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tv   FOX 29 News at 5  FOX  February 2, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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their own safety. >> our kids lives are in there. >> what a school resource officer noticed was missing and the scary questions that still need to be answered. ♪ >> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 5:00. ♪ those stories in just a moment but first, bill cosby is in court. our cameras in montgomery county this morning as the iconic comedian walked in to hearing. >> cosbys lawyers want a judge to dismiss the felony sexual assault case against their famous client. good evening, i'm iain page. >> i'm dawn timmeney in tonight for lucy noland. that hearing has been going on all day and not over yet. fox 29's bruce gordon live outside court in norristown. bruce? >> reporter: dawn, cosby defense team and former montgomery county da bruce castor says castor himself made a legally binding decision a decade ago that there would be no prosecution of the famed funny man in this case ever.
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the actor and comedian played silence audience to the high drama that played out in a montgomery county courtroom. at issue the question, when is the deal a deal? dean ya couldn't stand a member of the temple university athletic department says cosby drugged and assaulted her back in 2004. but no criminal prosecution was brought at the time. why? former district attorney bruce castor on the witness stand testified he had investigated the case decade ago. he said con' stand year long delay in reporting the alleged assault hurt her cause. so too he testified was the enact she had stayed in contact with cosby in the months that followed by phone and in person. and her later statements to investigatorinvestigators that r included numerous inconsistent cease. castor said he believed criminal prosecution of cosby would go nowhere but suspecting cosby had acted inn wrote yelp castor testified "i made the decision that mr. cosby would not be prosecuted no matter what.
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"for all time. that decision took away cosby's ability to invoke his fifth add many rights and refused to testify in constand civil case filed soon after. sure enough cosby was deposed in that civil case and later sett settled with constand. >> said castor quote i was confident i had made his co constand is millionaire. castor saying on the witness stand today i was hoping for some measure of justice for andrea constand during an a afternoon of cross examination it became clear there was nothing formal until writing in terms avenue legal document spelling out what castor had done. the closest there was to such a document was a press release put out by castor himself in february of 2005 and that document, that press release does not specifically spell out that this deal this non-prosecution deal was good in perpetuity. a bizarre setting for bruce castor, now on the stand
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essentially trying to help the defense or at least that's the up shot of all of this castor makes clear he felt cosby did something wrong and should be punished for it. he said what i believe want i could have proved in court criminally twenty four different matters at one point he look the defense attorney brian mcmonagle in the eye and said let's be clear i'm not on your team. i hope they win meaning the prosecution. we'll see who wins this hearing is likely to wrap up for today any minute now. we do expect it to last into tomorrow it will be at least tomorrow before any kind of decision that could actually torpedo this entire case. dawn? >> interesting. all right, bruce, thank you. meanwhile a judge has ordered bill cosby to under go another deposition in a lawsuit alleging the comedian sexually abused a woman when she was underage. the los angeles judge made that ruling earlier today. judy huff sued cosby in late 2014 claiming he forced they are perform a sex act on him at the playboy mansion. that was back in 1974 according to her. she was only 15 years old. cosby was deposed in the case in
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october. her lawyer sought another deposition to get cosby to answer certain questions. meantime a model dropping a lawsuit against bill cosby accusing him of drugging and sexually abusing her at the playboy mansion in 2008. federal records so khloe begins dropped the suit today without any explanation. prosecutors in los angeles decided last month not to file criminal charges owns cosby over the claims much his attorney have said the comedian was not in los angeles at the time gions said she was a boulder the hearing in montgomery county still underway. we have crews at the courthouse and we will keep you updated. you can also follow this story on traffic coming to dead stop on i-95 in new castle county, delaware earlier this afternoon. skyfox over the southbound lanes where all traffic was diverted on to churchmans road exit around 2:00 o'clock. this was all because of a multi vehicle crash. police say there were injuries but have not yet told us how many people were injured.
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the road was reopened just before 3:30. happening now, police are looking for a hit-and-run driv driver. a woman and two kids were hit trying to cross south broad street this afternoon. the victims now recovering in the hospital. let's get right out to dave schratwieser live in south philadelphia tonight. dave? >> reporter: iain that the house our police are looking for a red honda accord. they believe may have some damage to it with a female driver who they say was behind the wheel when that car struck a mother, her baby and another child here at broad and dickens. >> it was just before one toll tuesday afternoon police say the driver of a red honda accord heading east on dickinson plowed into a mother, her baby and another child. as they tried to cross at broad street. >> the woman with the baby in the front and she was on the ground for while i'd say. >> reporter: ashley works at this restaurant on the corner. she went rushing out to see what happened after the honda took off down din kin son. she was worried about the little girl.
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>> really scary and traumatic. and i hope she's okay. i heard she had like a broken leg. she was far from the mother, too. so she must have gotten thrown. >> reporter: sado says the mother and baby were on the ground for a period of time. some witnesses said the mother may have lost consciousness. the other child struck by the car suffered injuries to her legs, all three were transported to hahnemann hospital following the accident. >> i really hope that somebody finds out who did it, and i'm really glad that the baby was okay for sure. and the woman and probably very traumatizintraumatizing lost lot investigators enter the the intersection to download surveillance video from the store's outside cameras. police say the older model red honda accord was being driven by a woman. >> i think it's terrible. that person is going to get caught. that's good. but like they shouldn't have had to go to that point. i think they should have stopped. obviously. >> reporter: now police have
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not yet given us update on the victim's conditions or their ages or relationship between them. at this point we're waiting for more information on that. police do say that the car that struck them may have some damage to her a right passenger side mirror that may have struck the child and the mother and the baby at the intersection behind me, again, we have another eyewitness that we just spoke to a few moments ago. we'll bring you some information from him coming up at 6:00 o'clock. dawn? >> we'll see you then, dave, thank you. a philadelphia high school is placed on lock down after a school officer's gun goes missing. the scare happening this morning at kensington urban and business high school. fox 29's bill anderson live in the newsroom to explain exactly what happened and, bill, why parents say they were left in the dark. >> reporter: dawn, parents were upset. now we all know that guns schools are becoming an unfortunately common occurrence. when there was the threat of a gun in a local school today, parents expected an extreme response. but we they didn't expect what many called the complete lack of communication about the possible
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threat to their children. it was a scary morning today in kensington as police got a report that a school police officer's gun was missing from his car. according to police, the school officer wasn't sure if the gun was taken at school or at home, but the missing gun led to a lock down of kensington urban education academy and lead to panicked parents. >> my daughter text me 10:37 this morning telling me she's scared to death because there's a gun in there. >> reporter: the lock down lasted for several hours. as police searched the building as officers went through the school, word of the lock down spread among parents. >> still no information. she said she can't tell us anything. so we do need somebody to speak, because how you authority you lose a gun in a school where children are? >> reporter: neither the police nor the philadelphia school district could provide us any specific information about the school officer or why the school was thought to be at ri risk. still unsure of what specifically happened, students
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began trickling out of the school themselves trying to explain details to parents who were happy they were safe but still wondering what went on inside the school. >> they locked us down. in the lock down you got to sit away from the door. so we all were just sitting there in lock down. >> reporter: let's start with the most important part. nobody was hurt. but we still don't know if the officer's gun has been found or why a gun was possibly left unsecured in a car. i spoke to more parents and students and at 6:00 we'll hear their concerns about how poorly they say this situation was handled. iain. >> bill, thank you. we got trouble to our west in your fox 29 winter wet authority. blizzard conditions hitting kansas causing multiple road closures throughout the state. the strong storm system expected to bring anywhere from three to 9-inches of snow stretching across several counties in the state. and people throughout the rest of the midwest could see a lot of the same. the snow began falling yesterday afternoon most school districts
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are closed for the day today. we of course all right had our big blizzard our own this winter a little over a week ago. probably won't see any snow this week. >> six to 9-inches -- >> that's nothing. right? >> take look at ultimate doppler because here it comes you can see all the snow lifting to the north into the great lakes the northern plains it blew right through iowa early this morning. moving quickly. we will stay on the warm side of this storm. like we did very early in the winter season. before last week's blizzard and that means some warm temperatures. we're talking about record warmth tomorrow as well. take look at today's highs though another day well above normal. philadelphia 53. 51 in atlantic city. in allentown in wilmington, trenton 50. reading topping off at 49 degrees. right now in the city it's 51. 49 in wilmington. 46 in dover and 43 degrees in wilmington. it's even mild in the poconos 40 degrees. too warm to make snow. now we have that rain moving in tomorrow. for the morning commute.
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a low impact situation. but a high impact situation for your evening commute so please be aware of that. the rain will be moving in after 7:00 a.m. from the northwest toward the southeast. so tomorrow morning after 7:00 a.m. we'll have occasional rain showers. the heaviest between 1:00 and 7:00 that's when we have the possibility of thunderstorms. and then it will end between 8:00 and 11:00 as some scattered showers from west to east. more on the flood watch coming up a little bit later on in the broadcast and of course we'll look ahead to the weekend. >> all right. kathy, thank you. it's the disease that's been causing international emergencies. threatening people around the world for generations to come. there's no treatment or cure. but is that about to change? the new push to beat the zika virus once and for all. danger on the subway with a recent slashing leaving some new yorkers feeling unsafe but one group is stepping in to ease their fears. we'll tell you who they are. >> plus could something on your fingernail be causing to you pack on the pounds? the ingredient in your nail polish
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that some scientists say you should definitely know about. punxsutawney phil is back weighing in on how much more winter we'll have to endure. getting backed up by what you experienced when you stepped outside today. >> coming all new tonight at six could a wild chase comes to a crazy end with this pick up flipping over. the video startling enough, but wait until you see what happens next. ♪
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breaking news right now in camden county. check out the hole in the sized this building. sky fox over the 5300 block of route 38 in pennsauken. that is where a truck slammed
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into a building here. this is a canal's discount liquors. no word on what caused that crash or if anyone was hurt. surveillance cameras caught a wild scene in north philadelphia look at the car moving in the wrong direction on north eighth street crash noose a parked car, then two men walking polling the street opened fire on it. this happened on january 28th just before 1:00 in the morning. the gunman ran around the corner jumped in a white car and took off. no one was hit by the flying bullets but several cars were damaged. if you've got any information, please call philadelphia police. the son of pennsylvania's longest serving member of congress going to jail for five years. >> chaka fattah, jr. facing a judge this morning in federal court. jeff cole has the story that fattah is talking about a possible appeal. >> his dad u.s. representative chaka fat at a, sr. as he is. chip fattah he was carted off to begin serving his sentence. immediately after sentencing so he wasn't talking.
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fattah was convicted of 22 of 23 counts of tax and bank fraud back in november. the 33-year-old defended himself in his trial. he was up against deeply experienced federal prosecutors. among others. he was accused of of ripping off the philadelphia public school system to pay for a lavish lifestyle. this morning fattah said he wasn't sure if he could survive a period of incarceration but he'd try the federal judge said fattah had opportunities and advantages that others could only dream about. but he had made bad choices. his father also under federal indictment for alleged corruption spoke after the sentencing. >> i believe in our system of justice, and i think it will be extraordinarily important now that we'll have a chance to analyze appropriately whether this was a fair set of charges, whether their investigation was handled properly. >> the just commented that sentence had to deter others
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from -- i assume the judge believes and we believe that sentence of this magnitude will deter other people from committing self conduct. >> representative fattah complained the feds took away his only son. senior states a tough primary fight to remain in congress this year and a trial later in the year himself. chip fattah has been ordered to pay back $1.1 million and he will serve federal time, folks, so dawn, he will do most of it as you know. >> back to you. >> a lot of money. thank you, jeff. has your male been delivered late? if the answer is yes, philadelphia city controller wants to hear from you. it's all part of an investigation that's uncovered tens of thousands of pieces of mail not processed in timely fashion. city controller released these finds from internal review of the city's male distribution center today. investigators found several instances of bills, court citations, parkin parking vial s and a like not being delivered before the due dates.
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>> we believe that tens of thousands of philadelphian cos could have been impacted by the mismanagement in the male center mostly subject to mail that they received late. >> the controller says it appears people are just not doing their jobs but says this is not a criminal issue. the investigation is continuing and we have posted a number of an e-mail that you can use for contacting if you think you've been impacted that's just click the as seen on tv tab. developing now, the intensifying fight against zika virus health officials say a patient in texas has contracted the virus through sex. authorities say the patient was infected after having sex with an ill person who returned from a country where the vehicle today virus was present. >> the virus usually spread through mosquito bites and poses the greatest threat to unborn children. scientists have been working hard to stop it and our joyce evans here with one plan that they're working on. joyce. >> guys, whatever it is, it's not going to happen easily. the scientists are doing
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everything they can anything they can to come up way vaccine for the zika virus. to keep it from spreading more and causing more birth defects. the explosive spread of the vehicle today virus prompting the world health organization to declare a global emergency. now the race is on to develop a vaccine french drug maker says it's accelerating its efforts but experts acknowledge that the process may still take years. >> even if we got lucky and found a biologically part of this virus to get a vaccine, the procedures would take i think minimum we're talking about years, not months. >> reporter: small biotech companies and academic institutions here in the united states are also rushing to develop tests and vaccines. >> it's our hope we can develop a single test that could be usable not only for existing diseases like zika virus but prepared for the next diseases that's on the horizon.
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>> who officials estimate up to 4 million cases of vehicle today could turn up in the americas within the next year. zika spread by moat ski toes and causes only mild illness in most people but the virus may be linked to a serious birth defect causing concern for pregnant women. >> we're talking about women living in southern america n africa in asia potentially being at risk if the virus moves from south america back into africa and asia. and even southern europe and southern united states. >> u.s. health officials say there are vaccines in various stages of development for other viruses in the same family as vehicle today. they're using those as a blueprint that may help create something similar to fight zika. dawn. >> joyce, thank you. a new career link center hope in germantown. officials say it offers one stop shopping for those looking for a job as well as employers. ribbon cutting helder this morning for the center on 5800
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block of germantown avenue. it offers expanded workshop to helping those looking for work become competitive in the job market. people were also have opportunities to talk with employers through on site screenings and hiring events. >> we have a lot of work ahead of us to make sure that there are good paying jobs for everyone that we are getting everyone the skills and training that they need. >> the germantown location is one of four new center links to open in the city of philadelph philadelphia. robber picks the wrong store in florida. he makes it behind the counter but not much farther. the clerk fought back with a fury that people around the country are talking about tonight. >> new jersey state trooper showed that all lives are worth saving watch they did to save a barn full of animals. >> one woman is hard at work making thousands of peanut and butter and jelly sandwiches. the good reason she has for doing this.
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♪ we're following breaking news for you tonight. here's live look at the courthouse in norristown now as bill cosby is preparing to leave court. we've been following this story all day. he's been there all day part of a hearing. his lawyers want the judge to
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dismiss a felony sexual assault case against famous client. we of course will continue to follow this story and keep updated throughout this newsca newscast. you decide the first 2016 -- votes of 20 keep have been cast and the field is starting to march o ted cruz taking the top spot for the republican and hillary clinton beating our bernie sanders by narrow margin. clinton claiming 23 iowa delegates to sanders 21. former maryland governor mike o'malley and mike huckabee calling it quits ahead of the caucus many polled showed donald trump was in the lead he took second place for the republica republicans. mark key rubio in third. the focus turns to new hampshire where it's primary is just one week away. the teacher who authorities say helped one of the three prisoners escape from a max numb security facility in california will not be charged. deputes took the woman into custody last week for reportedly helping the men plan their escape. she's an english teacher at the orange county jail.
5:26 pm
authorities suspect she got into romantic relationship with one of the inmates and investigators claim the teacher gave him a map of the jail complex but she was release from there jail last night after the da said there was not enough evidence to charge her. two new jersey state troopers getting a lot of attention for rescuing more than a dozen animals from a burning barn. trooper jordan segal and trooper cory smith were called to the fire scene in hope township in warren county over the weekend. authorities say after learning that there were animals inside the troopers jumped into action. removing the goats, llamas and chickens to safety before the flames spread. >> there is no shadow to be cast an early spring is my forecast. >> all right. you her it. pennsylvania's world maim fuss groundhog punxsutawney phil predicting an early spring. he did not see his shadow that morning. that annual event draws tens of thousands of visitors to jefferson county. as kathy orr told us fill's
5:27 pm
record of accuracy is not so great. >> let's hope he gets it right this year. it feels like spring out there. >> i'm ready. >> i'm ready for spring as well. we already had blizzard. danger on the subway with a recent slashing leaving some new yorkers feeling unsafe. what one group is stepping in. who they are? >> we're all told to slatter on the sunscreen. could stop your make body from making something it needs. >> the rain, warmth and wind expected for tomorrow. we'll time it out and help you get prepared into the seven day look into the weekend as well and potential for coastal storm. we'll look at the details when we come back.
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>> guardian angels, fox's matt king has the story. >> not removing the really psychologically damaged and dangerous mentally ill people, we're going to start removing them, and forcing the issue. >> on monday guardian angel founder curtis, charges were turned to the patrol the subway system first time in 22 years, at first ignoring the obvious vintage bar a's and warm up jacket, holding car doors open for them, others welcomed the guardians back to active cute. >> i in the 80s, the 90s, when these guys became popular, i was a little skeptical of it. now being a resident of manhattan, i'm thankful that they're here. >> in the last month different knife wielding assailant, six
5:32 pm
different apparently subway passes. commissioner said we should not count these as copycat crimes. >> it is a copycat effect, everybody knows that. >> meanwhile, police commissioner also disagreed what action the guardian angels plan to take. >> prom ills dollars citizens arrest, forceably if necessary. >> expect to engage in anything, don't have any powers. so, i don't see that being a big story. it is nothing new. there is about ten of them left, i guess, in the organization. so i don't see it as a big sensational story. >> ten, 12 guys, yes, ten, 12 guys more than he has out there. by the way, we have 150. brat on we've been doing this for 37 years. >> guardian angels plans 11:00 a.m. until 6:00 p.m., from 7:00 p.m. until 1:00 a.m., until they feel the system once more. >> mid town, matt king, fox news. we continue to follow breaking news for you tonight out of montgomery county, we take live look at the courthouse in norristown, now,
5:33 pm
bill cosby has just left court, apparently just got mean this suv here, of course respect's been at this court as part of part of a hearing aly today. you see him leaving in a vehicle now. >> cosby's lawyers want a judge to dismiss the felony sexual assault case against her, famous client, and we're told this hearing will continue again tomorrow, a judge will be making the final decision on this. >> yes, exactly, as you can see the vehicle leaving now, of course this is stemming from a case years ago, one of the allegations here is that, you know, bill cosby had a deal with castor the former d.a. that he would not be prosecuted, the problem is that was never put in writing, it was also never approved by a judge. that's one of the big issues in this case. apparently this will continue until tomorrow. >> right. castor testified today that his decision, not to bring charges against cosby a decade ago, was intend today forever close the door on prosecuting the comedian, and he was charged in december with drugging assault that former temple university employee andrea constant.
5:34 pm
that was back in 2004. >> chris o'connell more for you, keep you updated out there newscast. >> backs to fox 29 weather authority now, and all-in-all pretty nice day. >> i can't believe it is february. >> it is amazing. >> just hard to believe. >> so punxsutawney phil right? will it and early spring? he's only forecast 18 times since the 1800s. >> oh, he's got really bad record. >> take a look at market street, sun getting lower in the sky. beautiful evening. 51 degrees, normal high, four; so talking about 10 degrees above normal. the record high is 61. we will be warmer than that tomorrow, matter of fact. expect to break many records across the region, because of the storm moving our way. you can see it out through the midwest, snow, rain through cincinnati, through atlanta. we stay on the warm side of the storm.
5:35 pm
fifty-one in philadelphia, 60 in raleigh, 74 in atlanta. memphis, 68. new orleans, 78. eighty-one orlando. all of this warmth will squeeze up the coastal plane tomorrow. and we'll be include in the that. area of low pressure right now it, will move into the great lakes, swing this warmfront through, we will be in the warm sector, temperatures will be warming through the day, some showers in the morning, but once this front moves through, then we will be seeing some drier air. that won't happen until tomorrow evening. soap, ahead of this, temperatures well into the 60s, maybe a few thunderstorms, but definitely some heavy rain. so the flooding threat will spread across most of the delaware valley, with the exception of our shore towns central and southern delaware and the poconos. but we're very concerned where we still have the snow pack. and that is in our northern western suburbs, extending into the lehigh valley. matter of fact, the heaviest rain will be falling there, as well. when you look at the rain amounts, about an inch to inch and a half from philadelphia, to the north and west, with lesser accumulation to the south and east. so, we have the heavy rain.
5:36 pm
we have the melting snow. and of course, we have the warm temperatures, and that's why we have that flood watch in effect. so the heaviest rain to the north and west. that rapid snow melt will create some poor drainage flooding, and also we have to watch our streams and our creeks and even some small rivers. when you look at this snow pack, you can see to the west, a lot of snow in the mountains, then this, this little bull's eye, right over the delaware valley, all of the snow gone to the south. but there is the highest accumulation through the lehigh valley, and extending through berks county. overnight, 40 in the city. thirty-four in our suburbs. it will be cool. rain moves in after the morning rush for the most part. we are going for record high of 65 degrees. heaviest rain in the afternoon. look at these numbers to beat. the records until the 60s, 62 in philadelphia, going for six a, we will break the record in philly, wilmington, and possibly in atlantic city. your seven day forecast, shows after this storm, it is pretty quiet. over the weekend through sunday we're dry. monday, clouds, increase. then tuesday, keeping an eye on coastal system, i'm not buying this one yet.
5:37 pm
i'm not biting. could be a little rain. could be a little snow. jury still out on that. >> all right, we will keep an eye on it, six a, i don't know what to say. >> all right, a robber picks the wrong store in florida he makes it behind the counter, not whole lot farther. the clerk fought back with a fury that get people around the country talking about it tonight. >> could something on your fingernails be causing you to pack on the pounds? ingredient on your nail polish authorities say you should know about. >> someone in philly just hit a lottery jackpot. not a millionaire but probably not complaining either. where the winning ticket was sold.
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grover cleveland here. yes, the handsome gent on the thousand-dollar bill. with 'cash4life', the great game from the pennsylvania lottery, you could win a thousand dollars a day for life! you could invest it, or save it for a rainy day. or you could buy a new car! and with drawings every monday and thursday, that means 2 chances to win every week. cash4life from the pennsylvania lottery. you could win a thousand dollars a day for life.
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a florida store clerk fights back against an armed robber and it's all caught on surveillance video. it shows a man walking toward a clerk demappedding with money with a gun. a struggle ensues w before the clerk, who is a us military veteran disarms the guy.
5:41 pm
the man ran from the store and hopped into a car speeding off 678 the weapon was a revolver style air soft begun. he says they bet that guy thinks twice before taking on veteran again. drones can a problem. authorities in the netherlands are testing out a new way to remove the drones from the skies. birds of pray. they're training eagles. right now they're still running the tests. right now the top priority is the safety of the birds. a teacher's aide in california is apparently loved by her students and the community. so much so they're helping her get a new set of wheels. >> i love this. monica bruceer has been aid at fresno elementary school for over 25 years and she stayed in touch with her students as they grew up. they call her momo. now she needs a new car. they don't make the parts for
5:42 pm
her car anymore. they started a go fund me page. several people in the community are coming through in a big way. they're donating money and leaving messages for their beloved mentor. >> there are all mess yes, sir from kids that i hadn't heard or seen from telling me how much they loved me. they donated $23,000. that shattered their goal. > good for them. good for her. at least one lawmaker calls a national health crisis could be the reason you're not married married:we're all told to latter on the sun screen, but that could stop your body from doing what it actually needs. > it's on his fourth nfl team. his story from north penn to
5:43 pm
north broad street to denver is coming up later in sports.
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> breaking news in montgomery county, bill cosby just leaving court in norristown. this is cosby walking out of the courtroom just a short time ago. he's been there all day as part of the hearing. cosby's lawyers want a judge to dismiss the felony sexual assault case against their famous client. former district attorney bruce caster, apparently struck some kind of deal as part of a civil case that cosby would not be prosecuted and now this is all come back to play out again because a judge apparently never signed off on that. exactly. >> never signed off on it, never approved it and it was never in writing. the course the other lawyer on the other side has since died so they can't testify about it.
5:47 pm
that, of course, was the crux of the matter in the courtroom today. we thought it might be over today. we've since learned that the hearing will continue until tomorrow. our bruce gordon was there all day for us and he will join us at 6:00 with the latest. we will continue to follow the story, keep you updated throughout the newscast. forget dinner and a move yes, a couple is accused of going on a wild weekend crime spree in alabama. blake fitzgerald and brittany harvard kidnapped a night clerk. they eventually let him go. and then they tried to rob a manager at a mcdonald. they had a home invasion and robbery and kidnapping a few minutes later. there is now a $10,000 reward for their capture. police are warming the public that the pair are armed and dangerous. jet blue is celebrating leap day by offering one way fairs for 29ed. they are available in 31 cities,
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including philadelphia. you better not waste any time, book the flight today. > trying to lose a few bounds, but not having any luck, could something in your fingernails be sabotaging your weight loss goals. joist evans is here with the answers. we've heard a lot of concerns over the years about chemicals in nail polishes in nail polishes, but they say what they found out last fall may pose a tougher choice for women. not only will one ingredient mess with your hormones, but might cause you to mess with your weight. hppp, experts say it's usually not listed on the label. researchers say p ph p could indeed trigger weight gain, but how much, the jury is still out on that. now many of us are thinking about sunday protection this time of year, even though we should, but scientists say
5:49 pm
they've come up with a lotion that will protect your skin from cancer-causing rays and still allow your body to soak up much needed vitamin d. experts say the typical sunblock with spf30 can cut your body's ability to produce vitamin d by 98 percent, but an australian company says their lotion can block those harmful rays and allow you more vitamin d. but there's no word on when or if that lotion will be available to us here in the us. and it may not come as a huge surprise that people who smoke marijuana as young adults may have a slightly harder time remembering words when they get older. researchers tracked a group of people for 25 years and yep, they found out that the more pot you had in your life, the less you were able to find the words you want to say by middle age. so the findings do appear in the journal jama, internal medicine. it's something to think about the next time you're having
5:50 pm
trouble remembering somebody's name or you forget your password. that's why i use that fingerprint thing on apple. > camden community leaders came together to discuss changes to its non emergency transportation system for medical patients. for years some patients have complained about poor service that they say has caused them to miss appointments or affected their health. so under a new contract officials now promise reduced response times from 90 minutes to 60 minutes. one lawmaker wants to warn you about what he calls a health crisis and i as your kids are at the most at risk. he's starting a crusade against pornography and it's got people all around the country talking. here's fox's been winslow. >>reporter: senator todd by letter addressed reporters about his declaration reporting pornography a crisis. while letter's non-binding resolution has sparked international headlines. a reporter from new york called me and asked if it was true that
5:51 pm
i was trying to outlaw master patient in utah and i said, no. by letter say as he's running the resolution at the request of constituents. his resolution declare the harms to children even saying young men aren't marrying as much because of it. by letter says it's destructive to families and is destructive as a whole. to say this is going to have an impact on our society i think is nie avenue. he says it doesn't regulate anything, but he wants to start a discussion. he has the backing of senate leadership. for heavens sake we have to protect our children. we do everything we can to protect them from alcohol and tobacco. this can be more destructive than any of those items. > that resolution says pornography use is linked to young men to mary,
5:52 pm
dissatisfaction, marriage and infidelity. talk about a selfishless a missouri teenager was granted a wish and she wished it away. sylvia york sure's let her to make a wish foundation. after two years it didn't happen. he was granted another wish. that's when sylvia decided to give the young wish to a young girl in foster care. i saw sylvia get more excited about this second wish than she had even that whole period that she was hoping for the first. pretty amazing. the girl who received the wish asked for a trip to disney world and the make a wish foundation made that happen. > one woman started making thousands of peanut jelly and sandwiches. the very good reason she's got for doing this. > coming up all new at 6:00 this might look like a quiet night on a city street, but that is all about to change. how police say looking at his phone set up a man for a brutal
5:53 pm
sneak attack.
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> it was a dream come true for a california woman receive celebrating her 99th birthday. >> she was sent on a shopping spree and told to grab all she could. sarah had a 30-minute time limit at the 9 # cent store, but that wasn't much of a hurdle. with her nephew she managed to load several baskets. she is not the only one to
5:57 pm
benefit from this shopping spree. for each dollar donated they will donate to victims of the california drought. > one woman is actually doing it making more than 32pb and js and she says she has a very good reason. here's fox's matt king. >>reporter: not just about the sandwiches, a 30 year old visual artist plans to scoop, spread and close 230,000 of those using three ingredients, sliced bread, peanut and jelly. >> i've done over 1300. > for the last days a row jessica sat in this table outside the outdoor art gallery in front of a audience that comes and goes. she is doing this for her mother who packed her a lunch from her first day of kindergarten to her
5:58 pm
graduation. she is attempting to replicate the unseen gestures parents do every day. >> at first she was what are you doing? as i explained it, she was touched. and so jessica sits at anti room on avenue c. there was one point where i could not open another jar. my arm literally gave out so i had to go grab the first person that walked by on the street and ask them to open the jar for me. they deliver the sandwiches to the balancery mission which distributes them. they prefer the pbj contain speak night on every slice of bread. that way the jelly does not seen through the bread. she hopes to finish her 3,000th last sandwich on
5:59 pm
sunday. >> bishop allen is the founder of the bet el coach. that's where church leaders from around the world and local dignitaries turn out for today. he was born in philadelphia in 1760 and founded the church in 1787. the stamp p commemorates his work as a preacher, actavis and civic leader. it is the 39th black in the black heritage series. > tonight at 6, a high speed chase comes to an end in way you didn't see coming with this pickup going off the road. you probably can't predict what comes next, though. > a hearing today before bill cosby's trial even begins and if today is any indication this case will be anything but routine. fox 29 news continues and we begin with that developing story right now.
6:00 pm
comedian bill cosby leaving the montgomery county courthouse just a short time ago after a day long hearing there. his lawyers are trying to derail the sex assault case against him before it even gets started. >> cosby is accused of drugging and assaulting a am toker temple university employee at his shell tan home in 2004. good opening i'm ian page. >> and i'm dawn timmeney, the decision was made a decade ago not to prosecute bill cosby. >> his attorneys argue that closes the door forever. today the man who made the choice not to prosecute took the witness stand. fox 29 is reporting live in norristown. >> what did former da bruce god have to say that could now tie the hands of prosecutors. >>reporter: in essence he said i thought bill cosby committed a crime, but he said what i thought and what i can prove in court criminally are two different things. he felt like she waited too long to make her claim, that she continued to have contact with cosby after the alleged


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