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tv   FOX 29 News at 5  FOX  February 1, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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over today. >> why this driver laid down the law and why the officer ended up and apologize g. >> live from center city in philadelphia. this is "fox 29 news at 5:00". those stories in a moment. first the rain is coming down, ultimate doppler radar showing a lot of green. that's rain. and it is moving fast. the other big story today, our winter warm-up. we are are just getting started. good evening, i'm iain page. >> i'm lucy noland. plenty to track tonight. lets get straight to meteorologist, kathy orr. >> january thawing is turning into february thawing. look at ultimate doppler. you see it, that yellow and orange, heavy rain moving right off the i95 corridor, through wilmington, philadelphia, now heavy on the jersey side. and in places like camden county, gloucester county, in the northern burn too long county, mt. holly, mt. laurel, pemberton, tabernacle, heavy turnpike, also, 676 toward the
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north into the main line of philadelphia, seeing some of our heavier showers, they'll be moving out this evening. look at the warmth today. atlantic city, 66 at the airport, dover, 62, philadelphia, 59, 50's in trenton, wilmington, allentown sitting at 50 degrees. right now we're 50 in philadelphia. forty-six wilmington. forty-three in the poconos, still 50's to the south and east. we are watching the rain moving from west to east, it will be moving off shore, by about 8:00 p.m. clearing out of the delaware valley by about 7:00 p.m. tonight. so this evening, will be dry, it will be turning cooler. then, all eyes on wednesday with rain, and possible record warmth. a lot of rain associated with this, maybe even few thunderstorms. so looking ahead we talk about the next storm moving our way, flood watch into effect, record warmth, and update on your weekend weather, lots to talk about, even though it is mild around here, see you later in the broadcast. >> kathy, thank youment you can track the rain and temperatures, along with us, by download g the "fox 29 news" app. you can get live radar, alerts
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sent to right to your phone, search for it on the apple or google play stores. >> to developing story, new information just released on the investigation into the deadly amtrak train crash in philadelphia last may. we're getting our first detailed look at comments made by the train engineer that fateful night. >> brandon bostian's actions were questioned around that sharp curve at more than twice the speed limit. >> that night, may 12th, here with what happened today, bruce? >> reporter: what happened was good old-fashioned document dump. 2200 pages worth. nothing earth shattering here, no smoking gun, said ntsb official. what's new are transcripts of what the train's engineer told investigators in two separate and very different interviews. >> the ntsb investigation shows no malfunction with the train, its brakes, the track or the signals on the night of the faith al crash.
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which makes statements made by the train engineer, in two separate interviews, key to understanding what happened. attorneys representing dozens of victims of the crash spent monday afternoon pouring over the transcripts from those interviews. >> what we have learned is the problem with brandon bostian, and the problem remains his changing story. >> on may 15th, brandon bostian told investigators, quote, the last memory i have is approaching and passing the platform in north philadelphia. but months later, on november 10th, bostian was re interviewed, set couple of prominent scenes had now come back to him, he now remembered pushing the throttle and accelerating the train. then seconds later, realizing his mistake, and trying to apply the brakes. the civil attorney seized on that improved memory. >> he remembers accelerating into the straight away. he remembers applying the brake. he remembers how it tips over and the actions he took. >> amtrak 188 hit the
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frankford junction curve several miles north of 30th street station, traveling 106 miles an hour in a zone posted for 50 miles an hour. the train left the tracks and landed in a mangled heep killing eight passengers and injuring 200 other. bob hewett was among those badly injured, when he spoke to fox 29 in november, he was still recovering and wanted answers from bostian. >> a lot of families need some closure. need to find out what's going on. >> robert representing hewett, and vows to find answers when or if he can put bostian under oath. >> i think that mr. hewett and the other victims of this derailment will be very upset to learn mr. bostian's testimony has changed, regarding what he remembers. i think that is adding injury to injury. >> reporter: now one theory rejected by those plaintiff's attorneys is that bostian simply lost track of where he was when he accelerated l bostian's philadelphia attorney is not commenting on the ntsb documents, no conclusions have yet been
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drawn from these packs. that won't happen until the ntsb report this spring, lewesy? >> thank you very much, bruce. meanwhile, another scare on another amtrak train traveling through philadelphia last night. something hit and cracked a window. passenger taylor lauren shared this picture of the acela express train. investigators are now trying to figure out what broke that window and where it came from, whatever it was, though, it hit the train as it passed through philadelphia's bridesburg section, not far from the spot where amtrak 188 derailed last may. no one has heard from last night's incident. >> the presidential candidates have made their last minute pitches to iowa voters, now it is to up iowa to decide their favorite candidate at the caucuses tonight. democrat hillary clinton and republican donald trump have been leading in the polls, some surprises in the past, tonight's results could cut down a crowded gop fields and separate close democratic race between hillary clinton and bernie saunders, in just a few minutes, we'll take you live
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to des moines iowa for a look at things on the grounds. >> police evacuated port richmond school after worker found threatening note. authorities say a member of the cleaning staff at james martin middle school found that note on a locker that mentioned blowing up the school. police gave the all-clear just before noon and student went back to classes. investigators now are looking into what happened. >> another on-line threat, led to an increased police presence at a camden county high school. cherry hill police patrol the campus of cherry hill high school east this morning. they say a kid made a threat against a school and it made the rounds of social media. investigators found out about it yesterday. police have tracked down the person they say made the threat, and prosecutors have filed a charge, and investigators aren't yet saying what if that student saint student at the school. >> police arrested man accused of stabbing another guy on a septa bus. authorities say 27 year old william smalls turned himself into detectives, police say last friday, smalls and another man got into a fight
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on a route 56 bus near the intersection of torresdale avenue and paul street in the city's frankford section. that's when investigators say smalls stabbed that man, he's now charged with aggravated assault, the stabbing victim is in stable but critical condition. happening right now, the worlds health organization says the rapid spread of the zika virus now an international emergency. officials in the u.s. are also alarmed. doctors have linked the disease to thousands of cases the of birth defects in central and south america. the worlds health organization is now declared a global emergency, which ramps up international efforts to stop the outbreak. health officials have confirmed cases in several states here in the u.s. but those people had just traveled the central and south america. lawmakers now calling on the federal government to do more to fight the virus. zika spread by mosquitos and in most people no more than mild illness except health officials say in unborn
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babies. >> if it certainly is a proven link between the virus and micro self lee, that also will allow public health experts to intervene and hopefully come up with a vaccine and other methods to prevent zik a and prevent infection of pregnant women. >> wormed health officials estimate as many as 4 million cases of zika could turn up in central and south america within the next year. >> more than dozen people on the mends tonight after a septa bus and a school bus collide in philadelphia's fernrock section. early this morning. no kids were on the bus. but the septa driver and 13 passengers on that bus were treated for minor injuries. the cause of the crash is still under investigation. >> happening now, cleaning up after mess on one kensington street. water department crews headed to the intersection every tulip and tucker streets today after water came up from the street. residents called us after they say crews took hours to show up. >> we sent our bill anderson to check things out. he joins us live from the news room tonight with more.
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bill? >> guys, hours, days, that we all know that bruce gordon has established a reputation forgetting results. so residents called fox 29 looking for some help with a flood of water in their neighborhood. bruce was handling another story today as you saw, so i went taught see if we could help. >> we received several reports of a suspected water main break in kensington that flooded the street for nearly 24 hours. when i arrived at tulip and east tucker streets, the flooding was gone, but residents were concerned. >> the water was gushing from over here, where you see the sinkholes, right straight down here, you can see the water trail here. and right down into the inlet. by i would say probably 10:00 saturday evening it was like a running stream. >> on top of the flooding, we also found people worried about a dangerous drop-off in the street from the flowing water. that was already damaging cars and getting bigger by the minute. >> that's our concern. we've already had a car that had a busted piece come out
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from the bottom of their caribous they're belling out. when will it get fix in the how long does this have to wait? >> i reached out to the water department who admitted they weren't sure what caused the flood but promised us they would immediately address it. >> we're out there today making the repairs. we will have that service restored to those customers as quickly as possible. and, you know, we apologize for the inconvenience today. >> so we waited with residents to make sure the issue would be addressed and true to their word crews working on the intersection and the main when we l. most residents were happy, some, a little lessen theus as i can. >> i like to take the person that is doing the job and ring his neck. >> that lady was a piece of work. now the work on the street has gun. and we've been promise philadelphia will be complete in the short order, but while we were there, residents were sharing strange stories of contractors, sabataging jobs, and still had questions about what caused the flood. so, lucy, we'll have all of that and more at 6:00. >> all right, we will talk to you then, bill. after months and months of
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talk, we're just hours away from the presidential candidates first test with american voters. we are going live to iowa. for a tradition that is not quite like anything else, in the country. >> the reason i pulled you over today ... >> cell phone video of traffic stop, but the police officer you see here is not the one enforcing the law. why a citizens pulled a cop over. why the officer ultimately apologized to her. >> and they have worked together for years. now this retiring police officer just wants to live with his k99 partner. he's even offered to pay. but the city's going to auction off the dog instead. yes,. >> and while outrage grows over what people have been drinking in flint michigan, club owners say superstar music producer refused to perform at a fundraiser because he didn't get the champagne he wanted to drink. how it all went down. >> and police have released brutal video of attack at chinese restaurant in north
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philly. who police are looking for. how the victim is tonight at 6:00.
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>> everyone is okay when suv barrels into bailing in south philadelphia this morning. the accident, as you can see, left a big hole in the wall of this rehab facility on penrose avenue. police believe the driver might have fallen asleep at the wheel. a truck driver accused of crashing into a limo van caring comedian tracy morgan has pleaded not guilty to aggravated manslaughter and other charges in new jersey. kevin roper was driving a wal-mart truck when the crash
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happened on the turnpike in june of 2014. the crash killed comedian james mcnair and seriously injured morgan and others. enters pleas this afternoon in new brunswick, also charged with vehicular homicide and aggravated assault. >> tomorrow judge could decide whether to send sexual assault case against bill cosby to trial. dispute over immunity deal could stop the case from going forward. lawyers for cosby say the comedian had a deal with authorities that if he testified and accused andrea's civil lawsuit, woe never face criminal charges. but, motorcycle couldn't are you county's new district attorney says he has no evidence of a pass immunity deal on 12 year old case. so we'll take closer look at the legal issues tonight at 10:00. we will be following this case live starting on good day philadelphia tomorrow. and, you decide tonight, the very first contest in the race for the white house, candidates are making their last minute pitches, but tonight, it is all in the hands of iowa. >> history has taught us to expect the unexpected from the
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iowa caucuses, fox's joe wald man in des moines tonight. joel? >> iaian, lucy, the final campaign push is on here in iowa beginning at 7:00 p.m. local time. 8:00 p.m. in philadelphia. the caucus g begins state-wide. >> tonight, really is crunch time, all of this work, it is all about this. >> on the grounds, the campaigns are all working to mobilize voters. >> you know, really we're not finding donald trump's troops on the gown. they don't have an organization that is perceptible. >> political analysts are closely watching voters turn out, saying, big turn out could be a good sign for donald trump and bernie saunders. >> we will struggle tonight if the voter turn out is low. >> heading into tonight, hillary clinton and bernie saunders are running neck and neck in the polls. >> i'm so excited about
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tonight. >> 86,000 doors. >> but clinton is having to deal with distraction, headlines 22 emails on private servers are deemed top secret. meantime the gop race, the latest pole showed donald trump is slightly out in front. but in a close fight with texas senator, ted cruz. behind them, florida senator marco rubio is leading the race for third place. >> we feel good about where it will take us. >> and so there is a curve ball in all of this. we just heard bernie saunders talk about how important it is for big voter turn out, well, they are expecting a snowstorm, a blizzard here in des moines, and across iowa tonight, with upwards of five to 8 inches of snow here and maybe foot or more in other areas of the state, that obviously could greatly impact who shows up. reporting live in des moines, joe wald man. >> see how this shakes out,
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thanks very much, joel. continuing coverage of the iowa caucus on also, on "fox 29 news" at 10:00 tonight along with wrap up of the day's other news, weather err and sports. >> former new york health commissioner who targeted smoking and sodium, appointed philadelphia's new health commissioner. mayor jim kenney announced farley's appointment today more than four years as new york's health commissioner, succeeded in banning smoking at beaches, public parks and raised legal age to purchase tobacco to 21. his department also led the city's initiative to work with major food companies to reduce sodium levels in food nationwide. and state representative dwight evans was also focused on food in security issues today in the sit. he took tour of the philabundance food warehouse in south philadelphia, evans said he hopes to be a stronger advocate for the homeless, wanted to look at what strategy the charity is use to go address hunger. evans represents part of the philadelphia count. >> i fox 29 investigation may lead to changes in smoking
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policy at the holiday eagles, of course lincoln financial field. jeff cole learned the team met with city health department this morning, on that very issue. jeff is in the news room with the late else. do you expect further restrictions on smoking at the stadium? >> i certainly think it is a possibility, lucy, and the new health commissioner in the sit at this sound to me will be interested, as women. the meeting this morning at the linc comes after our fox 29 investigation last month showed smoking on the upper nears of the stadium where it is absolutely not allowed. fox 29 cameras were at the linc at about 11:00 this morning, when the team of city health officials led by doctor nelson came on to the meeting. doctor nelson, the director of environmental health services, declined comment. spokesperson for the department confirmed the meeting was focused on smoking, at the linc. last month, fox 29 investigation showed fans lighting up and blowing smoke nearly everywhere we looked on the 200 level of the stadium.
5:20 pm
signs that red no smoking were there. fox 29 is investigating attended the late december eagles-cardinals game at the urging after vendor, who complains about repeat he had exposure to second hands smoke at the game. we showed our video to the regional president of the american lung association. >> i mean, it certainly appears that there needs to be some additional education of employees, particularly security employees, that they know that there is a law. they know what the law is. and that they are comfortable going up to individuals telling them that they cannot smoke in the stadium. >> now, in a late afternoon statement, the eagles wrote as we have said before the health and safety of our fans is of utmost importance to us. we had productive meeting with the health department today, and we are looking forward to continuing our dialogue with them and hearing their recommendations. that's from the eagles link this afternoon. once we learn and we will certainly try to learn what
5:21 pm
those recommendations actually will be, we will certainly bring them to you, iaian. >> all right, jeff, looking forward to that, thank you. a rare coin store, the target of violent rob nerves new mexico, what police say things did not go like the crooks planned. tonight one of them is dead. >> of course, girl scouts selling thin minutes, and peanut butter patties, and shortbread, and all of those other wonderful cookies, but soon those addictive cookies could show up in your e-mail inch box, how things are changing. >> teenager plunges into icy waters unable to get back to dry land. luckily for him, a person happened to be nearby, how he was saved.
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>> more than 1,000 migrants arriving in grease, many escaping war zones in the middle eels. the migrants arrival comes after passenger ferry caring to the greek island sang off turkey's western coast saturday, killing 40 people. many volunteers are now providing these new migrants food and shoes and clothing before they continue their journey to wealthier
5:25 pm
northwestern european countries. russian troops brave the bitter cold for a non-conventional exercise, soldiers from the arctic motorized infantry brigade using deer and dog sleds to help them train in seriously cold winter weather. they say those are the vehicles used by the know mattick people of the far north, the soldiers get this, conducted drills in minus 30 degrees temperatures. they also were trying to stay warm in some raw hide tends. the cdc says it is looking into some e.coli outbreaks linked to chipotle outbreaks, initial outbreak in october sickened more than 50 people, in 11 states. a second outbreak of different strain of e.coli into december affected five people in three states. investigators still are not sure what food caused the outbreaks, no new cases have popped up since the cdc began investigating december 21, chipotle said it is putting new safety standards in place to reduce the risk every future outbreaks. >> new mexico, armed robbers picked unique target and then
5:26 pm
things turned deadly but not for the victim. two robbers decided to hit rare coin collection store in albuquerque. police say they hit the store, they hit the owner of the store in the head with some type of blunt object. but they say the man had a gun. and shot one of the robbers who later died at the hospital. >> he was able to fire back a round at one of the subjects, and he hit one of the subject, and there was blood everywhere. there were things falling out every his pockets. >> police still looking for the second robber. >> looks like photo shoot from another era. but it is happening now. and right here in our area. the local photographer who is bringing back the art of the pin-up. and why she thinks asks so important. >> and a phone camera captured traffic stop. police officer you see here isn't the one enforcing the law. why a citizens pulled over a cop, and why the officer ultimately apologized. catty? >> we are tracking the rain on ultimate doppler. it will be clearing out within the next hour.
5:27 pm
and then a bigger storm heading our way with flooding concerns and record warmth. that in the seven day when we come back.
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>> all in the offering for us this week, we're also watching a winter storm, but it is probably not anything that we need to worry b meteorologist, kathy orr, has everything you need to know coming up in your fox 29 winter weather authority. >> the ntsb releases 2200
5:30 pm
pages of material, related to the amtrak crash. they don't reveal a cause for the accident, but offer a glimpse into what investigators have learned so far. their investigation shows there was no malfunction with the train, its brakes, the track, or the signals. last may eight people died when the train sped around a curve and derailed. >> the first in the nation presidential nominating contest about to kick off in iowa. at this point those aiming for the white house have got to get their support to just show up despite the weather issues tonight. candidates in both parties made their final pitches late, into the night last night, and tonight's results could cut down the crowded republican field, and separate a democratic race between hillary clinton and bernie saunders. >> well, florida cop finds himself on the other side of a traffic stop after he was pull over by a civilian for allegedly speeding. >> it is interesting. it is all caught on video. fox with the story. >> reporter: the reason i pulled you over today, and i'm asking to you come over and
5:31 pm
have a conversation, is because i saw you since miller drive when you were first jumping on to the palmetto. and you were pushing 09 miles an hour. >> really? >> this is claudia castillo, woman behind the video now gone viral. she said her cell phone was hook up here. she tells seven news she started recording, after an officer flew by without his emergency lights on. >> i just thought holy jesus how fast is this man going? >> castillo also speeding up, she says, she did it to find out how fast the officer was going. eventually, you see him pull over, thinking castillo had an emergency. but once he approached the car, she started the questioning. >> i pushed 80 to try and catch up with you, and were you still, still, you know, eating your dust, you were leaving me behind. and i was going 80 miles an hour, and i just wanted to know what's the emergency? >> i don't know how fast i was going. but i can tell you i'm on the way to work right now. i don't believe i was speeding.
5:32 pm
but, like i say, you are entitled to your opinion. >> responding to the video sunday acting director juan perez releasing this statement, quote, the miami dade police department will have his immediate commands staff investigate the matter once the officer and citizen are identified. the approach re at course of action will be taken at that point end quote. investigators say, the castillo is not in trouble for speeding to catch up to the officer and pull him over. >> interesting. >> very interesting. >> it is something. >> also interesting that it is almost 06 in february. >> i know, it is, and that the weather could play into this iowa caucus thing tonight. >> absolutely. they have a blizzard that's moving into the state at this point. and it will be really getting going tomorrow. for us, we will be on the warm side of the storm again. it has been the same old story for most of the season with the exception of last week. and ultimate doppler you can see the yellows moving along the i-95 corridor now into south jersey heading toward new york, that's moderate to some heavy rain in places like gloucester county, camden
5:33 pm
county and places like even burlington county heading into monmouth. for the rest every us, it is light rain, it will be ending within the next hour. to the west, this is the snow that lucy and iaian were talking about, you can see, all of this moving through kansas, nebraska, headed into/owe with a, where a blizzard watches are already in effect. soap it, definitely will impact tomorrow, and specially tomorrow night out there for the iowa caucuses. back here at home, just wet roads, and you can't see any snow on the street, in old city philadelphia, just couple of inches on the grounds in some spots, in the city, more to the north and west. it is 50 degrees after high of 59, the normal high is 41, the record high is 70 degrees. we'll have few showers, just linger, through the next couple of hours, the back edge is already over on the northern and western suburbs, front will clear the coast by 8:00. then skies will clear, and then all eyes on parts of central and western pa tomorrow. because guess what? it is groundhog day. i hope he doesn't look scared. because that would mean six more weeks every winter.
5:34 pm
as far as big update, allentown 9 inches of snow on the grounds, philadelphia just two, melting at rate of two and a half to 3 inches a day. heavy rain and more record warmth on the way. i think most if not all of the snow will be gone by late week. here comes our next weather maker, the storm that's through kansas, headed toward iowa. the area of low pressure associated with it rides to the north. we stay on the east side or the warm side of the storm. wednesday we are talking about heavy rain, some winds, maybe even few thunderstorms, then the national weather service has already put out this flood watch for wednesday at noon, into thursday afternoon for some flooding. and in that watch area, we are expecting heavy rain around an inch, combined with heavy snow melt, with the warm temperatures, poor drainage, street flooding expected by wednesday afternoon and evening and even minor to moderate flooding in the streams and in the creeks. so the usual suspect, like the perkioman, or the neshaminy, could you have some flooding by late wednesday into thursday. wednesday, look at these temperatures. records in the 60s, throughout the delaware valley.
5:35 pm
we are forecasting high of six an in philadelphia. that would break the record. not really challenging the records in allentown or reading. but, very close in wilmington and atlantic city so we're going for record warm day. overnight tonight, the rain ends, 35 in the sit, 29 in the suburbs. during the day tomorrow, it will be pleasant, mostly sunny, high of 50 degrees. but little bit cooler than we've seen in the past couple of days, then your seven day forecast, some rain and wind for wednesday. and then new record by thursday, cooler, friday, quiet, saturday, quiet, as well, sunday mix every sunday and clouds, and by monday there is a chance of a rain or wet snow shower. still remains to be seen. we will watch a coastal low for friday. guess what? >> out of smear. >> it disappeared on the forecast map. disappeared. >> isn't that interesting? >> beautiful. >> all right. >> thank you, kathy. >> so they have worked together fighting crime for years. now, this retiring police officer just wants to live with his k9 partner who he thinks should retire too. he's even offered to pay.
5:36 pm
but the city instead is auctioning off his partner. headlines everywhere. >> while outrage grows over what people have been drinking in flint michigan. club owners say superstar music producer just refused to perform at fundraiser because did he not get the champagne he wanted to drink. how it all went down. >> don't we hope it is more than that? all right, police have released a brutal video of attack at restaurant in north philly. who police are looking for, and how the victim is doing tonight.
5:37 pm
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>> scientists in australia witness rare and amazing site, they caught sub and arctic volcano errupting there is video was shot on saturday, according to scientists, have the cano big bands errupted at least three times since 2,000, people rarely see the erruption in person.
5:40 pm
>> we rely on other, to come down here, and see the volcano, and see it erupting, really amazing. >> well, scientists studying the linc between active volcanoes and the satisfy floor and what connection this might have to climate change. retiring police officer hoping to take his long time k9 companion with him when he finishes his time on the job. >> makes sense. the trouble is that the law, ajax, belongs to the city therefore has to go up for auction. marie etta ohio officer matt hickey said he has spent every day for the past three years, with his partner, ajax. now at the age of 57, he's retiring, ajax is six years old and the city thinks they could easily get another six years of service out of him. hickey has offered to pay the city foray jacks, he knows how much he costs, but the city says no, not allowed, because the dog is official property of the city. so, is selling him to the highest bidder at auction.
5:41 pm
>> because it a piece of personal property, it is treated just like it was a shovel or, i mean, that's just the way it is. >> cold. >> it is cold. >> afraid that somebody that might might try to take the dog, you know, and auction it way hi, of course over my head. >> the bonds that the k9's and their partners have are stilet. officials say only a police officer either active or retired or someone who trains k9 officers are allowed to bid. you just do feel for officer hickey and his partner who has no say in the matter. >> you have seen the girl scouts, pushing those shortbreads on the streets and grocery stores, soon those addictive cook that's show up in your e-mail inch box. how things are changing. >> teenager plunges into icy water unable to get back on dry land. luckily for him, just the right person happened to be nearby. how he was saved.
5:42 pm
mr. tom sredenschek. >> is it too early to talk playoffs with your philadelphia pliers? just ahead why the next two weeks will help further redefine that word. and the broncos and panthers prepare the toughest part of superbowl week. it happens tonight. talk about it later in sports. across america, people like basketball hall of famer
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>> upper darby police superintendent michael chitwood hit cents chat room today talking to interested children at the saint pio school in south philly. he talked with the student about what he does to protect the upper darby community.
5:46 pm
then, with the help of the very smart kids at saint pio, red a book to the class. >> the white house is officially launched a billion dollar proposal to fight cancer. >> of course you remember president obama announced in the state of union address a plan to cure cans near matter of years. he called it a moon shot initiative. well, today, the president met with health and human services secretary sill vera to talk about the new task force, their work focused on cancer detection, prevention, using technology to carry out high risk, high return research aimed at big breakthroughs in a short time vice president joe biden heads up the task force. our goal is to make a decades worth of advances in five years, instead of ten. and eventually, ends cancer as we know it. we're not trying to make increment al change. we are looking for quantum leams. >> those quantum leaps will cost a lot of money. proposal includes a $755 million request as part of the next federal budget. it is unclear if congress will
5:47 pm
approve that a prepare creation. >> concerned citizens and celebrities from across the country rallying to support the people of flint during the water crisis. rapper and producer timber lands even arrange the for benefit concert in detroit. the performer left than high and dry. fox's josh landon has the story. that's now going viral. >> according to the owner mitchell, the night took a turn when the club did not have the champagne ace of spades. it could only accommodate the music artist and his crew with bottles of dom. by this time it was already midnight with packed house, and the owner says timber land did not want to perform. >> his manager said he was not in the mood for it because we did not have the proper champagne that they had requested on their guest rider. >> one picture of the music artist sitting at boot. tells me at some point, timber land got on stage but he still did not perform his half hour set which was part of the deal. >> we put in a call to a rep for the music art toys get a
5:48 pm
comment, but we did not hear back. >> what is timber lands or his entourage say hey this is a fundraiser for flint? >> they did not seem to know much about it, i was stunned by their lack of knowledge, and their lack every caring for it, especially since several other notable hip hop artists including m and m, p. ditty. >> snoop dog. >> snoop dog, the game, have all make personal donations, million dollars, million bottles of water, huge donations made by a bunch of hip hop artist, ton of them, now with no michigan connection. >> snoop dog paid a visit over the weekend to perform at the mass on i can tell until detroit, not before he met flint's mayor. he also wore the t-shirt that says: flint lives matter. here's what he posted on his social media page. >> had to stop by flint michigan do some positive work. >> even without timber land the club said it raised about $5,000 for flint. people in parts of southern california recovering from massive storm that hit last night.
5:49 pm
one person is dead, and more than 150,000 were without power at the worse of it. how long winds, bone chilling temperatures, and fresh snow, fell in california, in san diego 80-foot tall tree fell on a car killing the driver. the storms also creating difficult driving conditions for people there. massive trees snapped like toothpicks, causing damage from san diego to north los angeles, and parts of los angeles count coy get two to 4 inches of snow on monday. >> my family and i thought it would be a great idea to go down to disney lands for the day, because the line would be a little bit less, and so i know i was coming up to some weather, but, when i stepped outside of the car to get gas, it was a surprise. >> hundreds of work crews across the area scrambling to try and restore power, and their bracing for even more trouble. >> there on the grapevine i5, tough place when it gets snow. meanwhile in indianna teenager fell into semi frozen water, but thanks to the police officer, who just so happened to be nearby, that boy's now
5:50 pm
safe, he's found, he's dry. fox's brian has their incredible story. >> somebody in the water. >> around 2:00 saturday afternoon a 14 year old boy chase add softball on to the semi frozen pond. here at the park wood mobile home community in laurence. >> i could see the kid's head above water, arms on top of the ice. >> dustin, the first officer on scene. >> i have a child of my own. and immediately, i mean, absolutely immediately i was envisioning my child that was out here in the water and i just came here as fast as coy. >> took off some of his gear, and returned into the water, breaking up parts of the ice, to get to the boy. >> luckily by the grace of god i was just in the right place at the right time. >> happy for the break in the weather. but it is going to melt this ice very quickly. >> laurence police department captain gary woodrough says during the large temperature swings we've had recently, people get a false sense of security. >> it is a good reminder for
5:51 pm
everyone of the dangers of going out to a ponds that seems safe, about that ice is pretty thin with the melting ice, and it is just not worth your life. >> officers say they hope this will make people think twice before they walk onto a frozen pond. and realize there are better options than going out on the ice. >> these ponds are notoriously dangerous. just inherently dangerous. so, staying at point of safety, throwing something in to bring it back to the shore is much safer way. >> doctors checked the boy at the hospital, but he's already back home and he's doing fine. this looks like a photo shoot from another era. but it is happening now, and right here in our area. the local photographer who is bringing back the art of pin-up. why she thinks asks so important. >> brutal video just released by philadelphia police. man inside a restaurant, who police are looking for, and what they did to their victim. next at 6:00. >> also at 6:00 is the picture
5:52 pm
getting any clearer as to what caused the amtrak derailment that killed eight people? investigators today offer new pieces to that puzzle.
5:53 pm
5:54 pm
5:55 pm
>> girl cookie season, probably seen the sets around your town with the delicious treats. >> i still have to get mine. >> have you got yours yet? now, you've got new way to order those thin mint; peanut butter patty, whatever you prefer.
5:56 pm
the girl scouts have sold those delicious cookies. i used to sell them, troop 213, you know them, on the streets, knocking at doors, now going digital. it is called cocoa direct. cocoa direct. and now the scouts can sends awe invite, via e-mail, to order cookies on line, and they'll ship to your house. >> it is a big thing for a lot of people who live out of the state, or town, and they want to support you. they just can't because they're not near you and so it is a really good toll. -- tool. >> very well spoken young lady. now, remember do you have get e-mail from girl scout to take advantage of the service, don't worry they're still selling cookies the olds fashioned way. >> speaking of that, local photograph is her taking some old-fashioned pictures, but not the kinds you might finds in your grandparents photo albumns. >> grand parent, i guess bringing back the art of the pin-up. but this isn't just about being sexy. fox 29's photo journalist, boil, takes us into the pages
5:57 pm
of the pin up. >> you got it. >> great. >> right there. >> have a little bit straighter. you got it. >> for the last 11 years, photographer sill he is has worked to get the best of her pin up models. >> oh, look at up, go, girl. >> at first little nervous, and it was awkward. >> good. >> she makes me so comfortable, owe i, and laugh about the goofy faces i was making. >> why are you looking at me? go for it. >> people travel from all over the country, just to have their pictures taken by seles. >> perfect. >> so, our clients are pretty much every day women, not used to having the camera, no experience in front of the camera. specially not 19 50's pin up girl, totally different look that they're used to every
5:58 pm
day. >> i just have to do more liner and more touch up under her eye. >> denise getting her photos for her husband. >> crazy about each other. we have two kids. >> sometimes you become distracted little bit with your relationship. >> just fun. >> just adds little extra fun, extra element to our relationship, hey, i am thinking about you. >> women will come in to post for all different reasons. come in just to have photo of themselves, when they are 09 years old look back, look, it is me, i am a pin up. i look pretty amazing. they'll come in if they're getting married, to celebrate a birthday, if they lost weight, if they battled cancer. >> the holidays are the busiest, booking month or two in advance. you got t holds it right there. >> it makes every woman feel sexy, and feel confident. >> keep it right there. >> you can be anything you
5:59 pm
want to be for the day. it gives woman a chance to do that. >> now, can your right elbow rest in there. >> i don't think i will a have it in our living room, but probably in his office. then he cannot forget about me while he's working during the day. >> "fox 29 news". tonight at 6:00 after months of investigating why amtrak 188 derailed in philadelphia, new pieces to the puzzle. what we just found out about what happened in the train accident that killed eight, and injured dozens of other. but it is time to put up or, well, you know the rest, in iowa as candidates makes final push in the first official result in the race for the white house. 2016. we're live in iowa, as candidates make one last pitch. >> live from center city in philadelphia, this is "fox 29 news" at 6:00. >> new clues revealed today in the deadly amtrak derailment
6:00 pm
that killed eight people. so, are we any closer to knowing the cause of the derailment? good evening, thanks for joining us, i'm iaian padge. >> i'm lucy noland the man at the center of the investigation engineer brian boss tee and. tonight bruce gordon got first look at exactly what bostian said about that fateful night. >> yes, lucy, transcripts of pair of investigators interviews with brandon bostian were among 2200 pages of investigative material released today by the ntsb, the transcript suggesting bostian's memory improved greatly when re interviewed months after the crash. >> investigative documents released by the national transportation safety board show no signs of malfunction in the train, its brakes, the tracks, or the signals on the night of the faith al crash. but lawyers representing some of the 200 passengers injured say comments made by the train's engineer, brandon bostian, is suggesting he is to blame for the tragedy. says robert? >> what we've learned is the


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