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tv   Fox Morning News at 5A  FOX  February 3, 2016 5:00am-6:01am EST

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february 3rd, 2016. >> birthday of amal clooney. >> so she is married to george clooney snow. >> yes, used to be amal -- >> how old is she? >> thirty-eight of the. >> and he's how old? >> 50's, right, 55-ish, 56, sue? >> fifty-something. >> we will gooing they will for you. >> little age difference, all good. >> it happens. >> when it is that way nobody says anything, when it is the other way it is oohh? >> cougar? >> don't they call it romance, anyway, here is your weather by the numbers, we go with a four out of ten today, with all of the rain that's coming, the flood watch in effect for most of our local counties. >> rain starting to edge into the area there, you see some green in delaware, in parts of chester county, and some heavier rain, starting to move into lancaster county. soap, basically, it is here.
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not in your neighborhood, almost here. not in our neighborhood yet, but we know we'll need the umbrellas. 44 degrees right now, 7:08, your sunrise time, daylight dawning time, because we don't expect sunshine with all of the rain. thirty-four in mount pocono. forty in reading. over in lancaster, where they are about to get the heavy rain, 36 degrees, 47 atlantic city, 42 wilmington. so all of the temperatures above freezing, just rain in the forecast, here, is your morning commute lighter rain, showers around through about 9:00. it will be getting miler. already in the 50's by 9:00. then as you're driving home, this is where you will see the heavy downpours, the ponding, a few thunderstorms are not out of the question, and possibly that record high temperature of 65 degrees. we just have to beat 62, which was set in 2006 to get a new record for today. so unusually mild, unusually warm, unusually wet. all for your wednesday. so, lots of action coming
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today. let's see what's going on on the roads, we had been rather tran quill on our morning commute. but let's see what we got right now. talcony palmyra bridge opening up, for a boat to go through, about ten after 5:00. so very shortly, use caution or maybe pick another bridge if you are leaving right now, blue route, approaching conshohocken, still pretty clear, at this hour. and your travel times this morning, looks like it is smooth sailing on the schuylkill and that portion of i95 near woodhaven road. which always gets kind of bottlenecked a little later on. so, so far so good, lauren, chris. >> thank you so much, sue. happening today, it is decision day for bill cosby, judge expected to rule whether the criminal case will move for or be tossed out. >> dave kinchen standing by live at the montgomery county courthouse, to catch up, catch us up to speed on what's going on, hi, driver.
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>> judge will decide something today, whether these charges will stick or whether this whole case will never make it to trial, and these charges from the sexual assault charges against bill cosby will be thrown out. here's what we know. bill cosby left court yesterday after six hours of testimony, from former montgomery county district attorney bruce cast to who was key witness for the cosby defense team. castor testified did he not pursue charges against cosby because every credibility issues would cause the accuser former temple university employee andrea constant. now, castor said there was not enough evidence to show that cosby had committed a crime. he also said constant did not act like victim every sexual assault according to her police interviews and said she went to a lawyer before going to police. she played a deal not to prosecute cosby but asked why that deal was not put into writing.
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he said he didn't feel it was necessary, and that is the key point for cosby's team, they said, because of that, cosby should never have been charged, and should never be prosecuted. so again, big question, what will the judge decide? will the case move to trial or will these charges simply be thrown out? we'll know that today. back to you guys. it will be interesting to find out. >> son of chaka fattah pennsylvania's longest serving member of congress sentenced to five years behind bars, taken straight to prison. >> chaka fattah junior in federal court yesterday. judge told the 33 year old man chip he had advantage others could only dream about. but simply made bad choices, convicted of tax and bank fraud in november among other things fattah accused of ripping off the philadelphia public school system to pay for a lavish lifestyle. his father, who is also under federal indictment for alleged corruption, spoke after the sentencing. >> i believe in our system of justice. and i think it would be
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extraordinarily important now that we'll have a chance to analyze appropriately, rather this was fair set of charges, rather an investigation was handled properly. >> chip fattah was also ordered to pay more than $1 million in restitution. >> a mother and her two young children were sent to the hospital after a driver hits them as they crossed the street in south philadelphia. >> it is so hard to watch this video, of course, we have frozen the individual joe before impact. person driving kept ongoing. police now searching not only for the car involved, but also, the driver of that car. steve keeley now at police headquarters with more on. >> this good morning, steve. >> well what we will show you different angle at police headquarters. you can see right across the street, painted for pedestrians and people driving, to easily see with these white wide stripes, crosswalks in philly are supposed to be the safe spots. yield for pedestrians is the state law. even when drivers have the green light. but in this case, cops and
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witnesses say the car did not have a green light. speeding through it after it went from yellow to red. watch, as we show you, the first angle of the first of three surveillance videos, this young mother, six month old baby, strapped to her in a harness to her chest with the five year old daughter right next to them. they have got the green light. they go from the sidewalk into the crosswalk, going into the side street intersection along big broad street across the smaller one way dickinson, where this red maroon honda hits all three. the five year old hit first, and thrown the farthest, all the way across to the opposite side of broad street, just past 1:00 in the afternoon yesterday, so lot of witnesses to help with the three victims, lots of cameras to help the cops. >> that car shot down here, i think, shot down here, and kept going. it shot out the way. it new it did something wrong when it shot out of here. and it left the mother there like to die more or less, for real. you know? i am just putting out there, who ever did this incident to
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this mother and her two children need to turn themself in or have somebody represent you or something because you was wrong for doing t thank god the mother and the baby still alive. because that hit, that hit, can't forget that hit. >> well besides the video evidence, how about this? some physical evidence. police have the passenger rear view side meyer or it, broke off on impact. that almost makes them positive this is a 2,001 honda accord. now, video and witnesses pretty positive it was a female driver, and you can see this camera, as we pull up, farther away, about three blocks past broad street, along dickinson, the car captured going by in color speeding away without that passenger side mirror. and chris, you mention, looking for the car and driver, if they don't find them first, probably also will be happy they look for more surveillance video watch they would really like to see is a car going past surveillance,
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maybe get the license plate, because no front plate. so that's why we only have the front of car for now. they have three cameras, if anybody out there watching has a surveillance camera in south philly, and may have got this car coming at them, either before or after the accident along broad street, give the cops a callment check your video. see if you got it. >> yes, you don't have to have kids of your own to make that video have your stomach turn. i mean -- >> hard to watch. >> really. all right, steve, thank you. time now 5:08. >> special goods brought police to a high school. >> franklin township police say officials got a tip, approached the stooped, then called police investigators, say the student had brownies and cookies layed when more than 50 grams of marijuana. >> they indicated that the juvenile was in possession of expected baked goods baked with marijuana. they had them and turning them over to us. >> surprising specially what the kid had. i heard it was a lot.
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just crazy, that was in our school. >> police believe the student intends today set laced brownies, but they don't believe any other student got ahold of them. the teen was release today a parent pending court. we contacted the school district for comment. but we've not heard back yet. how about this? 5:09, a missing gun forces local school in a lockdown, and parent are furious. they say they were left to fear the worse. the drama unfolded yesterday morning at kensington urban education academy. the school officer's gun stole friend his car, but the officer wasn't sure if the gun was taken while his car was parked at home or at the school. so police put that school in lockdown, while they searched the building, patted down each and every student. parents told fox 29 of the lock-down which then began to spread, but the school didn't do a good job of explaining what was happening, according to some parents. >> we need communication, something in the school needs to communicate with somebody outside to let us parents know so we're not all over the place, you know, like
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everything is fine, this is what's going on, that's what i think communication is lack every communication here. >> police did not finds that gun in the school. the lock-down was lifted after two hours. pennsylvania state police looking into an alleged cheating scandal involving its cadets, the internal investigation sensors on the class scheduled to graduate this spring. at issue, whether cadets were given the questions to academic he can a.m. by a cadet who recently graduated. and instructor discovered the alleged cheating and they did report it. >> take a look, wild scene in north philly captured by surveillance cameras, car moving in the wrong direction on north eighth street, crashes into parked cars, then two men walking up the street, open fire on it. this happened late last month, gunman ran around the corner, jumped into white car, took off. no one was hit by the flying bullet, but several cars were damaged. if you have any information, of course, call philadelphia police. and take a look at your screen right now, police say the man with the gray hooded sweatshirt opened fire in the
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middle of rittenhouse friday night when police got to 15th and chestnut they found 31 year old man lying near the intersection, shot in the back, and in the arm. the victim did survive. if you know anything about what happened here, again, call police. cash five ticket worth more than half million dollars is sold at a north philadelphia gas station. the ticket maimed all five numbers, drawn monday night. the lehigh bp at fifth and lehigh in fairhill, gets $5,000 for selling it. the lucky ticket holder will collect $600,000. the winner has not come forward yet. you have up to a year to claim the prize, don't forget, you can watch the cash five drawing live here on fox 29 every night at 7:00. >> good luck. >> lucky someone. >> right? all right, the fight against the zika virus gets more come cat dollars -- complicated after an american contract it, how scientists are working to stop it spread. >> is donald trump okay with a second place finish this why he said he wouldn't change the
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>> we have a lot of weather coming our way, maybe little weather drama before the day is through. with this rather strong cold front that is set to move through our area. there it is in the blue there, we've already had the warmfront come through. that's brought in really mild temperatures. so, throughout the day, we do have this cold front ahead of
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it, the temperatures in the 60s, chillier temperatures, behind it, heavy rain inbetween. now, most of the heaviest rain is set to come through later on this afternoon, and this evening affecting more of your evening commute. we have a flood watch in effect, we could get inch to inch and a half of rain in some spots. combine that with the rapid snow melt and we will indeed have flooding of street and streams and intense wind. winds could gust 30, 40 miles an hour with this. so it is wind driven rain. what nasty afternoon we are expecting, there is your flood watch, all of the counties that you see in green are covered under the flood watch. and it is half of burlington county there, the one that's closest to the delaware river. so, right now, we have temperatures that are all above freezing, 34 mount pocono, 40 reading, 39 pottstown and trenton, 45 in millville, and dover, delaware, so that's why we're only talking about rain, and we are certainly in a milder trend after we were around
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average on saturday. we jumped into the up ear's sunday and monday, 53 degrees was yesterday's high. look where we are going today. records high for today 62 degrees, we expect to beat that with a high around 65. 51 degrees tomorrow, as things start to cool down. we are in the 40's on friday and saturday. but still, above average, and then back into the 50's on sunday, back into the mid 40's by monday and tuesday. so, out of all of these seven days, this one today is the worse. just get through today, and you should be okay. let's take a look at traffic as we get started on your wednesday morning. woe begin with a look at the vine street expressway. some volume there heading into the city, but no delays. approaching girard avenue on the schuylkill, all clear, with some more cars getting out on the roads, but not too much going on. and travel speeds are around normal. so at this point, with the rain not really having moved into the area yet, all is well. but of corpse, when we say that, you never know what's going to happen next, chris,
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lauren. >> so true. to politics, you decide at 5:17. donald trump finished second to texas senator ted cruz in the iowa caucuses, now he is reflecting on where he ended up. >> we didn't spend much money on the ground game. i agree we didn't have much on the ground game, i didn't think i would be winning, et cetera, et cetera. so hon orders to have come in second. most people said i wouldn't be in the top ten, originally, when i started in iowa. and, yes, in retrospect we could have done much better with the grounds game. >> talk told sean he might have done better in the iowa caucuses had he participate in the last week's debate, instead as you know he held fundraiser for veterans that raised $6 million, a million of his own. trump says quote he would never, ever give that up to go between first and second in iowa. elsewhere in the race, former secretary every state hillary clinton is hitting the granite state to speak to voters in new hampshire. fresh off her narrow win, monday night, at the iowa
5:18 am
caucuses clinton laid out her views on healthcare. now, she compared her views to fellow democratic candidate bernie saunders, bashed attempt tops kill the affordable care act. >> they vote today repeal it, sent it to the white house, thankfully the president vetoed it. make no mistake, if they get a republican president the affordable care act is gone. and we will be starting all over again. >> the new hampshire primary, the first in the nation, takes place on february the ninth. recent polls show clinton in distant second place in the state behind senator bernie saunders, and before we turn to national news, lauren, i have to also mention by way of politics, beau biden would have turned 47 years old today. >> oh, wow. >> yes. >> okay, new information on the zika virus. health off initials texas now believe patient there contracted the virus through another person instead of mosquito by having sex. sexual partner had already been infected with zika, usually spread through most keith owes bites, poses
5:19 am
greatest threat town born children causing birth defect. declared global emergency, scientists are rush to go come up with a vaccine, but that could take years. >> our hope that we can develop a single test that could be usable not only for existing diseases like zika virus, but also would be prepared for the next disease that's on the horizon. >> world health leaders predict up to 4 million cases of zika could turn up in the america's within the next year. coming up at 7:00 this morning, a closer look at zika why doctors say this should not be compared to the spread of hiv. >> 5:19 the time. one lawmaker wants to warn but what he calls a health crisis. most at risk, he says, your kids. so what is he talking about? porn. utah senator introduced resolution to declare pornography a public health crisis. state senator todd wheeler said its destructive to families and claims not as many young men are getting married balls of pornography. resolution making headlines
5:20 am
around the world. >> i've been mock internationally all weekend, pretend like this isn't going have an impact on our families, our culture, our society, i believe is naive. >> wheeler careful to point out his bill does not regulator ban anything, but he wants to start a discussion. >> with the superbowl fast approaching, the pizza delivery wars are really heating up you can say. the topping pizza hut plans to deliver to 50 lucky winner. >> having trouble sleeping, there may and certainly solution, why putting down your phone may lead to catching some more z's. >> here are your winning lottery numbers. good luck.
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>> so if you are having trouble sleeping, it is pretty easy. we've heard it before. just put your phone down right? >> new study got university of pittsburgh found link between sleep and social media. researchers there tracked the social media use and sleep troubles of nearly 1800 people and they found that on average people spent a little more than an hour a day on social media. a little more than an hour. >> i know. >> lauren don johnson, probably one hour-a-day you are not on it. >> i'm on it right now talking to piece on facebook. >> look at this, 30% of the
5:24 am
people say they had sleeping problems. at this point it is unclear how the two are related but something researchers are working to figure out. we always heard too the light that the screenings emit replicate sort of sunlight that blue light, and so it keeps your, i don't know -- >> i heard that apple's new phone will have some casino of feature where at night it put it on a certain setting for the light so it won't do whatever -- >> won't trying their a snake. >> so apple is trying to work it out. >> good. >> i know. our session with selfies lead to go rise in what they are calling dental dismore fee a. dentists say there is a rise in number of people coming in saying i want to correct my smile. the patient's wrongly believe they have horsey teeth not realizing realizing it their phones that create this distorted image. the suggestion here to take the best selfie do you have yousafzai ' stick or extend your armas far as possible. i always cringe when people are like let's take a selfie, and the camera is right here. i'm always like no, can you like back it up.
5:25 am
>> you've said that to me. >> right, because it gets all up in your face, that's what happens, certain things you look at and i don't look like that, doe? >> yes. >> with the whole dental dismore fee a thing, and selfies, we as a society are becoming so vein. aren't we? >> i think it is pointing owl little things people think is wrong with them, maybe it is not. >> you know, you going to watch the superbowl? superbowl sunday, pizza hut will release special edition golden garlic knotts pizza the company says the pizza topped with nearly $100 worth of edible 24 karat gold and will be giving out pies to 50 lucky winners. >> all people have to do to end is her order a stuffed garlic knotts pizza sunday between 1:00 and 5:00. sadly though, guess what? they're not even offering it in our area. >> what? >> tell your friends who don't live in jersey, delaware, pennsylvania, all about it. >> speaking of food, oreo just unveiled new limited time
5:26 am
flavor. filled cupcake oreo it is called. cookie classic chocolate but filling drop of van all cream surrounded by chocolate cream. the new addition is part of the company's promotion, new york area, essentially where all of the oreo flavors are kept in this vault. filled cupcake oreo hits stores february the eighth. that's next tuesday. no, next monday. >> they should just leave it as the classic cook. >> i right? you can't mess up. >> no, they had the red velvet, oh, just leave it. >> like coke. coke. >> just leave. >> original formula. >> don't mess it up. >> it works best. blizzard conditions across the northwest and tornados in the southeast. what we can expect as powerful storm system gets ready to head toward us. >> and, his quick width captivated audiences for decades, this morning, we take a look back at some of sherman hensley's a/k/a george jefferson's greatest moments in this morning's black history month spotlight.
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>> mother in critical condition, two small children injured after hit-and-run, what investigators say may help track down the driver. >> good day everyone, it is
5:30 am
february 3rd, 2016. >> and you say, you were paying attention to our very own sue serio. >> every once in a while i do. >> by way of warm weather it, comes with some flooding, sue, or at least fears of flooding? >> isn't information life a trade off? you get one thing you want, then do you have give up something else. so you'll give up good hey -- hair day, bus stop buddy, but we will get record warm temperatures for february the third. so be prepared with that rain gear. because rain is definitely on the way. now, our temperatures are above freezing, in the 30's, but above freezing, and then, into the 40's, around l region. so we give you a measley four out of ten with the weather that's on the way, and the flood watch that's in effect, through tomorrow afternoon. you can see the rain is shear, it is now moving into chester and delco. it is in new castle county, delaware, lancaster county, berks county, and headed toward us here in philadelphia. over the next hour we start to see the first raindrops.
5:31 am
44 degrees, as you can see, well above freezing, which is why we're only expecting rain. 7:08 your sunrise time. and we are looking at 38 degrees in allentown, 34 mount pocono. forty-seven in atlantic city, almost 50 in wildwood. and 42 in wilmington. so, both commutes will have rain in them. but the afternoon commute should have heavier rain. showers mostly, more showers through 99:00 in the morning it, will start getting milder. we get up to 56 degrees, later on. but also, some ponding on the roadways. that could be a mess for the evening commute. and few thunderstorms are possible, as well. so that takes care of today. drier days are ahead. but for how long? we will let you know in the seven day forecast coming up. right now taking a look at traffic, we start off with a look at the burlington bristol bridge. it is opening up around 5:50, ten of 6:00 this morning. soap, plan on different bridge if that's the way you usually go. i95, approaching the betsy
5:32 am
ross bridge. >> doing just fine, fine on the schuylkill and i95, the usual bottleneck spot, doing okay, right now, chris, lauren? all right, thank you so much, sue. day two in court for bill cosby. >> judge expected to make a decision today on the sexual assault charges against him, dave kinchen now live at the montgomery county court hours yet again for us for day two, dave, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, chris, lauren. here is what will happen today. we do know this much, judge steven o'neil will make a decision in this case we don't if if he will have the criminal sexual assault charges against bill cosby be thrown out. that's the big question here when court does resume in the 9:00 hour, bill cosby left court yesterday after six hours of testimony from former d.a., bruce castor, a key witness in cosby's defense
5:33 am
team. did not pursue charges against cosby years ago because of court credibility issues, with cosby's accuser temple employee andrea con stand. castor said there was not enough evidence to show cosby had commit add crime. he also said con stand did not ask a victim every sexual assault according to her police interviews, said she went to a lawyer before ever going to the police. castor made a deal not to prosecute cosby, but the judge asked why that deal was not put in writing, and castor simply replied, it wasn't necessary. so, today, again, the judge is expected to make a ruling. that much the judge said yesterday, and at 7:30, our legal team will breakdown what will likely happen today. so you will want to watch fox 29 goodday philadelphia and stay with us all day as we follow the second day of this hearing. back to you. >> dave, we can hear that you're joined by hundreds of other journalists and generators and live trucks and see how loud it is.
5:34 am
>> i can't hear you. if you can say that again? >> thank you very much. it is so loud there at the courthouse. national attentionment even journalists in germany are here to cover this case. time 5:34. >> the search is on this morning for hit-and-run driver. >> so, a mother and her children stranded and injured in the street as the car just kept ongoing after they were hit. >> steve keeley? >> good morning, steve. >> yep, we can call this driver a real broad street bully. and you can bet, it was a real sleepless night for this person, because no way can you sleep. and you can bet the driver probably tuned in to a tv station, or look on line, and saw the surveillance video, and saw what police have, than will probably hopefully urge this driver to get it over with and call the cops and say hey i was driving, sorry, i left the scene, i panic. here is the video we're talking about, you can see, this mother with a six month old baby, strapped in a harness to her chest, her little five year old daughter walking right no her.
5:35 am
they've got the light. they've got the law on their hand, because they are in the crosswalk, they are walking up broad street. they go from sidewalk into crosswalk and boom. they are hit. this car probably was looking up at the light as it changed from green to yellow to red and trying to make the red light into broad. and did not going through the red light according to a lot of witnesses in the police after they enhanced and looked at this surveillance video from several different cameras. >> the little girl, really scary, tramatic, and i hope she is okay. i heard that she had like a broken leg. she was far from the mother, too, so she must have gotten thrown. i think it is terrible that person is going to get caught. so that's good, but like they shouldn't have had to go to that point. and i think that they should have stopped obviously. just making things worse for them. it is in the right. >> always tough to hide your
5:36 am
car when it is missing a vital part and the public knows that, in this case you can see, the passenger side rear-view mirror broke off on impact, and there is probably some front end damage, as well. because that little five year old was hit and thrown the farthest, landing on the opposite side of broad street. this driver is lucky, five year old tough little girl, broken leg, mom is tough, too. head injuries, critical, and has survived. and the baby because she was strapped so well to mom's chest, mom's body protecting the baby. the baby just some scrapes watch scratches. nobody got hilled here. charges won't be as serious but still quite serious but just luck foy there are driver knob was kill or this driver would be doing some mandatory prison time. >> grace of god this wasn't a whole lot worse. and i'm getting the way the mother fell she must have fallen on her side on her back not on top of the little baby. because that could have been whole different outcome if that were the case, steve.
5:37 am
>> you're right there chris. >> all right,. >> let's turn our attention to sunday. everyone getting excited about superbowl ooh, right? it is broncos verse the panthers as we know. >> is spring coming noon. >> how about the groundhog deciding on the winner every sunday's game? that is next.
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>> the eagles have another new deal for their own, free agent to be vinny curry signs five year deal. curry played four season with the identification else with second on the team with 21 hurries this past season. now, with the eagles switching back to four-three defense this off season expect more playing time and bigger numbers for curry. so far this off season new deals for curry, sake ertz, johnson. johnny man sell days, appear to be over after another off the field incident involving man sell over the weekend, the browns released statement questioning his character, and the effect it was having on his own teammate. when they can expect to say bye to johnny football. >> third period, tied at two, until wayne simmons, gets the second of the night. flyers had empty netter, beat the canadiens four-two. forget punxsutawney phil. tuesday grade i the grand hog made his superbowl pick. trying to be fake and i am partial, he picks the denver broncos, in north carolina can you believe it? that's sports in a minute. i'm tom sredenschek.
5:41 am
>> keep talking about the superbowl? >> i think we should. bets are getting weirds and interesting as the game draws near. >> you can bet on everything, right? how about this one? you can bet on this. will peyton manning be seen crying at any point during the entire broadcast? >> what color will beyonce shoes be when she comes on stage for the half time show? black, gold or brown, white, gray or silver? >> then any other color is in there, too. >> that's so funny. >> bizarre. >> i know. this is vaguest, right? >> oh, you're wearing cool shoes today. >> mine are sort of rain boot, because i heard sue serio tell me it is going to rain, i don't want soggy stilettos. >> cool rain boots. were you instagram those out? >> i will. they are simple. blizzard conditions across the midwest, tornados in the southeast. what we can expect as a
5:42 am
powerful storm system gets ready to head our way. >> hence, your foot attire. >> that's right. ♪ you like being picture perfect.
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>> you are looking at the ben franklin. speaking of werth, blizzard conditions across the west,
5:45 am
powerful storm system headed toward us. the storm, sweeping across the country, bringing tornados, in the deep south, blizzard conditions from the rockies to the great lakes n denver, more than 100 flights were canceled with schools closed as well, kids grabbed their sleds and had a little fun. >> got up at 30:00, saw they were close, that was enough for me. >> winter storm causing power outages in nebraska, blizzard winning will be in effect through this morning. many state saw nearly foot of snow and winds between 20 and 40 miles per hour. in eye owe washings minute society, a cars, trucks, were spotted slipping and sliding off the the highways. some people even decided the weather was just too bad to work. >> want to make sure we do the appropriate due diligence, keep people comfortable, keep employee safe. >> deliver strong win, heavy rain in the southeast, tornados report in the alabama and mississippi.
5:46 am
the high winds, damaged several homes in the region. same storm expected to bring heavy rain and wind to the northeast, with more on how this will impact us. prepared with my rain boots on today. >> yes, yes, thank you for listening, yes. do have the pictures to look at of what we were experiencing week and a half ago. plenty of snow as we look at this us snow cover map. in the place that is got it yesterday, looks for us, though, that snow pack is dwindling, has been with the above average temperatures, that we've had every day this week, most of the snow out to the north and west around harrisburg. it is gone in south jersey and delaware for the most part. unless you have one of those giant piles in the mall parking lot or something. but, for us, here's where we got the rain right now t looks like it is pretty heavy to steady rain, in springfield, delaware county, around haverford, and look around west goshen, chester county,
5:47 am
uekland township. lancaster county, notch out of new castle county, rain little lighter but it is here. hopefully you haven't gone out yet. if you hadn't, grab the umbrella. occasional showers to start. then the real heavy stuff even though seeing some heavy downpours right now, possible thunderstorms will be for the evening commute, it ends between 9:00 and midnight from west to east. that's the way the cold front travels. along the front could possibly see some thunderstorms, so, temperatures in the 60s ahead of this storm, heavy rain with the storm. but it is all a wednesday event. flooding often lingers after the rain is over so we'll probably see street flooding, small streams, some creeks, flooding, because of all of the rain that we are expecting today. had 44 degrees in philadelphia, 45 in dover,
5:48 am
delaware. thirty-four mount pocono with all of the temperatures above freezing. rain, and only rain, in the forecast. 41 degrees your average high you think we've been above average with temps in the 50's, look add today six a. record 62. and it was set in 2006. looks like we will break that. when it comes off it get closer to average. it will still be above average. so by tomorrow not too much snow left on the gown. and whatever is will probably melt as we get into the weekend. and into monday and tuesday of next week. so that's your seven day forecast, from the weather authority time to check traffic for your hump day. and we start off with the burlington bristol bridge. hard to tell in the dark but open. you have to pick another bridge. all lanes blocked of course for the opening. now over to route 202, in chester county turks route 30 bypass. it is all clear there. minor accident in huntingdon
5:49 am
valley county line road beechwood road. police are on the scene. at 5:49, like accomplish african-americans contributed to the success of this country on this third day of february, refresh, one every philadelphia's biggest on-screen stars. >> sherman helmsley, belt known as george jefferson, born on february 1st, 1938. he was born and raised in south philadelphia, somewhere around 22nd and christian streets. by his mother, who worked in a lamp factory. >> attended central high school, dropped out in tenth grade to join the us air force, he left the air force four years later and returned to philadelphia. where he worked for the post office, during the day, and then attended the academy of dramatic arts at night. quickly landed roles on broadway, and plays, big break, though, came in 1971. >> let me show you something about pizza. that bartender willing to work for me, because he got enough
5:50 am
green in your pocket than black, becomes his favorite color. >> cast as george jefferson in the citcom all in the family. from there, hendley starred in a spin-off show which you know of course as the jefferson's. that ran for 11 seasons through 1985. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> you know that song, don't you? >> hall of fame 2012, he avoided the hollywood limelight, not many people new much about his personal life. but we did know he was never married, he had no children, he died of cancer on july 24th, 2012 at the age of 74 years old. >> a little bit after fight over his estate when he passed away. >> how many? now kids, no wife. >> well, he had basically a
5:51 am
girlfriend. >> oh,. >> he left everything to her. but, you know how it is, people come out of the woodwork and claim. >> everything? >> so sad, right? >> burried in texas. >> talk about a voice, right? the classic melody of the righteous brother, returning to the strip. the un chained melody crooners played las vegas showrooms for decades dating back to the 19 60s, well, bill medically will perform several nights a week at hair's' starting march march 23rd. >> there you go. bucky heard filling in. >> so we now now hoe the grammy awards show will. >> laid gay go special tribute, said gaga would
5:52 am
perform three or four of bobby's songs, to show bowie's creativity as musician, work con standly over the last five decades. >> she will be busy this month. starting this weekend, sinning the national anthem superbowl sunday. also set to sing at the oscars at the end of the month. go, lady gaga. >> go broncos. or panthers, whatever you like. >> all right, he was just looking for some fun in the sun. where people in florida say a crocodile turned up.
5:53 am
5:54 am
5:55 am
>> you're live at blue mountains, they're loaning for some snow, right? they have what, one, two days of it, and then nothing? 5:55 the time. 44 degrees. record high temperatures later today in the delaware valley. now, if you've ever visited the sunshine state floridian are used to seeing alligators, not this fellow, crocodile, resident discovered him lying on small stretch of sands near the apartment complex in cape coral, the crock, 12-footer, just basking in the sun. his presence?
5:56 am
and his teeth, a bit unnerving for some. >> one of the guys said we have an alligator on the beach. i said no. >> well, we have a sign over to the left about, right near the children's playground, do not see the -- feed the alligators. we see children her at the beach quite often. but, you wonder, it is scary. >> of course. the reptile had a tracking tag, a sign authorities had to run into him in the past, evidently, local wildlife officers were told about the crock, but they left him alone, since he wasn't a danger to anyone. i wouldn't go near him! hey; donald trump okay with a second place finish this why he says he wouldn't change the results from the iowa caucuses. and the fight against the zika virus gets more complicated after an american contracted it, we'll tell you how scientists are really working around the clock to stop it. straight ahead on good day philadelphia. puffs knows winter...
5:57 am hard on your nose there's the endless runny noses. the sneezes that just won't quit and of course, the biting cold of snow day play. that's why puffs is soft. puffs plus lotion tissues... ...are gentle on skin. they help soothe irritation by locking in moisture better. so you can get out and enjoy winter a nose in need deserves puffs indeed. for softness that fits anywhere, try puffs softpack.
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so now i'm not being perky, telling you that drivers that switch to progressive save an average of $548! whoo! i mean, whoo. day two when court for bill cosby. continues to face a sexual assault charges, bill does. what today's ruling could mean for the future of the comedian's criminal case. the judge says, he'll rule today.
6:00 am
is social security place good enough? why donald trump says he won't change a thing regarding the results in the iowa caucuses. >> is this o. j. simpson. >> it is call heard around the worlds. this is a ten part mini-series, started last night, called the people versus o.j. simpson. did you watch it? weaver s highlights from last night's premiere. good day everybody, it is wednesday, february the 23rd, 2016. that means, it is the birthday of somebody who watches this show every day. bell dane thompson. >> our viewer has is having her birthday today? >> that's exactly right. happy birthday bell dane. >> and she looks great. >> straight up 6:00. i walk in at about 5:10. it started raining at 5:11, now it is raining most of the day. and heavily, right, knew


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