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tv   FOX 13 600 News  FOX  February 26, 2016 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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florida has been without the death penalty for a month. executions on hold since it was ruled the process was unconstitutional. one defendant tried to skirt it by pleading guilty by getting life in prison. but the strategy may not work. >> reporter: he tried to plead fast. they put everything on hold. that was announced in court. this is on the heels of of the defendant saying he wanted to plead guilty to murdering his best friend and roommate. the crime was heinous. chars foster used a hatchet and tried to pawn items he stole from them. the state is seeking death. now it is on hold he wanted to
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court said, nope, you cannot do that this attorney said everyonery person deserves due process. >> libberty and justice for all, the best of the best and the worst of the worst. and mr. foster falls on that or where anyone falls on that continuum is not for us to decide, that's a judgment left to god. he is before the court ready to enter a plea, i understand the order of the court does not allow that. he wants to enter a plea under the laws that exist. judge. they want the sides to turning in the argumentings and reel based on the argument soon but jeff brown said it may surprise people that prosecutors are objecting to a guilty plea that give the defendant life in prison without parole but it's
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>> you don't want them to do that without parole. that's strange but remember, a lot of prosecutors believe in the death penalty and the punishment should be reserved for some and pay for their life for taking a life. >> keep in mind experts say that if they side with the defendant they will appeal it. expect more appeals and this to be tied up ins process for a while. we of course will continue to follow his and let you know how this plays out. some family members drove from kentucky thinking the deal would happen today. it didn't. a lot of stress and anguish for the families waiting for justice in the case. >> i know, gloria gomez reporting for us. thank you. you heard about dash cameras and body cameras to record police officers how about the gun cameras for the guns.
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is pointed at and has audio with it. the chief likes that technology. but the rank and file have some concerns. the chief is on a panel thinking through the down sides. but another technology caught his eye. it records. >> he got a pit purchase this company the makers of a gun mounted camera. >> if i had a camera it would be obstructed with it out. you get the first person point of view as the incident unfolds. >> the camera lets others know deadly force is in play and streams the sights and sounds to
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if it worked correctly, that has not been answered yet. the men and women have a concern. >> as far as that camera replacing the light we have no room whatsoever. >> five years ago the department issued the guns with the flashlights below the barrel after a canine officer was killed juggling devices. the cameras use the same mount so someone can watch what is going on. the police department needs technology that put as light and camera on deadly actions. >> now the union has no problem with another of the initiatives. he is putting dashboard cameras in the vehicles. the street unit and dui have the cameras. marco rubio is throwing everything he has at donald trump. he ripped him for being old and sweating on stage.
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wet his pants. okay let's bring in craig patrick. what he is thinking about saying that. >> this is clear. he is trying to take out donald trump, take him down. he knows that time is running out. and it is not going his way so he knows he has to change the game. and is he reading out the tweets and making fun of them picking on the fact he misspelled words and went on more from there. what he is doing is rolling in the mud with donald trump and playing his game. the danger is that you cannot out trump trump. others learned that marco rubio will give it a try this may get him attention and project strength0 to some people he is not afraid to take him on and willing to mix it up and in so doing he may get some votes from ted cruz. marco rubio knows at this point,
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and he is in trouble. this is why. take a look at the numbers in florida. this is the average. look at this. in the home state. he is up 20 points. marco rubio has nowhere to go at this point other than taking a drastic action to change the trajectory. this is just getting started between now and super tuesday. this could heat up even more with the insults. >> it seems like it. how is he spending to the debate. more after the debate. he is making fun of him. waving water and saying marco rubio chokes. drink s to much water. marco rubio, he is splashing it around. he will make some choking expressions. he calls him a little boy out of his league. it is getting silly and going perhaps off the tracks. with the back and north with
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risk of some people who are cut off moving to kasich or someone else but then marco rubio knows he has to shake it up. and trump has shifted his attacks away from ted cruz now % to marco rubio. it has turned into a fight and great school level stuff. but it has paid off for trump and the months reading -- leading up to this and marco rubio is giving it a try. now sunday night we'll bring in the experts and they will take us state by state through super tuesday not just the republican race, the to show you how it will play out and the biggest state of all. >> that will be sunday night at 8:30, he has been on with
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>> and drawn attention for it, too. imagine winning a 43 billon dollars -- $43 million jackpot and giving it away. that's what a couple did. ruby and her husband won the lotto drawing. they took the lump sum but instead of keeping it they split it among family members. neighbors say it could not have happened to a more deserving couple. >> it is god sent. heart warming. what will they do. he doesn't seem like he needs hardly anything. he keep as simple life. comes out. mows the lawn. that's about it. >> and the winners bought the ticket from a winn-dixie and the store received $100,000 for selling that ticket. and premature birth rates in florida are dropping slowly but they are dropping. a big thankss to the march of
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it kicked off the hillsborough campaign today to knock out prematurity and we filled the crowne plaza in west shore with supporters. and we're proud to say we're in our 31st year as a tv sponsor. and laura moody and i shared stories about why it is important to us inspiring our teams and walkers. great crowd. florida is 34th in premature birth. thats does not sound good that's down from we're going in the right direction. the march for babies is saturday, april 23rd at amalie arena. paul? >> good job out there today. the weather cooperated. we're variety ruledly cloud free and we could go the entire -- we're cloud free. chip carter is retiring.
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about this all week, 28 years and provided amazing -- amazing coverage. today bob buckhorn stopped about i to wish him a happy retirement it was chip carter day. a big day for us and for chip. and all through the news cast we'll celebrate his time here and a look back at his work and a message from friends and a few surprises, too.
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3 3 ((kelly--vo-)) they're cute when they're little... they're cute when they are little but some are giving up the pet pigs when they are too big, 40 pounds can be 200. very quickly. and the abandoned pigs are becoming a problem for rescue groups. >> say said bring them here. 16-year-old she took in a first rescue pig after one showed up at her animal shelter. now she is caring for more than 100. most of them were sold by breathers for top dollar only to
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the little piggys grew up. >> they're showing pictures of the pigs that are 2 and 3 days old saying look how tiny they are, they're going to stay tiny. and they don't, people are calling up the rescued. >> according to befferly there is no such thing as a micro pig they are selling the pot belly pigs and telling them to under.feed them in in order to stunt their growth, the ones that we have seen coming through the rescues or people post say look at my pig. she is 2 and weighs 15 pounds. >> to give you an item erred idea what the teacup pig will turn into this is penny. she is the average size at 225 pounds. , she fears there is no end. she and others across the
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yet breeders are charging more than $1000 in some cases for mini pigs, we call them greeders. why breed when the rescues are full that can be adopted. >> they don't stay tiny. they do make great pets as long as owners know what they are getting into. educate yourself before adopting any animal. , that's good advice. >> that's a good message for not only them but animals. we like puppies add kittens then they do grow up. >> and they are work. they are a loot of work. you have to focus on them. >> let's go to paul, paul it is great today. let's keep it this way. it will be cold and a touch of
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if you're at the beach and there are not a lot of people. it is cold and windy. stand here the temperature is 54 and the wind is blowing over the gulf. it will be cold. highs today. held in check a bit of a band of clouds going by today. that was a surge of cool air. the wind picked up and now we had highs only in the low 60s t is incredible when you think back to november add december. it was above average. there was one day before average. average. and this month, a dozen days below average. ole nino kicked in. we have to watch another front
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it impacts end in april. that plays out. in the mean time satellite and radar. not showing much. sliding well south of us we're cloud free now. 70 in miami. the same in fort lauderdale. 67 degrees in key west. the air is dry. the red flag warning and the risk of wildfires. the winds are strong now. they will subside later tonight many spots will go near calm. double nickels. dew point at 36. and a west northwest wind at 12. not a lot going on. we had the wild weather with the tornadoes in the southeast. the storms in virginia all the
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it is bee benign. lake effect snow places like chicago, cold and 32. buffalo. new york city is 34. 42 in tampa if you are watching us away from the water. 35 in brooksville a touch of frost in some spots. low 40s to the south. another chilly day despite almost wall to wall sunshine. and then struggling in the 50s. this will drift to the east. the high drifts to the east. more sun. when it comes. we'll get the return flow. clouds will come back. tuesday and wednesday. this front could have some
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it does not look like a severe event. we have seen the front not a big deal. a big ridge continues out in the west. tonight. we're clear and cold not a bad day. more sunshine. a chance of showers and cooler thursday and friday. chip, honor to throw it to you on your last forecast, be out with the dogs. >> the lightning look up a defenseman. and can you now say the season. i'm not sure they were going
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[music] great career. it has been great getting to know you.
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be covering the bucs3 all right. now baseball fever is kicking in. the first official day the rays are on the field, every position every player. session. chris archer throwing practice to tim beckham and starts the sequence. but then, he turns on and right here. i love the bat flip. he texted archer saying he would take him deep. bonding going on. i like it. >> it is nice to have the team. we'll work on the drills instead of doing our own thing. pitchers off to the side. >> it is just everyone gets
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they have been out here. it is like another day with some fundamentals thrown in. the lightning take on new jersey. bradden coburn will have a bit more motivation, i call it money know station. he gets the extension. he will be an unrestricted free agent. theres is a play they're had to be kept on the team. he is dependable. vital to the penalty kill. that it is a great fit for him and looking forward to the future. >> it is important to me. it was something that the team, i feel like we got something special going on, i wanted to be a part of hit. coaching staff and trainers. everyone. they are a-class people i wanted to be a part of that. >> bucs staff in indianapolis for the first field day of the combine. the two days they will be
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that's when the line backers and defensive backs go through. and the bucs have the ninth overall pick there are more players to evaluate than they had to. rule 1 for coaches is not to tip your hand. you cannot let them know who you want. but dirk koetter said that is getting tougher and tougher every year. >> and i think it is impossible to keep a secret. it is rough. we have a great game in the interest of the fans. everyone is interested. that's tough to keep secrets. all right. qualifying for atlanta, daytona 500 champion denny hamlin. he had a solid first run. he moves into the second round of qualifying. and the lastest lap by .2 of a second.
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to the next round of qualifying. atlanta is his home track. ryan blamey knocked him out. elliott will be 25th. that's on sunday. that is a surprise. , especially after that run. >> we're not done with you yet. we have some special things coming up. >> and at the end of the show cast. enjoy yourself. , i'm about to the green room. >> a couple more laps, you did a great job on the last sports cast, he did. more chip's goodbye next. >> i'm going to the green room. >> chip knows racing, he knows nascar.
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>> chip knows nas star. >> stars. >> he knows nascar. >> the commander in if you're going to say "better ingredients. better pizza." you better deliver. which is why i'm introducing our new papa's quality guarantee: love your pizza, or get another one, absolutely free. pget any large pizza up to 5-toppings pfor just $9.99. online only.
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3 ((mark--vo-)) a big backing for donald trump today .. new jersey governor chris christie endorsed the g-o-p presidential front- runner ... in last night's heated g-o-p debate.. florida senator marco rubio changed tactics and began to attack trump on a variety of fronts.. from his business background to his preparedness to lead the nation. trump went on the twitter attack against marco rubio today... and during a campaign stop... rubio read some of them to the crowd... listen. 3 runs:29oc:but i'm a choker.alright, next tweet. leet-weight choker marco rubio looks like a little boy on stage - not presidential material. he meant to say lightweight but he spelled it l-e-i-g-h-t so he got that wrong. rubio says: 1:43- 1:53"number one: that's how they spell those words at the wharton school of business that he went to (laughter) or number two: just like trump tower, he must have hired a
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he must have hired a foreign worker to do his own tweets. >> a big day of campaigning for bernie sanders and hillary clinton. and it marked the first in the south democratic primary and we have more from orangeburg, south carolina, watching the push. hello there. >> hello, mark. the candidates are here and criss-crossing the straits in the state to get last minute push and campaigning to pull out south carolina. >> you can count on me i will never let the republicans repeal the affordable care act. >> hitting the trail in south carolina on friday. stopping in restaurants. posing for selfies and moving on to a rally in georgia. >> i differ with my opponent who talks about free education for
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i am not going to ask you to contribute your tax dollars to send donald trump's youngest child to college. >> i want to focus on the middle class families, working families and door kids who deserve that. >> she is ahead in the pools in south carolina and appears focused on super tuesday. >> i need your help and the campaign and your help on tuesday. >> bernie sanders is busy campaigning, starting his friday in minnesota. >> she is a very good speaker i admit that but $225,000 toker a speech to goldman sachs you have to be really good. >> and keeping up the attack for her wall street connections. >> it may be a good idea to release the transcript of what you said to wall street. >> maybe what you said behind closed doors is a little bit different than what you are saying to the american people. >> she defended her speeches
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pledges for tougher regulations on wall street. she feels like she hit her stride in nevada. bernie sanders says he is still in the game. mark, back to you. >> thank. >> we'll see how it goes. well the president was in jacksonville today where he praised the economic recovery effort. he spoke at the a battery plant and extended the success of the economy and the reinvestment act of 2009. and the success of the act is credited to america's workers, assuring them the future is bright. >> anyone who says we are not better off today than seven years ago they're not leveling with you. they're not telling the truth. by every measure we are significantly better off.
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built with stim lose money at the time. we're leadershipping about the kansas man who opened fire at his work place, shooting 14 people, killing three. the shooter is cedric ford. he was shot and killed by the police a short time before the shooting started. he was served with a protection from abuse order while at work. they are filed because they are a violence in a relationship. ford left for a break and returned with a rifle and a pistol and opened fire. the local sheriff said the officer who shot him is a hero. >> understand there are probably 2 or 300 more people in that building while this is going on. shooting. he stopped because the officer stopped the shooter. >> he had several convictions in florida.
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burglary, grand flee. fleeing from an officer and carrying a concealed weapon all from broward and miami-dade counties. the death of justice scalia means the supreme court is split between liberal and conservative judges. a company is settling a lawsuit instead of taking it to the court. dow will pay 835 million-dollars to settle the lawsuit. and the company believes that the death of the justice decreased the chances of winning in the supreme court. the company was found liable of conspiring to fix prices by a jury and appealed to the supreme court. but now the makeup would give them an unfavorable outcome. they are settling the suit. >> a dodgy start to a planned ceasefire. who is excluded from that. and chip carter, tremendous, tremendous career.
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when i came here. you have been great for our community. great for the city. great for the sports world. i hope you have as much fun in your retirement endeavors as i have.
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you have been tremendous and (music playing) i feel pretty (west side story) not every cake can be handcrafted in store by skilled decorators layered with fresh berries and frosted to perfection like our publix bakery chantilly cake it'll be remembered for all the right reasons. publix. where shopping
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3 ((mark)) syria's five-year- old civil war coming to a ((kelly)) and syria's civil war coming to a halt in theory. >> a ceasefire is supposed to stop but the fight something raging on. we go to jerusalem with more. >> and heavy fighting in syria ahead of the scheduled
6:38 pm
social media will show smoke rising over cities hours before a truce in the civil war. the plan brokered by the u.s. and russia and agreed to by the government and rebel forces met with scepticism from nato ally turkey, we have concerns and the strikes and round operations. >> and the president acknowledges there is potential for difficulty but says the u.s. will do everything it can to keep the piece so all parties can focus on fighting isis. >> history will judge us harshly if we did not do our part trying to end this conflict. >> the deal will not stop the fighting in syria since they are not includes in the truce. the russian president says that his country will hit the
6:39 pm
t is only targeting the terror groups but officials say that russia is hitting forces battling the president's regime. his future remains a major point of conflict between washington and moscow. the syrian government said that he has a right to realate and raising concerns that the regime will use that as an excuse to keep attacking the rebel forces. >> the syrian branch of al-qaeda rejects the plan and is urging militants to ramp up the attacks. voters are heading to the polls in iran nearly 55 million iranians were eligible to vote in the parliamentary election. they are voting for the assembly of experts. and they choose or dismiss the leader.
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breeze and the nuclear deal with the west. and when we come back a former american idol winner is playing in the bay area tonight. where can you see david cook. >> when you look around arena this brings back all kinds of memories. i learned to skate about the time i learned to walk. and right here 5 stitches a kid went boom. this tooth here fake f i was not sleeping i was playing hockey. >> yes, i got my love of sports
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on virginia's waterfront, on virginia's waterfront, scientists make a surprising find. what they found and tell why you it mean so much, the discovery tonight on the 10:00 news. stocks closing a strong week on and following the drops in the stocks the dow falling today 57, nasdaq was up 8.
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here we go. weekend time. there is a lot going on. >> from stage to screen and let's take a look. >> i'm sorry the corpses have inconvenienced you. >> accepted. now get out. >> careful i outnumber you. >> in gods of egypt a mortal hero teams in an alliance the merciless god of darkness. he has plunged the once peaceful and prosperous empire into chaos and conflict t is up to beck to save the world. >> and the slopes, not this >> no. >> excuse me. >> hang on.
6:45 pm
>> i made new plans, new plans. >> what plans? >> i'm going ton a key jumper. >> and that's eddie the eagle. that's eddie edwards the jumper who charmed the world at the 1988 winter games. despite a nation counting him out his attitude takes him to a rather improbable showing. [music] >> disney invades amalie arena on saturday. minnie and mickey's doorway to magic leads the way to great moments. 25 contacts surprise and captivate at every turn. the show will start at 1:00. we make mistakes from the
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let's run for our lives. [music] baby we're criminal. >> that's david cook. he is playing in clearwater. it is part of the blast friday. can you get tickets on the web site and it marks the 100th anniversary of mortgageon plant hospital. and the rays players and coaches at tropicana field to meet with them. take photos with the fans t is free to get in. passes are $25 all that money goes to charity. it runs until 4 and ticket hold exercise get in at 10 a.m. that's a place you don't have to worry about the weather. >> that's true. >> 72 and perfect. speaking of the weather it will be delightful. we told chip to enjoy the weather with his dogs. >> and better on the outside and inside.
6:47 pm
love the view. early in the day to the east. venus showing up nicely as the morning star, as the day moves along. we're watching the clouds. that's a sign of another surge of weather down the peninsula right now. reinforcing cold front that kept the temperatures in check all day long. the high today a full dozen degrees below the average. we hit 262 and the low was chilly. the record high was 88 degrees set in 1971. we're back in the blue zone. they were in blue and blue average tomorrow. and above average, and it goes by the first couple of days. cold air moving down the peninsula. getting the fire pit going.
6:48 pm
30s and 40s. if places are calm north of tampa bay. don't be surprised. playing early golf or getting outside. back up to 60 to the south now add sebring. 55. >> and the winds subside later tonight. >> and one here and another high here. and giving us a guarantee of lots of sunshine. they will shift.
6:49 pm
watching the front show up for storms. lake effect snow not much. >> and 21. cold. 39. and 48. 39. that's chilly. we warm up nicely. and 5 are up near 70. and how about that. clear and cold. frost tonight. we're down to 42. sunshine a good day. cool. 62 on sunday. more sunshine. we are back to 71. 77. wednesday. >> thank you.
6:50 pm
putting it to a vote. why the council members should park around the city for free. while the rest of us have to play. >> and a hover board heist. this is even more popular. see you then. to learn how to dive you don't have to get wet. [ laughter ] >> this will be on tonight at what time. 1050. >> channel what? >> the best in the league at their position. now our photographer.
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[music] a friend of mine i don't know, i don't remember what year just started calling me chip out of the clear blue. the perfect tv moon. chip shot. >> same bed as before this time i'm teeing off first, okay, chip, whatever. >> i was going to be a writer. i was a english major. when i got into the business i didn't know anything. tampa was like 1982 i thought it looked great. day. they brought me along with jeff who works for the competition he was so good, so creative i
6:54 pm
me. we came down statement. >> when i came here we heard about the job that then andy hardy was a legend. to step in and follow that, it cool. >> the reaction from everyone has been incredible. we have gotten it everywhere we go and daytona which blows you away. and it is nice t is a privilege, granted. they appreciate the work you station. this is a legacy station. you go across the country add and people say you say wtvt, they say nice station, no horses in the newsroom. >> are you a boy or girl lightning bug, what is chip carter doing on the field? [music]
6:55 pm
that does not get said enough. >> , we are all here. look what we have, we have several presents but this, laurie and chris, my wife and son. >> this a surprise. and we're all just very happy that could you be with us. this is the jersey when you slid in. >> but are you just the consummate professional. are you so talented on tv. the viewers know this. we are in awe of your ability to ad lib. anything are you the best. >> i wish i looked like mark wilson. i had to come back early.
6:56 pm
>> we're going to miss you, we're family here. but we are going to keep in touch. we're excited for your future. we're so excited. you are looking forward to it. keep in touch we're really going to miss you. that. >> i tell everyone i wish they could come here and be with us during the commercial breaks because what you see is what we are here. i mean everyone is like they are. the thing about it. if we can turn a camera around there are so many talented people standing in the studio now on the other side of the camera. >> they think there is free cake. [ laughter ] >> which there was. >> but the producers and promotions department that made that and there are a lot of people standing behind the cameras that make it fun. denise came back. >> come in here. >> can i come in?
6:57 pm
jessica and the man that makes it work is the vp of news he puts together the group and because of that, we -- it is friends t is friends and family. that's going to be the toughest thing, i will miss that. >> and we have all made this obvious how much are you loved and i'm proud for you but i'm losing what is my best friend who my dinner partner. >> i know. >> it is. 7:15. >> hate to cut you off from your buddies and family and the sports department. the final 500 helmet. signed by jeff gordon. this was put together. >> my gosh. >> every driver. >> that is incredible. couple out brian and jeff and merissa kevin. these are the people who, you see brian it is unbelievable.
6:58 pm
>> that's -- that is impressive. >> unbelievable. we'll get a wrap in a bit. the music will start. >> and again i thank you for watching fox 13 t is not something that we ever take for granted it is something the group here the group behind the camera earns every day. and it mean as ton to us when you turn it on. i appreciate it. keep doing it. you will not find a better group of people anywhere. [ applause ] >> yeah, chip.
6:59 pm
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>> today on "tmz" -- harvey: louis tomlinson is going in one direction, custody court. >> louis tomlinson thinks brianna jungwirth, baby mama, is not allowing him access. he feels she's trying to get a big payday out of him. harvey: oldest trick in the book. . >> taking a chick home from the


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