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tv   Fox Morning News at 4A  FOX  February 4, 2016 4:00am-5:01am EST

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good morning, a big lost in court for bill cosby, sexual assault case against him is moving forward. why the judge said co-not throw out those charges. >> teenagers caught on camera vandalizing temple university. why student there are saying they just don't feel safe. >> listen up. before your next girlfriend gathering, you may want to consider this, what expert say millions of women should stop doing immediately. >> right now. >> right now. >> good day everybody, it is february 4th, thursday, 2016. >> sue serio. >> what should i stop doing right snow. >> do you have stay tuned. >> we want to keep you as a viewer. >> am i doing it right now? >> no, you are not doing it right now. >> okay. >> what you are doing right now is driving forward through some fog to get to work. >> did you hit the pea soup?
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man, now, interestingly enough, because of the criteria with the national weather service, we only have the dense fog advisory in these counties, not including philadelphia, and delaware county, and i drove through delaware county and into philadelphia, encountered quite a bit of fog. where ever you are driving this morning, plan on extra time, you will need it. there is your dense fog advisory, visibility, yes, three quarters after mile in wilmington, not in the advisory, but very foggy, millville very foggy this morning, we have 5 miles visibility at the airport, but we're really socked in north and west of the city where the fog is really bad. not quite finished with the rain yet. this system from yesterday, hasn't quite cleared the coast. so you see widely scattered showers, north of philadelphia, down here through parts of delaware, and in south jersey around ocean count any particular. so that's still going on. we're at a very mild 55 degrees. but you are going to need probably the coat later on in the day.
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we do expect temperatures to drop. as soon as this cold front clears the coast. 7:07 is your sunrise time. 50 degrees in the city. forty's to the north of us, i should say 50 mount pocono, wilmington, still at 60 in dover. so this mild temperatures from yesterday are lingering through this morning, you see what's happening, temperatures will drop through the day into the lower 50's by lunchtime. and 47 degrees by the evening drive. so it, does dry out today, it gets chillier, we'll see what's up for tomorrow, and for the weekend coming up. some interesting changes in our weather. also, an interesting change, look who is back. bob kelly is here. welcome back. >> good morning, everybody, 4:02, on this, what's today, thursday morning. a lot of yucky, dirty snow, what's left of all of the snow out there this morning. so we have the drizzle. we've got the higher temps, 54 as we kick it off. all of that bringing us some fog. it is dense. sue mentioned some areas
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thicker than others. live look at route 202, up in the valley forge road interchange, between malvern heading up through king of prussia. there was a point there when got on 202, could you barely see your hand in front of you. it gets little better the closer you get to the city. here is a live look at the benny, ben franklin bridge, no fog restrictions, but the roads are wet. also going to find that gravel kicking up underneath your car. that's the gravel or the stone that was put down from the snowstorm a week or so ago. here is a live look, good morning wilmington, delaware, 495 socked in with some fog here as you roll up i-95 and 495, that closure of the falls bridge, this is a tough one, the past couple of days here, you kicked in on monday, basically, the one of two access points to cross over the schuylkill river so do you have use the city avenue bridge, and work your way over to presidential. philly international, no problems at the moment. because of the foggy wouldn't rule out a delay or two for
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the morning rush hour. and so far so good, across the board, mass transit, the buses, trains, trolleys, all starting off with no delays. chris, lauren, back over to you. >> bob, thanks so much. following breaking news this morning out of west oaklane, several families evaculated because of natural gas leak. >> so crews are called to the 7200 block of 21 street around 1:30 this morning, they say the source of the leak was found in the back of one of those homes. one woman was sent to the hospital for trouble breathing. she is in stable condition right now. >> steve keeley on way to the scene. we'll get live report in just a bit. >> developing overnight, man shot and killed inside a crowded home. this is on the 1800 block of fillmore street frankford. >> police say as many as 12 people, four of them young children, were inside when a gunman wack up to the house, reached inside, and started shooting. it happened around 11:00 last night, one victim died at the scene, the suspect was captured on surveillance cameras at nearby restaurant, police are still working to track him down this morning. >> after two days every testimony montgomery county
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judge said the prosecution can go forward with the criminal trial against bill cosby. >> dave kinchen now live in montgomery county to explain. >> this dave, good morning to you. >> chris, lauren, good morning to you, now set for one of the biggest trials perhaps that our area has seen in terms after high profile nature. and the preview unfolded in front every hundreds of journalists from around the world, witnessing yesterday's big decision, cosby showing little emotion as he left the montgomery county courthouse, finding out he will stand trial following two days of testimony, judge steven o'neil reject add motion that would do away with the entire case, cost did i charged with drugging and sexually assaulting temple university employee andrea constant back in 2004, at cosby's cheltenham home. now the defense wanted why the to dismiss cosby's deposition from about 11 years ago, they argued cosby was granted immunity for that testimony but the judge said there was no basis for protection. the second blow to the cosby
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legal defense team, they wanted the district attorney here kevin steel and his office removed from the case. that will motion was denied, as well. now, at this time, it is not clear if cosby's team will appeal the decision. cosby he's due back in court on march 8. if he is convicted he could spends time in prison anywhere between five to ten years. so we'll have to see how of this all plays out again with cosby being back in court on march 8. back to you. >> this should be interesting. >> we'll mark that on our calendars, the whole world watching. dave kinchen on third straight day, thank you. mean tim it didn't take the judge developing to make his decision after the testimony ended in this two day hearing. >> yes, fox 29 legal analyst kenneth rotweiler said one huge mistake happened that led to the judge's ruling in all of. >> this take a listen. >> i think the issue was there a deal between bruce castor and bill cosby. and there is lots of arguments as to that there wasn't a deal. one it, wasn't in writing.
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any good lawyer will put an important decision like that with a internationally known figure in writing. >> why wasn't it writing? >> i have no idea. >> doesn't make sense. >> i almost think it is malpractice not to put it in writing. you certainly want that in writing. we are lawyers, we deal with proof, the way you proof something is you put it in writing. >> that's a what a lot of people were saying, ken will be joining us this morning on good day to take closer look at the case, what he says is the next important step in all of this. >> it bears mentioning, bruce castor, of course former montgomery county district attorney. >> 4:07. this case has a long way to go, make sure to stay on top of any news development, get breaking alert sent to your phone, you can find it in the apple and google play stores. philadelphia police trying to find who is behind vandalism at temple university. investigators want you to take a good look at this surveillance video. so police say group of teens walked into a building on temple's campus and made a mess, armed with spray paint, police say they destroyed
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school property. fox 29's sabina kuriakose showed us what happened. >> they just vandalized the place. >> reporter: this was not what temple's gymnastics team wanted to return to after christmas break. $5,000 worth of damage to their gym, and a dance studio inside the university's pearson mcgonigle rec complex. >> mirrors were smashed, which we believe were by hand weights, taken, found at various locations in the building there. were various television monitors that were also smashed. >> police now looking for five young teens, they believe, broke into the complex through a sigh door on saturday night last month. >> they actually reached up very high and like were juggling or, you know, pulling the door open. >> surveillance video captures the kids getting inside, then allegedly reaking havoc. one young man appears to spray paint the stairs. the others dash through the building. coach says his team was upset to see the mess, and they want
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these teenagers caught. police hoping somebody recognizes the alleged vandals and turns them in. >> you feel violated, why would they do that? what purpose does it serve to break the mirrors other than just be vandals? >> it is unfortunate for us. it is our gym. you know, things that we need to use for school, athletics, et cetera. >> temple junior works out mcgonigle. he said he didn't hear about the vandalism from the school but he feel for his fellow athletes. >> needs to check whatever it is, i mean, it is unfortunate for them, i feel bad for them. >> temple police say they implemented new procedures, already repaired the damage in the gym, as well. if you recognize any of the suspect in the video call temple or philadelphia police. on the campus of temple university, sabina kuriakose, "fox 29 news". >> scary moment for female driver at a local gas station, what happened to her, and what police say you can do to keep
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it from happening to you. >> and we're celebrating black history month on this day in black history. civil rights icon rosa parks was born. she's credited or helping start the montgomery county bus boycott after refuse to go give up her seat. she was arrested for her actions, she would have been 103 years old today. >> also today in black history, first african methodist episcopal church founded here in philadelphia. mother bethel ame church found in the 1794. the church still open every sunday for service. >> wow. all those years later. grover cleveland here. yes, the dashing fellow on the thousand-dollar bill. with 'cash4life', the great game from the pennsylvania lottery, you could win a thousand dollars a day for life! you could buy a new house!
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big weather headline this morning is the fog. we do still have some rain around. yesterday we certainly got quite a bit. and we're not quite finished with that. but because of the moisture that's left in the air, and the mild temperatures that are still with us, combined with the snow pack, there is a lot going on. but what it means is there is a lot of pea soup out there this morning. now, the advisories in effect for chester and lancaster, berks, montgomery, bucks, mercer counties, lehigh valley, poconos counties, but really there is fog around in a lot of places this morning. so, plan on needing some extra time. it may be tough just to get out of your neighborhood, see where you are going. now, this is a look at the last of this cold front, which hasn't quite cleared the coast yet. so, as we zoom, in we still do see some rain. it is the very light showers, plain some drizzle, montgomery, bucks counties, getting some of the rain as well as mercer county, here in
4:14 am
new castle county seeing little bit of rain. not quite finished with that yet either. not until that clears the coast that these temperatures will starting to down. so we're in the mid 50's right now, early in the morning, on the fourth day of february. that doesn't always happen. sixty-one in dover. fifty in mount pocono. 55 degrees in wildwood. soap, it is a mild start to the day. but watch what happens with temperatures, as we get to 9:00 a.m. we're in the upper 40's. that will get little sunshine, so that will bump us up by 1:00 to 52 degrees, temperatures continue to go down. and we're in the upper 40's, here comes a little bit after coastal storm overnight tonight into tomorrow morning. it looks like it is a south jersey and delaware situation for this. but watch what happens to the precipitation as the temperatures begin to drop. here we are at midnight with some rain, just off the coast, by the time we get to 3:00 in the morning, the rain is trying to move in a little bit
4:15 am
more. it doesn't quite make it to philadelphia. but we'll see what happens with that. it looks like it is raining in atlantic city at 3:00 in the morning. then it changes over with colder temperatures to some light snow. so if you are in the coastal counties of new jersey, you may wake up tomorrow morning to a light dusting of snow and that's pretty brief t looks like it is out of here by the end of the morning. so that's a situation we're going to have to watch very, very closely, and we want you to know about it so you're prepared. so, temperatures will drop mainly through the 50's, 40's, today. it is cool, but sunshine will eventually return, once we get rid of the fog. that will may take a while. tonight down to 35 degrees. we'll talk about the weekend, coming up in just a little bit when we bring you that seven day forecast, so bob kelly, it was a challenge getting here this morning for all of us. >> it was. when you pull out of the driveway or pull out of the parking spot there, once you get to the major roadways, socked in with fog. so, watch it, hopefully this
4:16 am
fog lift by the time daybreak hit, and the little ones out there on the bus corner. but right now no problems on the schuylkill expressway or i-95, sue had mentioned philly doesn't really have that fog emergency. but, it is really thick out in the suburbs, like right here there is stretch of 202, you can barely see your hand in front of you from route 100 all the way up to king of prussia. >> one of the reasons, so much snow pack on the side of the roadway, then you have the sound barriers, like a little snow globe there as you roll up through chester county in toward king of prussia. >> northeast philadelphia, i-95, little wet and slow as you work your way in to downtown. you will notice some of the rocks kicking around, too, underneath your tires. the little stones, the little gravel, gravel put down to give us some traction during the snowstorm. >> hopefully getting washed off to the side of the
4:17 am
roadway, you will feel that kicking up. good morning ft. washington example of the fog here, route 309, near the turnpike, and an example of the fog down in wilmington, delaware, and the falls bridge closure again, hitting us hard this week. the city avenue bridge is the best alternate. again, that will jockey between the kelly drive and the martin luther king drive. chris, lauren, back to you. >> mr. kill, good to have you back at 4:17, philadelphia police investigate too long crimes they say were committed in a matter of minute by the vim two guys. suspect caught on camera carjack ago woman at the united gas station in the city elmwood neighborhood. police say they forced woman to drive away from the gas station, and then one held a gun to her back while the other robbed her. >> one offender in the front seat, one rear seat behind the driver. threatened to harm her and shoot her. >> police say the two robbed another victim at 70th and elmwood outside pizza shop. the pair still on the run, advice for drivers, gas
4:18 am
stations, be aware of your surroundings. how often do you put the false they will in your tank then just start checking your cell phone and burying your head, right? be aware that not everyone is just filling up. never lever your car running, and always keep the doors locked. >> the former coach of the neshaminy boys basketball team pleads guilty to harrassment citation, jerry devine physically confront add referee at a game on january 5th. he was reportedly upset over what he thought was a bad call against his team. late last month, the school board vote today fire him from his coaching job. devine, how much, is still allowed to teach at the school. >> a lot of people who live in bristol borough are angry over a water and sewer rate increase. they say the borough sprung on them. the water and sewer authority recently implemented 100% rate increase. bills have gone from 41 to $81. and many say they weren't informed until after the bill arrived in the mail and then a letter was sent out. last night, people pack the meeting to address the price
4:19 am
hike. >> in preparing the budget at the time became clear an increase was very necessary due to revenue lost, major capitol improvement, and need of our 40 plus year old plan. >> every will you collar town, a lot of senior citizens, we want our social security checks, there are people that are disabled, and they live paycheck to paycheck. >> officials also say bristol township is a major client, pulled out of using the system, they say that's lost revenue contributing to the need for an increase. >> let's talk politics. two republicans, well, they are dropping out of the race. former pennsylvania senator rick santorum announced on fox news that he is suspending his presidential campaign. he becomes the second candidate to drop out of the race yesterday, rand paul announced he's returning to the senate, to run for
4:20 am
re-election. santorum and paul both had really poor showings in iowa. santorum said he is supporting now marco rubio. paul did not throw his support hine any other candidate. on the democratic side dnc announced it is adding more debate before the democratic national convention that convention being head in first, debate being held, one of the other held here in pennsylvania in april. remember, as we said, if you're in pennsylvania the ends every july we'll make sure you're ready leading up to the huge week politically. >> what do pope francis and donald trump have in common? both nominated nor nobel peace prize, according to the report the nobel committee received a letter nominating trump for his quote vigorous peace through strength ideology. about 200 nominees make it as far as the committee each and every year, but just because trump is nominated does not meanest actually in contention. he is reportedly not on the lit every those with a chance of winning.
4:21 am
>> wonder how the pope feels about. that will hey, if you are about to file your tax returns on line, just hang tight. irs has stopped excepting electronically filed returns because of some sort of hardware failure. the agency says, this could delay refunds, they say, the system will remain out of service at least until sometime today. >> all right, let's get back to the breaking news out of west oaklane, several homes evacuated because of natural gas leak. >> steve keeley has been racing to the scene all set up ready to go. steve, what have you learned so far? >> yes, just three homes, all over, everything is cool. ten people in the three homes, all going back home soon. but they are capping the gas leak here. and this is a case of having great neighbor, because woman came home from work just past 1:00, smelled a strong odor of natural gas, and inch stepped every just going in the house and going to bed and thinking that's just a bad smell in the air, she calls 911, they get the fire department over here, and then they get philadelphia gas works over here. and it was a big leak out of big pipe. the weather playing two roles
4:22 am
in this case, because it is warm out, no big deal with the evacuations, in fact, you see we're biogens plaza right near lasalle university at 72nd and ogontz, and because it was so warm out, nobody was out in the freezing cold, then one of these restaurant opened late, stayed open little longer so the ten people that got moved out of their house had a place to stay and hang out even have a bite to eat. meantime, the weather is the cause of this thing. because you have the freezing, thawing, freezing, thawing, and that's what makes pipes, whether water or even gas, expand and then crack sometimes and that's what happens. so they think because of the nice warm up we had yesterday, that likely caused the pipes to be thawing out that were frozen, then we have the gas leak. but everything is cool. there is no smell of gas in the air any more. one person just as a precaution taken to the hospital, because maybe breathing in too much of this natural gas, but everybody's safe. everybody going back home right now, and tom and his men with the philadelphia fire department, doing great job, coming here, calming everybody's nerves, getting
4:23 am
this thing fixed pgq i hear in the background getting pipes fixed. this is a case if you smell something, say something. and good thing that woman d she saved the day. it could have been a lot worse out here. >> steve, great hustle get to go that scene. thanks so much. >> preparing for march madness, two local teams that may beheading down the right path to the big tournament. >> here are your winning lottery numbers. good luck.
4:24 am
>> time for us to take a look which teams in the right direction which teams are:
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>> good morning, sixers, saturday, game down to the very last second. just we need hopeful things get real ugly real quick. this highlight their whole night. passes to no one. okafor, going to set a screen on nobody. and an easy transition, dunk, for the hawks. the sixers were down by 40 at one point. they end up losing 124-86. thirty-eight-point blow out. villanova creighton, nova scorching hot behind the arc. there is the tray. adding another one. nova had 16, three's on the night, 54% from deep. they crews past creighton, 83 to 58. and st. joe's taking on saint bonaventure, seven in a row, coming in to today. but they just couldn't stop, there he is with the drive, lay up, he had 31-point.
4:27 am
st. joe's loses 83-70. sports in a minute. i'm sean bell.
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4:30 am
>> surprising way the government will have troops serving longer. here is a hint. it has to do with men. it is very personal. all right? >> all right. >> good day everyone. it is february 4th, 2016. as i wake up my mouth with a little more caffeine. >> is it that cash i going cereal all in your mouth? chris eat his breakfast here, so all of us get to enjoy it along with him. >> very interesting. right, sue serio? >> oh, it is a party every day. and chris provides the food. >> we've got a look at our dense fog advisory, if you haven't looked out the window, and you're planning ongoing out soon, be aware. there is a lot of pea soup out there. now the advisory for mercer, bucks, montgomery, chester counties, places north and west of there. still, plenty every fog in other places, and we'll show you right here on this map. only 1 mile visibility in wilmington, 4 miles at philadelphia international airport.
4:31 am
it is pretty fog any millville. and really socked in in trenton, pottstown, lancaster, quarter mile visibility in lancaster this morning. so you are going to encounter that. you will see them on the traffic cameras coming up. in the meantime, our front has not cleared the coast just yet. so there is some drizzle, and really light rain around the entire area. it will take another hour or so for that to leave. so here we are, with damp roadways. here in old city. 54 degrees. 7:07, your sunrise time. probably won't see sun right away. we're saving that for later on in the afternoon. real mild temperatures as you walk out the door. but be prepared for chillier temps as you go through the rest of the day. so, mid 50's, to the 40's, just about everywhere. so, we will see some sun by lunchtime. we will probably see temperatures go down, bumm many up to 52 again, then 47 degrees by the evening drive it, should at least be dry, and a lot less messy than it was yesterday for the drive home. sunset time is now 5:23.
4:32 am
so, that's a look at your thursday. this won't be difficult to get through. but what about maybe few challenges for tomorrow morning. and we will talk about the weekend forecast, as women. all just aheadment bob kelly is here right now, good thing you fawn your way this morning, in all of the fog. >> i did. good thing. i tell you what, i pulled out this morning, to get to the top of the driveway. it is like wow where did everything go? thick fog. all depend upon where you begin and end your trip. not just that. we have the drizzle, the melting snow, and all of the stone and the little gravel that they used for traction during the snowstorm. we're finding it, the hard way, you'll hear it kick up underneath your car as you drive on in. here is a live look at the schuylkill expressway. 202, in king of prussia. roads are wet. you are going deal with the fog. that's naturally going to knock down the speedometer readings this morning. here is a live look, downtown philadelphia. the vine expressway is open. although we are socked in with some fock. -- fog.
4:33 am
example of 309 up near the bethlehem pike. make sure your headlights are on, you slow her down and give yourself extra time this morning. even some fog coming out every chester county, the turnpike out of downingtown. all the way in through malvern. now the market frankford line and the broad street subway still using shuttle buses until 5:00 this morning. philadelphia international airport they had delays all last night because of the fog. that could have a roll-over or domino effect for the morning rush hour. so, may just want to check with the airline. over in cherry hill, new jersey, route 30, cuthbert, one lane, on the overnight until 5:00 or so with some construction, back to you. >> thanks so much. following breaking news out of west oaklane, several families evacuated because of natural gas leak. >> crews called to the 7200 block of 21st street there is happened about three hours ago, at 1:30 this morning, they say the source of the leak was found in the back of one of those homes. one woman was sent to the hospital for trouble breathing, in stable condition, we understand. >> good news there. >> developing overnight, man shot and killed inside a
4:34 am
crowded home on on the 1800 block every fillmore street frankford. >> police say as many as four people three young children were inside the home when gunman walk up to the house reached in and started shooting. >> this happened around 11:00 last night. the victim died at the scene. the suspect was captured on surveillance cameras at nearby restaurant. police are still working to track him down this morning. >> after two days of testimony, montgomery county judge says the prosecution can go forward with the criminal trial against bill cosby. >> dave kinchen live in montgomery count which more on what's next for cosby. good morning, dave. >> good morning, lauren, chris, we are now set for one of the potentially the highest profile criminal cases to hit trial in a long time. at least in this area. and it all planned out yesterday, at least preview did. and in front of media from all across the world, hundreds of journalists, capturing the big decision. >> bill cosby showed little emotion as he left the mount
4:35 am
could. courthouse. following two days of testimony, judge steven o'neil reject add motion to do away with the entire case. cosby is charged with drugging and sexually assaulting temple university employee andrea constant back in 2004, at cosby's cheltenham home. defense wanted the judge to dismiss the 2005 deposition in a civil trial. they argue cosby granted immunity for that testimony, but the judge said there was no basis for protection. the second blow for the cosby legal defense team, they wanted montgomery county district attorney kevin steel and his entire office removed from the case. that motion was denied, as well. >> at this point we don't know if cosby's defense team will appeal the decision. we do know bill cosby is back in court march 8. if he is convicted co-face five to ten years behind pennsylvania state bars. back to you. >> all right, dave chin chen live for us, thank you.
4:36 am
>> remember this story, sue? a warning for women, what chris said you should stop doing right now? we're going to talk about it while you're on the edge of your seat coming up after the break.
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the pennsylvania lottery. bring your dreams to life. welcome back, for your health, ladies, listen up. centers for disease control and prevention now says you should avoid alcohol altogether. >> what? cdc suggesting all women of child bearing age, that would be me, should not drink alcohol if they're not using
4:39 am
birth control. it says half of american pregnancies are not planned and the booze a woman drinks before she knows she's pregnant can really hurt the baby. babies with fetal alcohol syndrome are more likely to be born small, and to develop problems of the heart, kidney and brain, the cdc says the dangers just too great to risk. you know, it is very fun that i this is a conversation now, because so many of my girlfriends are like i'm pregnant? i had no idea. i went to that wedding like a few month ago, and i drank way too much. now i'm nervous because they had no idea, like early on. >> no pun intended, the chicken or the he can syndrome. >> yes. >> look oops. yes, i have heard a lot of my girlfriends. you know what's funny talking of women of child bearing age, last night one of my group chats. >> oh, this could get interesting. >> someone said, yes, 35 is the cut off. thirty-five-ish. >> you're 34? thirty-four, right? >> ya. >> you will be 36 october 5th.
4:40 am
>> i went from 34 to 36? >> wait. what are you, 34? >> i'm 34. >> you'll be 35 this october. >> that's bologna. >> sue, what do you think about that conversation? >> i was 38. >> see? >> when i had a baby. and she was fine. >> a baby. >> you say it like that. >> there you go, my baby. >> i was in a funk last night, so you mean in like eight months when i turn 35 that's it? >> you better get busy, girl. >> oh, don't listen to them. >> hurry. >> 4:40 is the time. that said, government officials have to come one new way to keep troops serving longer. we will stay with the theme here. they're saying freeze the eggs and sperm. >> wow, defense secretary ashton carter created pilot program, it will pay for soldiers to have their reproductive cells preserved with a goal to give people a peace of minds if they're hurt on the battlefield they would still be able to have children. the program also wants to encourage women to stay in the military, during longer, or longer, instead of usually
4:41 am
leaving after they have children. >> oh, that's interesting. >> i think that's pretty nice. because, you know, to have that process done, the egg freezing, about ten, $12,000. >> yes. >> so, that's kind of good idea if you are doing it for the sold, the troops, and you don't have to pay for it. >> exactly. >> i think more people would be too long do that. >> don't get me started with the ba -- va, how we we have under funded their healthcare. that would be very expensive. so many medical plans don't cover invitro. so good. all right, it is the cover some men and women all can't wait to get their hands on. talking about sports illustrated swimsuit magazine. but this year, you won't just get the magazine. we'll explain.
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so we have some fog out there this morning, this is where the advisory; but i don't care where you are. you will probably encounter some pea soup this morning, or cream of noodle or chicken noodle or, no, cream of mushroom what i meant to say. anyway, that's what fog looks like. that's my issue with pew soup being foggy. anyway, it is half an inch every rain we had yesterday. little over thin lancaster, got a lot of rain, and it lasted all day, it was foggy, even during the day yesterday.
4:45 am
and it is not gone yet. you see, the leading edge of the cold front is out of here. but the rain isn't through with us just yet. we are still seeing widely scattered showers, showing up on radar. so with all of this moisture still in the air, it is not a surprise. that fog has formed. it is still pretty mild too. we did tie record of 62 degrees, now at 54 in the city. it is 50 in the mountains, where they're not happy about that situation with the rain, and the fog, and all of that of course it, doesn't make for operate mal ski conditions, anyway. here's what's happening. now, in the future cast, you see the temperature going down into the upper four's, by 9:00. goes back up into the 50's, this afternoon, then see temperatures go down again, falling through the 40's, through the evening rush. as we get past midnight, we start to see this system that will stall off shore, low, low pressure system will ride up.
4:46 am
look what it does, it bridges some rain by 4:00 in the morning, switching over to a little bit of snow, now, this computer model does not have any of that making it to philadelphia. other do. so, what we're saying is you could wake up tomorrow morning to a coating of snow on the ground, or maybe even a wintery mix, because of this coastal storm. so it, will bear very close watching, we'll keep you updated on social media all throughout the day today and what we're seeing with that, and that will affect our morning commute tomorrow. then we're fine, throughout the rest of the weekend. then we start to watch tuesday of next week. for another possible coastal storm. so, things are at least intriguing around here. 62 degrees as we said. tied the high temperature record, from 2,006, so that record still stands. 54 degrees today. forty-six tomorrow. with that possible mix in the morning. maybe a coating of light, light snow. sun, clouds on saturday, 51 degrees on sunday, it is actually looking like a decent
4:47 am
weekend, increasing clouds on monday, then we watch coast. that means possibility after coastal storm. but, still little if-ee, here it is thursday, than is for tuesday, by wednesday, it is pretty seasonable high of 42 degrees. so, that takes you through the seven day forecast. certainly not boring, bob kelly, including this morning. >> yes, definately little exciting this morning. 4:47. get ready to step out the front door. roads are wet. you got little light drizzle, dealing with the fog. and couple of accident, one right here in our camera. this is northbound, 95, right at the center city vine expressway, ramp. so looks like it is taking out what would be the left lane here. as soon as you come out of the penn's landing tunnel headed northbound, up in toward girard avenue. then an accident on the northeast extension, southbound, just south of the lansdale interchange involving a truck, tractor-trailer, and a vehicle. so, anyone headed from lansdale south down toward mid-county, be ready for some
4:48 am
delays, both the market frankford, the subway, they are using shuttle buses until about 5:00 this morning. philadelphia international airport, expect delays this morning. there were some delays last night, i think have the domino effect into the morning rush hour, so, check with the airline if you intend to head down to the airport this morning. and the falls bridge closed when construction there is has been rough go here for everybody, for the first couple every days this week. you will have to go up to the city avenue bridge to navigate between the kelly or martin luther king drive. chris, lauren, back to you. >> sports illustrated coming out with a new way to put this year's annual swimsuit issue. >> had a glimpse of the the new cover through a live tv event. the swimsuit issue always brought in huge money for the parent company, time, incorporated but sales began to fall couple of years ago in 2014, the company has been making up for lost profits, with these live events. the one-hour show will air on february 13th, on tnt, during nba all-star weekend and the day before valentine day, we should make note. now nick cannon, rebecca
4:49 am
romain will host the event. a lot of models will be on hand to unveil the new cover. >> cool. >> yes. >> those girls are always so brave to me, because i don't know that i would ever, first, put on a bikini, then pose in front of all of the people that you can't see that are around there, lighting, make up, hair. you got to have some serious confidence. >> in the elements? >> yes. >> yes, i remember. >> and then like different angles, different angles aren't flattering? like this one leaning it, might create a buldge in certain area, then you're like no, don't photograph that. but they probably get photo shopped. >> those girls don't have any. >> bull emergency. >> i was going to say flaws. >> real life bulges, yes. >> we have those. >> we now know who will be in the fox remake of the rocky horror picture show. how about grammy nominated actress christina? >> she has no bulges. >> she does not, in the role of magenta, okay. the singer actress currently stars in another fox hit
4:50 am
grandfather. she joins already announced laverne, in the title role of doctor franken further as a well as former american idol finalist, adam lambert. >> adam lambert, he can sing, he is like a rocker. >> he can sing. >> belt it out. >> yes. >> he toured with queen, right? >> i don't know, did he? >> big night on american idol last night. contestants had to pick a song, and then learn it, all in one night. boy that's not easy. it also is the first time judges got a chance to see everyone perform in front after live band. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> i like her. >> she has a soul full voice, right? >> down to 51 contestant. if you missed last night you can catch two hours of idol tonight, and of course you can catch idol every wednesday, thursday, fox 29. >> cool. >> all right. i loved researching this next
4:51 am
person to be featured in black history month. >> okay? >> the hit co-kree rid or of course fox's show empire. but did you know that he's right here from philadelphia. the amazing life story of lee daniels, coming up, after a quick break.
4:52 am
4:53 am
4:54 am
>> 4:54 is the time. >> to honor the month every day we'll spotlight one person from philadelphia for black history month, of course. >> right. >> that person this morning empire creator lee daniels. this is fascinating store. >> i you did the research so you tell me the store. >> i lee daniels was born in 1959. guess where? >> in west philadelphia. >> west philly. so, lee dropped out of college, and was just $7 in his pocket he moved to los angeles to make it as a writer. he didn't have much luck right away making it in hollywood. so what did he do? he took a job as a receptionist at a nursing agency, then he grew this, and started his own nursing agency out of his own home. >> wow. >> he later would sell that agency for millions. he hadn't completely abandoned his dream of making it in hollywood. so at the age of 22, he started a new career, right?
4:55 am
as production assistant, with all of the money already in his pocket n1984 daniels frustrated by the lack of media roles, to prove to african-american actors, lee daniels group clients include some of hollywood's biggest names, cuban gooding junior, morgan freeman, he moved there with seven bucks in his pocket, knock. >> good for him. >> then comes the movie monsters ball, first movie making, hirst first, it made daniels the first african-american to solely produce academy awards nominated film o go onto produce other movies such as shadow boxer, precious, then the butler which stars oprah winfrey. >> yes. >> today perhaps best known here at fox, right, as the co-creator of empire. empire back on the air march 30th, by the way. yes. so daniels now lives in new york with his partner, director billy hopkins. they have twin daughters, claire and liam, and they were adopted from his own brother
4:56 am
in 1996. >> i know, when he came in to the studio. >> by the way monsters ball had the dubious distinction at this point now as being the only film where an actress, african-american actress, won for best actress. hasn't happened since. now he we are with not one african-american even nominated. >> right. is that the movie where halle barre was snake. >> yes, with billy bob thorton, heat ledger in that, good film. i think it came out in 20 # one, what, 15 years. yes. >> goo dollars movie. >> you hear from holly barre now saying and she just made this quote, she thought that that would be the beginning of all kind of awards for african-americans. it was the one and only time. so she's really disappointed by that. >> well, lee daniel, what a life though. >> cool. >> starting literally rags to riches. >> good for him. subway saying bye bye to it 5-dollar-foot long. the new price you can expect to start paying, as soon as
4:57 am
4:58 am
grover cleveland here. yes, the handsome gent on the thousand-dollar bill. with 'cash4life', the great game from the pennsylvania lottery, you could win a thousand dollars a day for life! you could invest it, or save it for a rainy day.
4:59 am
or you could buy a new car! and with drawings every monday and thursday, that means 2 chances to win every week. cash4life from the pennsylvania lottery. you could win a thousand dollars a day for life. >> sexual assault case against bill cosby moves forward. why a judge says he could not throw out those charges. like to get things done. >> hillary clinton, and bernie saunders go, head-to-head. the definition, the democratic presidential candidates are arguing over. and this: >> ♪
5:00 am
>> fun, fun, foot long ♪ >> that popular jingle, not going to be sticking around, subway saying bye bye to its 5-dollar-foot long as, the new price you can expect to pay, starting today. >> ♪ bye bye bye ♪ >> remember that song? >> no. >> good day, it is thursday, february 4th, 2016. >> hello. >> everybody knows that song. 5-dollar -- >> i can't sing. in real life now with my voice, but get rid of something everyone knows so welling, i don't know if that's a good de us. >> or if your spokesperson has been arrested, right? >> strucking. >> they are struggling. pr nightmare. >> soup, i'm having bad hair day with all of this humidity outside. >> yes, yesterday wasn't a good hair day either. i assume were you toss to go me? >> we just have a conversation. >> it was a perfect segway. and that's the way we r we're seamless here in the morning. fox


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