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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 8AM  FOX  March 8, 2016 8:00am-9:00am EST

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pthey're doing with the v ((russell suggestions wanted. the race is on psuggestions wanted the race is pon to a rename one of the most pnotorious roads in the bay area. p>> and a flipping over flipper. pthere's no holding this pup pback. pcrazy. pcrazy.
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pcoast of florida. pfrom tampa bay's number one news pstation, this is good day tampa pbay. p when hey everybody iths p8 o'clock i'm russell rhodes. pi'm laura moody. pgood morning we thank you for pwaking up with us on this ptuesday morning march 8th. pwe will head straight over to pdave look forecast. p64-degree start here 8 o'clock. pthat's nice. pwhere we were at 9 o'clock pyesterday. pso obviously warming things up. pmore of an easterly component to pour wind at 5 miles per hour. pcomfy in lakeland they're the a p63. pbradenton 62. pvenice 61. pmid 60s in clearwater. plook at that warmth for today. pgoing to go right back up to the p80-degree mark with mixture of pclouds and sunshine. pcourtney p>> dave very nice. pwe're sloeing things doin along pbruce b. downs. pauthorities working an accident pthat has two southbound lanes palong bruce b. downs reportedly pblocked. pbefore fletcher and traffic palong those southbound lanes of pbruce b. downs backed up to ptampa palms boulevard.
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palso very slow, southbound 275, plive look here southbound ptraffic through fowler. pdelays back to beers and heavy pto i-4 right now that will cost pcost you about 25 minutes. p>> almost 8:02. pit is. psome big developmental in fight pagainst cancer. presearchers have found way to ptarget specific cancer cells in porder to treat the disease. pjen epstein now is here with pmore. pgood morning guys. pnew treatment is so precise, presearchers are calling it an pattack on achilles heel of pcancer cells. pteam from mit harvard and puniversity college london their pfindings will help develop pvaccines to target cancer. pmost cancers are constantly pevolving and moving. pmaking it hard to get them under pcontrol. pas tumors grow and spread around pthe body they carry with them a pnumber of biological flags that pattack. pbut researchers think they found
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pcancerous tumor a help a body pown immune system. pa booster shot made up person's pown cells. pscientist hope to launch the pfirst human trial in lung cancer atients in next two to three pyears. p>> now sticking with subject of pcancer, there's new research pthat shows there's potential to pcontain cancer with your diet. pa team of researchers from pcolleges across the country pincluding here at usf study pmultiple diets including the key pto genic diet. psimilar to low carb atkins diet pin which low in sugar and high pin fat. pdiet is intended to starve pcancer cells of glucose pbasically slowing growth of ptumors. pthese lower calorie diets can palso help people's body respond pto chemotherapy better. pwhile some say research is ositive, one expert says a erson's diet cannot be acure pfor cancer. pand more studies need to be pdone. presearcher behind the study pagree but say it's worth it. pespecially physical adjusting pdid i totes help with current ptreatment could help control ptheir cancer.
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pyeah an amazing, amazing pevery little bit helps. pyes it does, thank you, jen. pabout 8:04 we're waiting to plearn more about deadly shooting pin apartment complex in tampa. pwho died what started and have pthere been any arrest. pso far police are staying pretty pquiet about this shooting ended pnear convince street where we pfind fox's shayla reeves this pmorning i said what we don't pknow what do we know at this oint, shayla? p>> reporter: hi good morning prussell we're actually low is pavenue where all of this began. olice are telling us so far pthey don't believe this shooting pis random. pthey believe it may stem from psome sort of on disagreement. plet this all started around p8 o'clock last night an papartment complex in 6700 block plow is avenue. pthey received a 911 call from psomeone who a reported seeing pcars shooting at each other. pnow officers investigated, but
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phere on lois avenue. pcontinued three miles away. pat i want to take you to this psecond scene here. psouth quincy street in the price pavenue. paccording to a police, a man pshot at that location died in a pcar. pbut so far they have not preleased his name. pand investigators are working to pidentify him as well as notify phis family members. pa second person hospitalized is pexpected to be okay. olice have not released any pinformation about the prelationship between the people pinvolved or in they are looking pfor any other suspects or if peveryone involved has been pidentified. pso certainly a lot of questions pstill out there as detectives pwork to piece all of this ptogether. pof course we will continue to pwork together gather new details pbring those to you here pthroughout morning russell back pto you. pall right we'll talk later, pthank you. p it is 8:05 now. atty the dog was saveded from pdoggy death row after biting a pchild. pbut now, he's accused of a pnipping a puppy and debate is
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atty was nearly euthanized last pjune after biting off a p4-year-old's ear. pit happened at his owner's pet pclinic in bradenton. pbut judge ruled patty felt pcornered was defending himself. pwell now patty is accused of a pbiting nose of a puppy training pto a service dog. atty's owner claims the puppy pwas at aggressor in the case but uppies caregiver says the the pattack was unprovoked and she's pafraid bite may scar and prevent phim from becoming a service dog pforever. pthe caregiver has filed a pcomplaint with manatee county psheriff's office. p>> good morning this morning out pof a sarasota county sheriff pdeputies say they found skim perin stalled in gas pump as 7-11 pstation on fruit available road. pdetectives believe they have pbeen there for at least two pweeks. pthey are now looking through psecurity video to track down
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p in orlando a man accused of pa stealing steaks from from a prestaurant. pit was all caught on camera. pin this video you can see a man pfilling a big with raw meat out pof a walk-in freezer. pwhen the owner of bubba orlando prestaurant tried to stop him the pman grabbed ad kitchen knife, pcutting owner in the finger. psomeone outside the restaurant pheard the commotion and picked pup a chair and hit him with it. pthat thief is now under arrest. p humiliated, that's how hulk phogan is describing how he felt ponline. ptape shows him with his best pfriend's wife. phogan took stand yesterday in rivacy lawsuit against that pwebsite gawker. p>> now he claims he was set up pby bubba the love sponge and pdidn't know he was being precorded that he never, never pauthorized gawk tore publish it. phogan is suing gawker for p$100 million claiming lost pwages. pgawker claims hogan spoke freely pabout his sex life. pthey said they believe that pmakes this fair game.
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p>> u.s. 19 considered one most pdangerous stretches of highway pin country. pnow there's big push to revamp pit's image. pthey are already making safety pimprovements in landscaping the parea. pbut now they say they also want pto rename it. prename u.s. 19? p>> you can help the west pasco pchamber is taking suggestions pthrough march 21st. pit will then narrow down a list pof finalist before voters pick ptheir favorite. pafter a winner is announced it pwill have to be approved, listen pto this by new port richey, port pritchie, pasco county, and then pstate has to approve. pif you want to get involved we ost a ling to contest at pjust look under seen on tv. p>> some newly released video you pjust got to see. pshows the moment that a garbage ptruck fell from i 95 in miami. paccident happened february 15th. pand it shows the driver losing pcontrol of the truck, falling p100 feet off the highway. pthen into a park. ptroopers say the video shows the
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pdriver was hospitalized but has psince been released. plow jack is popular tool for pfinding cars once they've been pstolen. pas it on ours turns out that psame technology can be used to pmissing. asco county taking advantage of pthat sheriff office teamed up pwith safety net to help finding pmissing people who wander away. psearch rescue program designed pfor those with alzheimer's pdementia or autism. peach person has tracking pbracelet with radio transmitter. ponce someone is reported missing pwrist band. pflorida is one of 18 states pusing low jack safety net ptechnology. p>> the beautiful weather pcontinues doesn't it? pwe can in the get enough of it. pdave's back in few minutes when pwe will see 80-degree ptemperatures. lus, engine troubles. pa man finds a huge snake under pthe hood of his car. pleast tries. phey charley.
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pif you're heading toward the pwater, yeah you're going to be pon 688. pal ulmerton road. pthen it turns when you make that pturn. pthen before you actually get pover to where the beaches are pyou're going to see 146 the pstreet. ptake a right. p>> and it's going to lead you to aradise. aradise. p>> is that kind out near that ark where you got married? p>> yes. pnot too far away i got married pbotanical gardens over near pheritage village. pyes. pkind of in same city of largo. pnot too far away. pyou're exactly right. pi think that's before it makes pthe bend. pthat's still ulmerton. pand battle is still brewing in plargo to this day what you call pthat road 688. pgeorge nature park, it's pgorgeous. pnarrows nature center they rotect birds of prey like this.
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pbeauti3 ((laura 2shot)) i don't know about you--but, the majority of us would love a chance to swim with the dolphins.. pi don't know about you but pmajority of us would love a pchance to swim with dolphins, pright? pwe've got nothing on this dog in pthis video you're about to see.
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pshe was kayaking with her own palong bah ana in a river near ort canaveral when this dolphin ops up in front of them. pshe really wanted to play she pjumped in after it. pturns out grace is used to laying with different animals. pshe has goats at her home and an powner thought she wanted to play pdolphin neither dog or dolphin pgot hurt. p>> video was posted earlier this pweek by an america's funniest phome videos dog's owner says she pshot video last year but thanks pto the new post it's getting a plot of traction again. p>> i'm sure it is. pyou can see why. pengine and start to man popped phis hood and 86 quickly punderstood why. pcurled into massive ball a pmassive rock python. pright there on top the engine pthis video was posted by a pfamily in zimbabwe. pit has been seen thousands of ptimes. pcan you believe that? p>> the man calmed grabbed the psnake and pull it is right out
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papparently he has bit of snake pwhere story gets interesting pabout week ago he found it in pchicken coop. phe caught it and drove it more pthan 4 miles away. pbut some somehow the snake found pet cetera way back right into phis car. pi talked about this earlier this pmorning when i read this story pon tv. p5:45. pi've known people who have done pthe same thing especially with pturtles tried to relocate pturtles they come back. pfor whatever reason that's pthere's fixed. pthey find their way back. pthey got their own internal gps por something. p>> i guess they do. pcrazy. psame thing up north with raccoon pand possum and skunks. pso far away that they casey panthony find their way back to pyour house. pthat's interesting. pyes. pit is. pand about that dog, real quick, pi'm glad that wasn't a shark. pyou said that before. pi thought the same thing when i pwas watching the video again. pthat's just another good reason.
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pand you're right. pall right otherwise we are pshowed you that. phigh temperatures running 5 to 8 pdegrees above normal. pand normal high this time of pyear is 75. pso we're going to be 80 to about p83 over the next several days. pjust, very warm interesting. pthat's what i used to describe pit. pwe get rain chances. pand there's not going to ptremendous. pabout 30 percent maybe 40 ercent at best. pright now, and a saturday into pearly sunday. ptime frame, but we will tweaking pthat throughout the week. ptexas, louisiana, arkansas. pbig time flooding expected this pweek. palready flood warnings out for arts of texas this mornings, pand it will be a mess over there pwhile we sit here, with 60s and p50s and really just a beautiful pstart to the day.
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p6163 in bradenton 62 in lakewood pranch upper 50s as well for pinland locations. pyeah you can see why. pflood warnings posted. plook at what dallas is going to phave to deal with today. pthat's a mess. pbig rain, big thunderstorms. pthat's just the beginning. pdallas, houston, new orleans. pthis whole area wet and stormy pfor several days. pi've got 80 degrees for you. phigh temperature this afternoon ptonight in back in lower 60s. plooks like as you go u through pnext 7 days lower 80s right pthrough first half of the pweekend. pwe're turning clocks forward psaturday night. pand monday. retty nice have if you ask me pcourtney. retty nice, all right dave pwe're seeing slow traffic this pmorning in usual places. pexpressway very slow. pexpressway. ptraffic starts to build around pulrich and remains heavy into phillsborough avenue. pand average speed just south
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palso stop and go southbound pbruce b. downs south of bearss pavenue before fletcher an paccident blocking a travel lane. pand an in dover, this accident phere has been blocking traffic pfor quite a while about a mile pbacked up traffic with really pnot a good update a tow truck pwas on scene it looks like that phas cleared out way. pnow here's live look. pi-4 in area of hillsborough pavenue. pyou can see very slow ride from pi-75 into the 275 interchange. pit will cost you about 21 pminutes. p>> how about a donut for pbreakfast topped with froot ploops? pokay. pwhat kind of donut should you peat based on astro logical sign? p>> and sometimes it's hard to psee the forest through the ptrees. pfind out how this happened and phow long the woman drove around pwith a tree through her car. p>> and in just a few minutes pwe're checking in with charley
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phello there. pwho is looks like having a plittle bit of a hoot. pwe're back after this. poh, really? pyou like that?
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p good day tampa bay. pi'm charley belcher coming to
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pfrom george w. macao nature ark. pnature center where you can find pand learn about these incredible pbirds of prey that do call our parea home. atrick, are you in charge of pthese p>> i run the program, director pof program that involves all the pbirds yes, sir. pi'm fascinated when i think of pan owl i think of great horned powl. pthat is our traditional hoot, phoot owl. p>> frank, basically let me reface by what i'm saying all pbirds in the program have come pto us because they have hurt or pinjured or for one reason or panother cannot go back to the pwild. pfranklin's case. pfranklin broke a wing, was pfound, taken to busch gardens. pthey put a rod in the wing to pfix it. punfortunately, it didn't heal or pset properly so his wing droops phe's unable to fly.
8:23 am
pthey are not most common of the powls found here. pactually the barred owl is more pcommon owl p>> hoot, hoot. pyou sounded that was actually pfranklin. pthat was franklin. pfranklin is liking to talk. phe thinks being on television is pa good idea. pyeah. pwell, good for him. p>> the barred owl. ptell me about that. pour most common large owl. pand another major difference pthat you'll notice between the ptwo owls franklin has yellow peyes. pmatilda has dark eyes. pmost people don't understand pthere's a difference between powls in that the dark eyed owl pis only owl that actually hunts plate at night. pthe yellow eyed owls hunt during ptwilight periods before and pafter sun up and sun down. plet's talk about the hawks.
8:24 am
pthat's dakota. pdakota looks like she has a bad pwing. pin fact she doesn't. p>> oh really. pnow i see she's missing an eye. pi thought it was the wing that pwas problem. pif you notice the wing is what pyou're seeing are broken pfeathers on same side missing peye which shows you depth erception, i can't see. pwhen she moving around her phabitat she breaks red tailed phawk and red shouldered hawk. pshea has a partially amputated pwing, tip of her wing was pamputated due to it being pcrushed. pif you looked a bird's skeleton pthe tip the wing is actually a phand. pit has a bones of a hand. pshe crushed her hand they had to pamputate. pthese animals are incredibly pimportant to our ecosystem. p>> absolutely. pright? pthey are taking care of rats for pus keeping lizard population punder control.
8:25 am
plizard hunters frog, lizard and psnake hunters mouse and rat phunters mouse and rat hunter. pthey take care of pests. psnakes they do. pabsolutely. pany within of these will eat psnakes. p>> that's why my wife wants them paround screech owl will eat plizard and small snakes. p>> all right. pyou know their some people who pare afraid of birds. pi get it, especially these guys pcan intimidating they are so pbeautiful i love learning about pthem and do it right here in plargo. pwe're into this. pi want you to know we're pwatching it into it. powl with franklin how do you plook at those and not, oh. plook at that. pthose eyes. poh. pi know. pi know. pwhat a face. pwhat a face. pall right charley we'll talk to pyou again soon. pokay. pstraight aerin andrews awarded p$55 million how much of that pmoney will she actually see?
8:26 am
pbeware of flying bats. pnot bird bats, wood bats, you pshould aware of those as well. pother kind of bats you see in pstadium like this especially pdangerous when they end up in pthe stands on your head. pthat's what happened to (vo) making the most out of every mile. that's why i got a subaru impreza. love. it's what makes a subaru,
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3 ((russell 2shot)) p this is good day tampa bay. p just about 8:30. pin this morning top stories phouse and senate leader agree p$80 billion budget deal a part pof it they added more than p$120 million in last minute rojects.
8:30 am
pbonus program and school pconstruction projects. pthe full house and senate will phave to wait 72 hours before pvoting to finalize the budgets. pthat is an expected to happen on pfriday. p>> after passing house and psenate governor scott has just pone week to sign a bill that pwould legalize medical marijuana pfor terminally ill patients. peven if he doesn't, this pnovember florida voters will pconsider constitutional pamendment legalize medical pmarijuana. psimilar measure was on ballot in p2014 but just two percent short pof passing. p one thing the governor did psign already a measure designed pto a designate it to fix the pstate's death penalty sentencing rocess. psenate passed new law last week pit took until yesterday for pgovernor to sign it. pback in january u.s. supreme pcourt found a florida system was punconstitutional. pby giving judges too much power pto impose death sentences. pnew law which goes into effect pimmediately would require at pleast ten jurors to recommend pthe death penalty. p>> also at the state legislature
8:31 am
penforcement agencies to set olicies if they want body pcameras used. pit was just passed and now pwaiting for governor scott's psignature. pthe bill originally mandated use pof body camera by all law penforcement eegss for two years. pbut there final bill does not. pfinal version only requires pagency set certain standards pbefore using the cameras. pright now 18 agencies across the pstate use them. p>> big deal in these parts eople come from all over world pto watch our spring training phere in florida. pbut you know you just can't let pyour guard down. ptwice in last three days a bat, pa bat has flown into the stands. pyesterday a woman was hit kenny psuarez was live in dunedin where pit happened during blue jays pbraves game. phey kenny. p>> really hard to believe this plady sitting there minding her pown business watching the game pand whack out of no place a bat phits her right in the head. pshe has to be rushed off to pbayfront medical center.
8:32 am
pthey are from nova scotia they phave season tickets to the blue pjays. plast night pam becomes much pbigger part of the game than she pever wanted to be. pa designated hitter for atlanta pbraves smashes the ball the bat pshatters and big piece hits pam pin the head. pher husband is also injured but pnot to the same degree. phe is hit in the wrist when he ptries to deflect that piece of pbat to protect his wife. pover in orlando just a few days pago a dad saves his son from a ossible serious head injury. pyou've probably seen this one. pthis shot went around world it pwent viral landon cunningham is plooking down at his phone ptotally unaware a bat was about pto whack him in the head thanks pto dear old dad he's safe. phis dad deflects the bat with phis arm. pnow i was talking about not only pbats in previous live shots i pwas talk about foul balls i'm pstill amazed by it 1750 or so
8:33 am
pso you have to be careful. pin the meantime, i just got a ptweet from somebody saying you pknow what, check out this one pstory out of detroit. pa woman actually lost her eye, pnot a major league baseball pgame, but at her son's high pschool game. pit what could her right in eye. punfortunately that ended up pvery, very badly. peven at a high school level pthese balls are going really, preally fast. pi'm told that a major league pgame, the balls can go 100 miles pan hour. pso you really have to watch out pfor both. pin most cases things turn out pwell but not al. pjust been aware when you come to pgame and enjoy it. p>> all right kenny, good advice pthis morning. pinteresting. pthose statistics are really pstaggering. pall right. pwe'll see you later, thanks, pman. pthen we've got this sarasota pcounty wants to bring the patlanta braves to north port. pcounty and local leaders are ptalking with the team about pmoving spring training to the pwest villages area. patlanta has one more year on its please at disney and says it pwants to move to site closer to
8:34 am
palso talking with pinellas pcounty leaders about moving team pthere as well. pnow. panother day another election pbringing us closer to that magic pnumber of delegates. ptoday more people are headed to olls in several different pstates. pwalt allen is here now with look pwhat we can expect to say. pgood morning to you. pfour primaries and caucus today pall eyes are on michigan. pthat's biggest prize hours pbefore polls open bernie sanders pand hillary clinton took part in pfox news sponsor town hall in pdetroit. pbiggest issue finances. pspecifically clinton prelationship with wall street pand auto industry bail out. p>> super pac collected a whole plot of money from wall street. p5 million individual pcontributions averaging $27 a iece. pi applaud senator sanders for preally getting a very big turn pout among young people. pi love to see that. pi tell young people all time you
8:35 am
p>> sanders continues to attract pmore young people clinton is pexpected to win the primaries in pmichigan and mississippi. pbut after last night's town hall psome analysts say michigan could pbe closer than expected. pnow let's go to republican side olls show ohio governor john pkasich closing in some analyst redict trump may have trouble pgetting enough delegates to win pthe out right trump says he's pbringing people to polls in pnumbers that have not been seen pbefore. pthis is such a great thing for pthe republican party. ptrump people are beginning psquawk that well you know, he pmay have a plurality he may not phave enough delegates to win pnomination away should give it pto him anyway. pone week from today our turn. pflorida primary, a winner take pallstate. pright now shaping up to be a pfight between donald trump and pflorida sten senator. ptrump still leading but pdwindling rubio hoping to close pgap before next tuesday. pflorida republicans can expect a pcall from rubios campaign it pwon't his voice on other other
8:36 am
probo calls former republican pnominee romney recently came out pagainst donald trump. probo call already reaching hones in michigan. promney does not mention rubio in pit he does ask voters to choose pa candidate that can defeat phillary clinton. pall right walter, thank you. p>> you bet. phey dave. phow you doing? pi'm good. pit's nice. pi can't wait to go outside for p9 o'clock. preally is. pwe're all getting to time of pcontrary that point where pollen pis really starting to kick in. pi think i can feel it too in my psinuses. p8:36. retty start in tampa area. pwe have a little bit of cloud pcover. pmixing in with the gorgeous psunrise that we have this pmorning. pit had turned around and it's pbeautiful out bradenton beach pthis hour few clouds but mild in olk county high pressure how's pthat? pfor a start to the day over in plakeland, and looking weston
8:37 am
pbe right down here in just a few pminutes. preally, really nice. p>> oh, we're gone. pi can go back. p>> don't cause problems. pi got to go all through that pagain. pforget it. pwe'll be outside. p62 degrees in wesley chapel now. p66 in brandon. p64 in tampa. pst. petersburg, i mean it is pjust a lovely, look frostproof pand sebring. palready at 67 degrees. phigh pressure anchored just east pwind. pthis is not going to change much pover the next several days. pso for us, i mean literally just pmeans warmth upon warmth upon pwarmth and sunshine. pfew clouds mixed in. pbad weather is out here. pnew tornado watch just issued pjust looks south or very close pto dallas area. pnot only do they have to deal pwith severe weather in texas ptoday. pbut flooding as the rains are pcoming. ptexas, louisiana, arkansas.
8:38 am
pdown over the next few days. pfor us back up to about 80 pdegrees. artly cloudy, warm tonight. povernight low near 61 degrees. pand then tomorrow 82. pi think we will top it off in ptampa around 83. pon thursday. pbut if you're inland mid to pupper 80s are possible. pquick shower maybe late saturday pearly sunday. pdon't forget, daylight saving ptime starts this weekend pchanging battery in spoke pdetectors as well carbon pmonoxide detectors. pvery good point. pall right. pdave. pyou know it's this time of pmorning we're starting to see pinterstates thin up and ease out pa little bit. plooks like northbound 275 in inellas county a minor problem pspot 54th avenue north you can psee this accident off to left pshoulder. pbut very heavy traffic here. pthis heavy traffic begins right paround 175 all way to this oint. pso that will add an extra ten pminutes on to your morning pcommute through that stretch. pwe're in clearing stages with an paccident along southbound bruce
8:39 am
pstill remaining back to about pbearss avenue there. pwe will let you know when that pclears up. pwatch out for crash in pinellas pcounty. pa 46 the street. pthis is near the st. pete pclearwater airport. pdelays have been reported in pboth directions of roosevelt palso an accident now along gandy pat fourth street to keep an eye pout for. p>> thank you. pjury awards erin andrews p$55 million after reaching a pverdict. pa peep hole how much of that pmoney will she actually get pyesterday jury found michael pbarrett at hotel at fault pbarrett admitted to recording psportscaster says ahotel allowed phim to book room next to her peven jury ruled in her favor she pmay not see any of that money pfor a long time. pfirst off barrett is responsible pfor 28 million of the award safe pbet he doesn't have that kind of pmoney. psecondly, listen to this hotel poperators sound like they may be
8:40 am
p>> we're going to look at the poutcome at the proof, what poccurred during the trial with prespect to any issues that may pexist and make a decision at pthat point in time after pconsultation with our client pwhether there will be an appeal. peven if company does not file an pappeal, the company could file pfor bankruptcy. pin that case, andrews would pstill get at least some money. pbut after another long legal pbattle. pand don't forget, she's still pgot to pay her lawyers too. p>> i'm not sure what that sound pwas. pa falling tree hits a car on pcommuter train in central pcalifornia. pthat train derailed and tumbled pinto a creek happened during a pvery heavy rain storm. pnine people are injured. pno one died. prescuer battled creek's fast pmoving currents to pull people pto safety from that partially psubmerged rail car. pit a cross between a ghost and a
8:41 am
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at hillshire farm, spice is the that's why our craftsmen season every sausage perfectly. so you can coax out great flavor p hillshire farm. because it's worth doing right. at hillshire farm, there's a reason our slow roasted turkey taste so fresh seconds after carving, we not only seal every slice, we double seal it. the results are something to savor. hillshire farm. because it's
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3 ((russell 2shot)) you would think at this point--it would be hard for scientists to pyou think at this point it would phard for scientist to discover a pnew species. preally is happening newest one pis pretty adorable toop they are pcalling a ghost like octopi. pit sits along a pacific ocean's pfloor. pbringing dave o. to science roto talk about it. pbefore we show you the video, plet me, let me set this up for pyou. pwhat you don't realize is that pwe haven't mapped or scene about poceans. pright now. pdeep discoverer, a small part pnasa larger mission to i said pnot yet for the video. pi wasn't ready for it. panyway, so off the coast of phawaii, about 13,000 feet down
8:45 am
plooking they discover this. punbelievable. pthey call it a ghost-like poctopi. psitting on floor in pacific pocean. pjust unreal. pdoesn't belong to any species pgenius anything like that. pthey will have to. pnow obviously. p>> what do you mean it doesn't p>> they've never seen this pbefore they never knew it pexisted. robably just one of tons of pspecies that we don't even know pabout that are at the bottom of pthe ocean. p>> it's lacking a pigment, pbecause dark down there it can't pingest any sunlight i don't know pwhat a feeds on. pthey found this by accident the pother day they are calling it pkasper. p>> of course they are. pkasper the friendly ghost. pisn't that just amazing? pi heard you talk about earlier.
8:46 am
pspace than we do than on bottom pof our ocean floor i imagine you pgot to think how much big our pthree fourths of earth is pcovered by water. robably tons of different pspecies that are either this pdeep or deeper that we don't peven know about yet. pand that we'll have to peventually find. p>> seems like we're more pconcerned coming from above us pthan what's below us. pthat is real. preal octopus looking like placking pigment cells due to plack of sunlight. p>> okay. pnow you get three stories today pfor the price of two. pall right. pthe second one is an asteroid. pa near miss on the earth pyesterday. pfor those of you who were pconcerned asteroid 2013 tx 68 pnicknamed the b 2 bomber, pbecause of its size. pit was size of a b 2 bomber. p>> great. p>> well a few days ago i mean pthey knew it was coming. pwe lost track of it. pnasa completely lost track of it pin it's orbit near the earth.
8:47 am
psay that it did not get within p2.5 million miles of earth. p>> that's safe p>> however it's on a path to go paround the sun and back again pnext year in late september. pi think september 28th, 2017. pstay tuned. pmoving fast. pit's moving fast. pmoving very fast. pbut it was, they call that a pnear miss. pi call a two million miles in pspace miles, is not that big of pa miss. p>> okay. phow about this one. pdo you guys remember how geeked poh out we were about seeing luto for the first time? p>> well guess what, they think pthey may have found clouds on luto. pyou got to remember, new horizon pmodule keeps moving further away pkeeps throwing images they take plong time to get to earth. pnewly released images are pshowing the potential that they pthink in right-hand side they pare actually some clouds.
8:48 am
ptype of material our clouds are pmeaty from methane and other ptypes of gasses. pbut that would indicate some ptype of atmosphere perhaps on luto. pand some scientists now are pcalling for reclassification of luto as a planet as a result, pthey found the atmosphere they pfound some low hanging low level pclouds. pthey do need to restore it to pits original. pnow the problem is this. pagain, as new horizons moves pfurther and further away. pit's going to take until the end pof this year for some more pimages to come back of the lanet for them to analyze. pbut every time they get one, pthey just sit there and try to panalyze one latest ones to come pin. pthe potential that there's pactually cloud cover on pluto. pwhich will be amazing too. pbecause it is so far away from pthe sun to have any type of patmosphere. pwhether it be one you could live pon or not, i don't know.
8:49 am
puniverse again if may ghost-like poctopus. pwe miss an asteroid and clouds pon pluto all in one day. pkids stay home. p>> wait. pjust wait. pi was thinking way too much pthinking all right dave, thank pyou. phave fun. phey charley, back to you. p>> good. pcheck this out, what? poh. pcute. pcute. pthat's lucy. plucy i'm told lucy because of pher red hair lucy you got some pexplaining to do about alaska pscreech owl. poh, look at that. plucy, lucy doesn't realize that pshe's an owl i'm told. pshe's pretty sure she's human. pso it works out great. pthat's why we get along i'm not ptoo sure what i am either. pwhen we come bah back i will ptell you all about a special rogram that they use lucy and
8:50 am
pof prey here tell you how they puse these birds for good when
8:51 am
8:52 am
8:53 am
p there you go lucy. pyou're on. pwhat do you think, huh? p>> is that right? pthat's lucy the screech owl. pmost common owl ors barred still pmost common owl in our area? pscreech would be most common owl pthat we will find around. pin fact did you know, well you pmay if you were listening to plast segment the screech owl popinions pinellas county is pcreature owl county in world pthey are only found in united pstates and a pinellas county pthan anywhere else why you may pask? p>> because they love to eat proaches palmetto bugs. pthese why we have a lot of pthose. pwe have a lot of these. pso, if you don't like roaches in pthe house you put up little one powl boxes out back if you've got pyard and room somebody like lucy pwill move in and you will eat pall of nasty little roaches
8:54 am
paround anyway. pthank you for that. pcaylee over there i have to keep pmy distance not because neither pone of showered this morning it pis because she has nike with her pnot named after shoe but after pthe greek god p>> yes greek goddess. pand what was nike the greek pgoddess of what? p>> victory. p>> victory. pthat's right. pso, tell me, tell me about the rogram caylee that you do with pthese birds? p>> it concept actually started ptwo years ago at another nature p35shg park we remember info atrick bradley piloted program pwe got original concept because atrick's son came back after a pdeployment in iraq he was pactually in for around 17 years. phe was having some difficulties padjusting to what we call pcivilian life. pand he came in started working pwith birds we notice immediately phuge huge change he was local 10 phappier seemed lot more common
8:55 am
phow we were going to expose our rogram and get more veterans we pcame to welcoming very, very pwelcoming very supportive. pwe actually started working in pbay pines hospital conveniently paround 10 to 12 minutes away a pthem. pand the program just sort of pexpanded from there vet ra palliance we get veterans to come pout work with our birds. pveterans can and here they start pby hold screech owl. pscreech owls an example of what pwe call level one bird. prelatively small easy to handle. pnot whole love risk involved in phandling these guys they don't phave quite attitude. p>> and then we move them on to psomething a little bit bigger. pa little bit more substantial plike nike who would good example pof a level 2 bird and eventually pthe great horned owl. p>> and it really, all, if i pdidn't say it before all birds phave been injured and cannot be pa released they are here for
8:56 am
psomething calming and soothing pto sit here i've chilling out pwith lucy now for about 20 pminutes. pthere's a peaceful kind of pfeeling there. pi would assume with ptsd post ptraumatic stress disorder that pyeah. ost traumatic stress i would passume it could, it can do a lot pof good? p>> you know i'm glad you pointed pthat out a lot what we're about phere is really building a pcommunity. pbased on interest in raptors. pwe really don't tend to use pterms like ptsd so much because pwe want veterans to feel like pthey can become part as of out pcommunity nothing to do with pyour experience. plife is complicated. pand everybody has their own pbattles they have to work pthrough every day. pto come out here get a chance to pwork with birds and work with eople that have definitely been pthrough some interesting pexperiences. pis good. p>> and it is free russell. pit is free to come out here and
8:57 am
pgeorge c. mcowl park free. phi russell. pimpressive. pvery impressive. pthat's a beautiful owl. phappens the bigger the fun. dunkin's new grandde burrito -- with big southwest flavor. go grande with veggie or sausage today.
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go for delicious flavors like butter pecan, cookie dough, or new pistachio. enjoy one today. america runs on dunkin'. 3 ((russell suggestions wanted. the race is on to re-name one of the most notorious roads in 3 3 olitics and religion when two pmeet and don't go to according pto conventional wisdom. pchanges in christian politics. p and then, what kind a donut pdo do you want? pwhat does it say about your psign? p>> that's some interesting pinsight in this new-- all right. pwe thank you for waking up with pus on this tuesday morning. pit's march 8th i'm laura moody. pdave. pit is beautiful.


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