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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 6A  FOX  February 8, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EST

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taken super bowl 50. >> could this be a super even go to payton manning's super career. highlights from his super bowl win, over the carolina panthers. >> plus, we're following some developing news this morning police are investigating an overnight shooting in chester. and three straight days of snow. i know it will not be much, but snow, there will be. might in the be much at all. what do you call you this monday after a super bowl? we will tell but two systems heading our way, when they will get here probably tonight sometime. will ate affect your evening commute? we will discuss all that. it is kind of a hang over monday, isn't it. >> yes. >> after a super bowl. >> everybody says this should be a a national holiday. >> i agree. >> it is nice and quiet on the roads, so far. >> you think a lot of people took the daze off. >> i think so, yeah. >> they are recovering.
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>> there have been talks about moving to it super bowl saturday. >> i think it makes sense, which means it probably never will. >> let's go with six, almost went to 6.5 but i feel like doing the decimal. breezy, cold this morning, bus stop buddy has the blanket the coat on, the gloves, it is windy out there, so wind chills are in the 20's, this morning. make sure you dress the kid appropriately. new we do have that coastal system that is right off of our coast right now, and then the one you see out to the west will affect us tomorrow, and that is the really huge wild card in this tough to predict snowfall amounts. we will get into that a little bit. you see rain moving into ocean county, and around lbi, and places like that so is there a winter weather advice rid in effect as that could change to light snow with colder temperatures. it is above freezing here, the actual temperature but the wind chillies 30 degrees
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because of those, 13 miles an hour breezes and you can see the evidence there with our flag here in olde city. so plan on mostly cloudy skies throughout the day to take and flower vice late. maybe at the tail end of the evening drive tonight. we will talk about all of the possibilities for tomorrow's snow, coming up in just a few minutes, bob, bob kelly is here right the now so, quiet the on the roadways. >> yes, it has been quiet all morning long. 6:02. hitting the snooze button after the big game last night and penndot crews, were already out early this morning putting down that salt brine solution. i dent think they want to get stuck with maybe a late rush hour or tonight's rush hour so at least least roads are treated for whatever is coming our our way later today. here's i-95. we are seeing the first hint of volume here heading southbound into northeast philadelphia good morning to moorestown, new jersey. church and main street. in problems or delays at all as you work your way out of the neighborhood some ramp closures still in effect on
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i-95. aramingo ramp to head south on i-95 is closed, girard avenue ramp to head north on i-95 is closed and we're starting to see volume here on 202 as well as you work your way up past the bypass into route 401 where they have that new traffic pattern into play, but otherwise, schuylkill expressway looking good, no problems on i-95 yet coming out of the city and remember that falls bridge, still close todd vehicle traffic, everybody push over using city avenue bridge for next couple of months. mike and alex, back to you. it happened after a super bowl party, but what happened overnight is not good. >> police are investigating an overnight shooting in chester and that is where dave kitchen is live. >> reporter: you can see, 30 he lease from chester joined by delaware county d.a.'s office on the scene. this is all -- we have not gotten a lieutenant of information from the cops but family members tell thaws two men were driving in the
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vehicle, when shots rang out. they a say one man is dead and other is hospitalized at crozer-chester medical center. that vehicle this he were in ended up jumping ape curve and ending up on the sidewalk. the family members say they were returning from perhaps a sporting party in philadelphia when this all happened. still a lot of questions right now. police are not talking, investigation ongoing. we spoke with one family member and she's what she had to say. >> i'm loss because i was on the phone with them and i for sure thought that everything would be okay. that is what i was telling them, and my cousin is dead and my brother is shot but i'm not getting any information and it is killing me but i'm trying to stay strong for my little sister. when will the killing stop? >> reporter: that family member saying that they have in the been able to find out fur about how the other victim is doing, in this case. they believe multiple several shots were fired again,
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investigators still piecing this all together. they have not spoken just yet. we will get in touch with them and try to find out more about what transpired here around 2:00 in chester, back to you. >> they could hear gunshots over the phone call. >> 6:05. happening right now a judge is expected to sentence catherine knott for her role in the attack of the gay couple in center city. >> you will remember a jury quick the 25 year-old on several misdemeanor counts including recollect restly endanger another person and conspiracy for simple assault. the authorities say she was part of the party goers who targeted two men walking in the area of 16th and chancellor streets in 204. her co-defendant pled guilty and they received probation. super bowl 50 in the books. >> denver broncos are the kings of the nfl, they are the champions. >> hey chris murphy if you dent like defense you didn't like that game. >> defense, and scoring, third super bowl win for broncos.
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their first since 1999. live on broncos quarterback payton manning. many wand fur this would be his last game. but for those, looking for offense as mike said, forget it. the it wasn't there this one was defensive for both teams. look at this touchdown by the defense. nine total turnovers, both quarterbacks were also sacked for a total of 12 times in the game. in the end zone payton manning was able to just manage the game for broncos. >> you know, verye motional week. emotional night. night is just beginning. i look forward to celebrating with high friend and fallly, and and i think i'll take sometime after that and, like i said, i will enjoy tonight, take it one step at a time. so, talking about the the defense, broncos von miller, was one man wrecking crew on the defense last night. he had two and a half sachs, two forced fumble, one was recovered for a touchdown. no surprise here miller was
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name super bowl 50 mvp. i have a statistic. cam newton and von miller were drafted number one and two in the draft in 2011. while cam went first, von gets the first super bowl ring between the two. >> and von miller is from my hometown. >> yes. >> we have mutual friends. >> he was a monster on the feel, wasn't he. >> wait a minute, time out, you don't have him on the show this morning, alex, can't you pull some strings with that connection. >> make some even if calls he is all the way in california. >> he has phones out there. >> i didn't say he was my friend. >> lansdale pa is all excited this morning because brandon mcmanus. >> mcmanus. >> yes. >> oh, my gosh. >> temple grad he scored as many points as painters last night. >> yes he is only 24. he has a super bowl ring. >> how amazing is that. >> he was scoring during the super bowl. >> was going to medical school and now he decided to go to the nfl he is smart, good looking and super bowl winning
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and new he is a millionaire. he was dragged by a car and chaos to in the end there. >> what police officers experience with the suspect that could have kill him. and later, we all know super bowl is about american just football how about that half time show, we will break it down what did you think of it. 80 percent of my twitter followers hated it. >> really. >> the whole thing. >> the whole thing. >> wow. giving people options based on their budget is pretty edgy...
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kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. whatever.
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a suspect is in custody, charged with dragging a police officer with his car over the weekend. >> this is just before 1:00 a.m., yesterday. nineteenth district officers had a silver 20 on will xfinity pulled over for trying with its lights off near 60th and lancaster. the officer's noticed driver's eyes were glassy and they smell alcohol inside the car. that is when authorities say the driver put the the car in gear, his one officer then sped away, drag ago this officer down the street. bill richard owns a nearby business and watch the initial stop stop. >> they have a really hard job. they don't get enough credit for it. >> thankfully the officer was not injured. police later caught up with the driver near ridge avenue and kelly drive. he tried to get away again but was arrested. 6:11. a double decker bus explode in the fireball. >> witnesses were in a panic until they found out what was really going on.
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>> just an outrage, ridiculous, bob kelly. >> wow. >> good morning. >> 6:12 on this monday. we're in good shape on the roadways, kind of quiet, everybody stayed up late, maybe hitting the snooze button after the super bowl no problems on the the blue route and say good morning to wilmington delaware. no problems, as you wake up this morning. we will check rest of the the road, buses, trains, trolley, sue has forecast when we come right back. flonase allergy relief nasal spray.
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there is also a coastal flood watch. we're not expecting coastal flooding as bad as we had during the blizzard but you with northeasterly wind today and tomorrow we could get some tidal flooding, in times of high tides. then tomorrow, actually late tonight into tomorrow, we have a winter storm watch, accumulation of snow, how much is the giant question, today. here's storm number one. today's storm. as we zoom in we will see the western edge of it starting to sneak into ocean county and maybe a few rain drops in atlantic city with temperatures just above freezing that could be happening. this storm system will transfer its energy to the coast and also become a coastal storm by late tonight, into tomorrow. as it starts to get organized. now this is one of our computer model, north american model showing us all all on
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and off snow, to the south of us a possibility of mixed precipitation with rain, and maybe in southern delaware, southern new jersey, mixed in with some maybe freezing rain but it is on and off throughout the day through wednesday. here's what we are dealing with these computer models. through at the disparity between how much snow we will get, through wednesday, and wednesday at noon. north american model, 7 inches, global model, 5 inches, european model, only a inch. so somewhere the truth lies in between. the this is what we're going with for now. three to 5 inches of snow possible in the metro area. this is over more than a 24 hour period, less to the south and maybe a coating to an inch in the south there but it depend on track of the storm and temperature. 13 miles an hour wind out of the northeast right now as you walk out the door and higher win gusts to the south of us 256789 miles an hour wind gusts off the coast of atlantic city which gives us wind chills in the 20's and barely into 30-degree
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territory. so all of our wind chills are below freezing this morning. that you need to necessity to get dressed this morning. 40 degrees should be our high today, and that is on and off snow tomorrow and then it end by, early in the morning we think on wednesday, with sunshine in the afternoon, and then the weather head line is the cold, it will be a blustery blast on thursday, and with cold tell to tour, that will barely get above freezing on thursday, and even colder friday, saturday and sunday with high temperatures in the 20's by then. lots going on. in that seven day forecast, bob kelly, what about now. >> it the is starting to see traffic popping here, already an accident southbound lanes of 202, we're in the king of prussia area right here near the schuylkill expressway. everyone leaving king of prussia mall traffic right the there at gulf road and heading south, you'll deal with this off to the shoulder there. good morning, to delco a live look at i-95, so far so good. is there a little accident right the here. do you sees that we have police on what would be the left shoulder there as you
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head northbound, heading up toward philadelphia international. good morning to the airport circle, admiral wilson boulevard over here in pennsauken new jersey. folks waking up, so far light volume this morning. ramp close another still in effect here aramingo avenue on ramp to head south on i-95 is block. girard avenue ramp to head north on i-95 is block. otherwise, i-95 out of the north east heading in the city so far so good and we're in good shape from the suburbs. no problems on the the blue route, 422, or to the pennsylvania turnpike. mike and alex back to you. victims are still pulled from the ruble two days after that massive earthquake, in taiwan. >> rescue crews pulling a woman to save to this morning after finding her husband's body, more than 30 people, died after that building collapsed because of the quake. and nearly 500 were injured. at least 100 are still trapped inside. >> trapped under his body. well, u.s. secretary of state john kerry says north
6:19 am
korea's rocket launch has threatened international peace and security. north korean media outlets says it has successfully put a satellite into orbit. is that what was on top of that rocket. many believe the launch is a cover for a ballistics missiles test that could set a nuclear war head into the sky. we shall see, 6:19. what looks and sounded like a scary scene on a london bridge but feared over the weekend a double decker bus exploded. >> what is ridiculous they didn't warn the citizens that it was going to happen. they are shooting a movie. some people thought it was a terrorist attack. the witness essay children in a nearby park started screaming and freaking out. it turns out it was a stunt for a new action movie starring jackie chan and pierce brassnan. local fire brigade posting
6:20 am
this video. many residents asked film cruz to let the neighborhood noah head of time next time. >> you cannot blame fem for thinking. that imagine if you are seeing that good do you remember in july of 2005, of course, a couple of those double decker buses were blown up by terrorist in the same city. bad idea. lauren dawn johnson here. >> good morning, mike. super bowl sunday marks the end of the football season, the political sport which is the race for the white house is really intensifying. in new hampshire a younger generation showing their support for a senior citizen, democrat, socialist, from vermont. senator bernie sanders retains a double digit lead over hillary clinton. in a state poll released yesterday but hillary clinton started to narrow his need. clinton went to church in flint, michigan. she's condemning the state's response to the tainted public water supply. on the republican side, donald trump is leading his nearest new hampshire competitors by several digits. some are saying after his over
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confidence in iowa team trump is pounding the digital pavement trying to get out the vote on line. the as a result from tuesday's primary come in, stay with fox 29, we will bring you updates live as they happen at 10:00 o'clock. that is your national headlines. >> very interesting, tomorrow night. >> yes. well, gloria stein is getting slammed for making some sexist comments. >> she's suggesting women only support bernie sanders because they want to chase boys. >> that is why they support him because they want to chase the young boys. >> she made the remarks on a hbo's real time with bill maher. she said that women always support the the sanders campaign, to gain the attention of young men. stein also says as woman get older they get more radical because they lose power as they age. she happens to be, 81. 6:21. carolina panthers star and
6:22 am
mvp, cam newton. >> yes. >> he is the mvp of the league. >> there we go. >> but not last night's game. >> he is not taking last night's loss very well. what he did have after the game that has a lot of people calling him a sore loser.
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hi dad uh huh, okay yeah..sorry about that. what do you think? hi ted, glad you could join us, we think you're going to like these numbers. ♪ bring me a higher love ♪ i could rise above
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good morning i'm sean bell. super bowl looked more like thursday night football, sloppy play by both teams but at end living legend walks off in the sunset. first quarter, von miller, comes around the corner and he gets a sack, fumble. that goes in the end zone. broncos get a touchdown. they go up ten to nothing. just before the fourth quarter, 16-ten, broncos von miller at it again with the strip. he had two and a half sacks, those two forced fumbles, the broncos, score a touchdown, right after that, cj anderson punches it in and von miller is your super bowl mvp. broncos win 24-ten. payton manning riding off in the sunset. flyers tied at two in the third period, terrible defense. look at this, all the way up the middle against the capitols. flyers lose their second straight, three-two. that is sports in a minute.
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i'm sean bell. >> man, that loss for flyers saturday was crushing. eighteen seconds to go in the game and rangers tied it up, of all of the teams darn rangers, do you know who is feeling crushed this morning. >> cam newton. >> he did not the take last night's loss very well. did you see post game a lot of people went to bed. i bet you haven't seen this yet. most of the top players to have give a press conference win are lose. he had to do it. >> yes. >> well, they asked him if the broncos did anything different. >> i don't know what you want me to say. they made more plays then us. that is where it comes down to. we had our opportunities. it wasn't nothing special that we did. we dropped balls. we turn the ball over. gave up stats. we through bad passes. that is it, there is no more questions. >> and then he got within more question, and that is about
6:27 am
two minutes and 50 seconds. i'm done. what do you want me to say, i'm out. >> he is taking heat from commend taiters, former players last night after this. you cannot do that. if you are all excited when you you win, you have to take it when you lose too. >> you have to feel for him. there is so much pressure on him. all this hype leading up to this. >> it was self imposed help. >> i think so. >> he will come out and apologize saying i was caught up in the moment and i was just devastated. he was being careful, he did mention, could someone catch one of the balls i'm throwing it to, please. could somebody block these guys from attacking me. >> the defense from the broncos was on fire. >> yes. >> unreal. >> i just can't imagine. >> he is banged up this morning. >> 6:27. scare in the local community, kid playing, fall through the ice. stranded in the middle of an ice pond: the heaves and death decision that one made that probably saved everybody.
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denver broncos have have taken super bowl 50. >> could this be a super ending, to payton manning's super career. highlights from his super bowl win over the carolina panthers. >> plus we are following developing news, maybe involving the super bowl, after a super bowl party, dave kinchen is live in chester where police are investigating
6:31 am
a really, bad overnight shooting. the lassus peck charged in the brutal beating of the gay couple, faces a judge today. her fate new in the mercy of the court. good day, it is machine after super bowl sunday. i know you are tired. february 8th. 2016. >> how are you feeling this morning? here's the good news. i know this is a huge way to look at it. we are all waking up undefeated now. eagles every undefeated. >> they really are. >> now the other good news, snow is coming tonight. >> oh, yeah. >> yeah. >> and there are varying opinions according to the computer models about how much we will get. we will talk about that next time. we will talk about breezy and cold, bus stop buddy very bundled up because wind chills are in the 20's as we start the day with cloudy skies. we will give you six out of ten, cold, cloud throughout the day and then by the even of the day some of this storm may be here. this is the storm that is here, right now. with a little bit of rain, and now it is moving into colder
6:32 am
temperatures, in atlantic county and maybe even atlantic city a tiny bit buzz more ocean county event and that is why we have this winter weather advisory in effect for ocean county for this morning. and so we will look at 38 degrees. it feels like 30 thanks to that wind sustained at 13 miles an hour. sunrise at 7:03. sunset, later, staying light longer. may not be so nice. we will have some snow maybe for more than a 24 hour period, starting late tonight, and we will break it all down for you coming up in just a few, right now bob kill i says, that maybe thanks to the super bowl lighter traffic out there. >> yes, light volume so far this morning. we will see a later then normal morning rush hour, and a accident though westbound, on the schuylkill expressway, between belmont and conshohocken, right here near waiverly road and then we have had an accident in king of prussia a. they quickly pulled it away. this is a live look at 202
6:33 am
near ramps for schuylkill expressway. penndot put down that salt brine solution getting ready for later on tonight into tomorrow. they don't want to have the trucks get stuck during rush hour late are on today. they threw that brine down early. this is north bound i-95 coming up from the delaware state line right here near chichester, three or four vehicles all off on what would be grass here heading north bound heading up toward the airport. coming out of the north east we have normal delays southbound, we have ramp closures on aramingo and girard. bridges are fine. the mass transit has no delays. mike and alex, back over to you. we have a suv up on the sidewalk. bullets every where. this is in chester. >> this is keystone road. dave kinchen is live with the details, dave. >> reporter: still a very active scene on the 1200 block of keystone road. let the me show you what is going on here. police investigating a shooting that involved a vehicle that jump the curve
6:34 am
we're told, delaware county d.a.'s office is on the scene here now. police have not said much, as of yet, but family members, emotional family members, tell me that two men were driving in that vehicle that jump the curve when shots suddenly rang out. they say one man is dead and the other, a 23 year-old is hospitalized at crozer-chester medical center. family members say that the the men were returning from some sort of an event in philadelphia, when the shots happened, and we spoke with the mother of the man who was shot and he is still in the hospital. >> i just hope and pray he is okay. i feel sorry for my son's aunt, she lost her son and i'm just praying for her. >> reporter: family believes numerous shots were fired. there are several evidence markers here on the scene as well. the district attorney's office here for delaware county, they are investigating. typically when that happens, local police don't say
6:35 am
anything, until the delaware county d.a. gets the final word if all of this we are looking to find out more information, we will bring that to you as soon as we get it. back to you. 6:35. happening today a woman quick in the attack of the gay couple in center city learns her punishment. >> it is a case that has garnered national attention, steve keeley is on the the this story now and it will happen this morning, hi, steve. >> reporter: she's back just a few blocks from where this happened in september of 2014. it was the public you'll he recall so outraged at the start of this case that helped police both identify and then track down the defendants matching group pictures on the facebook with the surveillance video showing investigators still pictures that ended up matching the outfit they saw on surveillance that even identified the restaurant the group had just left by very distinctive decorations inside aiding police who went into find out who had been there and who paid the bills. that is how they track down the three people who were charged. all charged with attacking two men on the sidewalk, and two
6:36 am
men of the three, pled guilty. catherine knott though went to trial. she got acquitted on the most serious charge but found guilty of the the less charge. some jurors who talked to her wanted her punished by doing sometime. >> she wanted to beast come a better character to me if she would have been like you you know what, i messed up, i said those things, it was stupid but i felt like she had a air of inn vince built. >> it is so bad that she saw nothing wrong with that she did. she didn't appear apologetic. it was like in big deal. it was a big deal. it was a big deal for everybody. i'm so offended by everything about her. >> this young woman is not homophobic. we all say things at times we wish we could take back that they don't come the from the heart. >> i think she needs a couple years to think about her behavior, to be honest with you. >> reporter: should she go to jail. >> i think so. >> reporter: despite jurors who said she should go to jail
6:37 am
most who make their living at the criminal justice center say for two reasons, one her two male co-defendants who took guilty pleas got the just probation and 200 hours of community service at lgbt center and because knott was found not guilty of aggravated assault though criminal defense lawyers we have been speaking to say while jail is in the guidelines and possible, it is not probable. mike and alex. >> not probable. >> we will find out. defense was the name of the game last night in the super bowl 50, that is for sure. >> the denver broncos, they are now the champions and they beat the carolina panthers. >> yeah, von miller, and the denver defense, harassed cam newton, all game long. they knock him down hard. cam was sacked, many times, and look at that, yes. >> four times in the first half will. >> that was the force one right there. demarcus wear had two of the seven, seven, equaling most by one team in the super bowl. at the end of the night broncos made enough big plays
6:38 am
for a 2410 victory. it was payton manning's 200 career win. he did in the play well at all. and perhaps his last game, is he go to go retire? he will put that off a while, that decision. he will drink budweiser instead. >> kiss his wife, kiss his children and hug his dad and his brother welshing not his brother. >> we will show you video of that later people were talking about cam newton's reaction to the loss, and, also his reaction during the last broncos touchdown. >> yes. >> he had fell to the ground. >> he was frustrated. >> wow. >> fell to the ground. >> he was upset. >> he knew it was over. nfl tweeted newton's reaction calling it an emotional one after the panthers historic season came to a disappointing end in one moment. it was such a great year. >> a lot of people thought they were going to win that game last night the but denver's defense too tough. everyone, i hear them, we will talk about payton
6:39 am
manning's brother right now. >> this is toward the end on have the game when everybody around the world realized that payton manning was going to get his second super bowl ring tying his brother. so, when we realized that the broncos were going to win the game, camera guys, the director took a shot of the suite where his dad was, all of his family members, including his brother eli. >> you know, okay, we see them all celebrate. >> look everybody is happy, and cheering. >> look at eli's face. >> he was like oh, geese, that thanksgiving din are, i can't top my brother. we both have two super bowl rings. >> look at the other family members who are happy. >> i think there is another one too. >> yes. >> speaking of lower third we have to explain everything. >> i hate it. lets look at this story,
6:40 am
students heading back to school today after someone wrote a racial slur and hate symbol on the car in snow, over the weekend, temple police investigating how a group of men may be connect to writing the n word and drawing a swastika on the hood of that car. the car was found on campus, and they want to you get a very good look at these pictures. tweet it out by police. the men are being called persons of interest, right now. the university released a statement saying that they are actively investigating exactly what happened. and terrifying moments for three teenagers in bucks county when they break through the ice on a frozen upon. luckily neighbors heard their screams and rushed to rescue them. the boys ignored posted warning signs and ventured on to the ice in chalfont yesterday afternoon. the ice gave way and then they plunged right there to the frigid waters about 40 feet from the shore. the one of the teens managed to climb out on his own, a good samaritan, then reached the other two struggling in the water and try tried pulling them to safety. >> i went in the water and tried to get them and trying
6:41 am
to break the ice. it got too much. it gets deep. plus all of the mud and everything. we got one kid out with just using a giant branch. my hand started bleeding. >> point pleasant dive team a to assist with the rescue. boys were treated for hypotheria and were not seriously injured. >> mike and alex. >> close call. >> i know. >> he just tweeted, so he won't be find. bye lauren. >> bye. >> marshawn lynch of the seahawks posted a sign that it may look like he will end his career. he didn't use any word at all just emojis. is he out. his teammate responded immediately they don't want him gone. super bowl is about more than just football we will break down the half time show. now, i feel like we will have a debate this morning. because on my time lime last night, everyone was loving it. but mike said 80 percent of
6:42 am
his time line didn't like this at all. we will bring your thoughts about the half time show, let me know your thoughts fox >> i was shocked. >> i was too. winter is hard on your nose.
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i don't know, does he mean it from beast mode to retirement mode, seattle seahawks marshawn lynch a announced his plans to retire at least we think he to. >> people are suspect ago this. >> he spent ten seasons as running back for the team. the players become famous for not saying anything. this tweet had him written all over it, no word just ducis emoji with the photo of his cleats hanging up. >> saying i'm hanging them up. >> yes. i'm out. >> so while the tweet was a bit vague an official seahawks twitter account confirmed that the running back is retiring. the seahawks, retweeted the lynch's image, with the hashtag, thank you beast mode. i guess it is over.
6:46 am
>> it is official. >> ten years of pounding, even though he is young, that is a a lot. the most running backs played two and a half to three years. >> it is interesting, i read about him over the weekend, he hasn't spent a penny of his 50 million-dollar over his time playing in the nfl. he says how can do you that. endorsements, he lives off his endorsements and other business ventures but bulk of his money, he is saving it. >> he doesn't eat much, he just eats skit also. >> and how about that, yes. >> yes. >> steven tyler. >> yes. >> it was crazy and funny at the same time. >> yes. >> there were. >> there were. >> okay. everybody ready? >> here's a look at the this morning's issue, winter weather in effect for ocean county and then late tonight, tomorrow afternoon a coastal flood watch. we have another storm coming with northeasterly wind which means times of high tides and
6:47 am
tidal flooding. that second storm has caused us to have, a winter storm watch, starting late night and that could linger in to wednesday morning. storm number one is here. storm number two-way out here. let's talk about number one first. this one is, let's just say kissing the coast here with a little egg harbor, toms river about to get a little bit on have rain, so maybe a little frozen precipitation, even atlantic city a few rain drops there. just be careful. it is on the edge what type of precipitation we will get. the energy being transferred, to storm number two to the coast. the once it becomes a coastal storm, this is where it the gets difficult to predict because the track, timing and temperature when this all happens will influence how much snow we will get. there will be some snow, according to this computer model, also some freezing rain, and also some actual rain depending on where you live. this is lasting throughout the
6:48 am
entire day, tomorrow, into early on wednesday morning. so, we think maybe as much as 5 inches of snow, maybe more out of this, depending on the track of that storm. so more details on that coming up. 40 degrees today. thirty-six tomorrow. this temperature above freezing will influence type of precipitation, potentially, and again, this could linger into wednesday morning. see a blustery blast of cold air on thursday, sticks around throughout the weekend and we will get reenforcement on friday. so, we will barely reach freezing on thursday and high temperatures well below freezing, friday, sat the daze and sunday. the lots going on in that seven day forecast. and, then maybe now, with traffic, as well, bob kelly. >> we're starting to see some volume pop here. i think everybody is up and out. the kid getting ready for school even those their parents would love to sleep in after a late night of super bowl action. the kids are up, and ready to go. live look at 422, starting to sees some volume, out of the royersford, through collegeville, and heading in to kop.
6:49 am
jammo here on southbound i-95. we still have ramp closures of the aramingo avenue ramp to go south is still blocked. girard avenue ramp to go north on i-95 is still block as well. good morning to delaware, route 141, starting to wake up. now all of the dot's or most of them, i know penndot the put down some of that salt brine solution last night so their trucks don't get stuck in the evening's rush hour and they are ready for that second storm that sue just mentioned coming our way later tonight into tomorrow. we have had an accident on the westbound schuylkill expressway. we're heavier from belmont avenue to approaching conshohocken. an accident cleared, all lanes are opened, pretty much damage is done. we're still dealing with this crash right here. this is i-95 northbound at chichester, as you work your way up toward philly international. no problems, just yet on 202, or the the pennsylvania turnpike. we're looking gup and down that northeast extension. mike and alex, back over to
6:50 am
you. ♪ the. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> lovely flowers. >> yes. >> it was kind of a triple threat last night. it started with cold play as you know, then out came bruno mars, and then, beyonce. no, it it was, yeah, bruno, beyonce, and oh, yeah. >> so, it started off with a snip it of yellow and then le vida and paradise was in there. he was accompanied by a group of kid who were playing, instruments there, and yes, did he paradise for launching a adventure of a lifetime. >> ♪
6:51 am
>> ♪ >> i like the angle, i like the outfit and new dance steps. >> yes. >> he announced on twitter we were going to do some new moves but let's do hammer time. >> in honor of the bay area's mc hammer. >> of course. >> that is right. >> and black eye peas i guess you know i love uptown funk. >> and then comes the queen. >> there she is. >> ♪ you know it is better if you could hear her. the sound for all three acts was pretty bad, pretty bad. >> the at least on my tv. >> and then she released a new song formation, right. >> she did it the day before. first time performing it. and look, they danced together, performed together, did a little dance, so cute. >> singing each other songs. >> and all three of them
6:52 am
together. >> that is a a great camera angle. >> i love they were singing in the camera all in your face. >> and then what did she do after? >> and then, when we go to commercial, still recovering, sitting on the couch, and then she flashes and announced a world tour, formation world tour, and it is coming to philadelphia, mike. >> early june. >> june 5th at lincoln financial fifth and then she announced presale starts tomorrow. that is a big part where she almost went down. she doesn't almost fall. >> as you know, her butt almost hit the stage. she made it work. still on cue. we have roots picnic on the fourth and beyonce on the fifth. >> that is a huge weekend. >> but i am telling mike this, all of the guys are probably mad because presale, happens before valentines day. you you know she will want those beyonce tickets. you know it. >> buy some tickets for hundreds of dollars now for
6:53 am
valentines day. >> it is beyonce. >> i know. >> if you blinked you may have missed the moment beyonce stumbled there but we will show it to you during half time. okay, let's eat. >> you have to wait they because if you are planning an early lunch around lunchtime in general, chipotle won't be opened. we will tell you why they are opening up late.
6:54 am
6:55 am
today is black history spotlight, february 8th, 1944. harry mcalpin made history when he broke the press core color lane becoming first african-american journalist admitted to a white house
6:56 am
press conference. >> former navy war correspondent received his requested credential toss attend press conference with president franklin roosevelt. there are reports that he approached the president, at the end of the press conference, shook his hand, even though he was admitted mcalpin and other black journalist still faced racism by press committee that is controlled credentials for congress, and the white house. but that was quite a break through. okay. we have two systems, at least two heading our way. i'm talking about the weather. when you can expect to see the first flakes this afternoon.
6:57 am
6:58 am
♪ i've been a turkey farmer my whole life... and i raise turkey for shady brook farms®. we don't use growth-promoting antibiotics, that's just the way things should be done. that's important to me. my name is glenn, and i'm an independent turkey farmer. (female announcer) shady brook farms®. no growth-promoting antibiotics, just honest, simple turkey.
6:59 am
what happened a suv end up on the sidewalk. up investigation is going on right now. it is a super celebration, 50 years in the making from the national anthem to the final play. >> the denver broncos have taken super bowl 50. >> to that, half time show. >> ♪ and a middle school student sucker punched, the warning from his mother to other parents and why her son says he is not totally innocent. and a late, late start.
7:00 am
why every chipotle in the country, will not be opening up on time today. straight up 7:00 o'clock. i know you are hung over, not from the alcohol or food but it could be but we were all up late watching the super bowl. what a start to the super bowl last night. lady gaga, wow, nice job. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ the >> it built to a big finish. and almost instantly people went back 20 years ago saying that was really good. but, did it top, you know, we always have to top each other. >> will you go there. >> whitney. >> whitney. >> whitney houston, 20


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