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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 9AM  FOX  February 29, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EST

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3 toxic people at work. you wonder why they still have a job. but you can't fire them. how do you deal pcan't fiery them. phow do you deal with them? pnavigate. pattorneys. pbut it's not without pdifficulties. pthe gender bias they face, not ponly with their firms, but in pthe courtroom too. pgood monday morning everybody. pi'm russell rhodes. pwe certainly hope you had a pgreat weekend. pdaves weather could not have pbeen any better p>> look at this. pwhat? phi laura. pthat's russell. plooking at me. phi dave. phi dave. pfolks, we're getting fancy with pa triple box on a monday.
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pand i think i'm that toxic erson. pcurrent temperature is mild. pi'm waiting for a my wife that pan on kennedy. pi'm waiting just drove by. pdidn't drop any food off just pkept on driving. p63 in st. petersburg. psarasota as well. pmild temperatures this morning. pfeels so nice. pand temperatures heading back pinto the mid 70s. pjen. pdave 9:0 one. pstill waiting for rush hour pdrive to wind down. pone of our photo journalist on pway to work saw a vehicle fire pon the crosstown expressway. pthat for us. pnow it's not a huge situation as pblocked. plooks likes all lanes were open pwhen he shot this video. pwe're bringing to a you in a psecond. pthere it is. pyou can see the smoke in the parea. pso he was traveling westbound pand this crash was westbound
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plooks like a truck involved in pthat situation. poff to right side of the proadway. pnot blocking any lanes. pso, not a huge drive other than pspoke in area almost 9:02. pwe will start off with this one pan earlier accident involving pschool bus. pno children on bus at the time pof crash. pand vehicle, and was involved in pthis accident, this is on the pramp from southbound 275 on to pthe fifth avenue north. pclearing stages here. pyou can and all lanes on ramp pare reopened. pbig issue of morning in pinellas pcounty was a fatal crash along pwestbound 118th avenue north. pand a temporary shut down road pbetween 49th street and u.s. 19. pwestbound lanes are back open pbut we're still trying to find pout whether or not there was a pdamage done to the structural pintegrity overpass and fox 13 pkelly cowan has out there all pmorning long. phave you heard results from the pdot yet?
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pand a half hour d tovment psuspended their work temporarily pas crews work to ex tri-indicate pthe vehicle. pand the victim inside. pnow, you can see it's blocked poff behind me. pthat's because they are still pworking on this. pwe do have two tow trucks out phere. pthey have turned the car back pover. pwe just we can't see anything pyet. pbut we can show you some image pthat is were sent to us earlier. pthis a very, very serious pcollision between a car and one pof the these support structure pbeams here. pit was a fiery crash a couple pviewers. pand photos of this morning olice sending us pictures as pwell. pwhat we can tell is the car pended up up right on its nose pand it appears to have been a pwhite pick up truck. pi was trying to get a couple, i pwas trying to look at vehicle pfrom our advantage point. pyou really couldn't tell if pthere were any kind of pidentifying markers on the pvehicle. pthat's how badly burned this car pwas.
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pattempting to remove that car pfrom the scene right now. pbut all lanes are open on 118. pof course 118 was closed earlier pas you mentioned between 49th pand the 19 u.s. overpass. p19 u.s. overpass u.s. 19 i pshould say open the entire time. pall lanes flowing the entire pmorning. pif dot does find anything, then pwe do expect them to close down pthis section of the bridge. pbut so far, it seems that peverything is okay out here. pthey are just working to clean pup this scene. pwe'll have more updates pthroughout day. pfor now reporting live in inellas park, kelly cowan, fox p13 news. pjen, back to you. pall right kelly, thank you. pwe'll talk to you again soon. pit is 9:044 florida court room ptends to be a run by gold old pboy florida bar surveyed young pfemale attorneys underage of 36 pand they got some rather pdisturbing results. p464 lawyers were asked to fill pout survey about how they are ptreated and their expectation pand how well they like their
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pand they found that while 75 ercent love being an attorney, palmost half have dealt with pgender bias. psome case they were referred to pas blondie. plittle lady lawyer. phoney or sweetheart. pin other instances in the pcourtroom they were referred to pas an assistant or court preporter even though they were pintrodued a legal. psome were drunk dialed by artners they found their firm proutinely paid male attorneys pmore right out of school then ptheir female counterparts. pthe president of the florida bar psaid he is disheartened by the preport saying he cannot believe pis so rampant in day and age. pbut he will begin to make pchanges to end the practice. p>> on other news now candidates pare making last minute rounds to pat super tuesday states. pbut everyone and i mean peveryone, democrats and prepublicans are piling on donald ptrump. pdemocrats are calling the gop pfront runner a dem going
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pbecause he's not renouncing the pendorsement david duke. pnow a formal rival is endorsing phim we learned. pgovernor chris christie shocked pthe establishment and a said pdonald trump is the only prepublican that can win the pwhite house in the fall. pbut as trump continues to pdominate the primary races, pbehind the scenes, republicans pare trying to a rally the ptroops. p"the new york times" is preporting that republicans are pholding meetings to try and come pup with a game plan against a ptrump nomination. ptrying to do anything within ptheir power to help rubio or pcruz saying a trump republican pticket would end the party as we prussell. pit starts today. pearly voting begins in phillsborough and polk county. p10 o'clock this morning run 32s pu sunday may 13th two days pbefore the florida primary. pand m ifs shayla reeves is in phillsborough county's election pservice center. phey shayla, good morning. p>> hi, good morning to you prussell. pwe are about an hour away from pthe polls opening right here in phillsborough county.
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pover in polk county. pit just at 9 o'clock. pin fact i'm here election pservice center in hillsborough pcounty. pjust one of 15 locations where eople in hillsborough county pcan vote early. pi'm here with craig. phe supervisor of election a lot pof folks registered to vote phere. pwe're talking about 790 thousand pin hillsborough county alone. pwe're large county over 790 pthousand registered voters in phillsborough county. pand this election cycle, it has plot of folks excited. pwhat can they do to expedite the rocess at whatever location pthey choose to go to vote early? p>> well we have 15 early vote psites around the county people pcan go on our website to see pwhere 15 sites are. pin fact, there's a widget on pthere that tells you whether pthere's any weight or not. pyou can look and see, maybe pyou're close to one that has no pweight at all. pwe want to make sure to people pbring signature and photo id peasiest to go bring driver's plicense. pconfusion about what they need
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pan entire list of on our website pand property identification. pflorida close primary state that pmeans for folks which watching pyou have to be registered a pdemocrat or republican to articipate, correct? pis that correct. pin this presidential preference rimary you must belong to one pthe major parties. prepublican or democrat. pif you aren't republican or pdemocrat there's nothing on this pballot for you to vote on. pask how important is it for pfolks to plan ahead and be repared before they get here? phow will that change their pexperience at whatever location pthey go to. pwe want people to aware. pwe like people to get out and pthe vote early containing padvantage of early voting in phillsborough county. pfebruary 29th through pmarch 13th. pday. pso great opportunities to get pout and cast your vote. pmake sure it's going to count. psome of those ballots are palready coming in, correct? pwe've already received over 34 pthousand vote by mail ballots phave been a received back in the poffice. pthank you very much.
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pyou'd like to add to folks that pwill be making their way out in pan hour? pwe're probably going to very pdifferent scene here you expect? pwe will we've got 15 sites pacross the county. pand people take advantage of the psite that that's near their presidence or near where they pwork. pso it makes it nice. pthank you so much for your time psir, back to you. pall right shayla. pthank you. ptalk later. pyou know we all know who they pare. pand we all know what they do. por they don't do. ptalking about toxic people at pwork. phow do you deal with them? pdoug arms is here with some panswers. pyeah. pthen ben afleck went from super phero to super big. pwe've got his very funny pappearance on jimmy kimmel's pspecial oscar show. pwait until you see it. pcharley belcher show showing off pvery special cool school. pspeaking toxics employees. pis that what you said? pnot what i said. pwe don't have any of those in
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p>> not any more. p>> oh. pyeah. pi'm in at my cool school of the pweek. pwood lawn community academy. pand it is a cool school. pand to prove it, we're going pstraight to the source. pwe're going to talk to some pstudents about why they love pgoing to school here. pstick around everybody. pand hav pet moments are beautiful, unless you have allergies. then your eyes may see it differently. only flonase is approved to relieve both your itchy,z watery eyes and congestion. no other nasal allergy spray can say that. complete allergy relief or incomplete. let your eyes decide. flonase changes everything. right now, all you're thinking about is finding quick cover, so you can continue
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pfox 13's good day, local for pyou, all morning long. p>> you know we've all dealt with pthem, either as your co-worker por toxic people those people pthat just drag you down.
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pdoug arms is here vice-president pof kelly services. pfirst of all, categories in psecond. ptoxic employee, what toxic erson is toxin pollutant. eople that are polluting to the penvironment of work, and it pcould be you know, for a number pof different reasons. pand we tend to think of them as pjust overly negative. pbut it had, they can disrupt the pwork place in lot of different pways. pwe have categories we will look pat. plet's get category and talk few pof them there's the hot mess. pthere's the slacker. pthere's the martyr. pthere's the socialite. pthere's the sociopath. plet's talk about a few of these. pwe've all known them too. pwhat do you know about a hot pmess? phot mess is pretty much what it pis. erson that just cannot get panything done. pyou don't know incompetent or pthey just haven't been trained. pbut constantly a drain on presource of company asking for phelp with everything that they pdo. pso this is kind of person. plook, are they truly confidence pdo they require additional train
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pbut they are constantly just a pnuisance. pand slow everyone else because pthey are really the anchor for a plot of people in a negative way. pfixable? p>> sometimes it is, sometimes pit's not. pkeep in mind estimated toxic pemployees will cost the company pabout $138 billion, that's, you pknow globally through things plike slacking, when it which is pto like fantasy football at work pfacebooking, and that's how much pof drain on the economy it is. pso it's a big deal. p>> i've never played angry birds pin this building. p>> not in this building. p>> good qualifier. p>> coming up there is the psocialite. p>> so we've seen this bazillion ptimes first thing they do in pmorning tell everybody about ptheir night their weekend what ptheir plans are what big party pcoming up. pthey are disruptive in work lace because just a sdaks they pfeel external in their outside, ptheir outside presence has preally a bearing on the inside resence. pthis sounds like an easier fix pthan the p>> this can coached out quite,
9:15 am
ptake. pso some people don't have pability to turn that part off pthey feel their outside social plife is so important to peverybody. pi do think bigger issue with a pmi menials as their so, you know pimmediate gratification so pfocused on facebook. peverything they do posted pimmediately. pthey feel like, that speak pspeaking about it or e male pabout it a work a manifestation pof that. pthat should be counseled and you pshould, take it pan yourself as pan employee not to wait for pmanagement. pyou can say look, between hours pof 8:30 and 12, whatever it is pmy no talk head down do my work pzone. pthen if you want to chat lunch ptime that's possible you may phave to set your own boundaries. pgood. pgood. pthis one, i there the one you pcall it the socio path. pthis is kind of one that i think pmost people think of ones that pare just, you can't figure out phow they still have a job pbecause so obvious that they are pnegative they are cause roblems.
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pand they try almost to sabotage pco-worker everything they do is pdamaging. pyou wonder why is this person pstill hear how can management pnot take action on this. pit could because they are a very pgood producer. pcould be because they have a ptenure because they have a lot pof relationships that and pleadership. pthere's sometimes very little pthat you as the colleague can do pabout it other than carefully praise issue of how this is pimpacting your the work place. pwhat's bad is when a sociopath pis your manager. p>> that is absolutely the worst. pand you know, sadly, hostile pwork environment as an hr ractice does not impact that ptype of hostility in work place psexual harassment thing. pso you can't just say, well pbeing a jerk is not, is not rotected. pyou can you're allowed to be a pjerk you employee have right to pleave. pif you don't like the penvironment that's created. pit can't discriminatory, but ptheir practices are really, it's psuper challenging when they are pyour boss because only so much
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ptransfer out of that person's pthreat chain of command or quite pfrankly leave the company you pshould go through steps of first palerting them hey what i'm pseeing from factual perspective pnot emotional. pnot being too personal. pthis is how it's impacting my pwork. pand you know can we work out a pdifferent arrangement. pif that doesn't work and it pobjective doesn't maybe time to pmove on. pokay. pokay. pdoes this make you sad? p>> a little. pa little. pit does. pi asked for this. pi asked for this. pyou know just think about it pwe've all known them. pit's a tough play. pwork is not always. pit's a tough environment. pgood good to see you man. pthank you, russell you were just pthe opposite of that p>> right, uh-huh. puh-huh. puh-huh. pone most wonderful people to pever work with. pand a now 50 now 62 in pbrooksville. p63 in tampa. p64 in the brandon area.
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pmorning, of course cloud cover. pbut notice what having the pclouds around last night did to pour temperatures this morning. pwe're running 7, 9 sh even 11 pdegrees warmer in many areas pthen we were yesterday at this ptime. pi think the end result today pooern though we've got to clouds phanging around we're behind ptemperatures in mid 70s. pyesterday felt great. pwe had mid 70s. pdidn't have cloud in the sky. ptoday clouds in the sky but we pwill still hit mid 70s. pdoes not matter to me which way pi get to the 74 degrees as long pas we get up there ask it does plook like this mild weather will pcontinue. p74 degrees for today. ptonight, overnight lows will plikely drop back into the 50s. pnormal lows in mid 50s. pso light jackets tomorrow pmorning. pthen a nice warm tuesday pafternoon coming your way with phigh temperature of around 78 pdegrees. pweak cold front will move pthrough on wednesday. pit a going to drop our high
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pdegrees for thursday to about p71. pi'm okay with that. pnothing below 71 though, dave. pokay? pokay. p9:19. pand we're finally on the back pend of the rush hour drive. pthings are beginning look good palong crosstown expressway pearlier vehicle fire off to the pside of the roadway. palong the crosstown. pthe selman, the crosstown, that pwas so 5 years ago. pthe selman expressway in the parea of u.s. 30 one all lanes pare open. pand that was the courtney pcampbell causeway. pand all lanes open there we pdon't say crosstown any more. prussell. pthey change it all around. pwestbound 118th north is back popen between 49th street and pu.s. 19. palthough fire rescue is on pscene. pand they are trying to get that pvehicle out from that overpass. pso you'll see some emergency pcrews on the scene there. pand the rest of your morning pdrive, finally shaping up that pearlier wreck along 75 in the of pstate radio 52 is clear we're
9:20 am
p70 miles per hour. pit's an event that at world pwatches from afar. pthe iditarod race. pdog and their musher race around palaska. pand this morning pinellas park pschool kids get to meet one of pthose mushers. pgood morning walter. pnot you, right? psomebody else. pare you mushing? pno. pno. pno. pwe actually thought about it. pbecause they have a club here. pand mush on like a scooter. pbut then, i don't want to get phurt. pyou know. pand an i can't walk and chew gum pchance of me falling off and phurting myself or extremely phigh. pwe will keep our feet firmly lanted on ground around these pkids and dogs. pso yeah you mention we did have pmusher. pwe do have musher over actually pgiving a seminar about peverything that goes into the piditarod. pif you were with us at 8 he ptalked about gruelling pace, how plong it is, the elements he was ptalking about some nights be 65
9:21 am
pin river in that race just pridiculous stuff. pbut that's what he does. pthat's why he's given the talk ptowel a kids. phome school kids but also in pcoop. pso this is part of their kind of peducation process. plearning about iditarod. pthese young kids around me are reschoolers. pso it's not as i guess, peducational if you will because piditarod is a little bit above pwhere they are at. pso just scratching and sniffing pdogs. plet's talk to some of these pkids. pwhich don't know. pa doggy kiss. pa doggy kiss. phow about you guys? pwhat's it like? p>> i don't know. pyou don't know. phave you ever had a dog? pyeah. pwhat's it like to have a dog? psoft. pit feels soft.
9:22 am
pi have, i have a new dog at my phouse. pyou do? paround? pdoes that sound like fun? p>> huh-uh. p>> no. pwhy? pyou think it will be fun. pwhat do you think will be fun? pbecause it will hurt. pespecially if you fall off, pright? p>> yeah. pthat's why i'm not doing it i pdon't want to fall off. pwhat about you? pyou like it. p>> it will be fun. pwhat's your favorite dog here? pwhich one? p>> this one. pthis one is. pyeah. pi can't believe you've dog just pkissed me. psee. pthere you go. pthe dog likes you. pokay. pso there you go, guys. pi mean just beautiful dogs that pare part of a dog sled club phere. pand sled, but part of a club and pall educational. pthis is a scratch and sniff.
9:23 am
p>> well p>> scratch and sniff? p>> yeah. pscratch and sniff. pso you get out tlt and scratch pand sniff. pthat's best kind of learning pjen. pi love it. pcute little dog. pdogs and kids. pthey are beautiful dogs. pmake the best segment beautiful ptelevision. pyes, ma'am. pi already pet my dog named phouston. poh you did? phigh 5. poh. pall right. pall right. pback to you. pthis can go on forever. pyeah. pwe have a lot to say. pgentlemen they do. pthanks a lot, walter. pcoming up a little later, it phappens every year. psome celebs look like knock outs pand others well, they totally pmissed the mark. poscars best and worst dressed. pthat's coming up. pbut first, charley showing off
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p p ddz i'm charley belcher pcoming to you from a wood lawn pcommunity academy. pour cool school of the week. pclearwater right on the border pof pinellas park. pa private school for cool kids plike these right here. pmy new best friends. pbeen having fun here chatting pwith these guys getting ready pfor this. pso big question is why do you pthink this is a cool school. ptell me your name p>> ethan, why do you think this pis a cool school? pbecause there's no bullying they pstick up for what's right. pthat is fantastic. pa lot of students that live here pbecause in public schools they preceive a little bullying. pbullying has been out of control pin day and age isn't? p>> i agree. pit's too easy for kids to be pmean to each other with digital pand twitter and facebook and peverything.
9:27 am
pbully free safe place to go to pschool. pgood, ethan. p>> how old are you? p14. p14. pwhy do you think it's a cool pschool. pbecause this school allows more pkids to get to know the teachers pand have more friends. pand other like other schools. pgood. pyeah. pit's a smaller classrooms and plots of teachers in each pclassroom. pa smaller setting. pyou like that? pgood for you. pmy girl dynasty. pthanks dynasty. pwhy do you think it's a cool pschool? pbecause it has freedom of preligion. pso i get to worship got and get pto sing every week. pgood for you. pgood for you. palso, you ever a boxer. pboxer and amateur fighter. phow old are you? p15. pamateur fighter. pi'm not going to mess with you. pgood. pi'm going to move right along. p>> what is your name? p>> kyle. pkyle. ptell me why you think it's a pcool school. pi think it's really cool school phere because, knowing this pschool is just stands out from
9:28 am
pjust doesn't make you feel pyeah. pwhere most of this students here phave autism and down syndrome. pwhere i myself have autism. pit makes me feel welcome. pand it really they don't really pcare if you don't have pdisability or not. pand that makes me feel welcome. pgood for you you want to be pup. pgood for you. pall right. pmay with which means queen of pthe fairies. pmy little irish queen. pschool? pbecause their a lot of work and pit's easier to work for me. pi have dyslexia. pi always feel very welcome. pgood for you. poh my gosh i want to scoop you pall up and carry you around with pme. pi love positive energy coming pfrom you guys. pthat would kidnapping yes, pethan. pgood point. pi'm not going to do that. pi stand corrected. pwith youed lawn academy. pour cool school of the week.
9:29 am
pdid not scoop them up with take pthem with me. pethan points out that would be pkidnapping. pall right charley, thank you. pstay with us a mysterious bubble psurrounding a star.
9:30 am
9:31 am
pcircle.3 3 it's 9:xx, taking a look at s pit is 9:31. ptaking a look at some day's top
9:32 am
pthe addiction crisis facing our pcountry. pstrong painkillers. pdisguised as other medications. ptennessee officials say that pthey have seen two dozen cases pof pills marked as things leak poxy could done that turn out to pbe fentanyl a much more powerful pdrug in cleveland federal agents parrested a man after seizing pmore than 900 fentanyl pills poxycodone. pan ohio pastor shot and killed pat his church. olice believe pastor's brother ulled the trigger. olice say william schooler was pshot just afternoon on sunday in phis office in st. petersburg's pmissionary baptist church. olice arrested his brother pdaniel schooler and say he will pcharged with murder they don't pknow what led up to all mystery pof mental illness on shooter's art played a role. pfinally, what pope francis top padvisors says church made penormous mistakes in dealing pwith at priest sex abuse scandal ptestifying before royal
9:33 am
packnowledged catholic churching pdenial of the problem. phe also said their denial pallowed thousands of children to pbe raped and molested by riests. pa significant to show the pchurch's accountability. psomeone's path to riches quickly pclosing. pthere's that fantasy 5 ticket pworth $73,000. pbut the ticket will expire ptomorrow night at midnight. pit was bought a circle k at 3012 pkathleen road in lakeland. psix months ago. pso we hope they have the ticket. phere the numbers, 1, 11, 12, 15 pand 28. pso make sure to check your pticket. pgo through your old ones. pthe ticket has to be claimed a pflorida although the redistrict ptennessee. pgo. pi haven't been out yet since i pcame in this morning it is pbeautiful russell. panne marie told me you don't plike me any more.
9:34 am
phe's a toxics employee. psee, i just said i said less psegment how awesome you are and phow wonderful you are and this pis what i get. p>> toxic employee. pyou should say what i'm not on. ptoxic employee doing traffic. p>> look at this, look at this. pbefore break. pyou got to look at this. pnasa is in awe over the latest icture from hubble space ptelescope a picture of star 30 pthousand light years away from pearth and surrounded by a blue pbubble. pscientists say this bubble is pdust. pamong a few other elements. pthey believe that stellar winds pmade contact with the hydrogen pcreating the spherical shape. pnasa says this image of star and pbubble is probably the most pdetailed photo ever captured pfrom the hubble. pevery day.
9:35 am
pwe learn something new. pand just another picture comes pin that astounds you. pwe do have filter sunshine here, p9 o'clock hour on this monday. pbut, smile though. pi will say this, we've got the pfiltered sun now. pbut i think we get back in more psunshine this afternoon. pi will show you why in second pclearwater hilton beach getting pready for another gorgeous day palong coastline. pwe're a 63 degrees in pinellas pcounty. p64 in brandon. pmost areas have gotten back at pleast into the upper 50s if not pthe 60s already. pincluding tampa and brandon and plakeland and winter haven. psoft bring and so on and so son. ptallahassee was in the 30s pearlier today. pthey are back up to 52 degrees. pand with the visible satellite pyou can see how those clouds are pjust streaming through the area. pbut another different look will pshow you once we get into pafternoon you see this red? phas that's dryer air aloft. pyou see how starting to work et pcetera way toward the state? pi think we'll get rid of some of pthat cloud cover.
9:36 am
pafternoon we're back to kind of pmostly sunny skies. pand all in all, it's going to be pa beautiful day. pand every bit as wrm warm as it pwas yesterday. p74 degrees for high today. pwith the clouds and sunshine. ptonight, 57 for the overnight plow under partly cloudy skies. pfor tomorrow we will go 78 pdegrees. pscattered clouds. pthe warm south, southeast wind. pboaters, i know last week was prough for you until very end of pthe week. pthe weekend was great. pwe will continue with great pstuff. psmooth to light chop. p11:06 this morning our next ptide. pgoing to be low tide. pand here you go, next 7 days two pfronts coming through. pwednesday and friday. ponly 20 percent rain chances for pboth of those. pi don't think a lot of cold air pbehind them as well lows in 50s pand highs in 70s. psit back and relax as we want to pwish a very special first
9:37 am
parra rain is having her big day ptoday. pshe's turning one. pwait, wait, no. pshe's 4. pshe's a leap year baby. pshe was born on february 29th of p2012. pshe lies pep pig and taking care pof her puppy. phappy first birthday. pespecially since you only have ponce every four years, sweetie. phappy. pi don't know if that's cool or pnot to be born on leap year. pjen, what do you think? p>> i think it's cool. pyou know. pyou know a ai den's birthday was pyesterday. phe was an officially born at plike 2 o'clock in afternoon he pwas only ten hours away. phe just missed it. p>> i told andrea like just you pcan't hold it in for ten more phours. psure i'm sure she was like no pthat. pit didn't happen if i could show pyou the look she gave me. pi can imagine the look.
9:38 am
p9:37. pdrive. pthings are look building along p275 in area of busch boulevard. pthis is pretty much the case on pall of the tampa majors even palong i 75 and pasco county pwhere earlier this morning we pwere dealing with semiaccident. pthat vehicle still off to side pof the roadway all lanes moving palong without any delay. pthese are rest tampa majors 14 pminutes that's only delay we're pseeing right now. pnorthbound along 75 from selman pexpressway over to fletcher pavenue. pand look ahead tonight, starting p11:30. pcrews will be shutting down peastbound ramp from state road p60. pthat's memorial highway. pon to knot bound 275. pthat ramp will remain closed puntil 5:30 tomorrow morning. pwell it was all about, my turn. p>> if you want. pi'll take it all about the poscars last night. pincluding on late night show. pwe've done so well up until pthen.
9:39 am
pjimmy kimmel had oscar special. pbut he's one that got a big psurprise. pall eyes were on the red carpet. pwe've got our best and worst pdressed list. pthat's coming up next. pand live pictures of board on pwall street.
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9:41 am
9:42 am
pth3 no doubt, you know the oscars were last night. pno doubt by now you know oscars pwere last night after awards pceremony jimmy kimmel host ad pspecial show devoted to the poscars. pone of his guests ben afleck had pspecial gift for jimmy. ptake a look. p>> what is going on here? p>> what do you a got, monkey punder there or something? pwhat's happening there? p>> what is going on here? pit's moving. pno it's not. pwhat the hell is going on here? p>> hey. phey. pwhy are you touching me? pi'm not touching you. p>> oh my god i knew this was pcoming i still cannot keep pmyself together. pdid you see that? pmatt damon attached to ben pafleck. pfinally got on to the stage on
9:43 am
phe like, he came out of ben pafleck. pmatt damon running joke for pyears jimmy always runs out of ptime matt waiting in green room pevery night and never gets his pchance he got his chance. phe would eventually sat in his pown seat that he was eventually pescorted off or wheeled off. pif you watch the red carpet pearlier in the evening you knew pmatt had something up his psleeve. p>> you were comfortable because pyou were in front jimmy kimmel's pstudio. p>> no, no i'm going to get on pthe show tonight. pno i will. pi figure because i got nominated pfor an oscar and he's doing the poscar show so i assume. pobviously right when we finish phere i will go right over there pto my dressing room where i pnormally wait and i feel like ptonight's my night. p>> well we know this. pit was kimmel said more upset pwith ben athen damon his part he pwants two of them to just bury
9:44 am
pvery funny. pright? pbut before all of that plus red pcarpet where we watch to see who pknocks out of the park and who pdoesn't. pand these are just our picks phere. pwe talked about this this pmorning. pand a what was amy poehler pthinking? poh, yeah just doesn't do her pjustice. pshe's so beautiful. pshe's got a great figure. pshe does, yeah. pand then, there's heidi klum. p>> this was on my list too. pshe was on everyone's list. pwhat was going on there? pi don't know. pagain, like you said she's a psuper model. pshe's beautiful body. pbeautiful physique. pgreat style normally. p>> yeah. pi mean so much going on there. pi think the hope was old phollywood. pbut i don't know. p>> yeah. p>> anyway. p>> and the third choice for me pwas emily blunt. pit wasn't so much the cut of the pdress it was the fabric i felt
9:45 am
pfloral flowery thing almost like pa cross between sun dress and pformal gown. pi didn't think it did her pjustice. pyou want to step it up a little pbit more. pall right here's my list. pyeah. polivia wild. pi feel like she was channelling psome type of medieval grecian psomething or other that just pdidn't fly. p>> yeah. psci-fi p>> valentino or not i wasn't pdigging it jennifer jason lee. pblur gown and florals. pi think it washed her out. pshe has really pale skin and pit's a really pale dress. penbut then here besties beauties pthat did it right bree larson pwhat a great night for her. pi just love the way she looked pin this dress. pi loved the choice the color. ploved everything about it. p>> kwae jennifer garner who i pjust love.
9:46 am
pshe's still got it, just rocked pthat black dress. pand you know, the neck line pbothered me a little bit but she pjust wore it so well. pif you saw her in action she powned it. pand then kate wins let. pi love her hair down the dress pshe wore. pmermaid bottom, i don't know. pi liked it. pso blacks and blues for you. pthey are all so beautiful. pto my best dressed, cate pblanchett i know this could have pbeen a hit or miss but i think pit was a hit. pi think it was beautiful. pshe can just pull it off. pshe can. pshe can. pgreat color. pand i know some people hate pthis, but i think michael pstrayhan is the man. ptv host formal football player pin at that teal tux. pi think he's rock thing it suits phis personality it he looks pgreat. pfinally, charlize theron rocking psome red.
9:47 am
pthere. lunging neck line i know palleges risque. pyou know, she pulled it off in pclassy way. pnot dress you wear the demeanor pthat you present yourself in pwhile you're wearing it. pand she, and we she pulled it
9:48 am
9:49 am
p pet moments are beautiful, unless you have allergies. then your eyes may see it differently. only flonase is approved to relieve both your itchy,z watery eyes and congestion. no other nasal allergy spray can say that. complete allergy relief or incomplete. let your eyes decide. flonase changes everything. 3 3 ((russell)) being sick is
9:50 am
pwhen you're kid and you're sick pit's bad. pwhen you got something so rare pmany doctors don't know anything pabout. ptens families of people daily pstruggle. ptoday is what they call rare pdisease day. pit's a time to bring awareness pto it. pand joining us this morning is pjill. pi got it. pi got it. pand her son giovanni. pgood to see both. pgot you out of school for a few phours today. pyeah so we're good. pwe're good. p>> you're going to have to help pme understand what giovanni has. psure. pgee vane has a syndrome. pallstrom syndrome. pmulti system disorder. pand it involves virtually every porgan of his body. phe was diagnosed when he was pabout four years old. pfirst started off the when he pwas two months old he went into pcongestive heart failure. pso brought him to the
9:51 am
punit where he stayed for about a pmonth. pbecause that was the only psymptom that was going on at pthat time, they diagnosed it as pa virus that had settled in his pheart. phe was also diagnosed with a pdilated cardio myopathy. pthey sent us along their way and psaid, you know he had this pvirus, and it's gone. pand we're good. pand then later on, something pelse happened. psomething else happened. p>> right. pyou as a mom. pand doctors say they are not prelated. pyou as mom said something's pwrong. pstarted out with eyes. pand heart and then he had he was phaving hunger and i think a. few pother things. pi just sat down with my ediatrician and said these have pto to be related somehow. phe was very insistent on a pdiagnosis. pand so he and i worked together. pand we he said, i think he has
9:52 am
pdon't go on the. plike any of us would and i knew pright away that's what it was. pi didn't even need further ptesting. pyou did get further testing he pwas officially diagnosed when he pis was 4. pnow i want. pwe just saw them giovanni. pbut if we can start seeing them pagain. pbecause i need to talk to you. pabout this. pnone of this seems to have pslowed you down. pyou play a lot of sports, right? p>> yeah. pwhich ones do you play? pfootball, soccer and basketball. p>> really? p>> so that's great. pso, you go to school at, at pmadeira beach, right? pfundamental. pam i getting that right madeira pbeach. pfifth. pfifth grade. pyou're how old? pten. pten years old. pall right. pso, i guess, the goal then once pyou get you get diagnosis you pgot everything going here. pclearly you made a decision to pmake life as normal as you can. pwe do.
9:53 am
psomething, we find a way to make pit happen. phe wanted to try tackle pfootball. pso we get heart testing to make psure he's healthy enough to play ptackle football. pand we do a lot of, lot of peducation with the coaches and peven the kids are wonderful. pthey take him under his wing and ut him right there on the line. pso he can see up close his popponents. pknow what's he's supposed to do pin the game. pif he wants to try it, we make a pway for it to happen. pwe got to run. pgood to see you. pthanks for coming in. pstate out of school. pwe will try again for the whole pi'm sorry. plook what i've done. poh my gosh. pi'm so sorry.
9:55 am
9:56 am
plook at dave's forecast. panother lovely day even though pwe've got some mid to upper plevel clouds filting through. pwe should easily get back up to pmid 70s. plook at tomorrow. p78 and a weak cold front on pwednesday. ptemperatures then cool just a pfew degrees for thursday. p>> nice. pall right. pthank you, dave. ptoday is monday. pit's february 29th. plive with kelly michael coming pup next then wendy williams and
9:57 am
pdon't forget you can get latest pon our website, fox 13 pfollow us on twitter ask stain pgra. plike us on facebook. psee you tomorrow everybody. p"realtime closed captioning
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>> it's "live! with kelly & michael"'s "after-oscar show" and it all starts right now. today, we catch up with all the big stars including best actress winner, brie larson. and check out our exclusive red carpet and backstage interviews. plus, fifth harmony performs. and our fashion panel picks the night's best dressed. [captioning made possible by disney-abc domestic television] [cheers and applause] >> now, give it up for the cast of "dancing with the stars" and andy grammer.


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