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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 6A  FOX  February 3, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EST

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is social security place good enough? why donald trump says he won't change a thing regarding the results in the iowa caucuses. >> is this o. j. simpson. >> it is call heard around the worlds. this is a ten part mini-series, started last night, called the people versus o.j. simpson. did you watch it? weaver s highlights from last night's premiere. good day everybody, it is wednesday, february the 23rd, 2016. that means, it is the birthday of somebody who watches this show every day. bell dane thompson. >> our viewer has is having her birthday today? >> that's exactly right. happy birthday bell dane. >> and she looks great. >> straight up 6:00. i walk in at about 5:10. it started raining at 5:11, now it is raining most of the day. and heavily, right, knew.
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>> if gives us four out of ten in your numbers. bus stop buddy has his reindeer, make sure you have yours before you lever the house. temperatures upper 40's, just rain we are talking about, on february, you know, could have been different story. now, looks like the heavy rain has moved into montgomery county, right now, and headed toward bucks county here if philadelphia, see how things have changed since the last time we checked, 43 degrees, with sunrise at 7:08. no sunshine though expected, it should and wet morning commute with temperatures in the upper 40's, and getting into the 50's, by 9:00 this morning. and then, the really heavy stuff, maybe even few thunderstorms, for the evening commute. that one looks to be pretty challenging, as well, but the high temperature today, a record breaking 65 degrees. more on that coming up. plus, how much rain we will get. we will talk all about that in the seven day forecast, but we got to check the burlington
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bristol bridge, again, hard to see in the dark, but it is still open. so, try taking an alternate route if that's your usual bridge. roosevelt boulevard past wissahickon avenue. we see some extra volume there, roads pretty wet but all clear. travel times this morning, haven't sloan down too much. still pretty smooth sailing on the schuylkill from the blue route to the vine. >> 6:02, bill cosby drawing the crowds outside montgomery county courthouse, and today, could be decision day. >> yes, the judge said little late yesterday afternoon the decision probably should be made after they discuss it, one more time there is afternoon. so, cosby due in court probably about the same time it was about what, 8:30, 9:00 we saw him head to the courthouse? dave, what are you hearing? at the courthouse?
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>> today here is what we know. judge steven o'neil will in fact decide whether there case is thrown out, or if it does go to trial of course they're trying to get the criminal charges thrown out. bill cosby left court yesterday 5:30 after six hours of testimony from former montgomery county district attorney bruce castor, key witness to cosby's defense team, he testified did he not pursue charges against cosby years ago, because of quote credibility issues with cosby's accuser former temple employee andrea constant. said there was not enough evidence to show cosby commit add crime. he also said constant did not act like victim of sexual assault according to her police interviews, and said, that she -- he said she went to a lawyer before going to the cops. castor made a deal not to prosecute cosby, but the judge asked why that deal was not
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put in writing. castor simply replied: it wasn't necessary. but castor also told cosby he was not on their side either. the big question now, what will the judge decide? by the way, weaver legal experts that will be on good day philadelphia at 7:30, to explain what could likely happen today. >> guys, back to you. >> hey, a lot going on. thanks, if you want to know more about this, when the decision comes down, you might want to get the fox 29 app. so we can give that you breaking news alert when the decision comes down from the judge. all right, 04:00,. >> let's get to lauren johnson. >> good morning, alec, so far developing story, police looking for hit-and-run driver who ran over a woman and two children as they crossed the street. the mother and kids were left lying in that south philadelphia street. as the car sped away. happened right at the intersection of dickinson street and broad, witnesses returned to help the mother, the baby and her five year old daughter, and kept them calm until emergency crews arrived.
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>> taken to the hospital. police now hoping that nearby surveillance video will help them catch the person who hit them. >> a wild scene in north philadelphia, captured by surveillance cameras. you see a car moving in the wrong direction, on north eighth street. crashes into a park car, then two men walking up the street, they start shooting at. it happened late monday night. gunman ran around the corner, jumped in white car, took off, no one hit by the flying bullets but several cars damaged. some special baked goods, brought police to gloucester county high school on monday morning franklin township police say school officials got a tip about it. they approached the student, then called police. investigators say the student had brownies and cookies laced with more than 50 grams of marijuana. police believe the student intend today sell the laced brownies but they don't believe any other student brought them. the teen was release today a parent, will be in court soon. mike anal next. >> missing gun forces are
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local school in to lockdown. par rent pretty serious. they say they were left to really fear the worse. they didn't get a lot of information. >> drama unfolded yesterday morning at kensington urban education academy, a school officer's gun was stole friend his car. >> but that officer wasn't sure if it was taken while his car was park at home, or at the school. so, police put the school in lockdown while they searched the building and patted down each and every student. parent told "fox 29 news" of the lock-down and began to spread, but the school didn't do a good job of explanation what was happening according to parent. police did not find the gun in the school. a lock-down was lifted after about two hours. >> all right, later in the program, we've been told for weeks now that zika virus has spread through mosquito by the. the unusual way health officials say a patient in texas got this virus. >> and seconds place good enough? why donald trump says he wouldn't change a thing regarding results from the iowa caucuses.
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>> rain will get pretty heff think afternoon. it the purdy, murder heavy.
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>> listen to this. >> i think i would have done probably a little bet nerve iowa had i not, you know, gone out and wanted to do that event for the vets. but, you know, i'm very happy with second place finish! >> so, what he means there, did i make the right decision in skipping the fox news debate? the last debate before the iowa caucuses. donald trump spending time reflecting on his spot in the republican caucuses there in iowa. donald says his decision to skip that last gop debate before the iowa caucuses may have contributed to second place finish, but wanted to dot thing for the vets and avoid megan kelly apparently. >> said he would do it the same way. >> what else can he say? finished second, to ted cruz, not by much, in monday evening's contest, replacing first and multiple polls. polls didn't mean anything. he skipped the debate, he says, because of a spat he had with fox news channel, specifically, with megan kelly, and instead, of going
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to the debate, he went to fundraiser for veterans that raised $6 million. there is his big check. donald trump said woe never, ever give that up to go between first and second place in iowa. i guess pretty good response. 6:11,. >> could this be america's new guilty pleasure, every tuesday night for what the next nine nights? no, nine weeks? there is a lot to look forward to in the people versus o.j. simpson. coming up we have the highlight from last night's premiere. what did you think about it? tweet me, alex whom i fox 29. flonase allergy relief nasal spray.
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>> looking at a map of snow cover. places just got that blizzards, obviously, they have a lot of snow. we still have quite a bit left over from the blizzards of about a week and a half ago. the thing is, though, after today, just about all of this is going to be out of here because of this. we zoom in, show you where it is raining right now here in philadelphia, we're got the steady rain around haverford, in delaware county, some pretty steady rain, as well. to the north of us, we're seeing areas of heavy rain, and it is just kind of light and spotty around wilmington, delaware, newark, around the university, but you're going
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to get your heavy rain share, as well. temperatures are going to probably head to the 60s, so we jump ahead to about 2:00 this afternoon, and it looks like not only rain, but the possibility of thunderstorms, later on, now the records is 62, we will see if we do indeed break that record, 62 degrees, was set in 200610 years ago, so, that's on the way. and the rain still with us, through the evening hours, it looks like very messy evening commute. plan on that. plan on not very good hair day. and by 11:00, 12:00 looks like it is not quite gone yet. so, this is why we have the flood watch in effect, it is a long lasting event, with maybe an inch, inch and a half of rain. and the flood watch lingers into thursday, tomorrow, afternoon. at least all of our temperatures are above freezing, it is 42 in wilmington, 36 lancaster, and mount pocono, ooh in wildwood, here in the city it is 43 degrees. forty-one is your average high. so already above average right now, and with temperatures the
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past couple every days into the 50's, it will be even miler. today surge every mild air, ahead of the cold front, so windy, wet, and warmer for your wednesday. 51 degrees we love owe literation. fifty-one tomorrow. forty-six on friday. and then, into the weekends it, looks pretty good. looks like it will be a dry weekends with temperatures still above average. just not as warm as today. now, we take a look at traffic. at 6:16 on your wednesday morning, start at route 422 just past trooper road. quite few cars, not going too fast, everybody, taking it east which all of this rain. but, no delays this morning, people are using caution, coming over the ben franklin bridge, volume is increasing, and roads are wet. travel times are -- travel speeds i should say no huge slow-downs, looks like, around that king of prussia interchange there with 422 and 202 and the schuylkill, it is a little slow around there. but so far so good, even with the rain, mike and alex, this
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morning. >> hey, it is almost 6:17 this wednesday. wonder what else you got? >> new information about the zika virus, how it may spread. off initials dallas texas now believe patient contracted the illness by having sex, sexual partner had already been infected with zika. virus usually spread through mosquito bites and poses greatest threat to unborn children causing birth defect. has declared global emergency, scientists are rush to go come up with a vaccine, but his could take years. michigan governor rick snide letter propose $30 million in state funding, to help pay the water bills of flint resident they say an emergency over the city's lead contaminated water supply, snide letter brief city officials about the proposal today. plans to outline it to lawmakers next week. the aid would cover the portion of residential customers, utility bills, for watt their has been or will be used. the us marine corps says trace elements of dna have bands fawn from marines killed in a helicopter crash. spokeswoman said in a statement yesterday, dna
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traces were found during search and rescue operations, that ended on january 19th. the families of the identified marines have been notified. marine corps wouldn't provide further information at this time about what was found, 12 hawaii based marines were killed when two helicopters crashed during nighttime training on january 14th. mike anal next. >> all right, everyone is talking about ten episode mini-series of the people versus o.j. simpson. that premiered last night. >> i have to admit. i stayed up to 11:00 to watch the whole thing. here is a bit of the first episode of ten. >> oh, my gosh. is she dead? >> yes. i'm so sorry, mr. simpson. >> i'll be on the first flight out of chicago tomorrow. be back in l.a. tomorrow. >> well, during last night's first installment, and that american crime story
6:19 am
anthology. >> a lot of people are talking about this moment, because they called and asked him, told him, your wife has been killed. then he responded oh, my gosh, is she dead? >> so and then after that i remember the police officers back in los angeles say he didn't even ask how she died, chris. that was a big moment we all remember from 20 years ago. >> exactly. and i remember that he said he cut his hand on some glass in the sing in chicago. >> right. >> all right, so from oj trying to commit suicide in kim kardashian's room to those tense moments before johnnie cochran and prosecutors christopher darden last night all was revealed so we re-lived the white bronco chase down los angeles freeway, we actually got to see just how close oj was to the kardashian family. at one point you could hear now chris jenner talking to khloe and courtney kardashian in simpson's funeral, nicole simpson's funeral. >> i can't believe she is gone. >> she was my personal angel.
6:20 am
i would have gone to rehab if it weren't for her. >> khloe, courtney, stop running. put away that candy. >> do you think he did it? >> oh, chris. she was terrified of him. >> last night's episode also reminded everyone that oj failed his polygraph test. most of the material from the mini-series comes from a book written by jeffrey tube inch's book, they called, the run of his life. the people versus oj. so we're going to breakdown his epic series more later in the show. but it is interesting, right? at least dramatically speaking how we all know are reliving what happened 20 years ago, guys. >> yes, it was in 1994, it was odd to see actors playing all of these people we got to know so well, 22 years ago. >> specially the cards ash yan clan, right? >> well, they had to throw that in, didn't they, chris, because of the popularity that far reality show, keeping up
6:21 am
with the kardashian's, they had to throw that in, kim and khloe. >> it wasn't a vital part of the movie or anything. >> not at all. >> it wasn't necessary but -- >> yes, but oj was good friends with their dad. >> it was also interesting to see all of these well known actors playing the part. >> cube inch gooding, jr. tough role to play. >> and courtney b advance, johnnie cochran. oh, he did amazing job. >> and john travolta signed up for this project, robert shapiro. >> yes. >> looked kind of odd. apparently the potential final game for one of the greatest nfl quarterbacks in the history of nfl football isn't the ticket selling you might think. why seats for superbowl 50 are selling for less than expected. and if you understanded what i just said, hit me up on twitter.
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>> good morning, the flyers starting second half of their season last night hosting montreal canadiens at the center, tide two-two in the thirds period after the flyers have two-nothing lead. feeding simmons for the game winner right there. flyers had empty netter. beat the canadiens last night four-two. curry new deal with the eagles. curry signs five year package, 47 and a quarter million dollars. it will keep him in philadelphia through 2020. so far this off season the eagles have signed new deals with curry, sake ertz, brent celek and lane johnson.
6:25 am
johnny mansell's days appear to be over after another off the field incident over the weekends, involving mansell. the brown's released statement tuesday, questioning his character and effect it was having on his teammates. teams can release players, expect to say good-bye to johnny mansell. forget punxsutawney phil, tuesday grade i the groundhog made his pick, and shockingly, he picks the denver broncos. would it be fair and i am partial. that's sports in a minute. i'm tom sredenschek. >> the superbowl days away now, but experts are saying tickets for the big game surprisingly don't cost as much as you would expect. maybe not as much as last year. >> so, you know, peyton manning a lot of people think it is peyton manning. >> yes. >> and big celebration for cam newton. but research indicates even those two big players, they haven't generate add spike in tickets. just this week, stub hub had ticket for just under $3,000 for the cheapest seats in the stadium. now, you might think that's still a lot.
6:26 am
but the safeties has year cost just under $10,000. >> who is in last year's game? the patriots, versus seahawks, that's right. ending to the game everyone was so upset about. >> they passed, instead of running. interception on the goal line. >> yes, that. >> i'm surprised, it is in a beautiful new stadium. >> nice area in california. i'll go! i don't have $3,000. >> for the cheap seats? >> but they don't want to see cam newton dab? common. >> our peyton man's last gate -- manning's last game. all i know ticket prices to up 10,000, you know what term i use? >> what? >> that's tractor beam, man. >> really? >> have you ever heard that term, tractor beam to describe something big? if you have, i want to learn more about it, where it came from. >> is that a kansas thing? >> it is not a kansas thing. >> are you ready to party this
6:27 am
weekend? the roots picnic. oh, but the roots picnic line up has been announced. >> so, we will tell you who these hot artists. i'm really happy about the line up. of course the roots will be there. >> yes. >> always. >> and it is important we talk about this now, because tickets will go on sale soon. >> i believe tonight, right? maybe today? friday! they go on sale friday.
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>> what's going to happen today? >> day two in court. cosby facing sexual assault charges. what today's ruling could mean for the future of the case. it all comes down this morning >> the judge will say in trial. >> mother in critical condition. her two small children hurt when a driver plows into them. south philly at broad and dickinson in the middle of the day. who investigators believe was behind the wheel. >> atlantic city tram cars are going up up up. how much more patrons will pay to right along the boardwalk. >> that was wildwood. >> they have one in atlantic city, too? >> they have the push once. >> maybe it is going to atlantic city now,. >> okay, weaver to wait for the story so we can see. >> i know when i hear those words, i think wildwood.
6:31 am
oh, those wildwood days, still a ways away for a lot of us, rain here, temperatures three's, 40's, take tip from bus top study, wear that rain gear today. we have we have a four out of ten in your weather the numbers today it, will be pretty lousy all day long, we have the rain moving in right now. nothing much in delaware, southern new jersey. 7:08, officially your sunrise time, 43 degrees, not expecting sunshine, showers around, few breaks in the action, throughout the morning, and by 9:00 we are getting into the 50's, but look at the drive home. windshield wipers definitely needed on the way home with periods of heavy rain, some ponding on the roadways, and maybe even few thunderstorms. we could break that record of 62 degrees, with our projected high of 65. and that is your weather for wednesday. so after wet wednesday, what
6:32 am
comes up? we will talk about that in the seven day forecast just ahead. right now, head today route 309 southbound. just after welsh rd. we have an accident there. and it is really slowing folks down. you can see the flashing lights, kind of toward the right-hand side of your screen, again, in is route 309 southbound, just after welsh rd. so, you might want to avoid that area. route 42, creek road, in new jersey, is building volume, but no delays just yet. and as we head out on to the schuylkill, and i-95, things have slowed down quite a bit since last time we checked. we take you now 20 minute on the schuylkill to get from the blue route to the vine. guys? >> thank you, 6:32. >> happening today, this morning, we will see bill cosby go back to the montgomery county courthouse, he will stand before a judge for the seconds day. >> all right, dave, bring us to up date at the montgomery county courthouse. >> reporter: court set to
6:33 am
start in about three hours. of course we'll see bill cosby's rival about the same time we saw yesterday, around 8:30, 9:00. here in norristown. the question is what will judge steven o'neil decide? we noel decide something. the question is, will he keep these charges in place or will he throw out the criminal sexual assault charges again? bill cosby, bill cosby left court yesterday around 5:30, after six hours of testimony from former montgomery county d.a. bruce castor. a key witness to the cosby defense team. cosby testified that he did not -- castor did not bring charges against cosby years ago because of court credibility issues, cosby's accuser former temple employee constant, castor said there was not enough evidence to show cosby had committed a crime. he also said, constant did not act like a victim of sexual assault, according to the police interview, and said that she would see lawyers
6:34 am
before going to cops. castor made a deal not to prosecute cosby, but the judge asked why that deal was not put in writing, and castor simply replied: it was not necessary, but he was also quick to point out to the cosby defense team that he was not on their side either in this case. by the way we have legal analyst that is will break all of this down for us at 7:30 on fox 29 goodday philadelphia, and of course, we are waiting for the judge today to see what he decides, this case could never go to trial. that will may happen today. we'll see. back to you guys. >> every indication going to make the decision this afternoon, all right, thank you. 6:34, something really bad happened in south philly yesterday afternoon hit-and-run driver, mother and her children, they were stranded and injured in the street and the car just kept ongoing. >> yes, steve's on this story in south philly. at the intersection broad and dickinson. thousand it happen? >> mike, conditions a lot better than they are now. first of all the middle of the dale, not dark like now, and clear skies, not raining right now, but look, mike, when you are coming up this one way
6:35 am
street, dickinson toward broad, you don't have any per i have val vision to go up to the corner. same goes for the pedestrians. they had the light. you can see, there is from the he wide crosswalks here at broad street. so walking on the sidewalk along broad. and let's go to the surround veins video, plenty of it from three different cameras so far. this mother has the little one strapped to her chest in a harness, the five year old walking with her. the light, green, to yellow, to red, trying to get through it before it goes from yellow to red. already red according to police and witness and the surveillance video, they are looking up instead of looking street level. they slam into this family, the little girl flied across all the way to the side that we're on, and everybody runs out to help, as the car speeds away. >> the little girl, really scary and tramatic, i hope she is okay. i heard that she had like a
6:36 am
broken leg. she was far from the mother, too. so she must have gotten thrown. i think it is terrible. and that person is going to get caught. so that's good. but like they shouldn't have had to go to that point. i think that they should have stopped, obviously, it is just making things worse for them, just not good. >> well besides the surveillance video, look at this, the passenger side rear-view mirror broke off on impact. it was near the victims, and that i.d.'s the car the police say as red maroon 2001 honda accord. when they look at the surveillance video, talked to the witnesses everybody thinks that the driver likely female in this case, and as we go from the mirror pictures to the surveillance video, you can see the car drivers toward another surveillance camera, you can see the mirror missing, but in the the other thing, that we pointed out on the show plenty of times before. surround vale edges cameras in so many cases are hit-and-run or another crime always captures the front of the car.
6:37 am
and because only new jersey in our area, pennsylvania doesn't have front license plate in pennsylvania, no plate, like would you have if this car was a new jersey car. so pennsylvania lawmakers may want to consider just having front plates just to help police solve so many of these cases where surveillance cameras are so prevalent in today's society, and cars get away cars and crimes, always seem to have the front of the car, now, police if they had the plate, they obviously would track the registration, maybe driver of the car. right now they don't have the car. they would also like more surveillance video. so the car speeds up, dickinson, so if anybody is in south philly, and on dickinson, and has surveillance cameras, police would like to see if you have any video of this car, as well, maybe the back of the car going away, and get them plate or see where the car may have park or maybe turned on dickenson, that would help them finds the direction of where the driver went. >> of course we froze the video, just before -- it looks like the car hit the five year old first, steve, right?
6:38 am
>> yes, it was so graphic, the video, we can't show it to you. but it was horrific. and something you really need to see. it doesn't help a witness case, but pretty bad, and they are lucky they are alive. the driver is lucky, too if somebody leaves the scene after accident, fatal, mandatory prison time. >> the moms in serious condition, critical condition, though. and the baby that was strapped to her just has a scratch on her head. >> wow. >> lauren, what else have we got? >> governor tom wolf says ask for another money last year, fights for more money in this year's budget -- budget. will face the legislature next week, 356 million-dollar increase was part of a bipartisan budget deal, agreed by house and senate republican majority leaders, for this fiscal year, however, that deal has collapsed. pennsylvania state police looking into an alleged cheating scandal involving its
6:39 am
cadets. the internal investigation centers on the class scheduled to graduate this spring. at issue, whether cadets were given the questions to an academic exam by kad hot recently graduated, the son of chaka fattah pennsylvania's long eggs serving member of congress is send tents today five years behind bars. and taken straight to prison. chaka fattah, jr. was in federal court yesterday. a judge told the 33 year old man, known as chip, that he had advantage others could only dream b but he made bad choices. fattah was convicted of tax and bank fraud in november, among other things, accused of ring off the philadelphia public school system to pay for live i shall lifestyle. the company that runs atlantic city boardwalk tram cars has been fined $40,000 for not collecting a luxury tax. now, it is charging patrons an extra 18 cents to ride. reportedly b and b parking was audited by new jersey in november after failing to collect that 9% state luxury
6:40 am
tax for month. tram rides are now the adjusted price. city law prevents the company from raising rates to cover the luxury tax, that means, riders either need to hand over eight -- 18 center drivers need to carry coins and count out 82 cents in change. that's a look at your top stories. back to you. >> all right, united airlines is allowing families with young children to pre-board again. starting february 15th, families with children ages two or younger will be able to board the plane before other passengers, the policy change, reverses a decision made in april of 2012. that forced families to board with everybody else, the company made the reverse to be more a tentative to passengers' needs. i have to admit, i didn't realize that wasn't happening any more. >> families with children, you get to board first. >> right. now it is group one, group two. priority. >> now they've rear verse philadelphia. >> nationwide data breach
6:41 am
affecting at least nine restaurants in our area. how about that? >> so, you might want to check your credit cards statement. hackers reportedly installed software on credit card processing devices at restaurants owned by landry's, the breach affect three places in philly including chart house, morton's and mccormick and schmidts. six others in jersey including the golden nugget in atlantic city. say the breach occurred between may 2014 and december of 2015. >> like she said, check those credit cards. and how about this? a stamp will honor philadelphia's richard allen, a founding father of america, what he is called. >> this is fantastic. richard allen born into slavery in delaware in 1760. he work very hard and purchased his freedom and came to philadelphia. >> hundreds of people turned out yesterday for the unveiling of the richard allen forever stamp. this is mother bethel. also founder of the mother bethel ame church in society hill. the first ame church in the
6:42 am
united state. it is a beautiful, beautiful church. i actually go there sundays. and church leaders from around the world and local dignitaries turned out for the unveiling. it commemorates work as preacher, activist, civil leader, the 39th stamp in the black heritage series. amazing because even my mother who lives in texas she was oh, my goodness, when she comes to visit we go to this church she said richard allen, this is like putting philly on national scale. >> found that church right there. >> beautiful beautiful church. wonderful place. >> 6:42, have you updated your phone this morning? uber has a surprise for you. the new look making share riding even more glamorous. >> plus: legendary muse significance david bowie getting special tribute at this year's grammy awards. hot show pick to honor the singer. >> oh, now who would that be? remarkable things are happening at your local acme.
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>> if you won, great. if you didn't, you have to go to work like us. this morning, heavy rain expected later on in the day, and we had few heavy downpours, here in the city, they have lightened up considerably for now, bucks county area, looks like northampton, levittown, and upper makefield. getting some steady to heavy rain. everybody's going to get their turn, but looks like in the metro area we get the most rain. that's why these counties highlight in the green are under the flood watch. now, we have a record for this date, february 3rd, of 62 degrees. a record high set in 2006. looks like there is a good chance we will beat that. maybe some other records will fall, as well. we are already well above freezing. we're at 43 degrees in philadelphia. fifty already in wildwood. and upper 30's to the north of us. expecting to get to high in the mid 60s, after yesterday's 53 degrees. soap, we are going with six a
6:47 am
for high today. then cooling off tomorrow after it dies out, the cold front comes through. 46 degrees, on friday. forty-nine on saturday, 52 sunday. so, things looking considerably better after we get rid of the mess today. let's talk about traffic at 6:47. we start off with an accident in conshohocken, what happened was disable vehicle, struck by a train. this was in conshohocken at the cherry street intersection, so that the train dragged the vehicle to ash street. only minor injuries, thank goodness, have been reportedment police and fire crews on the scene, so be careful, a loft slow downs in conshohocken this morning. blue route, past the schuylkill is building volume. but still, no delays. and on i95 at cottman avenue, we slowed down a lot. very heavy volume, as they crawl into the city, at this point. mike?
6:48 am
>> here is what it look like before. now, instead, they'll see colorful, well, not overly colorful, geometric shape, i guess that's hexy gone, isn't it? it is a rounded corner thing-y. >> i like the old uber, i like the big u. anyway, the colors and patterns will vary from country to country. dark teal here in the united state. but the app will open with a elegant pat earned animation. welcoming users to the new uber, one program, though, everyone seems to hate, is the new design. it looks like a miss shaped bloodshot eyeball to me. what's wrong with the u?
6:49 am
i like that. >> i don't keep it. >> why change it, and not even have an u? ing. >> like a c. >> with a little hammer in the middle in. >> computer chip? >> supposed to look like a what? >> someone said it looks like the chase bank a.m. >> oh, ya, kind of does. >> oh, no. >> what's the phrase? if it ain't broke, don't fix it. >> you agree it looks like? tractor beil. is that going to be a running theme today? >> something brilliant said that's a common phrase in science fiction terms. who knew? >> comments posted on twitter about the new logo, that we are talking b other people
6:50 am
responded, as well. they don't like it. have we already done that. >> i think we already did. one, tractor beam. 6:50. >> okay. adding another accomplishment to his list of firsts. he will soon become the first pontiff. >> to use ooher? >> no, to appear in a move. >> i oh,. >> according to variety, his holiness will appear in beyond the sun. it is a religious picture in which francis will play himself. >> oh,. >> movie described as family adventure based on the gospel. >> so going on adventure. >> producers say who can we get to play pope francis? pope francis. okay. all makes sense. >> could you play yourself in a movie, mike? >> no. >> no? >> i almost said something that would have gotten me fired. no. not going to play myself. >> i'm glad you restrained. >> hey let's talk grammys, because they're coming up. >> we now now how the awards show will honor legendary singer david bowie. >> lady gaga will lead what organizers called an
6:51 am
experimental tribute, later this month. they're recording academy said lady gaga would perform three, four of david's songs, in a multi sensory testament. that sounds so like david. to, you know, tribute to his creativity to a musician whose work constantly evolved over five decades. i think that's pretty good choice. he really like her. >> but she will be busy this month. because this weekend, she is going to be singing the national anthem for the superbowl sunday. she will be with joined with marlie singing the anthem, as well. i guess it will be a due net. >> oh, that's interesting. >> also said to sing, like see said, the oscars at the end of the month. so she is a busy girl. now i'm like the superbowl has a great musical line up. i mean, value lady gaga. >> to start. >> cold play. have beyonce. if they keep going we will be watching for the music and not anything else. music, food, commercials, that's all i need.
6:52 am
>> you agree? i may have seen enough of her. >> of lady gaga? >> ya, i'm job how can you be done? >> all the sinned i'm done. >> you didn't like -- who did she do that duet albumn with? >> tony bennett. >> you didn't like that. >> i like that. >> at least switching up her sound. >> four years ago, tired, tired of her. that's enough. bad choice. national anthem. bad choice. >> who would you pick? >> anybody but. >> okay. >> did you know instagram has a scripted series? >> mini drama probably really mini, only 152nd. >> fourteen and a half seconds? >> right. >> very long show. >> it is a mini drama like you see on television, and netflix. >> it is really cool idea, actually, i had this idea. >> did you? >> probably, two years ago. but i of course didn't do anything with it, that's why i'm still sitting here. new series is called shield five. it follows the story of london security driver on the run as he finds himself caught up in the midst of a murder, and a diamond highs. now, see, i would watch there is because it is only 15 seconds today. >> that's your attention span?
6:53 am
>> that's about it, new episodes will run each day for the month all through this month of february. cool idea. >> someone do the math. 152nd. every day for the month -- >> twenty-nine days. >> yes, leap year. how long is this series? >> we'll tell you after the break. let us do some math here. five times nine, 45. >> we're both math majors as you can tell. giving people options based on their budget is pretty edgy...
6:54 am
6:55 am
kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. whatever.
6:56 am
>> look at this golden retriever. >> apparently he likes the taste of books. >> showing what happens when you're out working, and not at home to watch the dog. >> he eats books, and anything else. >> at least he likes to read. doesn't he like to read? >> yes, he's fine. >> i'm into literature, really, well, maybe yoga, too, is that a yoga mat? downward facing dog. >> exactly. all right. circumstances the instagram series would be just over seven minutes long, once it is finish, or takes a month, in seven minute, you could tell pretty good story in seven minute. >> and if that's incorrect, i just want to say that mike did the math. >> she won't even attempt it, almost doesn't know how to divide. >> really? look at you. >> all she said was i'm not even going to attempt this. >> i figure that you had it. you were working so hard over there. look at this. doing this, i was like you know what? you got it. all of that effort. >> please, i hope not.
6:57 am
>> the roots picnic has been announced. here is the line up for the roots picnic. >> here we go. and they did this in this shape after pinball machine. >> yes. >> so, usher, future, leon bridges, with beat, even dmx, of course the roots, along with newcomb ers, the classic man, mito, they started the dab, willow smith. >> willow. >> yes, i shake my hair back and forth. usher will be performing with the roots. >> got to take a break, coming right back.
6:58 am
6:59 am
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>> what is expected to happen today that will decide bill cosby's future. and a mother, in critical condition. her two small children hurt when a hit-and-run driver plows into them, through a red light and keeps ongoing in south philly. the clue investigators just showed us. >> and new, big concerns as the zika virus outbreak has now reached a new stage. >> clearly there was game changer. >> the first case in the united state transmitted through sex. what it means for the spread of this virus. ♪ >> and, our wedding bells in your future? time to start planning, for goodness sake, the five things you need to do right now to get


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