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tv   FOX 13 News at Noon  FOX  February 29, 2016 12:00pm-1:00pm EST

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pyour skytower foreca pfrom tampa bay's number one news pstation, this is the fox 13 news pat noon. p this may be the start of an pextraordinary week in politics. psuper tuesday is tomorrow, and pit could go a long way to pdetermining the nominees of both arties. pgood afternoon and thanks for pjoining us everyone. pi'm linda hurtado. residential candidates are in poverdrive today ahead of super ptuesday tomorrow. pand hillary clinton is pcelebrating a decisive victory pover bernie sanders in south pcarolina. pand hoping to take her
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pway across the country. pshannon breem is in washington pwith more. p>> reporter: fresh off a plandslide victory over vermont psenator bernie sanders and south pcarolina democratic primary, phillary clinton was in pmassachusetts this more than ptrying to win last minute super ptuesday votes. pi do want to be a president who premembers how people work ptogether again, who creates an penvironment who encourages eople to overcome our divides. pon republican side of the race, olicies suggest donald trump pcould sweep most of the super ptuesday states. pwith hundreds of delegates up pfor grabs tomorrow. pyou got to get out, you got to pvote on tuesday. peverybody here you vote, we're pgoing to win so big, you know pwe're leading in every single pstate and we're almost leading pin texas and i have a feeling
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pin recent polls, texas senator pted cruz trumps closest pcompetitor tops or ties trump in plone star state with 155 pdelegates at stake there. pi think cruz is very, very plikely to win perhaps by decent pmargin and trump will be second. pwith super tuesday could spell ptroushl for senator marco prubio's campaign. pmost polls show trump a with plarge lead over rubio in his phome state of florida. p>> if you vote for me you will pvote for a president that an punderstands because of eight pyears i spent in florida two of pthem a speaker of florida of the phouse. ptenth amendment right government phas power it belongs at the pstate level not in washington. p>> new national polls today show pboth trump and clinton with pdouble digit leads. pin washington, shannon breem, pfox news. pthank you shannon. plet's bring in craig patrick. pcraig, what the weak spots if pany, for trump moving into super ptuesday? p>> reporter: well there aren't pmany. pwhen you're dominating polls pthere are not going to many weak pspots beyond texas we just heard
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parkansas because trump is no the pa strong there. pthere's at the possibility that pted cruz could eke out a win in parkansas. pbut sgifrn trump's strength pacross board there is just not pmuch else that trump could lose. pthere's a possibility minutes pcould be lost by trump. pbecause there's just not a whole plot of polling in that state. pthat's where rubio may be can ull off surprise. pbut beyond that, look to the psuburbs. pfor example, in georgia, trump pis winning big. pbut marco rubio could make some pinroads for example in the patlanta suburbs. pwe're talking about a not winner ptake all states like florida, pwe're talking about a states pwhere the delegates are pallocated proportionately based plargely on things congressional pdistricts. pso performing well in city pcenters. pmarco rubio could maybe not win pbut still stay in the game and pted cruz is thinking the exact psame thing. pand where does it stand on the pdemocratic side? p>> well it's all hillary pclinton. por mostly hillary clinton. articularly as race heads south phere she built up double digits psubstantial leads in some states
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pif you're looking at where she pmay be weakest it obviously pwould be vermont. pstate. pand you also have to look to pmassachusetts as well where that prace is tight. pbut when we say tight, relative pto other states hillary clinton pshould based on the numbers pwe're seeing mount a huge lead pover bernie sanders in delegate pcount once we get through ptuesday night. pbernie sanders meanwhile hopes pto stay in the game by picking pup enough delegates to keep him pin the race. phe is said this one is long way pfrom finish. pif you continues to play it out pand a wait for the race to ship pmore from west to east he could phang in for quite a while he pkeeps getting his message out pthank you, craig a lot is riding pin this election season pespecially right here in pfloridaeven though our primary pisn't for two more weeks today pis your day to start heading to olling polls if you live in phillsborough or polk counties
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pfirst day for early voting for pcounties. phillsborough county will be pmaking their way to locations psuch as the election service pcenter right here off falkenberg proad. pi'm here with mr. craig lat mer, phe's the sufr visor of elections pfor hillsborough county. pas far as turn out we've got lot pof folks registered to vote pright here in hillsborough pcounty. pwhat do you expect to see pthere's lot of awareness we're pwatching national scene we're psea seeing caucus and other rimaries. pand a tremendous, we're pexpecting a robust turn out. pas of today rights here in phillsborough county, about p790,000 people registered to pvote. pis that correct? pis that correct. pwe have about 790 thousand pregistered voters throughout pentire county. pand here in florida, we have a pclosed primary. pcan you explain what that means pfor folks and if they want to pcome out, they must already be pregistered i understand. pyes. pthis presidential preference
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rimary state, unless you are pdemocrat, there's nothing for pyou to vote on on this ballot. pso you must belong to one the pmajor parties to be able to vote pin presidential preference rimary. pif you do plan to come out and pvote there are few important pthings to remember. pyou do need a couple forms of pidentification. pcan you talk a little bit about pwhat people need to bring? pdriver's license. pthat's most prevalent one. pthere is other forms of pidentification you can bring hoto signature identification. pi would urge people to go to our pwebsite a vote hillsborough to a, get entire plist. pbut drivers license is the peasiest one. pmilitary i.d. student i d other ptypes of identification. pyou've got a lot of options pavailable to you. pfor folks that may be articipating just to be clear pfury going to participate in pearly voting you can go to any pof the early voting locations pbut if it's actual election day, pyou have to go to your recincts, correct? pyou are correct.
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pan early voting we have what we pcall ballot on demand. pwe produce your specific ballot pno matter which one of the 15 psites you go to in our county. pbut on election day you're pballot is waiting for you at pyour polling site. pyou must vote in your precinct pon election day. p>> okay. pand last but not least quickly pwhat can folks due to make sure pthis process runs as smoothly as ossible when they show up in plocation we're trying to an pencourage people. pelection day is no the first day pvote. pso if you're going to wait until pelection day i hope when you get pup that morning you're not sick pyou don't have sick child your pcar starts you which don't have panything else this is going to revent you from voting we've palready had 34,000 people have preturned their vote by mail pballots to our office. pso voting is under way we just pencourage people to get out pvoting. p>> okay thank you so much. pwell if you've plan to vote pearly here in hillsborough pcounty you still have lot of ptime to do that. pagain polls just opened this pmorning 10 o'clock. pthey will be open until
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pweekends, all the way through pmarch the 13th. pso of course we'll continue to pkeep you posted on at process as pwe get closer and closer to pelection day. preporting here at the elections pfox 13 news. p>> thank you, shayla. olk county polls are open pweekday and a 9:00 a.m. to p6:00 p.m. through march 12th. palso be open sunday march 6th pfrom 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. pearly voting begins in pinellas, asco, hernando, manatee and psarasota counties on march 5th. p>> there's a search for an armed probber in polk county. pbut deputies could have really phard time finding him because he pwas covered almost from head to ptoe. pthat's what you're looking at in pthese surveillance videos. pdeputies say the man walked into pa quick mart in lakeland showed pa gun and demanded cash then he ptook off with money and ran. pif you have any information call pthe polk county sheriff's poffice. p>> investigators oar looking pinto what led up to deadly crash pon brian derry road on u.s. 19.
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pa car ran into one of overpass psupports and caught fire. pa major crash here this morning pat 118 avenue and u.s. 19 poverpass had lanes closed off pfor hours in this morning rush phour commute after a vehicle ptraveling at high rate of speed pslammed into one of the support pbeams for the overpass killing pthe vehicle's driver at the pscene. pas pinellas park police pinvestigators were called in pthis morning to check the pstructural integrity of the poverpass. pviewers sent us these pictures pthis morning after the vehicle pburst into flames. pdot investigators actually pclimbed into a support beam over pthe wreck age but had to stop ptheir work for hours when crews parrived to remove the wrecked ptruck. pwhich was flipped on to its pnose. pthe front cab completely crushed pin. olice believe speed was a pfactor in this morning crash but pthis investigation is very much
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pfor now reporting in pinellas ark, kelly cowan, fox 13 news. p thanks kelly. pnew at noon hernando county psheriff's office wants to find pthis man. phe's wanted for several felony pwarrants including sexual pbattery. pthey believe he could attempting pto travel to miami, new york or pcalifornia. phe's reportedly driving a 2007 pblue suzuki for ren virginia pwith a ged 86. pif you have any information call pthe hernando county sheriff's poffice. psome bay area students got a plesson in something that ptypically applies to much colder pclimates. pdog sled racing. pwalter allen will show you pwhat's up with all of that. lus a powerful performance by plady gaga to host chris rock pgoing there about the pcontroversy surrounding the poscars we will take a look at pall highlights that everyone is ptalking about from hollywood's pbig night. pwe had clouds around first thing pthis morning. pthose have been thinning out as pwe've gone through the morning phours we're back to plenty of pstarted that warming trend
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pwe're going to continue to add pon to it today getting into mid p70s. pwatching a couple cold fronts pweek.
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one of the p aside from the awards one of
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pwhen lady gaga took to the stage pto sing her nominated song. pshe sang till it happens to you pa song she co-wrote for hunting pground all bat college rape pculture. pshe was joined on stage by abuse psurvivors. p>> pretty powerful moment. p>> leo, you know who i'm talking pabout may have won his oscar las pnight but controversy took pcenter stage last night at the pacademy awards. pfox's michael brings us the phighlights from hollywood. pspotlight. pbig winner 88 the academy awards pspotlight picking up the best icture oscar surprising many. p88th academy awards which means pthis whole no black nominees pthing has happened at least 71 pother times. pokay. pit wasn't big that host chris prock hit diversity issue out of
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pusing humor and frankness to pmake his point show continued to unch the subject with skits and pother funny serious moments pthroughout 3 and a half hour lus telecast. p>> thank you to the academy. pthank you to all of you and in pthis room i believe acting pcategory front runner did to pdisappoint p>> i'm in love with my life by hases. peasy i'm in love with my. pwhat's about the phrase for you? p>> what about it? p>> for you oscar? pyeah. pit feels amazing. p>> thank you so much. pthe academy for this incredible precognition. pand support acting category pdanish girls won a predicted, pbut bridget spice snagged away pfrom sentimental favorite sly is pa lone. pmy world i are you did you haved pto single instinct. pmad max was big winner taking
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pand oscar goes to inside out. ixar characters buzz and woody resented block buster inside pout for best animated feature. erforming her oscar nominated psong what happens to you ask pvice-president joe biden pintroduced an emotional erformance from lady gaga psinging until it happened to pyou. pbut sam smith 007 title song pwriting on the wall grabbed poscar gold. psay good night. pthis has been an amazing pexperience. pmichael fox news. p a lot of people are also ptalking about oscar fashion. pwe'll take look at the red pcarpet stand outs coming up in pour next half hour. pdog sled races, not something psomething we usually see in pflorida. pthat was not the case today. pfox 13 walter allen shows psomething else park students pwhat it takes to be an iditarod prace musher. pgood afternoon everybody. pwe are in pinellas park for a pvery interesting, unique plearning opportunity for some of pthese kids. pthey are learning about iet
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pracing. pand basically your kids and pyou're in charge of this. pwhy iditarod? pbecause it is so different from ptheir every day life. pthe snow, the mountains, the pfuzzy dogs, and it's a lot of pfun. pand you combine history and pgeography? pi do. pagain, living in florida they pare not used to mountain ranges pthey do have mountain ranges in palaska. pit's historical event because it pdates back to at 1925 diphtheria poutbreak in gnome, alaska. pwhat about it is probably most punknown for these kids? p>> boy, that's, there are so pmuch that's unknown. pidea of one thousand mile race. pfor us it would a to race from ptampa bay to new jersey. pyes. pover a period of a little less pthan two weeks. pso the idea of being on the ptrail that long, they are plearning about what it is like pliving on the trail that the pmusher don't change clothes they
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pand they, when they come in, pthey spend two weeks on the ptrail. pnow, what is it for you that pthat you love so much about pteaching kids about adifficulted prod and dog sled racing? pi like teaching things that they pwon't normally have a chance to plearn about. pthe beautiful thing about this pcoop is we can pick subjects pthat we want to teach the pstudents and each teacher has ptheir favorites. pand i love getting into obscure eriods of history and learning pabout areas that they might not potherwise have a chance to see. pand fact that they can come out phere and scratch and sniff what pthey are learning is fantastic. pit's wonderful when you can get pa hands on opportunity. pwe're so blessed sandy paws sled pdog club was willing to do that pand lev was in town meet real pmusher. pappreciate it. pthank you so much. plet's talk to some kids. pso they are preschooler able to ptouch the dogs and then some the polder kids are learning from the pmusher, professional musher back pthere. pgrace joining thus noon.
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p>> i learned about that lev is pvery cool guy he only gets one pbelt bucker for his first year pand that's it he says he, if he pmade worked at mcdonald's all pyear. phe said we would make more than phim like when ever he ran a prace. p>> what about it that just seems pso surprising to you? phave you known anything about pthe dog sled racer or? pno. pthis is, actually my first year. pi'm doing the class. pand so we've only doing it for a pfew weeks. pbut i'm learning. pabout what you're supposed to pdo, which dogs are which. pand which season, which route pthey are taking this year. pi bet. pthere we go. pand this is a mock dog sled race pthat they are running right from pin front of kids low pressure plook at them all so excited. pbeautiful dogs. padorable children.
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pthat walter allen, fox 13 news. p thank you, walter. pthat's all part of school. pi don't know, jim do you premember doing anything that pcool in school? pi love it. pfun way to learn. pcoming up with pretty cool ideas pnow. pand you know i'm sure they robably enjoy coming down to pflorida and get out of the cold pfor a little while too. pnicer weather. pyou know it was cold enough this pweekend to actually light the pfire pit one more time. pbut it's not going to happen pagain is it? pyeah you know as we're heading pinto march, you know the times pare you can do something like pthat you know really come to an pend pretty quickly. pwe had the cold weather this pweekend. pstarted that warming trend pyesterday. pwe're going to continue it. ptoday we had cloudy skies. pfirst thing this morning. pbut now we're seeing enough pbreaks in the clouds that you're pstill seeing a decent amount of psun. pwhich allowing temperatures to pwarm up pretty nicely. palready we're at 71 degrees poutside. plook out at the beach. pbeautiful looking view there. pyou can see just wispy clouds poverhead. pwater temperatures still on the pcool side.
12:21 pm
pbut as you look at the month as pa whole, we've all over the lace. peach of the red day as delay pabove normal days, pretty chilly pdays in there as well. pwhen you see a daytime high of p58 degrees. pyou certainly know that was a pchilly day. pbut as you look at the months prunning just a hair below normal pafter we've had lot of above pnormal months. pkind of nice to see a little pcooler out there. pvisible satellite loop shows psome of the clouds first thing pthis morning. pthen you start seeing more and pmore breaks in the clouds. psome dryer air will be working pits way over the state as we go pthrough the afternoon. pwe will continue to see plenty pof sun and with that and winds pturning more towards a westerly pdirection, it's going to help to pwarm these temperatures up as we pgo through after on that. pright now we're at 71 degrees phumidity is currently at 51 ercent. pwarmest temperatures are away pfrom the coastline. laces like brandon, wesley pchapel and 75 degrees. plakeland, you're at 72.
12:22 pm
pst. petersburg at 68. pclearwater has a 69. pbut you head down to sarasota, p74 degrees. pand bradenton currently checks pin with a 75. plower 70s, upper 60s, up across pthe panhandle. pas you head down across the keys ptemperatures generally running pin mid 70s. pbut we do continue to warm pthings up. prunning say about 3 to 4 degrees pwarmer. pcompared to this time yesterday. phigh pressure, that's just been pmeandering very slowly on ptowards the east. pit will continue to work et pcetera way into the atlantic. pbut same time it's kind of pridging back over us. pso we've got a cold front to our pnorth. pthis front it's not going to pmake its way over us but we've pgot a series of fronts which pwill try so work their way into pthe south. pthey move in here give us a pslight chance of a shower or two pthat's just about it. phere's front number one, that pwill be pushing down our way as pwe get into a wednesday. pyou can see just a slight chance pof showers. pthen a yet another front that pwill be working its way towards pus as we head towards friday.
12:23 pm
pscattered clouds pleasant day pfor today. pdaytime high of 74. artly cloudy. povernight low of 57 tonight. pthen tomorrow, we continue that pwarming trend up to 78 degrees ptomorrow afternoon. pwinds are turning more towards a pnorthwesterly direction at 5 pknots. pseas two feet. plight chop on bay one tide premains a high tide at 5:32 this pafternoon. phere's 7 day forecast. pyou can see those a couple of pfronts bringing the small pchances of showers. potherwise temperatures not too pbad all the way through work pweek. pit february 29th. pleap day. pand you may be able to save some pmoney because of that.
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poffering to3 (linda) one lawmaker fights against seat shrinkage by the
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pfox's lauren simonetti has your pmidday market report. p>> shares of pharmaceuticals pinternational take a hit after pembattled drug maker announce pchief executive is returning pfrom illness. pa company post pond a kael coo pjay michael pearson returned pfrom pneumonia and other pcomplications that forced him to ptake a leaf of absence. pairline passengers are feeling a pbig squeeze and new york senator pcharms schumer says he's had penough. pschumer says, consumers are ptired of being packed into pairplanes like sardines. pand he wants the federal paviation administration to pstipulate minimum seat sizes. psince the 1970s leg room has pbeen cut by 4 inches. pand a seat width has been cut pbut two inches. pitaly. pthe move expected to be a pchallenge as italy already has lenty of local shops selling is pspre so it first starbuck's will pthat's business. pfor more log on to
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pin new york i'm lauren psimonetti. p>> there is a new outbreak of psuper lice. pnow it's apparently made its way pto florida.
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poutbreak i3 (linda) the catholic church sex abuse p>> anchor: the catholic church psex abuse scandal is back in the pspotlight with a vatican pofficial speaking out plus a pmovie on the subject won big plast night academy awards. pfox amy kellogg is in rome with pmore. p>> a big admission from a top pvatican official in australian pcardinal says catholic church pmade error concerning it's sengs pgovernment commission pinvestigate priestly abuse of pchildren he was not testifying pto a defend or the indefensible. pthe
12:30 pm
penormous mistakes and is working pto remedy those. pbut the church is in many places pcertainly australia mucked pthings up. pabuse victims gathering here in prome to watch the testimony. ponly start of the hearings here pand we'll see what else happens. pshow me church manipulated the psystem so these guys couldn't pface charges. pby film spotlight detail as pboston globe investigation into pthe sexual abuse of children by riests. pspotlight winning two oscars at pthe academy awards including pbest picture. pvatican today is still dragging pdrag it's feet. ope francis, and a has not premained so i lentz on issue. ontiff meeting sex abuse psystems. pand a to hold those responsible paccountable for those acts.
12:31 pm
pfor the sexual abuse in pchildren. ope francis set up commission pon sex abuse in 2014 that pcommission had a private pscreening of spotlight earlier pthis month. pin rome, amy kellogg, fox news. p a baby at the center of pamber alert is out of the phospital in reunited with her pmother. pnow investigators are trying to pfigure out why a family member pwould have kidnapped baby ptwo-month-old kemp was abducted pfrom her home near fort plauderdale late friday night pwhile her mother was sleeping. p18 hours later she was found porlando. pofficials say she appears to be pa fine. pthe deputies arrested mother's pcousin along a 14-year-old boy pwho as cousin. pthe right now both are and a pbehind bars being held without pcharges. olice still aren't say why the ptwo kidnapped that child. pman accused of a killing a pvirginia police officer on her pfirst day on the job is expected pto appear in court.
12:32 pm
pworker ronald hamilton, and a pfired at officers. pand, and kelly wright picks up pthe story. pit is an amazing grace that pcommunity of prince william pcounty pay tribute to officer pashley guindon. pthe 28-year-old was on her first atrol when she and two other pofficers responded to a domestic pviolence call. p>> end in so doing we sometimes phave very unenviable task of pdealing with true evil. pan army staff sergeant is under parrest 32-year-old ronald phamilton charged with murder of pyoung officer. pshe had an undergraduate degree pdegree in aeronautic and a pmaster degree in forensic pscience appear chaplain tried to pbring comfort to crowd which pincluded guindon's mother. pwe come to to you now as one
12:33 pm
ptwo other officers who responded pto at call with ashley were also pshot and currently hospitalized. p>> thoughts and prayers to dave pand jesse and their families as pthey continue to recover from ptheir injuries. lease keep them in your prayers pwell original call to police pcame from crystal hamilton. pshe was the wife of of the paccused gunman investigators say phamilton was shot to death by pher spouse before police even parrived. pthe couple's len-year-old son pshootings. pnow that his mother is dead and phis father's under arrest, the pchild is becoming taken care of pby relatives. pkelly wright, fox news. p a cruise ship battered by pstorms earlier this month is pforce to head back to home port pafter another storm and bout pwith noro virus royal caribbean panthem of seas ship would return pto new jersey cutting cruise two
12:34 pm
pdecision was also based on pforecast that included gale pwarning weather and some ptravelers on board were psuffering from noro virus. pa new outbook of super lice is pmoving across the country. pand made its way into florida. pgreat, right? pcdc reports that up to 12 pmillion students a year will get plice. pthis outbreak so much worse. pthese bugs they is a resistant pto main chemical in overthe pcounter treatments parents have pto be vigilant of combing them pouts you will have oh use ptreatments more than once and phave to be done over several pweeks and also wash clothes and plinens in hot water. pthe cdc says heroin use is prising nationwide including pright here in tampa bay. pit is at largest increase in all pdrug categories. pdr. jo shows us how an pexperimental drug implanted punder the skin could help preverse this trend. pthis is heroin and it's worth pmore than a million dollars.
12:35 pm
paware of in the history of our pdepartment extremely potent. pacross the country and in pflorida, heroin is making a big pcomeback. robably 5 years ago 90 to 95 ercent of the patients would pcome in for opoid dependency pwere on pills. pusually oxycodone. pnow, probably 80 percent of atients are on heroin dr. kent phoffmans an addiction specialist pin orlando? pyes, really easy to get punfortunately. pi've got soccer dads coming in pi've got people of every walk of plife and every, so it doesn't pdiscriminate. pit's a very fair disease. presearchers are hoping fix for pheroin may come in a different pkind of needle. p>> actually the area would be pnumbed in the upper arm, upper pinner arm. pand the trokar which is kind of
12:36 pm
pof a stab incision and then laced underneath the skin. pfour tiny rods contain time prelease drug are implanted pbeneath the skin understanding phow it works begins with punderstanding addiction heroin pbinds to special spots in the pbrain called receptors. povertime, people develop ptolerance meaning you will need pmore and more drug to get the psame effect. pcraving and with drawl happen pwhen you don't us 82 enough drug pto satisfy all spots. pwhat happens if they try to use pthe drugs while they have this pimplanted? pit creates a block aid. pit works by a sticking to the psame receptors in the brain as pheroin but its bond is stronger. pwe don't have the with drawl. pso they can actually go through pcounselling and they can do the pother things to get in recovery pwithout having the intense pcraving and withdrawal. pf.d.a. approved the shorter pacting pills years ago. pthey are coveted and often sold pon the black market.
12:37 pm
psales. p>> any opportunity for somebody pin any fashion. p>> you literally have to do your pyourself. por have somebody do it on you. pdr. hoffman believes this pimplant will help but only one iece in the recovery puzzle. pwe need more tools. pthis is a chronic brain disease. pit's set up for the addiction to pwin. pokay. pit's very tough battle for us to pcombat. pbattle that begins by asking for phelp. pfor the fox medical team i'm pdr. joette giovinco p. p>> dr. jo says the f.d.a. was pschedule to decide whether to papprove the implant this week pthat has been postponed for panother three months. p>> we have news alert out of pohio. pthree students have been wounded pin a shooting at school in pmadison township. psuspect is in custody. pschool officials are saying that pthe injuries are not life pthreatening. pthat campus roughly 30 miles
12:38 pm
pthe school is on lockdown, but pstudents we're learning are psafe. pand they are looking into what pled up to this right now as we pspeak. pyou can catch her weekdays just pbefore the fox 13 news at noon. pwendy williams is known for her ptake on celebrity gossip. pshe's become hot topic herself.
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12:40 pm
p ((linda)) wendy williams has a hit show on fox stations across pwean williams has hoe hit show pon a fox stakes was across pcountry and new contract that pwill last through the rest of pthe decade. pjulie banderas takes us behind
12:41 pm
pof talk. p>> wendy williams gets the crowd priled up every day with her penthusiastic personality and hot ptopics. pbut now the talkshow host is pquickly becoming a hot topic in pher own right with announcement pthe wendy williams show has been prenewed to 2020. pin tv you know it's really a pchase for who's going to last pwhether it's a sitcom, or a pdaytime talkshow. pand so i'm very grateful. p>> yeah. pto my wendy watchers. pthose wendy watchers cheer pwilliams on every day. pas she dishes oh out latest pcelebrity news and grilles for pguests. psome times her blunt style has ut her in the spotlight. plike her comments on a recent ptwitter feud between kanye west pand wiz can lee fa. pi tried to stay off the googler pbecause you get your feelings phurt. p8 comments in like you will see pgood, good, good, good, all of
12:42 pm
poh my gosh. pbut talk titan insist pcelebrities and even their grown pchildren are fair game. p>> i feel like kids should left pout when they are under 18. pbut by the 18th birthday, pwilliams launched her syndicated ptelevision show in 2008. pand has become an advocate for pstraight shooting. pencouraging viewers to be strong pwith mantra, say it like you pmean it. p>> say it like you mean it is preally just kind of a testament pto you know, have guts. plooking forward williams says pshe doesn't have a list of must phave guests she wants to bring pon her show, although she counts pjudge judy and actor jerry po'connell as some favorites pshe'd like to have on again. psometimes it's not necessarily pthat person at the box office pthat makes the hit interview. pit's what you bring out of them. pso i have favorites from the ast. pbut no picture for the future.
12:43 pm
pat tv williams also has her own pclothing collection and is the pauthor of multiple books that phave become "new york times" pbest sellers. pin new york julie banderas, fox pnews. p here's a live look outside pright now. pmeteorologist jim weber will phave another check on your pforecast plus we're talking
12:45 pm
(linda) so last night, leonardo dicaprio... brie larson... "mad max"... and pso last last night leonardo pdicaprio, mad max and spotlight pwon all sorts of an oscars who pwas named best dressed in it's punofficial favorite category for pmany viewers. pfox julie chang was there on red pcarpet with some of the hittings pand of course the misses. p>> star lit up red carpet sunday pevening a they made their way pinto dolby theater to honor phollywood best 88th annual pacademy awards. poscar have classic air to them pand should maintain that through pthe fashion.
12:46 pm
pi think really spectacular pevening. pthe ladies brought their a game pdazzling in jewel tone gowns and plong flowing trains. pglittering gem and skid were in pwith bare shoulder and a bright pdiementsdz dominating carpet. p>> can can i catch it jewelry on pcarpet as all did not file pimpress. pthere's lot of money walking pdown this red carpet. p>> the gentleman kept it classy, pstrutting stuff in mix of modern pand traditional tuxedos. ptrying to be classic with a ptouch of wow. pguys have been on the same trend pfor the past few years. pa little less bow tie and pstraight tie. pthankfully gentleman usually ptrend to stay away from trends pand keep it classy. psome stars took the opportunity pto make another kind of fashion pstatement. pthis dress is made out recycled lastic bottles. pthis is sunshine kids which is pgreat charity for kids with pcancer to just have a chance to pforget about their trouble and penjoy being a kid.
12:47 pm
pyear oscar red carpet did not pdisappoint and will be all the prage come monday morning. p>> they are very few events that pare as important for the fashion pworld as this red carpet. eople will look to these looks pfor many, many years to come. psome of them will become iconic. pso it's really a special moment pfor the fashion world. pand hollywood to come together pand create some really memorable pyou know memorable looks. p>> in hollywood julie chang, fox pnews. p>> all right. pi have to admit i love the red pcarpet. pwatch it every year. osted my picks of best and pworst on my facebook page and pwould love to hear yours you can pjoin conversation by looking for pme a fox 13's linda hurtado on pfacebook and also follow me on ptwitter. pso jim my husband last night pgoes into man cave turns on plightning game shuts the doer ptells the kids don't bother pmommy the red carpet is on. pi have a feeling probably the psame way in your house? pyou have no interest in oscar
12:48 pm
p>> it's beyond 0 interest for pme. pand my wife, you know she's one pof these types she knows each pand every actor and actress she pknows all about them she can ptell you their family and every pwork that they've done. p>> i should have been texting pher last night p>> you should have been. pit's movies take a little time pto watch with us because she's palways giving me the background pof all actors and you know, it's pjust right over my head. pthe ying and the yang. pi think they had good weather pfor it i didn't even look. pthat's how, that's how puninterested i was. pit's l.a. they always have good pweather. pbut for us, we're looking some pwarmer temperatures. pand that's as you look outside, pall in part to more of a pwesterly wind. pand also, just developing sun. pcold fronts going to kind of try pand work their way down over us. pas we go through the next couple pof days, eventually one heads pour way by wednesday.
12:49 pm
pmaybe slight chance of couple pshowers you look at the visible psatellite loop right now you can psee some clouds we had around pfirst thing this morning. pthey kind of break apart some pand we still have a few pscattered clouds. pso still see plenty of sun as we pgo through the afternoon. pbut at least be some clouds pmixed in there as well. pdegrees. pdew points at 52. phumidity is 51 percent. pthe winds, they are out of the psouthwest at six miles an hour. pwarmest temperatures are away pfrom the coast. pbrandon right now up to 77 pdegrees. pwesley chapel has a 76. plakeland bartow you're at 72 pdegrees. palong pinellas county ptemperatures still holding in pthe 60s. pbut you head down to bradenton pcurrently at 75 degrees. pand that warming trend started pyesterday. pcontinues again for today. pso you can see most areas psitting between about 3 to 5 in psome cases up to six degrees pwarmer compared to this time pyesterday. pand in fact we will continue to pwarm these temperatures up over
12:50 pm
pthere's that high pressure that pcontinues to work it is way out pinto the atlantic. preturn flow on backside of this pgiving us more of an easterly pflow across this state. psame time, it's kind of ridging pback far enough it keeps this pfront here from pushing down pover us. pand even though we'll have a pcouple of cold fronts head our pway this week really big push of pthe cold air is not going to be pdown over us. pit continue to our north. pa lot of dry air continues to pwork it is way over the state. pthat basically means our pweather's going to stay fairly pquiet. pwatch that high push to the peast. pthere's front number one. ptries to make et cetera way over pus just runs out of gas. panother front pushing into the psoutheast. pyou can see just a small area of psome showers with it. pthen, here's front number 3, pthat will be heading our way as pwe head into friday. pso for today, looks pretty good. pscattered clouds daytime high 74 pdegrees. pthen for tonight a pleasant pnight with overnight low of 57. pfor tomorrow, partly cloudy.
12:51 pm
pnow 7 day forecast, keeps these pdaytime highs climbing a little pbit each and every afternoon by p2 by tomorrow we're up to 78 pdegrees. pcold front heads our way cools pus down just slightly for second phalf week. pstill we keep daytime highs in pthe 70s. plinda. p78. pwow. pwell you can benefit from this pleap day we'll take look some of hi, guys! we all know about bogos from other stores, right? pbut did you know they're not always the best deal? pwalmart has every day low prices on everything they sell, not just on select items. tampa the total amount saved at walmart vs winn-dixie was $20.64 on this week's
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12:54 pm
lace for third weekend in row p$35.5 million it film made p$600 million world wide rest of ptop 5 wasn't even close gods pegypt debuted second place with p$14 million. pfollowed by kung fu panda 3. p p p , great song. pyou can hear some classic tunes ptonight in clearwater. pbeach boys performing ruth peckerd hall and pretty famous pactor joining them. pjohn stamos. pthat show by way begins tonight pat 7:30. pleap day isn't an official pholiday it comes with holiday erk. pdeals jerry willis shows us how pmany retailers are marking the poccasion. p>> leap day comes every four pyears. pit's day in which universe
12:55 pm
pclocks and call endollars. pthis year retears are hoping poccasion sinks up with your pspending dollars. pyou've got promotions, specials pspecial events, giveaways two pfor one specials. p$29 specials. ptwo for $29 specials. pthe list kind of goes on and on. phe italian grill is offering pcoupon or online ordering codes pto save 20 percent of your pentire meal through march 6th. pand leap who celebrate their pbirthday hardrock cafe will preceive a free entre. pbrew a head oh check out things plike #leap year and 29 february por flash sales see what you come pup. pyou never know you could score p#coupons on your way. pleap year babies can take padvantage of hotel deals like pforever young package at the pmelrose george town hotel in pwashington d.c. pdeal includes dinner for two, pcomplete with birthday cake and pa champagne toast. rimarily its a day about eating pand drinking and special deals
12:56 pm
paround leap day. pseveral retailers like foot plocker air positive stall, pbestbuy, and men's warehouse or poffering leap day coupon codes. pif you blng you miss jed book pbefore you leaf it was flash psale that disappeared right pbefore our very eyes. pextreme popular it gets them to pjump in there and buy. pjet blues offering another deal pfor travel through april 30th puse code winter 16. pit's a gimmick on part retailer por businesses all about at the pend of the day keeping existing pcustomers happy attracting new pones as well. pin new york jerry willis, fox pbusiness. pand being a leap year baby isn't pall bad you can get free food pout of it. pand leap baby vests pizza hut prestaurant today can get a free pone topping personal pan pizza pyou just need to show government pissued photo id with your birth pdate on this offer is for carry pout only. plisten, everybody loves a deal. panother day to have a deal. pyeah. pwe almost got to show without
12:57 pm
pso there you go that is, yeah. pi'm hungry again. pthere we go put pizza up there pto get hungry. pso nice weather, 78 though, wow. pgetting up there a definitely pbig warm up today looks good 74 pdegrees. pstraight by tuesday. pdo have couple fronts heading pour way, slight chance of couple pshowers. p20 percent, that's not much. pwe only cool down back into the plow 70s. preally a pretty good looking pweek. pthat is a really good looking pforecast. pthank you news doesn't end here pkeep posting latest all day on twitter and
12:58 pm
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v ask yourr do ctor about xarelto . what went wrong? was the nanny involved, or not? i'm billy bush with jennifer garner's first powerful words on her split with ben. >> no, i don't think it's healthy. >> putting a girl my size on the cover. i mean it's glamorizing them and your should be -- >> is the former si cover model out of line or making a good point? cheryl tiegs gets at least one thing wrong about ashley graham.


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