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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 6A  FOX  February 4, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EST

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>> the just says he refused to throw this case out. >> did you try to smith your taxes on line but just couldn't get through? >> are you out of your mind? of course not. it is not april yet. >> how yesterday's irs website failure could affect your refund later. >> the irs was shut down yesterday? that sounds like a good idea. >> good to have you back, bob. >> thank you, everybody. i like your foghorn, could we do that again? >> (foghorn sounded). >> that's it, i'm going home. >> let's see if we can get awe number at least before mike gets out of here. six out of ten. and can we see bus stop buddy? oh, not much. still front at system has not cleared the coast just yet. temperatures mild in the four's, a's, throughout the region, weaver dense fog advisory in effect until 7:00.
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for the counties that you see there, most of the north and west of the city, but seeing fog, everywhere. and we're seeing an area of showers, delaware county, in delaware, in new castle county, and up toward montgomery and bucks, as well. so, a 3 degrees, pretty mild out there. 7:07, your sunrise time. we probably won't start off with a lot of sunshine, still have the fog, in the mid 50's by lunchtime, at 52 degrees, and we are seeing temperatures fall throughout the evening into the upper 40's. >> good morning, sue, 60:00; lots of interesting stuff in morning. different story, dealing with some real dense fog, in some areas, roads are wet, there is a little bit after drizzle, kids are getting ready to stands out on the bus corner, and that all of the known, the gravel, that they used few week ago, for the snow, all kicking up, as that snow begins to melt.
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here is a live look at route 309. got some rain in the wipers on, downtown we go, the vine expressway, not as bad here as it has been in the last half hour or so. south jersey, delays on the freeway, coming in toward the city, so wipers are on, headlights are on, and in some areas, really dense fog. >> , ample of fog we're dealing with this morning, then for the gang leaving quakertown, lansdale, headed south on the extension, a crash involving a tractor-trailer, just south of the lansdale interchange. i just check with the airport, nothing on the big board yet. but 6:00, typically, when the number of flights start to increase. so expect delays, we had big delays last night, so i think there will be domino effect already out of the gate this morning, so check with the airline before you head down to the airport. mike and alex being back over to you. >> bob, gas leaks scare the heck out of me. people are returning to their home this morning after a big gas leak overnight, crews were
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called, to the 7200 block of 21st street around 1:30 this morning, a woman said she smelled the gas overnight, called 911, and everybody was on edge, don't want anything to blow up. source of the leak was found in a back of one every these houses on that block. one woman was sent to the hospital for trouble breathing. she is in stable condition. no word yet on how the leak started. but, it seems like everything is pretty much back to normal. >> let's get to the cans bye case again now, whole country is talking about it. >> montgomery county judge, says the prosecution can go forward with criminal trial against bill cosby. >> and two aspect of this, dave kinchen, you are here to explain, montgomery county courthouse. >> that's right, after a wild couple of days, there were two big blows dealt against bill cosby and his legal team. >> showed little emotion, after having just learned he will stands trial.
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following two days of testimony, judge steven o'neil reject add motion to do away with the entire case. cosby is charged with drugging and sexually assaulting temple university employee, andrea constant, back in 2004, at cosby's cheltenham home. >> the defense wanted the judge to dismiss the 2005 deposition in a civil trial. they argue cosby was granted immunity for that testimony, but the judge said there was no basis for protection. the second blow for the cosby legal defend team, they wanted montgomery county district attorney kevin steel, and his entire office, removed from the case. that motion was denied, as well. >> so, at this point, it is not clear when or if bill cosby's legal team will appeal that decision. bill cosby's due back in court on march 8th. and if he is convicted he could face five to ten years in prison. and keep in mind he's 78 years old right now. guys? >> it will all take a long, long time. all right, dave. >> close to 6:05, this
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thursday. >> it is thursday. >> hi, lauren? high, a man ambushed killed inside crowded home in frankford, this shooting happened inside a home on the 1800 block of fillmore street. police say as many as 12 people, four of them young children, inside the home at the time. happened around 11:00 last night. victim died at the scene. >> preliminary information said that the shooter walk up to the property, opened the front door, and fired shots. right inside to the house into the living room. striking this 30 year old victim. from witnesses, we know at the time of the shooting there were about ten people in the house, young adults, both male and female, and children, four of them, ages four to eight. they were all inside the house when the shots were fired in the house. so although someone was shot and killed, we're still fortunate that there weren't other victims struck by gunfire in the house. >> police believe the suspect was captured on surveillance camera at nearby restaurant, they are still searching for
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the shooter this morning. >> philadelphia police investigating two crimes committed in just a mother of minute by the same two guys. the suspects were caught on camera, carjack ago woman at the united gas station, in the city's exempt wood neighborhood. police say they forced the woman to drive away from the gas station, one suspect held a gun to her back, the other one robbed her. >> one offer ender gets into the front passenger seat, second offender gets to the rear passenger seat behind the driver, threatening to harm her, shoot her. >> police say the two robbed another victim at 70 ' and he will women dollars outside pizza shop, pair still on the run. advice for drivers and gas stations be aware of your surroundings, never leave your car running, mike and alex always keep those doors locked. >> so when you go through the gas station pumping gas, sometimes you leave it, look around. >> lever the door open, other side of the convenience store. >> check your phone. not looking around at what's going around you. >> having to be careful. have you file your tack returns? if you have, please, contact me, because you're discipline
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needs to rub off on me. somebody filing their tax returns on february 3rd? >> there are some early birds. here is the thing, if you try to smith them on line yesterday you couldn't get through. >> they had a crash right? >> they suffer what they call hardware failure, this is yesterday afternoon, left many of it tax processing systems unveil job talking about the irs. >> i am. the agency stopped excepting electronically filed tax returns because of the problem. here is the deal. the outage could affect your refund, but the agency said it doesn't anticipate any major disruptions, officials say they expect that nine out of ten taxpayers will receive their money, within 21 days of filing. the website remains available, words refunds and other services, not working this morning. >> i don't even have my w-2s yet. you know what i mean? anybody in the room? sue, you got your w-2s? >> apparently some people have. >> day before yesterday. >> we should have them by the end of january. >> well, they mail them out by the end of january. >> oh, i see. >> maybe. five days. maybe i'll give them today.
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a bucks county community is speaking out about their water r bills. and how much they are paying, resident say, their bills have sky rocketed recently. and now they want answers. >> and later, new jersey born director, kevin smith, had a scare over the weekend. the app that we all use all the time that almost got his daughter kidnapped. >> important message for residents age 50 to 85. write down this number now.
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>> can you tell what this is? >> no. >> that's a bridge. >> some bridge in the philadelphia delaware valley. >> just be careful, folks. slow down. let's get to up bristol. >> a loft people who live in bristol borough angry over water and sure rate increase, they say the borough just sprung on them. >> water sprung, that's nice, i like what did you. >> all right, here we go, water and sure authority recently implemented a 100% rate increase. bills have gone from 41 to $81, and many say, they were not informed until after the bill arrived to their home in the maple. then letter sent out after that. last night people packed a meet to go address this price hike. >> in preparing for this year's budget.
6:12 am
, it became apparent an increase was necessary, major capitol improvement and need of our 40 plus year old plant. >> very blue collar town, a loft senior citizens, rely on their social security checks, and our people that are disable, and they live paycheck to paycheck. >> officials say bristol township was major client that pulled out of using the system. they say that revenue, that is the revenue lost, the reason why they needed the the increase. >> when they pulled out a lot of money lost. so, all right, preparing for march madness, are you already? you know, it is only about, what, three weeks away. >> yes. >> here we go. the two local teams that may be headed down the right path to the big tournament. you know which once they are.
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6:15, on wednesday we did tie record high. we didn't get new record, but still stands at 62 degrees, and that was the only record broken, out of all of the high temperature records, but still really mild, for early february, as temps in the 50's and 60s, here's our dense fog advisory still in effect until 7:00 for all of the counties you see there, but, even if you're not in the advisory
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county, we still are seeing fog, at philadelphia international airport. just half mile visibility, 3 miles in lancaster, it is getting little bet nerve reading and pottstown, we got some cooler drier air, trying to move in as the rain exits, so, this situation should be improving over the next hour. yesterday, we got half inch every rain. >> most places averaged about half inch. just gloomy nasty day. we had fog during the day, yesterday, as well. here is the tail edge of the precipitation, starting to move through philadelphia, right now, so little bit of rain, still left, now here's what's happening. this storm system, this cold front, sort of stalls off shore, then we see low pressure system ride up during the day, tonight, it bridges rain back into the area, definately along the coast, but whether it makes it here to philadelphia, is the question.
6:17 am
>> many of cows be waking up tomorrow to coating of snow. it doesn't last very long, that's the situation for tomorrow morning. we will keep an eye on it, and keep you updated all day on social media and later on, as women, as we get better idea of what will happen. 54 degrees today, then reverse those numbers for tomorrow. forty-five. forty-seven on saturday, bit milder on sunday, sunday, and saturday, look pretty good for the first weekend of february. then we watch another possible storm system, for tuesday, of next week. just a big p, possible, bob kelly. >> possible. >> possible, keep saying that word, possible, possible. 6:17. good morning, everybody, on a thursday, dealing with some rain, the melting snow, and already an accident here, this is along route one, northbound side of route one, right before you get to the trenton bridge there. police on the scene. but, just one of those yucky starts. depending upon where you begin and end your trip, you'll have just rain, other times you'll have thick fog. few moment ago, we couldn't see the ben franklin bridge at
6:18 am
all. could have been the shot we were showing few moment ago, but look what a difference couple every minutes can make. be ready for that as you pull out of the driveway this morning. south on 95, already heavy, from cottman avenue, in through girard. good morning, to dover, delaware, where we were socked in with some thinking fog early this morning. looks like it is starting to lift. so we will be in good shape there. weather delays, i just check again with the airline. no problems on the big board for the -- for delays at the airport, but check with the individual airlines, because there was some big delays last night, because of the weather and the fog, and i'm going to bet awe jelly donut that will roll over into this morning. the falls bridge, that short cut, between the kelly drive and the martin luther king drive, out here, closed for the next couple every months. everybody using the city avenue bridge, it has been a hot mess the last couple of days. specially coming out of manayunk, rock bourse owe -- roxborough, trying to get over the bridge, the schuylkill, coming in from downingtown, chester county, so far so good. mass transit running with no delays. mike, alex, back over to you.
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>> so they're at it again last night, still talking politics. democratic presidential hopefuls took part in town hall event. >> hillary clinton and bernie sanders didn't take the stage at the same time, so instead, they had one-on-one sessions with the moderator, anderson cooper there, with less than week before voters can cast their primary ballot. the two are placing lots of end if a cyst over what it means to be a true progressive >> likes to get things done. and i was somewhat amused today that set himself up to be the gate keeper on who is a progressive. >> clinton came in this town hall react to go charge from sanders that she is a progressive, quote, some days. >> secretary clinton said some people call me, paraphrasing, some people call me a moderate. and i proudly don't say that i am a moderate. that's what she said. so, all i said, you can't go until you are a moderate on
6:20 am
one day and be progressive on the other day. >> new pole released yesterday is suggesting that sanders could have over double the voter support that clinton does in new hampshire. primary takes place next tuesday. >> who is the guy, the famous guy, sue, who writes for seinfeld? come on, larry david. >> so anderson cooper, hey, bernie, if you ever tall with larry david? he goes, anderson, i am larry david. >> oh. >> that's a good one. >> good come back. that's what i'm doing this morning. meanwhile, the dnc that would be the democratic national committee announced that it is adding four more debate before the democratic national convention here if philadelphia. the washington post reports one of the four will be here in pennsylvania, in april. don't know which city. i would doubt that it is philadelphia, though, because we have the convention. no word yet on exactly where,
6:21 am
when, why apparently pennsylvania will get the debates between the two. >> remember the democratic national convention meets right here in philadelphia. it will be at the end of july. we will make sure you're ready leading up to the big week, there will be lot of coverage. >> she is getting us red. >> i in charge. >> and. >> two republicans abandon their white house dreams, pennsylvania senator rick santorum announced last week, i believe the night before last on fox, that he is suspending his presidential campaign. >> he wasn't the only candidate to drop out of the race, though, rand paul announced he's returning to the senate to run for re-election, santorum, paul, both had poor showings in iowa. santorum said he is supporting marco rubio, while ran paul didn't throw his support behind anyone just yet. >> no. he's steamed. rick santorum, two days ago, he went into a diner like they always do to talk to his supporters. >> yes? >> and there is video he walked in, there was not one human in there except for a
6:22 am
waitress. so he sat down and had a milk shake. >> oh, well that's when you know, isn't it? >> that's when you know, and he went on fox fill that i night, night before last, and said i'm done. >> we're done here. >> all right, lauren, what's going on? >> let's stick with politics. president barack obama will propose spending nearly $6 billion more on programs designed to help young people land their first job. some of the recommendations had been made before without any success, white house says much of the monday i would fund grants designed to cover up to half of a young person's wages. about $2 billion would go toward programs that encourage companies and public entities to hire more apprentices who learn jobs were also earning a salary. scary situation for hollywood film maker and his family. kevin smith's daughter a terrifying experience wrote waiting for an uber, harley standing outside of starbucks in brentwood when car with two men pulled up next to her. the men tried to get the 16
6:23 am
year old to think they were her uber drivers. and they even had the uber logo signs in the window of the car. after the incident, gavin smith got a cake for his daughter, it simply reads, mike anal he can, sorry, men suck. >> sorry men suck. >> from dad to daughter. >> there it is. >> oh, look at that. >> thanks, dad. >> i mean, dad? >> i could have made that cake. so, you know, weaver couple of teams in the city college basketball teams doing really well. we'll give you update on what they did last night.
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>> game down to the last second, just when you get hopeful, things get real ugly real quick. highlight their whole night. pass to no one. oak if your, going to set screen on nobody. and an easy transition dunk toward the hawks, sixers down 40 at one point, and they end up losing 124-86. thirty-eight-point blow out. >> nova had 163's on the night. 54%.
6:27 am
>> seventy-eight in a row come nothing tonight, just couldn't stop tailing adam. there he is with the drive and lay up, he had 31 points. st. joe's loses 83 to 73. that's sports in a minute. i'm sean bell. >> one of the whom he is names in hollywood. >> you may think you know his story, we will tell you really how he got it. >> okay.
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>> some areas still quite foggy. be careful. >> fit to be tried. big lost in court for bill cosby yesterday afternoon, his sex assault case will now move forward. why the judge says he refused to just throw this case out. >> a man shot to death in frankford, the one piece of evidence, police are hoping, will lead to the suspect. >> good day everybody, it is thursday, february the fourth, 2016. we have six on scale everyone to ten when it comes to the werth. that's what sue says. >> right. >> drier air moves in, so the trouble seeing bus stop buddy. but that situation should improve. couple of showers, still left. temperatures are mild, this morning, temperatures in the four's, 50's, and mike was
6:31 am
right, there he is, six out of ten, for today. with the foggy start. national weather service has lifted a lot of the dense fog advisories, only one left, and that's in lancaster county this morning. there you see, the tail edge of our cold front. and the precipitation with it. that's moving through philadelphia, right now, few showers, heading into new jersey, and delaware, and then within the hour most of that should be out of here. for now, we will talk about that, what happens tonight, coming up. but it is 55 degrees. so very mild to get started. mid 50's, lower 50's by lunchtime, up fourth's by the end of the day, so may have already had our high temperature of the day. but, still, much milder than it usually; in early february. we will talk about tonight's situation, and what we are looking at for next week, as welcome willing up in the seven day forecast, bob kelly, seeing some improvement there those traffic cameras? >> definitely improvement, good news, improve for the
6:32 am
fog, still dealing with wet roads, melting snow as we clock in at 55, degrees, on the thermometer there. but slow going on 422 as you work your way in from royersford. watch out for the potholes, they started to develop, the last couple of days with that melting snow. a live look at the benny, crystal clear here, so no fog to deal with. up and over the benny in toward downtown. jammo, on 95, as you head southbound, all of the brake lights tapping from cottman avenue, in through girard, and those little stones, the gravel that was used to help give everybody some traction during the snowstorm, kicking up now, underneath your car tires. so you will hear that this morning. good morning to wilmington. a live look at i95, for the folks hitting northbound in toward wilmington and eventually heading up to the airport. pennsylvania turnpike, another tractor-trailer accident. this one now is northbound near the same lansdale interchange. no weather delays yet, but slew of them from last night, i have a feeling that we will
6:33 am
start the morning with some delays, check with the airline before you head down to the airport, close today vehicle traffic for the next couple of months, all of the extra volume using the city avenue bridge out there along city avenue between manayunk and roxboroughment mike and alex, back over to you. >> i love her from jazz on twitter, got her w2 form, she filed it yesterday. already done. >> there are people, early birds, they get it done, mike. >> i admire you. >> our inspiration this morning. >> really are. >> we got to get it together. >> crews working to get families back in their home. look like pretty good job, too. most of them are back, after evacuated early this morning, around 1:30, because they all smelled natural gas. didn't know where the leak was coming from. they say the source of the leak was found in the back of one of these homes on that block.
6:34 am
>> nice night, we got lucky. neighbor recognize if you had a leak. because it was high levels of natural gas. we transported one occupant to einstein just for nausea. >> we check on her, she in stable condition, looks like things back to normal. >> looks like bill cosby, judge refused to throw out the case against bill cosby. >> dave, give us more details on this from montgomery county. >> reporter: there were two big losses for bill cosby and his legal team during this big decision. >> bill cosby showed little emotion as he left the montgomery county courthouse having just learned he will stand trial. following two days of testimony, judge steven o'neil rejected a motion to do away with the entire case. cosby is charged with drugging and sexually assaulting temple university employee, andrea
6:35 am
constant, back in 2004, at cosby's cheltenham home. wart dollars the judge to dismiss his 2005 deposition in a civil trial. they argue cosby was granted immunity for that testimony, but the judge said there was no basis for protection. >> they want the montgomery county dis scripter attorney kevin steel and his entire office removed from the case. that motion was denied as well. >> remains to be seen whether business column bye ace team will appeal the decision, due back in court on march 8th. and if he is convicted he could face five to ten years, in prison, and keep in mind a lot of people here in montgomery county still saying this boiles down to politics, between the current da, kevin steel, and the former d.a., bruce castor, that was a big part of his whole thing over the last two days of compelling testimony.
6:36 am
>> one huge mistake, that led to the ruling. ken will be here along with johnson. we will talk about the big mistake that he believes was made in this case. >> well, 6:36. developing overnight, a man is shot and killed inside a crowded home. 1800 block every fillmore street. >> walk up to the front door, started blasting into the living room. >> and children inside. >> children, ten people inside. steve's on the case over at the round house, steve in. >> make it even dozen, and all four kids, all of the adult at homicide. we got crowded house, crowded homicide bureau right now. >> guns, drugs, murder all in plane view, practically arms reached, four set of little arms, philmore and tackawanna sack sean in the 15th district, the busiest district in the district, in the whole city of philadelphia. and the detective working that busy area tell us, that corner
6:37 am
could also be called the intersection of drug and dealing. these four little kids from four to eight years old home with those eight adult, all in their 20's, when a 13th person, 30 year old guy, friend, just visited this house sitting by the front door in the living room, when a killer opens the door just past 10:00 and then opens fire. >> fortunately we found not only philadelphia police, city cameras in the neighborhood, we found pha housing police cameras in the neighborhood. and also found the business right next-door of where the shooting occurred. them fleeing from the location, so police were able to cheerly see the shooter coming to the house where the homicide was committed and then running from the house eason fillmore street crossing over tackawanna streets. >> and they don't just put the surveillance cameras anywhere,
6:38 am
they're there because there is so much crime already on that corner where this house is. so, alex, mike, we have lots of cameras, lot of witnesses, and lots of awful memories for these four little kids. >> cumberland regional high school bridgeton new jersey now charged with possession of child pornography, 52 year old dave rodriguez used on line cloud service to up load photos and videos depicting child pornography. necessary jail in burlington county due in court today. we called bumper land regional high school to ask about his status as a teacher, they they will call us back. >> vandal on the campus of temple university. take a good look at the surveillance video. police believe those five teens, seen there, broke in through a side entrance, during christmas break, made their way to the men's gym, and a dance studio. once inside, they allegedly busted mirrors with hand weights, spray painted the stairs, the damage, $5,000.
6:39 am
>> any time you walk in you feel violated. why would they do that? what purpose boss it serve to break the mirrors other than being vandals? >> i'm not sure how they got in, who else could possibly get inside a building at any time and do something more than just destruct property. >> implemented new procedure, recognize any of the teenagers asked to call philly police. mike anal next. >> ready for the story of this hour? government officials have come up with a way for, well, to keep troops basically serving longer. whether it be a united states, or overseas. it involves sperm, and freezing eggs. >> defense secretary ashton carter created pilot program that will pay for souled tears have their re productive cells preserved with goal to get people piece of mind that if
6:40 am
hurt on the battlefield they would still be able to have problem. -- have children. >> instead of usually leaving after having kids, doctors say there could be ethical and legal issues and freezing eggs is not always successful, but his is a pilot program. >> avoid alcohol if you are doing something without production. >> -- protection. >> all women child bearing age should not drink alcohol if they're not using birth control. >> wow. >> it says about half of american pregnancies aren't planned. and the drinks that a woman has before she knows she's pregnant can really hurt the baby. the babies with fetal alcohol syndrome are more likely to be born small, and develop problems, of the heart, kidney, brain. and the cdc says the dangers just too great to risk it. >> don't do it at all.
6:41 am
don't drink. >> but then -- just don't drink. sometimes drinking leads to the other. >> yes? well -- >> so maybe slow that stuff down? >> yes, so maybe -- >> you know, the company johnson & johnson? >> yes. >> of course, johnson & johnson& johnson is continuing its long quest for a type one diabetes cure. to speed the development of the first stem cell treatment that could fix the life threatening hormonal disorder. teams have already gun it ising it in a mall number every diabetics. now, if it works as well in patients as it has in animal it, would amount to cure. ending the need for frequent insulin injections and blood sugar testing, and that's huge. >> huge. my sister goes through that every day. all right, it is black history month of course. we're four days in. >> and today we will celebrate one of philly's own. yep, that's right. lee daniels. he created empire of course. but do you have hear his story about how he became one of the hottest names in hollywood.
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>> we can almost tell that that is philadelphia in our skyline this morning. so, the fog is dissipating as we speak. and it is still, but still pretty damp out there. not the best hair day. breezes are picking up little bit. that's a good thing, your weather headlines, looking at the toss. of morning mix of precipitation for friday morning. that's tomorrow morning. more about that. a weekend break, and then watching a coastal storm, possibility of one, on tuesday of next week. so, you see how things are getting better with our visibility. look, we've gone back to 10 miles visibility, so the fog is dissipating quickly in our area, only one place left with a dense fog advisory, and that is lancaster county. that won't last long either. so, the last of this precipitation, with yesterday's frontal system, finally on it way out of here.
6:46 am
but this front is not going too far away. weaver current temperatures pretty mild, ooh # -- 55 in philadelphia, four's to the north of us, close to 606 in dover, delaware, but watch what happens. we will see the temperatures starting to down through the day. staying low 50's most of the afternoon with some sunshine. but then at night, we see a low pressure system move up along the front, start to bring us some rain, into the southern new jersey, southern delaware, but some of the rain sneaks in to philadelphia by 1:00 in the morning, with temperatures in the four's, colder air moves in, we see some of the rain change-over to snow by about 4:00 in the morning, it moves away by 7:00 in the morning, could leave coating on the ground tomorrow morning. so this will be very interesting to watch during had this program tomorrow morning. so make sure get up maybe about 15 minute early, check in with us, and then we will see just where that precipitation is, and if you need to be concern about it.
6:47 am
that's good plan. 62 degrees, was yesterday's high. today, we stay in the 50's, tomorrow in the four's, with possibility of a little bit after mix. i think if you are north and west of the city you won't have to wire about it, philly south and east talking about for tomorrow morning. great weekend ahead. upper 40's for saturday. 50 degrees for sunday. for the first weekends in february, we will take that. increasing clouds on monday, and then watching the possibility of a coastal storm on tuesday. more details on that, to come, as well. what a difference in these traffic cameras, bob kelly. >> yes, definitely do you have bad start this morning, where we kicked it off at about 4:00. at least we can see, and three cheers for the bus driver. >> one, two, three. >> the disable school bus. don't worry, kids. we're going to come and get you. we will send mike over to pick you up. >> get to you school. live look at the schuylkill right near south street eastbound, this disable school bus offer to the side here, there this in south philadelphia. here is the benny, cool shot coming into downtown, but again the fog has lifted.
6:48 am
just dealing with wet roads, and again, that melting snow, and just dirty snow casino of kicking up onto your windshield here. north on the freeway, watch for delays, headed in toward philadelphia. for the shaders, route 73, in maple shade, new jersey, again, headed out. wet roads, wipers on. southbound on the northeast extension, we had an earlier accident at lansdale. now, we have one northbound. this one involving a tractor-trailer, right at the lansdale interchange. so, into and out of lansdale, going to be little tough. weather delays all last night, at philadelphia international airport. check with the airline this morning before you head down to the airport, mike and alex back over to you. >> 6:48. >> during the month of february we celebrate black history month. and to honor the month every day we will spotlight one person from philadelphia, so this morning, that person is empire's creator lee daniels. >> lee daniels born in west philadelphia, born and raised. >> in 1959. >> 1959, yes. lee was born in west philly.
6:49 am
dropped out of college, moved to los angeles, very young age, to make it as a writer. >> in 1984, can yells frustrated by the lack of roles by african-american actors, he created, and into movie making made him first african-american to solely produce academy award nominated film. >> ♪ >> today lee best known for that show, co-keith ate or on called empire. lives in new york sit which his partner and his twin daughters, whom he adopted from his brother, in 1996. >> really so much more to this story. chris murphy talking about it earlier this morning, how he went out and was working with a company, and nursing agency, he form his own.
6:50 am
started his own, and then sold it, and it became what a millionaire, by age 22. >> yes, early 20's, so more than just empire in the movies he's done, already doing things at 22. amazing. and you know his mother still lives in the area. >> yes. >> dow believe she watches. so good morning to you. >> good morning, good morning. you know rosa parks' birthday. >> it is? >> so she is credited of course for helping montgomery county bus boycott after refuse to go give up her seat. arrested for her actions, she would have been 103 years old today. >> also, today, in black history, the first african methodist episcopal church, ame, was founded here in philadelphia. mother bethel ame church was founded in 1794, the church of course, still very active. every sunday i know my friend alex halle is there. >> as often as i can go. >> you'll get me in trouble. >> where were you last sunday?
6:51 am
>> i was there. i was there. >> museum underneath it, when you go, such historical place. you have to go underneath and take a look at the museum. there are great things you can learn about the history there. it is a beautiful church. stained glass windows, amazing. >> and the man who found philadelphia has his own stamp, richard allen has a stamp. >> just announced this week, yes, part of the black heritage series with the us postal service. >> so the whole country knows about that. >> also, another birthday: facebook birthday. >> how about that? how are we going to celebrate? how many people on facebook? so how do we celebrate this? it is a 12th birthday, are our lives better with facebook? i certainly know about people's business. >> all up in their business. >> so i guess they're making column ands, and they'll put video presentation of photos that you have posted in the past, and the picks are picked
6:52 am
out by automatic technology. you will be able to delete some, let other pictures instead, if you don't like the ought mate i have. not every picture is your best picture, if you don't want to post it. >> i can't imagine my column and. >> here is the good thing, video won't be seen by anyone else until you decide it is cool, you can share it, facebook. >> sure. >> i got to find if i'm sharing my collegee. >> i wouldn't what yours is like? >> we'll find out later today. 65:00 it, entertainment news. >> how many fats and furious movies? done seven, right? >> eight. >> is it eight? seven. >> do we need a eight? >> what about a nine, or a ten? vin diesel confirming on instagram, entire triligy that's going to rounds out the fast and furious franchise. >> they'll do three more. >> they say round out, that
6:53 am
means this is it? >> if it makes money, there be there a 11 and 12. >> even gave us the date, april 2017, fast nine, april 2019, and fasten, april 2021. >> well, his life is set for three moo more years, of course comes after the death of paul walker one of the stars of the originals fast and furious movies. >> going to be interesting. >> they are good. i mean, they're hard not to watch when they come out on cable. >> yes? >> it is good stuff. hey, clean out your clutter. how families are getting paid to get rid of their junk with just a picture. >> what? >> oh, i need this.
6:54 am
6:55 am
just by switching to progressive. so you'll be bringing home the bacon in no time. sorry. get a free quote at
6:56 am
>> looking to de clutter your home and make some cash? >> new app says only few pictures away. you can take some pictures. >> odd name, called 5 miles. we'll explain it in just zach. 5 miles new mobile app to let you sell or buy second hand goods directly from your phone. list your stuff in a description on the app. even add voice record to go it, the app then allows to you chat with sellers or buyers, through the app's instant messenger. sounds like craig's list. that helps you negotiate the deal, widdle the price down. think of it as instagram meet
6:57 am
craigslist. >> it is casino of bartering system, so if i have something listed for $50, someone would pink me, leaf me comment, hey, i would like your item for $40. >> so, i was looking at some of this stuff. there were designer purses. there were refrigerators, stoves, we even saw some used pots and pans. also, there was dirty patch uvula. somebody was trying to get rid of. the key to the app apparently is to pick a location closest to you, best way to do it, just try to contact people within 5 miles of your house. >> okay? >> let's do it. let's take a break in the break we'll start taking pictures of stuff. >> i got a bunch of junk.
6:58 am
6:59 am
7:00 am
>> take it slow this morning. a foggy start to the day. when it will lift and we're tracking snow going to trial, a judge refuses to throw out the case against bill cosby. what a judge says he couldn't throw it out. >> ladies, listen up. what expert say millions of women should stop doing immediately. >> well, that bites. subway ditching the 5-dollar-foot long. why the company want you to start paying more.


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