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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 6AM  FOX  February 28, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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3 3 hillary clinton posts a big win in sout p>> anjuli: hillary clinton osts a big win in psouth carolina, but bernie psanders says the race isn't over pyet. pall the candidates turn towards psuper tuesday. p>> alcides: on her first day on pthe skrob, a police officer is pshot is killed. pthe latest out of virginia it pmorning. p>> anjuli: an untore seeable pblessing. pa true love story right out of ptampa hospital. pit's 6:00 a.m. on this sunday pmorning.
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p>> alcides: it's sunday. pi'm alcides segui. pjim is in for lindsay milbourne. pwhat's it looking like, jim? p>> i was getting scared for a pmoment, but let's keep it pmoving. pwe're sunday, and it's another pgood-looking day for today. pwe have the high pressure and ptalked about that yesterday and pworked across the southeast. pbasically sitting on top of the pstate. pa few high clouds passing pthrough the area where that high ressure is, notice all those pcalm winds. pwe have clear skies and calm pwinds across the northern part pof the state. pwe know what happens when you pget that situation. pvery cold temperatures. pseeing the 30s once again across pthe northern part of the state. pnot too bad here in tampa at 49 pdegrees. psarasota at 48 and pst. petersburg at 54 degrees. pas we go through the day, we see pthe warming trend for today. pwe see the temperatures prebounding nicely into the upper p60s, low 70s. lenty of sun, and we're going
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pover the next several days. pwe have a couple of weak cold pfronts that could bring a couple pof showers through the week. pwe talk about that in a little pbit. p>> alcides: thanks, jim. pit wasn't just a win but a pdecisive win for hillary clinton pin south carolina. p>> anjuli: her campaign looking pat the primary results this pmorning as an indicator of how pshe may fare across multiple psouthern contests on super ptuesday. pwith 100% reporting, clinton pcommanded 73.5% of the vote from psouth carolina. psanders only received 26 and pdidn't win in any county. pclinton has wins in three of the pfirst four contests like donald ptrump and the republican field. p it looks as if the results pshow strength among minority pvoters. pexit polls indicated pafrican-american voters paccounted for more than 60% of pthe vote in south carolina. pthat same voting block will be pkey in southern super tuesday pstates like georgia, arkansas,
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p>> alcides: the focus shifting ptowards super tuesday. ptexas is the crown jewel with pthe most delegates at stake for prepublican and democratic arties. pit's also considered a must-win pstate for ted cruz who needs panother win to slow down donald ptrump. p12 other states will also be pheading out to either vote on pthe primary or the caucus. phillary clinton and bernie psanders will be fighting for the p865 democratic delegates. pin the meantime 661 delegates pwill be allocated for the prepublicans. pmany of which donald trump feels pconfident that he will get. p>> you know, little marco rubio, pthis guy is going around going pcrazy. phe's number 2 or 3 in florida, phe's a senator. phe's 22 points behind. pif he ran in florida today for pan office, he couldn't run for pdogcatcher. phe wouldn't be elected. phe wouldn't be elected. phe's unelectable.
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pin florida on march 15th. p>> alcides: senators ted cruz pand marco rubio are turning up pto the pressure on donald trump pto release tax returns. pmarco's campaign released artial returns. pdemocrats and some republicans pcriticized the limited release. prubio says it shows the family's ptax rates are in line with the prates paid by americans of psimilar income levels. pcruz released four years worth pof latest tax returns on top of phis returns for the proceeding pfive years he made public pearlier. pcruz called on tufrp to follow psuit saying he owes it to the pamerican people as a candidate. ptrump will keep his returns punder wraps until his irs audits pare done. pthe irs says trump is free to prelease the information if he pwants to. p>> alcides: to a developing pstory out of virginia. pa police officer who was sworn pin on friday is dead this pmorning.
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pfollowing a shooting in a pwashington, d.c. suburb. pofficer ashley guindon lost her plife during what's believed to pbe her first shift with the pforce. pincredible. pshe's a graduate of embree priddle university at daytona pbeach and served in the u.s. pmarine corps reserves. pthe two surviving officers are precovering but no word yet on ptheir condition. p>> i did hear cops yelling, and pat wunt one point the cop yells pon the microphone, he has phostages and they started to pbust in the door. pwhat's going on? pthen a cop comes and starting to pyelling get inside. pso we run inside. pwe hear that it was some pdomestic violence. pthe husband had shot the wife. pstretcher. pthey put her in the ambulance. pso hopefully they're okay. p>> alcides: the suspect in the pshooting was not hurt but is in pcustody. phe was a military serviceman and
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pin court today. pthe suspect's identity has not pbeen released. p here at home hillsborough pcounty deputies are trying to ptrack down the ringleader of an pillegal and elaborate pcockfighting ring this morning. pneighbors called in the tip to pthe sheriff's office after pseeing dozens of cars drive on pthe property off of lyons pavenue. pthey found an arena, cages and pdozens of dead roosters. psome were still alive and pcorralled by animal services. pdeputies could not make any parrests because the participants pbolted. p>> upon arrival the units pobserved multiple trucks exiting pabandoned the vehicles. pabout a dozen or so ran into the pwoods. p>> sadly the surviving chickens phave been to euthanized. p>> alcides: a plant city man is pdead after drowning in a pond on
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pthere were two men aboard a boat pwhen it capsized 50 feet from pthe shoreline. pthe other man got to safety and ptell a neighbor to call police pbut did not have time to rescue pthe other person. phillsborough deputies are able pto retrieve the body yesterday pafternoon. p>> anjuli: an investigation pcontinues into how a baby girl pwas kidnapped in fort lauderdale pand ended up in an order phospital. pthat clield is safe this morpg, pbut the 2-month-old was taken pfrom her home on friday night by parmed intruders. pthe mother and child were psleeping in the bedroom at the ptime. pthe baby was found last night in pan orlando hospital. pa person of interest is in the pcase and the suspect's car were pfound in fort pierce. p>> alcides: it was a big pcleanup day in pinellas county. pmore than 100 residents of the psafe harbor shelter in pclearwater cleared more than p14,000 pounds of garbage from psites around the high point parea. pthis is the third year
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pcounty sheriff's department have pcome together to participate. pit's their way to give back to pthe community that's given them pa second chance. p>> i feel better about myself pwhen i help other people. pso it just is something i try to pdo every day. pi think if more people did that pin this community, it would be a pbetter community. p>> alcides: since the program's pinception, safe hour bar pvolunteers have collected and pdeposed of more than 14 tons of ptrash. p>> anjuli: an armed robbery psuspect is in the hands of phillsborough county deputies pthis morning. pjoshua thomas is suspected to ptry to shop a convenience store. phe wore a ski mask and had a gun pbut didn't get any money. pafter the failed attempt thomas pran away, but they were able to pcatch up with him. pit's believed he held up a polk pcounty circle-k earlier that psame day. p>> alcides: an injured hernando pcounty man is recovering this
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pset fire to his garage. phe was welding his car whether pit caught fire. phernando county fire rescue was pable to contain the flames, and, pof course, they remained peveryone working out there to pmake sure that the area is pwell-ventilated and have a fire pextinguisher nearby. p still ahead, the state pdepartment is racing towards a pdeadline this morning as they pget ready to release another pround of hillary clinton's pe-mails. pwhy they say these may contain psome of the most sensitive pinformation. p>> anjuli: plus, the big pquestion this oscar sunday. pwill leo finally go home with an pacademy award? pwe'll tackle that and show you pwho is up for the lesser known pcategories when we come back. pyesterday and again today. pwe're looking for a fantastic pday. pwe have warmer temperatures and lenty of sun. pas you look outside you see a pfew clouds off in the distance pand temperatures are on the cool pside here in tampa this morning.
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pcrystal river 36 degrees. pwe're heading towards the 70s pfor today, and we continue that pwarming trend as we go through pthe week. pthe forecast is ahead. look, i know you're a cow and all. and you may not know what i'm talking about, but, uh. the yogurt made from
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the state department has been working p>> anjuli: the state department pis working tirelessly throughout pthe weekend as they release pthousands more of the hillary pclinton's work-related e-mails pas secretary of state. p>> alcides: they're working phard.
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pthey've released 93% of pclinton's e-mails on her private pserver. pthe final 7% may contain the pmost complex and sensitive pinformation because they pcontained information from pmultiple intelligence agencies. p>> i'm aware that there are, in pfact, still conversations taking lace between the various parts pof the interagency talking about psome of the e-mails that are pongoing, but we hope to resolve pthem by monday. p>> alcides: the state pdepartment blew past a similar pdeadline last month, but if preleased on time, these e-mails pwould come just a day before psuper tuesday, something clinton pherself says she's not too pworried about. p>> anjuli: 13 people are under parrest this morning after a pviolent brawl during a ku klux pklan rally in southern pcalifornia. pit was holding an panti-immigration protest in
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pauthorities say that it spread pacross an entire city block. pone of three stabbing victims pwas sent to the hospital in pcritical condition. phe's been upgraded to stable. p>> alcides: a security flaw is pblamed this morning for allows phackers to break into the puniversity of california pberkeley system. pthe financial data of 80,000 pstudents, staff and alumni may phave been compromised. pthey say there's no evidence pthat any information has been pstolen. p the time right now is 6:14 pthis morning. plooking at the temperature poutside, 49 degrees. pstill a little chilly out there. p>> anjuli: better off than pyesterday. p>> jim: a few degrees warmer, pbut it will warm up nicely ptoday. pthe high pressure shifts to the peast and brings the winds paround. pthat's all it's going to take to pwarm it up this time of year. ptalk about some weather pheadlines. pwe've got that warmer weather pthat's going to work in over the pnext several days. peach day we add a little bit pmore onto that temperature
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p70 it is 70s by the time we get pin the middle of the week. pwe have a couple of cold fronts pacross the state this week, with peach front we have a 20% chance pof showers as these fronts tend pto weaken as they move into the pstate. pbehind that we have a slight pcooldown for next weekend, but pnot like what we're doing right pnow. pjust a couple of degrees, so not pa big deal. pwe see these temperatures pstaying mild through the week. pright now as we said 49 degrees poutside and dew point at 41 and phumidity at 74% and currently pthe winds are out of the pnortheast at 6 miles per hour, pbut their net progress or in pthat transition stage of turning pmore towards an easterly pdirection. pwesley chapel is 44, up in pbrooksville at 37, crystal river pthe cool spot right now at 36 pdegrees. pst. petersburg, downtown pst. petersburg 354 degrees, down pin braeden denton at 49. pacross the state still cool
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art of the state because that phigh pressure is situated or pcentered right over the anhandle with mainly clear pwhat you see. pyou see those temperatures preally getting pretty chilly as pall that warm air basically goes pright back up into space. pyou see all the calm winds with pthat high situated right over pthe northern part of the state, pbut notice our winds starting to pturn more towards the north and pthe east. pthere's the high right now. pa few scattered clouds passing pthrough the area throughout the pmorning hours, but we get to lenty of sun through the pafternoon and really it stays pvery quiet across not only the psoutheast but even as you head pto the north, really not much pgoing on. pwe have a cold front well to the pnorth bringing a few snow flurry pflurries across canada and maybe pextreme northern part of maine pover towards minnesota and pnorth dakota seeing a couple of psnowshowers as well.
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pthat will continue to move to pthe east. ptemperatures, they warm up as we pgo through the week. pwe have one front that tries to pmove down over us, maybe a pcouple of showers as kro the pnorthern part of the state. pthat will tend to washout, and pwe have yet another front pheading into the southeast. pmost of that cold air will stay pto the north. pwe see a couple of showers pheading our way as we get into pfriday with that front. pso our forecast for today goes plike this. pjust some scattered clouds and pdaytime high of 72 degrees. pthen for tonight mainly clear pskies, overnight low of 45. panother good-looking day for ptomorrow, plenty of sun. pdaylight high of 75 degrees. pon the water winds are out of pthe north at ten knots and a plight chom chop on the boy. phere's your seven-day forecast, pdaytime highs warming up into pthe mid and upper 70s. pa couple of showers heading our pway on wednesday and once again
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pback to you. p>> alcides: thank you, jim. reparations are in full swing pfor the oscars tonight. pthe ceremony bringing big names pin the industry altogether under pone roof. pthis year all eyes are on, you pgot it, lennard onardo dicaprio. phe's been nominated for an oscar pfive times but has never won. phe's expected to win best actor pfor his performance in "the prevenant." p>> anjuli: he's incredible in pit. p>> alcides: it's set to get punderway at 8:30 tonight. p>> anjuli: while it mainly precognizes the achievements in pfilm. pthese are other category ies categories. p>> reporter: most of the focus pis on acting and best picture pnominees, but many below the pline honorees are deserving of precognition.
6:19 am
pnumber 3 for the movie "youth" pand says the honor is a bit pstrange. p[ music ] p>> i'm from the classical music pworld, and i got invited into pthis film. pi have to say, it's one of the pmost exciting things that's ever phappened to me. pthe attention. eople love music in movies and pmusic is really important in pmovies and people get very pattached to it and passionate pabout it and it's really pexciting to be part of it. p[ music ] p>> reporter: his competition pincluding lady gaga's "until it phappens to you" jay rofl's manta pray and the weeknd's earned it pfrom 50 shade of gray and pspectre. playning is an accomplished pmusician, but most people have pnever heard of lange until now. p>> i've done a lot of work in
6:20 am
phave a pulitzer prize and run a pmusic festival called banging on pa can. pi'm used to working in public pand write opera and do fun pthings. pthe interesting things about pmovie is the audience is pgigantic and the potential paudience is everyone on earth. p>> reporter: win or lose on psunday, david will forever known pas an academy award nominee, and pif that brings more attention to phis work, all the better. p>> one of the weird things about pmy field is that everyone thinks pthat classical music is made by eople who have been dead for p200 years. pi'm not dead yet! pso it's a very nice thought that eople in the world will learn pabout me. p>> reporter: in hollywood, adam phousley, fox news. p>> anjuli: coming up, he's a
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pcould the end be near for pbroncos quarterback peyton pmanning? p>> alcides: a record-breaking pshot you have to see how stephen pcurry led his team to victory plast night. p>> anjuli: having a birthday ptoday? pyou're in good company. phere's a look at famous faces pthat share your big take. pmuch more "good day" after the
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3 in the battle for second
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p>> alcides: in sports this pmorning the usf women's pbasketball team came out on top pagainst temple. pthey were without the phigh-scoring freshman led by 12 pentering the fourth quarter and pled by double figures the rest pof the way. pthe 21st ranked team heads to pconnecticut where they play the pundefeated you uconn huskies. p>> anjuli: we're mere days away pfrom the first pitch of spring ptraining baseball, but rays fans pgot a head start on the season pat 2016 fan fest. pkids took a run around the bases pand while getting high-fives pfrom favorite rays players, pthere was reading with the rays pwhere they could listen to pstories led by team members. pmatt moore and ail becks cobb pwere among the rays giving psurprise calls to fans' families pand friends. pthat's cute. pthere were prizes and autograph psessions. p>> alcides: a lot of fun. p later this afternoon sprint pcup drivers start their engines
6:25 am
pquiktrip 500 at the atlanta pmotor speedway. pkurt busch will start on the ole after his brother's time pwas thrown out because his car pfailed inspection. p>> finally, kyle busch going to pwin at atlanta motor speedway pback to the line he delivers. p>> alcides: that didn't stop phim from winning yesterday's pxfinity series. phe won for the first time at palant. phe led 119 of 163 laps. pin his last 15 starts in the pxfinity series, he entered pvictory lane seven times. p if you want to catch today's prace it's right here on fox 13 pat 1:00. pfox sports will begin the live pcoverage from atlanta. p they have a time-out. pdecide not to use it. pcurry way downtown, bang, bang! pwhat a shot from curry! p>> anjuli: did you see this plast night?
6:26 am
pin the game, golden state pwarriors stephen curry hits his p12th and most important pthree-pointer of the game pagainst the oklahoma city pthunder. phe launched it from 38 feet away pto give the warriors 121-118 povertime win. pthe bucket tied an nba record pfor three-pointers in a game. pcurry had 46 points in total. pgood for him. p>> alcides: the guy's a baller. p if you like peyton manning phe's one step closer to riding a pbronco off in the sunset. pmultiple sources report that the p39-year-old quarterback will pannounce his retirement later pthis week. pif he goes, he goes out with a ptwo-time super bowl champion, pthe most recent, of course, that pgame right there earlier this pmonth when they beat the anthers in super bowl 50. pa bronco spokesman says manning phas not made his final decision pas of yet. phe's meeting with the team psometime later this week. p still to come on "good day," pwe tell you the details on a
6:27 am
pyour doctor asking if you have pany guns. p>> anjuli: heading down i-4 -- pthe price of going down i-4 and pgoing to disneyworld is going pup. pwe'll tell you how much it will pcost you to visit the magic pkingdom this year. p>> anjuli: p>> jim: it is a pgorgeous-looking morning. pthis looks just amazing as you plook outside. plook at the colors in the sky pwith some scattered clouds poverhead. pwe see plenty of sun for ptomorrow. pthese temperatures warming up pnicely into the afternoon. pwe head back up into the 70s for ptoday. pby the time we're in the middle pof the week, we see daytime
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3 good morning. thank you for joining us this sunday for good day tampa bay. i'm alcides segui.. and i'm anjuli davis.. we'll get your forecast with jim in a minute.. but first, a quick check on the headlines this half hour. 3 in montana this morning.. the search is on for a 4-year old girl.. who has reportedly been abducted near an indian reservation in the north east corner of the state.. local deputies say "maci lilley" was p>> anjuli: they say macy lilly pwas reported missing around p9:positive last night. olice have detained a man for pquestioning. pvarious local and federal law penforcement agencies are articipating in the search for pher. p>> alcides: this comes just a pday after a baby girl who was pkidnapped from a fort lauderdale phome was found safe in an porlando hospital. pthey say the 2-month-old and her pmother were sleeping in the pbedroom at the time of the pabduction.
6:31 am
pcase and the suspect's car were pfound in fort pierce. pdeputies are still pinvestigating. p>> anjuli: in other headlines, residential knd hillary clinton pcame out on top last night in psouth carolina. pshe beat out bernie sanders 73% pto 26%. psouth carolina has 53 delegates pup for grabs and clinton got 39 pof them. pboth camps and the republicans pturn their focus towards super ptuesday. p>> jim: this weekend has been preally, really nice. pa little on the cool syed, but ptemperatures going to warm up pmore through the day today. plook outside right now. pwhat a gorgeous view over pdowntown tampa with some of the pthese scattered clouds moving poverhead really makes for some pbeautiful colors in the sky. pfantastic-looking sunrise, and pwe have that high pressure psitting across the northern part pof the state. pso we have very light winds. pthat's where you see still the
6:32 am
pmorning with mainly clear skies. ptemperatures well down into the p30s in places like tallahassee, p33 degrees. pacross central florida, not bad. p49 in tampa, and orlando 46 pdegrees and down in sarasota pyou're currently at 48 degrees. plook at these temperatures pwarming up through the pafternoon. pby lunchtime we're in the upper p60s and getting into the low 70s pfor this afternoon. pmore on this coming up in a plittle bit. p>> anjuli: after five months of prenovations, construction at pclearwater beach's pier 60 park pis finally complete. pcity officials say the new pdesign will improve the flow of edestrian traffic and will also psee the return of the popular psunset cinema. pthe pier is open today from 6:00 pa.m. to 9:30 at night. p>> alcides: the top hunters in pflorida's python challenge took phome thousands of dollars in rizes. pbill booth and his team caught
6:33 am
pone snake was 13 feet long, the plongest snake caught this year. phunters from 29 states caught p106 of those invasive burmese ythons between january and pfebruary, though the hunt won't phelp control the population, it pdid bring awareness to the pstate's environmental concerns. presearchers are looking at the pstomach contents of those pcaptured snakes. ponce that's done they can preclaim the dead snakes that psell for $150 apiece. p>> anjuli: spacex hopes that ptoday's near-perfect conditions pare good enough to finally get ptheir re-use able falcon 9 procket off the ground. pa launch window opens up tonight pat 6:46 p.m. and lasses until pjust after 8:00. pthe last two launches were pscrubbed for weather and ptechnical difficulties. ponce up, spacex will try to land pthe rocket on a floating latform in the middle of the patlantic. ptomorrow is now the backup date pin case another launch is pscrubbed.
6:34 am
punveiled new seasonal single-day pticket prices, and depending on pwhen you go, it could cost more pmoney. pthe new pricing is designed to phelp spreld out crowds. pfor example, the park offers pvalue days during slower periods plike september. pduring ivalue day, a ticket to pmagic kingdom costs $105. pregular days are $5 more. eak times like spring break and arts of the summer will be p$124. pdisneyland in california is also padjusting their prices. p>> anjuli: a state court will pdecide some time in year if prestrictions will be lifted on pdoctors in florida talking about pgun ownership with their atients. pcurrently a 2011 state law bans proutine gun questions between pdoctors and patients. pa lawsuit has recently been pfiled by medical organizations pto challenge that law. pdoctors say the restrictions pinfringe on their first
6:35 am
pnra say doctors overstep bounds pby pushing anti-second pamountedment agendas. pthe current law is the only one pof its kind in the nation. p>> alcides: around # 300 disabled pand medically ill migrants assed through greece's board pwith mass doan any. pthey opened the border to let pthe small number pass. pthere are, however, still phundreds of migrants and prefugees stranded this morning pin greece after several pcountries announced a daily plimit on migrant arrivals. pgreece is undergoing pressure to phandle the migrant crisis. p>> anjuli: the former mexican resident joaned his predecessor pby unloading on donald trump. phe called the republican pfront-runner's campaign racist padding that it's fueling panti-american sentiment all paround the world. phe also went so far as to pcompare the way trump exploits psocial feelings to that of adolf phitler. phe was a conservative president
6:36 am
p>> alcides: in bolivia a group pof people with disabilities pstaged a unique protest over a pgovernment monthly wage. pa few demonstrators suspended pthemselves in wheelchairs from a pbridge. pthe group is seeking a monthly pbenefit of about 72 u.s. pdollars. pthe government of bolivia says pthey already have allocated pmillions of dollars for the pdisabled. pthat's making a point. p all right. pafter the break, a love story prooted at tampa general phospital. p>> anjuli: in this week's faith pof action, hear how one man's pnear-death experience led him to pthe love of his life. p before we head to break, phere's a look at last night's pwinning lottery numbers. pno winner in either big jackpot. pthe powerball is up to a pwhooping 2 # $292 million and the pflorida lot foe to for 5 million.
6:37 am
p the republican establishment pis starting to panic. pdonald trump is rolling into psuper tuesday, and marco rubio pis trying to trip him up. p>> throw out everything you know
6:38 am
6:39 am
p>> we reveal 3 one man's near-death experience led h
6:40 am
pexperience led him to love and a ptrue sense of purpose in his plife. pit's this week's "faith in paction." pthis is where debbie and bill pismer's love story begins, pbedside at tampa general phospital. p>> i came to tampa general for pan evaluation for a heart ptransplant. p>> bill had just suffered a pmassive heart attack. phe was given 48 hours to live, pbut something or rather someone pkept him hanging on for nearly a pyear waiting for a new heart. phis nurse. p>> she caught your eye quickly? p>> yes, very attractive and pseemed like he had time for me. p>> he was very inkwisive. phe asked a lot of questions. pi felt like he was bored. pafter you're there ten months. p>> after months of living in the ptransplant unit, bill got the pcall he was waiting for. p>> when i was first informed pthat i had a heart available for pme, i was sad because i knew
6:41 am
pmight live. pi knew that that encompassed a pnew responsibility that god had pgiven to me, to live knowing for pmyself but for him. p>> the first part was making ptheir love official. pthey married six months after pbill got a new heart. p>> we prayed out there in the pgarden. p>> in the rose garden out there. p>> we thought, wow, lord if you pjust give us a year or two pyears, we'll make the best of pour lives for certain. pnow that two years turned into p16. p>> ten years into their pmarriage, they were dealt a pdevastating blow. pdebbie needed a kidney ptransplant due to a pdisease. p>> my friend that i worked with pfor years here, she insisted pdonor. p>> she was a perfect match. pyears later, both debbie and pbill are healthy and thriving. p>> it's just immeasurable that
6:42 am
pone person having a transplant pthat works, and you don't have a plot of side effects, much less ptwo. p>> today they're paying it pforward in the place where it pall began. pbill plays piano to the phospital's critical care atients, a gift he picked up ost-transplant with no formal ptraining. p>> i was able to bring peace and pcomfort to everyone. p>> debbie tabs along, too, pkeeping people money and pmentoring new transplant atients. p>> you're in good hands here. p>> reporter: to them the phospital feels like home, a lace where the worst news pturned into an unfoefr seeable pblessing. p>> it's a miracle that we found peach other. p>> such a sweet couple. pthe ismers celebrate their 16th pwedding anniversary in april. pjim. p>> jim: we have a nice morning
6:43 am
pwe see plenty of sun as question pgo through the next several days pwith mainly clear skies, palthough this morning we have a pfew scattered clouds overhead. pthat gives us a gorgeous-looking psunrise over downtown lakeland, plake mirror. pyou see a gorgeous-looking psunrise there. ptemperatures run in the 40s and p50s this morning. pwe head back towards the 70s. pwe'll talk about the week's pforecast coming up. p>> alcides: thanks, jim. pafter the break, do you feel plike you're being crammed inside pthose airplane seats nowadays?
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pwho it is, and what h who doesn't? so i bike. i get all of my greens.
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this... i can do easily. benefiber healthy shape. v just a couple of spoonfuls every day means fewer cravings. v plus, it's all natural, clear, taste-free and dissolves completely. v it's clinically proven to keep me fuller longer v and helps keep me healthy inside and out. benefiber healthy shape. this, i can do.
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ba da ba ba ba 3 a quick check on some top stories this morning.. the number of registered voters p>> alcides: a quick check on ptop stories this morning. pthe number of registered voters pin florida went up. pthere are 12.6 million pregistered voters in the psunshine state up from 11.9 pmillion in 2014. p82,000 republicans have also pregistered since the start of pthe year. p>> anjuli: 16 migrants stranded pin the gulf of mexico are safe pthis morning after they were icked up by a carnival cruise pliner. pthe ship was about 50 miles pnorth of cuba when they spotted p15 men and one woman. pformer pittsburgh steelers layer harrison was onned ship pand posted pictures online. p chuck schumer wants a pminimum seat size standard for pall airlines.
6:47 am
pto sit on a plane like, quote, psardines. pschumer is expected to announce pthat a proposal in a news pconference sometime later today. pi think everyone can agree with pthat. p>> anjuli: that's the worst, ptoo. pwhen i travel with my husband, pi'm always in the middle seat. pyou can't take a nap because you pmight fall on top of a stranger. p>> where do you put your arms? p>> yes, inside is the worst. p>> jim: when you fold yourself pover to get into the seat, pthat's never fun right there. p>> alcides: like this and the ptable falls over. pcan i get this armrest, and do pyou want to get this. p>> anjuli: it's like t-rex parms. p>> jim: could you put a peanut pin my mouth, please? pi can't quite get it. pyou know, this weekend's really pbeen nice. phow do you move on from that? pyou know -- p>> alcides: you just did it pright there. p>> jim: that's what you do. pthe director taking care of it pfor you. pokay, we move you along. pgo to this picture here, and
6:48 am
eeing a gorgeous-looking pmorning and scattered clouds. pthey made for a pbeautiful-looking sunrise as kro pthe area, and not affect us too pmuch for today. pwe still see plenty of sun and pthese daytime highs heading back pup into the low 70s. pright now we're at 49 degrees pand dew point at 41 and humidity pat 74% and currently the winds pare out of the northeast at 6 pmiles per hour. pthese winds are going to pcontinue to turn more towards an peasterly direction, which is preally going to help the warm ptemperatures up over the next pcouple of days. pat 49 here in tampa, away from pthe coastline you see cooler pover in wesley chapel and pbrandon both at 43 degrees. pst. petersburg is 54 sdrees and pclearwater at 52. pvery cold temperatures again pthis morning across the anhandle because that high ressure sitting up here. pwe have mainly clear skies and plight winds, so that's allowed pthose temperatures to get pchilly. pstill, even with that we are pwarmer today compared to
6:49 am
pbetween 2 to 4 degrees warmer. phigh pressure continues across pthe southeast. pjust a little patch of some pclouds moving overhead. potherwise, you can see it's preally pretty quiet across the psoutheast. pthat high, that continues to pmove out into the atlantic. pwinds turn more towards that peasterly direction. pwe have one front that tries to pmove over as that basically pwashes out, and we watch a psecond front. pthat will be pushing down ptowards us as we get into pwednesday, but basically the psame story. pit will move over us slightly pcooler temperatures and rain pchances staying low. p20% chance as we get into the pmiddle of the week. pso really this is ending up to pbe a pretty nice-looking week. pclouds. pfor tomorrow plenty of sun and pwe continue mild adding a little pbit more to the temperature. p75 for that daytime high.
6:50 am
pof the north at 10 knots and pseeing 2 feet with a light chop pon the bay. phigh tide at 4:53 this pafternoon. phere's the seven-day forecast. pwe warm the temperatures up into pthe upper 70s and a couple of pcold fronts bring a few chances pof showers as we go through the pweek. p>> anjuli: thank you, jim. pleap year babies finally get ptheir day, and the supreme court phears arguments without justice pscalia. atricia stark has these stories pand more in "the week ahead." p>> sunday is hollywood's biggest pnight of the year. ptinseltown's brightest stars hit pthe red carpet hosted by chris prock. pthe oscars air live from the pdolby theater in los angeles. pmonday is leap day. pthe extra day only happens one pevery four years. ptuesday it's the biggest event pthe primary season so far, march p1st is super tuesday. pa dozen states and one u.s. pterritory will hold primaries pand caucuses. pthen on saturday six more states
6:51 am
pwednesday, the supreme court pconvenes for the first time psince justice antonin scalia's pdeath. pthe court will hear arguments on pa case to test extents to pregulate abortion providers. pthursday expect fireworks when pthe gop presidential candidates pface-off for the 11th primary pdebate in detroit, michigan. pthe two-hour debate will be pmoderated by brett bear, megyn pkelly and chris wallace. pthat's a look at the week ahead. pi'm patricia stark, fox news.
6:52 am
pwho made his mark in aviation some people don't like to share their wifi, but at bright house networks, we do. login to one of our hotspots and get your code for free wifi at over 50,000 bright house wifi hotspots.
6:54 am
3 as we come to an end of black p>> anjuli: as we wrap up black phistory month, we honor it with pa story of trailblazer that popened doors for pafrican-americans in the field pof aviation. p>> we tell you how james plino ton pjr. broke the barriers. p>> he was one of the first black pflight instructors during world pwar ii. assing on july 4th, pindependence day best symbolizes phis life spent breaking barriers pand fighting for freedom.
6:55 am
paccomplished many things in his plife. p>> reporter: he called lake pwells home and left behind a plegacy in aviation and civil prights that will stand forever. p>> he went through a lot of pstruggles to overcome prejudice pand he did. p>> reporter: the broke the pcolor-barrier and he climbed the pranks of twa and in 1957 became pthe first black corporate pexecutive at a major airline. pthen in 1971 he was hired as pvice president of eastern pairlines. linton was the highest ranking pblack executive in the nation. p>> there was many times people pslammed do the r in ms. father's pface, but that didn't stop him. phe knew he had the capability pand was intelligent. p>> reporter: his love for paviation began at the oouft of pnewark where he enrolled in a ptraining program. phe passed with honors and was precruited to go to the tuskegee parmy fairfield.
6:56 am
pfor the tuskegee airmen. p>> they were here yores of world pwar ii, flying combat missions pin europe. pfollowing the war, he faced his pultimate challenge, finding psociety. p>> there were times in life pwhere he wanted to buy a house, pand they didn't want to sell it pto him because he was black. p>> reporter: determined to pbring change, plinton supported pthe civil rights movement. p>> he was dear friends with pmartin luther king jr. pit was a struggle. p>> reporter: turned away by pu.s. airlines, he went overseas pto work at foreign airlines and pthen came home when twa pdiscovered his talent. p>> my dad always used to say, page is but a number, and race pdoesn't matter. phe overcame prejudice by pachieving. p>> reporter: he hoped a dry pcleaners in haiti in 1948 and pwas elected president of the pnational ymca. pjames died in 1996.
6:57 am
pcrystal clark, fox 13 news. p>> anjuli: we still have much pmore ahead in the next hour. p>> alcides: spring break is pjust around the corner. pthousands of tourists are flocks pto the beaches. pwe'll show you the renovations pin cleert water and how they're pdoing right now. p>> anjuli: check out this recious little girl. pamy is looking for her forever phome. pwe'll tell you how to adopt her
6:58 am
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new this morning: a shot and killed on her p>> alcides: new this morning, a pvirginia police officer is shot pand killed on her first night on pthe job. ptwo other officers are also phurt. ptuesday. phillary clinton wins big in psouth carolina, but now all the pcandidates are looking to ptuesday's big primary day. p>> alcides: the biggest night pin hollywood here. pit's oscar sunday. pwe're breaking down the big pcategories before tonight's pacademy awards. p from tampa bay's number one pnews station, this is "good day ptampa bay." p>> anjuli: good morning to you, pand welcome to "good day tampa


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