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tv   FOX 13 600 News  FOX  February 29, 2016 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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just like everyone else in society. >> and some are upset how the sheriff handled a sex sting. he will not change his ways. we had people lined up waiting to cast their vote. now can you cast the ballots. she is a great grandmother even though she turned 18 today. good evening and welcome i'm kelly ring. i'm mur. we're glad to have you with us at 6:00. some stinging criticism for
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it was called operation naughty not nice. women. and advocates are upset over how he handled the situation. and ken suarez reports for us they are demanding change. >> you think you will come here to commit crime. >> trying to sell sex for money you may end up like these four, under arrest for prostitution, arrested by deputies who work for grady judd who carries out operations targeting prostitutes and johns. there is something different, they can call themselves anything they want, they can dress any way they want, but when it comes down to booking them in the jail it depends on the plumbing. >> the people arested are transgender.
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after the arrest is causing a stir. they accused the sheriff of outing them. >> you cannot air the business that's very sensitive or put them at risk. there is no knead to put that out there when you make an arrest. >> outing them can have deadly consequences. >> it endangers them. >> he calls it is hog wash, why do it. >> they outed themselves with the web site under transsexual escorts. they are upset they were not identified as women on the happy work. the driver's license lists them as male. and men. the men are booked in as men. >> if you have female plumbing are you a female. if you are male plumbing are you a male by law. >> ken suarez, fox 13 news. >> now the groups are asking the
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commissioners to reprimand the sheriff. lines are forming at voting booths. early voting will be underway for the next 13 days ahead of the primary. evan axelbank talks about how earl voters get the worm. >> reporter: the sounds of spring led voters into the booths. >> the early i do that. the earlierky start telling other people i have done it. it is painless. >> in 2008 the last time the weathers nominated candidates, 40% of the county democrats and 49% reps voted early. >> this is not the first day to vote but the last. >> aside from the glitches of jammed machines. the supervisor said that vince have gone well. it takes pressure off election day itself in the 2012 general election. 262% voted early.
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hope when you wake up are you not sick you don't have a tire. it led to hanging chads and a court sealed outcome. >> i always early vote and they told us the rhetoric motivated them to have the voice heard. social media made things seem more immediate and magny magnified which side or candidate are you for,. >> we want to vote in time and make sure it counts. we have constrictions regarding vote. >> it was not any less urgent. >> if you live in polk county early voting this saturday march
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how do they stack up going into super tuesday. we'll take a look coming up tonight at 6:30. and our editor craig patrick will show us how -- who is projected to win. he will have it for us. >> the sheriff's office looking for a sexual battery suspect. and david dean wanted for warrants and sexual battery. they believe he could be trying to travel to miami or california. he is reportedly driving a 2007 blue susukif you have information call the sheriff's office. >> and the love is gone and so are millions of dollars in jewels and gold. scott mitchell is suing his exfiancee after she broke into his home and stole from him. lots. but mary hunt's troubles are far from over. she is facing criminal charges. what happened in court? >> she is facing grand theft
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face a lot of time behind bars. hunt is accused of breaking into his home and stealing millions gold. with the helm of her mom she shipped them over to her parent's home in virginia. she was not there but her attorney was. he said the case is moving slowly because he is not getting the document and evidence he needs. he asked prosecutors for evidence today. take a look. >> it is about the matter and the fact that we have had a lot of problems getting the discovery from each sheriff's office entity one being the pinellas sheriff's office and gloucester up in virginia. that's where the warrant was executed. and mismc mcintyre is trying to get that to me. the trial will start this summer. her ex is suing her for
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the jewels were worth. we're following the cases and give you updates when they happen. >> we look forward to it. no arrest in a cock fighting bust on saturday. animal services say they confiscated many more. we're tooled athletic are so and. >> every four years and a bit of a bonus day for us. and a woman who waited 70 years to officially become an adult. >> where are we going. and i'm the only grandmother around.
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>> she has another grandchild, too. along with three grand kids and boys of her own. >> i'm on the go all the time. >> the babysitter is just now entering adult hood. >> i have to get the calculator out to figure out what year it is. >> she is a leap year baby born 72 years ago today. >> 1944. >> only circling it once every four years complicated things growing up, i felt slighted but my parents made it special. >> she is loving now she is in her 70s. they make a deal. you hardened out the years for being so young. >> she has family to keep her on her feet, i will not be around forever but when i have little ones like this i feel i can go another 20 years.
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celebration. >> happy birthday, to recognize the life that's turned out to be pretty sweet. >> it is fun like i said i could tell everyone i'm 18. >> in largo. anjuli davis, fox 13 news. happy birthday a different pers peck testify. they are planning a celebration next weekend. >> he liked that cupcake. >> spring breakers will see a lot of signs. all in hopes of keeping them safer in the surf. the campaign coming up next. what a gorrous weekend it was. >> a nice streak. sunshine. chilly mornings -- what a glorious weekend it was, a nice streak. >> and chilly mornings. >> we turn it and look outside
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new at six. they're a colorful new addition to pinellas county beaches... and they contain life-saving they're an addition to the beaches but the question is, will anyone pay attention to the signs t is the time of year when people from all over the country flock to the beaches on the coast. many of them have never heard of the rip currents f they have they don't understand how to get out of them. that's a decision that can be live saving. a great idea. >> when you enjoy a day at the
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down here on spring break and are you distracted. and from a part of the country where you rarely get a chance to play in the waves. pinellas wants to catch memories. and before they get to the water. today the county installed 78 signs like this one here. >> it and they describe what they are and most importantly they show you how to break the grip. >> and it wasn't. they are rushing away from the shore like in the animation there. if you look can you spot them. >> there will be wave action and there will be foam in the water. and stuff like and other materials towards the area and shooting away. >> the new signs contain this advice you know this but a
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and don't fight it and swim into it. swim left or night until are you free of the current can you swim back in. that saying don't fight swim left or right. according to the association every year more than 100 people die in the rip currents and people have to be rescued. officials are hopinger with forewarning visitors to the beaches will not be along the numbers. >> good information glad they are putting those up. you don't realize you don't think if i swim this way that will be okay but can you do it. those currents if you have not seen them. you have seen them. >> they are stronger than you think. >> this is a winter because of the wind we had on the coast. post cold front. you know it makes sense you want to swim to the shore. you want to swim parallel.
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about the patience and not panicking. sometimes easier said than done. and i put this on my social media accounts. we're hoffing into the spring thing. this is the savings time we'll add the extra daylight here and 13 days away. not much left in the dark evenings that will be changing soon and a weak later the following sunday. after that the next sunday is ray's opening day. follow on a sunday. there is something going on.
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the high of 74 degrees. and february and had streaks. we are warm. the front wend by. >> and above average. cold now and average the last couple of days beyond the high pressure. and concerned about the approach of a front. and i don't see it. i see a weakening front and maybe showers and that's about it. overall this week is good. temperatures now delightful. we have a sea breeze underway. cooler apollo beach. tampa is 71 and 272. jump in and plant city is 75.
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wesley chapel. new port richey. 60s along the coast 66 venice and war toe and frost proof. this type of temperature profile happens. a lot. it is cool. day time heat makes the air rise and along the coast line it cools off. it is warm inland. 71 the dew point is 51. west northwest winds at 8. high pressure off the coast. we'll gram allly move away. there is action north of us. it's not coming this -- we'll gradually move away. there is action north of us. texas. to me. there will be a small chance on wednesday that's about it. chicago 35. fargo is 10.
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atlanta 69 and raleigh is at 67. tonight we'll have 50s and 60s for night time lows. tomorrow we'll have lots of sunshine it will be cooler near the coast line a string of mid-70s. look what happens, you will be in the 80s for highs tomorrow. a nice day to be outside. about that front on the 7 day. producing rain and on wednesday. here it comes. tuesday tomorrow afternoon. then into wednesday. and this is it. here, here, here, here. that's not going to be severe. >> and so that front goes by. then another high builds in after that. this front back here. that will impact us on friday but that one will lose the
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patchy fog. we're down to 59. nights tay. partly cloudy. we stay in the mid-70s. the 7-day forecast is like this. there it is. you have 20. strawberry festival. mid-70s for highs. >> paul we'll take that one. now that the nhl deadline has come and gone. what is of the lightning's former first-round draft pick.
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lightning gm steve yzerman has sh alzheimer's disease has shown that jonathan drouin is not going to win against a legend. the deadline passes and he is stuck suspended by the lightning. jonathan drouin has gotten bad advice from his agent and now he will suffer the consequences. he is on ice. he could be traded but he will not be eligible for the playoffs if they do it in the regular season here. it is more likely they will deal him somewhere around the draft in june but
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of holding him out. lose ser jonathan drouin who louses free agency. and he is leaving the door to return and interesting to see if he comes back to the portlands for a second stance. >> i could not do anything that helped us if it was not an opportunity that and the i have to keep my options open. >> and tyler johnson had a health on and vizor. he was hit with a puck to the forehead. the bruins was trying to clear it up the ice and johnson takes a direct shod under the visier. he had to be helped from the ice.
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the wound. johnson is ready to go. he will not let the stitches slow him down. spring train something about to shift into a second year. >> that will give a chance to experience some of the rule changes one that is needed is speed up the game. >> and will be on the block when he goes to visit the pound they will have 30 seconds to get to the mound. >> he thinks the change is long overdue. >> it is unique and kind of in place to combat people going out
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don't have a problem just to go and slow it down. the globe trotters in down. buckets blake. check this out from amalie arena down he makes it. >> that's incredible. i would like to know how many times he tried that. the first attempt. >> no. >> maybe second and third. , we have all been down there. >> that is wednesday night. they could not make it from where they are standing. >> that's a good point. >> that's up to them. >> and how about this. the biggest day for the presidential candidates. super tuesday. the insults they have reached a new low.
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3 ((kelly vo )) heading into super tuesdsay.. heading into super tuesday the republican front run ser backtracking on comments about a former kkk grand wizard. marco rubio is continuing his attacks against the front runner. now whether this biting back and forth will impact results on
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>> super tuesday is an important day for all the candidates with a quarter of the delegates on the line and indensity is palpable. >> he could not be elected dog catcher now. >> donald trump enjoying double digit leads in the super tuesday states firing shots at marco rubio and ted cruz. both are spinging back and especially when it comes to trump's decision not to denounce the support of the former kkk leader david duke. trump claiming after the fact he dependent hear or understand a question about the white supremecist. >> there is no room in the conservative movement and no room in the republican party for members of the kkk or racists like david duke. >> cruz and marco rubio have a lot to lose tomorrow with 595 republican delegates up for grabs. and hillary clinton more
6:30 pm
remember the box that was on your kid's report carts play well with others i would put a no. >> bernie sanders' campaign is receiving an avalanche of small donations while piling up. alone in february. despite low super tuesday polling numbers. >> voters will head to thepologys a majority of them in the southeast. , we count down the hours. do the others stand a chance against donald trump we'll start chance. let's start with a couple of states we know little about. we don't have much in the way of polling. minnesota and alaska. he could pull off a surprise in minnesota. but the bigger strategy is to win suburb suburbs of states that he will lose like georgia. that will go to donald trump but
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because of the allocation of delegates he can get a decent chunk in states like that. enough to let him hang in and they would be do-or-die. >> could texas be do-or-die for ted cruz. >> all the movement the fox 13 pollster. separation now in favor of ted cruz. he will win the state of texas that will keep him in the race and that may help donald trump because it continues to split the field. >> and the same that was said for marco rubio. if he wins and in particular if he picks up more than 20%.
6:32 pm
he defied the nay sayers not slowing down. >> in the driver's seat. and. >> he will walk away from super tuesday with a big lead in delegates. look at the numbers and the polls. and we see between trump and more than that. >> half of all the delegates and the nomination for grabs on super tuesday. it is all about again florida on march 15th. >> what about them tomorrow. >> and. >> and you have to look at massachusetts. that's for bostons.
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this is the stronghold. and will likely score one victory, he has a chance and hillary clinton could run the table. given the separation in the poll cog wipe him out and leave him in a difficult situation as he tries to make it. >> it has been forever and coming into focus. >> craig, thank you. all right, guys, the president awards the highest military honor to a seal fighter. edward byers has been a seal. he was part of the team that rescued a hostage from the taliban in 2012. he leaped across the room to shield a hostage from fie -- fire. it live as look at a warrior that serves in the shadows. >> like so many operators it is
6:34 pm
he does not seek the spotlight and he shuns it. he is the consummate quiets professional. >> and i imagine there have been other places than in front of the cameras. >> he is the sixth navy seal to receive a medal of honor and living active duty member since the vietnam war. in news tonight a 14-year-old student opened fire in a school cafeteria and four students were hurd. >> the suspect ran threw the gun down and was caught. the army sergeant cleared -- charged with killing a police
6:35 pm
job appeared in court. and as police respondented hamilton killed officer ashley guindon. he wounded two others. hamilton is a staff sergeant on active duty at the except gone. she severed in the marine. a pastor shot and killed inside his church on sunday. the pastor's brother pulled the dryinger. william schooler was shot at the the church. police arrested and charged his brother daniel for murder. he has a history of mental illness. details in the boston marathon bomber. reports show that he passed the citizenship test and denied terrorism links months before the bombing. he passed the test three months before he and his brother carried out the attack three years ago.
6:36 pm
than 250 were injured. officials did not find any red flags during the process. his brother was killed in the shoot-out with police after trying to escape. his younger brother was sentenced to death last year. and a ceasefire in the syrian civil war is helping ease the deadly fighting there. and many violations of the truce have been reported. as we report tonight, the u.s. led coalition is not involved in the ceasefire and is ramping up the fight against isis. >> the nation's top military leaders addressing the conflicts in syria. they say the newly implemented ceasefire is not interfering with the fight against isis. >> there is no cessation of hostilitys there but it would be desirable if this is a cessation now were to lead to the conditions for a resolution of the syrian civil war, the
6:37 pm
isis in iraq. the fighters retaking control of ramadi with support from the american military. now, the u.s. forces wild be providing help in the battle for mosul. >> we're isolating it as we speak. the same think with raqi. >> there is concern over the stabletive of the syrian ceasefire the deal brokered by the u.s. and russia and redeem and rebel forces going into effect on friday. video posted shows fighting in the country, despite the two week long truce. >> what area' wear there are reports of violations. concerns that have been raised. that is consistent with the expectations. peace talks are set to resume on monday. conner powell in jerusalem.
6:38 pm
now. police arrested a woman waving the severed and of a child. she is suspected of killing the child when the child was in her care. she was in all black and shouting i'm a terrorist. the 38-year-old woman is the napny and mentally unstable. a student who has been detained in north korea is speaking -- speaking out about the crime. and the student has been tee taped there since january. and officials say because he was trying to steal a poster from his hotel. at a news conference, he broke down in tears confessing to the crime. to india workers come to the rescue of a cub after it fell into a well. they rigged up a lift to carry it out. they were able to get it into a bag for safety.
6:39 pm
releasing it into the wild. >> plane survive as hard landing, the 1942 p-40 aircraft was coming in for a landing when the gear did not deploy. it was landed safely on its belly. the plane got through with a few scratches and nobody was hurt. and we all know the problems on clearwater beach with the parking and lack of spaces.
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there as introducing longhorn' s big, bold, steaks. the only way to make em' better was to make em' bigger. our new center cut 10 ounce filet. our perfectly seasoned 16 ounce t-bone. and our fire grilled 18 ounce outlaw ribeye. big, bold, steaks. only at longhorn steakhouse. you can' t fake steak. for lunch, try our steakhouse burger or any steakhouse lunch combo starting at $7. ((mark vo )) the clearwater beach marina has a parking problem... one pr
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has parking problems that is limiting the number of workers who can park. it is limiting easy parking for ems, that is hard to do. >> and it is one example of rationing access to clearwater beach. >> reporter: in the marina parking lot a bride to be add as task. >> not to do the parking they are strict here. >> she wants her reception on board one of the dozens of charter boats at home port here. one of the captains loses potential passengers. >> they make reservations and they are looking for a place to park, there is no place. >> the jam is another man fess cages of the beach area popularity. 358 spaces and in a lot of the slots you see monthly passes sold to to the people who work here. >> any given day there can be more employees there than availability for participants.
6:43 pm
to limit the number of employee parking permits, we will phase it out. >> the lot is going to be recon figured to handle valet parking the professionals can pack more cars. >> and that will give more than 40 spaces. by changing it around. >> those are quick-fixs. everyone agrees on the big need; we need something here as far as a garage. dedicated to marine activities, now are you into millions of dollars. the city is starting that process and, oh, before they get to the parking garage the cost of parking here will be adjusted higher of course. in include, steve nichols -- in clearwater, steve nichols. >> there are three restaurants on mat reinto property and three more will open in a matter of weeks.
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lots and get there by ferry or shuttle. >> this is what you don't hear the price of stamps going down? why next. in 1934, steak 'n shake decided the world didn't need another hamburger. it needed a steakburger. so they used 100 percent beef. quick seared to seal in the flavor ... ... you'll only get from a steakburger. steak 'n shake,
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fire in the hole. >> a lot of gun for the money. >> a tampa gun maker tells us what is triggering sales in the firearms industry. and why buyers everywhere are looking at his new gun, that's tonight at 10. >> and how about wall street
6:47 pm
s&p dropping 16. >> the for the first time in nearly 100 years the price of a stamp is going down. and stamps cost 49 -- stamps cost 49 crepts t is part of a prearranged deal with congress. they got to increase the price by 3-cents in 2014. and to generate much needed cash but the hike was only set to last two years. the roll back will cost the postal service $2 billion. when it comes to handvichs size matters. subway can be assured that the foot long is as long as peopled. a class action has been settled here. this is started on social media showing they were not quite a foot long. subway agreed to ensure the bread is telephone inches long. >> a piece of history that's 100
6:48 pm
this is the duette school, it's the last one-room schoolhouse in the state of florida. there is one teacher, donna king, she has been there 23 years and teaches kids from kinder quart ton fifth great. she announced she will retire. it is bitter bittersweet. but she had to make the decision, are you like a family. when i say you get to know your opportunities you know how they learn, you know what they need to achieve. >> and the school will close for good once the year ends in june. the district says they're working with the community members to see what can be done with the school. many members want to preserve the building and open it up and a community center. think about that. cookie time. two in indianapolis are going
6:49 pm
they want to sell 4000 boxes of cookies. that's a lot. there is a catch though. they hope to dough nate 1000 to soldiers. so far they have more than 100 boxes and they hope to reach their goal by march 12th. so. aim high. >> they will. i'm sure they will. they love the cookies. samoas, thin mints, paul? >> and a nice glass of cold milk with the thin mints. amazing how they err those sleeves disappeared. i ate 7000 calories. then are you miserable until you get to the next box and it is a circle. >> here is a look.
6:50 pm
clouds all generated. they will not produce storms but they are dancing around late in the day. the sea breeze comes in. the clouds melt away. the data for today on target. 74 of the average high. 74 and the morning low 58. so we're literally 1 degree above average. you take the numbers. divide by 2. we get the clouds. ground fog developing. nothing of any significance that burns off rapidly. most of the week will be pleasant. there will be a couple of chances of rain a chance on wednesday. another chance on friday. that's it. besides that the mercury in the 70s. i think some 80s from the cooling effect of the gulf. read s are good.
6:51 pm
and 71 in tampa and lakeland. 69, 72 and sebring. the dew points are under control. they're holding in the 40ed and the 50s a combination of a mass. lots of sunshine. not much wind. and how made this a three-day weekend, you did a good job. you right now winds are light and variable and east coast. and the a sea breeze on the west. it will cause some patchy ground fog inland. let's talk about that. we talk about it a lot last weekd. it can produce rain. and look at the models it's not much. watch the front move down the state. the energy is way, way north of us. it may not even rain from the
6:52 pm
this is a wednesday thing. that is buy. dry on thursday. another front heading our way on friday. the dew point is 71. and satellite and radar has high pressure. a front here and there. for the voting tomorrow because so many states in the south. turn out not an issue. and high pressure moves off the east coast. lots of dry air behind that. then you have cold air across the upper mississippi. fargo is 10. minneapolis is 24. 72 in baton rouge. swings north to south are the
6:53 pm
mostly clear. watchy fog. sunshine. cooler at the coast a nice day 75 for a high. we'll talk about a shower on wednesday. i don't see much in the 70s. at this juncture. >> junction. >> sure. >> juncture. the weekend is good in served with sirloin steak. saut\ fresh zucchini, squash and tomatoes. it's sure to be a family favorite. visit for great recipes. delicious is always served fresh from florida. someone's hacked all our technology. technology... say, have you seen all the amazing technology in geico's mobile app? mobile app? look. electronic id cards, emergency roadside service,
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3 coming up tonight at 11... and comings up tonight it has been a hot button issue a toll lane project at cutting congestion but it is cutting into the neighborhoods, too. you will see how they are reacting. a nude says dogs at shelters are being mislabeled at pit bulls more often than you think.
6:56 pm
she is a nurse who changed care for miles per hours in tampa. we see how a nurse helped so many. >> and the critics to the health and well being of families is immeasurable. >> raised in alabama. clara frye moved to tampa in 1901. she was a private nurse. after needing a place to operate, clara hoped -- opened up her home. >> she nursed the patient back to health. >> she recognized the need to provide a place for black patients to receive care. she used her home as a clinic and hospital. >> a broken leg to giving birth to a child and everything in between.
6:57 pm
story home that became a memorial hospital. there was a need for care for tampa's black community. >> the clara frye hospital found a new home when the city build a 62 bed hospital in west tampa. >> over the course of that time can you figure there would have been thousands. >> items are on term display. >> seeing them lead and excel during the early 20th century is eye opening and inspiring, she died in 1936 at the age of 64. she cared for tampa's sick and injured right up until here death. crystal clark fox 13 news. and thank you very much.
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(music playing) i feel pretty handcrafted in store by skilled decorators layered with fresh berries and frosted to perfection
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bakery chantilly cake it'll be remembered for all the right reasons. publix. where shopping is a pleasure. >> today on "tmz" -- harvey: after decades, leonardo dicaprio finally wins an oscar and he almost forgot it at the after aert. >> you see this guy like run out and you see him like holding like the oscar. he's like do you want this in here with you? >> it's like he went to the urinal to have a piss and he put it down and forgot it. [laughter] >> yeah. >> the worst part about the whole oscars last night, sly getting snubbed. >> it hit here, man. >> michael posted observe instagram a video. it's the funniest thing i have ever seep. >> what the [bleep] is going on! ?


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