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tv   FOX 13 600 News  WTVT  February 27, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm EST

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on the rim. >> joe: trying to get it sorted out who the foul is on. initially announced that it was verhoeven, would have been his fifth. instead it's humphrey, his third. tony parker. >> molly: in that last time-out johnny dawkins told his team defense first. who's the ball go going to, alford or hamilton. he said to lock down on that and defend the perimeter. it comes down to one round, win this round and win the game. >> steve: the play in the paint so critical at this stage of the game. now 1 or 2 consecutive stops could be the difference in salting the victory away. this number jumps out to me. 30 to 14 in the paint edge stanford cardinal. enough said.
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for 10 at the line. madison square garden once again, the home the one of the best conference tournaments, big east tournament march 9 through 12. streaming live on fox sports go, sponsored by jeep renegade. big east standings at this point, were you in cincinnati with xavier's thrilling win, not a bad atmosphere. >> steve: and no real chink in the armor when you look at chris mack's team. skill and quickness, perimeter offensive impact, solid along the base line with farr and reynolds and bluity. and the depth is what is impressive, employ that 1-3-1 zone. discome bob on you lats on -- discombobulates opponents. >> joe: base line levels it off to humphrey.
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inside of three minutes. >> steve: coach alford will be working on box-out responsibilities. even in the zone, it's important to check. put a body on some one, they don't get those second shots. marcus allen, pickens. >> joe: 9-0 stanford run to take 191-point lead. >> steve: -- 11-point run. >> steve: this is ideally how you want your team to perform holding the lead. the dribble penetration, draws defenders. and deliver it. bottom of the net, pickens the hot hand. >> joe: this lead matches the largest of the game for the cardinal.
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crowd. >> steve: he is maneuvering out of pace where he makes high percentage plays time and time again. >> joe: stanford has made 9 of the last 11 shots. to extend this lead. >> steve: they're going to wind it down, again. don't force. >> joe: on three. spins underneath, ducks in, banks it in. 24 for humphrey. >> steve: again, johnny dawkins playing with his hot hand, humphrey and pickens. >> joe: hamilton. >> steve: let the big dog eat. when you find a matchup you like, when you have a hot hand, milk it. off the glass. humphrey and pickens have taken 75% of the shots in the second
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and that's a wise offensive approach. >> joe: humphrey 12 for 14 from the field. two short of matching a career high. bottom line has been ucla has not been able to get a stop in crunch time. >> steve: second and third shot hurt them when the game is still in doubt. >> joe: rosco allen, putting it on ice. extending the lead to the game's largest, 14 with a minute left. holiday fouled, will shoot two. wloo a flurry from stanford down the stretch. >> steve: they're shooting now at a bigger rim. the circumference of the rim grows as you see the ball splash to the net over the course of the game. the confidence, the belief, the
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it's contagious. we talk about shooting woes or slump, is one tajous. but the hot hand becomes contagious as well. pep in the step. the joy returns, and the stanford team is playing with joy, with life. >> joe: like i start using extra hair gel after working with you, it rubs off on me. >> steve: you're the orchestrator, the quarterback. i stay in my lane, i know i'm working with one of the best. >> joe: verhoeven fouled out, good hand as he sat down. it would take a minor miracle from ucla in the 12-point game. bring allen in for the first time. stanford, 50 seconds away from getting its fourth win out of the last five games after losing four straight trying to make one last push towards the postseason
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we talked earlier about ucla relying heavily on alford and hamilton, knowing what they're going to get from those guys, the wondering who the third source is. there's been no consistency there. you see the numbers, proving that story. >> steve: while clearly they need more contributors offensively to step up, the real issue was defense and rebounding. stanford was able to control the paint which is the equivalent of the line of scrimmage in football. but in basketball, who controls the glass, the rim, the paint. in most casing there are exceptions dash in most chase cases there are exceptions. but you put teams in foul jeopardy. tough spot to inbound from, they turn it over. >> joe: noah allen goes base line. welsh tips it in.
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seconds and time-out. for coach alford. >> steve: if you're coach alford and ucla the key is to continue to improve with each practice and game opportunity. they'll go back and watch game film, trying to address the issues of the interior defense, president rebounding offensively, trying to sharpen their execution. but before you know it, they will be in the conference tournament. whether you're 5 and 25 or 25 and 5, on its ee about the the second opportunity, a reset, fresh snow when you go to vegas in the conference tournament. they're the type of team that can get the hot hand over a couple of days find themselves in the ncaa tournament as a result of winning the pac 12 conference tournament. that will not happen unless they shore up the deficiencies, or areas that are coming back to haunt them. we're seeing it with the boards and the defense.
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resume we just saw there, that a pac 12 tournament run, pac 12 tournament title probably will be coming the route for ucla to get into the tournament. they will 1b 5-14. 6-10 in conference play. so we are dangerously close, if not already there, to the point where it's going to be desperation going into vegas. tony parker, ucla. >> steve: that's why you yee it a that reset -- create that reset n my view the best part of the conference tournament, it gives everyone an opportunity, regardless of the struggles, to get that reset, get those 40 minutes and a chance to keep moving forward. only three times since coach wooden's first season 1948-1949 has ucla finished with a losing record in pac 12 play. they lost today, with a guarantee, would guarantee another, maybe the fourth. but not going away, they have it down to eight. 34 seconds left after christian sanders missed a pair of free throws.
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>> joe: stanford would move to 15-12, 8-8 in conference play if they hang on for a win, fourth win out of the last five. this is what the tournament resume looks like. credit for. >> steve: absolutely. trust me, the selection committee and their expertise and the way they pay attention
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for consideration when you look at strength of schedule, challenging themselves, and who did you beat. a quality win against top competition. and if there's ever been a year in pac 12 history, what used to be the pac-10, pac 8, where a team gets in with a .500 or losing record in league play, this will be the season. we've seen that in years past. as it's fouled and they step to the free-throw line, try to salt this victory away. because the depth and the mathematics of the pac 12 being so strong they will have teams with .500 or below records. still on the board. they can help themselves, guy doing well in the conference tournament. clearly you have to keep accumulate ing wins. take it out of the hands of the selection committee so you can sleep more peacefully on the eve
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in my view. right there with christmas eve, easter, hallow wean. as basketball coach, basketball player no, greater day than selection sunday. i was fortunate to participate in 15 of them as head coach and assistant. after a long season, knowing that you have an invitation to the greatest sporting event in the world. >> joe: first day or two of the tournament aren't bad either, those are like a holiday. you like it more now, right? >> steve: and the fact that everyone has a chance. there's that rebirth or hope. no matter the struggles that you have conference tournament or championship week, there's that glimmer of hope to make it happen. >> joe: donnie dawkins' team has that glimmer for the ncaa tournament. 24 from humphrey today, close to a double-double. he had nine boards as well.
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their fourth win out of the last five. stanford will they make a run towards the ncaa tournament? rolling right now, you finish for the trip to arizona next week, at arizona state, at arizona, can you imagine if they keep that get a win against the wildcats to finish the regular season having won 6 of the last 7 going to the conference tournament. fun to watch. for steve lavin and the rest of the crew, molly mcgrath working the floor for us, joe davis, wishing you a good evening from stanford. once again, the final score
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it's important that we community. >> right now tampa police showing a new side of life as an officer. chief eric ward is speaking only to fox on why they chose to share body camera footage on facebook. plus, the search for's manage baby girl taken by armed kidnappers is over. what authorities are saying
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month-old. >> i think if more people did that in this community it would be a better community. >> paying it forward by giving back. why some volunteers helping the homeless today say here hoping to help others just like them. >> announcer: from tampa bay's number one news station this is the fox 13 6:00 news. >> good evening i'm hayley heinz. >> and i'm lloyd source -- lloyd sowers, thank you for being with us tonight's. the newly release videoed from officer's body cameras. the video shows more than just cops chasing down suspects. in one clip an officer helps someone change a tire. in another clip an officer tosses a football around with kids in the neighborhood. tampa police tell us they posted the video to their facebook page in hopes of showing the public a different side of officerses daily lives. while the video does include some chase scenes and arrests the department says they wanted to show the community things they often don't see on the evening
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tampa police chief eric ward stopped by to explain further why his department decided to release these recordings. >> this is the point i was trying to make. the public only sees that negative news coverage of the law enforcement officers it's up to to us give them a total glimpse of what the law enforcement encounters on a daily basis. now each encounter with our citizens could change in a matter of split seconds. so we try to give the community an opportunity to see within seconds how a situation can turn very violent. >> this is the first time the department has released videos recorded on body cameras since 60 officers began wearing the devices last spring. tampa police and the university of south florida are wrapping up a year long study into the effectiveness of body cameras. the results are expected to come this summer and that should help the department determine whether to ask city leaders to purchase more of the devices. many of you may have received an amber alert on your phones today that's linked to case out of south florida where authorities
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just a short time agoer than deputies in fort lauderdale say two month-old girl was overnight by armed intruders. the mother and child were sleeping in their bedroom at the time. following a 9-1-1 call, deputies responded and began the search for the baby. just minutes ago broward county deputies tweeted that the baby was found alive and is at an orlando hospital right now. a person of interest in that case and the suspect's car were found in fort pierce. the investigation continues tonight. new at 6:00, hillsborough deputies are investigating a cockfighting ring. after they got a dip about that illegal activity today. deputies were called to lions avenue and dickie lane in litheia where animal services found several live and dead chickons a rural property off a dirt road. deputies say several people suspected in the ring ran from the property when they arrived. so far deputies have not made any arrests.
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tonight, three middle schoolgirls are in custody accused of thighing to poison their teacher. we have the alleged motive behind this strange attack. >> reporter: a judge sentenced three deltona middle schoolgirls to 21 days at the juvenile detention center after allegedly poisoning their teacher. >> reporter: the 12-year-old girls put crushed red pepper in their teacher's drink each now face felony charges. they were booked at the juvenile detention center yesterday. according to deputies the suspected ringleader didn't like that her teacher sent office. she was accused of stealing a laptop computer and dumping glue into another student's backpack. investigators say that student wanted to retaliate and grabbed some crushed red hot pepper from home. volusia county deputies say a second student distracted a teacher while the third student poured the pep enter the teacher's sewed a. i sbok that third student's parents they tell me she's a
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never been in trouble before. in fact, they tell me that their daughter was threatened by one of her classmates the one who got in trouble with the teacher, to pour the crushed red pepper into the teacher's drink. deputies say the teacher couldn't breath and eventually became sick from drinking the soda. once volusia county sheriff deputies got involved they arrested the three 12-year-old girls. those three 12-year-old girls will be back here in court next week. today in clearwater volunteers took on a very dirty job cleaning up thousands of pounds of garbage left behind in the hyde point area. the bulk of today's volunteers are residents in the safe harbor homeless shelter. their goal to pitch in to help keep their community beautiful. fox 13's kelly howen has their story. >> reporter: mattresses, cans, bottles, old tires, this is just some of the garbage safe harbor
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wooded areas and locks in the high point area. >> we got more baggage back. there pinellas county sheriff officers volunteered alongside more than 100 safe harbor residents to clean up the neighborhood. picking up thousands of pounds of illegally dumped trash and clearing out garbage left behind in homeless camps. by men and women who have chosen the street over the roof safe harbor offers. >> i'm going to go get some more people. >> reporter: lloyd funk and his finacee arrived at safe harbor five months ago after they both lost their jobs and had nowhere else to turn. he says safe harbor has helped him clean up, find a job, and get back on his feet. so when he heard about today's call for volunteers, he jumped at the opportunity to give back. >> i've had a drug problem in the past that's what led me to make bad decisions, bad mistakes.
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live that way. today i can do other things i don't have to use drugs as my escape. i can help others and that's my way of escaping myself. >> reporter: while cleaning up funk and volunteers came across plenty of drug and alcohol garbage. >> it has to be hard when you come across some of the paraphernalia you probably recognize? >> yeah, it doesn't bother me as much as it used. to it'sant trigger to make me want to use it's more of a deterrent to make sure i don't want to be in these woods. i don't want me and my fiance come back to safe harbor. >> funk says he's just two weeks away from saving up enough money to move out on his own. >> it's hard to go to a homeless shelter. >> reporter: for now he's happy to give back to the community that's helped him any way he can. in clearwater, kelly cowan, fox 13 news. pinellas county sheriff's office tells us
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remove more than 14,000 pounds of trash from 11 locations in the high point area of clearwater. democrats face-off in the south carolina primaries. >> we'll show you who's expected to come out on top and what republicans are doing ahead of supertuesday. hey, mike. >> hey, lloyd a little bit overall a pretty beautiful start to the weekend. i got details about a warmer second half of the weekend and how about a warmer workweek ahead.
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3 new at six - authorities in washington state.. new atings is authorities in washington state have identified the man who shot and killed his man on friday before turning the gun on himself. a coroner says 51-year-old david wayne campbell shot himself friday in front of police who tried for more than three hours to get him to surrender. authorities say campbell killed his wife, her two sons from a previous marriage and a fourth victim who hantz been named.
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able to escape the house and survive. the investigation continues tonight's. >> votedding is underway in the palmetto state today in the south carolina democratic primary. senator bernie sanders and hillary clinton hoping on to come out on top as voters there weigh in. >> fox's caroline shively is in the south carolina with the latest on the race. >> south carolina democrats head to the polls today as hillary clinton and bernie sanders face-off on a first in the south democratic primary. >> i sent to send a strong signal that south carolina is ready for change, ready for progress, ready to make a difference. >> reporter: hillary clinton is projected to do well today with most polls giving her at least a 20 point advantage. >> at a rally in texas this morning. bernie hand -- sandsers focusing on next week's contest and trying to gain
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losing to clinton in nevada. >> in nevada we came within supertuesday. >> voter turnout continues at record numbers for republicans but is far lower for the democrats compared to the 2008 and 2004 primaries. >> after today it's the big prize. supertuesday when 13 states go to the polls. in columbia, south carolina, i'm clarify line shively, fox news. just a -- clarify line shively. >> senator marco rubio and donald trump are trading barbs hoping to edge each other out in what could be the most decisive day yet. >> there's a lun nick north korea with nuclear weapons and some would say a lunatic trying to get a hold of nuclear weapons in america but that's different. >> i will address you know
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this guy has a fresh mouth, he's a very nasty guy and i actually thought that ted worse. i mean he's worse. our political editor. be sure to tune in for that tomorrow night right here on fox 13. >> still ahead just days i head of spring training now the tampa bay rays spending the day some of their biggest and their smallest fans. >> we've got a look inside the trop plus, mike's forecast when we come back. fire in the hole. >> a lot of gun for the money. i'm lloyd sowers a tampa gun maker talks about what's triggering record gun sales
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