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tv   FOX 13 1100 News  FOX  February 27, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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$. >> there's no doubt in my mind that america's best years can be ahead of us. >> hillary clinton wins by a huge margin in the south carolina primaries. what's ahead. >> if i can help others as a way of helping smieferl. myself. >> paying it forward, helping others like themselves. >> after two failed takeoffs, spacex tries again. >> good evening i'm haley hinds. >> and i'm lloyd sowers, thanks for being with us tonight.
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sanders have been neck and neck in the polls, nationally, but today there was a clear winner in the south carolina primary. clinton came out in front with 74% in south carolina. she had an overwhelming support from african american voters there, are sanders had 26%. this is clinton's third victory in the first four contests in the presidential campaign. hillary clinton says her campaign is going national. she already holds a large lead among superdelegates and party leaders and members of congress. she had a futuristic view of the united states. >> there's no doubt in my mind that america's best years have got to be ahead of us, we've got
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other up, lift each other up. >> meanwhile, bernie sanders congratulated clinton on her win but says he is ready to take on trump. he was campaigning in texas today, he says he can defeet donald trump if it's down to the two of them in the fall. he also says he wants to increase benefits for americans who need it most. >> what the american people are telling us is that they are sick and tire of establishment politics. they are sick and tired of establishment economics. they want a government which is going to represent all of us, not just the 1%. >> according to a recent poll by real clear politics hillary clinton is leading bernie sanders in texas by a large margin. >> as for the republicans, jabs are turning nasty. donald trump holds solid on his
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cruz and marco rubio in second place. bucs' and ohio governor john kasich are holding on. super tuesday. donald trump gets another big endorsement, this time from brewer. she says trump will secure our borders, dpeefned our defend our sovereignty. all the candidates are gearing up for super tuesday, 13 states and main samoa will cast their votes. >> we'll bring you final projections on sunday night. marco rubio is trying to move the needle his way by hammering donald trump about ted cruz is trying to connect with evangelical voters who have
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about what does it mean for florida? matt towery and scott goodman will help us make the calls 11:30 here on fox 13. >> deputies discover an elaborate cock fighting ring in hillsborough county. when deputies got there they fown an arena, cages and does of dead roosters. deputies weren't able to make any reachts because they say the participants ran away. >> upon rival arrival the units, dozens of people ran into the woods. >> animal services says the remaining chickens will be euthanized. very dirty job, cleaning up
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left behind in the high point area. the bulk of the residents acknowledge safe harbor homeless shelter. kelly cowan has the story. >> mattresses, cans, bottles, old tires. this is just some unfortunate garbage that volunteers pulled out. >> be pinellas pinl pin el ass county offered help. >> usually you'll find tarps sufficient like this, evening utensils. >> you want to start bagging here?
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>> after they both lost their jobs and had nowhere else to turn. he says safe harbor has helped him clean up and get back on his feet. when he heard about the calling for volunteers, he jumped at the chance. >> today i don't have to live that way, today i can do things not to have e-have drugs as reply escape, to help others, my way of helping myself. >> while cleaning up, they came across much drug paraphernalia. >> it's not a trigger it's more of a deterrent to make sure i don't want to be in these woods.
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fiancee leave safe harbor,. >> after going through a homeless shelter after never being in one. >> he's happy to give back to the community any way he can. in clearwater, fox 13 news. >> today's volunteers helped remove more than 14,000 pounds of trash from 11 loaks. >> will the third time be the charm? the forecast shows nearly perfect conditions. the launch window opposite from 6:36 to 8:00 o'clock. spacex will try too land a rocket from a platform in space, they will leave monday as a backup in case they have to
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>> how on do you feel, you have to leave your desk. >> if we miss our job we miss something. >> more and morp people are eating lunch at their desks these days. but your boss will not be impressed. we'll explain.
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3 how often do you go out of the office on your lunch break? >> well how often do you go out of the office on your lunch break? chance he are the s are, more and more professionals are eating while working. >> i'm not alone when it comes to this. eating while working.
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professionals eat their lunch at their desk and it's pretty normal. it even has a name, it's so-called desktop dining. eating has become less of a priority nowadays, that's because meetings have taken over. >> it's a self imposed problem. >> why are more and more people skipping lunch? it's time they're entitled to. >> definitely people are doing more and they feet the pressure to work during lunch. >> all to get it done but you may be putting your work at risk. >> just because you're working nonstop doesn't mean you're as productive as you could be. >> why don't you take obreak? >> because if we take a break, we could miss a sale. >> there's money in sales. >> uferl unfortunately the way we work today, if you are not working somebody else is.
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somebody else is eating lunch and working. >> if you are impressing the boss by not going out to lunch, think again. >> very few bosses are impressed just because somebody doesn't leave their desk. they would like to work smartly and productively and interacting, it is not something you achieve from eating at your desk. >> a little more expensive depending on when you go. disney world unveiled single day ticket prices. value period, september, during value day a ticket to magic kingdom will cost $105. big days will be $5 more.
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disneyland in california will also be adjusting their prices. green screen dining, just a few minutes ago. i had an excellent bagel, crumbs around, watch your step. >> don't step on a sesame seed. >> collect out the time lapse view, high level clouds working there. just absolutely gorgeous tonight. there. maybe a little bit on the cool side, but tomorrow we'll see those temperatures warm up just a little bit more. 43 the low this morning, well below average in that aspect but we'll see both of those start to come up. now a cool start to the day on sunday but temperatures by the middle of the week back into the mid to upper 70s, warmer air is on its way. 52 the current temperature. dew point, winds out of the west
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westchase, 45 already in be brandon, 45 in plant city, 41 in inverness, 41 in crystal river, 52 in venice, 52 in myakka city. mid 30s in the nature coast. low 40s as you head south and inland. mid to upper 40s, water temperature right now is in the low 60s. so that's going to keep the temperatures up just a bit. satellite high pressure the in control, higher clouds kind of stream in around the area. that's not necessarily going to be the case tomorrow but especially by monday, we'll start to see a little bit more of high clouds working on through. one front to our north starts sty off to the north. shower activity with this, most shower activity looks to dry up before it gets here so rain
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mark for wednesday. for tonight 45 another cool and clear night, seven-day forecast shows the warmth over the next few days, mid to upper 70s, 20% rain chance on sunday, a more 70% chance on friday. >> now you don't have to see this happen again, we'll check
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3 it's summer time practically all year here in >> >> it's practically summertime all year here in florida but for some other states, summertime means two things, take off the cover of the pool and pull out the slip and slide, that may be self explanatory but this guy may need some instruction, he takes a jump onto the grass -- not evenly the soft part. nope. it looks like he had fun though. >> it's going to be a ww wrest wrestler. ww is in his future. >> reporters noaa very well on live tv just about anything can happen right? that goes for this reporter who works at fox 13 in memphis.
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set to speak gln no way! >> could only get a few words out and the dog astacks him. this dog had been hang around, decided to steal the show. not a bite out of earl's leg, just nipping at his overcoat. at some point he took care of the four legged critter who attacked him. >> what's so great the dog knew he was in a live shot. >> the dog waited until he went live. >> i thought that dog was brought over by the competition right? >> at least the dog isn't screaming obscenities. >> stay that! >> this invention is a game-changer. when it comes to tie-dying, right? nissan has been working on self-parking cars.
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technology into chairs. clap your hands, the chairs go back where they belong. no messy board meetings. >> just do that with my laundry. in the drawer you go. that's fantastic. >> you could probably use that for a lot of different things around the house. they've got the vacuums, chairs, trash cans. that has got to be good. >> remember the clapper when you turned on your lights? that's the beginning of all this. the beginning. >> coming up in sports a furious finish for the florida gators at lsu. gators refused to quit but did they have enough to rally
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3 the rays got in >> well, rays got a quick practice in before heading up
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afternoon. kevin cash really got this team on a tight schedule because he knows the games are coming quickly. the rays also have some new rule changes to start with, starting with the new slide rule, those rolling block slides are no longer allowed. remember taking out mets reuben tehada. this is one i really like. managers and coaches will have just 30 seconds to visit to the mound and they are also trimming broadcast breaks by 20 seconds. last year's rules sped up the games by an average of 20 seconds. it's going to be a lot better. jake lorizi tells us it's a change for the better. >> people going out there just
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really find a problem with that because usually if you have to talk something more than 30 seconds something isn't going good anyways. if you go out there to talk to slow the game down i think it's trying to eliminate that. >> led by 1, six minutes in the first half then the tigers go on a stare. antonio, then florida's going to turn it over right there, lsu flexes hard right there their muscles. look who's hustling back there. double digit mark by ben gibson, scoring ten points in the final, 45 seconds for florida, they could be done, they lose to lsu 96 to 91.
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notre dame in tallahassee. picks up a loose ball, big first half, fsu scores the most points in the first half, number 23, notre dame, 77 to 56. so fsu breaks a five five game losing streak. >> before we go deny the ceremony of the academy awards. leonardo dicaprio is expected to
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>> that's going to do it for fox 13 news. >> have a good night. realtime closed captioning provided by
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