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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 7A  FOX  February 2, 2016 7:00am-9:01am EST

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ground hog. >> a marmount, family of animals. i was reading that. >> big dumb rat. >> they are dancing. >> the ground hog dance. >> we will get you whatever we have to do here because this is going to happen in about five minutes when the sun finally comes up. we hear the skies are clear which did his not bode well. >> did you ever watch super nanny. >> yes. >> there she is. she will be on good day all morning long. she has a new show called go jo, or nanny jo. she has this new show. she wants to help with you parenting. if you have any parenting questions for nanny jo, use the hashtag fox 29 good day. >> and then be sure to watch, and see what she has to say. she will respond tour questions. >> probably after the 9:00 o'clock hour. is that facebook. >> facebook, twitter, instagram. >> instagram. >> take a pick of the kids.
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>> she's the kind of parent that you wish that you could be. she sticks to her guts. >> very discipline. >> she's a nanny. >> we will go, tubing would be more time about the percentages with the groundhog today, punxsutawney phil. 86 percent chance that phil will see his. and, after that cold front came through yesterday, that weather by the numbers, we have an eight out of ten, and then as we look at bus stop buddy, our other little character here we're full of characters here, temperatures are actually in the 30's in the city this morning. 36 degrees right the now, sunrise official at almost 7:20. it will be 50 at the end of the day, mostly sunny, little will cooler then yesterday. time for traffic at 7:02. we have got an accident on 309 southbound at pennsylvania avenue. this is blocking right lane and traffic is slowing down. you cannot see it the through
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this penndot camera but it is there and it will take you longer 309 southbound at pennsylvania a avenue. one lane block at chapter chalfont with an entrapment there. police are directing traffic around that scene. your travel speed this morning it is going to take you half an hurry to get i-95 southbound from woodhaven to the vine. about 26 minutes on the blue route, act a you'll i on 76 from the blue route, to the vine street expressway, mike and alex. >> i'm sure you have heard by now ted cruz is winner in iowa, republican caucus. donald trump came in second place and right behind him marco rubio, in a very close third finish. but the democratic race is still a cliff hanger. i know you went to bed when they were vetting. they are still voting. hillary clinton against vermont senator bernie sanders. here you go. >> i'm excited, about really getting into the debate with senator sanders about the best
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way forward. >> i think about what happened tonight, i think the people of iowa have sent a very pro found message to the political establish. >> all right. so let's talk about this. it seems as if, hillary clinton has gonna head just enough to probably later today declare herself the winner. she didn't do it during the speech but her campaign declared that she was winner about 11:00 o'clock last night. some people didn't like that. >> the fact is, this is a historic race because of how close they were. >> true, but when all settles, everything settles i think they both get the the same amount of delegates for the convention and when did iowa get it right, anyway, especially on the republican side, 2012, rick santorum, rel willly. 2008, mike huckabee.
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really. i don't know how excited i would be on either side but hillary clinton has to be shocked, she cannot be feeling good about it. >> now it is on to new hampshire. >> where bernie sanders has a 26-point lead. >> and donald trump has a lead so maybe he will bounce back. >> we have learn from this donald trump has had a lead for a while. >> true. >> he had a lead in the iowa caucus and that didn't turnout well for him. >> it wasn't that far behind. >> a a lot of people were expecting him to win. >> because he kept saying he was going to. so did the polls. >> bill cosby is going to be in court. the let me tell you one more time, montgomery county courtroom, first hearing on bill cosby a's criminal charges. >> well to day could be just the beginning or the very end for this. so dave kinchen is live at the courthouse to explain the pos built. >> alex and mike, good morning to you. bill cosby's arrival is set for the 9:00 o'clock hour, we
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understand and of course is there media here all around the the country watching as bill cosby's legal team tries to get his legal wows off of cosby's back. the here's what we can tell you, cosby is charged with aggravated indecent assault, accused of drugging and sexually assaulting annex temple university employee, andrea constand at his montgomery county home in 2004. cosby says that encounter was consensual but the question is that will be answer today is whether cosby is protected from prosecution, based on a deal that was made years ago, that no prosecution deal was made with former montgomery county district attorney bruce castor and cosby's attorney at the the time. bruce castor will be called we understand as one of cosby's witnesses. a beg question is will these charges stand offer will that he a agreement stand and therefore that would mean that the charges could not take place. a big question here. we are just under 23 -- two
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hours when cosby is expect to arrive here at the montgomery county courthouse. >> lets try to answer your questions or get some opinions with our attorney ken rottweiler our legal analyst. so remind us, again, expand on what dave said. what is the issue the judge has to decide. >> there is one issue that the judge will decide and that is whether there was a valid non-prosecution agreement made in 2005 when bruce castor and the then d.a. and bill cosby's attorneys, bill cosby's attorneys. >> was it so. >> that is the the case. it wasn't in writing. i will tell what you they will try to prove. for cosby they will try to say there was this valid non-prosecution agreement. bruce castor i think will testify today that he in fact made that agreement. >> bruce castor is again the d.a., in montgomery county back when this was all coming down in 2004/2005. >> that is right. >> what bruce castor will say is there were three part toys a agreement, bruce castor,
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bill cosby's criminal lawyer and andrea constand's lawyer. bruce castor is only person that will say there was an valid agreement because bill cosby's criminal lawyer died in february of 2015, and andrea constand's lawyer will deny there was ever an agreement made at all. in addition to that, risa furhman, who was the prosecutor after castor, right. >> yes. >> who is not the d a a now because kevin steele is d.a. now. it gets confusing. but she will say if she's called as a witness that she was very much involved in this bill cosby case in 2005. >> she knew about the deal. >> she will say she didn't know about the deal, that goes against there being that the court would say that there was a deal in 2005. by the the way, she's intimately involved with the cosby case. she was bruce castor's first assistant. you have bruce castor saying there was a deal. they call risa furhman as a witness they will say she wasn't a deal.
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i will say there wasn't a a deal. they cannot prove there was a deal. >> it sound like your word against mine in a courtroom it is all about proof. fit is your word against somebody else's you haven't proven it. >> let's say this moves forward, there is no deal. >> which i think is what will happen. >> how does that have ramifications on anybody else accusing him. >> there is a possibility if this casings forward those other witnesses 50 plus witnesses, some of those witnesses will be called as witness in this case. the trial judge will make a decision whether he a allowed that testimony in. that is a trial judge's call. if it is something they can have prove it was a pattern of conduct and similar instances and basically mirrored what andrea constand is saying then a trial judge can let them in. >> big day for bill cosby. >> this is a huge day. >> this is business day bill cosby will ever have in court so far. as a matter of fact in they rule the prosecution is not going to go forward this is only case in the country that bill cosby has criminal
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exposure. there is no other case. >> so this is it. >> thinks the big one, real big day for bill cosby. >> we will there been in two hours from now. >> you will say, and be on stand by. >> i'm here for three hours. >> we can see bill cosby coming out. >> i made coffee. >> you did good. >> i do need to stay awake. >> you don't drink coffee. >> no. >> okay, fine. >> unbelievable violent scene inside a chinese, restaurant, kind of an eatery during lunchtime, a man repeatedly stabbed, punched, whipped. >> his attackers, they didn't seem to care there was security cameras recording the the whole thing. they put their face right in the camera, steve keeley. where is this place. >> reporter: right on broad street, brutal, brazen on broad and these guys didn't care about a lot of things including regard for human life, they don't care it is high noon right at the lunch hour beginning and as you you watch this video you're likely going to wonder what the the police and public that chris o'connell showed it to near this local chinese take ought,
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coincidently called lucky garden as this guy gets pummeled. what possibly could he have done to deserve this. >> you are not safe no where around here. you have to be on point all the time. >> i am scared but it is normal around here. >> that was brutal. >> i don't know what he did but it was a shame he got beat up like that. >> i'm afraid. >> i just want to come and get food. >> reporter: if you don't recognize those three faces we showed you may be you recognize their getaway car. gray pontiac grand prix. here's the license plate. they have a good look at these guys and car and plate, jzn9752. we know kid watch this show. it is so bad that the guy gets punched five times, stabbed twice, they make him take off his belt. not because they want to steel it the but they whip him with hit. guy is critical. he isn't able to help police just yet. police hoping he recovers and
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tells them what he did or who he knows an why this happened but until then they are hoping the public recognizes those guys. >> the the fact that it happened in the middle of the day. >> around noon time. >> police figure the carries still out there in the street. >> these guys are so stupid because they did this in front of the witnesses and four different surveillance cameras, they are stupid enough to be driving around with this because as we know these brazen criminals are not known for their mit diplomas on the wall at home. >> certainly not. >> okay. is 11 past 7:00 on this tuesday, look sue serio. >> sue, i have to tell you manchester's groundhog say spring will come early. >> well, manchester, we're interested in punxsutawney. >> we're on stand by. >> there are a lot of pretenders but phil is still the king. they made a movie about him. we will watch that again and again. flood watch in effect for tomorrow. it starts at noon time tomorrow and goes on noonan thursday for all of the counties you you see here.
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here's what we are expecting not today, but tomorrow. in the afternoon, heavy rain that could add up to a inch, inch and a half with wrapped snow melt, so that combined means poor drainage and street flooding and also minor to moderate flooding of streams and creeks out there. if you live here, you may get some tomorrow. tomorrow's record high temperatures, some of them could be broken, including philadelphia. where the record is 62. it is setback in 2006. way back then ten years ago. the forecast is for 65 degrees. main wilmington, atlantic city could see a railroaded high as well. it is 36 degrees in the city this morning. much chillier to the north of us with temperatures in the the 20's and pottstown and mount pocono, and reading, and then, for today, we will still expect temperatures to be above the average of 41. unlike yesterday we are at 50 instead of 59 degrees here groundhog day. fifty is still nice.
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windy and wet on wednesday, and then dry weather all the way through the weekend. that is a look at your weather authority forecast, checking traffic real quick, an accident on pennsylvania a avenue at pennsylvania turnpike. it is blocking right lane and slowing folks down around fort washington. travel picked up on the schuylkill at spring garden. a as far as travel speed are concerned, kind of slow on i-95 around that woodhaven road exit, it is pretty much every day and slow go, on the schuylkill but not too slow, a at least through most of it, guys. >> 7:13. quickly to lauren. >> camden county this morning police are looking for a missing brother and sister whom they say were taken by their mother, kenya garrett. her children are one year-old jeff on, and three-year old kenya. police have not issued an amber alert but continue to assess the situation. anyone with information or whereabouts should contact the camden county police. police tell us a man hit by multiple cars on roosevelt boulevard has died, and the man was running on the road,
7:14 am
and only in his underwear, waving his arms and then singing. police do in the know if he was under the influence but believe there was an under lining mental condition. at least two of the cars stayed on the scene but police are looking at surveillance cameras to track down more witnesses. new details in the the deadly amtrak derailment are copping from brandon bostian the man behind the controls and or asking has his story change. documents released yesterday by the national transportation safety board show bostian had a much clearer memory of what happened, when he was interviewed six months after the crash, and at that time, he told investigators he accelerated and then realizing a mistake by the the the breaks. but that is different then what he initially told investigators days after the crash. back then he said that the last thing he remember was approaching and passing the platforms in north philadelphia lawyers representing some of the 200 passengers injured say these comments make them believe he is to blame. >> what we have learn is the the the problem was brandon bostian and the problem
7:15 am
remains his changing story. >> the documents released yesterday do not indicate that he was distract, or impaired, in anyway. today, chaka fattah junior will learn his faith the faith after being quick of fraud, the son of the congressman fattah, senior will appear in court to be sentenced. prosecutors say fattah junior scammed banks, irs, government loan administrators and philadelphia school district out of more than $100,000. he represented himself and claims that the charges were a way to go after his father. chaka fattah junior plans to appeal that conviction, mike and alex. >> so we are getting word here that possibly the democratic caucus out of iowa has been decided. lets get to doug luzader who is in des moines, what are you hearing, doug. >> well, we're hearing fox has now called this for hillary clinton, not exactly a shock, things were trend nothing that direction but man, the the razor thin margin between hillary clinton and bernie sanders really surprising last
7:16 am
night. bottom line is they will both walk away with almost the a same number of delegates, that the republican side, much clearer cut but man, i just can't imagine a closer race then we saw last night. >> by the way here in pennsylvania we are waiting for punxsutawney fill will fill, if i interrupt you, doug i apologize for a ground hog upstaging you. we have known each other for years. >> animal act always come first. >> that is for sure. >> they each get same number of delegates. donald trump gets a couple less than ted cruz, right. >> reporter: right, it was a relatively close contest but real surprise isn't that the donald trump came in second it is that he had to fight for second place. marco rubio just poured on the gas yesterday, and really, over performed, based on the kind of polling data we saw heading into the contest and he came in a very, very close third, almost beating donald
7:17 am
trump. if trump had come in third yesterday that would have been hugy was watching that number all night, rubio almost did it and then gave a really good acceptance speech. he has momentum like crazy, alex, heading in to new ham shire. >> yes, he does, the polling data that we had, real quickly, that we have from caucus goers indicate those who spreade lick ability generally went for marco rubio it almost seems like people are saying this iowa caucus redefines what it means to win and to lose. >> are. >> not that the iowa has chosen the the nominee, it has been a while. we will get right back to you. we have to get to western pennsylvania for something very light. we will tell you much more winter we will get. that is the the theory around punxsutawney phil. >> here we are taking a live look, at gobbler's k thenoob.
7:18 am
>> let's listen to this guy. >> to prepare, one says perhaps winter, and i will play that on the the stump. >> okay. i have another that says perhaps spring. >> come on, spring. >> we will get phil out. we will put him on the stump. he will talk to our president in groundhogease and we will see what is in store for us. now i would like to introduce to you. >> let's take that sound down a little bit as they introduce the dignitaries and give you the theory again for especially the kids who are watching this. if the groundhog comes out of his little bureau there and it is hit by sunshine, it sees its shadow and it scares him and he runs back in for six more weeks. that means we will get have more weeks of cold weather. we go through this every year.
7:19 am
they have so much bright tv lights on that he always sees his shadow, but then we have to get to the weather people and see fit is cloudy. >> fit is cloudy then we can say yes, we will get early spring. >> this is just a big waste of time because if you look up in the sky and there are clear skies, it the is obvious he will see his shadow. >> sue says he has a 86 percent chance of him seeing his shadow today. >> but it is clear there right now. >> wouldn't that be hundred percent. >> no. >> because you know. >> the tree, might be behind the tree. >> that theory is that the groundhog will come out, get scared, because of the bright sunshine and go back in and bureau for the next six weeks but what he likes sunshine and stays out and looks around. >> so in other words this whole behavior can change in 2016, after all of these years, he might like the the sun, maybe he is get sewing old he wants to move to florida. >> could be he wants to retire. >> yes. >> it the is possible. >> go out to dinner a the 4:30 in the afternoon. >> we lose the the shot.
7:20 am
>> oh, no. >> how will we know, my goodness. >> there it is. >> they is. >> ohio. they knock on the door. >> i can't believe he is lock in. >> how cuties the little door. >> do we get the sound. >> crank it up so we can over it. >> the cheers. >> somebody is rooting for no shadow. >> we see him. >> he is fighting it. >> we love old man winter. >> he is fight to go look out. >> i know, it really hasn't been that bad, just that one giant storm. >> it could be worse i'm concern we are going to make up for it. >> we have had some of our biggest storms in march. >> ladies and gentlemen, punxsutawney phil look at how cute. >> he has already pooped on him good apparently he takes it over to one of the elders
7:21 am
and they speak groundhogease into his ear. is that bill murray. >> by the the way, i have a quiz. what is the guy's name in the movie groundhog day who keeps stemming in the the ice water in the gutter. >> don't answer it. >> nedryerson. >> i got you. >> they gave him a little red carpet to be on this year. >> i'm nervous. >> all right, is what the verdict. it is clear skies. >> i want to hear the official ruling. >> here you, here you, this second day of february, 2016, the the 130th annual track of
7:22 am
the punxsutawney ground hog club, punxsutawney phil, seer of seers, prognosticator was a awakened from his before he to the cheers of his thousands of faithful followers. >> so cute. >> in groundhogeasy direct the president in the near circle the at precise predictions, which translated reads the inner circle will goes to great end to keep me abreast of the the latest trends. down in my bureau i never get bored, riding on my hoverboard. >> we have the hoverboard. >> i sure have fun flying my drone, but the weather forecasting is my comfort zone. is this current warming trend as if current warm weather more than a trend? perchance, this winter has come to an end. there is no shadow, to be cast, an early spring is my
7:23 am
forecast. >> yeah. >> well, i don't know. >> he beat the odds that phil. >> maybe it is cloud cover. maybe there is a little cloud cover there and spring has sprung, let's celebrate with lottery numbers. >> yes. >> yes. >> yes. >> look at my man phil. >> yes. oh remotes, you've had it tough.
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for a while some airlines were blowing off free peanuts, pretzels, cookies and chips. >> you have to pay for it all. >> some airlines you do have to pay, but that is changing, lauren, which airlines are we talking about. >> well, united and american and delta because they never took away free food at delta a. but they are giving you you free snacks, even if you are sitting in coach. >> so thank you. >> what can you get? american most likely in april, yes, pretzels, and costco cookies, they are really delicious european cookies,
7:27 am
biscuiti type cookies. they sell it in a store in the jar, spreadable version, which is good. why they are giving it to us? why? how profitable are they now. report profits. they have merged. jet fuel is super cheap. they can do it. take back your cookies, bag of pretzels, maybe ask for two and say thank you because you are finally getting something. >> now that we have supported all these airlines all these years, you paid out thousands of dollars, they pay it back with nuts. >> yes. >> that is nuts. >> yep. >> not even nuts, because i'm not sure you can get nuts at american with those allergies. >> that is true. >> yeah. >> so you get a free drink. >> i'll hold on to that drink. >> very true. >> all right, we will see you tomorrow. lets talk about this, we got word from "fox news" channel they have declared hillary clinton won democratic caucus in iowa by about, that much. maybe the tightes race in,
7:28 am
well, maybe in history who knows. political experts is here. what does this mean for moving on to new hampshire, bernie/hillary, marco rubio did well. donald trump. he didn't win. puffs knows winter... hard on your nose there's the endless runny noses. the sneezes that just won't quit and of course, the biting cold of snow day play. that's why puffs is soft. puffs plus lotion tissues... ...are gentle on skin. they help soothe irritation by locking in moisture better. so you can get out and enjoy winter a nose in need deserves puffs indeed. for softness that fits anywhere, try puffs softpack.
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we continue to celebrate black history month. we will highlight the country's first african-american billion air. oh, what a night. what a night in the state of iowa. one race, was so close, there were too close to call all night up until about 20 minutes ago. the another one in the upset. here are highlights tonight is i victory of the grass routes. >> people of this state sent a very clear message after seven years of barack obama we are not waiting any longer to take our country back. >> iowa, we love you, we thank you. you're special. we will be back many, many times. in fact i think i might come back here and buy a farm, i love it. >> as i stand here, tonight breathing a big sigh of relief, thank you, iowa.
7:32 am
>> but iowa has begun tonight. it is a political revolution. >> republican strategies joe watkins and democratic statue matthew weaver are here. matthew, let's start with bernie. has he started a political revolution. he would like to think so. >> i think, he started a political revolution and it will be a fund raising one. would i not even try to go on the internet next couple days. his on line fund raising will get through the roof. this is what he needed to show my ability. not only to go past new hampshire where we know he will do well but get those big, big fund raising totals down the road. >> overnight you are exactly right. his fund raising exploded. >> joe, even though he won, and he is ahead by 26 points in new hampshire, can he win in nevada, can he win south carolina. >> are you talking about ted cruz. >> no, bernie sanders.
7:33 am
>> bernie, bernie, no, no, i think he will win new hampshire. he has momentum. he will be a able to raise more money which is huge for him, and again, he will likely do well in south carolina hillary clinton still has strong support of african americans in south caroline and a that is meant to be her firewall. it was a real race. it wasn't before. it the is right now. >> i was surprised but i'm glad she dit. she used the word i'm relieved, joe that was surprising toward the even of the speech. >> she's very relieved. bernie sanders came on very strong. nearly up evenedder in iowa. it would have been a big deal if bernie sanders won iowa last night. >> matthew, lets get back to you. marco rubio, i know you air democrat, he did really well. he almost knock off donald trump. did you hear donald trump, i will go back to iowa and buy a farm. is he over for him, trump.
7:34 am
>> i think, when i was watching marco rubio coming out of no where to almost, bypass trump, even punxsutawney phil could not have predicted. he can take that establishment vote and now say they are looking at exit polling saying he is one that is most electable in november. he is dominate ago this category. that is a real problem for the other two candidates. >> that was an amazing, i'm's not taking side here but he gave an acceptance speech. in fact they all gave acceptance speech last night, except for donald trump. that is most disdone certed look on his face. >> you have to realize that ted cruz taught donald trump a lesson and the message is ground game matters. if you want to translate the support that you have in the polls to votes, you need get your people there to the caucus or to the primary. >> kitkat kline in the control
7:35 am
room, role the the next slide because i don't know what it is. >> i was told by everybody, do not get to iowa, you could never finish even in the top ten. i said but i have friend in iowa. i know a lot of people in iowa. i think they will like me. let me give it a shot the. >> then he just took off, was that a good strategy, because you know what he said at these rallies is that i'm always been a winner. i'm a winner. i'm a winner in business. i'm a winner in everything i do. i'm so farrah head in these political poles, i cannot be stopped. now he cannot use the word winner. >> i think donald will get in new hampshire with a sizable lead there. he hads a big show. he has boots on the ground in new hampshire and follow that up with a strong performance in south carolina it will be a race now. ted cruz has a huge financial advantage. he has raised more money. he has got organization obviously. he will be guy to watch. marco rubio did berth than
7:36 am
anybody expected. we have on watch him as well coming into new hampshire and heading into south carolina. >> what does hillary clinton say when she gets to new hampshire. she's already there, matthew. >> i think -- >> does she go one of those. >> well, she says she can breathe a sigh of relief it is little bit of spin and fact. she was in iowa for a very, very long time, hoping not to repeat what happened to her in 2008 that allowed sort of a lesser known barack obama to come up and surge in iowa. a win is always a win and that is good spin but i think, right now there is a little bit of the wake up call as there has to be that, you know. >> when marco rubio came out the first thing out of his mouth was they said i didn't have enough gray hair to win. does that fly? should he stop that line. >> that is a great line, what he is doggies making third place finish sound like a
7:37 am
victory. it was a victory. nobody expect him to come as close as he did. he nearly tied donald trump. nobody expect him to come that close. but he had a much better ground game then anybody expect. his comments, young guy, not having enough fray hair. >> it is in the your turn marco, wait. well this country can't afford to wait any longer. matthew, good to see you. joe, thank you. we will talk many more times before november. we will take a quick break. 7:37. we will be right back.
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7:40 am
we have a couple of tweets in, now what was the question. >> it says with iowa caucus and groundhog day, who is more accurate, the people of iowa or punxsutawney phil. >> it is punxsutawney phil, punxsutawney fill will phillies 55 percent right. >> over past three decades. >> on the republican side, i believe, no, i think it was republican side it is 42 percent of the time they're right on who they choose. they become nominee.
7:41 am
for democrats it is 50 percent of the time they choose the nominee. >> there you go. >> so the groundhog is better at predicting things. >> 7:41. >> back in 2012, rick santorum went on and didn't get very far, in 2008, it was mike huckabee. >> brett the hit man heart revealed he has prostate cancer. >> he is making plans to have surgery but he had an emotional post on his instagram. i have had a great life long dance and survivor of many battles. his nickname was the excellence of execution. >> yes. >> he retired in 1999 after getting a concussion and in 2002 he survived a stroke. he says, love is his weapon. he survived a lot. now he is another battle. >> so popular back in the day. >> tom loudon my condolences, well, he is in the the dead
7:42 am
but fighting cancer he is a survivor. he survived other stuff. >> that is a tough cancer too. >> 7:42. adele has a message for donald trump, stop it. >> find out why she wants him to stop using her songs at his campaign rallies. >> hey, jen. we are here in his home. >> we are. >> look at that. >> okay, all right. >> now, come on back, you'll help us we will go through metabolic moves, not the eating fries and, pick up weight all day long so get ready.
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well, we have some breaking news, of course, our eyes has been on the bill cosby hearing that will be happening today in montgomery county courthouse. we have had word that bill cosby here he is, he is on his way to the montgomery county courthouse from elkins park. this hearing is scheduled to be around 9:00, and remember this is a very big hearing because his case is possibly, sexual assault charges could be thrown out today. we will make sure to keep you updated. we have a reporter waiting outside, we will have a live look and watch bill cosby making his way to the courtroom.
7:46 am
sue? we are keeping an eye on weather, plus the groundhog in case you missed it mere moments ago, punxsutawney phil did not see his shadow and that means, an early spring, according to him, and according to actually the temperatures we have been seeing to start the month. there is leading edge of the precipitation, blizzard conditions in iowa and just in time for the caucus to be over, i'll get it the out. we have a flood watch in effect, through thursday at noon, for all of the counties you see represented in green. it will be a lot of rain, so snow left on the ground especially here in philadelphia we have only 2 inches left of our 22 inches. still 9 inches left in allentown, between the the rain we are getting tomorrow and really mild temperatures, by thursday, most of it is out of here. 36 degrees right the now. 25 degrees in lancaster. twenty-four in reading. it is still a lot chillier then it it was yesterday. as far as average high, well,
7:47 am
that is 41 degrees but still things soared the past couple days with our temperatures. sunday high of 58. yesterday 59. today, 50 degrees for the rest of your groundhog day. it will not be a repeat tomorrow of today because we will completely be different. windy and wet. wind driven rain. sixty-five our high. that will be a new record for february 3rd. by thursday though we will be drying out and we will in the see much snow on the ground. it will be cooler with a high of 49 degrees and stays in the mid to upper 40's throughout weekend even into monday. that is your seven day forecast, time to check traffic at almost 12 minutes until 8:00. we have i-95 past a academy road. things are slowing down on the southbound side but still no major delays and vine street expressway, has had heavy volume there very slow go in the city. plan for longer travel times if you have not made your way out the the the door just yet and travel times from the the blue route to the vine on the schuylkill, it is a 34 minute
7:48 am
trip and it is kind of slow there on i-95 southbound from woodhaven to the vine. mike and alex. >> my they are bye mens health magazine every single will issue has a guy showing off his abs. >> wouldn't you show your abs if you have abs. >> well, look at that stomach. >> he has a circumstantialer he wants to you see his before picture. he said secret is getting fit, well, it is a lot easier then you think. >> jen is in allentown with this guy. >> well, she doesn't have her microphone on. that is why it is a secrete just said, he has a secret. so he will not tell you what it is, that is what a secret is. >> they are going to great lengths to keep this secret. >> don't tell anybody. >> maybe you'll give us a a hint. >> look at the the jen's face. >> like what? >> now she's smiling.
7:49 am
>> just show his abs we don't need to do anything. >> there you you go. >> you can hear me now. >> yes. >> i can hear myself, that always goes well. >> how are you. >> i'm great. >> this is you without your clothes on. >> it is. >> this is you with your fierce face. >> that is more of a contemplated why am i here face. >> one of the things you want people to know you recognize that people look at mens health magazine and they get intimidated. >> absolutely. >> there is no reason to be. >> what we do is try to find ways to get people moving every single will day. that is not who i am. i'm a a fat guy, playing a fit guy. it is a battle. i have to work out, eat well. if i don't get a effort in this picture will look different. >> you have this first week of february a lot of people fallen off wagon in terms of their fitness goals and what they are doing. you say is there a couple moves that we could do to still potentially be in the bathing suit by memorial day.
7:50 am
>> absolutely, they involve multiple muscle groups, you can do them at home. the the first one grab those dumbbells. do these. >> what do you have. >> ten's. >> not too much. >> big focus is we will get a split stance. lower and control, grab that back knee. raise your arms to the size. legs, hipps, shoulders all in one. i like to add the top to make sure. >> a little karate kick there. >> do 5reps per side as many as you can in ten minutes. it is the the whole body. great movement. >> so metabolic means more than one body part at one time. >> metabolic means movement is elevating metabolism, it will put you with enough intensity to put you in oxygen debt which means you burn calories recovering. >> while drinking eating my frenchfries. >> yes, off setting the work out. >> i want people to understand what he is talking b what is next move.
7:51 am
>> put the the dumbbells down. you are usually washing front side but why not work the back side. people love the back side. >> baby got back. >> here's what we do bent knee position. as you come up from the sit up. hand in place right here. just hip up, lower control, come back. >> is this how we get on the cover. >> extend the legs too. this is cover move right here. >> can i ask you a question is what your title here. >> we're still working on the title will. >> come on. >> who gets to pick the guys for the cover of the magazine every have week. >> no one knows who that guy is. we keep that secret. >> is it a trick. >> i cannot tell thaw either. >> sit a panel. >> you will be on the cover next year. do some of these movements. this is a movement that will get you on the cover. >> last move. >> extended range of motion, all of the great movement. what you will do is place your foot on the low box step,
7:52 am
elevate back foot. otto man would work on the back foot. lower and control. kick the the knee with the ground. come up. how does that feel. >> come on back. 8:00 o'clock mike jerrick, this guy did this crazy rocky work out in the city of philadelphia we will show you that. >> that is not at all what i was showing you. >> no. >> other video at 8:00 in the next thing. >> yes. >> am i doing this wrong. >> yes. >> good job. >> very cool. >> i'm never leaving, alex holley. >> it is nice there. >> 7:53. so lets go back to sky fox, sky fox is still up, bill cosby maybe one of the most important days of his life, going from elkins park to his court hearing in montgomery county. norristown is where the courthouse here. it looks like they are on old
7:53 am
york road. >> this is an important hearing about to have a sexual assault case and former prosecutor, bruce castor, is expect to testify on his behalf. >> bruce castor. >> so we will see what happens there. starts at 9:00. it is a 14 mail trip. should there been in a few minutes. we will be right back. winter is hard on your nose.
7:54 am
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7:55 am
7:56 am
all right. so we're following this suv in sky fox here. it has slowed way down here. they went from bill cosby's home in elkins park, they are heading to the montgomery county courthouse in norristown but the hearing is not scheduled for another hour and it is only a 14, 15-mile trip. so i wonder why they left so early and now they have come to a stop. is that traffic related. >> we cannot tell. we will be following his car. we have people at the courthouse, but we will see bill cosby. >> do we have a shot on the ground yet because we were looking at shots on twitter, not yet, the media presence is
7:57 am
unreal. >> and also security presence i have seen picture on twitter, they have extra security there. >> do we have a water main break or something here what is going on here. there is no car in front of him. >> is that running water. >> bill cosby run into a water main break. >> see if sky fox can get around here. >> there is in vehicle in front of him, is there. >> no, there they go. >> they are starting backup. >> it looked like running water to me. >> maybe just a red light. >> they are back on the road. >> so headed to norristown, montgomery county courthouse. >> there is the the courthouse. >> the the folks are waiting for him. >> do you see extra police officers they have there. >> a lot. >> crews from all over the the united states and different parts of the world. cosby show has been seen worldwide over the years in
7:58 am
syndication. we will make sure we take this shot when he pulls up. world health organization declared a international's mergecy over birth defects tied to the zika virus. >> they are wondering what does this mean for us here in the you had. >> doctor mike, what are you hearing now. we hear a story once a week on this. >> is what happening is the the world health organization has come out only for the fourth time now saying hey, this is a emergency. >> fourth time in their history. >> fourth time in the history. h1n1 virus, ebola virus, there has only been four times where they say you need to be careful. if you you are going to be traveling to one of the country that has zika virus cases, you need to be very, very careful especially if you are pregnant. remember, this virus does not cause a serious illness. for regular folks. the the problem is, though that if you're pregnant it can lead to and there is more and more data coming out that there is a relationship to this condition called
7:59 am
microcephaly that we have talk about. >> another problem is it seems like is there still so many questions. last week we were talking about this a lot of women are wondering i may not be pregnant now but what if i want to be pregnant in the future, what about my daughter, will it affect them, later in life. >> the answer is no, no and no. if you are pregnant and planning to be the to the caribbean or mexico or anywhere, i don't know if we have a map. do you see where it is going up to mexico there are case reports in mexico. what i predict it will go further northeast specially as the springtime and summertime comes when mosquitoes come back. >> that is right. >> someone tweeted about this yesterday. they said it is still wintertime around here. >> not the in florida. >> but for our area. should we be worried about at it a this point. >> people are worried about blood traps fusions. you had a virus, you donate blood. that could be a problem. don't pan glike keep us updated on that.
8:00 am
good day, tuesday, february 2nd, 2016. hillary or bernie? how a coin toss is playing a part in the race for the presidency? are you kidding me? cosby, is in court, but will charges stick? why the entire future of this case could depend on what happens this morning. and, super bowl snacks for sunday with a pro, literally, former nfl pro, small player, buba baker, gets fans which his ribs. >> i work out. >> you know there is a work out equipment, we are getting in shape with mens health magazine. why your body is all you need to break a sweat. >> yes. >> even yours, mike.
8:01 am
>> i'm sexy and i don't know it. 8:01 on this tuesday. lets get back to sky fox. this is not a very long trip from elkins park to norristown. >> right. >> 15 miles. >> it could be traffic. it is prime traffic time but it looks like he is coming near. >> let me show you what is going on here, bill cosby and his attorneys are inside that suv. that is what we believe. sky fox has been following him from his house. one of the more important days over his life over the last five or six years or so. he has a court appearance and a judge will to have make a decision that just may change his life. >> this will be a hearing and it business the sexual assault charges and whether or not that hearing from 2005, whether it will stand and be used in this case. >> his attorneys say that bill cosby and the d.a. back then, made a verbal deal that if i give you a deposition here,
8:02 am
you will not press charges against me. we will see what happens. >> 80:00 -- 8:02. what happened in punxsutawney pennsylvania. >> it was cloudy did he not see his shadow that phil. they place had i am there on the carpet, red carpet, they are looking, they are looking, see, it was very zen this year. >> teresa says okay, we get what phil says. they want to know what you think sue, will we have a early spring. >> come out of your bureau, sue. >> bureaus are fun. you know what we're starting off the month a lot milder then we did in january. remember, december was mile. the mild trend just may continue. >> just to remind you that the phil o meter, through you see, no shadow, early spring. >> here's our number today, it is looking good.
8:03 am
it is eight out of ten. we have a lack of rain. we will have so much rain tomorrow but buddy is ready for flyers game against montreal. temperatures in the 30's. chillier start then yesterday because of the coal front that came through but it is still pretty nice looking with lots of sunshine today, and 50 degrees is our high, tonight, the the cloud increase and probably after midnight we will get some showers, a lot of rain tomorrow. we will tell you how much in a few minutes but right the now time to check traffic at about 8:03. it is eastbound on u.s. route 30 at route 100, there is a big, big backup there this morning. police activity as you can see there blocking the left lane and it is holding up traffic. they are just crawling through that part of the u.s. route 30 near route 100. left lane is blocked on i-95 northbound at girard avenue and that is slowing down traffic quite a bit, in fact, travel speeds are down all over the place, it didn't look
8:04 am
that bad last time we checked it but along the schuylkill expressway, long i-95, and all a other major roadways we have a slow down quite a bit this morning. so maybe that party we have been watching with sky fox with bill cosby maybe they are anticipating this traffic we are looking at on this map, mike and alex to be sure to get there on time. >> thank you so much. >> sue. 8:04. bill cosby will be in court, in just a few minutes, for the first time since criminal sexual assault charges were brought against him. his defense will argue an allege prior immunity deal could stand in the way of cosby being prosecuted and that is why this hearing is so important. >> we still have sky fox shot? did we lose that shot? >> dave kinchen is live there. >> but more importantly do we have a shot of bill cosby's car. >> we lost the shot again. we lost it again. >> lets get to dave kinchen. >> that is where bill cosby is going. >> that is right.
8:05 am
>> we will try to get that shot up a as we watch the scene right outside front door of the montgomery county courthouse. you can see massive build up of police, k-9 unit here as well. part of the security apparatus and press from all around the country in the just local and state but all around the country waiting for bill cosby's arrival. he is supposed to be in court with his attorneys. court starts at 9:30. he should be here before that but we know that he left his house, in cheltenham township. he is not quite here yet. we can tell you cosby is aggravated indecent assault, accused of druggeling and sexually assaulting a temple university employee andrea constand in his montgomery county home in 2004. cosby said it was consensual. the issue here is whether cosby is protect from prosecution based on a deal made many years ago about a decade ago. that is a question answered in court. that no prosecution deal was made with former montgomery county d.a. bruce castor and
8:06 am
cosby's attorney at the time. castor is expect to testify in court, perhaps today, as a witness for the cosby defense team but you newly elected d.a. kevin steel said that was in the written down and therefore cannot be enforced. it is up to a judge, judge o'neill will make that decision. court starting at 9:30, again if we bring you back out here live here, a huge presence of police, and you can see barricade there outside the courthouse. the press from all over the place, and, bill cosby is in route, not here just yet. we're still waiting for that right now and hopefully we can get thaw chopper shot the from sky fox. we have been following from above as he left his house in cheltenham township. working his way to the montgomery county courthouse. only about 14 or 15 miles or so in distance but that trip is still in route, guys, back to you you. >> the hearing is not until 9:00 he might stop and get something to eat. i do that all the time.
8:07 am
>> regroup with his attorneys. >> exactly. >> maybe they will have a meeting with. >> there is the chopper, they are still on the move though. what does that sign say. >> a cade use university, mt. airy. >> he is on route 309 it looks like. >> arcadia university is, it used to be beaver university, right. >> beaver college. >> beaver college. >> change it ten years ago or so. they are stuck in traffic. let's move on to this new details of the deadly amtrak derailment last year coming from the man's of the controls of that train. >> brandon bostian documents released yesterday by the the national transportation safety board, they show that he had a much clearer memory of what happened, when he was interviewed, six months after the the crash. at that time he said he remembers accelerate be and realizing a mistake and applying the breaks. he told investigators days after the crash that the last thing he remembered was approaching and passing the
8:08 am
platforms in north philadelphia lawyers representing some of the 200 passengers injured say that comments made by boston suggest that he is to blame for the tragedy. >> what we have learn is the problem was brandon bass tan and the problem remains his changing story. >> well, in this document though, he says six months later, i remember now, i did increase speed, realized it was a mistake and slammed on the brakes but it was too late because he was going twice the speed limit. room icing a mistake, so i slammed on the brakes but it was too late. documents released yesterday do not indicate brandon was distract or impaired and they say the train and the tracks seemed to be fine. they were in the malfunctioning at all. >> there were questions was he using his cell phone, was it turnout.
8:09 am
>> indications are, no. >> were we able to find out why they decided to release that information? they will not make the ruling for months but they released it to the public? what was the purpose. we will ask ken when he comes back in here. this years caucus in i war park by extremely tight races for both political parties, especially on the democrats side. hill willry clinton's camp is claiming victory over bernie sanders and now "fox news" has also confirmed that she has won a razor thin victory over bernie sanders of vermont. the party has yet to declare her the official winner, the democratic party in iowa. the race was so tight that some precincts, the election results were decided by the flip of a coin and that is legal, at iowa caucus.
8:10 am
>> unaudible. >> they did that at three precincts. >> we were talking about it this morning, did they really do this? a apparently it is rare but it is a long standing procedure and party rules call for a coin flip when support is even, but precinct has an odd number of delegates to award, and that is how they do it. >> so complicated in iowa but they had three precincts had to do it. >> who won those three times. >> hillary clinton won all three of the coin flips. >> can you imagine being that lucky to win. >> she won all three and she received just two delegates more than bernie sanders. so if the mathis if she had loss three all if he would have won. >> it came down to the flip of the coin. >> wow. >> well, on the republican side. >> they bet get the same number of delegates.
8:11 am
>> texas senator ted cruz won the the republican side of this caucus, donald trump finished in second place. ted had 28 percent, and donald trump had 24 percent. and then right behind him in third place there senator marco rubio with 23 percent. he almost tied trump. new jersey governor chris christie came in fifth place hoping to better closer to home in new hampshire. he got 2 percent of the vote. two people dropped out last night one republican, one democrat, mark o'malley on the lefties out, and mike huckabee, the former governor of arkansas on the right, he is out. he won the whole darn thing seven years ago mike huckabee did in iowa. >> that is how people are saying, well, iowa caucus, it is in the a prediction of things to come. >> you know her as super nanny, nanny jo frost is on "good day philadelphia" today.
8:12 am
>> she has a new show and she's here to really help you. we need your parenting questions. send us your parenting questions she's going to answer for you live on our show. >> seriously are you having trouble with a toddler, poddy training, somebody around 12, going in their preteens, teenager. >> tweet us or facebook us at fox 29 good day and then watch at 9:30 and she will give you her advice. it is tuesday and another addition of quincy or q, do my job. he is a su chef today. he might get sued. >> hi, quincy. like i said, he will do that man's job. there is a live look inside norristown courtroom, montgomery county. that is one of the bill
8:13 am
cosby's attorneys there on the right. >> his publicist. >> we're not toss to go break. i believe he may be with this group of people. >> unless they are coming in ahead of him. >> that is bill cosby's attorney. >> they are heading up to the courtroom. we will take a break and come back
8:14 am
8:15 am
8:16 am
just by switching to progressive. so you'll be bringing home the bacon in no time. sorry. get a free quote at it is groundhog day. one of the most famous move business groundhog day is called groundhog day with bill murray. i have a quiz for sue. is what the name of the guy that steps in the ice water, in the gutter, every day, and is annoying to bill murray's character. >> ned ryerson. >> roll the tape. >> they is, my iter. >> take care. >> watch out for that first step, it is a ducey. >> i should have explained
8:17 am
better. >> i'm neil ryerson. >> i'm ned. >> i said neil. >> and he was the one in high school who got shingles so bad he missed his senior year. >> yes,. >> ned ryerson. >> i will make time to watch this today. i think i have it on vhs, that is how long i have owned this movie. punxsutawney phil did in the see his shadow to our surprise, we had a 86 percent chance that he would but anyway it the is an early spring. there he is, little punxsutawney phil in the spot late once again. once a year he gets his day. meanwhile, do you remember how we were telling you about yesterday about the blizzard coming to iowa, it is there. anybody still there from the caucus might be stuck there and it is bad in nebraska as well, just all these major highways across there and
8:18 am
parts of the kansas, major highways are just closed because of the heavy snow and high wind we have a flood watch in effect for tomorrow into thursday. noon tomorrow to noonan thursday, and possibility of flooding. why? we have heavy rain in the forecast plus wrapped snow melt. it will melt by thursday. we shouldn't have have anything left except giant piles of snow in the parking lots and stuff. weaver expecting an inch, inch and a half of rain. we will see street flooding and minor to moderate flooding of streets and creeks. today looks better but chilly then yesterday. temperatures in the 20's in lancaster, reading, allentown and mount pocono. thirty-eight in the city. thirty-seven down in wildwood. your average high is 41. we're almost there. it looks like we are above average again but not as warm as yesterday since the cold front came through today. sixty-five tomorrow. wind driven rain.
8:19 am
windy, wet, wednesday in store but things calm down on thursday. we will not have have much snow left on the ground, staying in the mid to upper 40's all the way through, the weekend. that is a look at the seven day forecast, it is time to check traffic on your tuesday morning. very bright out there and a lot of sun glare. as we get started we will look at pennsylvania road at the pennsylvania turnpike, where we will see the the right lane blocked there this morning. it is an accident is there with slow downs in the area. still slow at route 30 eastbound at route 100 really slow there for police activity in the left lane and some travel times this morning as we check the the schuylkill, it is still slow from the blue route to the vine over a half an hour and about the the same amount of time on i-95 south from woodhaven to the vine. slow go just about every where this morning, mike and alex. >> just a quick correction here. we thought we named all of the players from our area in the super bowl. >> no. >> but it turns out we have some people from our area on
8:20 am
both teams. >> corry brown who went to cardinal o'hara and went to ohio state university he plays for the panthers. >> good luck to you, corry. >> and kicker for the broncos. >> broncos. >> brian mcmahon us, right. >> yes,. >> yes. >> brendan. >> yes,. >> yes. >> help us outs here. >> he helped them get to this point. >> now we have a root for both team. >> thinks why will alex holley in celebration of our local kid, is having a big super bowl party this weekend she needs some snacks. literally we have a pro football player former nfl pro, buba baker, he gets fancy with his ribs. i just met him. he is a large person and he played, you played with gary cobb didn't you. >> yes. >> i played against jaws.
8:21 am
>> you played against jaws. >> yes. >> i bet you crushed him. >> lets eat your ribs next.
8:22 am
8:23 am
8:24 am
>> could you kill jen fred's mike, just a second. so that is donald trump, of course. so, apparently, adele pleading with his campaign not to play. >> comes out and plays rolling in the deep. rolling in the deep. >> when he comes out. >> why didn't you play that rolling in the deep, deep pockets, money. >> so, the point is, he plays her music at political rallies and now she's trying to ban him like don't do that. don't play my songs. she said difficult not give you permission to ohio my music and not only artist who had a position, neil young,
8:25 am
aero smith, rem they objected to having their muse being being played. maybe she's third or fourth pick because everybody else is like you cannot use my music. okay, i will use adele. now she's saying he can't use it. interesting he would want to use a british singer for making america great again but i'm just saying. >> yes, mike. >> he might not need anybody's music, who knows. >> you look like you could use music. >> we're making a little bit of a change here. listen closely to this. they will wear red jerseys during the regular season for the first time in 36 years. not every game at all. not every game. very limited. check out those threads, um. red on red on red players will wear this new addition, april 14th, at home, and five more times throughout the season.
8:26 am
maybe on the road sometimes. but it is only a total of six games nobody freak out. the last time they wore all red, pants included, 1979. >> here's where it gets interesting. >> and bizarre. >> there was such a backlash from fans back in 1979, that the team decided we will take off this uniform and they scrapped it after one game. >> yes. >> and now it is back. usually seen during practice in preseason but now they are saying this is during the game. >> it is only five or six times during the whole year. >> but you you would think if you took it away because people didn't like it, why bring it back. >> why not sometimes it is good to revisit. >> yes. >> history repeats itself. >> if you do the same thing over and over. >> next year they won a world series in 198o maybe they are saying this is what we need to do to get right back. >> you wear it this year and win the world series in 2017. >> we're all rebuilding right now. >> this is brilliant, jen,
8:27 am
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8:28 am
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8:30 am
well, 8:30. we are taking a live look inside montgomery county courthouse where bill cosby is expect to arrive. we know his attorneys, are already in the courthouse getting ready but the hearing is expect to start in about an hour from now. so we will keep you updated. forget about an expensive treadmill or gym membership mens health magazine team says you can get that done and get healthy right in the privacy of your own home. i like the sound of this, jen.
8:31 am
a a lot of times my dad, trying to encourage me to get back to working out. he sent me a tweet saying we're in february, gym should be cleared out from the people in the new years resolutions but jen, i want to stay at home. >> you can stay at home, bj will help you. good morning. >> we're in the mens health like man work out cave. >> this is man cave where we shoot our fitness videos and sweat a lot. >> in allentown. >> but you also know that gym equipment can be expensive. >> it is. we try to do as much as possible because people love this type of stuff. what can i do in hotels, outside, if weather allows. one of the best once, you know piles, jumping, they burn fat and calories. box squat jump will take pressure off the news, and do a great work out, and do this. >> this is part of the video, that literally went viral. tell me about where on facebook. >> we're 40 million views, 70 body weight car ohio exercises
8:32 am
every where. >> am i doing it right. >> yes. >> the box, you pause, you jump up, you land soft and because we are sitting on the box you will get hip and hamstring and takes stress off the knees. >> you hung out in philadelphia recently running around. you want to show people fitness is accessible at your house, outside. >> you know, people love to go out. i try to create and i saw movie creed. i said we have to do a rocky work out. so i created one where it is a strength work, like a park bench, run to a new spot. more strength work. check it out, it is rocky work out. great within to do in philly. you can a adapt it anywhere. >> you are saying if i'm hearing right that these things, these body weight cardio, i can use these instead of the boring run on the treadmill, instead of the elliptical machine. >> straight cardio work out it will burn calories and calorie
8:33 am
burn will stop the the moment you step off the machine w these movement because they are very muscular and they require oxygen you will burn calories recovering after the work out this next one, assume the position, jen. >> thank you, pj. >> we will get nice and tight. >> alternating hand. >> now touch the elbows. >> now shoulders. >> now touch the hipps. >> i can do this. >> we will stay planning. >> touch the knee. >> touch the other knee. >> touch the the the toe. >> try doing that for two or three minutes, hand, elbow, shoulder, hip, knee, toe. great work forearms, abs, shoulders, you start to get out of breath. you can do this one anywhere. >> i have done versions of this honestly, when i preheat oven a and cooking for my kid. i get down. kid are like what are you doing. you keep doing your thing, mommies going to work some answer. >> through go. >> one more. >> last one, you can use an a
8:34 am
roane i can step. a phone book works. a little block or step. just easy on the knees and feet, just an strange, tap the toes, try that for a minute and you will get lit up and nice and easy on the joints, heart rate through the roof and burn calories. you can do this stuff every where, kind of like a river dance. >> for people who are lazy or maybe don't work out in the mens health man cave what is minimum we want do a day and expect some kind of result, is it 15 minutes, 20. >> with ten minutes can have a same metabolic impact as same work out for 30 minutes, it was a ten minute circuit one group dit once, other dit three times. thirty minute work out same metabolic boost, 30 minute work out burn more calories but metabolic impact was same. enough intensity in ten minutes you put these moves together, each one for about a minute, repeat them, ten
8:35 am
minutes. >> do you really believe it. >> i do. >> do you think with ten minutes i can get it done. >> verse zero. >> couple ten minute sessions, with tonight necessary, here's big thing is what gateway, ten minutes to get in the full 30, 60 minute work out, your routine. once you start seeing results and benefit maybe 11 minutes, 12 minutes. ten is a good start. >> i want two hours. >> i need two hours. >> two hours. >> ps, bj is my best friend. he doesn't know it yet. >> i'm sorry, it will happen. >> i don't after lieutenant of friend that is news to me. >> that is next segment. >> bj as a bff. >> we love it. >> thanks, jen. >> yes. >> go ask your mom, no, go ask your dad. good cop verse bad cop when parents need to be on the same page. also do you have any questions for nanny jo make sure you send them to fox 29 good day. i have two more word for
8:36 am
you, grease live. okay, more word because we're still talking bit. the just how many people watched that musical, we will give you the numbers. >> do you have the the ratings. >> we have the the ratings.
8:37 am
after trying brookside crunchy clusters, @carlybeyar tweeted: at this point, i should just be a brookside chocolate ambassador. well, i am sorry, carly... it's something you earn. brookside. talk about delicious.
8:38 am
8:39 am
i didn't start watching until after this. how did this go. >> a lot of people said we were better. >> let's go ahead. >> okay. grease live apparently was a hit. we weren't only people watching. >> this is sunday night, three hours worth of live grease. >> yes. >> more than 12 million people tuned in. >> and that number beats out the the last two musicals on tv the the wiz, and the sound of music. >> okay. >> and, you know, you also remember we reported and what
8:40 am
is so amazing was vanessa hudgens her father passed away hours before the the show. we have learn she did not have an under study for her role, because people were wondering could she have gotten out if she didn't feel up to it. >> i could not keep that off of my mind as i was watching her and i thought, if anybody stole the show, it might have been her. >> she was good from the beginning to the end. >> she was i great rizzo. >> julianne was good too. >> people have been competing me they said will they reair it. other musicals got the reaired. >> what is next one the passion. >> the passion, tyler perry is doing that. i don't know if that is musical but it the is a live event. >> and also, the rocky horror picture show will be coming this fall. >> but the passion is in this spring. >> it is in the spring. >> yes. >> i have never seen anything like this. >> it smells so good. >> mack and cheese with deboned ribs on top of it.
8:41 am
and a the man who made this i will marry? no he is in our studio and meet him in seconds. but first lets me tell but actor ryan reynold. mr. hot stop, right. >> yeah. >> working to grab drivers attention in a new super bowl commercial. they are starting to leak out. >> so, in the hyundai ad2 women driving around this town called ryanville, where reynold looks like, well, everyone. >> warning, here comes your ticket. >> in my face.
8:42 am
>> a car that doesn't get distracted. >> that is good. >> that is what they are selling. >> it stops, and some within gets in front. >> i was thinking they are getting distract, she is not even watching the the red way. >> such a good idea. >> real quick, mike if you had to pick a woman, go to town and everyone look like this woman in the world who would it be. >> oh, that is tough. >> hoist your ryan reynolds. >> probably adriana lima. >> probably boris cojo, i wouldn't be able to drive-in that town. >> let me rethink that. >> it would be you. >> you don't mean that. >> nice try. >> super nanny on the show, her real try is nanny jo frost. she is on our program today. i cannot believe the number of parenting questions we are getting for her and some pretty darn good once. >> we will ask her. >> i think parents really dislike their children ren.
8:43 am
8:44 am
8:45 am
blue bell ski areas, we are seeing spring skiing
8:46 am
conditions. temperatures in the 20's but we will be close to 50 degrees by the end of the day, a at least here in the the city. the windy, wet tomorrow, so much more rain and by the time we get to thursday, i think with that, combined with the 65-degree temperature we won't have much snow left on the ground at all and dry weather all the way through the weekend with temperatures mike and alex in the mid to upper 40's. >> super bowl sunday we know it is all about... >> i guess we will go to this instead. hold on just a second. we have been following, we have been following bill cosby's suv here. it is going from his home in elkins park to the court hearing in norristown, montgomery county. so it looks like they are in the quite there just yet. >> he should be there soon and we will come back. >> super bowl sunday is about the game of course. >> but maybe just importantly, the food you stuff in your face. >> it is just as important.
8:47 am
>> when eagles are not in it our favorite team isn't it, it is about the the food. >> keep going. so, there is buba. i heard when you played, this was taken from a facebook page in 19, but the picture is from 1989. >> yes. >> okay. >> and now you are cooking in the kitchen. >> yes. >> and that got you a new audience and also some money, on shark tank. >> we are the only people that have removed the bones from an actual slab of ribs, leaving the meat intact so that everyone can enjoy ribs with a knife and fork. >> buba baker is on good day philadelphia good to see you my man. >> hi, how are you doing my man. >> hi a alex. >> i love this. >> my parents they love ribs so for me i don't like the the idea. >> well, you don't have to worry about that.
8:48 am
>> you eat them with the knife and fork good congratulations on shark tank. it is not easy to get anything by these folks. >> i have the first person to nationally believe in what we're doing because all we ever her was why would i want a rib with the bone removed. now these people are jumping on the band wagon saying that is a great idea. >> you don't want it stuck with your teeth. >> how about going out on a date with a girl and she picks up a a rib. >> you won't get a second date. >> yes. >> lets see, the platter down here, are they deboned. >> these are deboned. that is what a rip looks like. >> there you go. >> they are just fork tender. they are so tender you don't need a knife. >> how do you cook it. >> it is a secret.
8:49 am
>> it start out like this, mike. >> it starts out with bone in. we season it, smoke it and we passionately remove the bones by hand but let me show you a great thing that happened. while it is in the package do you see where bones were, the sauce goes in the holes and marinates from the inside out. >> that package in the grocery store what do i have to do. >> well, first you remove the ribs from the package, and then what you do put them in the microwave for a minute 45, george foreman, bake them or take them outside and grill them. they are heat and eat. there is no five or six hour process here. >> it is sweet and tank i. let me show what you you can do with a deboned rib. being here in philly, thinks a philly deboned philly cheese stake and i will add some with
8:50 am
whiz. here's macaroni and cheese, try the mack and cheese. >> with the deboned. >> i like it like that. >> that is how i like it. >> that is decadent. >> here's the thing for the big game: >> we have arrived at montgomery county courthouse. they are putting a jacket on him. it is hard to see because of the trees here. he has arrived. >> they is. with the coat the on and he is being helped in. >> there was a moment when he almost tripped. >> and so this will be from earlier when they first put the coat on. >> little bit of videotape of the shot out of the suv. he seems to be in good spirits. this is a big day for him. >> there ara lot of people in
8:51 am
the philadelphia area who still have a a lot of admiration of bill cosby because of the cosby show and different fundraisers he has done in the philadelphia, delaware valley. >> bitter sweet, mixed emotions a lot of philadelphians watch this live. >> you can hear them, lot of media there. there is people there just trying to see him. when he first came out, he waved. >> let's see what they are yelling. >> i don't know if they are yelling for support. >> just if he had has anything to say, any type of comment involved. this is a very big hearing that is about to happen. >> this goes back over ten years when his attorneys say that the d.a., back in montgomery county, 2004, 2005,
8:52 am
bruce castor made a deal that if he gave a deposition about this sexual assault charge, by temple university employee that they made some kind of a non, they didn't put anything in writing. it was a verbal agreement. that decision has to be made if that decision will hold up, and a judge will to have make that decision. >> this will determine the future of the case. people saying it could be just thrown out then because this is such a pivotal part of the case because of the fact you have in that deposition him admitting that he gave drugs to women to have sex. >> hey ken, come on over, what are you doing. so is what procedure now, you walk in here and do what. are you processed in the back room, bonded. >> it is a hearing. what they will do the judge will conduct the hearing and i guess what he will do is it has been a mystery, they will hear witness testimony. bruce castor will testify, in
8:53 am
order to support his assertion that there was a non-prosecution agreement back in 2005 with bill cosby's attorneys and then the other side the prosecution will put on witnesses as well and then judge will decide or the judge will hold it in abeyance and make a decision days from now. >> could it be possible this case could be dismissed and thrown out today. >> yes, if the judge believes there was a valid non-prosecution agreement between bruce castor the then d.a. and bill cosby's attorney in 2005 the case could be tossed out today. >> i don't think that will happen but it is one of the possibilities. >> why don't you think it will happen. >> it will be difficult for bruce castor to prove because there wasn't anything in writing. i think it will be very difficult to prove that there was in fact a valeda agreement between the two parties. >> who is the the voice you are hearing as we watch bill cosby come in the courtroom area the it is our legal expert ken rottweiler. >> thanks for hanging around this morning.
8:54 am
>> so how long do you think this might take. >> they don't necessity because they don't necessity how many witnesses but it could take hours. >> or days. >> i don't think it will take days because there is a limited an amount of witnesses. i think bruce castor will testify. andrea conn stan's lawyer could testify because she denied that there was ever a non-prosecution agreement. i think risa furhman the former d.a. could testify because she was involved back in 2005. she was bruce castor's first assistant. she will say that there was in deal that she knew of, and the judge will to have weigh this testimony, and make a decision whether there was a valid non-prosecution agreement in 2005. there is a lot on this judge. it is a very big decision. this effects the whole future criminal prosecution of bill cosby. >> in the control room can we have a camera on the second floor? we do not. >> we're not allowed to go up. >> so this is tape.
8:55 am
>> we do have a camera on the second floor they have come off the elevator as they go in the courtroom right there. >> i think they have scheduled for 9:30. >> it is scheduled for 9:30. i don't know if we can bring up the graphic. but last night i read bruce castor's press release in 2005. the let me tell what you he put in this press release because this is very important and if i were a judge i would take a strong look the at this bruce castor said in his release that district attorney castor cautions all parties to this in matter that he will reconsider this decision, should the need arise. what he was talking about was decision not to prosecute bill cosby. you can see how this impacts the arguments about there being a non-prosecution agreement. he would have never written that in my view in the press release had he promised never to prosecute bill cosby because you what he is saying in that release is he could go forward right there on the screen. that he will reconsider this decision should the need arise. so that if i were kevin
8:56 am
steele, the current prosecutor i would argue that there was no non-prosecution deal and evidence by bruce castor's own word in the press release from the judge does not would you. >> you will not see anything inside this court room. plenty of press people but no cameras. >> we have a report inner there as ken just said we will find out what that reporter has to tell news just a little bit after the hearing gets started. come on back.
8:57 am
8:58 am
8:59 am
bill cosby inside that courtroom in norristown, pennsylvania. owe is been in there for about four minutes. we won't know anything in there for the next three or four hours. ken, would you say at least before noon we will not know anything. >> we will not know anything at all.
9:00 am
this will certainly go in the afternoon because they will have a number of witnesses testify. >> there is video tape earlier, he is walking with the kane but he seems in good spirits when he got out of the suv. >> he was smiling, he waved at some people. >> he has a big contrast the last time we saw him when he went into the the court hearing. >> we will let you know what happens. >> it is tuesday, it is groundhog day, that is why we have sue to come on in here. >> well, i think, reason to throw a party. >> yes. >> we had to interrupt our segment with buba. can you get back in here. >> absolutely. >> i have something for you too. >> how about some nachos. >> all right. it is done with the debone baby back rib steaks. it has a little twist. >> there is onions. >> thank you very much. >> nice job. >> awesome. >> so buba a was on shark tank, you are making money out of all


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