, too. p>> it's not only for us as a pbasketball team but as a family pand also friends. p>>jennifer: it's a challenge pthey say they're happy to take pon. pthe same way they handle pcompetition on the court.
7:39 am
p>> one, two, three. p>> soles for souls. p>>jennifer: so far they've pcollected 162 pairs of shoes, pabout 20 singles and their shoe pdrive ends on march 10. pif you want to donate, drop off pthe sold sneakers, sandals, pboots, even a single shoe at the pflorida college campus gym. psome. pyou have like 60 pair. p>>jennifer: i will do that. p>>dave: i'd hold you to that. proad trip starts tonight as the plightning play against the new pjersey devils up in new jersey. pbruins sunday on boston, maple pleafs monday and they end the proad trip next thursday in pottawa. pthe buccaneers still haven't pcontract. pthey have two options before pmarch 9.
7:40 am
pthe franchise tag to keep him. pmartin made $2 million last year pwhile pitch second in rushing behind padrian peterson of the vikings. pfoam fan fest for the rays. layers and coaches will meet pfield. pyou can buy game tickets while pyou're there. p>>russell: thank you. pcoming up, where hollywood plegends are born. pthe oscars. pa look at who may win this psunday night. p>>laura: former sports pillustrated swimsuit model pcheryl tiegs stirs up pcontroversy. pwhy she thinks there's something pwrong with this year's cover pgirl.
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pback with a look p>>dave: good friday morning. pit's 7:44. pfriends over in hudson beach pcamera, pretty, huh? pnot too bad, either, as we get pthrough a little patch of clouds pthat move through there. pthe only thing is, it's still pgoing to be a bit brisk today pand the caution flags are still pflying in the coastal waters. pthat's my only concern. plake plakeland, which was clear a pminute ago, is mostly cloudy. pthat will not last long. pi'm talking about this little psecondary front, this cooler, pdrier air moving through and pit's moving through right now pand the only way you're going to pnotice is this. pthis little batch of clouds. pit's quickly going to move to pthe southeast and sunshine is pout for the rest of the day. pour temperatures are all -- i do pmean all over the place. pcrystal river, which by the way, pwas sitting at 50 degrees, it's pnow back to 46.
7:45 am
pthat i was just speaking about. ptampa, you're 55 right now. pit would not surprise me to pwatch temperatures drop over the pnext few hours as that cooler pair begins to settle in. pso we're now beginning to feel pthe impact of the secondary pfront moving in. pthe end result today is still pday. pfor this time of year, for those pof you who are here for spring ptraining, a vacation or pwhatever, our normal high is in pthe mid 70s. ptoday's highs forecast to be in pthe lower 60s. pso you do see obviously a huge pdifference. pnow, when you compare that to pnew york city's 39, we're okay. pso you have to look at the pbright side of things. pit is 38 degrees in tallahassee pright now. p40 in panama city. pwinds coming out of the pnorthwest. pthey're dragging in an even pcooler, drier air as the dew oints are going to go near 50, pback close to 30. pthat's a big difference. pthat will play to our overnight plows by allowing you to drop peven further.
7:46 am
pjust plan on a lot of sunshine pbut unownably cool air. p62 degrees for a high today. ptonight tampa drops to 42. pmaybe mid 40s along the coast pbut inland locations, you may pflirt with the 30s overnight but pnot freezing. pwe don't think it's going to be pa widespread freeze tonight. pmaybe a bit of a frost issue pinland. ptons of sunshine and then you go pseasonably cool tomorrow with a phigh of 64 degrees. pagain, both moving better ptomorrow and sunday and ptemperatures will be better by psunday for everybody. pback to normal by tuesday. panother chance of rain, pcourtney, is going to be on pwednesday. p>>reporter: thank you. pthe interstates, usually this ptime of more, very slow and pthat's what we're seeing along pi-4. pat this point, westbound is in retty good shape. pwest of 301 here at dr. king all pthe way to 275, that will cost pabout 10 minutes there heading pwestbound along i-4. pwest chase area, authorities are
7:47 am
plinebaugh avenue at radcliff pdrive. ptraffic is slowing down pwestbound. panother slow spot in pinellas pcounty. pauthorities working at u.s. 19. pno reports of roads blocked pthere but emergency vehicles are pon the scene. lan to burn a few extra minutes pthere as well. prest of the travel time, pretty pusual stuck here along 275 from pbearss avenue to i-4. p19 to 20 minutes through the pstretch. p>>laura: thank you. psports illustrated says that pthey want to empower women and pthat's why they have released pthree different covers for their pannual swimsuit issue featuring pronda rousey, ashley ram and phailey clauseen. pa former model is speaking out pagainst their chies choice to
7:48 am
ptiegs it is while graham is pbeautiful, big waistlines are punhealthy. pgraham said that she hates being pcalled plus sized. pshe wants people to love pthemselves no matter what shape por size they are. p>>russell: while the suspense is pbuilding in hollywood, academy pawards, oscars are given out psunday night. p>>russell: as the academy awards pmake their final preps on the pcoveted red carpet and in the pdolby theater, oscars will be a pnight to celebrate on this year. p>> it's the diversity issue. poscar hashtag has been trending psince the nominations came out pand that's really dominated this paward season. p>>reporter: expect chris rock to paddress the lack of diversity in pfilm. p>> he's going to make fun of it, phe's going to make jokes about pit.
7:49 am
pit will be humorous but biting phumor is the best way to pdescribe it. p>>reporter: in the best picture pcategory, it's a three film race pbetween spotlight, the revanant pand the housing market collapse pstory of the big shore. p>> we have to act now! p>> everything is so split up pthroughout the nominations and pthe guild awards, nobody really pknows. pthis is really a nail-biter this pyear. p>>reporter: in best acting pcategory, expect leonardo pdicaprio and bri larson to take phome oscar gold. pand in the supporting role, sty pstallone and alicia are expected pto have a good night. pand what most people may premember come monday morning is pwhat the stars wore to the show pas many will be dressed to pimpress. p>> the red carpet is a huge part pof oscars. pyou want to see how your pfavorite stars are dressed and
7:50 am
eople tune into. peven if they don't watch the pshow, sometimes people just pwatch the red carpet. p>>laura: you have seen a lot of pmovies on the list. p>>russell: still not all. pi haven't done that in a long ptime, seeing them all. pi've seen the revanant, west pshore. psaw spotlight twice. p>>laura: it looks really good. pi haven't seen you. p>>russell: makes you proud of pyour profession. p>>laura: old school journalism. pcharley, you've been on a pmission to watch all the movies pnominated, too. phow far along have you gotten? p>>charley: brooklyn i never saw pand the room. pi think those are -- p>>russell: me, neither. p>>charley: i saw everything pelse, though. pi think revanant is going to pwin. pi'll be watching. pi'll be watching. p>>russell: let us know, will pyou?
7:51 am
pmarket for a bargain and you plove the armed forces, you have pto go to the history museum in plargo. pthese trailers, 3 p$600. pthis truck right here, $5,500. pthat will go underwater for p$25,000. pthis was a dollar. pit was a general's. pi'll tell you all the new caramel macchiato from dunkin' donuts. let hand-crafted layers of espresso, milk, and a caramel-flavored swirl uplift your mood. indulge in a hot or iced macchiato today.
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7:54 am
p>>charley: "good day." pi'm charley belcher from largo pthis morning. pjust outside of the armed forces phistory museum. pin fact, it is on the other side pof the fence there. pit is hosting a flea market ptoday and tomorrow from 8:00 pa.m. to 3:00 p.m. pthese are things that are pdonated they can't use in the ermanent collection. pit's a fundraiser for education rograms. pbosley and brandt is a law firm pdevoted to servicing veterans. p>> we help veterans get pdisability benefits and other pthings. p>>charley: and you were drooling pover that vehicle there. p>> i am drooling.
7:55 am
p>>charley: it's only $5500. pthe price is the price and the pfirst come, first serve. pwhat are you going to do with pit? p>> advertising and whatever pelse. pwe'll pull it out for other eople who can find a good use pfor it, helping vets, too. p>>charley: you love supporting pthe cause. p>> absolutely. plove this museum. pwe've done a lot with it. pwe've helped veterans today. pwe are in the process of doing a resentation every month, talk pto them, give free advice how pthey can get health benefits. p>>charley: it's a partnership. p>> a lot of people help with pthis museum. p>>charley: it's important to phave a law firm like that pavailable for veterans. pso many issues. p>> they just need to know they phave options. pthere's help out there if you pneed it. p>>charley: that's the matching ptrailer right there that's only p$600.
7:56 am
pit looks like i'm going to end pup with it. p>>charley: you're going to need psomething that big to pull that panyway. p$6100 out the door. pit's for a good cause. pwhat's it going to take for me pto put that in your truck? p>> that is a steal. p>>charley: so are we on the precord you'll be purchasing pthese today? p>> i am. p>>charley: i'm going to hold you pto do that. pthose two things already gone. psee why you have to get here pearly? panother truck is selling for p$5,000. psmaller stuff is inside. pbazooksa for $200. pthey cannot fire. pare you guys ready to go in? phere we go. pfive, four, three, two, one, go! pbuy a bunch of stuff for a good pcause. pif you're interested at all, pyou'd better get down here. pwe just opened so from now until
7:57 am
pa.m. to 3:00 p.m. peverything in here is priced to pgo and look at this. pyou guys, the oscars, brad pitt pin the movie. pyou want brad pitt on your wall pat home? peverything must go. p>>russell: i kind of was pexpecting maybe a day after pthanksgiving rush right there. pthey weren't moving quite as pquickly. p>>laura: it's friday morning, ptaking it easy. p>>russell: i like it. psee you later. pconclude make you sick and one
7:58 am
p>>laura: trying t (music playing) i feel pretty (west side story) not every cake can be handcrafted in store by skilled decorators layered with fresh berries and frosted to perfection like our publix
7:59 am
it'll be remembered for all the right reasons. publix.
8:00 am
((russell sippy cup scandal. parents are concerned over pzip cup scandal parents pconcerned over mold growing in ptheir kids's cups. pit's gross, it's unhealthy. pnow company that makes these pcups is offering up a solution. p>> and hello sugar. opular cupcake company is about pto move into tampa. pimagine getting your cupcake pthrough an atm p>> yes. p>> from tampa bay's number one pnews station, this is good day ptampa bay. p>> hey everybody welcome i'm prussell rhodes. pi'm laura moody.k you for wake for waking up pwith this on this friday more pthan february 26th. pwe will send it over to dave for plook at the forecast several phours. pwe're still still a 54 at tampa pinternational.


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