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tv   Fox Morning News at 4A  FOX  October 16, 2015 4:00am-5:01am EDT

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breaking news from franklin mills, a wal-mart employee is stabbed, in the arm by a man who police say, took off with a 42-inch tv. the the story is breaking on the scene and we have a live report coming up. chris? new this morning on fox 29 morning news a beating between teen and elderly man caught on camera. what led to the fight on the septa bus right curing the height of the rush hour. thousands of dollars in jewels and valuables gone and a business owner still in disbelief. how police say criminals got the away with robbing a local jeweler without anyone even knowing. good day it is friday october 162,015th. we're talking about robberies this morning. yesterday. >> i stole your heart. >> i was in macy's center city. just bought a rice cooker
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upstairs. george and nicole watch the show. they want me to tell you hi. >> hi george and nicole. >> i come down the the escalate or right in the middle for somebody being taken down for shoplifting. it that is time of the year. >> you get a good deal on the rice cooker. >> did you have a coupon. >> i did. >> yes, we love it. and weather help headlines for today, i think you'll probably got a preview of what is coming, cold weather over the weekend. it will be cooler and more windy today. a cold front comes through tomorrow, we will get another one coming through to sort of make it even colder, frost and freeze will be happening sunday, early in the morning and probably monday as well. and here's our social media connection, sue serio fox 29 that is on twit era and facebook. hopefully you will a's will follow us there. 56 degrees in philadelphia little bit of the breeze there around 7 miles an hour. we have a southeasterly breeze, 7:12 your sunrise time, other temperatures to
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take a look at 40's to the the north of us just like yesterday, 49 trenton. forty-three lancaster. fifty-six philadelphia. fifty-nine in wildwood. these temperatures maybe just a couple degrees cooler or around the same as they were yesterday at this time. that is how it is at the the moment. breezes are starting to change the wind direction because of this front that is coming through. this is a area of rain ahead of today's cold front, and it looks kind of ominous but when we see future cast you'll see this is expect to dry up before it makes it to us here in the delaware valley. we should be okay. weather by the numbers we will give you eight out of ten. it will be a decent day after that front comes through but breezes will be picking up this afternoon. so 67 and breezy today, with a mix of sun and cloud. tonight we're down to about 45 in the the city, some 30's in the suburbs. it won't be freezing at or pea low freezing tonight but
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saturday night is a whole different story and we will give you that preview coming up. hopefully you have been collecting your socks, your long johns bob kelly, and get ready for weekend. >> i'm ready to go for all those outdoor events. look what came in the the mail yesterday? my macy's car. the let's go shopping today. >> wow. >> good morning, everybody. live look, downtown, schuylkill expressway ramps to the vine expressway, still closed as part of the overnight construction project that has been taking place all this week. if you are getting ready to leave the the house this early friday coming in the city, vine street closed between schuylkill and broad street. off of the schuylkill you can use spring gander, south street or 30th street and of course coming in off of i-95 you can use vine street local to connect you to the drives. otherwise we're in good shape. double five's on the spieth meadeer readings across the the board in and out of the city. here's the latest on this chestnut street overpass closure. still closed to vehicle
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traffic. this is video from yesterday on the news van there. i talk to penndot last night. it is opened, to pedestrians and they are going to put in a temporary pier, sometime today to hopefully get traffic, back moving again, through the weekend. we will keep an eye on that but a at least for early morning we will go around the block and just use dock street or race street to get down to columbus boulevard. mass transit looking good. chris and lauren back to you. we're following breaking news. this is out of the northeast philadelphia wal-mart employees stab in the robbery. >> police are on the hunt for that attacker. dave kinchen has the very latest live from that scene. dave, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. we are live at philadelphia mills mall, everybody knows this area, formally known as franklin mills mall. wal-mart behind me. let me step out of the way. police tell us a store employee was here stabbed in the right forearm by a man stole a 42-inch tell rigs set.
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this is happening in the 1:00 o'clock hour so just a couple hours ago. you can see police investigating on the scene. i wanting to to the couple of still pictures that we will put on your screen. this is man police say they are looking for. this man seen in a hat who stole a 42-inch sony tv. apparently what happened here according to investigators an employee saw him trying to walk out of the store with two boxes of boots and the television, confronted him. we're told by investigators say store employee said let me see the the receipt and that the suspect produced a receipt for an item that was worth only $10 and an old receipt from a long time ago. there was a struggle that ensued. they got the in the argument. that is when the stabbing happening, listening to chief inspector scott small. >> while they are wrestling over this television the purpose traitor said let go or i will kill you and reached in his pocket and pulled out a folded knife, unfolded the
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knife and attempted to stab the cashier in his chest. cashier used his right arm to block the knife and was stabbed in his right forearm. have a being stabbed, he left go of the box, the the television and that is when our perpetrator left the store with the 42-inch sony flat screen television. >> reporter: that is when investigators say surveillance cameras recorded the suspect leaving the store and getting in an altercation with the person outside. that person outside, even pushing a shopping cart toward the suspect's vehicle right after that suspect took that 42-inch television and put tonight a hatchback police vehicle. police are sorting out the information. store employee stabbed in the right forearm, he will be okay but this is still developing and we will get you the the latest, guys. suspects, through one center city establishment in an effort to rob another one
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in a hollywood style jewelry heist. >> jennifer joyce is live outside that jewelry store that was robbed, jenny, good morning. >> reporter: good morning chris and lauren. these guys were professionals. they came prepared with their drills and game plan to pull this off. this is the store here, obviously now closed behind me. the owner of time and gold jewelry in rittenhouse says he thinks thieves entered through basement store of the the vacant property two stores over, made his way to his store under ground. they haded to drill hold through an adjacent cleaners. once they did they had access to his wife and wiped it clean out diamond, chains and charms. the a alarm didn't even go off, these thieves actually never stepped foot inside of the jewelry store it self. >> they came from the empty store, they went through the basement, they drilled a hell from the basement to the cleaner, from the cleaner, they dug another hole to the wall to the back of my store
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to the back of my safe, drilled a big hole in the safe and emptied the whole safe. took all of the jewelry. just like from the movies. >> digging a hole underground, coming to the next store a my store. it is like part of the hollywood movie. >> housely was surprised that no one hurt drilling and banging that went awe on to pull off this heist. he said they have to be professionals. police are checking nearby surveillance video to see if they can capture these thieves at their point have of entry. so far, no description, no information, as police and the fbi are investigating this case. chris and lauren. >> thanks, jennifer. a pick pocket attempt turns violent on a septa bus. >> that violence was caught on video and police say the man you see on the left tried to pick the pocket of the passenger on the 726 bus in olney. that is when the the pick pocket push the six five-year
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old victim off the bus and started punching him. victim had to get stitches. after throwing punches the suspect calmy board the bus again. the passengers said they could in the believe what they were seeing. >> police are looking for the attacker of course and another person of interest. students and faculty at temple university say crime is in the the area despite jed's two armed robberies involving students. temple football player was carjacked getting chinese food at 1:00 in the morning at tenth and sus question hand a a few hours later another student held up, right outside the liacouras center on north 15th street. student we spoke with have mixed feelings about safety in the area. >> i do fear for my safety. always something going on down here anymore. >> there is always cops around. i live off campus on carlisle and i always see security guard riding around and is there call boxes every where,
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i always feel safe. >> i don't worry bit. we have a pretty good security system and i think that is just some things that happen. >> temple safety director say crime is down 29 percent this year, he says that they are reporting more incident from a bigger a area so people are seeing more alerts. these are students that were hurt in yesterday's robbery. philadelphia detectives trying to find a man who tricked a good samaritan and then stole his wallet. this happened in washington square. up investigators released surveillance video. it happened around 11:00 on tuesday night and police say a 69 year-old man was walking when's was approached by a man who asked for money. when the the victim pulled his wallet out to give him a dollar the man push him to the ground and ran off with that wallet. two weeks ago a pair of burglars walk away with a very expensive appliance. now philadelphia police say they got him. here are the guys that they say dit. they stole an ice cream maker on ron's cafe in north broad street in fernrock. surveillance video saw them
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bringing the $9,000 machine out to the car before driving off witt. and so, somebody evidently saw the video on the news, recognized the car, they called police and investigators found that ice cream maker intact in the suspect's garage. a burlington county field is trashed and now officials want to find whoever left that big mess behind. this is what they found yesterday in the ground of the indian mills athletic association. drywall, studs, old office furniture, all dumped right there in the parking lot. officials say that kid actually play on that soccer field almost every single day. the trash poses a safety hazard and this will be a cosby clean up. >> we work very hard, our athletic association works very hard to maintain this and when we see something like this not only is it abuse of the ground but abuse of the athletic association, children and the taxpayers. >> well, she monk officials hope someone recognizes some of the trash and might know where it came from or who dumped it.
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if you have any information, please call police. philadelphia's district attorney hit the streets last nights to hear from people who live in our city. >> seth williams, the district attorney and the councilman mark, and police and other city leaders participated in the community work. it began on the 3500 block of kensington street. >> we're here to be a presence, not to yell at people through bull horns but to hear the problems and the issues of real philadelphians in their neighborhoods, so that we can help to solve their problems. >> the d.a. plans to check back with residents, as they worked with issues in that neighborhood. 4:12. former nba star lemar odom report thely on life support. how likely is 359 year-old to survive this incident? what are doctors now saying. with voters in at least six states being asked to vote to loosen marijuana a laws, is this an issue in the presidential election in the democratic direction? an answer that may surprise you, straight a ahead.
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dozens gathered in front of the school district headquarters on spring garden yesterday. they want school leaders to get a budget passed. they are also protesting i plan to convert three schools into charter schools. school commissioners met in the regularly scheduled public meeting. protesters say philadelphia's children are not getting the education that they deserve. they say that starts with properly funded schools.
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and, use as pawns in the big political fight, right. >> um-hmm. sue serio, it is going to be cold this weekend. >> yeah, the kind of map we're using here is contour map. when you see blue on the map it means cold. when you see orange, red that means warm. that is the way we designate temperatures. so here's what we got, lot of blue on the way. this is a preview of coming attractions. we're in the 50's right now but by sunday morning we will have temperatures in the 30's just like they do up to the north of us. look at international falls, minnesota at 28 degrees right now. don't expect to get in the 20's but we got today's cold front and another quick i coming through tomorrow, and that means temperatures will be falling to freezing. if you don't get freezing temperatures on sunday morning, likely, we will see them here, when we're back together gannon monday morning. so high pressure will be in control, over the weekend, after we get that secondary cold front coming through. here's some rain in advance of today's cold front and it is
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starting to edge into perhaps, the pocono mountains but not expect to hold together so as we look at our computer model here at future weather and it shows rain up in the poconos mountains, maybe lehigh valley and then it just dissipates and we will see just a a few cloud around here. the breezes will pick up behind that area of rain and we could get a a few clouds and a little bit of sprinkle activity maybe later in the day, so it is not really likely. you will see a decent weather day but it may be just a little breezier then yesterday, no big deal. temperature is 56 degrees in the city. we have 49 in mount pocono. forty-three in allentown. forty-five in pottstown. wildwood is in at 59, so rather mild morning there and 50 degrees in wilmington, awesome autumn day yesterday, wasn't it with a high of 66 degrees. we were right on the monday which that prediction. sixty-seven is the average high. we do expect to be around average again today and then the plunge begins. high of only 57, and then on
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saturday, and so we will just be bundled up tomorrow morning when we get together for that alzheimer's walk in wilmington. fifty's during the the day on sunday, sunday morning is when we expect these temperatures in the 30's, bob kelly and if you missed the 30's on sunday we will have them on monday morning for you. >> like a preview day. >> sure. >> like a sale. >> monday's sale but that is really two days. >> exactly. >> we have that closure of the chestnut street bridge, where it takes you up and over i9 56789 i talked to penndot last night. they expect to have a temporary, set up in place, so we can have vehicle traffic through here sometime throughout the weekend. it is opened to pedestrians. we will stay on top of that but expect delays and detours again this morning. vine street expressway still closed in and out of the city between schuylkill and broad street until about 5:45, 6:00 o'clock or so coming in the city. be ready for delays. let's roll video from sky fox yesterday afternoon. if you were late for dinner
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getting home here's why. this overturn tractor trailer, on the the schuylkill expressway, this happened in the afternoon right here near the university avenue ramps, in university city, cause for a major jammos through the evening rush hour. good news is that everything is opened and back to normal for the morning rush hour and then lets role some video from our news van on the scene there of that chestnut street closure right at front street. everybody making that right turn going down to dock street the on get up and over the ramps for i-95. it is opened for pedestrians. as we come back here to the maps, hopefully it will be opened to vehicle traffic sometime before the end of the day and that should make things a little bit easier for the the weekend, chris and lauren, back over to you. time right now 4:19. former nba star lemar odom remains hospitalized and many are fearing the worst. the authorities are still trying to determine exactly what happened during his $75,000 visit to a nevada brothel over three days.
4:20 am
odom is reportedly on life support this morning. a portion of the 911 call revealed heart breaking and scary details about his condition at the time that he was found. the odom has played with several different nba teams and earned two championships, spanning his 14 year career in the nba. many in the league are praying for a speedy recovery of their friend. >> he was a great teammate. he did everything he could to help his teammates while on the court. he was a guy they gravitated toward. >> so doctors reports given him a 50/50 chance of recovery. his estrange wife chloe kardashian has power of attorney since their divorce has not yet been finalized. lets look at other top stories around the u.s. n california, gavin newsome is proposing strict new gun laws. would it make california the only state to require background checks, when purchasing ammunition. the initiative would be in the possession of magazines with american ten round and would set up a a clear process for felon toss relinquish weapons
4:21 am
that they now own illegally. >> the the fact that i have to worry about who is sitting behind me in a movie theater, or spending an afternoon with my kid in a shopping mall and worry about someone that is going to run out from behind a bush and gun people down, it is insane. >> the gun control initiative would require nearly 400,000 signatures. nerd to qualify for ballot of 2016. nra is blasting that proposal saying it will not prevent gun violence. in utah police are looking for a man place a box containing ape unloaded rifle on the floor. state capitol. the building was evacuated after police spotted him on surveillance video. bomb squad inspect to that package and determined a few hours later it was not a explosive. he got away the in the white suv before police could catch up with him. with the eagles getting ready to play the giants, at the link, rumors are swirling that coach kelly may be heading back to school. but first, here are your
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winning lottery numbers.
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with the eagles getting ready for giants monday night at the link more rumors have started with chip kelly going back to college football. now rumors concerning chip going back to college football started after his first year
4:25 am
with the eagles. chip continues to deny them. latest is the southern california head coaching job. chip did have a little fun with the media on what college job could be next. >> north texas state armadillos or whatever. keep asking questions at press conference and we will be over. i hope to be like coach cuff lynn and where i can stay around where that speculation end but i understand you have to ask the question. i answered it the the same year ago and i answered it my first way here good there have been strange drills by players but here's another beauty. bills wide receiver sammy watkins, he is trying to catch a football blindfolded from behind him. you know what he is doing? he is massacre raiding for halloween as a dope. that is sports in a minute, i'm howard eskin. let's stay with sports, somewhat here. dancing with the stars host and "fox sports" reporter erin andrews is seeking millions from a major hotel chain. >> she filed an amendment to
4:26 am
her 2011 lawsuit from marriott for her peeping tom incident. michael barrett put a camera in the peep hole of a hotel room and recorded her in the nude. erin now wants 75 million-dollar in damages from marriott. she said they were negligent giving barrett a room next to hers at his request. u.s.c. fighter, rhonda rousey might be stuck in a tough spot here, in between her coach and her mother. rousey's mother an a a marie demars is publicly sounding off about her daughter's coach calling him terrible and user but neither rousey nor her coach has responded to this. >> mom's always over protective though. >> yeah. >> she's so tough. >> a local couple hundreds of miles from home loses a digital camera filled with priceless images years ago. that would have been the end of the story, right. but in this age of the social media this it is just the
4:27 am
beginning of the tail. >> i like this.
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two candidates are threatening to boycott the debate in the next two weeks. one is donald trump, others is ben carson. they are making big demand.
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we will tell what you they are. marshmallow only lucky charms boxes they are a real thing and coming your way. is there a catch. we will tell what you that is coming up. what time do you come on. >> 4:00 in the morning. >> why. one i saw on my son's school, patriot, gets the crews out, and nice. >> yes. >> october 16th, 2015. it is my daughter's erin's eighth birthday today. >> erin. >> yes. >> there it is. >> how cuties she. >> yeah. >> i know she's sleeping right now. >> you can play this, why don't you do wake up my kids with quincy. >> that would be great. >> to go wake up erin on her birthday. >> we could do that. >> is it too late to set that up. >> quincy, if you are up. >> call me. >> that is right, call quincy, wake him up.
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>> you know this with nia these kid grow up so fast. >> mine is coming home from college for a weekend visit, two weekend in a row, so yeah, you know, all of a sudden they are gone. >> okay, all right. >> anything can set me off. we've got cooler temperatures, we're kind of wind toy day at times in the wake of our first cold front of the weekend and then another one saturday and then frost, and even freezing, below freezing temperatures, possible on sunday morning, and or, monday morning. so, these are the things to keep in mind, keep in mind twitter and facebook, check us out sue serio fox 29. every once in a while i post something interesting. 56 degrees. 7 miles an hour wind. 75 percent relative humidity n problems with visibility. 7:12 your official sunrise time. we still have temperatures to the north of us in the 40's just like yesterday, and mid 40's, pottstown, reading,
4:32 am
lancaster, mid 50's, in philadelphia. upper 50's in wildwood. 55 degrees in dover, delaware. these temperatures compared to yesterday, are really not that much different except to the south where it is milder, and that is because of the little bit more cloudier. so our first look at the wind speed map shows southeasterly winds but eventually we will switch to the the northwesterly wind. we will see rain moving into the mountains and into berks county but we still do not expect that to hold together and be a problem for us this morning. we have got 66 degrees, yesterday, the average high is 67. today we're expecting about 67. and it will be a little bit on the breezy side at times, 45 degrees tonight. we will talk about a big chill coming up. bob kelly, i hepp friday morning has gone okay. >> so far, so good, not that bad. 4:32. tgif. here's a live look at the left over construction outside trooper road off of route 422. guys have been here every night this week. they should be out by 5:30
4:33 am
or so. downtown we will go live look at the vine street expressway, they have just started to allow traffic to come off of the schuylkill and heading in toward broad street, however, we're still block on the opposite side but there goes one set of brake lights. the so maybe another 15 minutes before things are back in action here on the vine street expressway, from that overnight construction. let's role video from the news van on the scene yesterday, at that chestnut street bridge closure, right at front street. i got the latest from penndot last night. first of all, the good news it is opened to pedestrian and they will put a temporary tower in there to help support the beam, that found to be structurally insufficient there with the crack in it. hopefully sometime today they will be able to get vehicle traffic allowed over that path, overpass, so that would be good news for folks throughout the weekend but for the first half of our morning rush hour the the detour is still in effect. we are looking good on the
4:34 am
schuylkill and i-95. chris and lauren, back to you. 4:33 this morning. we have breaking news out of northeast philadelphia, police looking for a man who stabbed a wal-mart employee on the the way out the door. >> dave kinchen is following this and the the investigation for us. he is live at the scene. dave, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning. philadelphia police at the scene behind me at the wal-mart behind me at philadelphia mills mall. everyone knows the a area as formerly franklin mills. as we go to the picture of the suspect police say the the man you you where to see on your screen, walked out of this wal-mart around 1:00 o'clock this morning in the 1:00 o'clock hour with the 42-inch television, after stabbing, a cashier in the the information arm. apparently there was a struggle, according to cops, the suspect walk past the cashier aisle with one boxes of boots and a television set and was confronted by cashier. cashier said let me see the the receipt. the suspect produced the
4:35 am
receipt, for an item that was worth $10 and purchased a long time ago, clearly not matching the television. there was a struggle that took place, the suspect apparently said i will kill you, word to that effect, according to police and that is when the suspect pulled out a folded knife, stabbed the cashier in the arm and then left the building, and here's what happened with another altercation outside according to police, listen in. >> while perpetrator backed his vehicle up in the parking lot you can see the individual he had a conversation with actually chase the perpetrator's koran foot and while he was fleeing from the parking lot in the vehicle this person then grabbed a shopping cart that happened to be in the parking lot and tried to ram the purpose trait or's vehicle with the shopping cart. >> police want to find that person who had the altercation with the suspect, the person
4:36 am
you see on your screen right now, they want to find that person, and anyone else who may have witnessed this incident and as we come back live, there are security camera here that caught video of the struggle that took place outside after the suspect walk out with that stolen television set. we're told. and we also got a tip from a police source that said this type of thing is not uncommon in this area. in fact, there are one officer described this as quote a free for all situation where people do come out, with stolen items, from this store here. we have not yet got a comment from the wal-mart. it is a bit early for the business office to open up but we will tell you that police are looking for this suspect a and that the the cashier, 35 year-old is expect to be okay but does have a stab wound in the the arm and police still on the scene investigating this, guys, we will give you latest as we get it, back to you. voters in at least six state being asked to loosen marijuana laws next year, will these issues help swing the presidential election in the
4:37 am
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(female announcer) cash4life from the pennsylvania lottery. play for fun. cash for life.
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one of the vice-president joe biden's top political advisors say he will make a decision soon about whether to run for president. former delaware senator ted kaufman is one of the biden's closest aid and telling former biden staffers in a letter that by even will need help from all of them if he plans to run, that e mailed letter
4:40 am
was sent to former staffers on yesterday. we will see what happens. more states could make move to legalize recreational marijuana. proposed changes to pot laws will a appear on the ballot in at least six states over the coming year, five of them, all right, here they air, air zone, california, nevada a maine and massachusetts and florida. resident of florida will vote on the more limited step of a allowing medical marijuana however, florida just like nevada is a swing state in these presidential cycles and advocates of legal says say the democratic nominee will likely benefit from pro pot ballot measures. >> data does show that marijuana initiatives do bring out young voters. they favor marijuana legal says and they favor democratic candidates. >> the the case in florida, however, medical marijuana could be a problem for older vote hours more typically vote republican. deadline for filing fund raising information with the federal election commission was midnight. the here's how go p
4:41 am
candidates are fairing right now. >> ben carson wins third quarter fun raising race, to keep growing his grass roots campaign. billion air trump gets so much news coverage he spent next to nothing on advertising. both threat tone boycott next debate in two weeks hosted by cnbc if it does not agree to limit the debate to two hours. currently the the network plans no time limit. >> so billion air is not spending any money. jeb bush is cutting cost toss save money for a long g.o.p. trench war. he has raised 13.4 million. >> ted cruz poll numbers are growing as he courts conservative from his across the spectrum, he is third in the fox poll now and 12.2 million. >> fiorina danced with students in iowa on thursday she raised $6.8 million. >> yes, up and down. >> she bested marco rubio who
4:42 am
banked 6 million he knows he will need much more to recruit former governors scott walker's campaign. new jersey governor chris christie has raised 4.2 million-dollar that puts him ahead of rand paul who raised 2.5 million and put on it a in memo denying that he is dropping out of the race. >> john kassig talking about his campaign budget but unveiled his plan to balance a if he had one instead. as for is fund raising he will reportedly raise 4.3 million just ahead have the chris christie. bill cosby making headlines again as a new magazine sparks outrage with editors. why they pick the cosby show cast as their cover show story. ññ
4:43 am
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you can also walk, this saturday, to end alzheimer's in wilmington delaware. chris o'connell and our very own, sue serio, will be there on the the river front. >> check in starts at 8:00, walk begins a at 9:30. there is a lot more information on our web site at fox >> sue, do you have to bundle up. >> well, i remember last year wearing a fleece and then because the sun was out and i had layers on so i took off like the the outer layer and that is how it goes. we get there at 8:00 in the morning and yes, there will be lots of fall foliage there but make sure you are bundled up for the the start of the walk but it will be bright and
4:46 am
sunny, and we will have a great time. most importantly helping in the fight against alzheimer's disease. wilmington delaware river front tomorrow morning. fall foliage report, this is the weekend to head to the pocono mountains for peak viewing of autumn leaves. they are going to look great this weekend. we are near peak along say bethlehem, lehigh valley and then, moderate as we look at the rest of us. it has started to look good around here but definitely peeking in the mountains this weekend. you will see some rain moving through in advance of today's cold front, and it is sneaking in a little rain in lancaster county, berks county, pocono mountains but we're still expecting it to not last, through a progression in the delaware valley. in other words we're not going to get any rain. it looks like it will dry up before it gets here as we look at future weather and plenty on have room for sunshine. we might see gusty breezes in the wake of the first wave of rain and widely scattered showers, mostly far north and west of us, later on in the
4:47 am
evening. so we're really not expecting too much in the way of rain there, as well, it is the colder temperature that will make the headlines. it is 56 degrees right now in philadelphia we will expect the high of 58. fifty-seven is our high tomorrow. that is right temperature we're at right now should be our high temperature tomorrow and then we're looking at a high in the 50's on sunday as well with sunday the day when we will wake up to temperatures in the 30's, if you can get up and go to church, you will need your winter coat in a lot of places. when we're back together on monday morning around this time it will be in the 30's as well. >> good snuggling weather, you know. >> 4:47. good morning. tgif. they are still working out there they have long johns on out here, a little will chilly on route one in bucks county near mapel. and they are still working on the roosevelt boulevard between woodward and rhawn that inner drive is blocked with the overnight paving. then later on today if you are heading south on i-95 toward
4:48 am
the airport bridge inn expectses from 9:00 to 3:00, watch out for delays, heading down to the girard point double decker. the chris and lauren. >> yes. >> i went to the hinge cafe there in port richmond and when i'm in the neighborhood i just had to make a stop at the legendary stocks bakery. >> okay. >> legendary for their pound cake, thinks christine stock a good friend of mine. look at the pound cakes in the back. i had a decision to make, vanilla a or chocolate. so guess what? i brought them all back for you. >> look at this. >> they call these logs. pound cake logs. >> yes. >> you have the marple. >> the marple, and that is the vanilla with the vanilla icing. >> there you go. >> and vanilla and chocolate icing. >> so who gets which one, me sue or chrisy ate mine on the way in this morning. >> oh, man. >> good stuff, thanks to stocks, legendary there in
4:49 am
port richmond, we are down there at hinge cafe right around the corner yesterday, some good folks down there and good eating in the neighborhood. nine five the schuylkill expressway, looking good this morning and no problems on mass transit. the chris and lauren, back to you. bob, thank you. speaking of food, hey, something new is coming your way for, you know, you love those lucky charms. >> yes. >> how about this. >> i love this. >> only a lucky few will be able to get it, it is a box full of marshmallow only lucky charms. remember as a kid you pick out marshmallows. the those days are over. everyone knows that is the the best part of the cereals. but guess what they are only making ten boxes so to get them you have to take a selfie holding an imagery box of lucky charms on facebook, twitter, instagram, use a a hashtag lucky ten sweepstakes and winners will be notified next week. >> they're only marshmallows that are crunchy by the the way.
4:50 am
fairmount music landmark is closing its door after 37 years. >> they are shutting down on saturday. filing with the state liquor control board said it is a sale pending and it will be coverted to a new bar and restaurant. they promise a new restaurant will have quote even better food, and even more beer. >> okay. they must be running out of beer selection. and ebony magazine sparked mixed emotions. >> go on. >> okay. >> the cover features a fractured image of the cosby show cast, for a story on broken families in the african american community this comes days after cost which gave a deposition in boston for sexual battery civil lawsuit. more than 50 women have come forward accusing the comedian of digging them and in most cases, sexually assaulting them. some have called the cover powerful, and on point. others have questions the
4:51 am
magazine's direction for that cover. >> interesting. >> look at the crack right there on bill's face. a local couple loses, priceless memories from their vacation. how a total stranger through social media and fox 29 helped them reclaim what they thought was lost forever. giving people options based on their budget is pretty edgy...
4:52 am
4:53 am
kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. whatever. john mayor singing it and you rock it.
4:54 am
john marries 38 years old. he has been around a long time. >> looking at a dark camera atop the wyndam garden hotel in trenton new jersey. the don't worry, sun will rise again. >> and the world will change. local couple loses a digital camera filled with priceless images but thanks to social meade yacht the story does not end there. >> fox 29's bruce gordon spent the evening in hamilton township, new jersey where our couple learned a valuable lesson about the kindness of complete strangers. >> reporter: donna summer didn't spend all of the time in the ocean when he and her husband tom visited myrtle will beach south carolina last month. >> for some reason i brought the camera the to beach that day. >> reporter: they love taking pictures. their home in hamilton township mercer county is filled with them but when they left the the beach donna realized to her horror she lost her camera it is either out in the ocean or somebody will pick it up and keep the camera. not caring about the the pictures. >> reporter: summers had no way to know that a south carolina couple, roger
4:55 am
annmarie, were also on the beach that day and they found the camera. their daughter julianne spoke with me via skype. >> they were walk ago long the beach just holding the camera in their hand would be like hey, that is my camera. >> reporter: camera is worth a couple hundred bucks but pictures inside were priceless that included image of the tom and his daughter amber at her high school graduation. >> it brought back memories of that day and it is a touching moment. >> reporter: julianne noticed one of the pictures from the family reunion showing a young man that read a t-shirt that said bucks county. >> i found that that was in pennsylvania so, i seen that people might be close to their. >> reporter: julianne reached out to fox 29 through our facebook page, asking we post pictures to help locate their owners. we agreed and in no time flat tens of thousands of our facebook friend saw those photos, including tom somers co-workers wife. >> i'm still shocked by all of this. >> reporter: the connection
4:56 am
had been made. camera, filled with memories, is now on its way north to new jersey. >> for me it wasn't trouble. if i lost my camera, i would like someone to dot same for me. >> reporter: as somers took one more picture in front of our news van they reflect on the bad wrap often given to social media and humanity in general. >> you never hear any good stories and when they came through i thought wow. >> it is an amazing thing, there are still kind people out there. >> reporter: camera should arrive in hamilton any day now. heading to south carolina very soon gift from the somers to their good samaritans. to thank roger annmarie for their kindness and julianne for their detective work. we are happy to play our part. in the news room i'm bruce gordon fox 29 news. >> how many people go out of their way to find out where that camera is from. >> not many. homicide rates rise in major cities across the the country what one politician is unveiling that he says will reduce gun violence.
4:57 am
4:58 am
4:59 am
>> reporter: breaking news from northeast philadelphia, a wal-mart cashier is stab, police say by a man who walks out with the stolen 42-inch television. that story is coming up, lauren. and temple university react to go news that two people robbed at gunpoint at two different times yesterday, hear what officials are saying about crime around the college cam puts, just in time for parents weekend.
5:00 am
good morning, jenny joyce. good morning, lauren. it being called a hollywood style heist how a group of thieves broke in the rittenhouse jewelry store stealing contents out of the safe, how did they do it? we will tell you, up next, chris. we will check back in. meantime a meeting between teenager and elderly man caught on camera, what led to the fight of the september bus right to the height of the evening rush. a special delivery that could not just wait, a little girl on the way and parents who could not make it to the hospital, story of their daughter's birth they a say they will never forget. good day, it is friday, october 16th, 2015. happy birthday to my daughter erin who turns eight years old today good what time does erin wake up for school. >> 6:30 or 7:00. >> the the bus doesn't come until 8:30. >> you have to come back down here and give her april a happy birthday when she sees it. >> there she is. >> this is from monday, we had


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