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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 7AM  FOX  February 28, 2016 7:00am-8:00am EST

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new this morning: a shot and killed on her p>> alcides: new this morning, a pvirginia police officer is shot pand killed on her first night on pthe job. ptwo other officers are also phurt. ptuesday. phillary clinton wins big in psouth carolina, but now all the pcandidates are looking to ptuesday's big primary day. p>> alcides: the biggest night pin hollywood here. pit's oscar sunday. pwe're breaking down the big pcategories before tonight's pacademy awards. p from tampa bay's number one pnews station, this is "good day ptampa bay." p>> anjuli: good morning to you, pand welcome to "good day tampa
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pit's 7:00 a.m. on a sunday pmorning. p>> alcides: i'll ail side segui pand thank you for being with us. pjim weber is here filling in for plindsay milbourne. pgood morning, jim. p>> jim: it's a good weekend. pwe have plenty of sun yesterday, pmaybe a little on the cool side pfor some of us. pbut today we're going to kind of pfine-tune that and still pbeautiful conditions. pwe're a little warmer. plook outside right now. pyou can see from the lakeland pnet cam just a gorgeous-looking psunrise with some scattered pclouds overhead and temperatures pthis morning starting out a ptouch on the cool side. phere in tampa we sit at 48 pdegrees. pwesley chapel is 43, brandon is p41 degrees. pstill seeing some 30s to the pnorth where wesley chapel is pcurrently -- i shouldn't say pbrooksville is currently at 37 pdegrees. pas we go through the day by plunchtime we're in the upper p60s. pthis afternoon we're back up pinto the 70s. pwe have a couple of cold fronts pworking towards us.
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pcouple showers by wednesday. pother than that, this is really pgoing to be a pretty pnice-looking week. pwe talk more about the forecast pcoming up in alittle bit, ail pside. p>> alcides: a sad story out of pwoodbridge, virginia. pa police officer on her first pday on the streets was shot and pkilled. pashley guindon and two other pofficers responded to a domestic pcall when they were shot. pshe was killed and two other pofficers were hurt. pno word on the condition. pthe shooter was not hurt and is pin police custody. pmilitary background. pyet. pshe graduated from embly riddle pin daytona beach and served in pthe marine corps reserve. p we have to stand with each pother and hold each other open pand lift each other up and move ptogether into the future that we pwill make. pthank you, god bless you, and
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p>> anjuli: hillary clinton peasily wins the democratic rimary in south carolina. pfox news projected clinton's win pmoments after the polls closed. pwith 11% of precincts reporting, pclinton beat sanders by a solid p77% to 22%. panalysts had predicted the pdemocratic front-runner would pcarry the state. pwhile most of this weekend's pattention is on that democratic rimary, there's still fierce pcompetition among the prepublicans. p>> alcides: this ahead of super ptuesday when 13 states will hold ptheir primary elections. pfox news correspondent john proberts has more on that race. p>> reporter: p>> that a guy with the worst pspray man in america is pattacking me. p>> reporter: in a sharp detart ure from the previous style, pmarco rubio has decided to meet pfire with fire with donald ptrump. p>> i'm just responding to his pridiculousness. phe attacked me yesterday because pi wore makeup at the debate. phe has a terrible spray tan i've pseen. phe can afford a better spray ptan.
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pto his face. p>> reporter: trump, once the psole portray orr seems to revel pin the attention. p>> he has a fresh mouth and a pvery nasty guy. pi actually thought that ted cruz pwas a liar, but rubio is worse! phe's worse. pthank god he has really large pears, the biggest i've ever pseen, because they were rotecting him. pi have never seen any human pbeing sweat like this guy. p>> reporter: with 595 pdelegates, 25% of the total up pfor grabs on super tuesday, the ptop republican candidates are pbattling hard to gain advantage. pin atlanta ted cruz mocked ptrump's criticism of former pmexican president fox for using pa profanity when talking about pthe border wall. p>> this from a man over and over pagain has stood up and used rofanity, has used vulgar pinsults. pi have to say, i don't think
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residential candidates just pbehaving like school children pbickering. pi think differences should be on psubstance. p>> reporter: if cruz was trying pto keep the political discourse pat a higher level, ohio governor pjohn kasich was laying claim to pbeing the adult in the room at pthis event in nashville. p>> when did we get to the point pin this country where we can pcall these kinds of names and phave people actually represent pthemselves as leaders in this pcountry to these young people? p>> how do you feel about this, phuh? penough of this trash. p>> the name-calling aside, ptrump's opponents. phis problem with illegal workers pin new york three decades ago pand his hiring of foreign pworkers at his club in florida pand his lawsuit in trump puniversity. pall issues that take him off oint. p>> if i didn't have as hostile
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ptechnical cads ago. phe's hispanic, which is fine. p>> reporter: the rubio pcandidate said they will hear pfrom the students. psince he brought it up, they've pbeen getting a lot of phone pcalls at trump university. pin atlanta, john roshlths, fox pnews. p marco rubio and ted cruz are pnailing donald trump. p>> you know where donald trump pwould be right now? pselling watches in manhattan. p>> rubio is getting hammered in phis own home state and cruz is plosing evangelicals to trump. p>> if i can't beat her, you're preally going to get killed, paren't you? p>> where we go from here, watch p"money, power and politics" psunday night at 11:30. p>> alcides: happening today, ptow truck drivers stage a pmemorial ride for a fellow pdriver hit and killed in an paccident two weeks ago. pthe whole day ride for roger to premember roger perez a tow truck pdriver hit and killed on the
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pthey're meeting on the pst. petersburg side of the phoward franklin bridge and pdriving to the veterans pexpressway and waters avenue. pthey're scheduled to leave at p12:00. p>> anjuli: a baby girl is safe pafter she was kidnapped from her pfort lauderdale home and now at pan orlando hospital. pdeputies say 2-year-old taraji pkemp was taken from her home by parmed intrude irz. pthe baby was found a few hours plater at an orlando hpt ospital. pa person of interest in the case pand the suspect's car were found pin fort pierce. pdeputies are still investigating p>> alcides: hillsborough county pdeputies discover an illegal and pelaborate cockfighting ring. pneighbors called in a tip psaturday morning after sees pdozens of cars on a property in plyons avenue. pwhen deputies got there, they pfound an arena, cages and dozens pof dead roosters. pdeputies couldn't make arrests
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p>> upon arrival the you units pobserved multiple trucks leaving pthe area. pabout a dozen or so ran into the pwoods. p>> animal services says the psurviving chickens will be peuthanized. p>> anjuli: we have an update on pthe serious crash that happened plast month in front of city hall pin st. petersburg. olice say the victim of that pcrash, steve milleron, died on pfriday night from his injuries. phe was a sitting worker for the pwater resources department. phe was in hospice care when the pdriver of the chevy cruz him him pin the crosswalk. pno charges have been filed. p the top hunters in florida's ython challenge brought home pthousands of dollars in prizes pfor the efforts. pthe team led by bill booth in psarasota caught the longest psnake that was 15 feet along. pthey caught the most pythons as pwell, 33 in all. phunters from 29 states brought pin 106 invasive burmese pythons
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pthousand fwc says the hunt won't phelp control the population in pthe thousands, officials said it pdoes bring awareness to the pstate's environmental concerns. pit's also educational as presearchers are looking at the pstomach contents of the captured psnakes to find things like wood pstorks and large waiting birds. pthey sed for $150 apiece. p>> anjuli: the happiest place pon earth got a little more ricey depending on when you go. pdisneyworld unveiled new psingle-day ticket prices. pit could be more expensive pdepending on what day you decide pto visit the parks. pthe company says the move is pdesigned to helped to spread out pthe crowds. pthe park will offer value days pduring slower times of the year pwhere tickets are $105. pregular days are $5 more. eak times like spring break and arts of the summer are $124. p will the third time be the pcharm? pspacex is making another attempt ptonight.
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pthe launch window is from 6:46 .m. to just after 8:00. pthe last two launches were pscrubbed for weather and some ptechnical issues as well. pspacex will try to land a fall pon9 rocket on a floating latform in the atlantic. pit will carry communication psatellites into orbit. p they're men and women that pneed a little help to get back pon their feet. pmore than 100 residents of the psafe harbor shelter in pclearwater showed the pappreciation for the community pby pitching in to clean up the pneighborhood. pthe volunteers cleared out more pthan 14,000 pounds of garbage pfrom sites all around the phighpoint area. pthis is the third year safe pharbor volunteers in the inellas county sheriff's pdepartment came together to take pa bite out of grime. psafe harbor's way of giving back pto the community that gave them pa second chance. p>> i feel better about myself pwhen i help other people, so it pjust is something i try to do pevery day. pi think if more people did in in pthis community it would be a
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p>> anjuli: since the program's pinception they collected and pdisposed of more than 14 tons of ptrash. p still ahead, a lot of pstories about teens posing as padults. p>> one man that decided go back pto high school and why he got pinto so much trouble. pthe rays gear up for the first pspring training game. pwe'll have that and a whole lot pmore coming up in sports. pgood morning, jim. p>> jim: another cool start ptoday. pwe see the temperatures running pin the 40s and 50s. pa couple of 30s showing up to pour north, but what a pgreat-looking sunrise over pdowntown lakeland. pyou can see just a few scattered pclouds, light winds are turning pmore out of a northeasterly pdirection eventually turning ptowards the east. pit will help to warm up the ptemperatures back up into the p70s this week. pwe'll talk about the forecast
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3 in sports this morning: p in sports this morning the prays get ready for the first pspring training game the season pand the nascar xfinity series ptakes to the track in atlanta. p>> good morning. pthe rays philosophy is not pchanging. pthe priority starting with itching and defense, but the prays know if they're going to pcontend this year, they need pmore pop in the line-up. pthey finished second to last in pthe american league in runs pscored, nearly 250 runs less pthan toronto. pthat's amazing. prays really have no chance to pcatch up to the jays, but the
7:15 am
pshrink that huge gap down a bit. pfive few batters of acquired. plongoria hopes that surrounding phim with that makes him a bigger pthreat. pthen kyle busch back on the ptrack yesterday for the xfinity prace. pthere was a good battle between pbusch and brad kez ski. phe takes over on the lead lap on pthe 72 here. phow about this? pthe hose gets stuck in the wall. phe falls back to seventh place. pnow 35 laps to go, darrell pwallace taps the wall in turn ptwo. pthat brings the field back ptogether. pit doesn't bother busch. phe leads 119 of the 191 laps and phe holds off kyle larson for his pfirst win in atlanta. p they lead by one with six pminutes left in the first half. pthe tigers go on a terror, a p16-6 run. pflorida then turns it right back pover, and lsu flexes their
7:16 am
plook who is hustling back to the pbucket. plsu has an 11-point lead at the pbreak. pben simmons hits the pdouble-digit mark for a 24th pconsecutive game. pthe gators fate back and scored p10 points in the final 35 pseconds. pflorida could be done. pthey lose to a team proeth pheading to the n.i.t., lsu. p96-91. p 'noles and notre dame in ptallahassee. pa close game, and then fsu gets preally, really hot. pbengie bell hits a three. phe picks up a loose ball and pgets the jam and gives the p'noles a 13-point lead. pbake son big first half. pfsu scores the most points in pthe first half this season, p46-30. pbacon really cooking in the psecond half. phe led fsu with 21 points and pthe 'noles upset number 23 notre pdame 77-56 to snap their pfive-game losing streak.
7:17 am
pthe 'canes host number 11 plouisville. psheldon mcclellan looking like a prunning back. p 'canes on the comeback and they phand is over to the defense to pclamp down on the cardinals. plouisville is shut down in the pfinal five minutes. prick pitino says not our day. pmiami scores the final 12 points pin the game. pmiami wins 73-65. pthat's a look at sports. phave yourself a great day. p>> anjuli: another chilly pmorning in tampa. p>> alcides: how about the pweather yesterday? pit was beautiful. p>> anjuli: it's a cold start pbut a gorgeous day. pyou could not have better pweather. p>> jim: it's a little warmer ptoday during the afternoon. pcool start this morning, but preally a beautiful-looking pseason. pjust enough of scattered clouds pthat make for a gorgeous-looking psunrise.
7:18 am
pcouple of days, so that's going pto help to warm the temperatures pup a little bit each and every pafternoon. pwe got a couple of cold fronts pworking they're way down the pstate. pwith each one of these fronts pyou see a few clouds and maybe a pcouple of showers. pjust not much in the way of rain pand behind them really not a big pcooldown. pthey just don't pack a whole lot pof cold air behind the fronts. pit will stay well to the north, pso all in all, you kind of add peverything up and it ends up pbeing a decent-looking week with pthese temperatures very mild as pwe go through the next several pdays. poutside right now we're at 48 pdegrees, and the dew point is at p41, humidity at 77%. pthe winds are currently out of pthe northeast at 6 miles per phour. pseeing some chilly temperatures pto the north. pup in brooksville at 37 degrees pand crystal river is 36 and new ort richey is at 46 degrees and pclearwater at 52. pdowntown st. petersburg pcurrently sits at 54 degrees. pa couple of 39s i should say in pbartow right now.
7:19 am
ptemperatures are basically psitting in the 40s across the pinterior. p30s to our north. pin fact, tallahassee is right at pthe freezing mark right now at p32 degrees. peven though we have a chilly pstart this morning, we're warmer pthan yesterday. pthree, four, six degrees warmer pcompared to this time yesterday. pwe continue to add on to the pwarmer temperatures. pthe high pressure which is still pto the north, that's going to pcontinue to work on toward the peast. pas it does so, that swings those pwinds around to the east, and pthat brings more mild air pinstead of tapping that cooler pair from the north, we tap mild pair up from the atlantic. pthat will basically work over us pas we go through the next couple pof days. pwatch the high. pthat moves on to the east. pwe have the front, first front pthat works into the southeast. pjust kind of running out of gas. pdoesn't make its way over us, so pwe continue with nice, mild ptemperatures. pyou see a few scattered clouds
7:20 am
pthat will work into the psoutheast by wednesday. pthat will push over us and give pus just a slight chance, 20% pchance of some showers as we get pinto the middle of the week. pagain, we're not seeing that big ush of the cold air down over pus. pso even though we have a cold pfront that comes through here, pwe're only going to drop the ptemperatures by a couple of pdegrees heading into the second phalf the week. pyou can see that warming trend pthrough the week. pby tuesday we're above normal pfor this time of the year. p77 degrees, and the front moves pthrough. pyou can see we cool it back down pto basically normal at 74 pdegrees. pthat's our typical average high pthis time of year. p72 degrees for today and pscattered clouds and mild pafternoon. povernight low is down to 45 pdegrees under mainly clear pskies. pfor tomorrow another pbeautiful-looking day and plenty pof sun. pon the water winds are out of pthe northeast at 10 knots and pseas 2 feet and light chop on pthe bay.
7:21 am
phere's your seven-day forecast. pnotice these temperatures pwarming up as we go through the pweek. pcold front heads our way on pwednesday, but only about a 20% pchance of showers and even into pnext weekend, we're a touch pdegrees. pback to you. p>> alcides: thank you, jim. pa weird and scary story out of ennsylvania. p>> anjuli: a 23-year-old man phas been arrested and accused of osing as a teenager and even pgoing to high school. pinvestigators say the pimmigrant. phe was reportedly a mock student pbefore being arrested. phe was posing as an 18-year-old psenior at harrisburg high school punder the name asher potts. p>> he assumed the new identity pafter his visa expired. phe even had a driver's license pwith him with a fake event on phim when he was arrested. punder the false identity he was pa member of the rotc and served pon a panel at a january youth psummit.
7:22 am
ptheft and tampering with public precords. p>> anjuli: a spokesperson for pthe harrisburg school district pconfirmed the arrest and said pthe district is taking the pmatter seriously. p>> alcides: very odd. p oscar sunday is here. pthe academy awards are a few phours away. p>> anjuli: leonardo dicaprio pmay have never won an oscar, but pthat doesn't mean he doesn't palready have the award. pwe explain coming up next. p plus, we break down what to pexpect at tonight's big award pshow including who is expected pto take home the nigh
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3 the stage is set and red carpet rolled out. the dolby p>> anjuli: the stage is set and pthe record carpet rolled out. pthe dolby theater is decked out. pthis morning they put the final ptouches together for the biggest pshow in hollywood with the ptowering golden oscars to the pfamous red carpet. pyou can be sure only the stars poutshine this glamorous layout pin a few hours. p the final countdown is on. p>> alcides: the academy awards ptake place in a few hours. padam housley gives us a preview pof what to expect. p>> reporter: as the academy pawards make their final preps on pthe coveted red carpet and pinside the dolby theater, the poscars are a night to celebrate pthis year's best but also touch pon a hot button issue. p>> this oscar night people premember because of the pdiversity issue, the
7:26 am
ptrended since the nominations pcame out. pthat dominated the award season. p>> expect host chris rock to to pdraes it. p>> it's he's going to make phumor out of it. pit will be biting humor. p>> reporter: in the best icture category it's a pthree-film race between pspotlight, the gritty adventure pthe heavy rev nant and "the big pshort." p>> we have to act now. p>> because everything is so psplit out throughout the guild pnominations, nobody really pknows. pthis is really a nail-biter this pyear. p>> in the best acting category pexpect leonardo dicaprio and pbrie larson to take home goal. pin the supporting role psentimental favorite sly pstallone and alicia vieken is
7:27 am
pwhat most remember monday pmorning is what the stars wore pto the show, as many are dressed pto impress. p>> the red carpet is a hunl deal pand huge part of thes oscars. pthis is a big aspect people tune pin to. psometimes people just watch the pred carpet. p>> reporter: in hollywood, adam phousley, fox news. p>> alcides: it's all about what pyou wear. pbest actor favorite leonardo pdicaprio may not have won an pacademy award as of yet, but pthat doesn't mean he doesn't phave an oscar. pcheck this out. pthe town took donations of psilver to forge of special award psince they feel he's been punfairly neglected by the poscars. p>> anjuli: wasn't that nice of phim? phe's a highlight of the award pseason but we almost lost him as pa presenter. p9-year-old "room" star jacob
7:28 am
pstudios with beast of no pneighbors. phe captioned it we almost got peaten today. pyou can see that raptor nearly ptaking a bite out of the two. p>> anjuli: stim ahead spring pbreak is just around the corner, pwhich means crowds are flocking pto beaches. p>> alcides: we'll show you how pclaire weert is getting idea. p police take to the streets pof the salt lake city after a pteenager is shot by police pofficers. p>> jim: spring break is right paround the attorney corner and we're pstill talking about cool ptemperatures. pwe have to warm it up. pstill seeing 30s to the north up pin brooksville and 37 and pcrystal river 36 degrees. pas we go through today, we warm pthe temperatures back into the p70s. pin fact, we will see a nice pwarming trend through the week pheading back towards the upper p70s. palso have a couple of cold pfronts in the forecast.
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pforecast coming up afte p from tampa bay's number one pnews station, this is "good day ptampa bay." p>> alcides: good morning. pthank you for joining us on this psunday for "good day tampa bay." pi'm alcides segui. p>> anjuli: i'm anjuli davis. pa quick check on the headlines pthis half hour. pa baby girl is saved after she plauderdale home. pshe's in a hospital in orlando. pdeputies say two-month-old ptaraji kemp was taken from her pintruders. pher mom and another child were pat the time. porlando hospital. pa person of interest in the case
7:32 am
pin fort pierce. pdeputies are still pinvestigating. p>> alcides: the top hunters pbrought home thousands of pdollars in prizes for the pefforts. pbill booth caught the longest psnake 15 feet long. pthey caught the most pythons pwith a total of 33. pin all hunters from 29 states pbrought in 106 invasive burmese pfebruary. pthough they say it won't help pcontrol the population in the pthousands, officials said it pdoes bring awarnts to the pstate's environmental concerns. p>> anjuli: will the third time pbe the harm? pspacex will make another attempt pto launch from cape canaveral ptonight. pthe forecast shows near-perfect pconditions for it. pthe launch window runs from 6:46 .m. to just after 8:00. pthe last two launches were pscrubbed for weather and ptechnical difficulties. pspacex will try to land a falcon p9 rocket on a floating platform. pit will carry a communication
7:33 am
p>> jim: we've had great-looking pweather the past four or five pdays now. pthe weekend has been pretty pnice. pa little cool yesterday. ptoday starting out cool, warming pthese temperatures up pretty pnicely into the afternoon. pgreat-looking view from the usf pmarine science camera in pdowntown st. petersburg looking pat some scattered clouds and pgorgeous-liking sunrise. phumidity is at 77% and light pnortheasterly wind at 6 miles er hour. pthat's the key over the next few pdays. pthe winds turn more towards an peasterly direction, and that phelps to warm up temperatures. ptoday 72, by tomorrow we're into pthe mid-70s. lenty of sun, although we have pa couple of cold fronts heading pour way to bring a slight chance pof rain towards the middle of pthe week. pwe talk about that in a little pbit coming up. p>> alcides: new this morning, pspring break is just around the pcorner. pkids kick off their vacations in
7:34 am
plocal beaches. p>> anjuli: that's true. pkelly cowan is live in pclearwater this morning where it plooks like they're getting ready pto say hello to a lot of ptourists. pgood morning to you, kelly. p>> reporter: good morning. pit's odd to be talking about pspring break right now when i'm pwearing a scarf. pit is a little bit chilly, but pi'm glad to hear the forecast pwill warm up a bit because, of pcourse, warm or not warm those ptourists are headed this way, pand clearwater beach is ready pfor them after five months of pbeing under construction. peverything is open here, and pthey're debuting a few changes phere at clearwater beach. psome of the things this tourists pand locals might notice is an he pcan up and downed beach walk. pa couple more miles but a little pbit extra beach walk down here. pthere's also expanded green pareas as well as and one pexciting thing, they re-created pan amp thee they are setting for pmovies and events so that sunset
7:35 am
pthat will start actually next pweekend with the very first pmovie debuting. pit's free on friday and saturday pnight. pa couple of nice improvements pdown here for the family and for ptourists as well. pso it's exciting. pthere are a couple more changes pto come. pi guess more bathrooms whim be padded to help out with the pcapacity, and one more thing pthat you want to add more ptourists, of course, parking can pbecome a nightmare when you try pto get to the beach. pclearwater is trying to help out pdurr the popular tourist months pduring the month of march and papril. pthey offer $1 off ferry rides. pif you want to park in downtown pclearwater, you can ferry over pfor just $2 one way per person. pfor now reporting live at pclearwater beach, i'm kelly pcowan. pback to you in the studio. p>> alcides: we both looked at peach other, that's a great idea. ark downtown and ferry over. pthe weather behind is gorgeous. p>> reporter: absolutely.
7:36 am
p>> alcides: kelly, thank you. p>> anjuli: looking at world pnews now, five are dead after a pbuilding collapses in china. prescue efforts are underway this pmorning. pthat collapse happened in a presidential building. pthe six-story building was home pto at least 30 households under pgoing renovations at the time of pthe collapse. pauthorities have yet to announce pthe cause of the accident, but pthe investigation is ongoing. p>> alcides: 14 people are pkilled and dozens of others are phurt after extremist attacks in psomalia. pit happened at the somali youth pleague hotel in air nearby park. pthey drove a cashing packed with pexplosives into the hotel pentrance before exchanges fire pwith the hotel guards. p30 minutes after a second bar pcalm was detonated inside the eace garden. pthe al qaeda-affiliated group is pclaims responsibility for the pattacks
7:37 am
pthat protested over a monthly pstipend. pthey suspended them from pwheelchairs from a bridge there. pthe government says they already phave a fund allocated for the pdisabled. rotesters say they want peverything to be paid out as a pmonthly stipend because they say pthe funds that are going into pthe projects do not help them. p>> alcides: pope francis visits pa rehab center in italy. phe visited patients and the pfaculty much to the surprise of pthe facility. pthere's 55 guests and all of the poperators. pthe pope spoke to them about povercoming their addictions. p looking aincrease -- across pamerica protests erupt after a p16-year-old was shot by a police pofficer in utah. pit there was a rally late last pnight in salt lake city. pcrowds of angry people shouted pand threw things at officers pafter the shooting. pthe teen was reportedly involved pin a fight with an older man and pwas taken to a hospital. pas of this point his condition pis unknown.
7:38 am
olice did not give him a chance pto surrender. p>> anjuli: three people are pstabbed at a ku klux klan rally pin anaheim. pthey clashed with pcounterprotesters on saturday. pone person stabbed is in pcritical condition. pit involved a protester pattacking the group with a pwooden plank. p13 people in all have been parrested. p>> alcides: how about a cute pstory this morning. phow about is this? pcan you see? pit was a winter wonderland at psan francisco zoo. p10 tons of snow were brought in pin honor of national polar bear pday. pthey made a snowy habitat for a p25-year-old polar bear named pulu. phe's the oldest polar bear in pcaptivity. pshe's lived in san francisco psince 1985 moving from canada. p>> anjuli: it looks like she's phaving a great time, too.
7:39 am
pstill ahead, spring is almost phere, but don't let the warm pweather open up your wallet too pmuch. p>> anjuli: our couponing expert pwill show us five things you pneed to buy this march. p first, we're looking to find pthis cutie her forever home. pafter the break, we introduce
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p>> anjuli: it's time for our pwet of the week. pthank you for coming in. pi'm a crazy cat lady, and this pis amy. p>> amy is a five-month-old tabby pcat that came in as a stray. pshe was just so friendly and plikes being held, as you can psee. pso we put her in our adoption rogram. pshe's a tiny girl. pwe still have that adoption pspecial. pany cats over four months, she pwould qualify, $5. pso she's sterilized and has a pmicrochip and good to go. pif you love kitties, she's a pnice addition to the family. pshe's beautiful. pshe's being a good girl. plet's talk about safety. pthe last couple of weeks there's pbeen two rabies cases in cats in
7:43 am
pthis is a reminder for all of pus. pif you have cats rabies usually pcome from raccoons, bats and pfoxes. pcats are outside sometimes and pget ahold of a bat or tangle pwith a rack con. pthey must be vaccinated with prabies. pif you feed a stray cat, you can ptrap them and nut for and pvaccinate against rabies. pif you do that, keep your family psafe and vaccinate all cats you ptake care of for rabies. p>> is that once a year? p>> once you've had one the first pyear, you get three-year rabies pafter that. pit's real easy to keep them psafe. pwe need to do that. p>> last week we had miko. p>> beautiful little pekingese. plook at this. pthis family have had pekingese pin the past and fell in love pwith niko. pa happy ending. p>> i loved his little face. p>> i know. pvery cute smushed in face. phopefully next week will be pamy's turn.
7:44 am
erfect companion for someone. pshe's definitely a lap cat. p>> she is. pit would be nice to keep her psafe inside. p>> where should people come? pwhen should they come? p>> come to the humane society of
7:45 am
p>> thank you, sheri. come into steak 'n shake for hand-dipped milkshakes. better yet,
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r r at half-price during r half-price happier hour, p weekdays, now two to five at steak 'n shake. the four dollar menu at steak 'n shake. featuring handcrafted steakburgers, all-beef footlongs and fresh guacamole made from scratch. the four dollar menu, where all meals are under four dollars,
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3 it's 6:xx, taking p>> alcides: the time is 7:46. phillary clinton wins a pdemocratic primary in psouth carolina with 11% of recincts, reporting clinton was pbeating sanders by a solid 77% pto 22%. pnow they turn their attention to ptuesday. p disneyworld is increases rices once again. pthe park will offer value days pduring slower times of the year pwhere tickets are actually $105. pregular days are 5 bucks more. eak times like spring break and arts of the summer are $124. pthe company says the move is pdesigned to help spread out the pcrowds. p>> anjuli: it's time for the psunday savings. pspring is almost here, and this pweek we're going to discuss five pthings you should buy during the
7:48 am
pas always we have true koup founder kati pkiefer with us. pit's a great time to buy pjewelry, guys. pload up on it. p>> that's right. pi get a lot of requests when is pthe best time to buy jewelry or pengagement ring. phe was six years in retail and pused to work in jewelry. pthat's how i got a discount on pmy ring. pthat is not what i'm suggesting, pthat you get a part-time job at pa jewelry store to save money. pthere are certain times when pit's best to buy, and right now pduring the month of march is pwhen it is because there's no pbig holiday like graduations pcoming up and mother's day. p>> or christmas. p>> when you're looking for -- pwhen guys are especially pthinking i'll get her jewelry, pright now is the best time to pnegotiate. p>> maybe buy now and hold onto pit until a holiday. p>> exactly. p>> ipad air is a good time to pbuy. pwhy? p>> ipad air is -- there's been preliable sources that are
7:49 am
pnew one is coming out on march p15th. pand a new iphone 4 inches. pthey're doing like they did with pthe nanos where they get smaller pand smaller. pso it's going to be a 4-inch pscreen and supposed to be called pthe 5se. pall i care about is that makes pthe later models out right now pcheaper to get right now. p>> good to know. palso a good time to stock up on psome books? p>> yes. pmarch is national reading month, pso retailers are going to be pgiving you, hey, let's inspire pthe love of reading by offering pdiscounts and couponing and pyou'll see lots of different psales. pso it's time to get reading. ick out a summer series and get pit now. p>> start cracking at it. pspring break is just around the pcorner and you say it's a good ptime to buy luggage. p>> yes, spring break and thing pahead to summer vacations so laces like macy's, walmart and pseries all have luggage sales
7:50 am
pwe use an ikea bag. pthat's our luggage. psome people who actually fly laces need a little bit harder. p>> sometimes it doesn't hold up, pso it's good to stock up on a pgood deal. pyou say it's time to prepare for pspring cleans. pwhat do you mean by that, katie? p>> spring cleans is coming even pthough i don't want it to. pwe have to clean out a segment pabout how to sell the stuff and pget great deals. phome improvement stories and pgrocery stores have the cleaning psupplies on sale. pnow is when you think about it, ptoo. pit can be very expensive. pyou're using it to clean and pwash down the sink, you know. pnow is the time to stock up. p>> anjuli: thank you, k ati. p>> you get paid to buy razors, psomething you need for spring pbreak, you know? p>> thank you, kati. p>> you're wm with welcome. p>> jim: we've enjoyed
7:51 am
pseveral days. pagain today it's a nice one pstarting out a little cool this pmorning. p48 degrees in tampa, west chase pis at 45 and over at pinellas ark 42 degrees. pas you work into eastern phillsborough county, plant city pis at 41, over in sun city pcenter currently at 38 degrees. lenty of 30s across our pnorthern counties where pbrooksville is at 37 degrees, pinverness at 36, crystal river pis 37 degrees, new port richey pis currently at 46 degrees and pthen down into manatee and psarasota. plakewood ranch is 47, sarasota pis 46. pyou head down towards venice, pand it's currently 48 degrees pand basically sitting in the 40s pthroughout the interior. plakeland at 45, bartow is pcurrently at 41 degrees. pwe have the high pressure to our pnorth, so very light winds and pclear skies across the northern art of the state. pthat where we've seen ptemperatures very cold this pmorning dropping down to pfreezing in tallahassee, but
7:52 am
pscattered clouds move overhead pmaking for a nice-looking psunrise, but as this high pcontinues to work its way into pthe atlantic, those winds, they pswing around to the east and the psoutheast eventually. pthat helps to moderate the ptemperatures, so that's what's pgoing to really help that pwarming trend over the next pseveral days, and it's really retty quiet across not only the psoutheast but really the eastern pthird of the country. pit's not until you head to the pextreme north across the great plakes into southern canada that pyou really find any weather. psome snow flurries up that way pand back into minnesota, ortions of south dakota and pinto nebraska seeing a little pbit of weather with some rain, psome sleet, a little bit of pfreezing rain in there and very pcold temperatures still locked pup well to our north. patlanta is at 39, columbia at 35 pdegrees, flint, michigan as 48 pand new york city at 40 degrees. pwatch this high. pwatch as it moves into the patlantic.
7:53 am
pacross the state. pfront number one, that tries to pmake its way over us basically pruns out of gas, so that one is pnot going to affect us. pwe watch another front. pthat will push into the psoutheast by wednesday, a few pshowers along the front. pfalls apart as it moves over. pa 20% chance of showers by pwednesday and just slightly pcooler temperatures behind that pfront. pfor today just scattered clouds pand daytime high 72 degrees. povernight low of 45. pfor tomorrow, another pnice-looking day and plenty of psun. pon the water winds are out of pthe northeast at 10 knots and plight chop on the bay and high ptide at 4:53 this afternoon. phere's your seven-day forecast. pyou can see these daytime highs pheading into the upper 70s. pby the time we get into tuesday, pcold front heads our way. pmiddle of the week brings us a p20% chance of showers, and by
7:54 am
plittle bit bit (music playing) i feel pretty (west side story) not every cake can be handcrafted in store by skilled decorators layered with fresh berries and frosted to perfection like our publix bakery chantilly cake it'll be remembered for all the right reasons.
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lowe's presents: how to put your foot in your mouth. man, wish my yard looked like yours.
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on the other side of the... sorry. now get 20% off sta-green fertilizer, at lowe's. 3 delivery company fedex goes the extra mile to help save a toddler's life. p>> anjuli: fedex goes the extra pmile to save a toddler's life. p>> brooklyn needed a liver ptransplant. pher family got a call about a pliver being available in pchicago. pbad weather grounded all pattempts to get there. rivate pilots offered their own lanes and a teacher even poffered to pay almost $10,000 to pa charter jet but the weather
7:57 am
psingle time. pthat's when fedex came in and pheard brooklyn's story and put pher on a cargo plane and got her pto chicago in time for the ptransplant. p>> already has won everybody pover just being her. pthey pursued her knowing that pshe had a very unlikely chance pof even survival. pshe calls me back and says, be pat the airport in 30 minutes. pfedex immediately rerouted a lane and got the pilot -- the pfact the world is blessed with pmore brooklyn, we win. p>> anjuli: in a statement fedex psays when they learned of pbrooklyn's situation, they knew pthey had to do something. pthey're glad they could do psomething to help. pthey're now pulling for a quick pand full recovery for that plittle girl.
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
p>> anjuli: absolutely. p hillary clinton posts a big pwin in south carolina, but pisn't over yet. pnow all the remaining candidates p>> alcides: on her first day on pshot and killed. pthe latest out of virginia this


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