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tv   FOX 13 1100 News  FOX  March 16, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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served at 42 degrees for the best taste and i guess the best must stach. >> muss mustache. >> and this couple believes that the couple who broke into their home and tied them up was really after someone else. >> you can witness a horse dying. i have never seen a horse die like this. >> a florida barn goes up in flames with sadly many horses inside, how it started and how the survivors are doing. >> i can hardly talk about it without getting a little emotional. >> and a look at the rays and their traveling fans that are preparing for cuba. >> first at 11:00, a terrifying home invase caught on video by
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victims. it happened earlier this month but now crimestoppers is offering a reward for any leads. we are live at tpd headquarters and this sounds so amazingly scary. what do the victims say? >> well, he feels fortunate to be alive. this is actually the second time he has been hit at this same house and he survived 3 3 ribeiro says he's moving to a home in south tampa. police are asking anyone who recognizes the people in that surveillance video to call them or crimestoppers...which is offering a three thousand
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will -- hands behind our backs, they zip-tied us really tight and were going crazy, asking where are the drugs? where is the money. >> but he didn't have any drugs. they ended up stealing cash and jewelry and a handgun, and they tried to take the television but it was too big. >> i thought we were going to die, me and my girlfriend and my dog. >> he says this is not the first time this house has been targeted in the two months he has been a tenant there. someone set fire to a car in the driveway and he thinks whoever is responsible for these crimes is going after the people who used to live there. >> i feel this is them, and it's going back and forth. >> he is waiting for an arrest but is not waiting for more, he is moving out of the house now.
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>> he says he is moving to a new house in south tampa. and police are asking anyone with information who recognizes the people in the video, to call crimestoppers, there is a $3,000 reward for anyone who can give them information. >> also developing the search continues to a serial arsonist in st. pete. police say he has been on the run since january, and since that fiem police time police say he has said about a dozen fires. this is a man carrying a long skateboard seen running away after setting a car's gas tank on fire, and more recently he set fire for dumpsters close to homes and that fire actually spread to cars and fence, causing damage and causing neighbors to worry that someone will get hurt. >> we are all very concerned and we are keeping our eyes
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as much as we can, and i often wake up into the middle of the night and i come outside to look around and see if i hear anything or see any usual activity. >> take another look. the skate board that he is carrying may be a home made one with square edges and if you know someone who has something like that, tip off police. anyone with information should call police or crimestoppers. and then hillsboro fire and respect and the sherrif's office are actively semping searching for a man who was on a upon pontoon boat and show he somehow he got into the water. he does not swim well and he disappeared. the search is underway. >> and firerescue says a far in
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meter. 11 of the hours in the barn survived and they are being treated for burns and lung damage. >> all hands on deck at this ea scwien equine clinic where the horses are being treated. some of the wounds are easy to see while others are deep in their lungs due to smoke inhalation. >> two of the hours came in in critical condition, and they are stable but still in intensive care and they will be there for several days. >> when not hooked up to i.v.'s some are spending time in this hyper bar hyperbaric chamber which helps to speed up the recovery process and reduce swelling. the fire spread rapidly around midnight and collapsed the roof
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>> when i opened the door the smoke was coming unbelievable fast and i tried to open the gates and let them howt howt out but they kept obviously. >> he is a trainer at the barn and lost several horses. >> the worst thing you can witness is a horse dying. i never seen a horse die like this, they were almost talking to you, screaming. >> they were young horses, and were neent meant to race one day, something that the survivors may never be able to do. >> two firefighters were also taken to the hospital and we have not heard about their condition. >> a terrifying moment for a south florida woman, as per her baby is held at gun point, the two men pretend to buy something and
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clerk who brought her nine-month-old son to work that day, as he was trying to hand over the cash, the gunman threatened her baby, and she was staken up and would not show her face on camera but did describe what happened. >> when i looked down and back up he had a gun in my face and told me to put the baby on the ground and i put him down and he told me if i did anything stupid or did anything that made him uncomfortable he would shoot the baby. >> unreal. fortunately the baby was not hurt and police are still looking for the robbers. >> the woman in the middle of the hulk hogan sex scandal took the stand in court today. the today. today jurors got to hear her
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she says her husband at the time, bubba asked her if she would have sex with hogan and she agreed, and she said encounters happened a couple of times but she had no idea they were being videotaped until bubba broke the news to her. the case is set to go to the jury tomorrow. >> and when the rays head to cuba next week, 50 local fans will go along with them. they are making the trip through something called the downtown st. pete partnership, and i'm sure they are pumped about this? >> oh, they are, saying that baseball is an important part of this trip but many of them are looking forward to exploring the island as well. and two of the people heading to cuba from st. pete, some say they have family on the island whom they lost contact with
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ago and they are looking forward to tracing their families, and president obama is planning to attend. he announced plans to loosen traffic travel restrictions allowing people to take people to people trips instead of with tour groups and this has the potential to bridge the gap and he is excited to be a part of history. >> there's something happening ser happeningcertain dip us us happeningsarin dip us us happeningserendipitously. >> and you see the people cheering on their team, it's
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and back over to you, chris. >> a lot of excitement about that and fox 13 is going along for the historic trip. scott smith and craig patrick are going along, and i have volunteered to go and be their camera man but they have just rejected me. i will be the bat boy, whatever -- but not bitin'. i need a ticket. >> sounds like more of us will be able to get a ticket, too, the way things are going. >> and coming up the benefits of promance are endless. >> they are great for the health and the brain and can be of stress. >> signs is telling men to keep their platonic partners close. >> and he is waiting to serve on our highest court if he is ever conformed and so who is judge merrick garland.
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3 his name was just announced.. a >> his name was just announced and already president obama's nominee for the supreme court is receiving plenty of backlash. the president called judge merrick garland a widely respected moderate but senate republicans say they will not act on his nomination. more on the man caught in the middle of this political showdown. >> judge merrick garland has brought his intelligence and cam passion and unwaivers respect for the rule of law to his work. >> he had years as a federal prosecutor and nearly two decades on the federal bench, he has been on the supreme court short list before. and today he outlined his own
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>> he or she must put inside his or her personal views or preferences and follow the law, not make it. >> and while that could appear to make conservative legal scholars happy, others are skeptical. >> there is no way he would nominate someone to the supreme court that he was not sure of -- >> and critics say garland's report on the item of gun ownership puts him at odds with judge scalia's position, and when he was on the list to replace justice stevens it was written that he may be the best hope for staving off the evermore conservative tilt on the court. and on the cia when it refused
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use of unmanned drones, garland supporters say there is no question he is qualified. >> merrick garland knows his way around a courtroom, and he could hit the ground running. >> i want to be a part of it new york, new york >> yeah, that voice sounds familiar, doesn't it? for years he laterrer later carried on his dad's legacy, around tonight we have learned that frank sinatra jr. has died. he was on tour singing his father's songs and he was supposed to perform tomorrow. the show was canceled and he actually died today in daytona of a heart attack.
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bridge looked like tonight, is that a live shot or a little while ago? i think it's a little while ago. the sea fog is still lingers. watch us tomorrow morning to make sure the bridge is open and moving, but we know that yesterday was a com meetly completely different story. >> and it was heavy in the morning and then it got out of there pretty quickly and at least left the spring breakers with some sunshine, but it's coming back. >> it really the back around 5:30, 6:00 and the thing with sea fog is you could see it coming and it's moving. and so the amazing thing is you may leave your house and it may be bright sunshine and you see nothing and you get near the bridge and all of a sudden things are completely different. >> one of many reasons but dave
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that and just show that the threat is there once again for seafog to be around. here is a look at your time lapse from today, looking out west, looking out towards the bay and look at that, look at that sunset. you see the clouds hanging out, all day out there, and still out there right now. still dealing with a little bit of fog, 81 degrees the high, and the low this morning, 71. 71 for our low, and if you're counting, this is the third day in a row that we have seen a low temperature at 70 or higher. pretty amazing to have three days in a row in midmarch and it's the warmest stretch since the record breaking end of december. and overland itself could be patchy fog as well, this weekend everyone is asking when is the rain going to arrive?
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batches but one of those may be later saturday abraham afternoon, steadiyer ier and heaviyer rain. 72 in brandon, 72 up in winter haven and 71 in brooksville. wind-wise you see the winds coming ow coming out of the west, and that limits the fog potential at least until we see them drop off a little bit more, you need light, light windows winds to see fog developing over land. the expectation is they will continue to lighten up and sea fog potential is still there as well into tomorrow morning and then it kind of hangs offshore. some may try to work back in tomorrow night but overall as we head toward friday morning we should get resist of most of
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over the area, and so future cast shows warm and muggy muggy conditions and those are not going anywhere in the short term. heading into the day on friday, a few more showers out there, i think especially later on friday, and on into friday night and then kind of a break developing saturday, before saturday afternoon, i think we see a little bit more in the way of rain. the future cast not exactly showing that but most of the models are showing rain late saturday and on into saturday night. but still uncertainty in the future cast model, another reason to stay tuned for dave's forecast in the morning. mild and muggy, patchy fog and a stray shower off to the north but rain is generally less than 20%, and before you go, those chances come up a bit. 60% on saturday, for the first
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chances for 40% and perhaps drop them below average, the first time in a couple of weeks and then mid to upper 60's for monday. >> wow, okay. thanks. and coming up it's an emotional bond that gives you more than just joy. >> it gives you someone to talk about football and important things like -- yeah, that's
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if you ever needed an excuse for another one. >> tell the wife this is rooted in snaisk scientific fact. according to a new study, a bromance could be good for your health. >> they've been going strong for be date, from bert and ernie and others, and now evidence it could be good for your health. >> a good-guy friend that you can go out with and grab a drink and just talk about sports and what is going on in your life, an important part of your life. >> here at the stag's head bar, bros were out in full force. >> it's a way of unfinding and relieving stress to have someone of the same sex going through the same things as you, talking about girlfriends and relationships.
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>> it was embarrassing. i'm the committed bro. >> are you cheating on your bro? >> no, that is -- >> it's just a dalliance. >> and according to a new study, there could be health benefits. >> there is amazing epidemia logical data shows that it doesn't just depend on one friend but the actually numbers and the more friends you have, the longer you will live, and they are great for the health and for the brain and they can really be important especially in times of stress. >> and according to edwards, developing a bromance may be easier than you think. >> it doesn't necessarily mean
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can open up instead of muscling through on your own, so they can connect on things that are meaningful to bos of boft both of them. >> yeah, researchers say the health benefits of a bromance are similar to those of a romance, and girls have been having girls night out forever, and so i guess a bromance. >> and guys we just call it a friday -- scott can we make it happen here. >> where have you been for the last five minutes, and the lightning's push has turned into a battle of bumper cars. and we get to know new rays
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>> the lightning doesn't turn things around quickly they may be watching the postseason instead of playing in it. in last night's loss in toronto, we saw a team that ended up losing its fourth in five games and that was against the worse game and tomorrow they are facing one of the best. these last games are going to determine the season for the bolts. >> we are not in the play-offs yet, and i don't know what we are -- i think maybe one team is clinched and it's not us and we got a long way to go with a lot


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