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tv   FOX 13 500 News  FOX  March 18, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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another plane is involved in the crash but it is part of the investigation. they were trying to get a handle. all we know is that the plane caught fire after crashing during takeoff. >> it is destroyed. and it was engulfed on arrival of the first units. >> we do not know the fishings on how that -- we do not know the details on how that came to be. >> the plane seats six and registered to niner x-ray. a woman said her husband was not in the crash but at the airport in the aftermath. take a look here. can you see that x, that means that the airport at this point is closed, spending -- pending this investigation.
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there is still no word about what the cause was. >> any word when they may have more information when they know where it is registered to and that sort of thing, we have been told they have as far as the information that's coming out, we do that the flag tampa folks and runs this, they control this and they will let us know by the twitter page as to when the airport will be reopening. >> it was a somber day across the area as a deputy was laid to rest a memorial to the deputy john kotfila, junior, starting with a procession for fellow deputies carried the coffin into the catholic church for the service.
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>> the church was packed with more people who just would not fit, waiting outside. and check this out, thousands of people attending the funeral, including the governor and the attorney-general pam bondi. he died when he crashed into a driver on the selmon expressway. a woman said he pulled in front of her to protect her from getting hit. >> he was born to serve others, it was in his dna, that's why he became a cop. he represented all that was good in law enforcement and the human race. he was truly a selfless soul and greatest joy was doing for others. >> his family has a legacy of law enforcement. his grandfathers, father, brothers, uncle all served. >> after the service some touching moments.
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horse was led out with his coffin behind. then a 21-gun salute. >> you can see the hundreds of law enforcement officers in formation. >> it is very emotional when they play taps. helicopters flew >> and finally the helicopters flew overhead and the missing man formation and a split off. he will be buried in massachusetts and have more on the service ahead at 6:00. a surprise that everyone shared. the florida highway patrol
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fatal accident on highway 39 killing two people. a charger was traveling south when she crossed the center line and swiped a truck. she hit a honda hrv head on. skyfox was over a bad accident on busch boulevard. the driver of that red mini van failed to see the traffic slowing down and ran right into the back of that semi. this after 9:30 a.m. the front end was bee beneath the trailer. no one was seriously injured but the driver was cited for careless driving. new at 5:00, people clanked when the police arrested this man. scott bradbury was exposing himself.
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him naked and mass tour baiting openly. people cheered when he was led off the beach. police are looking for a man inside. photos. take a look. it was outside of the mull mulberry pharmacy. the sheriff's office said the owner stepped inside with the child inside. officers found the car and child aban conned in a -- abandoned in a parking lot. if you have information, call police. a deputy is accused of abuse. deputy ryan ferguson choked a 7 year old girl, poured soap in her mouth and hit her for lying. he told them he spanked her. the other injuries were from a
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doctor shot that down saying they were have a beating. detectives are not releasing information about the relationship between ferguson and the child. was it a violation of privacy or real news? that's what the jur i in the hulk hogan trial is deciding. he is suing the site gawker for 100 million after posting a clip of hulk hogan and his best friend's wife having sex. have you heard anything? >> nothing yet but before they went into deliberations they went to work saying that his privacy was violated by gawker after they posted the clip of that sex tape. they went on to say gawker made a lot of money from the tape and has had some of the bosses had bonuses because of the tape. and gawker was asked to take down the clip, they refused. he described it being callose,
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and thrive on pushing the boundaries, they accused the owner of having a double standard, especially when he get it comes to his life, when he is married nobody can bring in cameras. the point is up he is from new york playing god with other people's lives. >> gawker surveyed that clip of the tape was so damaging and hurtful, why didn't they show it to the jury. they say hogan talked in graphic detail about his sex life and dismissed the excuse that hogan was in character when he talked about the sex tape on howard stern and bragged about his sex life. we can tell you they have been deliberating for four hours. usually the judge lets them go by 5:00, she may reach out to see where they are if she decides they're not close to making a
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home and start on monday. if that happens, we'll let you know. >> we know that you will be watching. >> yes. last night the senate approved a measure to speed up the development of vaccines for the zika virus. the move is after four new cases were reported in florida. and one in brevard and it was proposed by bill nelson and add the zika virus to the tropical disease priority list and creates incentive to accelerate the search for a cure. it passed late yesterday in the for consideration. the budget sailed through the legislature and signed by the governor. it passed unanimously and lost one vote in the house. karen woodall said human services did well but not to make up for previous cuts. >> you go through a session you
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that were never adequately funded so when you add anything it is an increase. >> the budget came in and the most in state history. and vetoed about 256 million of it. >> and match day for usf medical students and where they will spend their residency. >> i will be doing the surgery in san antonio. >> the students gathering to celebrate and find out where they are doing, they came up and opened a sealed envelope. some will go across the country, others will stay nearby. one student got the residency she wished for in jacksonville.
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going through the same day and feeling excited for them. it is being my time is just -- is a daul time and day. >> life changing day. we congratulate all the future doctors. and airfest is here. what is going on at macdill. >> a break the remaining suspect
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3 airfest is back! people will be airfest is back, people will be lined up to get a vote to the aerial action this weekend. and you say for the guys, kelly that show started outside. >> and talking about the special operations command parachute team. you may have seen them before, they parachute into the stadiums and land right on the field. it is no small feat and they
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at how to do it. >> it's not all diving out of a plane and pulling a cord. >> turn west. >> there is a sign getting them to the target. >> we want to set up so we get into the wind. ands softest landing, to do this the team on the ground uses flags to find the direction of the wind. they keep an eye on the wind speed over 18 miles an hour and this team can not jump with precision. and the special forces men and women to whom they pay homage find a variety of visual indicators to help them. >> the way the trees are going, if you look at the lake, you will see a calm portion of the lake and the rest will be wavy, that is where it is coming from. >> they are trained to land with precision in a six foot target from thousands of feet above. they're constantly in training.
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jumps and they all say the goal is at least 500. the number of jumps required before they can make difficult landings like these. >> when are you in the stadium and see someone parachuting out and landing in there. at 6 we'll hear from the paracommandos why they enjoy throwing themselves out of perfectly good planes. and the thunderbirds are a big attraction and look when walter allen went along for a ride. this is something i have been passionate about since i have nine years old. it was not the pilots but the crews maintainers that were launching them out that made me want to join. i did when i was 18. it has been a ride since.
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what a ride it can be they agreed to take me up ahead of the show at tampa airfest and capture it all before we went you up, the briefing to put your mind at ease. >> i knew it was serious. i was in for something unlike any other. >> how to breathe and flex and handle the g's on my body. >> it will go around in a loop. >> on to the flight line. >> lipstick and all. i'm on my way. >> we took off to the tee tail out of here went out to avon park. >> and it will include are you part of that club and the slow roll and barrel rolls and loops anything that i can throw at you we did.
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the pounds of thrust, rate of climb and i could take it. my ears needed popping. i did feel upset. i want to note i did not use the bag. >> what they expected was the love for what they do every person on that team. >> what you see the noise we'll lake, that's five or six aircraft, we have a foot print on the team. we have an array of people to operate the craft. team work makes dreams work, right, it's what we're doing. >> for someone who wanted to be a fighter pilot they made it work for this news anchor. >> i did not know that. >> and so weather for airfest
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, we'll see periods of showers. >> and take a look for the forecast visible satellite you see more in the way of mid and high level clouds. that's kept the temperatures down just a bit and from i-4 north. take a look at the views. and sirata beach. cloudy the usf building. people on the beaches. brook dale socked in and out to lakeland. can you see the clouds there as well. and here is a look. >> and from the golf. >> it will extend through the next few hours, there may be evening showers especially the farther north you go again. that will continue into the overnight hours, maybe a few
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a few showers to the north and, keeping the rain chances around 50% or so. especially in the afternoon. and in the morning. and watch that go through and another batch likely in the afternoon. and going and lingering showers sunday. >> 78 and day 5 or 6 of this. the difference has been the dew points have dropped. it is 60 now. 56 in winter haven we're more humid.
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blossoming out here in the gulf. >> radar does not go that far out f you follow this motion, it takes you right into the area especially again about tampa northward and later on this evening and tonight if it holds together. this is where it is. by tomorrow. we're in a marginal risk for severe weather. some occasional severe storms. we'll be watching that north and 7 day forecast is start off warm
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>> and 73. , we're in the 80s. teem has something new. we'll look at the park and the artwork. and science project, and what they found has a lot of attention we'll show you straight up at 6:00. >> next the story of jesus as
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coming up this coming up on sunday fox will have a presentation of the passion, an event telling the easter story. it is a two-hour star-studded event and travel through the streets of new orleans. >> we're looking forward to seeing this. >> that's where we go to with a look on what to expect. what can we expect. >> we're excited to do this production, we're excited to do it here in new orleans. you know when they asked me to join the cast i lived here, when they asked me to join the cast i was honored and excited, i love this city, the story of new orleans mirrors the last days of jesus christ and that's what the
5:25 pm
the crucifixion and the resurrection and jesus coming back and saving our sins. you know the new orleans preand post-katrina and it was left for dead. people didn't know if it would come back. it is better than do here. if you look, tyler perry is on the stage behind us right now. he -- we will be rehearsing all night tonight and tomorrow night and putting this show on live on sunday. there is a huge stage out here at the park, you talked about the fact this will be going through new orleans, that's where i come into the production, i'll be on the route as 40 people carry the cross through the city of new orleans. a lighted cross that weighs 285 pounds. if you can imagine it, the scope
5:26 pm
it is going to be amazing. >> so moving through the streets of new orleans and, are people going to be lining the streets to see this go by. wild do you it in that environment? >> you know, they will be. i don't know -- the city of nor they know it for wild times and can be true but new orleans is a city that's deeply rooted in faith. and so there are so many people here that are of the faith based community that they will be coming out to participate here. and share some of their stories of what this story means to them. and you know the new orleans stories as well. love and redemption and all the good things. we'll have a party in the streets, a praise party, i guess you call it in a lot of ways in the streets of new orleans. the thing about this, it is a live production. anything can happen, you know in new orleans anything does happen. it is interesting as well.
5:27 pm
will be modern you have famous rock stars. chris daughtry. i'll let you in on a secret. we had a production meeting today it was the coolest table read ever. imagine this you have tricia yearwood. chris daughtry, seal. and the jim carlos aid tyler perry we're doing a reed and listening to the music that's production. they're telling the story of gospel but setting it to modern music. >> and tricia will sing whitney house your love is my love. and chris and jim will do a duet
5:28 pm
this is going to be wild and be fantastic. awe inspiring. ky not wait. >> that's cool. >> i think they say on broadway break a leg, that means good luck. >> gosh. >> good luck. >> got you, thanks. >> can you watch the event the park here at 8 p.m. next, three unlikely suspects accused of vandalizing
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3 he said it was an accident.. but the court he said it was an accident the court did not see it that way. a man who hit and killed a horse will spend time in prison. he rammed his truck into the horse after arguing with the person who was riding it. and kelly joyce was in the court when the judgment came down, he said it was an accident he never meant to hurt the horse or rider but the judge said that he will spend five years in prison and five years probation. >> this morning started off with an emotional recall of events by
5:32 pm
sloan. >> when it hit me i was on the food and the horse was in the grill, she, her husband and friends were on a night ride february 1 of last year. she and the horse were run down by a truck. chris todd was driving that he sped off not looking to even help. >> it was an accident and i just hope that the court will see that. i would never intentionally try animal. >> sloan and her friends believe it was intentional. sloan said it started with him driving too fast by the horses. one of the riders said she yelled out a racial slur. they say he was so upset that he left then came back and drove into sloan and the horse. he said it was not like that, i didn't know what they yelled i
5:33 pm
>> todd faced up to 35 years in prison. the judge decided on five. >> this sis sad we place more value on the lives of animals than humans t is a tragic situation, kelly joyce, fox 13 news. three suspects have been detained in a brussels raid and the paris attack fugitive. officials tweeted about the capture saying that we have him. authorities conducted a raid after they say they found fingerprints of him in an apartment earlier this week. he is a fugitive from the attacks that left 17 people dead. and the prime minister said it was a success in the fight against terrorism. the u.s. is speaking out against provocations by north korea. and another banned test as it sentence as american student to 15 years of hard labor.
5:34 pm
traveled 5 hundred miles before crashing into the sea. there it is there. and it is called a significant threat to international piece by seoul. it violate as number of resolutions banning north korea from any missile projects, we asked them to stop the acts and do what is right for the peopled of north korea, return to the talks process. >> north korea sentenced an american student to 15 years of hard labor this week. he allegedly tried to stel a poster from the hotel. the state department is calling for his release on humanitarian grounds saying the punishment does not fit the crime. three people were arrested in dallas after leading police in a car chase. it started around 8 after police discovered the sedan was stolen and tried to pull the driver over. officials say the woman driving the car took off in a 45 minute chase followed with speeds reaching 100 miles per hour on
5:35 pm
the car stopped and the woman driving and two men were taken into custody. authorities say three criminals vandalized a church in waterford, california. years old. take a look at the damage. four broken windows and retardants sprayed and the church of christ is recovering and they are stunned by who caused the damage, a group of kids not even ten years old. it happened more than once. parishioners are upset they damaged bibles. >> the saddest part they destroyed bibles. that's the thing that hurt people you know like why vandalize them. we welcome them here and anything we can do, we would be happen to do that. >> the mother of the 8-year-old turned her son into the police. she said his age is not an excuse he needs to learn more about consequences. all three are facing vandalism and burglary charges.
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we're hearing an alarming report.. from a new study concerning children and medication... this is a report coming out about kids and medication. >> a high number are going to the er with medicine poisoning. the president and ceo of a group called safe kids world wide explains why the biggest risk is
5:39 pm
>> the biggest risk is 1 and 2 year olds, they put everything in their mouth. that's how they learn f you have a toddler and a parent, grandparent, make sure that you are keeping all medicines out of the reach of those hands. >> when we look at medications we're talking about not only prescription medications but over the counter drugs and things that people may not consider drugs like diaper rash cream. >> the sunday march 20th is the start of poison prevention week, they are urging care givers to secure medications in the home. >> what is going on, scott? >> we have upsets that continue in the tournament. we'll get you the latest and big teams going down this afternoon. plus during march madness box out means to get in position to get a rebound. we're talking baseball here.
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titan is friday the last trending at 5:00 for the week. >> this should get you -- it is friday and the last trending at 5:00 for the week. this piggy has serious moves [music] >> come on, now, that makes you want to laugh. it is friday, go out and dance a little bit.
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have to say that i have not seen that yet. this is true. don't know her name. >> doesn't matter. >> reracking that video. she does. >> keep this on repeat for an hour. >> it makes you smile. >> and how about this. a smart umbrella. >> and warns you when it is about to rain. and it was designed by france. >> and rain is on the way, i'm sceptical. >> if they had a link to the weather center. and the apps that tell you a minute by minute don't work. >> i look at my sky tower app. >> listen to mike and paul and
5:44 pm
finally you know moms to be get glamour shots. this is a mom to be. >> cute, this is in brazil and give her neighbors pregnant dog a photo shoot. >> that's my favorite, this one is i don't know about this one. she is pregnant. she had a lot. let's say i hope they got her neutered. >> and i was not smileying like that. give her anum bale. >> weather wise more in the way of clouds. the warm sticky feeling out there. and next week. if you have been waiting see if we get back to cooler weather next week.
5:45 pm
then we're back. and a out west. more in the way of mid and high level clouds. winds in the southwest at 10 miles per hour. and it was crowded there. not right now but it was more crowded later today. 77 despite the clouds and a pretty nice looking day and likely a better beach day today than what is to come. >> there is no rain. the batch of showers some of this may be hitting the ground. if you follow it in a line it takes you to right in the middle of the county up i-4 and in areas to the north. that's where we see the best shot at seeing any shower activity later on this evening
5:46 pm
after that the rest of the area 66. and the dew point of 06. and dupes down a bit. -- and the dew point of 60. and dupes down a bit. here are the temperatures across the state. 84 in miami. 80 in vero beach. cooler. 60s. across the southeast, though n general if you take out the clouds you take out the showers. it is a warm, warm day. 72 in birmingham and 75 in atlanta. out in charlotte. the wider view shows colder air not off. denver and 29 up in bismark. 43 in chicago.
5:47 pm
going to be pushing east ward over the next couple of days. it may set the stage for snow across the northeast and new england as we head into sunday and monday. and potentially big snow for some of those cities up there. satellite and radar. here is the batch of showers. you can see this here, you can test by the clouds this a complex of showers and storms working to the east. it is just out of radar view but that will push in. if it holds together would be here sometime later around midnight or so. more showers and storms back to the west as well. we'll see these pushing through the overnight hours. future cast shows this. overnight there is the batch of showers working in. i think we'll have one batch moving through tonight into the morning hours tomorrow. and especially areas to the north. that's where we see the heating
5:48 pm
the development of the storms, some could be on the stronger side. cannot rule out a severe storm. and more showers and storms moving through as we head into sunday morning. that's the front pushing through. once that moves through we dry things out and more comfortable and pleasant air moves in for the day on monday. 67. a few showers and storms especially the farther north you go. for the day. 79. scattered showers. storms out there. and overall rain chances about 50%. and we'll have a few stretches of drier weather but keep that handy and keep an eye to the sky. lingering showers a storm. turning cooler. the 7 day the warmer air for one more day. 70s and 60s. lows on sunday and monday in the 40s. we're quick to warm up.
5:49 pm
low 80s by the end of the week. let's start with baseball. closer brad boxberger will miss the next eight weeks, the all star reliver underwent surgery to repair a torn muscle. and kevin cash thinks they will use the guys in the pull pen. the no evan longoria after fouling a ball off his leg yesterday. and both of the -- bottom of the 2nd. congresser in to score. 1-1 game. later in the 3rd, check this out. a tough break for the outfielder here. brentian bosch. bracks his wrist as he tries to get the ball. r.b.i. on that. the bottom 5, brad miller. he gets a solo shot to center field. rays win this 5-1. one more game saturday before leaving for cuba on sunday.
5:50 pm
things to see while there. >> the one place you cannot miss is the bar or restaurant called the hot corner all baseball. there is unknown but there is excitement that you know when they asked about the tour. cuba. we'll cover everything leading up to the game. well. coverage on monday. day one of the ncaa tournament included a couple of upsets a few higher succeeds going down. cal loses to hawaii and michigan state, many thought facing middle tennessee. let's take to you the highlights. and to the spartans leading throughout it went later. we thought michigan would heat up. harris hits the hoop. and the foul.
5:51 pm
harris again with a huge 3 pointer. and raymond. baseline drive here the reverse. that is good. middle tennessee state shocks michigan state first 15 seed to win since florida gulf coast. 90-81 is the final. how about the women's tournament. florida and albany. going on the closing stretch for the great danes. and still a one possession game. florida tries to save it out of bounds but right in the hands of carter. tupped by albany. and a big weekend in racing and for local fans here, there is something for everyone else. endurance racing and drag racing in gainesville. and the nhra gator nationals. qualifying rounds today leading up to the final. check this out. terry macmillan.
5:52 pm
for a win after a couple of good showings in the races. i asked him what should folks expect if they have not been to a drag race before. overload. in the air. on. you go there you will be coming back the rest of your life. >> and a big weekend in rising. i was asked what 300 miles per hour feels like people don't know. he said the skin pulls back and feels like the dough boy. his words. he runs around with a alligator to get the effect. you can catch the race if you cannot make it to gainesville here on fox sports. >> when we see you again other than tonight, it will be live from cuba, live from cuba, how excite something that.
5:53 pm
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3 more strong gains for wall street to end the week. the dow jumped 120 points. the nasdaq climbed 20 points. and the "s" and "p" was up nearly nine points. the s&p up 9. jennifer lopez overcome with
5:56 pm
episode of idol. and the domestic abuse revelation and her song of redemption caused her tears. what is behind it. the insider has more. >> i was nervous because i just did not feel like i would be able to keep it together. >> no more, no more drama. >> i got out in april i came to idol in june of last year. so it is -- it has been like fast paced. >> it take as lot strength to overcome that in your leave, baby, everyone knows we have been through stuff like that, you know, and you are an inspiration. >> a moment of raw empathy as jennifer lopez surprised many by admitting she has been through party periods of abuse similar to the contestant. >> it was powerful. thank you for that moment.
5:57 pm
mom is similar to jennifer lopez' character in the thriller enough. >> when i was 18 i met a guy. he was charming, everything i would look for in a guy. >> i play a woman a young woman who finds mr. right. >> as the relationship went on, he became very abusive, she finds herself in a abusive relationship with a child and has to go on the run. >> i felt dead. >> i went and ing to my daughter and moved into a shelter. >> one of the things i found in doing the research for this women saying you know i can not believe this is happening to me. you know it can happen to anyone, we will have so much more on this tonight. back to you in the studio. >> thank you. >> can you watch the insider at
5:58 pm
5:59 pm
don't go away the 6:00 news is it was confirmed we had two aircraft. the crash and the plane involved. balance. privacy. the case of hulk hogan versus gawker. >> i'm proud of him.
6:00 pm
who sacrificed his life for others. good evening, i'm linda hurtado in for kelly ring. >> i'm mark wilson. first up at 6:00. smoke and flames at peter o knight airport. there are questions about what happened here. evan axelbank live at the airport. this had to be scary for those living nearby for sure. >> and mark, neighbors came out when they heard the noise and the news that they would find outside would not be good. take a look at the wreckage. the investigation shas slowed down. it is pouring over the information to figure out what happened here, two people were found dead.


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