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tv   FOX 13 600 News  FOX  November 29, 2016 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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>> and painted after set on fire and they have lost everything because of their beliefs. they want to know if it could be related to other cases. >> smoke and flames in plant city. and the family was away. >> but the sunrise reveal graffiti. and expected out of america. and it should be. and flying the flag. can you see the home was gutted and most everything else destroyed.
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out. it was never public. no one knew. >> but on facebook people know him pore posts supporting trump and other causes. he said he was targeted because of views. it is either being racist and it's not helpful for any american. >> and they are looking at connectis >> and this month they were sprayed on the homes. and someone tried to light one on fire. >> and it does not make sense to brittnay. >> we were all it is very odd. >> she said they were lucky they
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but it could have been deadly. >> and now the smiths say they were house sitting. the neighbor called them to tell them about the fire. a mob of thieves started through and dozens of weapons. and who was involve missing. >> and what they are looking for >> and they are looking for rifles and at this point there is no telling when it may be and to call this a burglary. and a truck rammed through the
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they swarmed into the business. and it took 60 seconds to clear the shelves. it appeared they were waiting to get away. they are trying to get involved. >> and the owner was shocked this morning and upset. >> one got on the street that's not supposed to be there. and we feel bad abo that's the concern. we go above and beyond here to make sure they are responsible. >> this is the third large scal burglary the crimes put the weapons on the streets. >> or any of the wrong hands. there is a reward for anyone with information.
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atf. >> and eight years for killing a man and now he is asking a judge to let him go home. and there is no decision tonight but the judge did have plenty to hear from two families. how this all played out today. >> you're right the decision on whether or not he will get and of course he is 75 years old. he is wheelchair bound. barely able to get around. he is serving time for killing david james over a dispute on a court about a skateboard. this is back in 2010. it was in front of jame's daughter at the time. she is now a teen but this spring he got a do over. later the court revised a ruling
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he awaits the decision but a judge did hear one plea that possibly, possibly could sway him. take a look. >> my daughter is terrified of him. it is not fair. she watched this happen. >> and again. >> we know you will. thank you so much. >> a graphle spill.
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wall. he fell 30 feet and is hospitalized. they want to find the truck that spilled it the first place. >> a new vision for the future of clearwater. they want to redevelopment the waterfront and restore paradise. >> and we're not maximising the value of the asset which is why they want to take this and say multiply it by throw. >> it is the master plan for the downtown area and larger venue for concerts. >> that means more money. >> business is good and more
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, there is office help. >> and clearwater is missing out on a huge opportunity by not redeveloping the space. and reimagine the downtown clearwater waterfront and create a more violent and exciting viable >> and holding several meetings and back to the council to be approved for the referendum vote. they make the decision but the business owner said she is sold. >> it will bring more people downtown. >> they have a lot of events and bigger. there will be several community meetings they can look at the plan and the first one
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the country side library. bad news if florida power and light is your company. your bill is going up. regulators agreed to the increase despite objections from aarp and the sierra club t is a base rate increase overall but public service commissioners agreed to spread out the increases over three years. satisfaction they are looking for. >> they will be injured. >> and in the process. and the customer who uses 1000 kill owe evacuate hours will see a 750-cent increase. there is a shake up at tampa general hospital. >> in the last hour. >> we have hospital ceo has
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last night the board says they approachate they have done during the time there. and the hospital's vice president and cfo will serve in burkhart's place as they start a search for his replacement. this is not only tuesday today but giving tuesday. that's next. >> paul, how are we doing. warm weather back in the 80s today. squeezed out a decent sun set. beautiful stys. clouds in the distance. we have a 7-day forecast and
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after taking advantage of those discounts on black friday and cyber it is time to give back after the cyber monday we are delivering hope and more for the holidays on the giving tuesday. >> and donations and the centers in pasco have extended their hours today. a lot of need out there. and chris cato has more in tampa. how is that going, chris? >> i'll tell you, we have breaking news to report but i will break that i'll let tim mark the ceo break that for you.
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you said we were short of the goal for today. it was to collect enough money to serve 60,000 meals. we were short but then something amazing happened after the 5:00 broadcast. >> 50 donations came in and one donation of $2500 came in. so. >> 2500. >> that is just amazing. we called you all call it the care force t is t is a force to be reckoned with. they it is a force to be wreckerred -- reckoned with. >> and it is something to celebrate. >> can we highlight that, 60,000 meals in one day that's what you did on this giving tuesday. we know fox 13 viewers are the best. we're not done. we'll ask you to go and watching this. they will be served in the community. but the ministries has the holiday tent here and in a
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have registered will come here to collect food that they will need to feed their families during the holidays. this is a sample here of what a family may collect here. they have a shopping experience like they have at publix or another store but they need the shelves are stocked. it will disappear and get more donations here before the families come by starting december 15th. >> it is those families are representing 16,000 children so toy drives are important if you want to go out and work. place of worship or these are families on fixed income. they are struggling. we want to be a hope for them. a little more to go. and come by the tend here. this is if are you familiar with the area.
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holiday tent. we're open and come by and any other day during the normal business hours, they are open until 6:00. and you have done it. we know there is more out there to give. >> it has been a successful day here. >> it seems like it. >> that's wonderful that everyone came through. are you right think about the children now the next effort. >> 16,000 kids will need things for the holiday and it is important to start now. >> you and the locations out there. >> and can you go on either web site the details. >> and easy to go there. >> well done to you, the viewers. >> it is a blessing. >> it is. >> paul, how are we doing. >> and not bad and 83 big ones, we're way above average and until the weekend and the front goes by.
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from minnesota key and karen lynn took that picture about 45 minutes ago. that's a similar view up and down the west coast. and temperatures are above average. we did watch showers in the gulf that never made it. we had sprinkles last night and for a time. we're talking like 7 to 10:00. that was a group of showers that moved uphe and driving around sarasota for a time. and the wipers were on. we're quiet tonight and we're paying attention to the severe weather and good tornado outbreak for this time of east, not in a good way impressive for this time of year in jackson, mississippi and some storms now east of memphis. and eventually this will end up over the drought areas of the southeast where they have rain
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that's good news. this is model data for the next ten days. this is good stuff, the drought is extensive. in atlanta and birmingham and remember this is generally a dry time of year in the southeast. more so in our state than to the north. so this rain is good and spread out with multiple cold fronts the next 7 to 10 days. another red day it will end up with just four days where the high was and average the 70s and the front last weekend before thanksgiving. and then a couple of 70s. and 75 and other days are red. we'll have a read day tomorrow and maybe some colder weather in about 10 to 14 days. way out there. the long range model showed in
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we'll see how that plays out. gusty as expected from the southeast. we have sunshine. and a gusty wind and we're in the 70s now. 70 for brooksville and the dew points are up. and typically this time of year what you expect late at night is areas of low cloud and maybe patchy fog. burns off another day with the temperatures in the low to mid-80s. 74. 65. south southwest at 6. a couple of fronts on the map. the first one and in the southeast. and nice soaking rains last night in gatlinburg and along the blue bridge and the appalachians the -- add the blue
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and 45 to 70 and fanning the fires across tennessee last night. a good rain in the northeast. they have a brought. they have know across the plains. little rock and bristol and 58 in columbus, ohio. >> tonight a warm night. 65 to 70 for a low. tomorrow another warm day. watching inland don't be shocked if the thermometer says 85 or 86 for a high on wednesday almost december another warm day coming up. the first front never makes it. low clouds and fog over the weekend. on thursday and by thursday a weakening front goes by, briefly cooler and less humid and friday and saturday it's not going to last long. >> by the weekend a slight drop in temperature up the scale and should be in the 80s early next week.
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this. we'll have areas of low cloud and fog and 69. a mixture of clouds and sun. back up to 82. a couple of showers and a few on thursday. and 77. after that as i said. briefly cooler and less humid by early next week we're back into the 80s and lows 65 to 70. >> scott. >> it is that time of year. and rumors are swirling. we put the jim bow fisher and the latest coming up. >> and we take a look at what is up with the running game. and why it needs to change and change quickly. i love publix digital coupons... i signed up for them at
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well the bucs are feeling good. hopes are high and giving up 5 points to the seahawks the fewest points sibs shutting out the 49ers. a big reason the play of noah spencement he is named rookie of the week award. in anticipation of injury news.
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he played in 21 games here in tampa bay. and in addition they have waived his teammate lewis murphy who was on the list and waiving mike james. looking to sunday the bucs hope to get that run game on track. they broke the century mark but seattle kept doug martin bottled up, not able to break free on the runs. he didn't have one longer than 11-yards on the gain. to kick start the offense they need break away runs. >> the run game is not where it should be. our line did a nice job. seattle is tough, we missed a cut, a block, we could have tissued better. for us to achieve what we want
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need to run better. no jim bow fisher. he may have interest in heading back to the northwest where he has some roots. but a couple of things to keep in mind here. this could be a ploy to get a raise. he is the sixth highest paid coach in the sec and oregon's coach has not been fired. that's the first domino to fall. in tal rookie and offensive rookie of the year. deandre francois. 18 touchdowns the only freshman with 3000 passing yards this season. and finally, time for fun. we can all agree never good to drink on the job. sometimes even if it is only water. this is from the khl in russia. and skating down the ice.
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and he has his back turned to the action and drinking water while they are on a rush. what happens next? time for to you help out. >> is he drinking and it is blasted into the net, does it ricochet out. hit the goal post and fall on the ice, i'll take that. >> and they botch the play they don't get it, the last >> b. >> i think it d. >> are you switching to d. >> they are coming with the puck. and he misses. >> it is d. >> mark is correct. >> how did you know that. >> my goodness. >> what team is this? >> this is out of the khl a
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>> it may be the best. >> i don't know if he will be goalie, they are scared to score on him. >> what was he drinking. >> this is the russian league. >> thank you. straight ahead here at 6:30, donald trump picks two more people for the team. who he tapped for the transportation secretary and the to head health and human services. what police found besides normal mountain lion. the depart doctor: oh yeah... right there. oh! you got a nickel back there! heh heh! when we say a health care company should treat you like family, we mean more like this. operator: it's gonna be ok, and i'll be right here if you need me. member: really? operator: really. you deserve compassion. you deserve molina healthcare, your extended family. learn more about our marketplace plan
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everything is on fire. every capin. an escape racing through tennessee. turning resorts into inferno. the story of a brazillian soccer team ends with a plane crash in colombia. details we're learning about the student who unleashed an attack on the campus of ohio state. >> and the video shot by a
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and in flames and they're now confirmed deaths. >> and. >> and they hope to get more. and fueled by the winds forced the evacuation in tennessee. more than 100 buildings have been d >> the wind blowing at this they needed to leave. the past 24 hours we experienced a wind storm that was up to 80 miles per hour. >> when you couple that with the drought we have been experiencing everything was like a perfect storm. >> the officials ordering people and to leave. and they have been
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that's all that matters. >> we will rebuild. >> and the guard troops are being sent in to help the firefighters as the dry conditions and the front are making conditions even worse. >> we're not going to get complacent because in the events like this web they come >> and shelters have hoped to help those forced from their homes. and they are transporting any additional evacuees as they are spreading. the president-elect and vice president elect will take a victory tour. and before that, the team is working around the clock to build the next administration.
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picks were announced today. >> revolving doors today as the president-elect and the vice president elect hold meeting. the team announcing their intent to nominate tom price for the secretary of health and human services and labor secretary eclane chow. jill stein efforting a recount in wisconsin, michigan and pennsylvania. >> there is a ground swell you know to take back our democracy and start by assuring that we can have confident these are being counted. >> it will start later this week in wisconsin but a recount in pennsylvania will be a battle because of missed deadlines. some democrats saying it should go on even if they don't agree
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under the system to do this. i don't agree with them t is a waste of time. >> and donald trump causing controversy when he said there should be consequences for those who burn the flag saying perhaps loss of citizenship or a year in jail. >> some wonder if he should stay off twitter, that's part of his >> and it is not the first time they have disagreed and it is protected. >> there is nothing left of a plane that carried a soccer team that crashed into the mountains. officials lowered the toll from 71 to 75 saying four people who were supposed to be on the
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team. two crew members and a journalist. the black boxes were recovered and we have more. >> the soccer world is in mourning and carrying a team along with the staff and journalist. and the team was headed to the biggest watch in history when it crashed in >> it is difficult. and they were playing in the finals a match for the component. the journalists were on board and six of our colleges. >> and the team left us. the plane lost contact.
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and the possibility it may have run out of fuel. >> it left the soil and after that the. and the team that the crash victims were set to play say they now want the championship awarded to the team. >> this as the braze brazian's goalie w a in the moments before he died. >> so sad. we're learning about the details about the attacker as we hear from one of his victims for the first time. >> they say the suspect was not known before the attack.
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that's when it happened. >> he got emotional when talking about the officer who shot and killed the suspect. >> if he was here i would put his arm around him and he has a lot to deal with. and he did the right thing. , they are trying to determine a motive they are not ruling out terrorism. >> caught on camera. and looking for animals but they got a surprise here. >> and police say they found it on the cameras. >> and they are in and reports they called it no mountain lions
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((kelly--vo-)) jury and jury selection is underway in the charleston shooting trial. in june of last year nine people were shot and killed during a bible study. dylan roof said he did it to start a race war. the judge in the case called it an unwise decision but gave his
6:41 pm
prosecutors are seeking the death penalty. how does this work. >> we had one that went to trial in tampa. there are three in the state of florida. i tried one of them. they are complicated. there is a lot of case law regarding this and the procedures the rules and as they say only himself t is a horrible strategy. it is not the first time though that someone has wanted to represent themselves so the system knows how to handle that. and the system will accommodate him and make sure he does not commit the errors to cause the case to come back on a retrial t is a foolish move. there is no way that he can know the rules and procedures and case law. a judge will stop him from using this as a platform.
6:42 pm
the case it's not one of the elements and the question really is only whether he did in fact do this crime. >> i get the hands were tied about it. now he called the decision to when he said he wanted to act on his own behalf he called it unwise. what is the judge's role going to be in this? >> most judges they want to make sure they listen to both sides and defendant because they are standing trial. and it is someone's life or a number of years at stake so they will give that to the defendant. the court wants to make sure there is a fair trial and make sure the case is not coming back on appeal but it is difficult when you have someone who does not know the rules and procedures you want to be fair but you will not let them get away with things that a normal lawyer would not get away with.
6:43 pm
here. i think the court and the judges would know that the defendant wants to use this as a soapbox stand to get out there and talk about his racial platform. the judges will be careful not to let this happen. i would be surprised if he gets away with it. but he will get a leeway because he doesn't know the rules and procedures. >> i read an interesting article it is possible the lone survivor of the shooting could be called to the witness stand and be questioned by can the judge keep that from happening? >> that's going to happen. he will have the ability to cross examine the survivor. i will tell you that the judge will be listening very carefully to everything that is said. the moment the individual the man the defendant crosses that line and starts to, starts to bammer the victim that will be stopped immediately. you know i have been in a ton of courts in the cases the federal
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decorum in the courtroom. the one thing we should be grateful for it is in federal court it will not be a circus, that's good.@ >> allall right, doctor: oh yeah... right there. oh! you got a nickel back there! heh heh! when we say a health care company should treat you like family, we mean more like this. operator: it's gonna be ok, and i'll be right here if you need me. member: really? operator: really. you deserve compassion. you deserve molina healthcare,
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etplace plan visit
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it's a disease so it is a disease so rare only 800 people have it in the world. the bone condition makes it impossible to move but it's not stopping one woman from living her life to the fullest. you will see how she is overcoming the odes to fulfill her dreams, that's tonight on the 10:00 news. stocks ended modestly higher and several companies and health care companies the dow is s&p just about 3. and cyber monday maybe shopping today. it is about giving. and providing hope for the holidays for needy families this tuesday. and we have more from the donation center in holiday. hello, lindsey. it has been a great day.
6:48 pm
collected helps families in the area. one of the big things is toys this is just some of the items we have received from the viewers who saw the segment today and they need more, they need to help 3000 families in pasco and 12 families who live here at the facility in holiday. they are collecting items for all ages. the goal is for each child to receive a stocking stuffer, that's the thing, they will go children. >> and they get to take them out. i spoke with a board member about what it is like to get a reaction from helping someone in need here. >> it is a wonderful thing. i mean just imagine what a mom and dad feels like not having the resources to buy their kids any gifts. so, for the children to be able to come in and pick something
6:49 pm
parents, the children and for the donor. >> and so the age groups that get overlooked are infants and teens. a couple of examples if are you shopping for some of the groups would be things like the an infant. the little ones with the sound. maybe a toy truck something that's good for someone under 2. baby dolls. a volunteer said to receive a 10 to $15 gift card. makeup or nail polish, the girls love that. another volunteer said last year they had some shaving kits for the boys. axe. think about the families in need. can you drop off at the facility here. this is throughout the season. the next couple of weeks they
6:50 pm
number. you may have driven by this. 3214 u.s. 19 and this is in holiday and can you donate there throughout the year a good turn out this year. we're happy to participate. >> looks like they had a great crowd. >> thick about the gifts for the kids. >> and the boys, boys are forgot been. it is easier to get stuff for girls. >> it is. >> good advice it is all right there. >> we'll be doing stuff through the holidays. >> and it can save lives. >> and missed the record by 3. another warm day; beautiful sky.
6:51 pm
and fog developing and what a great view. and as i said, 83 degrees. and 8 degrees above average. you may remember the winter of 2010 it was cold. one of the coldest i remember here and 68 was the low this morning. the average low. we stay near or above average and friday. can you see which way the wind was blowing elements. they are lined up from south to north. lots of moisture. temperatures around the state right now every single checkpoint in the 70s. and 74. and tallahassee and key west. the cold air is out in the west. denver is 36. boise. there are signs i'm talkin way
6:52 pm
front. the european gfs. maybe 10 to 14 days. and it may head into the coast. maybe a week from friday. we have a ways to go. there will be fronts along the way. no big cold air heading our way. >> and it is causing there are reports of tornadoes this evening and even louisiana. this is a perfect set up for this. >> and overhead more than likely. >> the fire has been a problem heading for gatlinburg and the
6:53 pm
tomorrow nashville. 65 and 70. an air conditioning day with many spots. a mix of sun and clouds. cloudy. showers briefly arrives on the weekend they are waiting for the front. that's 10 to 14 days from now. my 10 to 14-day forecasting. we'll be hopeful. >> we'll see.
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tampa bay is amazing. i work here, i raise my kids here, i even take care of my mom here. but you know what? i could use a hand. hey! we hear you! it's why a-a-r-p is supporting family caregivers like you with free tools and resources. and we're making our community an even better place to live, work and play for people of all ages. if you don't think "this is right for me" when you think a-a-r-p, then you don't know "aarp."
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coming up tonight at and tonight at 11 the fight for 15 is out in full force. >> how much is this costing taxpayers. >> how the death could striker change with the sales of e books they are on the decline, the printed books are. mitzi gordon is trying to reverse that. she is trying to preserve the reading a book is what's right with tampa bay.
6:57 pm
>> and pickle juice, to her 4-year-old undertaking in downtown st. pete. the open book exchange. >> this is my version of the library. >> which is a program. >> and it is a leave a book, take a book library. >> she started to ignite the passion of reading in the minds. it is helping us to continue in our learning. >> she hopes she sparked others to carry the torch to create an atmosphere of readers. >> my goal was to inspire others and not just to take the books but to take the project and carry it out.
6:58 pm
years, i have seen them all points of the day to bring a book, take a book. >> something that mitzi is proud of. >> it is important to encourage reading in a simple and direct way. i think we should never stop learning. >> we have all the information on our web site at fox 13.
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lights, camera, access. all i can do is give you my story as a -- >> evan rachel wood summons up the courage to share her truth. why the west world star decided she would no longer hide her secret of not one but two sexual assaults. >> i've had it up to >> you won't see anyone altered digitally. i said yes like that. >> no retouching no matter the age. a refreshing new spin for an iconic calendar. i'm kit hoover. then -- a case of real life imitating heart for "hair spray live" star. >> when she was bullied, she didn't let it stop her from doing anything and i did. >> i'm the new boss.


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