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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 7A  FOX  February 5, 2016 7:00am-9:01am EST

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warren, we have steve keeley. >> we will a hear from them in a little bit but first lets hear the latest from our sue serio and with the traffic bob kelly. >> here we go, sue. >> it is a sloppy start to your friday morning at least friday and this will only a affect morning commute, afternoon, drive home, should be fine, we have five out of ten with half and half day, in store, snowy start for bus stop buddy, make sure you wear something warm and waterproof as you walk out the door today because you'll need it. he does have umbrella because it is very wet snow that started off as rain. change over has happened to snow and i am seeing a few band continuing to move through the area and little bit of the dry area as well in new castle county delaware and delaware county, pennsylvania. we are looking more closely at radar in a few minutes. winter weather advisory in effect until 10:00 o'clock in philadelphia, until noon in atlantic city as that storm end from west to east. we have 34 degrees in
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philadelphia a a. couple degrees above freezing. colder air moving in is why we change over from rain to snow and that change over will continue throughout the rest of the morning and because the snow is falling so heavily we will only have, and and trenton and wrightstown as well. that snow could pile up quickly along the coast, one to 2 inches or grassy surfaces . and tough to navigate. the less north and west of the city. but then by lunchtime or maybe shortly thereafter the sunnies out, and we will get to a high of 42 degrees. it will be dry this evening as well. weekend forecast is coming up in just a few. bob kelly is here right the now. >> hey sue good morning. 7:01. getting ready to head out front door, little ones getting ready, there are school delays scrolling a at the bottom of the screen
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there. there is an example in mount holly, new jersey, and, left right turning lanes, to the left and right lane and, some of these guys are flying through these intersections getting that false sense of security. even though road is wet, that snow could be slushy and that slush is just a slippery sometimes as ice. here's a live look at i-95 rolling southbound, down in toward the city. here's the vine street expressway, 42 freeway, wet working your way in to the the city. on and off ramps have been slippery. they have salt trucks out there. we have arrival and departure delays, and all of the planes that stay overnight, and starting to see delays at new york airport that will have have a domino effect here in philadelphia. again, and, more so then us here in philadelphia a.
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>> there is already an accident north on the new jersey turnpike a at exit number six, and, jackknife tractor trailer, 295 northbound at that mount holly willingboro interchange. mike and alex, back over to you. we have pulled out a couple dave's, we have dave kinchen in willow grove, dave war men olde city. >> we will start with steve keeley in atlantic city. >> hi there steve. >> reporter: official sunrise time was 7:01 a.m. we are beyond that. this gives us a perfect picture of how miserable a day it is. is there your sunrise, folks, gray and just dull. and very windy here, on the beach here in at atlantic city and is what left of the old atlantic city boardwalk that was torn apart by sandy and being rebuilt. you can see we are a hour and a half past the official high tides time here, but no where near tides that we saw a couple weekend ago at the blizzard. but very breezy on is what left of the steps here.
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you can see slush here as well. we are starting to see stuff stick. when you get blend in the wind a little bit of this and some wind on top will send you down on your behind. you you can see we see snow sticks to grass surfaces the here nobody has a lawn they have gravel or san. it is sticking to the gravel. also sticking to the windshield up near that little bus over there. and that is the other thing you will need that brush and, of course, we don't have a windshield brush in our news truck because whoever had the truck last didn't put it back. i will tell you you need one. we need one too. we will make one up a at the gas station. the very bad visibility, and it is sticking on the streets of atlantic county according to the local police but here in atlantic city street getting wet and full of water once again. take it the easy every where, we will get worse of the snow later. we will be last as this weather system moves west to east as you guys have been saying. but mike performed by the jamaican band in the 60's and
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then blonde, and mike, maybe you can give us your rendition of the tides are high. >> the tides is high. >> i don't do blonde, i do better with sammy. >> do you do any of them very well. >> sammy good do you want to hear it. >> snow glide, how about that. i feel like the snow is letting up just a little bit, and you can see cars are moving through, there is a train stop earlier, and the cross rails were down. there is a backup, traffic is moving again. people are moving along at a comfortable speed or they are comfortable at the speed they are going. but there are slick spots out there we have not seen any accidents or spin outs,
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thankfully. we have not seen any tires spinning just yet. salt trucks are coming down but as we have been saying all morning there is no need for their to be a blade down because of all of the driving just makes it slushy and water is even running down to the sidewalk with the drain there. a at long as drains aren't covered everything should than fine. but the good news is this is going to be cleared by noon time so, a lot of water, drive slow take it easy. >> lets get to jen because she's in the roving car. >> where is she. >> by plymouth meeting. >> okay, coming up on plymouth meeting. >> is there the shot. >> it doesn't look too bad. >> yes. it is 35 degrees. and, and and, that is good news. and westbound, we are coming up on conshohocken, and we
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will be taking blue route towards lansdale, pretty soon. we're hoping to get there in time to see an amazing pep rally put on by kids there. it is really cool. there is a guy that went to north pen and temple who plays for the denver broncos. that is where we're heading. the roads are getting, slowing down because they are wet but certainly we don't have snow on the ground. >> heading for the blue route, look out lansdale, jen freddie's coming your way. if you have to step away from the tv and get fox 29 weather app, i have it. >> you can get up to the mina alerts plus radar and you can get to itunes or google play to down load the app. >> you better believe it. >> also at 7:07, let me tell
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you about this. two new york city police officers in the hospital, look at this activity here, after being shot inside of an apartment building in brooklyn. officials a say three officers, were in a stairwell, and came across two guys. one of them pulled a gun and opened fire on the police officers. one officer was hit in the face. other in the stomach. both are expect to survive. gunman was found in the apartment dead of an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound. the other person was arrested. we're learning more about police chase end thatted with a suspect vehicle partially submerged in water and this was in delaware. >> pretty dramatic footage. >> police say it started after suspect robbed a verizon store on columbus boulevard last night. the chase went on to i-76 and i-95. suspect's jeep going so fast our chopper had a tough time keeping up with it, and chase eventually came to an end as you can see here with the vehicle partially submerge in the body of water in
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wilmington. >> in wilmington. >> there was a debate last night. >> yes there, was. >> new candidates seeking democratic nomination, after one of the more explosive debates of this primary season. bernie sanders and hillary clinton taking shots at each other trying to win over voters in new hampshire. the lets get to doug luzader joining us from washington. it seems like no more mr. and mrs. nice candidates, um. >> reporter: it is no the that martin o'malley played a huge defining role in the democratic race for president, but the fact that he is in longer in the race means we are down to two candidates that makes a difference on these stages when there is is these one on one kind of exchanges this was within of the most explosive debates we have seen this far in the cycle and hillary clinton and bernie sanders went after each other in the first half an hour or so. >> they sure did, bernie sanders was talking about clinton, you know, the establishment. here's a clip.
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>> we may not have it the but i'm's sure you know the moment i'm talking about, doug. >> this is not a year to be perceived as part of the political establishment on either side of the aisle and hillary clinton look by definition she's part of the establishment. she has been secretary of state, first lady, senator, you name it, bernie sanders has been a senator for a long time but he argues he has been an outsider because he is longest serving independent in congress. so there was name calling to the extent calling someone part of the establishment that is a bad thing this time around the question who is progressive and who isn't. bernie sanders saying he is a progressive. hillary clinton is a moderate. at this stage in the primary you don't want to be tagged with that label of being a maryland rate. >> hillary clinton she had responses. she said if you have something to say why don't you just say it. i said wow, hillary. >> i think it is time even the very art full smear that you
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and your campaign have been carrying out in recent weeks and let's talk about the iron. >> the crowd didn't seem to like that, did they. >> yeah, you hear that crowd response. it was very interesting. it wasn't clear if there was people going woo, quite a score or you shouldn't go there. but it got a reaction for hillary clinton. it is fair to say her team, they won't admit but they have probably written off new hampshire. they have written off winning in new hampshire but they want to have a strong showing there to argue that they out performed expectations because they are looking ahead to those contest that is follow south carolina, where recent polls suggest hillary clinton may be 30 points up on bernie sanders. that is the question for sanders campaign. is he a one and done candidate. will he win in new hampshire and that is it or will he be able to translate that into victories in the the states that follow. >> we will see. thanks so much, doug. coming up at 7:12.
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lets he get an update on the weather. >> we are keeping a close eye on radar and twitter thanks to all of you submitting some photos of your house and here's one from trevose from joey girl 75. she says it is over an inch already probably piling up even more. as we take a a look at live radar, you you can see, and, grace and you can see, and, babe, western suburbs and our total projections are less, out the to the west. and more to the east. this is where heaviest, and, it is still snowing here but the brighter whiteys up in trenton where it is snowing even heavier. this is not much of an event for pocono mountains but it will be for a sure where we are expecting several inches to pile up quickly in places like up are township atlantic city estelle manor, mulika, georgetown delaware millsboro
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delaware. dave warren is outside witnessing the city snowfall. we just got rid of the blizzard snow with the rain on wednesday. here comes more. >> it is a little, about it. a little coating in the city. we are looking at wet roads, wet sidewalks. it is coming down heavy but now lightening up. temperatures above freezing. the things are just wet here. the suburbs is where you are starting to see things coat. that is the issue now. the sidewalk here, not much of an issue. just wet sidewalks, wet roadways, that is what we're seeing here in olde city but if that snow is heavy enough, for a brief period of time, you'll get that accumulation even on the roadways which will end, quickly, melt, how about additional accumulation here we are looking at one to two, three to four here across south jersey along the coast. temperatures are key.
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and snow is we have, and quickly quote's on surfaces one a a quarter in millville, three quarter mile visibility. this show us where that heavier snow is, in atlantic city, anymore snow in the seven day forecast, it looks like we have some possible, chances of snow, monday and tuesday we will see how these storms develop, and so that will be the key here, next week. this is ending soon and we will have sunshine, much better conditions, on the roadway. can't say that right now, right, bob kelly. >> one of those tricky mornings and begin your trip with a wet secondary road or side street and wind up, driving into the snow. here's a live look down the shore, this is route 49 off of route 50 we are starting to see them become snow covered. further east the more snow you will see. here's the blue route where
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majors on the pennsylvania side, schuylkill, 95, blue route, right now just looking wet. it looks like the brine and that layer of salt they threw down as salt truckings bias doing just that has done the trick. tires churning that salt around and keeping road wet. half an hour into town on the schuylkill, same deal south on i-95 out of the north east. live look, dealing with poor visibility, and, and center city, on new jersey turnpike between, and exit 12, is there an accident, and is there an accident at exit six and jackknife tractor trailer on 295 near mount holly willingboro. the a as we heard from the airport would i check with your individual airline to check status, airports opened, very minor delays, all of the planes stayed overnight, in philly, they are deiced, and, they have a few minutes. and, they are coming in, in the other cities like new york and laguardia, so pack your
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patients heading to the airport this morning. mike, back over to you. bob kelly, of course, super bowl this this sunday but is there trouble brewing with the eagles and our running back demarco murray. nfl network iain rapaport put/a story saying demarco does not feel comfortable in philadelphia even with the coaching change. as for the eagles demarco's play did not live up to the 40 million-dollar deal they signed him to last year but cutting him would cost them 13 million-dollar. it is a salary cap. dez bryant of the cowboys adding fuel to the fire with this tweet at his teammates jason witten and come on home, dm theo. iain rapport followed up by saying keeping a eye out for the cowboys, seattle seahawks, even oakland raiders they may want demarco. even our own howard eskin
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saying the problem with all of the those assumptions, eagles take 13 million cap hit with murray if demarco murray, leaves. that would be tough. so lets talk about this. super bowl champ, how are you doing ra him. >> good to see you boom. >> sean bell, good to see you. >> what is up. >> is this just talk? later on in the day, demarco says, slow down everybody, i like it in philadelphia, i want to stay. by the waste you guys are tall. you guys are big. >> mike needs a little box good hey dave warren can you bring me that box. >> yes. >> so what do you think, just talk. >> murray just came out of a nightmare. this whole situation that went on with the eagles is a nightmare. it is tough for any player to go through that. he is expect to go play at a certain level and his team, you expect the team to have his back and to have another great sees on, everything went bad, bad coaching, new coach
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thaw don't know what type of offensive system he will put in place unless the coach already let him know, we have your back, we will build this offense. you can have a successful season. >> with doug, shawn are they go to go run it the more. >> they will change the offense to fit him, that is what doug peterson came in, that is what he said he will change the offense. so things are better for each individual player. chip kelly didn't do. that he a said you fit the my offense. by the end of the day, too much cash money here. we're not just going to go let you go, howard said it, cap hit, 13 million. we are noting having that tough cookie. >> calvin johnson, barry sanders, retire. d murray making too much money. he is in the retiring. >> how oldies demarco. >> he is only like 28. >> so he has sometime. >> you want your players to be happy to be here, eager to get
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out there and play. >> that is why i said coach has to sit down and talk to him and let him know. that has hurt him. teams could use that against you regardless of the situation they know you had chip kelly as a coach, offense didn't fit you. if he didn't have a successful season they will use it against so teams. >> in the nba you can force your way out, in the nfl you can't. i'm sure you played a ton of players that were unhappy but you will sit down, shut up. that is the type of things owners. they don't care about your attitude. >> it was a frustrating season he had. i know going through that whole year and having a year that he had before, and then total opposite of that the following year, you know, and staying in the same division he is expecting to go to dal ace and beat dallas two times. he want that had revenge. the fall off like he did, i know he is very frustrated. >> i was just looking at the glare off of your super bowl ring there. >> that is nice. >> hold on, a second, we have
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got the box. >> lets go to a wide shot please. >> ladies and gentlemen. >> yes. >> look at me now. >> how about that. >> yes. >> so you played you are friend. >> yes. >> do you want him to win, rooting for him. >> this is the thing do you want me to keep it real with you. >> yes. >> i like seeing the super bowl played constantly on tv because it is payton's only super bowl. if he wins another one, they my not play it as much. >> that is my boy, i support him, i like to see him get another ring. i'm a fan with campaign everything he went through all of the adversity and everything going on with him now, it is nice to see cam win you know payton wants that so
7:21 am
he ties his brother with two super bowl rings. >> it is still not the same because payton didn't play the whole season. >> who wins. >> i don't know, it is two great defense. defenses win championship. >> you have to make a pick. >> come on now. >> i can't. they are two great defenses. >> you wean i, come on. >> sean, can you do it. >> i'm taking cam newton and the crew. at the end of the hideo man had, omaha isn't going to help you, not against that defense. i only feel like cam, both of these defenses are great, but i only feel like cam can make it happen. >> they have played well. they have a great, great team. the coaching is phenomenal. they do a great job. but they feather off toward the end of the game sometime and i think payton has been there so many times he will
7:22 am
get everybody going. >> we have to rap. >> so, is there something very important to get to apparently >> i smell the broncos. >> panthers, broncos, we will see what happens. good to see you guys. >> sean, thanks for coming n i like the little flower. >> yes. >> okay, new report says your fitness monitor may be tracking more than physical activity, you you know those fit bit and stuff. find out many fail basic security tests coming up. can't get through tsa. another live look at radar here, we have got a mess but we may see sun, coming up.
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wing bowl is underway, 20,000 people watching very large humans stuff their faces. there is some wingets. will really kind of a highlight for me the wingets. you know how this works for 24
7:26 am
years they have been doing this. guys, how many chicken wings can they eat. 444 consumed by winner last year in 26 minutes. >> so let's talk about this fit bits. you have a fit bit don't you. >> i do. >> do you ever use it. >> my parents gave to it me and they are watching right new so yes, i do it all the time. >> i use it all the time. >> so hey, lauren, it is supposed to track our heart rate, how many miles we have walk or whatever but what else. >> calories burned, well, personal information, about you. >> really. >> hackers can get in, get that information and also, the insurance companies are looking at information, that goes to them, sometimes by the fitness devices a and in the necessarily trusting it because there is ways to manipulate the data. there is crazy stories of fitness trackers a and their data being used in court to help or hurt someone depending on the case. you said were you sleeping when this happened but your device shows you just took a
7:27 am
thousand steps. new study, yes. >> that is in the fair though because you have to remember when i had, i still have it but when i use the app you press a button and i'm sleeping now. i will forget to press the button to say i'm going to sleep. >> this study will show eight different fitness trackers. the fit bit charge, eight in total, seven of the eight failed basic security tests. >> i never even thought that you could use that in court. you weren't over here, you were here, sleeping or walking around or whatever. >> yes. >> well, you had 14,000 steps so that is a lot of steps. >> yes. >> woman said she was attacked, and, you know, the fit bit used the device and they said you called 911 you said were you sleeping but you just walk a thousand steps. >> makes sense. >> looking good in red today as national heart a association day. >> yes. >> thank you. >> go red. >> we will see you monday.
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>> hey the roots, of course from philadelphia, i'm talking about the music group, quincy harris talk about the roots picnic with quest love later.
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we're looking at radar here. we have a mess this morning some one just tweeted me storm
7:31 am
chaser, that is their handle, more than a dusting in cherry hill, that is for sure, high school bus was 20 minutes late. yeah, it is messy, um, it is a friday. it will all clear out later this afternoon. >> we see that fine line there it is like rain and snow. >> it is defined and it is so for sue. >> she will define it all. >> she's fine. >> i can call it well defined. anyway weather person's day, the snowy start this morning, bus stop buddy gives you advice every day about what to wear, would i say waterproof and warm are the keys to standing outside waiting for a ride or bus today, temperatures in the 30's and it is snowing. here's the well define line between rain and snow. that line moving off shore and eventually the storm will be out of here but still a couple hours, before that happens, so it is snowing, again in new castle county delaware,
7:32 am
snowing back here in philadelphia as well and heavier snow continues to pile up, in southern delaware, and in new jersey. atlantic county it looks like it is getting a lot the so cape may county a and other counties are under the winter weather advisory for rest of the morning. expecting three to 4 inches of snow along the coast and less the further west you go, the most important thing, of course is to allow yourself extra time so you can get where you are going safely this morning. it is all about the temperature dave warren. experience ago this at fourth and market. very sloppy out there. >> it is also very loud. it is wet and slushy but looking at the top of your car, right there, sorry, thank you. she came in from camden. you get that coating of snow, but roadways, well they just look wet, and pretty much clear. still snow comes down heavy at
7:33 am
times with the temperatures around freezing, you can get that to accumulate quickly on the slush on the roadways. lets keep an eye on for these temperatures and visibility. when you step outside, it is right about freezing or slightly above, and that is keeping the roadways just wet, as the temperatures just right about freezing or slightly above, and certainly that is something that we're keeping an eye on, with the numbers. they are right around 33 degrees here in philadelphia so the roadways will just be wet but if that snow comes down heavier at times we will have the issue that we're talking about. things are clear here in olde city but there are some problems on the roads, maybe a few accidents, lets the get to bob kelly. >> good morning everybody. 7:33. road are wet the in some areas but folks get that false sense of security and when you hit the breaks on a roadway that isn't wet but slushy from the wet snow we will start to see sliding. the here's an accident behind me at collinswood circle that has route 30 blocked all the way around the board, right
7:34 am
behind the sign here, is there actually a new jersey transit bus, so waiting to get more information, on if there are any injuries, if people are on the bus, if there were vehicles. i can tell you right now that the collinswood circle it is shut down at the moment. coming from collegeville, royersford, 422, just like david mentioned roads are wet and slow, we are getting in the grid lock of that morning rush hour, so i think our accident counties going to stay down on the major roadways, secondary roads an inside streets that haven't been treated that have been wet, slushy, and that slush is just as slippery as we slide through or put your brakes down to the intersection, east on the schuylkill a half an hour. ninety-five south a half an hour as well. live look at i-95 near cottman avenue and jammo in both directions coming in on that vine street expressway. so far so good at the airport and lets get out the to steve keeley, collinswood circle shut down with the accident. you are further inner new
7:35 am
jersey on that same white horse pike, you have some spray behind you there. >> on the other end of the white horse pike and it is bad down here. whole lot of road hazards that you don't think about including road signs this is not just a wet snow but sticky snow like mapel syrup. look the at signs in between the the two red lights there completely covered and block by snow. it is stick to go everything. look at this, complete thely, sticking to everything. so, if you don't know where you are going, you will not be able to read signs. visibility is real bad. we are across from the borg at, normally lit up and thank god for bright neon but you can barely make it out. this stuff is starting to thick. on the white horse pike on the ground here a build up of slush here through all of the lanes here. if you are making a turn here real fast you will fishtail and wipe out.
7:36 am
alex and mike let me show you something, billboard for tracie minister again right there, probably one of the most famous people and most famous acts in new jersey and tracie would have advice to take driving in new jersey with the snow take it easy and don't end up in the bad crash like he did. >> that is for sure february 12th he is performing there. good to see him getting back. thanks, steve. how about the roots, roots pick necessary tickets go on sale and line up is impressive but coming up quincy harris talk to black thought about the show and all of the work they do outside of the picnic.
7:37 am
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so messy on this friday morning, 7:39. you know the roots, the music group i'm talking about, from philadelphia, of course, making us proud. >> very proud. >> they are every where. we love their music. it is in the just because of the music why they are so popular. >> true it is what they do outside the studio too. quincy harris explains. >> roots tickets, root picnic, ticket are on sale now. they are on sale right new. we're hanging with black
7:40 am
throughout we are rolling to work with black thought. >> this is cool. >> i don't know if it is good weather. but roots picnic this is the ninth year, from i'm excited, who are you exited to see perform. >> i'm excited to he see how usher's performance comes together. i'm a huge fan of everybody that is kind of performing. so i definitely want to see it. philly has always been huge supporters of the roots. so, they will kill it in philly. i'm exited to see everybody that is rocking this year. >> a lot of things go around with your roots picnic. you have your grass roots foundation. >> yes, yes. >> tell us about the run and the fund days and everything going on there as well. >> yes, grass roots, it is a
7:41 am
found days, annually we host a 5k in philadelphia, and it is going to be trying to attach it to the promotion and all that activity that is taking place. it is a opportunity for the whole family to come out and get active, and do something that will raise awareness and, also, health and wellness. >> i promise you you this, i'm in the 40 yet but anybody that is going to run, that is over 40 years old, i will beat you. i don't know, yeah, anybody over 40 aim he beating you. >> i'm over 40. let's just see if you can beat me this year. >> oh, okay. >> let's see what i can do. >> okay. it is a battle going on. if i win, i will get to perform with you, as the the roots picnic. >> ahh, no.
7:42 am
>> you like that. >> yeah, yeah. >> that was a cool quick yeah, no good but roots picnic tickets are on sale, ninth year and we are excited and we are proud of you guys and what you are doing and i'm happy to be able to go to work with you right the now. this is pretty cool. >> it is like they were flying around there the last bit. next her we will talk to quest love. come on back.
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it is not snowing in the pocono mountains as you you condition see in the photo of bush kill falls. here's another photo, this one from twitter, conshohocken, this is what it looks like there in front of the grand mom froiland's yard. it is coated. bushes are looking snowy. it is a heavy wet snow a a accumulating on the grassy surfaces. here's a closer look what is happening right now. another dry area moving in from right to left but then there is another area have snow. we are not quite finish yet and snow continues to fall heavier in southern delaware, and act at the jersey shore. temperatures are around freezing but once the sun comes out this afternoon to get to 43 degrees. then we will even up with a tease event weekend for first weekend in february.
7:46 am
your first friday activity, this evening, should be fine, if you are going out for that, 45 degrees, tomorrow with a mix of sun and cloud, a bit milder on sunday with a high of 50 and then, next storm, the possibility of one anyway that we're watching is tuesday, bob kelly, of next week. >> sound good, sue, 7:46. definitely road conditions have changed all morning long and now we have an accident right behind the sign here on the schuylkill expressway, this is westbound, so, leaving, south philadelphia, ready to come out of oregon or passyunk avenue heading west in toward the city, usually this is where they have six lanes going down to two. is there an accident westbound leaving south philly, heading in to center city g news for the gang in south jersey that bus accident that involved a new jersey transit bus you can see tritt there in the background they have moved it off to the shoulder and parking lot. this is that king of pizza a joint here along collinswood circle but traffic is moving
7:47 am
again here and a crash on 309 right here near pennsylvania turnpike interchange, mike and alex back over to you. wing bowl going on, 20,000 people watching big men and women shove wings in their mouth. >> you know who is there this year. >> dennis rodman to go to this thing. people around the country necessity about this event now after 24 years. the lets see what dennis thinks about it. >> it is like -- it is a wing contest. they want wings at 7:00 o'clock in the morning. >> well, that is true, wings for breakfast. >> they have been out there all night. >> lets get to brandon mcmanus, the kicker for the denver broncos, who plays in the super bowl. he went to north penn high school. he can kick. he goodies. he kicked a 70 yarder once. >> he had a break out year but went to high school and set record at temple university
7:48 am
and now in the ffl. he is in the super bowl. >> jen went to the high school. what does it look like out there. >> okay, here's what i want to you know, this is what 70-yard looks like. now, when brandon was here, hello people, okay. i'm coming. but when he was here, and, and, and, he kick it, 5 yards here. >> 55 yards at crawford stadium, on our field. >> were you surprise. >> i knew he kick 60 in practice so i felt good about 55. >> i love your drum team. they are awesome. you said he was first freshman to ever do what. >> first freshman ever to play north penn football and he
7:49 am
started for four years. first team all league for his last three years. he earned a scholarship to temple. you know, we always expect big things from him. >> pretty cool willy hear he is a nice guy. >> great guy, great anti bullying campaign. we're very proud of him. he gives back to the community. not afraid to come back home and show his face around north penn. >> before we get to the anti bullying campaign you have a hobby in common that you asked me not to share. >> coach, you watch bachelor. >> yes, we watch the bachelor. >> no, you watch the bachelor fan. >> i'm a big fan, yeahy had to get it the out there. >> you are one of the people that set up the t-shirt sales what is that all about. >> we thought of an idea a couple days ago literally. we said we have a guy playing in the super bowl, north penn grad on the broncos lets make shirts that look like a broncho jersey, sell them to the community, students, staff here at north penn high school and we are able to sell so
7:50 am
many shirts we will make a nice contributions to brandon's chair. >> that is amazing a and really cool. >> so, again, everyone says, we were talking about him like he is not here but he just happens to be in the super bowl. heck of a nice guy. >> he is great. my second gig i do football play by play on the radio. i saw brandon for all four years here. you knew he would be something special whether it ways going to college, getting a scholarship but going to the nfl and playing in the super bowl it is great to see. >> to see him at temple. you went to temple. i mean he could have gone anywhere but he went to temple. >> he went to temple, four year starter, all time leading scorer. he continued on to greatness when he got on down there. as a tell am alumni i'm very proud of him. >> i said it a couple times i'm not a big payton manning fans but i'm a fan of if brandon has to win the game for the guy, that is good. the that is why you have a kicker, that is good. >> i if he has same game against pittsburgh and they win the game, if they don't
7:51 am
name him mvp there should be a an investigation. >> there should be an investigation. >> should we let the drum guy go again. >> let's get it going. >> while they run back, again, 70 yards is how far we're going. are you ready to go with me. >> and go. >> i would like to see him kick a 07 yarder in the game not just practice and warm ups. that is the longest kick ever in the game was like 64-yard, something like that. >> impress turf see her run that long. >> that is how far he can kick it. he can do it. lets see if he can do it in the game good to see where he came from all of the people back home supporting you and cheering you on. >> 3,000 kids in that school, everyone has a orange t-shirt on today. by the way we will talk about the super bowl tomorrow because good day philadelphia is on seven days a week now saturday and sunday. new we have set up a consistent time, it is seven to 9:00 a.m. on both days. >> both days. >> sounds good. >> lets get your alarm clocks.
7:52 am
>> talk about the super bowl on both shows i'm sure. >> we will be on the show too. >> well, of course, i will chat about it tomorrow and certainly sunday morning. did you know this, i don't want to be a downer. i don't want to be mikey down are or anything. watching the super bowl, it can be bad for your health. >> what? >> you may be at risk, because of super bowl sunday. >> let's bring in doctor mike. >> i don't want to be an alarmist but i will, we will talk to doctor mike. it is still coming down in olde city. >> yes. >> fourth and market. remarkable things are happening at your local acme.
7:53 am
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7:56 am
♪ >> earth, wind and fire, they played so often in philadelphia a. a a lot of fourth of julys. well, maurice white, the founder, leader of the earth, wind and fire, died yesterday. his brother, and the group's bass player made the announcement on his facebook page yesterday. maurice was 74 years old. >> he died peacefully, and he was suffering from parkinson's disease there. >> what a great song and group. >> may music live on. >> um-hmm. well, sunday, will you watch the super bowl. >> well, of course, we will be watching. you just can't get watch you are yelling, screaming, you are eating. maybe a little drinking if you are mike jerrick. >> i will in the watch this year because doctor mike says
7:57 am
i might die watching the game. >> what? >> doctor mike, really. >> what do you mean, stop it. >> come on. >> it could be bad for our health. >> yes, we have to talk bit but there is a couple things you need to know. number one, it does increase your risk of a heart attack. if you take someone like you too, you are very healthy. if you take someone like you, and you eat a big thing of doretto and you have a big hamburger. >> chicken wings. >> you get all stressed out because your team just lost it does increase blood pressure, and it can lead to a heart attack. we do see an increases specially if the team that you love loses, by like 20 percent. >> that is why eagles fans are so healthy, we're never in it. >> well, i must say after living here my whole life it is a risk. second risk, car stents. >> drinking too much and then getting in the the car. >> you would think that and
7:58 am
that is true but also depending on how close the game was, it makes you more aggressive. how do you like that. >> what if you are listening to the game in the car maybe. >> if you are really into the game and they say there is two minutes left and it is a three-point game. >> have you seen anything increase in heart attacks and car accidents. >> it is in this literature. it is all science. >> here's a weird one. susceptibility to the commercials. >> yes, why do you think they put so many millions of dollars into commercials, because people follow them, they will buy their stuff. >> wow. >> yes. >> visual science. >> you are being manipulated. >> my team just lost, and now i'm disponent. >> yes. >> and is there a big phenomenon, well known you can get depressed fur team loses. you can get excited and it
7:59 am
goodies for you a and makes you less depressed if you relate to the team and they are doing well. you really are, and it is kind of a tribal thing. they have looked at this. it the is part of the tribe. >> it is just weird. >> also you get stressed. >> that makes sense. >> yes, and that can lead to heart attacks but you know what else it can do? increases your labido because you get a bum in testosterone. >> we showed a commercial of the super bowl babies coming around. >> yes, that is right. testosterone. >> and then we will eat, there is that. >> well, this is looking add to, you eat tons of calories, tons of calories and high fat the can increase your risk of having a cardiovascular event, a heart attack. >> hold on everybody, joe danker, are you still in the control room. are you in there, brother? >> can we do the overhead camera. we put out two logos here ape we will bring a panter in today and a pony, and whoever
8:00 am
they step on will win the game. lets do doctor mike. >> what will you step on. go step on one of those logos who do you think will win. >> we only have one logo. >> sorry. >> i get in to it, i get stressed. >> don't have a heart attack. >> thanks, doctor mike. >> wanters win this game. >> panthers one, broncos zero. >> i am not kidding we have a panter and a little popey it is our version of the panter. thanks, doctor mike. it is friday the fifth, 2016. a messy, messy start to the weekend. and it is knot the over yet. we will let you know when it will let up and the sun will come out. >> hail, caesar star studded
8:01 am
film hits theaters. >> george clooney dishes about life on the set. >> ♪ >> quest love is on good day philadelphia tickets for roots picnic goes on sale today. why quest is nervous about one of his big acts this year. >> super bowl predictions, and orangutan picks the pant tours win it all but can we really trust him? we're going to bring in our own cast of characters to weigh in. >> are. >> hey, it is still snowing just like we said there, alex, we have a panter and a pony, for the broncos. >> what are those things are
8:02 am
when you see little asterisk by panter and you will see why. >> they want to know if we can bring the pony home, austin just called. >> i can bring the pony home when we're done with it. >> i said you can go town will mike's this weekend and ride the pony. >> i don't have a yard so the pope any my apartment would be very interesting. >> 8:02. >> sloppy morning out there, as lou at bottom of the screen you will see schools willing in late today because of the messy starts. snow has piled up quickly but should be gone at noon a at the latest, so we will go with five out of ten. it end up being a half and half day. this is messy half. bus stop buddy is dressed with waterproof, and warm. that is what we're going for waterproof and warm with temperatures starting out in the 30's, and very messy out there you can see on ultimate doppler radar that we still have snow in the area it is easing up in a few places, but not every where, so, winter weather advisory continues throughout the morning and we are predicting three to 4 inches of snow pile up close
8:03 am
to the ocean and then we will get into the infamous i-95 corridor maybe an inch or two less as we go north and west. temperatures just above in philadelphia below freezing in mount pocono. 34 degrees in wilmington. thirty-three in dover, delaware. visibility could be a problem too, millville, kind of socked in there with the snow falling heavily, half mile visibility there and reduced visibility in bunch of other places. we will even up were 43 degrees after snow end and sun comes out and wind will pick up by the way, windy afternoon with wind gusting up to 30 miles an hour. everything calms down overnight, skies clear up but much colder with a low of 29 degrees. that gets you through your friday and then your weekend can begin. but before that happens you have to get where you are going and that can be a challenge. >> it has been a challenge all morning long. 803:67:89 combination of the wet roads, snow covered, and, slippery, and jammed up, because of an accident. here's a live look the at the
8:04 am
westbound schuylkill expressway, a parking lot, a all because of an accident westbound as soon as you come out of passyunk and oregon trying to head toward center city philadelphia another accident, westbound, on the vine street expressway, this guy in the left lane of the vine street expressway at 24th street. the here's an example of marlton, new jersey the old marlton circle there where 70 and 73, come together, and again, don't let the wet roads fool you. because that fast you will go from a treated road surface to an untreated road surface and you are trying to stop on some slippery slushy roadways. 309, an accident this guy spun around on 309 right before the toll plaza here at fort washington interchange. here's an example of the 42 freeway, slow go, working your way in towards philly. you're moving along majors, you go to hit that off ramp that may not have been treated or not as traveled and wind up
8:05 am
slipping and sliding. get snow off your car too. you don't need the whole shovel or anything but just brush it off before you hit major roadways this morning, mike and alex, back over to you. steve has moved to gala way township, what is it looking like steve keeley. >> reporter: mike we have come mainland as we call it at the shore and quite a different scene. snow is sticking to the concrete and plow trucks are are out. we are across from the new jersey transportation department salt yard here. the trucks are coming and going multiple stops, very busy out here to keep everybody safe on the roadways. got sign we saw is of all of the driving we have been going to do for past six or seven hours, no accidents just yet. look, the school buses are out. school is on time here at the shore because we have seen buses, since before sunrise out here but slush on the roads, and they have put salt on the road. look the a the trees and power lines. we talk about the snow sticking. look at that telephone pole.
8:06 am
the snow sticking to the whole side of the telephone pole, it looks like a salt and pep are shakers right there it is stick to go everything and power lines are starting to sag and then you'll see snow coming down in clumps off of trees and everything with no warning at all but i'm standing on pavement right here and it looks like it is ground but this is concrete road right here and you can see snow is stick to go anywhere that hasn't been salted just yet. we're on the white horse pike. the as a vote for broncos since they have a white horse, as their sign. we talk about team coverage, right up my team member out here chris fox, just to show our viewers a guy i always talk about and mention on the the air. back in october 18 we were doing a marathon story. i said you can do that. he never ran before. he could not run a half block. since objecting 18th, 47-pound, and he and will run the broad street run together. congratulations. >> that is right, yes. >> he is registered for half
8:07 am
marathon. we are covering marathon. he could not run a half a block at this time. i said no gimmicks, i said just to stop eating junk food and soda and just to get up and walk for exercise. that is how he started. just started walking. nothing special. walking and eating good stuff. >> all good stuff. >> no gimmicks. >> it can work for you. >> 47 pounds. >> great. >> 47-pound. way to go, chris, chris fox. >> different body and different at dude. >> well, one goes with the other. >> he works with steve keeley, he gets you right. >> i need to work out with you. >> maybe steve keeley is the answer you need. >> i need to get to the gym. >> chris fox was 47 pounds bigger, a year ago. >> that is something. >> now he is running marathon. >> steve keeley work out plans. >> dave kinchen has also moved. >> owe is in flourtown right now. >> and you know, i'm working
8:08 am
out too. a little bit here and there. sure, right. we're here in flourtown. let me show you roads at west valley, green and bethlehem pike. the road are wet but they are really more snow on the cars then the actual road right there as you can see wet possible slick spots here and there but as we look ahead to bethlehem pike, it is also clear, again, more snow on the sidewalk or i should say on the grass and on the cars, then anything else, really. walking exit makes it a different story look for those slick spots. be careful walking around. people have been taking it the easy out here. people are driving more comfortably in terms of their tasting and windshield wipers have been clearing off windshield. everything here, the snow started to clear and stopping maybe about 45 minutes ago. we have been talking about later today, snow will be gone. we're already looking forward to that.
8:09 am
that is story from flourtown. >> okay, man. >> meek mill, in philly, of course, because he can't go anywhere else. >> he is set to appear before a philadelphia judge, he is waiting to day because he will be sentenced for violating his probation n december the judge says that he violated court restricted travel and failed to communicate with his probation officer on several occasions. he a appeared twice in court with his girlfriend nicki minaj. meek could get prison time or more probation today. yesterday he went and spoke at the a boys school. we have video of it right here. he said at the end he talks about success and about his life. he said i will go because i will spend time with my family. he doesn't know what will happen. >> well, we will know what happens by the 5:00 o'clock news and, of course, we will keep track what the judge says on fox >> sure. >> okay. >> the wing bowl, it is underway, they are to the eating portion of this darn thing. why don't they punch it up. there is nothing wrong with
8:10 am
this shot. dennis rodman is there this year. championship ring. we will show you more, something interesting. >> they are eating. >> this is a look here. >> that is a live shot. >> look at all that foot. >> last year winner, stuffed 444 wings down his throat in 26 minutes. >> what a disgusting event but so philly. i want to see this new movie coming out. >> hail caesar. we are talking with george clooney what happens when you forget your lines, right? we will talk to george about what it is like to work on the set. >> george clooney is with us on good day.
8:11 am
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just by switching to progressive. so you'll be bringing home the bacon in no time. sorry. get a free quote at here's a report from bill anderson who says it is not the too bad, roads are slushy, slick, be careful. that is what is happening, that slush is building up, snow fell pretty quickly and it is still falling heavily in many places, we see the snow,
8:14 am
in the southern to counties of delaware. and it was predicted to happen. also getting some heavier snow around mount laurel and she monk and winslow township, but it is eased up in the mountainous areas, back down to the shore, atlantic city as steve have been showing you all morning that slushy snow is really piling up. you will reach our predict, inches. now we will toss it outside to dave warren, who is experienced the lull in the action, right? >> pretty calm, right now, sue. >> the lull. >> it might try to pick up again but things look like it is winding down here at least, and it is what we have, the wet sidewalk, few umbrellas outs there, light snow still falling down but it will be fairly well. that snow came down heavy briefly and accumulating but quickly cleared out. improving weather conditions and road conditions here especially as we get some
8:15 am
sunshine this afternoon. what is on the ground though, and this is mostly grass surfaces, amounts coming in, these will continue to update, throughout the morning. we have an inch and a half in new castle county, a lot of these numbers coming from new jersey and delaware county just about an inch, officially in philadelphia a this went up a little bit a as conditions continue to be updated about just less than a quarter of an inch. look at the seven day forecast, more monday and tuesday. until then temperatures are right amount 50 degrees. the road here look okay but if there is any issues, bob will tell us bit. >> good morning. 8:15. we will go back outside, to the situation we're dealing with now is we have a disable tractor trailer here, south on i-95 in the construction zone at cottman avenue. look out there coming from woodhaven into center city. rain drop on the windshield there and also that accident on the vine street expressway now moved off to the side but we are moving, westbound right
8:16 am
near 24th street. we are back up in both directions on the vine expressway. again, the salt, brine that the crews put down last night, roads are wet, it is secondary roads, side streets, untreated roads ways that could be slippery with the slushy snow this morning a rifle and departure delay both here in philadelphia and new york, all of the planes have stayed overnight, were deiced this morning so check with the airline if you are going to jet out of town maybely someplace warm, mike and alex. >> i rarely want to see a movie but i will see this hail caesar starring george clooney a and channing tatum because it is a coen brothers movie, quirky, take a look. >> technician, masters, top notch artistic people hard to bring to the screen. >> hail caesar is a picture with one of the biggest stars in the world bad with luck. >> a truth we could see if we
8:17 am
but if we have faith. >> faith. >> cut. >> the direct or. >> we have your movie star. hundred you this dollars and await instructions. who are we? the future. >> our movie critic in san francisco and joins us by skype. hi kevin mccarthey. >> mike, and alex, good morning to you guys. >> good morning. what did you think of hail caesar i want to see this darn thing. >> more importantly, mike i am 11 minutes from the full house, and i will be going down there very shortly. i cannot wait. >> okay. >> hail caesar is new movie direct by coen brothers. i'm a big fan of their work, i loved fargo, huge fan of blood simple and no blood for old men this deals with the early
8:18 am
studio systems of the 1950's, josh brolin plays a studio fixer who tries to fix problems that are happening with the actors. george clooney plays a major star within this world, as you saw in the opening clip he forgets a major line of his. i spoke to george clooney and channing tatum when they forget their lines, what happens, check this out. >> i can never remember my lines. >> you know, i will say that there have been certain times in my career where there are lines that i just won't remember. it would be a dumb one. somebody else will be doing a machine owe log and you have one word and you dot whole thing you are watching him and then it is like cut. i have one word like in the middle of the thing, i won't
8:19 am
forget tonight. >> and it is no where near the level of fargo or big le bowsky but it has interesting elements. i love watching the old film making how they film movies back in the day. andes from asstair and gene kelly dance back in the day. one of the best movies ever was royal wednesday nothing 1951 where he dances in the ceiling. phenomenal film. three out of five. it brought back a sense of how great hollywood, how old school hollywood, with the film making process, very, very cool. >> you have a fantastic day i will see it. thank you, kevin, enjoy the super bowl, enjoy full house. >> i'm jill us. >> we will see you next week. >> you know what else other house is down there mrs. doubtfire. i will go to that house too. follow me on twitter at sketch mccarthey tv i will tweet
8:20 am
photos of these houses. i'm excited about it. >> nerd tears i will be watching. >> yes. >> bye, guys. >> see you. >> 8:20. >> as we move further inner tv don't you love the technology. >> do i. the technology get worse and worse the farther we get in the 2,000. >> you didn't like the skype. >> stupid. >> quest love of the roots/good day philadelphia ticket for roots picnic go on sale today. >> here's the thing he is nerve bus one of the big acts he is nervous about usher. >> maybe dmx. besides cold play wings will take center stage at every super bowl part think morning. >> um. >> you know, cold play is half time performer and beyonce. it is no the about them but it is about the wings. staggering number of wings that americans are predicted to consume. we talk every year but that number is going up.
8:21 am
8:22 am
8:23 am
just started the second
8:24 am
round at wing bowl at wells fargo center. 20,000 people watching guys and at least one woman, eating wings. again, last years record, was the wings to beat last year. >> 444. >> in 26 minutes. >> yes. >> my goodness. >> second round is underway. >> i'm loving the costumes, did you see the one guy, he looks like a smart phone. >> yes. >> look at that right there. >> yes. >> i can't see his name, something train. >> somebody barfed. a guy by the name of gravy brown was thrown out. >> a guy by the name of gravy brown because they are serious out there. >> serious competition, then. >> will they top 444 wings. that is the question.
8:25 am
>> it makes me sick. >> i like chicken wings. >> but is what a super bowl party this sunday without those chicken wings. >> true, you have to have it. so, a a lot of people, of course, all over the country they have chicken wings. how would you feel if you showed up and they didn't have wings. >> would i leave immediately. >> yes. >> slap them in the face. >> is he right new we are on track to eat 1.3 billion wings this year. >> it is not per person. >> that is enough though to put 600 wings on every seat in all 32 nfl stadiums. do you want to just, fill up the different space there. >> weird perspective. >> those wings would weigh 6300 times more than the combine weight of both teams roster. if you put every guy on the team or both teams together. >> yeah. >> and then the wings, man. >> that is some of the weirdest perspective stats i have ever heard. >> all of the things we think about when we think about how many you are eating, and all of the football players put together. >> how many wings could you put in each seat of the 32 stadiums.
8:26 am
>> maybe if you look at it, as if everyone there the in the stadium are eating 600 wings because that is in your seat. >> they come close at the wing bowl. >> that is true. >> can you eat that in 26 minutes. >> lets see a super bowl predictions because we saw this a orangutan, now that is a live shot of the floor of our studio here at fourth and market. we heard an orangutan picked the pant tours win, we don't have a an orangutan, there he is, by the way, but we have a panter, and a pony, in our studio. live in our studio alex holley and they will walk over to the logos on the the floor here and predict winner of the super bowl. >> let get this prediction. and quest love is on good day, did you know, ticket for roots picnic they go on sale today but how a halloween costume spark the idea for the headliner. >> of the roots picnic. >> yeah, all because of the halloween costume. >> we have to figure this out. let's ask him.
8:27 am
advil pain relievers are used by more households than any other leading brand. to treat their aches and pains more people reach for advil. relief doesn't get any better than this.
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8:30 am
i recognize this guy. do you remember the hang over movie, the guy that played doug. >> yes. >> first one they left him on the roof, right, up in the help tell. >> yes he is on good day, now he is starring in cooper barracks sky the surviving light. >> i have been watching that show, pretty good. >> we will survive life. okay, stop it, stop the mom shaping. one mother gets real on facebook about what she feeds her children. why she says, other moms need to layoff of her. she will feed her kid anything that she wants. last hour quincy talk to the roots front man black thought. >> let's talk too quest love. >> q? >> we're in new york city. quest love. we're here in the compound. this is a really cool space.
8:31 am
>> yes. >> hello, thanks for letting us come by here. >> get get, today, roots ticket they go on sale for roots picnic. >> usher though. >> yes. >> ♪ >> i guess we wanted to throw a loop, and i was trying to figure out, you know, what artist, had just a what the traditional classic hip-hop ge nre but traditional hip-hop fan base, from the 80's, 90's and the 00, you know, what person was sort of ubiquitous in all of those areas and then out of no where, the name usher, you you know, when he dressed as meek as halloween and that is when the light
8:32 am
bulk went out. >> usher has like, 20 or 30 years. >> this is last year we will do it on the festival pier. our dream has always always been to present it as a plaque though. >> that would be amazing for philadelphia. and where ever goes. this year we have the impact. >> yes. >> yes. >> you are not backing dmx he is just coming out. >> the thing about it, yes. >> what time does he perform. you probably don't know the time. >> he will be on, early in the evening. >> tell him. >> around 2:00 p.m. >> if he is supposed to be there at 6:00 tell him to be there at 6:00 the day before.
8:33 am
>> yes. >> yes, he has the madonna thing going on. we love you dmx. today tickets go on sale, june . the ninth annual roots picnic, last one at festival pier. we're hopefully moving it to the plateau. >> to the plateau. >> thanks for your time, man. >> i appreciate it. >> i like that thing, you you know. >> yes. >> this. >> yes. >> you can find him in any department store. >> look at that. >> wow. >> that is pretty cool. >> even hearing with the fact that quest love was saying we want to move it, we're on festival tear. belmont plateau would be epic. >> i like the idea. i kind like that idea. you can see the city in the distance. >> it would be picturesque. >> yes. >> that is true. >> let's enjoy it, and we will see what happens. >> let's try it at belmont plateau. if it doesn't work, it doesn't work. you can get more people in
8:34 am
there. >> last year when i went it was so pack. people want to see the acts. it will be cool to see usher. >> we are moving it to the plateau. >> that is next year. >> if you want to go this year it is at festival pier and the tickets go on sale today. it will be future, usher, dmx, will smith. it will be great. >> yes. >> willow smith. >> yes. >> you whipped your sign up. >> yes. >> watch out there. >> but bus stop buddy, warm, waterproof, that is the best getting dressed advice we can give you. even though things eased up in places, it is still snowing in chester county, new castle county, and snowing heavily along the shore. the this is playing out the way we said and winter weather advisory does continue. we have three to 4 inches closer to the ocean, and,
8:35 am
further north and west of that. coating, north and west of snow. temperatures on either side of freezing. thirty-five in the sit. twenty-nine mount pocono. thirty-six lancaster. thirty-two in dover. 34 degrees in wildwood. and visibility is becoming less of an issue, and it is just getting around, safely, that is your big issue this morning. but after the sun comes out we will get to 43 degrees. the wind will pick up gusting around 30 miles an hour. clear skies. much colder tonight. down to 29 degrees. weekend forecast is coming up, and how is it doing out there bob kelly. >> we've got off to a rough start with accidents but. and road are wet, and major roadways are okay but we're losing some degrees here. we're down to 34. right on the fence there, that freezing line, any roadways, that are not treated that were not well traveled this morning, could be slushy and
8:36 am
slippery. a live look just off of route 13 and i-95 down in wilmington delaware. here's 95 southbound jammed up because of the disable tractor trailer in the construction zone at cottman avenue and we're looking live downtown where we are stack and packed across town from broad street over to the schuylkill expressway. alex, back over to you. well, tiger verse black china sicker wants to change their custody agreement. why tiger says he is the more responsible parent. >> let's ask tmz. (vo) if you have type 2 diabetes,
8:37 am
you may know what it's like to deal with high... and low blood sugar. januvia (sitagliptin) is a once-daily pill that, along with diet and exercise, helps lower blood sugar. januvia works when your blood sugar is high and works less when your blood sugar is low, because it works by enhancing your body's own ability to lower blood sugar. plus januvia, by itself, is not likely to cause weight gain or low blood sugar (hypoglycemia). januvia should not be used in patients with type 1 diabetes or diabetic ketoacidosis. tell your doctor if you have a history of pancreatitis. serious side effects can happen, including pancreatitis which may be severe and lead to death.
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8:39 am
let's get down to washington d.c. where chris what will is is sitting by, you are sitting, aren't you, chris. >> i don't think he is standing. >> where are you. >> i'm in manchester new hampshire.
8:40 am
>> they told me that, early this morning and i completely forgot it, chris. you are up there to talk to the candidates. man, you have a line up on sunday. you have jeb bush. the chris christie, and john kassig. by the way, six months ago i said in your ear i thought the final ticket on the republican side would be rubio kassig, or, rubio haley, out of south carolina, what do you think of that prediction. >> those both sound good. i will say this and one of the reasons we wanted to do this show, six months ago, these governors as they are all three governors in the race, were the front runners, particularly bush and christie and new they are all hanging on for their lives. they did in the do well in iowa. they are trailing in the polls now. they are going hard after rubio the other so call establishment candidate in the race and if he beats them again i suspect two and maybe all three of these candidates will have to drop out.
8:41 am
so it will be fascinate to go talk to them on sunday to see how they are trying to breathe life in their come pain and keep going. talk about very three accomplished men, chris christie, jeb bush, john kassig, and they are all on life support right now. >> very interesting development in this race. it is a amazing how quickly this race is beginning to sort itself out. >> it was interesting that jeb bush yesterday and she's still up there, had his mother come out. i don't know what the optics are for that, chris. what do you think. i'm falling behind so my mommy is going to come help me. what do you think. >> you sound like donald trump, that is what he says. it is inning because as we all necessity jeb bush tried again i'm my own man and trying to separate himself from the bush pedigree so now he has gone to plan b and that is to embrace his bee love 90 year-old mother is up here in the snow, in new hampshire campaigning.
8:42 am
his brother, the former president is in an ad running in south carolina where he is very popular. as i say the own man strategy didn't work and now he is par of the bush clan. >> chris, i'm going to be watching this sunday, jeb bush, chris christie from new jersey, of course, and john kassig out of ohio. we will see you sunday. who do you have in the super bowl. >> well, my head tells me carolina but my heart says payton manning to go out on top. i'm not betting on it, because i got conflicts. >> that is a good idea. >> i think i'm rooting for panthers. chris, thanks very much. 8:42 now. p diddy tell us tu pack shaker, what is this? well, that is a tease. we will talk the two people at tmz, the 3-mile zone out of in hollywood, next.
8:43 am
8:44 am
8:45 am
8:46 am
past couple days have have been warm and that has been to our advantage this morning. we have plenty of slippery spots. two days in the 50's and 60's, the ground wasn't frozen. and a a lot of places. in chester county, northern part of the northern new castle county and delaware, a snow burst there, and then heavier snow continues to fall, in atlantic county, cape may county, cumberland county, parts of the burlington county in new jersey is where heavier snow was falling, right now. so we will continue to show you. not much in the pocono mountains. this is a a coastal storm but once it is over by noon at the latest, we will get sunshine and a high of 43 degrees. the nice weekend, next storm we're watching is not until tuesday of next week. >> tuesday. >> tuesday. >> that is interesting because is there a storm, that is the day we have a primary in new
8:47 am
hampshire. >> that is tuesday. >> iowa too, the night of the caucus. >> yes. >> what is going on there. >> okay. so, i did give you a little head line just to shock you. >> people are saying it. >> that shawn p diddy combs, wanted tupack shaker to be dead. >> they are saying he might have been involved. dax, you have to explain why this is coming out right now. >> what? >> here's the deal, this has been a rumor for a long time. there has been lots of stories that have come out over the years where, people have said that diddy was out to murder him. there is a new film on netflix about to be released based on a book with the same premise. here's the deal, that every time one of these stories comes out, l.a. times did one in 2008, saying the exact same thing, they had to do a major retraction on, shortly after, and so every time one of these stories comes out, then follows the retraction on after that.
8:48 am
i'm curious what will happen with this netflix movie. they will release this. i don't know if diddy goes insane and they have to do the retraction honor what the case is but all of the stories say he hired some hit men for like a million-dollar to have him shot and killed. >> yesterday, dax on our show we were asking the beautiful woman who sits next to me is named alex, of course. we were asking our viewers, who do you think she looks like? and, two people wrote to me on twitter and that she looked like black china. >> what. >> they said that. >> i don't see it at all in my mind. >> i don't see it either. i don't have the dimples and the other thing. >> what is the latest on black china. >> well, i can tell you tiga, her baby dad a i in the very happy with her recent a actions getting a arrested for possessing ecstasy and also being drunk in public. he is feeling like he has a good taste to change up the
8:49 am
custody situation. he has filed some documents saying he doesn't feel that the three-year oldies necessarily in the best situation and he feels like he should have primary custody, basically getting, the kid through the week and then black china will get the kid on the weekend. so we'll if that goes anywhere and people wondering how he feels about rob kardashian, you know, maybe able to hang out with the kid. >> rob is a good guy. i have no problems with rob. >> either way kid will be with the kardashian, whether it is with rob. >> exactly. >> dax, i want to ask you who will you go for in the super bowl but i have a idea. >> who are you rooting for, dax. >> stand up. >> i'm from denver, i have a little bit of a leeway. >> let's see the shirt. >> i didn't realize he was from denver. >> good luck, dax. go broncho, i guess. >> yes, thanks guys, see you
8:50 am
next week. >> have a great weekend. >> from lucky win tore sore loser as deadline to claim a 63 million-dollar jackpot in the who theory closes, a california man, is suing the state lottery, told you, couple days ago the time would run out and it did.
8:51 am
8:52 am
8:53 am
and eight credit 53. mass transit has been in good shape this morning. however, getting word of delays of a patco high speed line. anyone stepping out of the front door right now. not bad at all, rough morning rush but, 34 right on the border lane there out and about, any of the untreated road surface could be,
8:54 am
slippery. southbound i-95 from academy to cottman avenue because of a, disabled tractor trailer in the work zone. and we are heavy heading toward 30th street. mike and alex, back over to you. it is 8:54. on wednesday, we told you, that california had a 63 million-dollar jackpot, a lottery ticket. that had gone. what they do, they do six months. you have to claim tonight six months or it just expired. so at 5:00 p.m., west coast time on wednesday, the largest, unclaimed lottery ticket, went unclaimed. but story doesn't end there, alex. >> it does. as a deadline hit a man come forward to file a lawsuit begins the california lottery. he said he was the multi million-dollar winner but was and able to claim his prize after lottery informed him his ticket was too damage to be
8:55 am
accepted. >> too damage. >> they are claiming that this man never tried to turn in his ticket so it will play out in court. >> you knew this would happen. >> with 63 million-dollar. >> that is the largest unclaimed ticket ever. >> all right. so we have some super bowl predictions, we found an orangutan, and carolina pant tours win it all, simply putting him in the cage there but we will see how it goes down. he pick panthers. we have our own. we have a panter, we have a pony and turtle as those are logos on the floor of our studio here. check them out, broncos, panthers and these three animals will walk across our floor and pick the winner.
8:56 am
8:57 am
8:58 am
8:59 am
hey, good day, everybody. it is friday, february the fifth, 2016. karen hepp is here. >> good morning, guys. >> look at you. >> tgif. >> how is everything going this morning. >> two hour delay, so then the nanny is in the the there, my husband is going crazy, and i have to be in seventive rent placees just forget about all that for the next hour. >> yes. >> you are both feeling blue this morning. >> i should have worn red because it is national the heart association day, heart. >> support would go men and heart disease. >> yes. >> number one killer in women in this country as far as diseases, in the breast cancer, not ovarian, heart disease. >> yes. >> we are wearing red today to support. >> so wear red. >> okay, listen to this quit shaping mothers in this country. one mother gets real on facebook about what she feeds her children, why she says, hey, get off my back i can feed my kids anything i want. i'm a's not the sure why we're
9:00 am
showing this. that is weird. people from that show. >> the guys surviving life. >> we are showing that because they will be in our studio. >> they are so nice we showed it twice. >> where you will see them all tonight for free. >> yes. >> remember that one dude was in the hang over. >> yeah. >> he played doug. >> yes. >> so, what is her name. >> karen. >> karen. >> do you know it a as national weather person day. >> yes. >> so that is why we're treating our dave warren. >> hi, dave. >> hi dave. >> that is special to a massage. >> sue. >> look at where they are rubbing next. >> he is rubbing his butt. >> what is going on. >> it is cats meow, or is that dave meowing. he is enjoying it a


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