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tv   FOX 13 1000 News  FOX  February 27, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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3 deputies say they found dozens >> deputies say they found dozens of zed and injured better right now at ten... o. >> right thousand at 10:00,
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fighting operation. >> thankfully a baby is found safe but the search is on for kidnappers. >> god bless america! >> hillary clinton celebrates her win in south carolina primary. now, all eyes are on super tuesday. >> you're watching fox 13 and the 10:00 news starts now. >> i'm rain lloyd sowers. >> i'm haley hinds. deputies made a bust on a cock fighting ring. evan lambert is live in ybor. have the deputies caught the ring yet? >> haley, not yet. they say it's an investigation that could take weeks.
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cruel and illegal cock fighting ring left behind. dozens of dead chickens and some alive but aggressive and caged. >> there's a lot we're still in the process of counting them at this point. >> deputies spent hours rang ling them. wrangling them. >> it was well set up, it looked like it was going to be more of an in depth thing at that time. it's just we got there early. >> reporter: deputies say neighbors tiched them off but neighbors say they watched dozens of cars drive onto the property. >> on rival arrival, deputies observed dozens of cars. many ran into the woods.
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several cars were towed and deputy questioned others pick being up their vehicles. hoping to get information on the ring leaders. and back live deputies say and afternoon mall services also says the surviving birds will have to be euthanized because they have either been pumped you up with too many steroids because they so aggressive and they will be euthanized. >> hillary clinton overwhelmingly beat bernie sanders. be ken >> voters in south carolina handing hillary clinton a solid vicity as the first in the south
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>> thank you so much south carolina! >> all polls had hillary clinton do very well in the palmetto state. welcome news acknowledge after losing this primary to barack obama in 2008. >> as we stand together there is no barrier too big to break and tomorrow this campaign goes national! >> the clinton campaign is now looking to harness this moment that started with her win in the nevada caucuses last saturday. senator bernie sanders didn't hold any rallies in south carolina today, instead focusing on super tuesday. >> if all of you go out to vote and you bring your friends and your neighbors and your co-workers we are going to win here in texas! >> the focus could stay on individual states but this campaign finally goes national np
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in columbia, south carolina, i'm caroline shively. >> fox's john roberts shows us how the race is turning nasty. >> that a guy with the worst spray stan in america is attacking me -- >> a sharp departure from his previous campaign style, marco rubio decides to fight fire with fire. >> this is a guy who attacked me yesterday because i was wearing makeup. so was he. he has the worst spray tan i've ever seen. he is a verily contingent us very litigious guy. he should sue whoever gave him the spray tan. >> this guy is a nasty guy. i thought ted cruz was a liar
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he has the biggest ears i've everybody seen because they were protecting him. i have never seen any human being sweat like this guy. >> reporter: with 595 delegates, 25% of the total up for grabs on super tuesday, the top republican candidates are battling hard to get the advantage. trump's problem with illegal workers in new york three decades ago, his hiring of foreign workers at mar a lago. >> if i didn't have a hostile judge in california, this case would have ended years ago. i believe he is spanish, which is fine. >> since rubio brought it up at the houston debate on thursday, they've been getting a lot of
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john roberts form news. >> the number of unmarried women is on the rise and the majority of women diswroibl vote eligible to vote will be single women, we'll take that up at 10:30. >> can ku klux klan rally in california, happened in anaheim, the klan had planned a small rally, violence broke out, three people were stabbed and 13 people arrested. witnesses say there was no police presence before the violence broke out. >> we have an update on a serious crash that happened last month in front of city hall in st. petersburg. police tell us the victim in that crash steve milliron died of his injuries. milliron was in hospice care
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crash when the driver of a chevy cruze hit him in a crosswalk. so far no charges have been filed. setting his garage on fire, it happened on a home in mazzette road in weeki wachee. the man had been doing welding work when it caught on fire. the man suffered smoke inhalation and had to be air lifted to the hospital. they remind anyone doing maintenance work to do tonight a well ventilated area and to have enough fire extinguishers around for safety. >> this man joshua thomas went into the quick pick chevron, on state road 60 in plant city, he had a mask and a gun but he didn't get any money and he left.
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they believe he also hit a polk city be convenience market on the way. >> in the state's python hunt, that story is slit they slithering towards mike. >> beautiful weather out today, beach. i mean it doesn't get a whole lot more gorgeous on that. details on how long this weather pattern continues before we see many coorm weather, coming up. >> marco rubio and ted cruz are nailing donald trump. >> if you haven't sheared of $200 million, you know where donald trump would be now? >> but rubio is getting hammered in his own state and cruz is losing evangelicals to trump.
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super tuesday and 3 ((lloyd )) developing tonight a happy ending to an amber alert.. >> developing tonight a happy ending to an amber alert. a two month old baby was snatched from her crib in the middle of the night has been found safe in orlando. but as fox's david williams reports, police are still searching for the armed kidnappers who took her. >> reporter: nearly 24 hours
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county got an unnerving call about a kidnapping. >> reported that an armed intruder took her daughter. canine was not able to get any results. >> this morning an amber alert was issued. investigators say the baby was kidnapped and may be in the company of 23-year-old stephanie augustin. found in fort pierce about 100 miles north from where the baby went missing. we learned this morning baby taranti was abandoned in orange county and is now in the hospital. david williams, fox 13 news. >> details about how the baby was found still have not been released. authorities are working to pin
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>> the python hunt, longest be snake, 15 feet long. brought in 106 of those invasive burmese python, between january and february. it won't control the population in the thousands it did bring awareness to the state's environmental concerns. finding things in the stomach contents, a faun, a dead bird, they sell up to $150 apiece. >> men and women needing a little bit of help to get back on their feet. safe harbor shelter in clearwater, pitched in to clean up the neighborhood. the volunteers cleaned up over 14,000 pounds of garbage.
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harbor volunteers have come together to take a bite out of grime and it's safe harbor's way of bringing bam to the community that's given them a second chance. >> i feel better about myself when i help other people so it's just something i try to do every day. and i think if more people did that in this community it would be a better community. >> since the more than 14 tons of trash, coming up at 11:00 we'll hear one volunteer's story how safe harbor helped him turn his life around. >> it helps when you have good weather. >> little on the chilly side but a lot of sunshine mike. snakes. >> still on that -- >> every word you were reading i'm thinking snake snake.
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meteorologist in its stomach, just a faun and a bird. >> you don't stand in the open field. >> run the other way mike. >> one guys said they jumped on the top of one of them to get him. >> oh, my goodness. mike you need help. >> i'll be in the weather office when you guys do that. you mentioned it was a little bit cool out there. this is pretty nice weather. check out this time lapse view from today. blue skies, plenty in the way of blue skies. sunshine not a woal lot cloud cover. february day, still in the winter, you still see occasionally temperatures topping out in the mid 60s. a little warm he than it was yesterday. look at that, a stung sunset it was today. almanac, low this morning of 43 that certainly was below
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chilly morning this morning, another chilly night tonight. what a difference the last two months has been versus the end of 2015. look at this. three days between november and december were below average. multiply that by ten and that's where we're at january and february. so a huge difference over just the last couple of months. as far as we go through the next five days though, we'll start to see those temperatures come a little bit closer to average. especially by tuesday and wednesday we may see the temperatures jump up a little bit. beyond that, cooling off a little bit. but i don't see any huge arctic outbreaks beyond that. and beyond mid march it's pretty hard to get a real cold air outbreak that late in the season. current temperatures, 52 in tample, 45 in brandon, pray down in wauchula, a wide are view,
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43 in gainesville, 45 in jastles. be jacksonville. miami and 63 in mayor marathon. as far as the rest of the country. not a whole lot of cold air. 60 in kansas city, that snake, it's -- it's causing me to cough now. 49 in minneapolis, 42 in d.c, that's pretty much the coldest country. not looking at a whole lot of cold air, that's why we'll see bit. high pressure in control, that's going to keep the clear skies over us in the day tomorrow. maybe a little bit more in the way of high clouds. here is how the futurecast plays out. more seasonal temperatures into the afternoon, then into tomorrow night and on into monday, little bit warmer for
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stays to the north, temperatures head above average because of that front back to the west, that next front with that the coldest air really, stays off to the north. late in the season to see the really chilly air make its way south. 45 tonight, another clear and cold night tonight. mostly sunny, a little bit more seasonable. partly sunny, a bit warmer. here is a look at your marine forecast, tomorrow, gulf temperatures 61 , your next low tide 11:16, high 5:18, i don't have a frog in my throat i have a python in my throat. 20% rain chances wednesday and friday. guys. >> all right mike. >> we need the snake wranglers. >> in the worst way. three people are under arrest
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>> they are 12-year-old girls. hear about the shock crime the punishment they got. >> a lot of gun for money. >> i'm lloyd sowers.
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3 three middle school students accused of poisoning a teacher's drink are locked up in volusia county. 3 the three 12-yea accused of poisoning a school teacher's drink are in jail today. >> spoke with one of the student's parents afterwards. >> sentenced middle school girls to 21 days at the juvenile detention center after allegedly poisoning their teacher. >> each now face felony charges. they were booked at the juvenile detention center yesterday. according to deputies the suspected ring leader didn't like that her teacher sent her
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she was accused of stealing a laptop and pouring glue into another girl's backpack. one distracted the teacher and the other poured the pepper into the teacher's soda. they told me their daughter was threat underred by one of the classmates, who got in trouble with the teacher to pour the crushed red pepper into the teacher's drink. the teacher eventually got sick from drinking the soda. >> the girls are charged with tampering with the consumer product and poisoning. this guy probably imagined
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turn style, but as you can see, that didn't happen.
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it's the first day of a ceasefire between the government and the u-s backed >> it's the first day of a ceasefire between the government and the u.s. backed rebels in syria. >> already a suicide car bomb has exploded in damascus. >> neither five years of civil war the ceasefire seems to be holding though there were reports of sporadic fighting earlier today. video was posted on social media, purportingly purportedly showing russian jets. the truce is not being observed. >> we knew at the beginning of this regime won't connect to the ceasefire.
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strikes are against i.s.i.s. or other terror groups. i.s.i.s. and the el nusra front are secluded from the truce. the -- are excluded from the truce. syrian president bashar al-assad's regime backed by russia will continue to astack opportunity guise they are en attacking rebel groups. syria's government says it has also stopped firing but there remains doubt the truce will hold or if it does it will only be short-lived not giving time for humanitarian aid to reach areas where people have been cut off from the help. still there was calm in places like idlib where just yesterday there was heavy and ferocious fighting under also in the suburbs of damascus where people
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lives some hoping for a future. >> translator: we're optimistic, five years have passed and we are hopeful for a rng diplomatic stlution. >> the u.n. en voy staffan de mistura, said laying the groundwork for hopefully something more long term. in jerusalem, john huddy fox news. >> hundreds of migrants are stranded. with no place to go, this comes after the balkan route announced a daily limit of migrants. this week, austria introduced stringent rules for migrants. outside austria's embassy in athens.
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belgium though. some residents are welcoming migrants with open arms. thousands of people in brussels urging their support, urging to let the refugees in. 10,000 syrian refugees will be let into the u.s. this year which has been opposed by more than thafl nation's half the nation's governors. >> shannon breen looksity impact single women have made often the white house. >> i think they are a voting block that we can expect the same on in 2016. >> the number of unmarried women is on the rise and for first time this fall the majority of women eligible to vote will be single. strongly in president obama's column when they favored him over gop nominee by 36
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>> there's no shortage of resources on the left geared towards attracting and appealing towards women. >> when it comes to what they view as the most important thing for the government, making sure jobs pay enough to live on followed by helping working families and middle class families. >> more and more we're seeing where the bottom line really comes down to how is your pocketbook being affected? >> among democrats unmarried women have consistently chosen bernie sanders who has made no secret of his plan to, quote, tax the wealthy, over hillary clinton. analysts warn the be candidates need to appeal directly to single women voters. >> paying their mortgages, having a better future.
10:33 pm
trying to convince unmarried female voters that the left's policies won't be a good thing for them in the long run. >> talking to them in terms that resonate with them on a personal emotional level. if you can do that you can go a long way with women voters. >> you may remember the obama campaign, julia, educated with a career and child but no discernible spouse. how the women could make it on their own, while the right noted that very dependence was the problem. in washington, shannon breen, fox news. >> one of the voters in the democratic primary in south carolina is 106 years old, donella wilson says she has never missed an election ever. she needed some help casting her ballot in south carolina, did it and said she voted for hillary clinton.
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important than my life. because it give more people life than me. >> wilson hopes she'll be around to see the first female president just like she saw the first black president in 2008. a texas woman is arrested after getting stuck in a chimney. 20-year-old lauren fox called 911 from inside the chimney when she doesn't move any further. she was stuck for two hours before she even called. emergency workers took two hours to remove the bricks. placed in the back of the sheriffs cruiser, tried to get into the home because she is cold. she is charged with criminal trespass. a paper warehouse in california goes up in flames, in bueno park. the building holds paper goods. the cause of that fire is still
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a man tries to avoid a $2.25 fare and ends up paying a higher price. they believes -- they think he was intoxicated. really. tried, really, miscalculated how to do that, gets tangled through bars, wiggled his way out and onto a car. he now faces a $300 fine. septa officials posted the video to twitter to show what not to do. >> sometimes diet and exercise can't he get rid of the get rid of the problem areas. >> can this machine really melt away the stubborn fat?
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body. but tightening those last couple of inches from your tummy or love handles can be tough if not impossible for some. >> you can train and train but it's hard to get those specific areas on the body. >> cynthia works out every day and still says she has stubborn areas. >> i target some areas but sometimes you need a little bit of extra help. >> today sophia is trying something that may help her achieve her goal. >> we have these four frames, i put them on the area that you want to remove the fat. sculpture. >> you're expected to melt away roughly 25 to 30% of the fat in your problem area. >> no surgery required, frad fda approved. >> laser actually passes through the skin and it has a high
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causes the fat to blow up. then your body's lymphatic system clears away the fat. >> one treatment takes 25 minutes. >> it's cold and hot, interesting sensation. if anybody has had electrolysis, it's cied in of like that. >> it's not meant to substitute a healthy diet. >> the question is does it work? here are before and after shots from sculpture, this is after six weeks and one laser treatment. as for sophia, nine weeks later she's happy with the result. her clothes are fitting better. fox 13 news. >> one treatment can run from 600 oto $6,000, while one
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patients, most will require a second one. >> we are days away from the first pitch of spring training. 2016 fan fest. kids took a run around the bases while getting high fives with the rays players. team members matt moore and alex cobb giving surprise calls to fans, families and friends. baseball clinics prizes and autograph sessions. >> time for baseball. >> we want to get baseball back here but 16,000 out at the stadium, not too bad. i think people were excited. they got the pitching i think we'll see better hitting. florida gators this team needs a win to stay on the bubble for march madness.
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3 the rays philosphy isn't changing... the >> well the rays philosophy isn't changing. the prieshtd priority starts with pitching and defense. they finished second to last in the american league, 250 runs less than toronto. that's right, 250 less. the rays don't have a chance to catch up to the jays. five new bats were acquired in the off season in offense, evan longoria, surrounding him with those type of people in the lineup will make him a bigger threat. >> it's tougher with the
10:46 pm
comes with a pretty impressive stat line when he's been healthy on the field. when he's feeling good, adding conger, pierce, brad logan are all pieces that at some point will be big complimentary pieces to the offense. it is about the players we have in place now that could potentially be one of the best offensive teams here in a while. >> well, there's some clarity now with kyle busch. he got pumped from the poem, busch's car failed inspection. nascar now says the amount that busch's rear tires were skewed, was illegal. now his brother kurt will lead the field.
10:47 pm
xfinity race, there was a big bought brewing between kyle and being brad keselowski. the hose gets caught if the wall, 58 lapse to go, laps to go. together. it doesn't bother busch though, he would lead 1 19 of the 163 lapse. first xfinity win in atlanta. >> it means a lot. it's taken a while but it certainly means a lot. at least i accomplished all the goals i had in racing. coming out here to do this today, beat kyle larson, he's really good here, checked off the list. >> well the gators at lsu needed
10:48 pm
first half, the tigers go on a tear. then turns right over lsu flexes their muscle there, drives hard to the hoop and blakeney, and spence simmons hits a double digit margin for the 27th consecutive game. right now they are trailing with about a minute to go. 'noles and note are dame in tallahassee, fsu gets really hot. beny bengy bell, 14 points, fsu
10:49 pm
led fsu with 20 points, 'noles snap a five game losing streak. senior day down in miami as the 12 ranked canes hosing hosting the final. then their defense takes over. clamps down on the card nat analysis, lsu was shut down. miex would score the final 12 months points in this game. lsu wins it 73-65. state basketball finals in lakeland, 84-70, to blanch eli and then largo's request has been denied. falls county representing this year.
10:50 pm
classic, palm beach gardens. alongside ricky fowler, the announcer calling him jimmy fowler instead acknowledge eventually they get his name right, no disrespect. third hole, fowler shoots a 74, falls five shots on the lead, adam cost with a lead, so far, his game in the water as well misses the green ends up in the drink after the drop. this is his third shot, where is right in the water. that's a rough way to end. quadruple bogey on the hole, there goes lead. par 317, scott is going to leave this one dry. watch this one. pin high. and that's going to sit up a
10:51 pm
scott rallies with 9 under, and tied with sergio garcia, for the lead.
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for 12 months. >> now your sky tower radar forecast with fox 13
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>> a gorgeous day out there today. check out some of the pictures we got from earlier, john dutton sent those in. hernando beach, sun splitting the trees off in the distance and check these out. couple of shots from michael glenin. , sky was on fire in dunedin. keep sending those pictures in and i'll show them on air as well. 66 in tampa, 70 in brandt, sick in wauchula, 63 in clearwater, 66 in new port richey. even beyond that it's hard to see us getting down too much
10:55 pm
the season. february temperatures, we've spent much of the month going back and forth, 94 we're in the below average temperatures you average it all out and we're sitting at about a degree and a quarter below average. it seems like it's been a whole lot colder but not abnormally behind that. couple of fronts, not a whole lot of rain with these are fronts. couple of days we were maybe the threat of storms, the bulk of the rain would be off to the north. a slight cool down as we head into the next weekend but not the whole outbreak. winds 41, north northeast at 5. 48 in wauchula, 48 in lakeland,
10:56 pm
in crystal river. there would be patchy are frost, inverness. wesley chapel, 38, that area that do see some patchy frost into the morning hours on sunday. tale of two as soon as really, low to mid 70s out there, winter in the morning and just a gorgeous gorgeous looking afternoon. so you recap that for tonight, chilly out there, bundle up if you have late or very early plans. mid 70s monday, upper 70s tuesday, 20 pens rain chance wednesday and another on friday. okay? >> mike thanks. there were plenty much pups to
10:57 pm
is because california has an overpongs of the dogs. the humane society says, they are adopted within days, the 1,000th chihuahua to receive a chance after moving to minnesota. bundle up. >> cold chihuahuas up there. >> if you can't beat him join him. >> chris christie gave his endorsement to donald trump yesterday, and now latest politician to give his endorsement to trump. >> how often do you leave the office on your lunch break? do you think you're being more productive by staying in? think again.
10:59 pm
11:00 pm
$. >> there's no doubt in my mind that america's best years can be ahead of us. >> hillary clinton wins by a huge margin in the south carolina primaries. what's ahead. >> if i can help others as a way of helping smieferl. myself. >> paying it forward, helping others like themselves. >> after two failed takeoffs, spacex tries again. >> good evening i'm haley hinds. >> and i'm lloyd sowers, thanks for being with us tonight.


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