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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 430AM  FOX  March 7, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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3 the race for the white house is *back in the bay area this week. and today... it's a florida native. republican marco rubio is holding a rally in tampa. fox 13's shayla reaves is *live at the tampa convention center... where the rally is
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3 the coast guard has suspended the search, for a missing cruise passenger. they say 46-year-old david mossman fell 100 feet from the 10th deck of royal caribbean's navigator of the seas. it happened late friday near key largo. officials searched more than 25 hundred square miles using boats, a helicopter, and a plane. but still no sign of mossman. the ship returned back to port everglades saturday. the coast guard sent their condolences to mossman's family... who live in texas. 3 a woman in central florida is out on bond this morning... after causing a crash, at the daytona international speedway. and she *wasn't taking part in a race. police say she crashed her car through the infield... sending spectators scattering. 3 police say 43-year old abbie kinney of cocoa, drove through the crowded infield.. hitting four people... and six motor homes. at least one of those people suffered a broken leg. investigators say she admitted to drinking and told them she knew she shouldn't have been driving..
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test: 3 kinney faces numerous charges, including dui. 3 that crash happened, while the speedway was hosting events for the annual "bike week" at daytona beach. the motorcycle festival kicked off this weekend.. and lasts for ten days. about half a *million bikers are expected to attend the annual celebration.. there are tons of motorcycle-related events and concerts all week long.. the event brings in a huge amount of money to local businesses. police have also stepped up patrols for the event... which usually also brings an increase in *crime and motorcycle accidents to the area. 3 3 today across the country: it's the kickoff... of "boys and girls club week." those clubs help more than four *million young people every day. and here in tampa... it begins with a big announcement, from lightning owner "jeff vinik" , the hillsborough county sheriffs office, and the county
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announcement takes place at the winston park rec. center in tampa starting at two p-m. 3 today in clearwater: watch out for *smoke... in the sewer lines. the city continues to test the wasterwater system for any leaks. starting this week, the testing moves to the "gulf to bay" corridor. that's the area bordered by u-s 19 on the west... mcmullen booth road on the east... drew street to the north... and portions of the clearwater mall and seville boulevard to the south. the smoke is non-toxic, and you won't see there's a leak. the city will notify homeowners... if any repairs are needed. area... for a week. 3 in clearwater beach: repair work is now underway at a popular shopping center, 3 the pelican walk plaza had to be evacuated, after people gathered on the second floor felt the building shifting. hulk hogan was actually holding an event at the time... at his gift shop and the entire building was support beams were installed
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reopened. but repairs also cause some traffic issues, until it's completed. and, if you decided to catch some rays on clearwater got quite a show. it was perfect weather for the 20-16 kona one north american championship... as well as winters. clearwater community sailing center 77, from all over the country, and even as far away as canada. with good weather and wind up to 18 knots, the windsurfers say they had a great weekend on the water: 3 events like these are a big boost for the st pete-clearwater beaches. it strengthen's their position
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ground for olympic athletes. 3 ((dave))
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3 preparing for war? the event that has south korea and the u-s teaming up today. and why the *north... is not happy about it. 3 plus: *tread lightly? she just ran *seventy miles... just by moving a few feet. ((walter but, here's a look at last night's winning lottery numbers. the powerball jackpot rolled over saturday. it's now up to 50 million for wednesday night. and tomorrow's mega millions jackpot is worth 157 million dollars. good luck, and good day is back in less than two.
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in the headlines this half hour: a standoff has ended after police say a gunman fatally shot himself and one other man in australia. 3 it started yesterday morning about 25-miles southwest of sydney... inside police found 3 men with gunshot wounds after hearing one of them died at the scene... the other 2 were treated at a hospital. after a 6-hour standoff... police found the shooter with what they believe is a self- inflicted gunshot wound. they also found 3 other people who had been hiding inside the building... they weren't hurt. police haven't said what led up to the shooting. right now... it's still under investigation. 3 south korea and the u-s just began large-scale military exercises today. it's annual test of their defenses against north korea. the north has labeled the exercises as quote, "nuclear
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respond with an all-out offensive. the south says this year's exercises will be the largest *ever... following the north's aggressive acts. including a *fourth nuclear test in january and a long-range rocket launch last month. the exercise will include about 17 thousand u-s troops, and more than three hundred *thousand south korean troops. 3 earlier today... vice president joe biden started emirates. he flew to the while there, the couple will meet with the crown prince of abu dhabi and the leader of their armed forces. the vice president will also tour a grand mosque and visit with u-s and coalition forces. this is the first stop on vice president biden's middle east tour. later in the week ... they will also visit jordan and israel. 3 (walter here in america... not something drivers want to hear... especially if you're planning a spring break roadtrip. gas prices are moving back up. according to "the lundberg survey," prices jumped seven cents over the past two weeks. the national average now: a
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jumped *16 cents in just the past week. the price hike is due to higher crude oil prices, and growing demand. but it's still 70-cents lower than this time last year. *our area, go to our website, fox13 news dot com, and look the traffic page. 3 and one woman in indiana was willing to go the extra mile to beat a guiness world record. suzi swinehart 3 ran 73 point 3 miles in 12 hours. and she did it all... on a treadmill. if that record holds... it will beat the *old record of 68 point 54 miles. swinehart says she cant wait to put her feet up, drink a couple of beers, and relax with her
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3 3 ((walter/jen)) 3 3 3 3 3 3
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3 3 3 still ahead: a wild weekend at the box office. how a bunny and a fox... just *silenced a superhero. 3 plus: good luck getting a bathroom break during this
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performance that people just *couldn't look away from. 3 but that might not be *entirely a good thing. 3 welcome aboard my starship. ahoy, mateys! it's full of things i love... like me brave crew... and my fellow space adventures and free of things i don't. like aliens. just like eye patches. and when it's time to refuel, i eat chex cereal. it's full of stuff we pirates need. no artificial flavors, and it's gluten-free. excelsior! eat up, me hearties! keep it down! i'm
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3 the time now 4 xxx... here's a look at the top trending stories this hour. and we begin , with the box office. "deadpool" finally lost his spot at the top, and it was all thanks to disney. 3 their newest animated film... 'zootopia'... pulled in more than 73 million dollars over the weekend. that's the fourth biggest march opening ever. it's also the biggest opening ever
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studios... even bigger than a little film called "frozen." and we know how long that one lasted. "zootopia" also beat out two other new releases... the presidential action drama "london has fallen" and the tina fey war comedy, " whiskey tango foxtrot." zootopia doesn't face any major *family competiton for over a month... but "batman versus superman" does come out at the end of the month. that's expected to have one of the *biggest openings of the year. 3 ((walter/2shot)) and now.... to a basketball halftime show... that *really turned heads. that's because a lot of people just couldnt figure out what they were looking at. 3 it's called... "the human slinky." and we're pretty sure there's only one person inside there. it started out as a show from a russian performer who got his start in the opera... several years ago. and the reaction has been pretty mixed. people find it both amazing... and disturbing. probably because you can't figure out where the slinky ends.. and
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ago, they were actually trying to *sell this suit for about a *million dollars. but whoever bought it had to *perform with it too. shockingly... no 3 buyers. 3 3 and finally... grab a bowl and a spoon. this is national *cereal day! a time to celebrate the most popular breakfast food in america. 3 and it wasn't *always the most popular. up until the 1860s... most people just ate eggs, bacon and sausage every morning. cereal emerged as a *healthy alternative at the end of the 19th century. and one of the most famous cereal brands... kelloggs... was a complete accident. brothers john and wil kellogg were experimenting with *boiled wheat. they left a batch out overnight, and found it the next morning... stale. they rolled the wheat berry out... and it make flakes.
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were born. 3 still ahead: teeing off... with some legendary athletes. today... without paying a i'll has another check on the monday
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look, i know you're a cow and all. and you may not know what i'm talking about, but, uh. the yogurt made from your milk, is delicious.
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3 today in tarpon springs: the valspar championship golf tournament kicks off... with a celebrity pro-am. and the two hosts... should be *very familiar to bucs fans. it's former buccaneers ronde barber... and derrick brooks. today's event features
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notable names... lightning legend "dave andreychuk, *current buc "jameis winston" and phillies hall of famer "mike schmidt." todays' event starts at noon at the innisbrook resort. admission is free... but parking is ten dollars. the *main valspar championship tournament kicks off on thursday. 3 and tonight in st. petesburg: a singing legend, stops by. tony bennett is performing at the mahaffey theater. unfortunately, lady gaga won't be with him... but he does have *another female guest singer... his *daughter "antonia bennett." tickets start at 65 dollars, the show starts at 7-30. 3 ((//2shot)) toss to
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3 3 3 3 3
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3 toss to shayla.... 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3
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3 ((walter legal smackdown. in just a few hours, hulk hogan's battle against a tabloid moves to a courtroom be warned several times, about 3 "excuse me, i'm talking." (cheers) ((jen the democratic race for the white house took a turn last night... as the candidates got snippy with each other. while on the republican side, g-o-p leaders seem to have picked their candidate... but marco rubio says: wait just a minute... 3 ((walter and... big times at u-s-f. the womens basketball team is giving everyone something to brag about. the big win they pulled off last night... and how it could set them up for something *epic. 3 3 ((walter)) 3 its now 5:__ thanks for joining us. i'm walter allen((jen)) and i'm jen epstein. let's start off


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