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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  February 5, 2016 3:00am-4:01am EST

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kathy. >> you know this is all about timing. it's not a lot of snow obvious obviously. it's just two, three maybe 4-inches in some spots but it's the timing during the early morning hours. right now we're tracking rain. there's no snow out here. it's what's going to happen overnight that will change this over to snow that will complicate things. rain expected right through the midnight hour. there may be some gaps in the precipitation during the midnight hour 1:00 a.m. but then we'll be seeing this moving in and changing over to snow. winter weather advisory in effect for the entire region with the exception of the lehigh valley. mainly for about one to 3-inches of snow with some locally higher amounts. the higher amounts will go through places like cumberland, atlantic, into southern burlington county and into ocean county. as we track this, you can see the current hours seeing rain through south jersey temperatures above freezing. it's after 2:00 a.m. we see the changeover even though temperatures are above freezing we still see some snow and this
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continues through five, six, 7:00 a.m. and then it ends from west to east by about 10:00 o'clock i think this will be moving offshore. so that's the good news. during the morning rush, this is what we expect. temperatures in the low to mid 30s. we are going to see a wet slushy snow and it will be sticking to your tires. some slick roads. most of it should be accumulat accumulating on grassy surfaces and reduced visibility especially in south jersey. where we see potentially some higher accumulations a coasting to an inch to the north and west of philadelphia. possible al coating in the lehigh valley one to 2-inches through philadelphia to the south and east and in this area, southern burlington, atlantic, extending into ocean three to as much as 4-inches of snow if all goes according to plan. we'll continue to take new information in the weather sent. update throughout the broadcast anding back to talk about more snow on tuesday. for now we'll send it back to you. >> there's a lot to talk about. looking live at old city and the airport. your weather and traffic authorities have you covered before you walk out the door
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tomorrow from any problems on the roads to your forecast you can watch bob kelly, sue serio and dave warren starring at 4:00 a.m. >> police chase that started in philadelphia tonight. ended with the suspects vehicle partially underwater. the suspect driving a four door jeep at speeds so fast our chopper had a tough time keeping up. we believe to be going down 76 and i-95 the chase eventually coming to an end with the vehicle partially submerged in a body of water in wilmington. police may have been trying to tract suspect down after a robbery at a store in south philadelphia. breaking news out of new york city right now. two officers shot tonight during a drug related investigation. now, take a look at all the flashing lights. we have it right here. this is outside of the housing complex in the bronx. one officer shot in the tour so much the other in the face. both are alive. both are expected to survive. one person died. two are in custody. we'll bring you more information as soon as it comes in. four teenagers now under arrest after series of gun point
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robberies on the schuylkill trail. today, police unveiled surprising details about the crimes all while city leaders look at ways to increase security on that schuylkill trail. fox 29's dave schratwieser has more and joins us to life tonight. dave. >> reporter: iain, i spoke tonight to the latest victim in this latest attack off camera he told me it was a terrifying ordeal to be confronted by these teens with a gun. he says they threatened to shoot him if he didn't cooperate. >> just brutal. something that shouldn't take place. >> reporter: along the schuylkill trail thursday night there was concern as those who use the path like kevin murray learned of a series of attacks, robberies and arrests here. >> i think the main thing is to be smart. you know, come in pairs if you can. didn't realize they were going after guys. i guess i should be more careful. >> i run here all the time. twice i've had incidents with -- the kids i had incidents with didn't have a gun. >> reporter: police say the robbery started sunday night when a group of teenagers on bikes approached two men and robbed them win minutes of eve other. both robberies were at gun point
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on the trail near the art muse museum. >> pulled out a handgun. demand a number of items from the first individual. do the same thing 10 minutes later to another individual. then the same vicinity. >> reporter: police beefed up patrols in the area but the teens struck against wednesday night. this time they approached a man on the trail with what appeared to be handgun. that's when the robbery turned violent. >> one of the individuals demand for the complainant to unlock the phone. when he refused to do they began to punch and kick him assaulting him. >> reporter: police quickly arrived on the scene and arrest add 16 and 17-year-old. recovering a beebee gun and the stolen items. >> got to be careful. got to be smart. it's getting dark. >> it's a big problem, you know, people are trying to being a tiff, be healthy and these kids are just a nuisance. and dangerous obviously. >> reporter: detectives went to work overnight and arrested two more teens thursday. councilman kenyata johnson formed a new safety committee for the trail. >> we want to continue to move forward on improving the lighting along the trail, as well as mile markers and the future telephones and cameras.
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>> it's blatant. i think there needs to be police out here undercover in uniform. >> reporter: now ninth district officers and central detectives credited with those quick arrests. the victim in the latest attack told me he did not suffer any serious injuries. they are looking at these teenagers in connection with other attacks so far they've only been charged in last night's robbery. there could be more suspects out there. lucy? >> all right, thank you, dave. skyfox over the city's feltonville section tonight philadelphia police opened fire investigators tell us officers began chasing a car possibly because they thought those inside had something to do with gunshots heard along the 100 block of east wyoming street. now, preliminary information shows after a chase, that car stopped, along the 4800 block of d street where police say the driver tried to run down an officer. so another officer opened fire. now, nobody is hurt. police arrested three people and say another person who they tase asked now at episcopal hospital. skyfox also over a raging fire
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in montgomery county. it gutted this home along greenwood avenue in wyncote. fire officials say someone driving by noticed smoke and called 911. when firefighters arrived flames were already through the roof. now hours later, crews were still hitting hot spots. the fire marshal says the house has been vacant for sometime. snob hurt. investigatoinvestigators are tro figure out how this fire start started. >> reporter: police are looking for a man who shot another man outside sugar and spice in frankford on the 4800 block of frankford avenue. surveillance video shows a man driving a four door gray or silver sedan. he gets out of the car, fires several shots at the victim, then he gets back in the car and takes off. if you recognize him or that car, call police a call. >> montgomery county, n montgomery county parents and students are concerned tonight about a recent spike in violence inside their school. school officials say between last friday and tuesday, five fights broke out inside abington
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senior high school and they social media is not helping matters. fox 29's brad sattin is live outside the abington township police station. brad? >> reporter: lucy, we can tell you that police are telling us that it is possible that some of these students could face charges coming up. we know that the senior high school and the junior high school each have one school resource officer. basically a police officer on duty, but in recent days, that has been beefed up police tell us as they try to stop the violence and as you mentioned the rumors. it's this video and others circulating among parents and students at abington senior high school that has many families in the district alarmed. whether every video clip here is genuinely from inside the school isn't clear, but what is, is the impact social media is having on the perception of school safety. >> kids with the social media they keep talking about it then they keep -- pump each other up with it. >> reporter: this photo of a photo also made the rounds of a knife with the caption oh, yeah,
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we're safe. though to be clear there's no evidence it was taken from inside the school. >> some of the kids are generally concerned about their safety. i'm concerned about their safe team you don't know what kid will get mad and come back and start more trouble. in a letter that went home to parents there have been no weapons involved but acknowledge there have been five student fights in recent days. and despite the hash tag abington fight week, with postings that have since been removed there was no organized fighting inside the school say police. they tell us the fights which began last friday and continued into early this week were all unrelated. one school resource officer was punched but no one was hurt. criminal charges against students are now being assessed and the situation police say is now under control. but several parents most of whom didn't want to be identified on camera for the safety of their children are not so sure. >> they said only five fights happened, and there were a lot more than that. >> reporter: how do you know that. >> just from the kids in school. i mean they don't have a reason to lie about it the kids i'm
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talking to. some of these parents don't know half the things that go on in these schools. they're so blinded by it that i think once they see this, these videos, they know that it's not just their kids coming home saying, oh, this is -- this happened. it's really happening. >> reporter: now, in that note sent to parents the district is asking parents to start monitoring their kids facebook or social media pages, whatever social media they're on. some of the fights apparently started as a result of some social media posts and now it seems those social media posts are spreading some false rumors. iain? >> brad, thank you. four students and two adults treated for injuries after schoolbus they were riding on is hit by an oncoming suv. the bus from bridgeton school district was taking died school when it was hit in cumberland county, new jersey. new jersey state police say the driver of that it to toy rav four crossed the center line hitting the bus. it happened just before 8:00 this morning on state highway 49 in fairfield township. the impact of the cash causing
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the schoolbus to leave the road and eventually flip on its side. a woman near the scene describes the crash. >> sounded like metal on metal and screeching and then it sounded like sliding, like, something was sliding, i'm assuming that was the bus. but it was loud. it was -- it was horrific. the sounds were horrific. >> 82-year-old woman on the bus who is the school aid is at cooper medical center in critical but stable condition. the children taken to the hospital range in age from 11 to 17 years of age. the 48-year-old bus driver also ended up at the hospital with minor injuries. high school volleyball game takes terrifying turn a player hit the ground hard but she didn't trip. what happened in the next few moments that saved her life. a young woman forced to live in her car in the dead of wint winter. too scareing to home. thanks to a tweet from a famous rapper, what he told his 1 million plus followers to do to her house. a car slammed into the median of this interstate
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crashed on to the other side. the real concern was in the trunk. what police found so dangerous they shut down the highway. a brave little girl fighting her way back. the four-year-old hurt by something children do every day. >> i want people to know that she is so strong and so brave. >> in the hospital now for months.
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♪ hours left until philly rapper meek mill sentenced on probation violation and he met with students at boyds latin of philadelphia charter school today. he's set to appear before a philadelphia judge tomorrow. a judge found meek mill in technical violation of his probation several weeks ago. tomorrow he'll learn his fate for that violation. fox 29's shawnette wilson has a preview of what we can expect. shawnette? >> reporter: so today meek mill shared some of the good, the bad and the ugly about his life, success and choices, but come tomorrow here at cjc he'll learn the consequences of some of those not so good choices.
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>> i made mistakes. i got to go to court home to be sentenced tomorrow so i can't be here that long. i got to spend time with my family. >> meek mill spend the day a live changing court date talking to young people this afternoon he visited boys latin of philadelphia charter school in cobbs creek. >> i just came to deliver a message that no matter what situation you come from, don't let it be the situation to hold you back in life. >> reporter: many of the students were aware of meek mill's legal troubles. they were focused more on the positive message he brought. >> he said that if you work hard anything can come to you. the possibilities are end less. >> reporter: tomorrow meek mill who's given name is robert williams will face a judge for sentencing on probation violation. in mid december, the judge said he violated court restricted travel and failed to communicate with his probation officer on several occasions. he appeared twice in court super star rapper girlfriend nicky minaj by his side. fans we talked to say tonight if he does get sentenced to prison
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they'll he'll emerge an even bigger star. >> better music. even better album. even better sound. it will help him even more. >> when he gets out they'll pay a lot more attention to him and show more love. >> depends on how much he actually works because you can just go to prison and just stay in prison and not really do anything, and there have been plenty of artist that is have gone into prison or isolation or hiding or whatever you want to call it and written really great things and come back. >> i do believe people deserve second chances. >> reporter: back here live interesting spoken frorom a true fan. he's calling it a second chance. but that the judge over the case has repeatedly said she's given meek mill infinite chances since that drug and gun case back in 2009. she says she could have senten sentenced thyme prison but gave him a lighter sentence so tomorrow a huge telltale day. lucy, back to you. >> shawnette, thank you very much. some generous volunteers in camden county, new jersey coming through in a big way for those affected by the flint, michigan
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water crisis. excuse me. i apologize. camden youth football team the whitman park tigers are trying to round up 10,000 bottles of water for the people of flint. iain, can you help me out. >> absolutely. >> they kicked off their efforts tonight and the response is huge. if you can help, please drop off a caves water between 5:00 and 10:00 p.m. at the teamsters union hall until february 29th that's behind the collingswood diner on crescent boulevard. pennsylvania governor tom wolf in philadelphia today promising more money for education in the coming year. while still waiting for money he promised this year. the longest budget stalemate in pennsylvania history is making things complicated for local schools. fox 29's bruce gordon explains. >> reporter: the governor joined by mayor kenney came to the west philadelphia community center to preview his call for increased spending on early childhood education a call he'll make formal until a budget address to state lawmakers next tuesday. that spending plan will also
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include $200 million in new funding for k through 12. wolf suggested to reporters he's undoing the damage done by the corbett administration. >> i understand you cannot just throw money at education or at any problem and hope to come to a good result. you cannot keep taking money away from something this important and expect to get to a good place. >> reporter: wolf is preparing to ask for new money and new budget while still waiting for cash in the current year's budget. that spending plan remains blocked by state house republicans who want wolf to trim spending forget about tax hikes to pay for this school plans. the governor says programs must be paid for one way or the other. >> so what does legislators in harrisburg are saying when they say i'm not raising your taxes? that's not true. they're standing up and saying, i am going to raise your local taxes through the roof. >> reporter: democratic lawmakers at the community center event called on the governor to stand up to his republican critics. >> thank you, governor. thank you very much. stay the course.
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don't give up. >> reporter: latest franklin and marshall poll shows pennsylvania voters are angry with the governor and lawmakers. giving low job approval numbers to both sides. wolf's response -- >> whatever the polls say this is the right thing to do. we've got to fund our budget. we've got to fund our schools. >> reporter: we did not get a response to our request for comment from the house republican spokesman. but steve minute skin has been quoted as saying there needs to be a discussion of cutting wasteful program and spending before going to taxpayers to ask for more. in the newsroom, i'm bruce gordon fox 29 news. it is a well-known sight along columbus boulevard in south philly and now it just got topped a life -- toss add live preaver very. the ss united states has been rusting away for 20 years while. >> now there's a plan to make her even better than she was. she was built back in 1952 and still holds the trance atlantic speed record. now she sits docked in south philly on more than one occasion
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the ship has come close to being scrapped. bitter days could be ahead. crystal crews wants to buy the ocean liner and start an $800 million rehab. the ss united states is ready to make history once again because so many people from the world ovary fused to give up on her. >> nothing is final yet. the cruise line wants to take look at environmental issues to see if they may be too costly. in the meantime, crystal will pay the $60,000 a month to keep the boat a float while they conduct a feasibility study. a woman tip tow flood a local school. police say she was up to no go good. >> it's just hard. i just feel terrible. >> what police say she took that left a school librarian in tea tears. and the windows of this fast food restaurant board up workers smash them all but only trying to help. the prank that put them into a pap nick. a surprise concert by sir
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elton john. i love him. the legendary performer treated subway passengers to quite a performance. what he left behind to make sure they never forget. ♪ now with tomorrow's traffic here's bob kelly. >> good evening, everybody. on the overnight first thing tomorrow m morning subway running the buses on the market frankford and the subway to 5:00 o'clock or so. get ready for construction along i-95. penndot working all day on 95 both directions up here near route 1, and that pesky falls bridge closure still with us. the city avenue bridge is going to be the best bet and it could be a tricky travel for tomorrow morning. we'll have all the details. sue and i when we see you
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>> now your winning lottery numbers. high speed chase through los angeles ended with guns drawn this all started police say with a carjacking. lapd tried to catch up to the two people inside after police say they stole the car at a local gas station. they sped through the city almost hitting other cars driving op to sidewalks. eventually the driver stopped and you can see what happened here. officers drew their guns much the two got out and it was over. >> investigators now believe it was suicide bomber missing after a mid flight explosion.
3:24 am
we showed you the video last night of the gaping hole in this side of that air bus. the blast going off just minutes after take off. the plane was able to turn around and land. the only person missing the suspected suicide bomber. investigators think he was strapped in a wheelchair allowing him to skirt security they believe the he will shabob militant group is behind the attack. to some he's known as the farm a bro. many others don't like him because his company jacked up the cost avenue live saving job. >> he didn't do anything to rep his reputation testifying on capitol hill. former ceo of pharmaceuticals pleaded the fifth refused to answer any questions. cameras also caught him rolling his eyes and smirking during questioning. looks kind of like that. he's become rather infamous. that happened when he -- his company raised the price of an hiv drug from $13 a pill to $7
3:25 am
$750. >> i think it's nothing more than advertisement for some congressmen that want to get some votes somebody cheap publicity off of my name. >> all the while he continued to attack lawmakers on social media tweeting its quote hard to accept that these imbeciles represent the people in our government. >> high school volleyball game takes terrifying turn. a player hits the ground hard but she didn't trip. what happened in the next few moments that saved her life. kathy. >> we're tracking the rain on ultimate doppler as it changes over to snow. that comes during the early morning hours. we'll show was to expect for the commute and into next week with that seven day forecast. a mystery along the jersey shore, kathy h this thing pops up on the beach. what it's supposed that has neighbors so mad tonight. >> sad news for the music world tonight. maurice white of the '70's group earth, wind and fire died at his home in los angeles. the group was inducted into the hall of fame back in
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>> right now a teenager collapses on the court. her dad's video camera rolling when the 17-year-old falls hard and doesn't move. what transpired in the next few minutes saved that girl's life. this happen last october. the teen didn't trip, her heart stopped. >> and she most definitely remembers the moment she knew something just wasn't right. >> just served and i set the ball up and then moved back and then i just remember feeling like i was about to pass out. >> well you can see claire crawford grab her chest and then fall. seconds later several people are by her side one of them is part of what the school calls its code blue team. they practice over and over for emergencies like this and secret weapon an aed was just feet away. in minutes claire was back. >> i woke up to one of the ladies in my face that had been giving me mouth to mouth and the aed machine was like shouting
3:30 am
cpr, cpr! the alarm was going off. >> lots of praying. lots of panic and praying. >> turns out claire's heart had three severe blockages and irregular rhythm and only a shock could get that rhythm back to normal. without the aed they would not have had -- they would would have had to waiter for an ambulance. thank goodness they did not have to. children's health care of atlanta shared the video on its facebook page this week. so far it has seven plus million views. developing to night out of northeast philadelphia, surveillance video showing a woman that police say stole money from a catholic school. a crime that has left the staff in tears. this all wept down tuesday nig night. fox 29's dawn timmeney smoke to upset people at saint martha's parish. >> it's just hard because it was the book fair and i run the book fair and i just feel terrible. >> reporter: saint martha's librarian is heart sick someone would stoop so low to steal
3:31 am
$1,500 in book fair money from their school. she left the money in a lock box in the parish hall tuesday nig night. when she came in the next morning it was gone. >> normally the doors want not were closed. for whatever reason they weren't lock when i thought they were going to be locked. >> reporter: police just releasing this surveillance video showing a woman in her 30s with long dark hair trying different doors to the church just before 8:00 o'clock tuesday evening. she finally gets in through a lobby door that was left unlocked for the church choir. you can even see her tip toeing in the lobby before she makes her way downstairs where the money was. >> she's the only one that went down that way and now the money is missing unfortunately. >> she's your suspect? >> she's a person of interest. we want to talk to her find out what her reason was for being in the building. >> reporter: karen donna free the school trip she says whoever did this is essentially stealing from the children's education. >> it hurts. it really does hurt. because we really depend on that money to get the books, the new books for the library, and the
3:32 am
kids just love going to the library. >> reporter: maria gilbert a mother of a seventh grader and a school secretary. she says parents and students are devastated. >> we get no government funding as a catholic school. so everything comes from fund raising, and it takes a lot to put together a book fair. we make very little money from it, and they stole it. it's horrible. >> reporter: we did witness a wonderful gesture of kindness by a parent who was actually here at the school volunteering as a dj for a dance a thon for a scholarship fun his name is jim pembrook he grew up in the community much he's a member of the parish and he slip the principal $100 towards that book fair fund. we're told others are stepping up as well. dawn timmeney, fox 29 news. all right. kathy orr, i made the mistake of forgetting my coat at home today and now it's getting cold and the snow is on the way. >> i told you i'll drive to you your car. >> you did and i thank you for that. >> yeah, because we're lucky it's not tomorrow morning. then we could be talking a
3:33 am
winter coat perhaps with light snow showers. looking live at old city philadelphia. some light rainfalling especially south and east of the city. but that will be moving to the the north and west overnight. right now 45 degrees. normal high is 42 for this time of year. op ultimate doppler you can see light rain in philadelphia but the heavier to the south and east and there may ab few gaps overnight in the precipitation. you can see a little dry slot right here off of the delmarva peninsula. heavier rain moving along the coastal plain as an area of low pressure develops. it's going to speed off the coast but it will allow moisture be pulled back in and also some cold air to move into the delaware valley. winter weather advisory in effect for everyone until 10:00 o'clock tomorrow morning. in some south jersey towns till noon you can see temperatures mainly in the 40s with 30s in the poconos and 30s in lancaster right now too warm for snow. that won't be the case in the early morning hours. as we go hour by hour, you can see the rain moving on in and between about 2:00 a.m. and 5:00 a.m. a change over to snow.
3:34 am
the snow will fall through the early morning hours in part of the morning rush and move offshore by about 10, 11:00 o'clock in the morning and look back here. this is the sun. so it will be a wet sloppy sticky snow mainly on the grassy surfaces. but with the sun in the afternoon, a lot of this will be melted by the evening. along the i-95 corridor in philadelphia rain right through about two, 3:00 a.m. a change over to snow. and then by 8:00 a.m. pretty much it's out of here. a few flurries as you head toward 10:00 a.m. snowfall accumulations a coating to an inch through our nor western suburbs. lehigh valley a dusting on the grassy surface. one to 2-inches philadelphia south and east. an area through we see as much as 4-inches of snow with this passing by. then its next week all eyes on the monday to wednesday time frame with a couple different areas of low pressure that could provide some snow and you can see the darker blue would mean a probability of heavier snow to the normal and west of the city next week we'll keep an eye on
3:35 am
that to see if that materializ materializes. overnight 34 in the suburbs 32 with rain changing to wet snow. tomorrow 44 early snow showers, terrible timing for the morning commute and for school. but then sun in the afternoon. saturday and sunday look good. monday looks good. the next chance of snow mostly can come late monday into tuesday. we'll keep updated on that a snow shower possible on wednesday. and then cold on thursday. very active pattern. many questions arise from twitter and facebook. will we have school tomorrow. >> many schools to have a two hour delay. we'll see. >> that makes sense, right yes. >> all right. thanks, kathy. a young woman forced to live in her car in the dead of winter. who scared to go home because of a tweet from famous rapper. what he told his 1 million followers to do to her house. >> a four-year-old battling the odds. she was hurt something by something children do every day. >> i thought it would be something where she would just wake up. >> in the hospital now for
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the fast food chain is handing out reading material with kids happy meals instead of typical toy. all part of the company's commitment to literacy since 2013 mcdonald's distributed more than 50 million books. >> my kids would love that. your kids would too. >> absolutely. >> need your daily caffeine dose don't have time to brew a cuff of coffee we found a bracelet that might actually do the trick. makers of the caffeine bracelet are raising funds on the website indy go-go. i may have butchered that name. their goal is $15,000. so far they have raised just more than five grand. the bracelet uses caffeine patch that's the makers say delivers a instead reliable energy for 29 bucks you'll get a bracelet and 30 replacement patches. each patch will release caffeine dose of around about four hours. >> the field of contestants hoping to be the next american idol narrowed big time. 51 singers giving it their all to the judges tonight but only
3:40 am
24 moving on. >> ♪ ♪ >> good contestants there. >> i know right. >> tune into fox 29 every wednesday and thursday to catch the final season of american idol. >> all right. talk about our rush hour surprise. >> impromptu concert from a legend inside a london train station. ♪ that is elton john playing tiny dancer this morning just one of the songs performed for a shoc shocked crowd. he even left a note that said, enjoy this piano it's a gift. sir elton donated it to the train station. how cool is that. >> wow!
3:41 am
brave little girl fighting her way back. four-year-old hurt by something children do every day in the hospital now for months her inspiring journey to recover. >> and the windows of this fast food restaurant are bored up after workers smashed them all. but they were only trying to
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♪ phoniex area fast food restaurant board up tonight not because someone broke into it. phoenix police say it was all an elaborate hoax designed to get the employees to vandalize the wendy's. caller pretending to be with the fire department toll the manager to turn on the fire expression s the manager did setting off the fire alarm. caller then told the manager that somehow started a gas leak and to break out all the windows so all the employees ran outside and began throwing rocks smashing out the windows. the company that manages that wendy's says it doesn't fault the employees for trying to do what they thought was the right thing. a couple of young women college roommates are too scared to go home living in their cars in the bitter cold of minnesota because of a tweet from a famous rapper that. tweet asking more than a million people to target their house.
3:45 am
one of the roommates says so many people are showing up it's not safing to home. so she's been staying in her car for days. the tweet from rapper chief keith on friday telling 1.1 million followers to quote throw eggs in back and rocks at this address it's become such a scene minneapolis police had to park squad cars at the home. a neighbor robbed at gun point boy two men looking for the homeowners get this the tweet apparently stemmed from fight over an online video game with someone who doesn't even live there. >> for someone to be so influential over, you know, over a million followers, it's just kind of saddens me you take time out of your day to screw up someone else's life and not even making sure that it's the person you'd like to screw with. >> minneapolis police say so far no damage has been done to the home. no crime was committed. the women are looking at filing a civil harrah's many order against chief keith. >> busy stretch of highway shut
3:46 am
down in georgia after deputes found a mobile meth lab. so incredibly dangerous on so many levels just before 7:00 this morning. the lamar county sheriffs office got a call about a vehicle hitting a guardrail on i75. once deputes made sure everyone in the car was save they noticed hazardous materials in the car. that's when the sheriff made the decision to shut down the busy highway for the safety of other drivers. now the hazmat team found that mobile meth lab in the car and did safely dispose of it. residents in the community of high lands, new jersey are highly upset over new structure on their beach. they say it's hideous. take look for yourself. this 200-ton, 15-foot tall concrete monument is actually dedicated to the survivors of hurricane sandy. but neighbors don't like looking at it. they say it's not appealing to the eye. they've call it shore hinge. >> that is not knocking the hell out of me. i hey it. >> i don't like it. it doesn't belong on the beach.
3:47 am
>> it's hideous. >> i think it's an eye sore. >> it is an eye sore. turns out new jersey's department of environmental protect discover the monument built without the necessary permits. borough official is see what it may cost to remove that structure. for now it stays. most families at one time or another face tragedy and of course it is just so often live changing. >> this is aubrey's story little girl who got hurt doing in kids do every day. karen hepp has her family's journey. ♪ >> reporter: bright eyes, big smiles, olivia aubreyy and baby catherine. this is the before picture. before the most mundane of things changed their lives. four cereal audrey tripped and fell walking. >> smacking her head so hard on concrete path she almost died. >> we knew when the accident happened she suffered a subdural hematoma so severe she was
3:48 am
within minutes of losing her life. >> she lay in a coma for nearly a month and had two brain surgeries. >> i thought it would be something where she would just wake up and praying for her to wake up and her wakening has just been a very slow progression. >> reporter: aubrey is now at children's hospital of philadelphia. her recovery is long and slow like a marathon but their patient and hopeful. >> i want people to know that she is so strong and so brave, um, the strongest and the bravest little girl i've ever met. >> reporter: aubrey is getting all kinds of therapists. physical, occupational, art. every day she's a little stronger, a little more aubrey. >> she's remembering favorite characters and songs. >> ♪ >> good job meghan has been at
3:49 am
the hospital for the past three months billy has been at home with their other two girls and trying to work. they just put their faith in faith. >> we just need prayers that she'll continue to make progress and we'll continue to make those steps towards, um, having aubrey back. >> reporter: meghan is so grateful to everyone who shown their support on facebook supporting fight aubrey bracelets, schools, churches, even the firehouse has gotten involved. created gofundme page and almost at their goal. meghan says it's prayers that make miracles, not money. that's what they truly need. >> the only reason she's here is from all of the prayers and support that our community has given us. truly the paramedic saved her life. the neurosurgeon that gave her the best chance that she could get and her rehab team of nurses being her biggest cheerleaders. >> reporter: if you will like to follow aubrey's journey or learn some more information about how you can help we put
3:50 am
all the links and all the information on our website i'm karen hepp, fox 29 news. >> what brave little girl. we certainly rooting for her and i'm sure she'll do just fine. >> power of prayer. >> absolutely. it helps. >> we've got a big weekend coming up, sean bell. >> little big. >> people kind of care about this. maybe not in philly because we don't have a team there. >> i still care. >> you still want to watch. it's super bowl sunday coming up and we catch with the man they call philly brown to talk about the panthers and temple. they were a free throw a away
3:51 am
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3:53 am
♪ the flyers continue their roller coaster season. they've been up and down, up and down. they won the last two games but lost three in row before that. to they tried to continue their winning streak against nas nashville. second period flyers up three three-one. on the fast break right here. jake vorachek with the puck gets the to claude giroux. slaps it in. that's a goal. he had two on the night. skip to the third period flyers
3:54 am
up four-three. within simmonds in the perfect position gets the rebound. tips it in. the flyers had an offensive explosion all of a sudden. they won six-three. college hoops temple completely out of the ncaa picture. the only way they get in at this point is to go in hot and maybe win their conference tournament or at least have a deep run but they want to get hot it has to start tonight. down by three. seconds remaining. this is a free throw to end the game. he rushes up the court. across the court is coleman. nails the triple. that accept this game into overtime. in ot the owls take control. you see here that's a three puts them up four. and that does it. temple goes on to win, 83-79. now super bowl 50 right around the corner. panthers/broncos each team actually with a philly local. denver's kicker tyler, went to temple and carolina has cory brown. brown went to cardinal o'hara high school.
3:55 am
many people hate and doubt his quarterback cam newton for a mcmahon us. ward. >> all the criticism that he's been getting lately i don't know if they like it. but at the same time you got to -- you got to give respect to his talents and, you know, give him the mvp. coach should win coach. year. everything should come back to carolina. >> i ain't mad at you. everything after going 15-one give it to me all. since it's been almost two weeks everything that can possibly talked about has been so now the players are even being asked about little dumb things like what's on their feet? >> why you wearing socks with sandals? >> why you wearing jeans with shoes? (laughter).
3:56 am
>> it's just comfort. i mean we're still at our team hotel, so, um, just gives, you got something else to talk. >> i love how cam answered that. okay. why you doing anything that you're doing. okay? >> yeah. >> come on. a lot of people want to hate cam i love him. you're going to have fun. if you're going play a game, have fun, smile do the best you can. >> it's time to play if you ask questions like that. >> exactly. >> i tweeted a pick of joe nemeth back in the '70's. with what he was naming. can we stop talking about cam. joe was doing it 40 years ago. >> exactly. >> they were bell bottom. thanks for watching.
3:57 am
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3:59 am
4:00 am
good morning at 4:00 o'clock our top story is the the wet they are morning we have team coverage of what you can expect before you head out the door, sue, busy morning for you. >> worse thing about this weather is the timing, it looks like it is going to be a messy rush hour because we are watching rain change over to snow as we speak, we will have all of the details in your forecast, coming up. you got that right, sue good morning, 4:00 o'clock started out morning with some snow flakes, and got heavier and wetter a as we work toward the city as we look live at the schuylkill expressway. the it will be ayuky morning rush hour but only one thing that will make it better, right chris. >> if you are stuck in the snow you need a double jelly


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