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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 5AM  FOX  March 7, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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3 ((walter legal smackdown. in just a few hours, hulk hogan's battle against a tabloid moves to a courtroom be warned several times, about 3 "excuse me, i'm talking." (cheers) ((jen the democratic race for the white house took a turn last night... as the candidates got snippy with each other. while on the republican side, g-o-p leaders seem to have picked their candidate... but marco rubio says: wait just a minute... 3 ((walter and... big times at u-s-f. the womens basketball team is giving everyone something to brag about. the big win they pulled off last night... and how it could set them up for something *epic. 3 3 ((walter)) 3 its now 5:__ thanks for joining us. i'm walter allen((jen)) and i'm jen epstein. let's start off
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with dave. 3 3 a mixture of clouds and sun on tap today, with high temps in the upper 70s. tonight will be clear and not as chilly; lows in the upper 50s. tomorrow should be nice and toasty warm with sunshine and high temps near 80. 3 (dave 3 3 3 no closed captioning is available for traffic.
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3 3 (walter in north tampa this morning: three families are waking-up out of their homes... after a fire sparked up not once, but *twice. it happened sunday in an apartment complex near the intersection of 131st avenue, and 20th street... north of university mall. the first fire started around three p-m... and crews put it out. then around 10 o'clock, it sparked back up... and firefighters had to put it out again. crews say: it started in an end unit and spread to the rest of the building... but no word yet on a cause. the red cross is helping the families this morning. 3 (walter and while you were sleeping, another fire at a duplex in tampa. this was about 1-30... at lantana, north of linebaugh. there's pretty bad damage to the building... but luckily, no one was hurt. the people and a dog inside got out safely. investigators are still looking into this one... we'll bring you more information as soon as they update us. 3 3 (walter) from the *ring
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petersburg today: the trial begins in the case of gawker the showdown between the former pro wrestler and the gossip website has already that's just the beginning... the judge told jurors to expect *explicit testimony. 3 (jen and this is high- stakes. hogan is asking for 100-million dollars in this civil suit against clip they posted from a sex of privacy, and it ruined his reputation. the video was hogan says: he never consented to the recording. it allegedly features him and "bubba the love sponge's" former wife. it also reportedly contains racist comments made by hogan. the w-w-e cut all ties with him after it came to light. the trial begins at nine this morning. 3 (jen this case isn't the only thing on hogan's mind right now. saturday, a bunch of people were up on the second floor of his beach shop for an autograph signing... when suddenly, they felt a *shift in the building. everyone was evacuated and the
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were placed in the building, and "pelican walk plaza" was re-opened. but traffic could be limited in that area, until *further work is finished. 3 3 sanders says: "children in flint michigan in the united states of america in the year 2016 are being poisoned. i believe the governor of this state should understand that his dereliction of duty was irresponsible, he should resign." clinton says: "i agree, the governor should resign or be recalled." 3 3 (walter) the big issue in michigan was front and center at the democratic debate there, last night. and while the candidates agreed on stiff action for the mishandling of the flint water crisis, they didn't agree on much else. (jen) it was civil, but heated... tense... and aggressive... as hillary clinton and bernie sanders battled it out. they interrupted each other often... and it got personal. 3 "i voted to save the auto industry. he voted against the money that ended up saving the auto industry. i think difference." sanders says: "well, if you are talking where some of your friends (clinton: "you know...) excuse
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clinton says: "if you're gonna talk tell the whole story senator sanders." 3 3 (jen clinton and sanders will face-off again *tonight, on the fox news channel... in *democratic town hall meeting. bret baier will host, from the "gem theater" in detroit... in front of a crowd of michigan voters... and both this will be hillary clinton's first appearance on the fox news channel in two bernie sanders' first appearance *ever on bret at six. 3 (walter) on the republican side, a win for florida senator, marco rubio. he rico, sunday... it's only the white house... the other was in minnesota. and rubio still lags far behind
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ted cruz. 3 (walter in fact, some republican leaders are starting to pin their hopes on cruz. they see him as the only alternative to trump... especially after he split the contests with trump in saturday's voting. but rubio rejects the argument that anti-trump republicans should rally around cruz... he says: that'll just create a long fight that will leave the party without a presumed nominee, heading into the convention in july he doesn't think cruz or trump will have enough delegates... and he continues to promise that he'll win his home state... the florida primary is a week from tomorrow. 3 ((walter)) and tonight, marco rubio brings his campaign to tampa. he'll hold a rally at the tampa convention center this afternoon. 3 ((walter fox-13's shayla reaves is on the story... shayla: donald trump was in central florida over the weekend... and hillary clinton's coming later this week. our area... is key to these candidates. 3 3 3
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3 thanks, shayla. thanks, shayla.((walter((walter 3 thanks, shayla. 3 3 "i've said it before and i'll say it again.... my life didn't really begin until i
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3 --jen that's nancy reagan in her own words, remembering her now legendary president, ronald reagan. and that long romance is just is being remembered for this 3 (jen) she was a dedicated... even *fierce supporter and protector of her husband... known for her dignity and grace but also iron will. (walter) mrs reagan died of heart failure yesterday, at home in los angeles at the age 94. fox news correspondent will carr looks at her influence and legacy. 3 3 the body of former first lady nancy reagan is driven away this morning from her home in bel-air.the indispensable partner and protector of the nation's 40th president passed away from congestive heart failure.heubusch says: " it's just in the last year that the staff has been on a schedule to think about and decide how this week's events would go once she passed away."reaction began pouring in soon after the announcement.president obama releasing this statement that read in part..we remain grateful for nancy reagan's life, thankful for her guidance, and prayerful that she and her beloved husband are together again."it was a storybook journey from hollywood to the white house the one-time actress championed the national "just say no" anti-drug campaign in the 1980s. she also promoted several other causes while she was in the white house and even in the years after. mrs. reagan was a passionate advocate for lifting restrictions on stem cell research and promoting better treatment of america's a campaign stop in
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california governor arnold schwarzenegger remebered mrs. reagan.: i know she'll join him now in heaven- love affair between the 2 of them will again she made sure people around him were committed to what he believed in. 14:56:30 strong, total class act.mrs. reagan will be buried at the ronald reagan presidential library here in simi valley, california, next to her husband .prior to the funeral service, there will be an opportunity for members of the public to pay their respects
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3 ((jen)) 3 the lightning and the u-s-f womens basketball teams... both going for something *huge today. ((walter)) how you can cheer them on... after the break. 3 ((walter and... good news about former president jimmy carter. what he told his sunday school class, that has so many people feeling thankful this morning. 3 3 3 our gardens have evolved. we can run them from anywhere. make them greener faster. drop them and watch them bloom.
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3 (jen new this morning: a spokeswoman for former president jimmy carter says: he doesn't need any more cancer treatment. that's also what he told people in his sunday school class sunday morning in his hometown of plains, georgia. doctors will continue to do scans on him, to make sure the cancer doesn't return... and he'll treat it if it does... but so far, doctors have found no sign of cancer on his brain. 3 (jen) he's been taking an immune-boosting drug called "keytruda," that helps his body seek-out and destroy any cancer cells. president carter is 91-years old. 3 the coast guard has suspended their search for a man who fell off a cruise ship. it happened late friday near key largo. officials say david mossman fell from the 10th deck of royal caribbean's navigator of the seas... that's about a 100-foot drop. the coast guard used a helicopter and plan to search for the 46-year- old... they covered more than 25-hundred miles. they called off those efforts last night. 3
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calling it a career. he's retiring... after 18-seasons in the n-f-l. the announcement came sunday, just one month after his current team, the denver broncos, won the super bowl. that's just like broncos' boss, and former q-b, john elway, did... when he retired. manning is almost 40... and was offered 19-million dollars to play a 19-th season. but decided to go out on top. elway said: manning made denver a better team... the broncos will hold a news conference, this morning at 11. 3 85 mushers are making their way to nome alaska this morning... the iditarod kicked off yesterday. the nearly one-thousand-mile race takes sled teams over 2 mountain ranges... the yukon river... and along the bering sea coast. the famous race went on as planned... despite a lack of snow. it had to be shipped in to anchorage for the event... and after all that-- it ended up snowing an inch on friday. most of the mushers are former champions hoping to win the title once again. the race
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3 days. 3 ((anchors)) it's now 5:__. time to check the forecast with dave. 3 3 3 it is 5:__: time now to find out what's happening on the roads - with our
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3 no closed captioning is
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3 (walter in sports: it's a big night for the lightning against the flyers in philly. they're going for their 10th victory in a row... and yeah, that's a big deal... and team record... but they're more concerned about something else: a playoff berth. with 17-games left in the regular season, the bolts lead the atlantic division by two-points. if that lead holds, they would face one of the eastern conference's two wild-card teams when the post season begins in five-weeks. let's go lightning! 3 (jen) and a *huge congratulations to the u-s-f womens basketball team! they're headed to the finals of the "american athletic conference" tourney in connecticut tonight. 3 (jen this after winning a tough semi-final match against number three temple, 64-to-46. senior "shalethia stringfield" was impressive with 20-points and 13-rebounds. that's her first career double-double. now they'll meet uconn in the final. you can watch tonight at
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3 ((walter)) 3 it's one of the frustrations of flying... dealing with those airplane bathrooms.((jen)) ahead: the new way to keep the lavatories clean. it could be a big piece of mind for passengers. 3 (jen and... we know... you want to *treat your pets. but some human food can truly be *dangerous to dogs and cats. just ahead; what to keep away from your favorite furry friends. 3
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3 you might want to fill-up or top-off today. gasoline prices... are on the rice. according to "the lundberg survey," prices jumped seven cents over the past two weeks. the national average now: a dollar-84 a gallon. the price hike is due to higher crude oil prices, and growing demand... it's spring travel season, after all. but it's still 70-cents lower than this time last year. to find the cheapest prices in *our area, go to our website, fox13 news dot com, and look for the gas buddy feature on the traffic page. 3 (jen well, here's some good news about *flying. engineers at "boeing" say: they have a new solution for smelly airplane bathrooms. they're filing a patent for a special new ultra-violet light system. it could be used
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in just three seconds. boeing says: the u-v is different than the waves used in tanning beds, and is *not harmful to people. the company says: it still needs to study the system, before offering it to airlines, but they're encouraged. 3 (jen) a lot of pet owners dogs and cats to a special treat... of human food. (walter) but that could be dangerous. fox-13's linda foods we should always keep away from fido and fluffy. 3 almost every pet owner knows this look. and veterinarian a. olly neal, has been there "when they''re pitiful eyes... i''ve been veterinarian. we''ve both been be careful, because lots of people food isn''t safe for pets.foods like coffee - and chocolate - high in caffeine methylxanthines that can more serious side effects. "and what happens is that it heart rate, increase in the rule of thumb is the darker the chocolate, the more
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problem is dogs weigh less than we do. "what you''ll notice, sometimes. is vomiting, central nervous symptoms, where they''re kind of stumbling and ataxic."raw foods like meat and eggs can expose pets to harmful bacteria like e. coli and salmonella. and neal says avoid giving your dog molded foods, macadamian nuts, and certain vegetables. "especially onions and garlic, they can do some damage to the dogs red blood cells and cause a problem. so you want to stay away from those as well."and there''s a fruit you may have in the fridge that can be dangerous. "people don''t know this but grapes can actually be very toxic to dogs, there was a study where one grape caused fullblown kidney failure in a dog. ow there are other dogs that can ingest grapes and never have a problem." err on the side of caution, if you don''t know for certain a food is safe, don''t give it to your pet. if you are worried your pet has eaten something dangerious,you want to contact your veterinarian immediately. they''ll kind of talk you through it. sometimes the vet will give you a drug to actually make them vomit., and
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3 (walter) another ingredient that can be extremely toxic to pets is xylitol. (jen) it's a sweetener you find in products like gum. and it can cause organ failure... so stay away from that. 3 ((jen)) we pass homeless people all the time... but one young man, decided to do more than walk on by. ((walter)) his touching photo that's getting so much love online 3 ((walter plus... keeping
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that should make one dangerous 3
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3 ((walter)) 3 it's 5:--, on monday, march 7th. i'm walter
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epstein. sadly, our area is consistently one of the most dangerous in the nation for *pedestrians. but this morning: there's a new tool that will keep people safe at one risky intersection. 3 ((jen fox-13's ken suarez is along hillsborough avenue, just east of 22nd street. ken, this area's been deadly before for walkers... but this morning, things could get a little safer. tell us about it. 3 3 roll to vo: next week it's going to be fully functional. 3 3 3
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3 thanks, ken. 3 3 3 3 3 no closed captioning is available for traffic.
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3 ((walter 3 the time now is 5:__. let's get you up to the minute on today's top stories: another big delay over the weekend, for local airline passengers. "allegiant" had to ground *another flight, for mechanical issues. this time, on a flight from fort wayne, indiana... to st. petersburg. the passengers did eventually get there, on *another plane. and now, a new report is blasting the airline for its maintenance. it's from the teamsters, and says: mechanics don't get enough documentation about maintenance problems... and a lot of work is contracted out. but allegiant disagrees with that. 3 ((walter in pasco county, the trial begins today... for a man trying to *overturn his 20-year prison sentence. unfortunately for him, he's already served almost *half of
5:35 am
since 2006... for shooting-at pasco deputies. he says: he mistook them for *looters in his home, during hurricane frances, in 2004. he fired several shots, but none of the deputies were hit. he was still charged with four counts of "aggravated assault on a law enforcement officer. the case was overturned two- years ago, after a judge ruled: daiak had "ineffective counsel." 3 ((walter and a big win for the u-s-f medical school. state lawmakers agreed sunday to spend more than 700-million-dollars on higher education construction projects next year... and that includes 22-point-five million more, to beef-up usf's plans for a new medical school. it's part of the massive re-development of downtown tampa. and the money will allow the morsani college of medicine to be close to usf's primary teaching hospital tampa general. 3 3 (jen in world headlines: a standoff in austlalia is over... with deadly results. it started sunday morning, about 25-miles southwest of
5:36 am
business. police responded to reports of "shots fired" and found three-men were hit. one of them died at the scene, the other two were treated at a hospital. officers got into a six-hour standoff with the shooter... it ended after he shot and killed himself. they also found three-people who'd been *hiding in the building while this was happening. they weren't hurt. no word yet on the motive. 3 (jen it's time for the annual joint military exercises, involving the u-s and south korea. it's aimed at making sure they're ready to deal with a threat from the communist north. and this year, it's especially important... after the north's rocket launch and nuclear test, earlier this year. then last week, north korea fired projectiles, and allegedly got their nuclear weapons ready. no wonder the south says: this year's training will be the largest *ever. the exercise will include about 17-thousand u-s troops... and more than 300-thousand south korean troops. 3 (jen vice president joe biden is in the middle east this morning. he's there with his wife, dr. jill biden. they'll meet with the crown prince of abu dhabi...
5:37 am
emirates. he'll also tour a grand mosque and visit with u-s and coalition forces. later this week, the bidens will also visit jordan and israel. 3 3 (walter) the presidential candidates are criss-crossing florida this week. marco rubio is in tampa today... and on thursday, hillary clinton visits our state. last night, she was in michigan... debating bernie sanders... and one of the key issues was the flint water crisis, and how they'd handle it. this, as crews are replacing the lead pipes that started all of this. here's fox's kelly wright. 3 3 the city of flint, michigan welcomes democratic presidential candidates to a debate sunday night... as it deals with its water crisis.... with toxic levels of lead. hillary clinton again blamed michigan governor rick snyder for ignoring the citizens of flint.clinton says: "the governor should resign or be recalled, and we should support the efforts of citizens attempting to achieve that." senator bernie sanders says he would give more resources to help residents if he was president.sanders says: "what is absolutely incredible to me is that water rates have soared in flint. you are paying three times more for poisoned water, than i'm playing in burlington, vermont for clean water." it all started when the city switched its water supply from detroit to the flint river... which caused the city's pipes to corrode. crews began replacing the lead pipes on friday. residents believe more needs to be done... but some say hillary clinton has been most helpful about putting the spotlight on the crisis.mills
5:38 am
that she has and she spoke really vividly about the water approach in flint and i really appreciate that. i like what they are doing now for us and i wish they were doing a lot more." local business owners say they've been hurting because no one wants to come to the city. they say it's going to take some time to bring it back to life.melmkay says: "i haven't been here 66 years but the business has. and again we are very slow, people don't want to come in the city of flint to eat or drink."(on-cam tag) the water crisis is expected to be a big issue for voters who head to the polls in michigan's primary election on tuesday. in new york, kelly wright, fox news ----------------------------- ----------------------------- -------------------------- usage rules for cnn democratic presidential primary debate domestic broadcast use: upon conclusion of the debate, news organizations in the u.s. may use excerpts (up to 3:00minutes at a time) and must credit throughout "courtesy of cnn." cnn affiliates are asked to contact cnn newsource for more information. domestic digital video use: similar to broadcast rules, upon conclusion of the debate, news organizations in the u.s. may use digital video clips (up to 3:00 minutes at a time) and must credit cnn. select digital video clips of the debate will be shared with credentialed media during th
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sanders are staying in michigan. tonight, they'll take part in a town hall meeting... on the fox news channel. it's the network's first *democratic town hall. you can watch it tonight at six. 3 3 (jen) a florida woman is out of jail on bond this morning... after police say she crashed her car through the infield of the daytona international speedway... sending spectators running for safety. 3 ((jen police say 43-year old "abbie kinney" of cocoa, failed sobriety tests after the accident. they say: she drove through the crowded infield, hitting six cars and injuring four people. investigators say: she admitted to drinking and told them she knew she shouldn't have been driving. 3 "i got lucky. i really did. i don't know how i'm standing here right now. if i had been standing a foot to the left or the right, who
5:40 am
3 --jen now kinney faces several charges, including d-u-i. 3 ((walter also in daytona: bike week is back! the annual motorcycle festival kicked-off over the weekend. it runs 10-days, and roughly 500-thousand bikers are expected to roll into town. there are tons of motorcycle- related events and concerts all week long.. the event brings-in a huge amount of money to local businesses. 3 3 (jen and here's a touching photo, that's getting lots of emotional response on social media. over the weekend, a young man passed a homeless man, sleeping on the street. he stopped... reached out and touched the man on the leg... and started praying over him. the man never woke up... didn't know what had happened... but people passing by did, and were moved by his sensitivity. 3 ((jen)) what a dilemma... a firefighter has to choose, between breaking the rules... and saving a child. ((walter)) what he did... and why strangers are coming out of the woodwork, to support him. 3
5:41 am
competition down under, that's totally gone to the dogs.
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3 it was a life-or- 3
5:44 am
wait for help to come... or race to the hospital. (walter) that's what a volunteer firefighter had to decide, about a toddler who was having a seizure. break the rules... or save the child. russell tells us what happened next. 3 (russell) it was quite the quandary. captain james kelly is a volunteer firefighter in washington, d-c. he responded to a 9-1-1 call from the little girl's dad... he said she was having a seizure in the car... and he decided *not to wait for medics to come. he took her to the hospital... but that, got him in big trouble. 3 (russell kelly and his co- worker paid dearly for that decision. they were laid- off... because it's against the rules to put an injured person in the engine truck. now a woman has created a facebook page, calling for them to be re-instated... she doesn't know either one of them, but she feels for them... and calls them hero for their brave, selfless action. fellow firefighters and first responders agree... and so do so many others. 3 : "they saved this child's life and at the end of the day it doesn't matter if they were running down the road with them in their arms. i would have done the same
5:45 am
3 --russell the girl was limp and blue when firefighters got there... they knew if she didn't get help fast, she could sustain brain injuries, from the lack of oxygen. so he put her in the fire engine, in the back... bunched coats up around her, and strapped a seatbelt over her. kelley says: he's comfortable with his decision. in fact, he'd do it again. 3 (russell) little lena was initially paralyzed for five hours on her left side, before returning to normal. doctors think a really high fever caused the seizure. today she's home, doing well, and acting like nothing ever happened. 3 3 it's now 5:__. time to check the forecast with dave. 3 ((dave and now... to the dog-gone cutest competition ever. it's a surfing contest, called "the dog
5:46 am
australia. the pups are right there on the boards with their owners... there are winners, but nobody pays much attention to the *clock... they're too excited about the *canines. the event also raised money and awareness for strays and rescue animals. 3 3 3 3 it is 5:__: time now
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"skyfox on time 3 traffic". 3 no closed
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3 no closed captioning is available for traffic. 3 3
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(walter 3 in sports this morning: the valspar championship golf tournament kicks off today in tarpon springs... with a celebrity pro-am. and the two hosts... should be *very familiar to bucs fans. it's former buccaneers ronde barber... and derrick brooks. today's event features stars from hockey, football, baseball, even boxing. notable names... lightning legend "dave andreychuk, *current buc "jameis winston" and phillies hall of famer "mike schmidt." todays' event starts at noon at the innisbrook resort. admission is free... but
5:50 am
the *main valspar championship tournament kicks off on thursday. now, here's kevin o'donnell, with the rest of sports. 3 the minnesota twins won the bidding war for korean slugger byung ho park and jake odorizzi found out with one pitch why park was in demand. park jumped all over the rays and odorizzi in their first meeting in port charlotte. odorizzi 3 started strong.... he strikes out danny santana..... then sends down brian dozier......but after back to back walks and error by tim beckham... odorizzi finds himself in a jam with the bases loaded.... odorizzi serves up a pitch to park that he though was an inning inning killer.... park... parks it... a grand slam and a 4-nothing hole for the was the only hit odorizzi allowed... blake snell sees his 2nd action... 8th... he pitched 2-innings struck out two and gave up 5-4. aside from the first decent day... but they didn't get a lot of support behind them, the rays committed 3 errors and that's not winning a year in his basement lovie smith has realized he doesn't instead the former bucs coach according to fox sports the university of illinois will announce smith as their new head coach tomorrow... i have to say this is a surprise... the bucs still owe smith 10-million bucks and any new salary he will earn will be deducted from his bucs deal. firends close to smith tell me that he had planned on retiring here in tampa and spending time with his grand children, but the chance to bring his two sons aboard at illinois appears to be his motivation. lovie hasn't coached in college in 21-years. very windy out west for the sprint cup drivers in vegas.... but they're ready for racin. kurt busch with the pole and early lead... no driver who has ever lead the 1st lap has
5:51 am
an amazing pass to take the one hits with 44 to go...matt cars go spinning.. busch remains in the lead coming out 6 laps to go.. kyle busch lead... brad keselowski gets cruise from there... his only mistake trying to hold on winds.. he rushed to pick it 3
5:52 am
3 and then there's this... the world sport stacking association's northwest championships were held in oregon, 3 saturday... that's right-- athletes competed to see how quickly they could stack cups. the 60 stackers came from all over north america to
5:53 am
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3 tonight in st. petesburg: a singing legend, stops by. performing at the mahaffey theater. unfortunately, lady gaga won't be with him... but he does have *another female guest singer... his *daughter "antonia bennett." tickets start at 65 3 film, "zootopia," is the most popular movie at theaters right now. in its debut weekend, it pulled-in almost 74-million dollars. march opening ever. "london has fallen" debuted in a distant second place, and "deadpool" came in third. 3 (walter/wipe vo) and one woman in indiana was willing to go the extra mile to beat a guiness world record. suzi swinehart ran 73 point 3 miles in 12 hours. and she did it all... on a treadmill. if that record holds... it will beat the *old record of swinehart says she cant wait to put her feet up, drink a couple of beers, and relax with her family. 3 ((walter)) there's much
5:57 am
and jen - to find out what's ahead in our 6 o'clock hour. 3 hillary clinton, and bernie sanders took a cue from their republican counterparts last night. coming up ... the debate moment that had the democratic hopefuls at each others' throats. 3 time is running out for marco rubio to grab the republican nomination from donald trump and ted cruz... what he's doing today to boost support in his home state. 3 and ... do you know why we use the "at" symbol when sending emails .? you can thank one man ... this morning, we remember the inventor of email. 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3
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3 3 fire breaks out at an p>>russell: twice in one night, pfire breaking out at an papartment complex. pinvestigation. p>>jennifer: there is a little pmore than a week left until the pflorida primary. pwhat marco rubio is doing to win pover voters with time running pout. p>>russell: it's a fight bigger pthan anything in the ring. phulk hogan versus the website pgawker. ptrial starts today. pat stake, $100 million. p>>dave: 55 degrees outside at ptampa international. pnortheast winds at three miles pan hour. pit's going to be a great day and pi know there are many areas away pfrom the water that are starting pin the 40s this morning. phowever, the sun will be up at pthis hour. pit should be gorgeous. pdry air works in quickly and pguess what? pwe're back in the upper 70s for


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