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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 8AM  FOX  March 4, 2016 8:00am-9:00am EST

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3 bare-knuckle politics dominate the night... how pbear knuckle politics dominate pthe night how the recent debate pcould play out at the polls. p plus, challenging and prewarding. pwe're going to tell you to pspecial braille translation pchallenge taking place in our parea this morning. p>> from tampa bay's number one pnews station, this is good day ptampa bay. p hey everybody welcome i'm prussell rhodes. pi'm laura moody we thank you for pwaking up with us on friday, pmarch 5th. pfourth. pit's the fifth. plet's get a check the forecast p>> it's the fourth. pmike bennet in for dave. p>> the fourth. p>> we lose a day here. pit is was leap day throws us all poff. pis that what we're blaming that pon right there? pabsolutely. pi lose track of what day of the pweek it is usually. pso, tampa camera looking out pwest now. pyou can see lot of sunshine out pthere.
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plook riverview. pjust blue skies. pis this not a perfect start to pday or what? pforecast for today 67 by p8:00 a.m. by noon 71. pup until low mid 70s as we head pthroughout afternoon hours. ptake look at our temperature ptrends, getting into the mid 70s ptoday, upper 70s sunday, monday pand tuesday. pand i tell you what, by the pmiddle of next week we're going pto talking 80s for everybody. pdetails on your 7 day forecast pcoming up in a bit later on. p>> all right. pmike. pit's 8:0 one. pwe're checking on the friday pmorning drive. plet's start off with a look at ptraffic along i 275. pthis is in the area of howard pfranklin bridge and dale mabrey phighway. pyour traffic along the psouthbound lanes of 275. pheading toward the howard pfranklin bridge northbound ptraffic exiting off we're not pseeing any big slow downs on 275 pthe howard franklin moving pslowly into hillsborough county ptoward kennedy boulevard. pthat trip across the water going pto take about ten to 12 minutes. pand another slow spot northbound palong i-75. pit's jammed from the selman
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pthat trip can take about 7 pminutes this morning. pwe're hearing about a bad crash otential for that. pand 62 i fox on way. pin area of san jose, which is in pthe area of state road 580. pthat's, more common area for pdrivers to relate to. pso this is alternate u.s. 19 at psan jose. pit looks like skyfox may have pjust arrived on scene. pgetting the area looking for it. pas soon as they get there i'll plet you know details. p>> republican presidential pcandidates are going to be pregrouping this morning after a pbruising often childish debate plast night in detroit. pjoining us live now to talk pabout it doug luzader. pdoug i'm not even sure where to pbegin on this debate. pyou know typically there's a pclear cut winner. pwhat is the take away from last pnight? pwho came out looking the pstrongest? p>> well, you know you got 4 eople on the stage now since pben carson decided to drop out pone of the things we saw last
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pcoordinated strategy between ted pcruz and marco rubio to avoid phitting one another which they phad done in previous debates. pinstead focus all of their fire pon donald trump. pif you're donald trump, that's pkind of what comes with being a pfront runner. pright now, establishment prepublicans are kind of running pout of time to prevent trump pfrom getting enough delegates to pwin the nomination out right. p>> you know, i have to say too, pwatching last night lot of us phave talked about it this pmorning that debate couldn't phave played more beautifully pinto the hands of democrats. pi have to say. p>> well i guess it all depends pon your perspective. pclearly the attacks that come pout of the primary season are poften used by the other party. pand there's no doubt that prepublicans whoever the prepublican nominee ends up being pwill pick up some attack lines pfrom democratic side as well. pthat's always the risk that you prun through primary. pflip side of that argument is
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pbetter going through this rocess. pthat you make them hone their parguments, and really kind of psharpen their game in advance of pthe general election. pyou know i have to wonder too, pthe idea here, now do you think pthis ends the idea of trump as pthe third party run was this all pfor show? p>> well a reference to the pquestion last night there was pthis question about whether pthese candidates would pledge to psupport the republican nominee. pand each of them ultimately did. pyou also look for an ask a third ptrump fliered with third party prun in past. pi don't think republicans pdismissing this an if this comes pdown to forefight and trump ploses the nomination because of pthat. pi have to wonder too, you know, pthey talk a lot about republican pestablishment. pwe talk about, what is going to phappen here. pi don't know at this point if
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p>> well it really kind of pdepends. pyou can certainly come up with pscenarios where trump is denied pthe out right delegates he needs pto secure at nomination heed of pconvention. pthat involve john kasich winning pohio on march 15th and marco prubio winning florida on pmarch 15th. phe's down to the polls there. pbut if those two things were to phappen this could pretty easily pgo all the way way to convention pthen you are floor fight. pif you think things are a mess pnow wait until we see contested pconvention should it come to pthat. pnow if the polls are correct and pdonald trump picks up florida, pthen this thing may be over. p>> all right. pdoug luzader we'll leave it pthere. pthank you. plive for us in washington. p>> you know, during that debate pdemocratic front runner hillary pclinton seemed to be having more pfun than anyone on stage she was pquick to mock republican rivals pwhen ever the debate descended pinto bickering which it often pdid she asked twitter follower phow many of these do we have to
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pasking for a friend. p>> new jersey governor chris pchristie has finally addressed phis blank stair at that trump pvictory speech on super tuesday. pbefore the press kristi said it pwasn't the kind of circumstance pwhere i'd been cheering and psmiling. pbeing held hostage, no i wasn't psitting up there thinking oh my pgod what have i done. pi was sitting up there standing pup there supporting the person pwho i believe is the best person pto beat hillary clinton of the premaining republican candidates pand why why i endorse him. pkristi addressed criticism about pneglecting governing duties he pended his a presidential pcampaign 22 days and working in pnew jersey for 19 of those days. p>> and here at home construction pbegins on the tallest building pin st. petersburg. pmayor kriseman and other city pofficials will be on hand for
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pthis morning shayla reeves. pthis is going huge, huge thing phappening in st. petersburg, pisn't it? p>> you're right, russell. pin fact the ground breaking is pschedule to take place in just a pcouple of hours. palready we're hearing some of pthat construction equipment pmoving right across the way pthere. pand this is all happening just pbehind me here off first street pnorth. phere's what's on the way. pi want you to take look at this. pwe're talking about 1 st. etersburg. ponce completed officials say it pwill be at tallest building pdowntown. p41 stories. pnow the project is not only pexpected to change the city's pskyline, but also, bring new pjobs and new places to live and pwork. pit includes more than 250 condos pand new hyatt hotel and more pthan 170 rooms. palso includes retail space. pnow we're told just building the ptower, will put people to work pand generate business for some ptampa bay companies. pif you take look at the numbers, pofficials tell us construction palone will bring more than p$90 million in employment and
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pit will employ between 300 and p500 workers every day. ponce once complete project will pcrete 150 full time positions. pcity property tax revenue is pexpected to jump by more than pthis project. pwe're told today's ground pbreaking is actually happening pahead of schedule. p90 days ahead of schedule. pas for completion, it's all the photel can be completed some time pnext year, guys. pwe'll keep you posted. pthat ground breaking again pmorning. pstay tuned. p>> all right. pthanks, shayla. retty quick bill. psure is. pyou're right. p>> thank you. plocal congressman david jolly pits taking on apple. phe's proposed a bill that would pban the government from buying papple products. pand all this comes a fall out pfrom apple refusal to break into piphone belonging to one the san pbernardino shooters continues. pjolly announced proposed plegislation thursday morning. pthe f.b.i. wants apple to help pthem break so yesterday farook's
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pcompany says it would have to pcreate special software to do pthat and it could compromise piphone security. pjolly says this is all about punlocking just one phone. p>> and when they are standing in pway investigation into terrorism pon our soil, this it is an order pfor apple to cooperate on a psingle phone to prevent the pdeletion of what could be three pweeks of communications between pa terrorist and his partners p>> and jolly goes on to say if papple complies with the court porder he would drop the bill. phe says it already has support pin congress. p>> florida state senate has pvoted to repeal the unenforced plaw that prohibits unmarried pcouple from living together. punder the law from 1868 a man pand woman living together can pfined $500 and soent to jail for p60 days nearly 438,000 unmarried pcouples live together in pflorida. pbill passed senate with 38-0 pvote. pnow it has to pass the house
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pand another big shake up for olk county schools. passociate superintendent greg privers submitted his resignation pon thursday. pback in october rivers filed a pcomplaint against former psuperintendent katherine la roy pit included nine allegations pincluding sexual harassment. pla roy eventually gave up her pjob as well under pressure. priver's resignation is may 6th phe will be on paid leave until pthen. pwhen we come come back mike will phave look at the gorgeous pforecast coming up this weekend pand there are calls for action pin baltimore this morning after pa video show as police officer phitting and kicking a student on pschool grounds. pgreat story this morning of and pa, special needs are in aychecks a learn some valuable pskills and charley belcher we pgo. psunday, i'll meet you in the ark okay? pgeorge going to be there? pyeah. pall right good. pgood. erfect. pi am at palm harbor university
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pmusical sunday in park with pgeorge. pyou know, it's a made famous on pbroadway. pmandy and bern detective peters. pi'd like to pretend i knew that pwith my theater prowess. pthank you, russell. pwell there they are. pdetective.
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pwe'll have an a little
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3 time now is 8:xx.. a pizzeria in p8:: p8::pizzeria in nevada is giving phope for people with pdisabilities in their community. pin january walter and his wife pjudy opened smiley with hope izza in reno. pwalter worked a special peducation teacher for 25 years pand created programs for kids pwith disabilities to work in pbakeries. izzerias. pcouple took $300,000 loan to pfund the pizza place. pthey train each of the through pan individualized process that pallies works to be a successful pand grow. pthey hope to one day create ension plans and paid vacations pfor his workers.
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p>> yes, it is, nice. p>> all right. pmike bennet in right now for pdave osterberg. phey guys. pbeautiful day out there have you pbeen enjoying this weather attern? pgorgeous about. pi try not to. p7 day forecast. pso if you thought a little bit pcool around especially in a pmorning and nights wait until pyou see seven day forecast. pvisible satellite picture low pcloud cover off to south pcontinuing to dissipate as we phead through throughout morning psir wra at that beach cam. pu.s. marine science building. philton clearwater all showing psun out towards brook dale bay pshore camera not cloud in sky as pwe head into afternoon this is pgoing to be case maybe a couple pclouds here or there. poverall we're looking more sun ptoday. pespecially heading into the pweekend. p>> weather headlines, going to pbe a pleasant day today. pincreasing sun. pa bit breezy at times. pseasonable pleasant and sunny pweekend out there.
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pwe get rid of a lot of this pmoisture in the air. pa little bit humid out there plast couple of days. pthat goes by the way side as pwell. pand gradual warm up as we head pthroughout next week. pmid 70s today. pmid 80s for some of us a we head ptowards middle and end of next pweek. pcurrent temperature, 66 in ptampa. p68 in brandon. p66 down in bradenton. p65 in arcadia to north. p58 right now brooksville. p55 in crystal river. pdew point wise they've coming pdown all morning. pdown to 52 the dew point in ptampa. p55 in brooksville. pto south 63 in lake placid. pso still a little bit more humid pto the south, hang in there just pa little bit longer. pcold front making et cetera way pthrough. pthat will drop dew points to the psouth as well. pthe big picture satellite radar. pyou can see cold front there pbasically from daytona beach out ptowards weeki wachee right now. pthat continues to drop south as pwe head throughout day today. pso your forecast for the day 74 pdegrees increasing some. pwe're already pretty much at
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pwe'll see couple clouds from ptime to time overyour all more psun than clouds. p7 day forecast shows mid 70s pnext couple of days upper 70s psunday, monday and tuesday on pinto the low 80s as we head ptoward wednesday and thursday. pjim. p>> mike we are dealing with slow pdown on howard franklin bridge. pnot great spot for rush hour pdrive for trouble to happen. pthat's case this morning pnorthbound along 275. pall it is disabled vehicle, one pvehicle off to side roadway a proad ranger on scene to help pthat driver out. pso the lanes currently blocked poff northbound along 275 just ast mid span portion heading pinto tampa tampa we're going to psee slow down from that spot pback twarldz pinellas count pbumping up travel time toward pkennedy boulevard to solid 15 pminute drive across the water. pskyfox checked on that reported pcrash. pand in dunedin. pscanned entire area didn't find panything there. pso we're clearing that incident. pwe're clearing all the crashes
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pso we are up up to speed also on pu.s. 19 as well alternate 19. pthis is u.s. 19 in the area of phighway 580. ptraffic moving along in both pdirections. pwe're not seeing any significant pdelays. pfrom dunedin all way down pthrough st. petersburg and inellas park. pslow spot veterans expressway ptypical for this time of morning pwe're we're seeing that this pmorning along the vets after pgunn highway. p12 miles per hour slowest speed pright now. pthat earlier crash in area of pwaters avenue ulrich road that psends off to side of roadway and palso cleared. p19 minutes southbound 275. pnot too bad for rush hour drive pfrom bearss avenue to i-4. pvery slow this morning along i-4 pcorridor. pespecially from dr. mlk to i-4. pthat trip is solid ten minutes. p>> 8:18. pchild advocacy groups are pdemanding reform alt public pschools in baltimore. pthat after cell phone video pemerged showing a school officer pslapping and cursing a young pman.
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pall this happened tuesday. pboth of these officers have been laced on administrative leave pwith pay. pand so have baltimore school olice chief. pand attorney for one the pofficers says his client was presponding to a call of an pintruder on campus that young pman became belligerent when pasked to leave. pthere is some confusion right pnow about who this young man is. pschool police said he was not a pstudent but an attorney says phe's a tenth grader. pand male officer in video pidentified a 44-year-old anthony pspence he was fired by baltimore psheriff's office in 2003 of a he pand another deputy tasered a man pthey mistook for bank robber pmaryland court records show a rotective officer was filed in p2011 domestic violence case. pwell we now know how bobbi pkristina brown died. pmedical examiner released at preport 22-year-old died from pimmersion in water and drug pintoxication. pshe was found none responsive
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pjanuary last year. pbrown's boyfriend nick gordy and pfriend were in the house when it pall happened. pnoned's been arrested but local pdistrict attorney's office told pa judge the investigation into pthat mysterious death is still pactive. p>> closing arguments are pexpected today in erin andrews ptrial. pandrews suing two hotel chains pfor failing to protect her from pman who videotaped her nude pinside her hotel room. pfox sports reporter is asking pfor $75 million in damages. p>> a jury in nashville will pdecide whether the hotel chains pare guilty and whether she pshould be granted any of those pdamages. pahead newer inn our 9 o'clock phour college students hacking pcomputers. pand everyone from president pobama and british prime minister pdavid cameron are encouraging pthe cyber crime "american idol" pjudges say one the toughest pcalls in that show's history. pthree great singer only one of pthem could be saved. pwe're going to hear from those ptwo singers sent painging at p9 o'clock. p>> and after the break, and a alm harbor high school charley
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pstudents have been preparing for psunday in (music playing) i feel pretty (west side story) not every cake can be handcrafted in store by skilled decorators layered with fresh berries and frosted to perfection like our publix bakery chantilly cake it'll be remembered for all the right reasons.
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is a pleasure. (elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong. hey candidates. enough talk.
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p good day tampa bay i'm pcharley belcher coming to you pfrom a palm harbor this. pwe're a palm harbor university phigh school. penjoying a little musical ptheater this morning sunday in ark with george performing it
8:24 am
p7 o'clock. pcome out and see them and psupport them. pgetting ready for a big thespian pfestival happening later this pmonth. pthey will performing show at the pstraz center. pjustin is the accompany meant. pmusical director because paccompanyist. pyou love working with these pyoung people. pthis is a difficult challenging pshow, isn't it? pit a challenging but that's what pmakes it fun. pthey've really risen to it we ptry challenging things here pbecause a challenges them to aim phigher. pa lot of these kids are both pchores and a theater they bring ptheir musical chops. pthat whole play brings the p>> that's right. pgeorge painted with all the plittle dots and specks. pand blended colorses to a make pan impressionist thing. preally, really cool when it all p1.
8:25 am
pexcited about it. pwhat we're kind to show you in pminute opinion we're doing a pnumber called sunday. pwhere where painter kind of pfreezes everyone and pnonrealistic moment and places pthem all. pand then in act 2. pthe place he jumps through p1980s. p>> yes jumped forward about 100 pyears to another artist also pnamed george but it's not same pcharacter. phe's also an artist but he heads pback to the park to gain more pinspiration. poh fun. pall right. pwell let's see a little by the. psunday in the park with george. p p
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pthere. prussell and laura, isn't that pcool? pyes, it is. pit is hard. pit's tough. pi'm impressed. pvery impressed. pi'm telling you. ptalent nothing but talent behind pit. pall right. pcool. psee you later. pall right, buddy. pstill to come on good day the pcity of tampa has two more shots pthe earning the right to host pthe super bowl again. palcides segui is going to bring pus all the details.
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phow last nigh3 pthis is good day tampa bay. p welcome back. ptime right now 8:31. pa quick check of some today's ptop stories. pa brother and sister are pexpected to face a judge this pafternoon after deputies say pthey robbed a girl scout selling pcookies outside a walmart. pnicklaus and ashley winters are pfacing multiple charges this pmorning. pvolusia county sheriff's office psay they snatched a cash box
8:32 am
pit had about $200. pthey are being charged with probbery by sudden snatching and etty theft. p>> construction begins this pmorning on what will become st. etersburg's tallest building. pthe one st. petersburg condo ptower will have a ground pbreaking ceremony coming up this pmorning at 10. pmayor rick kriseman and several pother at the officials will be pon hand. p$90 million tower is 41 stories phigh with more than 250 condo punits as all goes on as planned pit should be finished some time pnext year. pgas may be low but state gas tax pis making it higher. pgallon of gas is taxed nearly p$0.37 here in florida. pthat number is seventh high nest pthe nation. ennsylvania has the highest gas ptax with more than $0.50 a pgallon. plowest is $0.12 in alaska. pstate gas tax fund funds road pconstruction maintenance and pother improvements. p>> high tax. pwow. p>> all right.
8:33 am
pyou guys a lot to deliver this pweekend. p>> i've got lot to deliver this pweekend and next 7 days. pfirst though i want to talk pabout spring. p>> okay. pit's around the corner. pwe're in meteorological spring pnow. pright. phowever away from big spring pevents are we? pcheck this out. pnine days from now daylight psave's time. pnine days. pwow. pnot my favorite day of the year pi like the result of it. pthe sun setting a little bit. plater in day. pmesses with you. pyeah takes a couple days. pthat's okay. p16 days to vernal equinox. p23 days to easter. p>> nice. pand my personal favorite, 30 pdays to opening day. p>> very soon. p>> got spring training games pgoing. ponly 30 days left until opening pday of baseball. pbest time of the year, right? ptampa camera looking east now pshowing blue skies. pall children's hospital cameras pa well.
8:34 am
phere's look at the current ptemperatures. pwarm start to day. p66 right now in tampa. p68 for you in brandon. p65 in sebring. p65 down in lake placid. pwider view across the state 73 pin marathon the warm spot you plook for cool spot pensacola at p50. pall in all not too bad across pthe state. pthis is a fairly seasonable pmaybe even above average cold paverage cold front off to our pnorth. pthis is going to continue to pdrop southward as we head pthroughout day today. pbut, not really seeing a whole plot of shower activity with a pmost of the shower activity has pbeen well ahead of this front. pbehind this front, temperatures pdon't really cool down a whole plot. phere's a look at the future pcast. pwe'll see front go by high ressure building in and et st. pguillen us up for what looks to pbe really, really nice, and a, pwe see severe weather with these pfronts here. pyou see more in the way of rain. pyou see colder and dryer air pbehind it. pnow as we get later into the pyear we're getting into that ptime of the year where these pfronts kind of weaken as they
8:35 am
pnot whole lot of rain with them. pbehind it, we stay milder and pdryer. pall the colder air stays off to pthe north. pso it takes a pretty strong cold pfront this time of year to preally cool us off. pnot one that i see coming any ptime soon. pat least not in the next 7 days por so. pso you recap for today, 74 pdegrees, increasing sun, a bit pbreezy at times. pfor tonight cooler than this pmorning. pnot too bad. p55 degrees. phere's a look at the 7 day pforecast. ptemperatures in the mid 70s and pnext couple of days. pupper 70s as we head towards psunday, monday and tuesday. pand into the low 80s toward pmiddle and end of next week no preal rain threat next seven to pten days either. pjen. pclear up. pat 8:35. pnot seeing any big delays on phowdy franklin bridge. pget to that in a second slow pspot on veterans expressway plinebaugh avenue. pgoing to be your slowest spot on pvets seeing an average speed pranging between 11 and 15 miles er hour.
8:36 am
pdown to hillsborough avenue pexit. phoward franklin bridge earlier pthis morning 20 minutes ago pdisabled vehicle jamming up ptraffic mid span portion of the pbridge. pthat has since cleared. pno delays heading into phillsborough county. papproaching kennedy boulevard. pthat trip across the water. pnot going to tack any more than p8, maybe nine minutes. pso we already talked about the pvets. pmove on to slow spot along i-4 ptypical crunch from dr. mlk to i p275. pthat trip is going to take ten pminutes. pwe're all clear along i-75 pcorridor. pnine minutes southbound to i-4. p>> welcome may we will know if ptampa will host another super pbowl. pand announced atlanta, los pangeles, miami, and tampa are pall in the running for super pbowls 54 and 55. pthat's on top the 2019 game ptampa is also a final is. palcides segui is live for us ray pjay. pyou've got to love our chances pof getting at least one of three pgames, right? p>> sure.
8:37 am
pi mean certainly hope so. pwe're in contention for super pbowl 53, 54, 55. pone more to list of cities that pare competing that. pnew orleans. pso those are all top markets. pbut of course, heck we're pretty pgood as well, right? pwe've hosted several super bowls palready beautiful shine, pbeautiful weather. pgot the wonderful folks of tampa phiggins. pthanks for being with us. pi appreciate it. pa busy schedule. pfirst off congratulations. pfinalist once more. pisn't it? pabsolutely. pany time you get a chance to pshare your vision, and share why pwe think we're such a strong pcommunity when it comes to phosing major events and pespecially super bowl it's a pgreat opportunity. pmid april. pthe presentation that we have in pfront of the nfl owners is in plate may. pjust a great opportunity to pshare our community's vision.
8:38 am
pback in 2009. pyou were here for that. pit was lot of fun. p>> i believe that economic pimpact for that super bowl was pwell over 300 million. pthen i was doing some research pand found super bowl last year pover $700 million for the area. pwhen you hear something like pthat already it's doubled, pthat's a big, big economic boost pfor a city that is dying for psomething like that. phow important is it for your pgroup and the city to make a pgood move to make sure you beat pout cities like atlanta, los pangeles new orleans and miami? p>> it's ultra important. pwe're fortunate to have a great pcommunity here. pwe frame it as team tampa bay. pbut there are so many community artners on that team. pwearing same jersey pulling in pthe right direction from the pcity to the county to the sports pauthority to our convention pvisitors bureau. pand the tampa bay buccaneers. pthe glazer family. pand entire bucs franchise has pbeen phenomenal when it comes to psupporting and bringing super pbowls here and other major
8:39 am
pso it's a great team effort. pwe're going to do everything we pcan to position ourselves well pfour our fifth super bowl here. psome time in the near future. pi got ask you one question. pwe will move away from super pbowl. phockey. pwe're also going to talk about pncaa championship game coming phere to tampa. pthese all big money generators pfor the city. palso means lot of people are pcoming. ptalk about these events. pno doubt. pwe've got just in a montana's ptime we've got ncaa frozen 4 pcoming back. pyou may remember we hosted 2012 pfirst time the event had ever pbeen to the southeast more fast pthan it has ever come back in plast 20 years. pso that is going to great popportunity. pwe're excited to have frozen 4 phere. pthen january 9th of 2017, pcollege national pray play off pchampionship first community in psoutheast part of the country to phost that under new play off pformat. pit's going to be awesome.
8:40 am
henomenal for us to get a host pto crown jewel event. pthat sport is going to be pamazing. pgoing to be fun, man. pall right. prob i appreciate it for your ptime. pkind of interesting. pthey held championship national pchampionship last year. pno numbers on economic impact pfor that. pbut the year before that in pdallas it was well over p$300 million. pthey are expecting last year to pbe well above that and really pinteresting to see 2017 right phere in tampa. pwhat that means for the bay parea. pback to you guys. pall right, alcides, thank you. pthere are a lot of people out pthere yearning for somebody pwho's going to bring america pback both in leadership level pand neighborhood where we can pbegin to reignite the spirit of punited states of america and plet's stop fighting. p>> governor john kasich there ptrying in vane to stick to a olicy discussion in a debate pthat was more combat than psubstance. phere to talk about all of this
8:41 am
rimaries political editor craig atrick. pgood morning. pgood morning. p>> well, thoughts? pi'm just going to say your pthoughts? p>> shaking my head. pmy thoughts we've got cripp pknowledge national debt a 16 pyear war a crisis in middle east pinequality lack of jobs and we phave the choice of a gop pestablishment making fun of the pfront runners face and his hands pand his man hood. pfront runner responding on pnational stage by defending said pman hood then you have marco prubio resorting to calling him pbig don. pand then trump calling him plittle marco. eople might be mildly pdisappointed if you were pexpecting something more. pbut to that end i think that pthis may have helped john kasich pto a certain extent. pand helped ted cruz. pbecause relative to others ask pcertainly this is case for pkasich they stayed out of that ptype of back and forth. pthat kind of bickering. pand i think that could move the pneedle just a little bit. pin such a weird kind of year pjust a little bit could shake
8:42 am
p>> i put something on facebook pthis morning and man people are pfrustrated. pthey are frustrated. p>> they are angry anti pestablishment wave we're seeing phere and that's where someone plike mitt romney on top of marco prubio and rest going after pdonald trump on the grounds that phe does not represent pestablishment is ultimately pfueling donald trump and wind up pto some extent backfiring on pmitt romney and marco rubio. pto that end on this weekend at p5:30 saturday everyoning and p11:30 sunday night we're going pto be talking one on one with a pma are could rubio. pwe will an ask him and what he's pthinking and where he goes from phere as race now focuses on pflorida. pbefore we get to florida though, pwe have something, we have some rimaries this weekend? p>> yes. pwhere are we caucus and some rimaries you have louisiana pwhich will probably go to trump. pyou got kentucky that will more plikely go to trump. pyou also have kansas in the mix. pand i think that will possibly
8:43 am
pyou have maine in the mix who pknows we don't is lottery liable olling there. pthat's caulks nebraska is pdemocrats only. pand that's where given his pstrength in caucuses that bernie psanders could make a play. pand because we don't have a lot pof in way of numbers there could pbe some surprises over the pweekend. pbut the big race to watch beyond pthis weekend is going to be ptuesday. pit's mi on march the 8 along pwith couple of other states. pand that is where donald trump pbased on the polls is going to pwin very big. pwhich gives him more of a pmomentum heading into crucial pweek in 11 days race shifts to pohio and florida. pbefore we go. pyou mention it had let's bring pit up again. pwhen's your show p>> saturday 5:30 p.m. pit is sunday 11:30. pwe also can charley la duff from pmichigan is going to show us pwhat's playing out. phe will in studio with us as a pmatter of fact. palso he is in the house. pthat's right. pand on top of that we have our olster matt nailed it in state pafter state after state.
8:44 am
rojections heading into next pweek. plooking forward to it, see palater. pthanks. p>> bye. pand when we come back walter pallen is live for us braille pcompetition morning in tampa. phe will have details of that. phear what canadian prime pminister had to say what pcanadians least the bigger the burrito, the bigger the fun. dunkin's new grandde burrito -- a breakfast burrito packed with big southwest flavor. go grande with veggie or sausage today. america runs on dunkin'. some people don't like to share their wifi, but at bright house networks, we do. login to one of our hotspots and get your code for free wifi at over 50,000
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put more fun in your day with ice-cream-flavored coffees at dunkin' donuts. go for delicious flavors like butter pecan, cookie dough, or new pistachio.
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america runs on dunkin'. 3 3 happening today.. the "lions eye institute for transplant & research" in tampa.. is p lions eye institute for ptransplant and research in tampa pis sponsoring children from pacross the area for a braille pchallenge. pthis is such a great idea. pblind children of all school pages will compete in what is pdescribed as at blind spelling pbee. pfox 13 walter allen joins us plive from ybor city where all pthis is taking place. pgood morning, walter. p>> guys, good morning to you.
8:48 am
pspelling bee, if you will. psue joining us this morning from p2016 florida regional braille pchallenge. psue i was expecting a very pstudious very quiet like a plibrary atmosphere. pthis is a party. pwhat's going on? pabs wait until they get to ptesting rooms. pso right now we're just enjoying pour guests and welcoming peveryone for our theme. pcalled for the love of braille. pso emergency away all here to pcelebrate braille and talk about phow important it is crucial in plife long literacy and learning. pand future employment. pwe have lot of for kids and pteacher and families to get them umped up and ready to go out to ptesting rooms. pin braille reading and writing pcontest begins peers of their psame age. psome 70 percent of people go on pto professional careers if they prun braille at young age. pdefinitely more prevalent for pindividuals who have any kind of pliteracy.
8:49 am
pwriting braille at very young page. pthey are going chances a lot pmore successful in the fup pfuture. pit sounds like a party. pyou're all smiles. pwhat do you get out of this? pthis is fabulous. pmost the teachers here work well pabove and beyond. pnights weekends everything. pbecause the kids that are pstanding next to me. pand their families. pthe young, young ones, the older pstudents, everybody in between. pthey get so much out of it. pwe're building experiences. pwatching them challenge pthemselves and push themselves pto do things that maybe they pcouldn't do. pin between, we have claudia and pcyrus. pclaudia we will start with. pi think i think my favorite part pis just to, just to see, you pknow, everybody together. pall in one community of braille, pi guess is the best way to say pit. pi love the awards ceremony of pcourse. pit's always fun and just to get psome time to spend with my
8:50 am
pit's cool. pawesome claudia thank you. pcyrus what are you looking pforward to? pi'm looking forward to just pseeing everybody. pit's cool to be able to come phang out with people you can prelate to that have been doing pthe same thing you've been pdoing. pand also, i like the competition ptoo. pcompetition is fun. preally quickly running out of ptime, but, how nice is it that pyou are around folks that going pthrough the exact same thing you pare. p>> it's really cool. pbecause at school, sometimes you pdon't people can't relate to you pas much. pthe stuff you're going through. p>> right. pokay. pcyrus thank you so much. pbest of luck to you. pand 2016 florida regional pbraille challenge and their pscores will be put up and only p60 will be chosen for national pamerican north america out of pnorth america. pbest of luck to you guys. pgo get them and have fun. plaura, back to you. pwe tell them you say good luck ptoo. pthank you. p>> russ. p>> it's 8:50. phere it is canadian prime pminister justin says canadians
8:51 am
aid more attention to what's pgoing on around the globe. pcanadian leader made his remarks pafter being asked what canadian pdon't like about u.s. pduring a taping for 60 minutes. pgoing to be on sunday night. panother channel. psad. pyeah. pall right. pwe'll move on after break pimagine having gladys knight psingh happy birthday. pmidnight train. pi knew it was just a matter of ptime. p>> sorry. p>> now just take it away. pwe are back. pi will say one one police pofficer was very lucky pbeneficiary of that. pand we're going to check back in pwith charley with some kids who pare really singing. plaura, we got to figure it out. phe's gladys and we're just a pcouple of pips. pno, no i can never fill those pshoes. pwe're definitely the pip. pwe know our role. pi'll gladly take it.
8:52 am
ptoo. pwhen we come back palm harbor puniversity high school. p>> russell in a musical mood. pbecause we are enjoying a little psunday in the park with george pwith some incredibly talented phigh school students performing ptonight ask tomorrow night here pat the high school.
8:53 am
8:54 am
pmake a lit3
8:55 am
you pbirthdays are special not every pday you turn a year older, once pa year. palso not every day that gladys pknight sings you happy birthday. pthat's exactly what happened to pone utah police officer. phe pulled over a car for pspeeding wednesday night. plow and behold gladys knight was psitting right florida in assenger seat. pofficer robinson told her his pwife was in the car. pbecause it was his birthday. pboth of them are big fans. pthat's wind which weert. pknight got out of car ask sang phim happy birthday. pquick picture officer let the pdriver go with just a warning. pthere's a gap in that story. pthere's something missing there. p>> i kwant to go back. p>> yeah. pofficer robinson told her his pwife was in the car because it pwas his birthday and both were
8:56 am
pshe was riding on patrol point pis gladys knight gotter we got plost in something there. pin minutia. pstill it's weird. pbut she got a warning. pthat's all that matters. pi guess. pright? p>> yeah. pcharley. phey guys. pmy time got cut. p>> real quick. psunday in the park. psunday in park with george palm pharbor university. pbern detective peters, blake, psing kids, sing. p p
8:57 am
8:58 am
8:59 am
9:00 am
3 3 political suicide. p political suicide? pnot just for one candidate for a pwhole party. preaction to yesterday's bashing pof donald trump. p and an emotional moment at pthe oscars. plady gaga and sexual assault psurvivors and now they're premembering that moment with a ermanent marking. pwe'll explain coming up in just pa moment. pgood friday morning everybody. pwe made it. pi'm laura moody. p>> it's back. pcan you hear it? pcan you hear the bird? p>> yes, we can. pbeing mesmerized.


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