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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 9AM  FOX  March 15, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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lanning to join u pis it p it is perhaps went biggest pday of his political career pseven to marco rubio joinses plive in about 20s minutes to ptalk about the importance of a pflorida primary. phas and the secret to becoming a pnonsmoker. pwe will tell you sure fire way pto stop.
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pi'm laurie moody. pheavy. phair is heavy. p12k3w4r50i6r7b8g9sdz p12k3w4r50i6r7b8g9sdz p12k3w4r50i6r7b8g9sdz p12k3w4r50i6r7b8g9sdz p12k3w4r50i6r7b8g9sdz 60s to near 70. scattered clouds and more warmth on tap for wednesday, with high temps in the lower 80s. 3 ((vanessa// maps/cams p12k3w4r50i6r7b8g9sdz p12k3w4r50i6r7b8g9sdz p12k3w4r50i6r7b8g9sdz p12k3w4r50i6r7b8g9sdz p12k3w4r50i6r7b8g9sdz p12k3w4r50i6r7b8g9sdz p12k3w4r50i6r7b8g9sdz p12k3w4r50i6r7b8g9sdz p12k3w4r50i6r7b8g9sdz p12k3w4r50i6r7b8g9sdz p12k3w4r50i6r7b8g9sdz p12k3w4r50i6r7b8g9sdz p12k3w4r50i6r7b8g9sdz p12k3w4r50i6r7b8g9sdz
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3 ((laura)) 3 a big day for florida. people are heading to the polls. it's primary 3 ((laura)) fox 13's ken suarez is at a polling place in hillsborough county. morning ken. 3 3 3 3
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plet me give you a little bit of padvice. pnumber up with you have to go to pright one. psome people go to the one they pwent to last year. por in previous years it changed. pmake sure a no where you're pgoing. pif you this not a bad idea to go pon supervisor of elections in pyour area, in your county. pyou have to have an idea with pyou with a signature. plike a license for example. pnow if you got a mail vote and pnot mailed it in yet, you can't pmail it in at thisly because not
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pof this to be in by 7:00 when olls close. pyou can drop it off at a psupervisor of elections office. pand appear elections office pwhich will be a satellite poffice. pand then that's the size of pthere bottom line you have to pregister a closed election at pthis point. pyou have got to be democrat or prepublican to in it anyway. plet me do this. pif you want more information or pif you want to hear that again, por have have any questions let pme refer you to our website, so we are now pgeven two ours from process. pat that point takes couple hours pto count all votes i'm sure we pwill all be watching we've pwatching throughout cam pane pseason. pthis is going to be a real big pback to you. pwe are watching and waiting pespecially today. pthank you, ken. p>> and not just florida. pths almost a mirn super tuesday. pohio, which according to latest olls is next and neck right now pbetween john kasich and donald ptrump. pthen there's missouri.
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pthey are all voting today as pwell. pand while donald trump leads pflorida in the polls by double pdigits right now, this is psenator marco rubio's home pstate. pand he needs it if he wants to pcontinue. pcoming up in just about 15 pminutes, russell rhodes is going pto talk with him live and we're plooking forward to that russ. pthank you laura i am too. pwe've got another deadline to ptell you about besides elections pif you've not done it by now you pever a month to go. ptaxi on everybody's return is do papril 15th or is it 17th irs pasked people to file sooner plater to help curb the fraud. pwalter allen is ahedge there i pthis year p>> i will do the same because i pin on time. pfraud is a big concern. pespecially when you consider palmost half of people that file ptax get refund. paverage refund $3,000. pso when you hear the stories of pfraud thieves filing using your pnames it makes us all nerve.
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psome slack when it comes to pgetting money back. pbank ray. pand a willing to a wait up to ptwo minutes not to give agency ptime to fight fraud. pbank rat also found half of eople surveyed will use that pcash to pay down debtor buy pnecessary stees only a third pwill save it or invest it. pas of right now irs only process pa they ared of returns it has so pfar, russell. pthank you, we'll talk later. pwe're still checking on day i romise we'll get it pardon me panne marie? p>> it's apryl 18th anne marie pjust told me. pnow good news for the state. pflorida leads nation in job pgrowth. pmore than there,000 jobs more a pthousand more than texas not all pgood news state's jobless rate pis 5 percent. phigher than the national average pit ranks trirs among the pstatistics. p>> happening today, people in pst. pete have another popportunity to voice their pvisions for the new pier.
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papproach public workshop on usf pst. pete campus inside the pstudent center ballroom. pdesign traem will be there to phear the feedback as they resent some new layouts for the ier. pthat workshop runs from 7 to 9 ptonight. palso happening right now another pbig announcement from legoland pin winterhaven i'm excited to phear specifically what this pmight be. phere's what we know. pthey are expanding. pthey say part fifth birthday pcelebration coming up in pobligate. pwe're being told it will be plargest expansion in the history pof the this park. pa soon as we know what eddy ptales are we will let you know. ublic schools on trial in ptallahassee. peducation groups and parents in asco and duval counties are psuing state. pthey say the legislature and pother government leaders have pbeen short changing students. pthey disagree with the school pgrading system. pfocus on standardized leak fcat pbelieves voucher system takes pmoney away from public skls. pa judges going to have to decide
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plast few weeks. ptampa cigar city brewing has psold. poscar blues brewery bought pcontrolling? pthis puts months of rumors to prest. pabout stone based equity firm pcalled fire mccapital is pfinancial partner founder cigar pcity brewing joey will remain pceo. resident obama will be in cuba pnext week. padministration is hoping this phistoric visit will jump start pbetter business climates between ptwo countries. pby the president's side congress pwoman kathy cast are. pshe has been voc null her sport pabout lift's research prestrictions president and prespectative cast are there they pwill take in ball game. pone with tampa bay rays. pteam will play the national pteam. pwe are getting more information pabout that big trip. panjuli daefs anjuli davis is pback with us this morning.
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pof baseball. pthe rays will play cuban ptoday. pthat's march 22nd 1:30. plater today worry expect it see proster rays players making the ptrip toha vannah for big game. pthis list expected to be a plittle bit long are than usual p25 players allotted for travel pfor a game to account for any preplacement node due to injuries punforeseen circumstances. prays manager kevin cash says pthey are still learning from mlb phow roster are could not will pshape up. pcash says this trip will be a pniece break in routine for rays pwho are currently in the thick pof spring training down in port pcharlotte. pthis will provide obviously a plot of excitement for them. palso a good at any time to just pbreak up the grind of spring ptraining. pwoov also learned a big name in pbaseball will make the trip toha pvannah in equity week for game pbase ball commissioner announced pderek jeter will be taking on in pgame along with other baseball pgreats. pthey are expected to attend
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phavana and planning hosting base pball clinics. pthat will streamed by espn live p1:30 next tuesday, march 22nd. pwe will also have a crew down pthere you can expect team pcoverage right here on fox 13. pfor now back to you. pderek jeter thrown in for good pmeasure, right? p>> absolutely. phe has to be there. pthat's great. pthat is kohl. pall right. phey, talk later, okay? pcoming up a little later this pmorning new research about best pway to quit smoking once with pfor all cold turkey in or pgradually? pand it is d. or die for marco prubio. pand hess quest for wheelt house. pwe're gorying to talk with him plive in just a few minutes. pwhat happened to hearsay pmomentum and does he have any lans in case he does not win pflorida. pand then charley belcher is at pmcdnld training center for us pwith all kinds of sweet stories. phey charley.
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phow would you like to meet my pfriends? pof course, always. phere they are. pthese are my friends. phello. phi. phere they are. pworry all just hanging oh out. pall right. plisten up carmen good luck in pyour volleyball game. p>> i have this weekend. pshe las it this weekend. pshe it would me to say that on ptv about 100 times good luck in pvolleyball. pgood. pand all my other friends over phere we're all just hanging out pgetting ready to go to work pworry mcdonald training center. pwe will it will you cornell my pman cornell right there. pwave are cornell. pthere we go. pyou too. pyou too. pall right my dear. pdirect in camera when we come pback talking about fund raiser phappening this weekend so you pcan help mcdonald training pcenter.
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pgood news for usf womening pbasketball team. pthey are number six seed in pwomen's ncaa tourney. pthey woept have an easy road. palso in their brac the rival and ower house uconn. pnow for uflt sf women they will pface number len seed colorado pstate over in los angeles. pgood luck to them. pboy is it warm and muggy outside
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pyeah, just it feels like a psummer morning we're a 73 pdegrees. pfinally beginning to get rid of plow cloud cover in other spots. pyou can stel kind of see it priverview camera that we have psome fog right there 77 degrees. pso another camera, but plakelandths beautiful. pwe've had an issue with the fog pjust barack obama the surface. pwhich is the reason the sun psheen skyway has been impacted. pwe've the good on shore pwednesday flow right now 5 to 7 pmiles per hour dew points are psky high in lower 70s. pi want to get visible satellite. pwhere you see the clouds, that pwhere low clouds and fog are. pspnls county opinions county, arts of south. pand stel foggy over sunshine pskyway. pthe rest of the viewing area is phaving a making 95 snt start to pthe day.
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pclouds we stay stay warm and pmuggy. pdry for sanity patrick's day pchance for showers friday and psaturday. p>> all right dave ares thank pyou. pand new crash coming out of the ptampa area involving a vehicle pthat struck a tree. pyou can see some delays in area pof himes avenue in hillsborough pavenue. lan accordingly. pmeantime across sorry to report psunshine skyway still closed. pwe do have minor improvements to pthe slow downs we're seeing papproaching there. psouth bond 2 survivor. p38 avenue south you will start pto hit slow spots. p>> thanks vanessa. p9:17 right now. olls are open. puntil 7:00 tonight. por at least if you're in lean pthey will open after that. phuge day for republican across pthe state of florida. pit could make or break some pcampaigns. pone person who has lot riding on pthis day is florida senator pmarco rubio. pand ajoins us this morning from pmiami. pmorning senator how you doing? p>> good morning. pi'm doing good. pgood. pgood.
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pdoesn't get much bigger for you pthan this day, right? p>> well it's an important day. pcertainly florida is important pday for every candidate. p99 delegates a single in an punusual election where pdelegates. pths huge a big day and why it is pso important that we wean pflorida. pif you're broef polls arrest pdown in florida. pin many of them way down. phow are you going to footh back pfrom that? pthey are just in the be aing praet you will find out tonight pthey will a lot of explaining to pdo. pit's polling has gotten out of pcontrol in american media. psome people will have to be held pto account for it after this. pright now it doesn't part voters pare deciding not polsters. pwe have a chance in florida to pmake real impact on presidential rimary for republicans. pand a real choice between psomeone when trying to exploit pfear asks division and someone
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punderstands we have challenges pin america. pwe do. pi know we have fix those roblems if we fix those roblems we will greatest pcentury in american history in p21st century. pwe're only going to do that if pwe embrace our conserve of a renls. pthat's what i'm proud to run on. pabelieve ultimately will lead to pvictory tonight and surprise a pthe although of people. pbut not us. pno matter where you fall olitically republican democrat panti trump, pro trump everybody phas to agree. pthis political season is like pone we've never seen before. pyou're right in the middle of pit. pwhat do you make of what's phappening? p>> i make that every major pinstitution in america has pfailed us. pmedia, academia mr. it call arties, policy tegss, big pbusiness, everyone has been pfailing the american people, pthey are angry. pthey want to send a message that pthings, you know let's do psomething dramatic here. pi understand that sentiment. phere's the problem, the problem pwith doing just sending a pmessage this election can't be pabout making a point it has to pbe about making definites.
9:20 am
pnot stuck with president for one por two years, you have a resident for four years. pand country cannot afford four pyears of that policy not after pall challenges we face with pnational security with pdomestically with our economy. pwe have to elect someone that punderstands our problems and i pdo. pbut we also have to elect psomeone that knows how to fix pthem and know what is to do pabout them and help bring unity pback to this country. pi mean do we really want to live pin an america where people heat peach other fellow americans hate phe have other because they are pmembers of a different political por defendant ideas. pthat's where we headed we better pstop this train or we're all pgoing to pay tshl price for it. plet me ask you this. pwe've seen these rallies over pweekend some of them got pretty pugly do you thenning we can pull peverybody back together? pdo you they think there's a way pto do that? p>> yeah. pbut i think we have to punderstand pulling people ptogether doesn't mean we will al pagree. pall vote for same person, of pcourse not. ulling everyone together is an pagreement that we are going to
9:21 am
olicy, we're going to debate ublic policy, without me paccusing you of being an evil erson because you disagree with pmy plan on taxes. pand then we're going to have an pelection and then try to govern pand another election in future. pwe've reached an important psomeone agrees with you on olitical party candidate or an pissue we don't think you're just pwrong we they didding you're pevil it gets to pop everyone pheats each other. pi don't, i which don't want to pbe in mshg where americans hate peach other politics. plet's have agreements and pvibrant debate over them. pif we become a country where peveryone heats each other how pare we ever going to move ahead. pit will tear us apart at the pseams. pit i heard you lot in your pspeeches talk i guess your hero pyour mentor ronald reagan. pone the things he was known for pwas compromise with opposing arty.
9:22 am
pi feel like compromise has gone paway in washington. pwhat do you think of that? p>> well i think there's a pdifference between compromising pand selling out. pi think if you have strong rinciples you decide to cave if pbecause lobby's because ewan to pbe popular politically people pget really upset about that. pi think you can compromise on pideas not on your principles. pi'm willing to negotiate oh tax prate i believe it needs to be plower if i want to 25 percent pand you want it between and we pagree to make 26 percent it's pbetter than what we now. pthat's compromise. pon the other hand where you pcan't compromise is obamacare. pi think obamacare is terrible pfor america. pi don't think it can made pbetter. pthat is an issue we'll have an pelection over. pi'm proud of fact i worked and pbipartisan way the take on human ptrafficking a by part van va paccountability a get bipartisan pi worked with bernie sanders on pit believe or no the. padditional sanction on phezbollah.
9:23 am
pall of my ideas on higher peducation are bipartisan other pthan there are an issues that we pwill have election over. pobamacare social security and phow to fix its size of our pmilitary. pthat's fine. pi think where you can work ptogether you should work ptogether because wee got to get roblems solved or things keep pgetting worse for everyone. pwe're about to lose you i want pto ask you one more thing i know pyou're not going, i don't think parrest going to with me i got to pask oh before ago. pif you don't pull this off if pyou lose florida tonight, are pyou getting out? p>> no we don't have any pintention over to end over one pstate the way this elections pgoing not single candidate in pthis race not each donald trump pis on pace to secure a majority pof delegates. pand i think if donald trump even pgets the majority of delegates phe will still divide our party pwe will number utah campaign pirrespective outcome tonight. ponly herb do we go to utah with pmomentum or not after picking up p99 delegates in florida.
9:24 am
psupport that gop nominee whoever pit is? p>> well i want it to be me. pbut evening it's getting hard pare to live up to that pledge if pdonald trump. pi just fine foond his language pso offensive so unacceptable and pso this today's for our olitical discourse in our pcountryist getting harder every pday. pgood to see you as all. pthanks for your team. pi know you have a long day. ptake care. p>> yep, thank you. pbye-bye. pwell, get alleges buzz without pthe alcohol. pthe latest craze to relax by pdrinking mud? pthere's mud in your eye.
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she has to take a brand name drug. been taking it since the early 1980's. at that time it cost approximately $180 for 10 shots. the latest refill was $14.700 for the same 10 vials and the company is called valeant pharmaceuticals. i'm going after them. this is predatory pricing and we're going to make sure it is stopped. i'm hillary clinton and i
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p good day tampa bay. pi'm charley belcher coming to pyou from a tampa today from pmcdonald train thing center. pwhere they provide job skills it eople with disabilities so that pthose folks can go on and live pthe lives that they choose. pwith wonderful jobs and popportunities that may not have pbeen there before. pjim is president co. of this pfine organization. pthey are making sun passes over phere. pover here is the equality precycling program where they are pbreaking down computers and high ptech stuff. pand recycling it. pit just a great service you rovide here jim. pi know you need help there are pcuts every year in funding and pso you have fund raiser ever ponce in a while you have one pfriday. p>> yes? pmajor fund raiser friday feast psaent joseph's day a tra degs pthat goes back 41 years al no to psaid he wand to do something
9:28 am
psupport mcdonald training? pnow his family carries that on. pand it's traditional feast st. pjoseph's day is on 19th of mary pwe're celebrating oh 18th. pluncheon from 11:thet to 2. pths at the sons of et lee hall pwill which over there on lemon pstreet which southeast of himes pand cypress streets. peveryone is tree. pfundraiser that free. pfree. pdonations are welcome. pah-hah. pand accepted. pyes but fact is it's free. pand tradition of st. joseph's pday. palso celebrating 50th panniversary of james ranch in lant city. pnext month we're doing that a we rovide many of the same pservices we provide here cover pcity area. pbut fr the job training now, a plot of people and they are in pthe here today probably because pday tampa bay.
9:29 am
pbecause sophistication of the ptraining. pbut, james ranch is i it will pyou plant city community is just pabsolutely tech spectacular. pi started my career out there 44 pyears ago. pbut maybe we should do shot from pout there. plet's do it. pdone. pi love plant. pmy wives from plant city. pmy buddy chris lives. pi met chris who was trainee here pone time i know he's watching pbecause he's telling me on pfacebook i'm doing pretty good pjob. phey chris. phow doing buddy? pnice to see you laura moody i pcannot say enough great things pabout work you do mcdonald ptraining center. pmany of these folks were pconsidered unemployable now they pare working in real jobs in rivate sector contributing to ptheir family's income living the plives they choose everybody pdeserve a chaps to be to have ptheir place. pall right.
9:30 am
phi chris. pwhat is that? pon the floor. psculpture in fact made out of psomething we use every day. (phone ringing) you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise) hey candidates,
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p from tampa bay's number one pnews station, this is good day ptampa bay. p well those salacious trial pof hulk hogan verse web seat pgawker continues this morning. pa today we're expecting to hear pfrom at founder of gawker media pnick denton. phogans suing them from violation
9:33 am
ptape online. pyesterday an editor at gawker ptestified a j says that he got p30 minute tape in mail but did pnot know who sent it. palso testified when he heard pbubba the love sponge's voice he prealize hogan was having sex pwith bubba's wife and that is pdefinitely news worthy he says pin eyes of website. pthe trial is expected to wrap up pthis week. pand a leading up moments death pdeputy. pthe only witness described being pon selman and seeing headlights pcoming at her. psara says she flashlights on pcoming car then moments from pbeing struck by that car, pdeputy's cruiser intentionally pgot in the way. pcrashed into at wrong-way car psaving sara. pshe calls the deputy a hero. p>> a deputy caught funeral will pbe held this friday at st. ptimothy's catholic church vice ptigs begins a 11:00 a.m. funeral
9:34 am
phe will buried in massachusetts pwhere his family lives lives. plearning more why an amtrak ptraen derailed. pinvest gears will a focus on pcondition. paccident happened moments after phe noticed a significant bend in pthe rail. pand applied the radar brakes. pseveral of train cars derailed pinjuring 32 people. ptwo of them critically. pwe have winner in iditarod pdallas say they set a record ptoo. phe finished trek across alaska pin eight days 11 hours and 16 pseconds. pthat's how they counted. phe broke his own record from p2014. prace goes a thousand miles pacross two mountain ranges down puconn river and long bearing sea pcoast to nome, alaska. p85 mushers began 12 scratched so pfar. pthat is a gruelling p>> hey, hey, hey. pthat's right. pi know you called it.
9:35 am
pday 1 i said dallas was going to pwean. p>> you did. pi give you that. pmy man is legend up there and phe's young. pi think, his dad came in second. preally? p>> his dad's won throw times. phe won four. plike a monopoly of iditarod. pwhat family business. p>> yeah. pof course, i don't know, down phere 80-degree weather. p73 degrees, it is a very pinteresting morning. pbecause where i stand, it's pbeautiful. pbut look at the fog and sir ra ptoo beach camera. pkind of of gray. plow overcast start to the day pfor parts of the coastline which pincludes of course, the sunshine pskyway, which at last check was pstill closed because of that pfog. p73 tampa st. petersburg, psarasota, punta gore today palready 74. pand it is soupy outside with pthis west to southwest wind. pyou're looking dew points psitting in lower 70s.
9:36 am
pthis is your pesht where low pclouds and fog have set up shop. pyou can see it over pretty thick pover the sun sheen skyway. pdown anna maria island. pnorthern manatee county, psouthern hillsborough. pso there are many spots still pdealing with low clouds and the pfog. pnow wants it lefts out it's pgoing to be a beautiful day. pthing is i think tomorrow pmorning and watch future cast, pas we clear out later today, pwatch what happens tonight. pagain. ptomorrow morning. lease check with us. pespecially in case we have new pbridge issues. pagain because there will be more pfog for wednesday morning and robably for thursday morning as pwell. pwe'll go 81 for a high ptemperature for today. retty close to yesterday's high pas we get sun to mix in with pclouds. pvery mild, very muggy late ptonight. psome fog low 69 degrees.
9:37 am
phigh temperature of 82. ponce fog lefts out it will be pgreat. pobviously we've st. patrick's pday on thursday. pwarm and humid. plate on saturday, and a maybe pspring time weather comes back pearly next week, highs actually pcloser to 70 degrees. pit will cool off but several pmore days. p>> okay. pthanks, dave. pall right so wee seen just about peverything made into art. pold beer, so today cans. plight and dark blue makes it plook like ripples of water. pit can't be. pbecause it's on the floor, pright? p>> can you figure this out? pwhat about this one? pwhite with lines relationship pknowledge again. preflections of light and dark pshades.
9:38 am
pmore were made of paper he says phe is inspired home town pbeautiful landscape differences pin shades and reflection and psays he's doing paper sculpture psince 1995. pfascinating by cutting athink praing pattern he is transforms 2 pd paper pieces into stunning pworks mez mer rise the eye. pthat he says are true works of part. p>> wow. pthat's beautiful. aper. pcould it be be a baby bonanza in phollywood? pthe rumors about one high rofile couple and woun that's ptreeing to keep their prelationship under wraps. penjoying glass of wine to take pedge. platest craze to relax without pthe hang over. pwe're drinking mud. pmud.
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pnot even i can do that pet moments are beautiful, unless you have allergies. then your eyes may see it differently. only flonase is approved to relieve both your itchy,z watery eyes and congestion. no other nasal allergy spray can say that. complete allergy relief or incomplete. let your eyes decide. flonase changes everything. 3 the michael
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pestate sold interest m massive pmusic catalog including songs pbeatles and bob dylan. pjackson paid just over p$41 million for that music pcatalog that was back in 1985. pnow deal is not include any of pmaster recordings or any songs phe wrote jackson estate benefits phis mother and three children. p>> last month ryan reynolds made phuge splash with movie dead ool. paction comedy rained at the box poffice for several weeks he pwants to revive interest see pmade another ad to promote it. ptake a listen. p>> dead pool, the magic, mystery pthe regenerate forever. pdead pool, starring now six time pacademy award view ryan reynolds pin a word, cats. pi mean dead pool regenerate the pmagic, see dead pool. pagain for the first time.
9:43 am
psay heard time to regenerate the pmagic. pit's all a celebration of what phe calls the and rental by way pand wife blake lively have a pbaby girl. pthey have very open about pwanting a beg family we're all pawaiting for are announce will pthey are pregnant again. panother hollywood couple might phave beat them to punch. paccording to okay magazine mila pand ashton or actively trying to pget pregnant. pthey allegedly have wanted more pchildren. pbut waited until mila was done pfilming her latest movie called pbad moms. pbut that movie is now in post roduction so magazine is saying pkunis kutcher family will get pbigger sooner rather than later. phere more rumors. pthese wild. pdifferent gossip makings report pkatie holmes and jamie foxx are pmarried saying that they got phitched in a secret ceremony pbecause they are afraid of what ptom cruise might do if their prelationship was out in the
9:44 am
psome other web seats are also psaying that katie is pregnant pwith jamie's child. pand both katie and jamie are not pxhnting commenting on any prumors. pwe heard mud mask. pwhat about drinking mud. pet the latest trend and we will ptell you how supposed to relax pyou. pfirst look at today celebrity
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3 ((laura/wipe vo)) p to quit smoking is hard to pdo. peverybody has known someone has ptried. pbut now researchers say the best pway to quit, do it cold turkey. pyes. pdo it cold turkey. pjust stop. pthey say most smokers have an pepiphany and then they are pmotivated so they should use pthat. platest study out oxford puniversity says people who quit
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prun, then people who gradually preduced the number of cigarettes pthey smoked. p>> and so ex smoker haves to try pto find another way to relax to ptake the edge off. palcohol is not always pappropriate. pandths not healthy for you. pnow there's a new cocktail pwithout any alcohol and it will pstill relax you. pfox matt king has more on why eople are drinking mud. pearth, dirt water if i wasn't pmix's words. pmoose eastville am where he pserve as slice pineapple with pevery shell to counteract the ptaste of mud. pthey were hit pretty bad typhoon pwe're all nonalcohol scopic plegal made have cava root padramatics drinker looking for prelaxation without moose who
9:49 am
pflat screen above bar. pnothing better that watching it pa watch fesh and monkeys to pferries round by first beer. pnumber 5 or sks he start to see pdifference. pdefinitely tastes worse. pi like relax's effects. pit's calming not pintoxicatingstudy u k found less pthan half of those between ages p16 and 24 reported having a pdrink when last week. ptequila and water with limes. pspicy margarita. pon monday erin and britney pgathered beauty bar for cocktail pand manicure. pall three said they drank four pnights a week for the same preasons, probably social aspect. pi money i do appreciate the ptaste of the drink but i mean psocializing with friends having pfun. p>> and i feel like i'm a little pmore chatty. popen until 2:30 a.m. they seek pto provide that same social patmosphere via different pbeverage. pc
9:50 am
plike beauty bar, moose pencouraged everyone to stop by porder a few shells, watch a few pnature videos and see how they pfeel. pboth while drinking and the next pmorning. psensory lacks asian and mellow pthrough your body. pwhile maintaining lucid mind. peast village i'm matt king, fox pnews. p you know this is one of pthose stories we watch right now pwe laugh at. pand then in two years we'll be pbuying that in bottles. pexactly. p>> it will probably take off psomehow some way. pand you can always sell some pidea. pif you promise it has p>> remember when they laughed phealth effects you're buying pwater in a bottle? pthere it is. pthere it is. p>> looks nasty. pyou i start making mud in
9:51 am
pwe'l this is a letter from someone who's here. she has to take a brand name drug. been taking it since the early 1980's. at that time it cost approximately $180 for 10 shots. the latest refill was $14.700 for the same 10 vials and the company is called valeant pharmaceuticals. i'm going after them. we're going to make sure i'm hillary clinton and i
9:53 am
3 3 ((laura//live pix)) here's another live picture of the board on wall street. adlib over pix. 3 ((russell /2sh/dbx) from the fox pa look at the market. pwe have lauren simonetti from pfox business network studio. pyou're on. p>> how you doing? pgood. pwhat about you? p>> i'm wonderful. pthank you. p>> what are the markets doing? psoths a down day for several
9:54 am
ptwo big reasons would you're psaying money at the gas pump. pyou're not spending money retail psales down two months in row pjanuary's number revised down pfebruary's numbers came in plower. pin the good. psecond, oil prices are giving up pmore than dollar as i speck. p$36 a barrel we going on energy pstocks. pso we do have a down market. p>> all right. plauren let's talk about the prising cost of drugs. rescription, farm suit cat pindustry in general. pthis new report showing that p2015 drug spending rose fef ercent in the u.s. p>> yes. pand much more than that in 2014. pso we awe big rise in 2014. pa rise in 2015 and express pscripts is predicting through p2018 we're going to see rises psection, certain, 8 percent. pthat's going to target area. pbecause of specially medicine pdrugs for rheumatoid arthritis, pin short americans are shelling pout to pay up for specialty
9:55 am
pdrugs in general very high rices. p>> general motors getting in the p>> yes. pride sharing business with lift? pso weird. pbecause i think of gm i think pthis is a company that makes pcars, and sells cars. pso people buy them. pnot rent them or share them. pbut now i guess they are trying pto stay with the times. pin chicago starting today them pbranch to other cities. pthere's a program between gm and plift where if someone wants to pwork for lift but they don't phave the right type of car all pthey have to do is rent that pright type of car from general pmotors. pif they drive for lift enough, pthey don't even have to pay for pthat rental. pinteresting. pwow. pironic. pyes. pvery. pbut you know what people are pbuying cars like they used to. pkids aren't buying cars any pmore. p>> no. prussell, yes. pyou're right. pdid you get my tweet about p7--lern and ten efrj circle? pwhat did we fiend out? pwhat did you see in per our pdiscussion remember you wanted
9:56 am
peither way you can do it that pi'm pretty sure it fits in pcircle. pcheck your twitter. pi'll check i'm sorry. pyou know how i am with social pmedia. pyou're busy sank orring show on psuper tuesday ii.0. poh, well. pno problem. phe'll check it and see you ptomorrow. pokay? pbye. pbye lauren. punfortunately if you are heading poutdoor right now sunshine pskyway bridge is still pretty pfogged in. pi'm not even seeing any pimprovements in visibility. pwe're just still closed, please pkeep it with 75 check for pupdates on pthis cloud cover is low. pnow it's not at the ground, pwhich why our visibility is pgood. pbut you know, 400 feet up top pspan of that bridge is all pfogged in still. p81 degrees for a high today. pguess what we will do fog again ptomorrow morning as well. phighs stay in lower 80s through pfriday. pwith some showers around for pfirst half upcoming weekend. pall right.
9:57 am
pthat will do if for us today's ptuesday, march 15th. plive with kelly and michael is pcoming up next i'm reiding about pcava followed by wendy williams. pis it dirt? pis it dirt? pyou can get latest on pfollow us n twitter instagram plike us on facebook. psee you tomorrow everybody. pvote. pvote. presults, election results ptomorrow and whole lot more. one day you're enjoying rides, events, and up-close animal encounters at seaworld. the next, you're having for a limited time, you can buy a seaworld annual pass and get a year of aquatica for free. kick your feet up at aquatica's sandy beaches, and plunge down ihu's breakaway falls. then experience the orlando's tallest, longest, fastest coaster, surfacing at seaworld this summer. get an annual pass, and play all year at both parks.
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this is a letter from someone who's here. she has to take a brand name drug. been taking it since the early 1980's. at that time it cost approximately $180 for 10 shots. the latest refill was $14.700 for the same 10 vials and the company is called valeant pharmaceuticals. i'm going after them. this is predatory pricing and we're going to make sure it is stopped. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. hi, guys! spring is almost here and you know what that means! easter is hopping along. pso, if you're looking to stretch your dollar this easter holiday, pjust look at these savings at your local walmart. tampa, in head-to-head shopping, the total amount saved at walmart vs. winn-dixie was $22.72 - that's 15% on this week's easter basket. why shop anywhere else? fill your basket with walmart's pevery day low prices and get big savings. start shopping with walmart's every day low prices today.
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