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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 7A  FOX  February 8, 2016 7:00am-9:01am EST

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why every chipotle in the country, will not be opening up on time today. straight up 7:00 o'clock. i know you are hung over, not from the alcohol or food but it could be but we were all up late watching the super bowl. what a start to the super bowl last night. lady gaga, wow, nice job. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ the >> it built to a big finish. and almost instantly people went back 20 years ago saying that was really good. but, did it top, you know, we always have to top each other. >> will you go there. >> whitney. >> whitney. >> whitney houston, 20 years
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ago. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> so we will have the ending of both songs because this still wins again if you need to have a winner. >> it is hard to hear. >> they were both hard to hear. >> i would listen in the car, trying to make it home to see gaga, just to get fired up, i googled whitney houston, listened on my way. >> she was fantastic. >> we will play her rendition in a little bit. >> all right. >> meanwhile, let's think of a number for the day. well, we thought of six. >> six. >> there will be clouds today. by the the end of the day some of us will be seeing some snow, breezy, cold this
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morning, it stays dry but cloudy, wind chills are in the 20's. so just like buddy make sure you are bundled up, wear your gloves today, and we do have this storm that is with us, kissing the coast right the new and then storm number two out to the west, which will be a coastal storm, i'll have details on that, but for now we have rain, and some snow flakes, in ocean county, conveniently under the winter weather advisory for this morning. we will watch that situation. in the meantime it is dry in olde city, 38 degrees. the it is cold, feels like 31 with sunrise happening right now at 7:03. sunset is 5:28. we are off to a chilly start, cloud during the day, snow flurries by end of the night and that is your planner for monday. we will break that storm down and best estimate of snow fall for tomorrow, coming up, bob kelly, what do you got. 7:02. getting up a and out it could be worse like this fellow here kissing the guardrail. this is a live look at
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woodhaven road, westbound, right here near knights road. he we just got the tow truck here blocking all of the lanes temporarily so they can pull him out of there we have had light volume so far, this morning, but northeast philadelphia, a rough start there. i-95 southbound, jammed up, from cottman avenue, down through the betsy ross bridge. we still have that aramingo avenue and girard avenue ramps with the construction, and still closed, and the schuylkill expressway, running slow, and eastbound, in towards conshohocken. delaware waking up a along 141 and westbound side of the schuylkill extra heavy from the boulevard out toward belmont. penndot putting out that salt brine solution, you may see those four lines that looks like a fork in the roadway. that is so trucks don't get stuck in the evening rush her before that storm that sue mentioned is coming our way late are on tonight. the mass transit is looking g mike and alex, back to youy saw a tow truck driver, running there. yeah. >> tough one. >> you don't see that very
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often. so a super bowl party, you are heading home. it end up in a hail hail of bullets in a suv up in the sidewalk. it happened in chester overnight. >> it happened on keystone road and still developing right now. dave kinchen is live at the scene, dave. >> reporter: will will alex and mike, we can confirm that police are saying this was a police involved shooting as details continue to come in here from the 1200 block of keystone road, where police say they are investigating this case, that involved a vehicle, jumping a curb there. it is delaware county's d.a.'s office is on the the scene and they typically come out when a shooting is police involved. i spoke with emotional family members and they tell me that two men were driving in that suv when shots rang out from the highway. they say one man is dead and another is hospitalized at crozer-chester medical center, and that is where they tell us, that they will release more information from police. the family says that the men were returning, from, a trip to philadelphia when shots rang out. we spoke to a family member hoist still trying to find out
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more information about a relative who is hospitalized. >> i'm lost. because i was on the phone with them, and i for sure thought that everything was going to be okay. that is what i was telling them. then my cousin is dead and my brother is shot. but i'm not getting any information, it is killing me but i got to stay strong for my little sister. i'm trying to stay strong. it is a mess. when does the killing stop. >> reporter: one of the victims about 23 years old. we do not know the condition of the person in the hospital right now, of course, the family, as you heard there, they are trying to get information as well, on that relative's condition right now. again, two men shot in the police involved shooting, one did die, according to family members, and we're expecting a full statement later today from investigators who are still on the scene, combing through, numerous shell casings and evidence here on the 1200 block of keystone street. back to you guys. >> so sad. 7:05. well, we see the denver broncos who are your super
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bowl 50 champions. >> denver's defense proved too much for cam newton and the panthers, that is for sure. first touchdown of the game came off of defense. this play von miller sacks cam newton. the ball comes out. this is pregame festivities, of course. the ball comes out, and it is a touchdown. so that means, the broncos are up ten to nothing. and then, let's head to the fourth quarter, and it is von miller, again, stripping the ball from cam newton. denver would score a touchdown a few plays later and then go up 24-ten. that would be your final. no surprise, von miller was named super bowl 50's most valuable player. >> he was on fire. he was every where. he could not be stopped. >> um-hmm. >> unreal. >> in ten minutes we will be
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joined by matt lombardi from the fanatic, and former eagle, vince birth kay boy papale. >> it is his birthday. >> it was over the weekend. >> let's just celebrate to it day. >> i got a cake for him. >> did you really. >> no. >> 7:07. happening today a woman will learn her fate for her role in the attack of a gay couple in center city. >> in just a few hours, catherine knott will stand before the judge. steve is on this case over at the criminal justice center, steve. >> reporter: well, mike when you get sentenced here is there always written law which is guidelines for judges to follow, and then, of course, they can follow it or they can go beyond it. but sentencing guidelines call for possibility of jail in this case. however when your two defendants get probation and just community service and when you are quick of the lesser charges but found not built i of the most serious aggravated assault, that possibility of jail and guidelines defense lawyers say may be just, only in the guidelines, and not really in real life.
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not a real chance of probability here. so, after hearing some of the jurors though, talk to reporters after their verdict, catherine knott should be relieved it is the judge and not the jury sentencing her today. >> should she go to jail. >> i think so. >> this young woman is not homophobic. we all say things at time that we wish we could take back, that they don't come from the heart. >> does she want to become a better character to me? she should have been i messed up, i said those things, it was stupid, but i felt like she had a air of invincibleness. >> it is so bad that she saw nothing wrong with what she did. she didn't appear apologetic. it was like it was no big deal. the it was a big deal. it was a big deal for everybody. i'm so offended about everything about her. >> i think she needs a couple years to think about her behavior, honestly. >> reporter: more likely than a jail term, mike and alex, strong probability that she will get some of the sentence
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that her two co-defendants got and that is 200 hours of community services, at a lesbian, gay, by sexual and transgender center. i don't know if they are finished that part of the sentence and maybe that is the injury agreed should do sometime. >> i guess. all right, steve. lets get more, with lauren and top stories. >> temple university police are investigating how a group of men are connected with writing a a racial slur and drawing a swastika on the hood of the car in snow. car was found in campus over the weekend. they want to you look at these pictures tweeted out by police. the men are only considered persons of interests and they would like to talk to those men and see if they know anything about what happened. black men succeed and thrive on main stream college campuses while fighting racial stereotypes according to a new study from the university of pennsylvania. black male students gain confidence by taking on campus leadership rolls to help change perceptions among their white peers and faculty.
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the survey followed more than 140 students at 30 predominantly white colleges. the study found every day racial life to be a factor in the graduation rates of those black men. a suspect is in custody this morning charged with dragging a police officer with his own car. early sunday morning 19th district officers had a silver 2008 infinity pulled over for driving with its lights off near 60th and lancaster. the officer noticed the driver's eyes were glaze, the car smelled like alcohol, that is when the authorities say the driver put the car in gear, hit one of the officers and sped away dragging an officer down the street. >> they have a hard job. they don't get enough credit for it. >> the officer was not injured. police caught up with the driver near ridge avenue and kelly drive. he tried to get away again but, of course, he was arrested he was arrested. >> yes. >> 7:10. presidential candidates are making a last minute effort to sway new hampshire voters just one day before the state's primary tomorrow. so let's get to doug luzader
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live from washington d.c. doug, clinton is bringing out the big guns. she brought out bill. >> reporter: yes, she did. you nose, here's the thing that makes new hampshire so complicated right now, number of undecided voters there is simply huge. if you are a front runner heading in to this that gives you heartburn because you don't know which direction these folks will go. if you are someone who is polling much lower it is reason for hope. things could turnaround at the last minute. >> this is retail politics in new hampshire. door to door. >> we're volunteers with donald trump's campaign also the case of donald trump volunteers in the granite state trying to succeed where their way counterparts came up short, getting out the vote for their candidate hoist the clear, front runner here. >> a lot of these politicians, they say, it is not important who you vote for but you have to go through the process. i feel differently. if you are not going to vote for me, do not vote, okay.
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>> it comes after saturday's debate may have scrambled the g.o.p. field. >> this notion of barack obama doesn't -- >> they is, memorized 52nd. >> that exchange left marco rubio reeling. >> if you don't think there is a pile up for second place in new hampshire look at this recent pole, kassig, rubio, bush, cruz all within two points of one another. two democrats, meantime actually left new hampshire over the weekend. >> democratic socialist many. >> reporter: bernie sand's period on nbc saturday night live while hillary clinton traveled to flint michigan to address the water crisis after she called out her rival's foreign policy credentials. >> there really isn't any kind of a foreign policy network that is supporting and advising senator sanders. >> if you go back to 2008, this is exactly what the clinton people were doing to
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senator barack obama. they were attacking him. he didn't have the experience, et cetera, et cetera. >> reporter: this is a cliche but this is a turnout game, getting your supporters to show up at the polls. that is why we keep a close eye on the weather, we're heading to new hampshire later today. i'm packing my snow boots because yes, it is supposed to snow today but that snow is expected to stop, in time for tomorrow. so it probably won't keep too many people from the polls. >> we are seeing a trend here. in iowa you had to prepare for snow and new hampshire they are doing the same thing. >> that is right, but hopefully we will get rest snow in new hampshire then we had in iowa because getting home from iowa was no small task. >> we hepp for. that we will see you in new hampshire. 7:13. as a result of tomorrow's primary results coming in, stay with fox 29. we will bring you updates as they happen live on fox 29 news at ten. so speaking of politics, did you catch the republican presidential debate on saturday night? of course, you didn't, it was
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a saturday night. so you have to see how this thing started. it was the final one before, tomorrow's primary, and a lot of people are still talking about the entrance to the debate. everybody got piled up, in the hallway. >> so chris christie, first, he came out, look at him. >> he is person's name. >> he was fine. >> and then ben carson's turn. >> it appears that he didn't hear his name called, he is supposed to walk right up to the podium, he stand there waiting to hear his name. the his name has been mentioned. stage manager is flailing his arms. now he doesn't know what to do. >> ted cruise, his name being called out. they called out my name yet. just waiting in the hall. >> he is saying no, i'm not moving. >> trump doesn't know what to do. he is next. do i go out, because doctor carson is still there. >> and then rubio. >> he just blows right by him. jeb bush doesn't know what to
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do. >> should i go backstage. >> what is going on. >> former florida governor jeb bush. >> there is jeb. >> he hears his name. >> i'm moving on. >> and then i think he is afraid to even come out now. do you see his head back there. >> moderator don't know had to do. they have lost a all control. this is on abc. two dude aren't even out here just yet. carson finally goes out, and then trump. kassig's head still in the back. >> yes. >> governor of ohio didn't know what to do. >> beautiful camera angle, you know, with the title behind them and walking out. >> well, it was a big night. >> got to love it. >> by the way, he is still in the hall. >> yeah. >> monday morning he is still standing there. >> 7:15. here's sue.
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>> saturday night live had so much fun with that because it had just happened and they were live. anyway, we have a lot the storm number one, that has gotten, on shore a little bit and as predict, there is a little bit of snow now, in ocean county, and a tiny bit in atlantic county as well. so this is, the tough part of coastal storms, figuring out how far in ward they will get. it is expect to move further inner to new hampshire later today. we will goat right for our snowfall totals for tomorrow's storm this could change, lot, but here's the best we got right now. three to 5 inches for the philadelphia area less as you go further south, and then, at about the same when you move north and west, all depend on the storm that hasn't even formed just yet. wind chill of 31 degrees in philadelphia many wind chills in the 20's, reminder to make sure that you dress, warmly today, because it is very breezy, cold this morning. we're only getting to 40 degrees. thirty-six tomorrow, on and off snow throughout the entire day and tonight, and starting
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late tonight, into tomorrow night and even into wednesday morning. so it is a long duration of this snowstorm, but it is not going to be as much snow as we got during that blizzard a couple of weeks ago. the and then a blast of cold air lasting all the way through the weekend. bob kelly. >> hey, sue, good morning. 7:17 on this monday, everybody getting a late start after getting up late for the big game last night. and then heading out of town, back up from approaching the boulevard, all the way out to belmont avenue, coming in on the 42 freeway, no problems, but again, we're starting to see some delays. you can see the difference in the road, surface is here, a lot of the dot's put down that salt brine solution last night, and so that they didn't get stuck in the rush hour. and then, check this out, one of the patco high speed line trains, pullness to eighth and market, they forget the to open up the doors. >> well, you know. >> and then everybody just keeps on going. a lot of confusion on patco
7:18 am
this morning. whoever is in charge of opening up the door, give them a big knock. >> who needs them doors. >> we don't need those doors. >> final score is now 24-ten denver broncos win it again, payton manning has two super bowl rings. the it was just defense. look at this first touchdown by the broncos work seven sacks by that vaunted defense of the denver broncos. so, i brought the in the panel. i want to do this like they do on all of the football shows on sunday morning. for some reasons guys in suits standing around with one guy holding a ball. i don't know where that got started. >> they actually played. >> yes. >> yes. >> we have matt lombardi and vince papale. happy birth the day. >> thank you very much. >> thank you. >> so that was kind the of the saying for the whole play, why don't we show that again, cam newton getting pressure. he had pressure all day long.
7:19 am
fumbles, touchdown. >> yes. >> it shows that defense actually wins game in the nfl. it is in the about scoring, 30, 31 points. it is playing good defense and stopping the other team. the it is why i feel like the league this year was kind of mediocre across the board. we have all these teams trying to out score everybody but broncos did the traditional way, stop the other team. >> that is why they won. >> it all comes down to in the nfl can you you play great quarterback level play and can you stop the other quarterback. two and a half sacks, forced fumble at the even. turf look at cam newton. on than that fumble at the end when the ball gets ripped out of his hand by von miller. he takes a step, looks a at the ball and says, open, that me, and that will haunt him for the rest of his off season. right there. >> guys in the control room if you can find that one. >> he is taking heat. >> is a a quarterback trained to go after the fumble. >> it is a super bowl.
7:20 am
>> go for it. >> you would expect it. tough guy, not afraid to dot flip in the end zone. >> you would expect him to go for the ball he is not pay tongue man or tom braid. you see the ball on the ground. your season is on the ground. you go for the ball. after the game to blow off reporters during press conference. it is a bad look. it will be a rough off season to cam newton a lot of credit goes to the broncos defense. carolina over 500 points in this regular season. held them to ten. that was as good as a performance you will get. >> matt brought it up. let's go witt. this is about two minute and 152nd press conference after the game, of course, cam lost the game. the vince, what do you think of that. i bet he regrets it. >> he will catch a lot of heat. good guy. all of the goodwill and all of the stuff he had done in the off season and then that happens. and, i'm sure it was just a tremendous let down. he didn't perform the way he was supposed to perform. i would like to say von miller
7:21 am
was his stopper. that was the defense that they had there. >> okay. >> but i have to tell you, i had a unique perspective. i watched the game with coach vermeil and a few of my teammates. i'm listening this guy break a game down. >> he breaks down a game without any headsets. one of of the biggest things, is how they took cam newton out of the game. they took him out of the game. he is a great quarterback. he has physicality, a good pocket passer, and they took his legs away from him. >> yes. >> that was hit. >> i have a question for you, why do the eagles constantly go after offensive coaches if defense wins game. >> it blows my mind. i don't understand why they don't focus on defense. it is clear defense still wins this this league. the it wasn't just them but flavor all off season. all off season everybody that had a coaching vacancy would go after offensive guys. it is clear what wins games.
7:22 am
it is defense. >> of course, you have brandon mcmanus, he score the same amount of points as carolina panthers. >> yes, temple kicker. >> yes. >> yes. >> that is right. >> you should have gone with the defensive head coaches specially after going to chip kelly and offensive genius. you look what defense is doing in the nfl. doug pederson might be a great coach but go defense. >> they have a defensive head coach in schwartz he has head coach in schwartz. doug pederson was there. >> there was a rumor that doug pederson might be interested in bringing nick foles to the eagles. >> i told but that two weeks ago. >> i said watch what happens. >> any truth. >> this feels like it is something that the eagles might have floated to get sam bradford's agent attention. you want 5 million. we will go with any and all options drug nick foles. >> yes. >> it seems like a long shot. eight million-dollar is a lot of money. >> i don't think so. i want a fresh start. get rid of bradford.
7:23 am
don't bring back foles. i like foles when he was here. i was disappointed to see them get rid of him. but it is time to move on and start a fresh, a new and get a new quarterback. draft somebody and build. >> the guys on sunday, want their ball back. >> this is my ball, are you kidding me. >> wow. >> intercepted. >> thanks, guys. >> thanks, mike. >> okay. chipotle, do you read this. >> yes. >> no. >> i never did either. people say it is good. they will open up very late today. why would that be. they have another scar. we will tell you. puffs knows winter...
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they will try to do damage control, wouldn't you say that, lauren. >> i would say that, so every restaurant closed from 11 to 3:00 to go over food safety training with their work are. why are they doing this? at least 500 people were sick from last summer because of e-coli, noro virus, folks are scared to eat at chipotle. their profits fell 44 percent in the quarter.
7:27 am
the company doing damage control. they are expected to announce a couple of things today. at that meeting, they will blanch their onions, avocado's, marinate their meat differently. they will use a central kitchen to chop tomatoes instead of doing it at local restaurants. they need to find out what the source was. we still don't know. they are trying to isolate everything the best that they can to make sure their kitchens are safe and folks feel safe eating it. >> that is what bothers me. people will in the feel save but they do not know what caused it and that you have it handled. you are just watering in the dark. >> but isolating different parts of your food preparation, making changes, and better looking after everything, it is a step in the right direction. >> they cannot figure out the source, going back to lettuce, tomatoes and everything else. >> real quickly. >> their meat is, you know, it is grown, under the right conditions, if you will, so
7:28 am
sometimes they use suppliers for australia. they don't have the same protocols as we do here in the u.s. >> we will see you tomorrow, thanks, lauren. >> i thought you had a question for me, bye. >> no, that is it. >> sunday is volume tines day. >> do you have your things together for your fiance. >> jen, i read a survey that said 85 percent of humans in america make a last second decision about the gift. >> oh, no. >> this is why i'm's here to save you, because mike, you know this, it is a woman's holiday and woman has expectations, have you been dating, two times, six months, three years, we will tell you what your lady is expecting, whether it has everything fabulous, for the right price. come on back.
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well, 7:31. this is a tough video to watch. student attacked on his way home from school. he didn't even necessity, that he was a target. this is video that surfaced last week. school says these student involved, they have been suspended and they could be expelled. joining us is the mother of the child, ki era and her son derek. derek was attached in the video. >> so what happened? how did that get started. >> well, because a correct a girls grammar on instagram. >> yes. >> she had a post. you corrected her grammar. then what happened.
7:32 am
>> then she told her boyfriend. >> she told her boyfriend. >> and that happened. >> was tonight person, text message. >> in person. >> and after we dropped it. >> so you thought it was done. >> yes. >> you get to school, was this school. >> yes, this was a week ago. we dropped it. and then a couple days after after, next week after that, on wednesday. >> you had no idea what was coming. >> he heat me. he said something and another kid hit me. >> the conversation with that young man after it was resolved, he sent two boys to hit him. those two boys who hit him he had no idea they were. >> he came from behind. >> they go to his school. >> what makes it better is they up loaded the video and snitched on themselves, a teacher was aware and they had gotten in trouble. they assumed he told, and in our neighborhood the snitching
7:33 am
policy is you get in trouble. so they sent someone to beat him up gannon thursday. he has been beat up twice. >> what are your thoughts when you see this video. we are not showing the one earlier, but... >> when i saw it. i found out there was a video thursday night. i didn't see video friday. i could not believe that was my kid. i just can't believe it. >> and the fact that kid with do something like this and post this. >> post it, as a joke, funny, like look at him he got crack on the head. the those are comments that i saw from social media, so, i mean, immediately the school contacted me on thursday. i'm going to see them after this. >> are you going to press charges. >> yes. >> and derek, for you seeing that, do kids do this, they post the fights and everything. >> yes. >> yes. >> how does that make you feel. >> sad, angry. >> angry. >> and, you said you guys have some more, the school didn't
7:34 am
warn of this coming out of no where. what do you think you have learn when it comes to social media and what you say. >> just keep it to yourself. >> as a mother, what do you say tour son. >> he has gotten so many lectures, think before you speak, don't post it. go to an adult, talk to someone you know has common sense f son makes thaw mad, walk away, count to ten, look at it again. you cannot control what other people do but you can control your reaction to it. >> s but as far as all of the kid involved, 29 kids who you got in a fight with they are suspended. >> the kid that attacked them. >> that will happen later today. >> keep us updated. >> are you feeling okay. >> yes. >> as far as any serious injuries. >> my hand. it keeps making a noise. >> certainly keep us updated on. that it is a an important
7:35 am
lesson on social media for sure. >> yes. >> 7:34. >> now sue you are saying we might get some weather. say it ain't so. >> not for today, at least not for us here in the city. if you are in ocean county, you may urn seeing some snow flakes this morning. but bus stop buddy had has good advice for you. wear gloves and really warm coat today because wind chills are most lie in the 20's. we have a six out of ten. we expect to sees a lot of cloud cover with storm number one off shore and storm number two in the offing. through can see the flurries and a few showers down along the shore points. so, we have 38 degrees right now, wind chill of 31. we will get the to a high of 40 today. we will talk about the snow next time. bob kelly, how are road looking. >> we are finally starting to see the morning rush hour after a slow go here, a late start, with folks after the super bowl. northbound lanes of the freeway coming in toward the city. watch for an accident right here near creek road, 42 north, right at creek road, and also, southbound, lanes of
7:36 am
i-95, watch for an accident, down near route 141, all southbound lanes are block there in wilmington. out of northeast philadelphia, i-95 southbound heavy from cottman avenue down through girard, with the beginning of that morning rush hour and schuylkill running slow between conshohocken and city avenue. mike and alex back to you. what was your favorite super bowl commercial. u.s.a. today have their survey. they tested the nation. see if you agree, okay.
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you can save over 500 bucks when you switch to progressive. that's a fact. but this whole "blondes have more fun" thing... ♪ standing by for fun. ♪ of course, everybody watched the super bowl commercials. i got to tell thaw there was one not many team talk about and they were selling avocados out of mexico. here's a bit of it. >> the bounty of earth, this is the cube of rubix, this was considered unsolvable. >> did they have in brains. >> several ones. >> this was apparently a 21st century torture device. >> how long were they keeping him in there.
7:40 am
>> hours at a time. >> gruesome. >> over there we have their alphabet. they had chia pets just lick we do. this white and gold dress that caused a civil war. this is scott baio but most amazing of all are avocados from mexico. >> and, the reason i like it is scott baio, they have him in a chamber and he can serve you the avocados. >> they have asked him does anyone want to feed him n1 wanted to. >> no, not really. >> and another one last night i thought was good the one featuring odell beckham. >> yes, the catch. >> she odelled it. >> she odelled it.
7:41 am
>> totally odelled it. >> yes. >> i can't believe obj is at this wedding. >> i can't believe that convertible is a buick. >> that convertible is a buick. >> that was one of the ads selling buick. >> but i thought it was so funny. now it is a verb, she odelled it. >> she odelled it the. >> you know you have made it, mike when you have become a verb. >> can you mike it. >> he jer ricked it. >> mike is good. >> so what was your favorite. we will play a bunch. u.s.a. today sunday tonight after the super bowl, they do a survey of thousands oz have people and they have their top five. so we will play those top five to see if you agree. is what yours. use the hashtag fox 29 good day. >> is there so many others that were so great. >> 7:41. beside broncos winning there were other big moments from last night's super bowl 50 game but half time show, of course, and we have a big debate on mike's time line he said all of his followers were saying they hated it. on my time line they were
7:42 am
saying they loved it. what are your thoughts? cold play, beyonce, bruno. >> i have a different of opinion on my whole social media, facebook, no. twitter, yes, they loved it. >> okay. >> probably young are people. >> okay. >> i'm's in trouble. i have no valentines day gift. >> he is always in trouble, help him out. >> difference of opinion. men feels like valentines day is silly. women feel that it is very important. >> so men is what your lady expecting depending on how long you have been together? marlon is here and she will tell us what they are expecting, coming up. find fantasy shows.
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change the way you experience tv with x1 from xfinity.
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is this cute or disturbing. >> i just, it it was too much. i said what just happened. that was the most weird, creepy thing ever. mike has an explanationy will explain the advertising side of that, what i think is happening here. so the best of the worst commercial from his super bowl 50. we will get into it a bet. >> puppy monkey baby mike jerrick, mad man, that is it. >> new weak see our coastal storm, it is starting to affect the actual coast. very light snowfall moving in atlantic county and parts of
7:46 am
the cape may county are getting some rain this morning. little egg harbor is light snowfall. we have talk about this. we have talk about this for today. what will happen tomorrow though, on and off snow throughout the entire day, starting in the morning and at times, accumulating. the big question, of course is how much. look at the difference between three of our computer models. this one says 7 inches, this say five, and this one says one. where do you go with that. you meet it in the middle and remind you, this will change before the the snow a arrives late tonight but there could be as much as three to 5 inches of snow in the philadelphia area over american a 24 hour period. 31 degrees in philadelphia headed to a high. we could see some rain a lot of question marks with this storm. 38 degrees as the snow end in the morning, on wednesday.
7:47 am
then cold all the way through the weekend. >> good morning. coming up at 7:47 exactly on this monday morning. live look at the 30 bypass out of chester county. penndot we have put down that salt brine solution late last night early this morning. so they are ready for whatever comes our way with the storm process that sue just explains there for us. southbound 295, watch for a vehicle fire right here near 541, the mount holly, willingboro interchange. no problems on the new jersey turnpike, and in both directions, north on the freeway, coming toward the city an accident at creek road. bumper to bumper all the waste in toward philadelphia. problems on i-95 in delaware. southbound, all lanes are block, at route 141. that is just south of wilmington. south of that split for the delaware memorial bridge. and then leaving northeast philadelphia, i-95 southbound, heavy from pretty much cottman avenue down through the betsy ross. typical morning return hour
7:48 am
jam. pad co had a problem with a cars. their door was opening. once you were you wouldn't train you could in the get off. they took that car out of service. everybody will be a few minutes late but everybody will be okay. >> like a movie script, the train i could not get off. i found a perfect place to have dinner on valentines day. >> where are you going to be. >> it is called mar gold, a restaurant that has no menu, i'll explain that in just a second. >> what about the gift, mike. no, seriously jen, what if you have been dating only three or four months. >> we have something. >> what do you get as opposed to three or four years. >> get something for him and his fiance, what sit eight years, mike. >> seven. >> we have something for that as well. marlon is here. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> we want to begin with, i feel like volume tines day is a holiday, for women. >> for women. >> you agree. >> no question. >> mike, the photographer, is not feeling that way.
7:49 am
number one he thinks it is a bogus holiday. >> yes, i think that is normal will. >> so we're here to help the men. >> we are. >> and so mike is asking us a question, so first of all, let's begin with maybe you have gone on two or three dates. you do have a dayton valentines day. so, you do not show up empty handed. >> you want to do something but just a token. >> so just a little hershey bars, mike asked if that would be okay. >> you say yes. >> hershey bars a little token. >> you want to have somethingy wouldn't show up empty handed, ever. >> what if you have been dating three or four or six months. >> i think you can do either, hats, scarves, something not as personal, jewelry, you can to just like something that is not just quite as personal. it is a pretty token, right. not too expensive. >> it says i care. >> it does. >> it says difficult not forget. >> that is by the way very important. >> we always to have remind them in the the to forget. >> now you have been dating a year you know each other, you
7:50 am
know each other parent. >> it is more international relationship. >> i like that word for volume tines. the you can get more personal here and sterling are 14 car at gold. you can still stay 50 to hundred dollars which is wonderful. these are a look of real. it is a great token. it looks like it can be timeless which i like. it gives the right message it feels special. >> it does good doing something special on valentines at that point is a nice token. >> now mike jerrick is engaged as you know. he has also been dating her for 42 years. so basically like a marriage. if you are in a situation where you have been dating for over five years or married, that requires special attention. >> and in pressure, but you could then do something in black diamonds, indian black diamond which is beautiful. this is a little less expensive then normal ball i do tonight 14 carat gold fill
7:51 am
with the chain. it makes it okay. these are recall cut sapphire with diamond. >> my gosh good this is really beautiful stone called rubelight and again with black diamond and it is on it. >> hanukkah, christmas if you are have married is all about the kid. valentines is all about he and she. >> i a agree. >> do you like some of this advice, mike. >> yes, i like advice. >> he is not taking the advice, jen. >> coming up at 8:45 i know you are a man, she's not here. >> stuff under 50 bucks. >> i want it under 50 but it can't look under 50 can do you that. >> that is why we're here. >> okay. >> we have got every price point. >> here's another idea mike, you could just get married. greatest gift. >> how long have you been engaged. >> a little will over a year. >> do we have a date set just
7:52 am
yet. >> i have a date set for sunday, valentines day, i will take her to this restaurant. >> that is not the date i was talking about. >> it is call mar gold over in university city, it is a restaurant without a menu, i'll explain this. after the break.
7:53 am
7:54 am
7:55 am
okay. so last week, i went out to this restaurant in university city called mar gold, you go in there, sit down, quite
7:56 am
romantic. the it is perfect for this sunday or saturday night, whenever you do valentines day. it is a restaurant though that has no menu. >> wait, there is no menu. >> they just keep bringing out gourmet course after gourmet course. here we go. >> ♪ >> look at how charming this neighborhood is. victorian homes, all these different paint houses, and right across the street another charming place, in fact, i will use that word lieutenant today. charming, charming. i'm at mar gold kitchen and this is one of the owners. how are you doing. >> you do cooking too. >> yes. >> how would you describe your food. >> well, i describe it as, new american. >> new american. >> eclectic i would call it. >> yes. >> this is how you work it here. you sit down. no menu, right. >> right. >> you start bringing out
7:57 am
course is, how many. >> roughly 12 to 15, or 16. >> it is byob. >> so 12 to 15 courses, i don't know what you are going to bring. >> no, it is all a surprise. >> of course is another surprise. >> yes. >> what are the courses out of the 15. >> roots, roots. >> yes. >> what we have here is a white car on the, and we have a pickled baby radishes. >> baby radish. >> we have parsnip cubes, they are perfectly flavored. and then this purple puree underneath. >> it is a nice sweet powe tait he puree. >> i want to pick it up with my fingers, is that cool? is that a baby car on the. >> that is a baby car on the good what is this. >> that is the baby car on the stalk right there. when you see green, green top, that can be still from the
7:58 am
tail of the vegetables. >> so i can eat the stalk. >> absolutely. >> yes, slow roasted them. >> yes. >> that is great. where is the radish. is that the thing in the middle. >> yes, right there. >> we pickled them. so they are hot pickled. you get them out nice and cold. we serve them as a temperature contrast. most of the dish is hot but they are cold. >> i look i can that better than the carrots. >> the cube is what. >> par snip. >> i don't know what you are saying, but there is 15 to 16 courses coming out. >> correct. >> they are all small plates but at the same time, you get a fair amount have of food. >> did i say charming at all. >> yes, a couple times it is charming. >> you got to try this. so, in a house, that has been there for almost 200
7:59 am
years. it has been a restaurant for over a hundred years in that location. >> i can't imagine 15 courses. >> they are gourmet course is. you know guy that likes to eat more than any person on earth, that is chris murphy, he has volunteered to eat all 15, 16 courses live on television starting right new. chris, what are you starting with. >> well, we're starting with something in a bowl. how are you. >> good morning. >> that is your soup and sandwich today. >> soup and sandwich. >> tell me about this. >> you will have a crow death from the cream fresh, and chives and we will pour a little homemade suppan top of that. >> my goodness. >> hoe made tomato soup. >> it smells fantastic. >> mike. >> you got the to try this. >> i always wanted to say that. >> sir, that is course number one of 15 course number one. >> i love toe mate the owe
8:00 am
soup that smells good. >> it smells fantastic. >> this would be a fun first day. >> well, there is no one sitting here. there is wine on the table, i'm's not drinking it. it is 7:00 in the morning, guys. it is byob by the way. >> by the way, is what the street location, forty-fifth and what, ask chris. >> forty-fifth and, yeah, where are we. >> he is focused on the food. >> forty-fifth and larchwood. >> how did you get there if you don't know where you are. >> someone drove. >> so whatever you look like, go by and have breakfast with him. >> you want him to have a date. >> sure, let's have a date. >> have tom sit down next to you. anybody. good day, monday, february . here we go.
8:01 am
>> ♪ for the land of the free, and the home of the brave ♪ >> who sang it better, lady gaga. >> ♪ home of the brave the >> or whitney houston. the star spangled ban are debate this morning, on good day. valentines day, less than a week away, did you get your gifts yet? it is not too late. it is not too late. hot presents you can pick up that will cost you less than 50 bucks. and forget the pizza and wings, you can get a healthy dinner, tonight, in a snap. something new, for olde city philadelphia, the local spots serving up healthy meals, just fit for ought of any diet. >> a dazzling half time show, you have cold play, beyonce, bruno mars, my gosh, all this together, it is just too much.
8:02 am
did you see beyonce's little mishap the subtle slip you may have missed. >> she recovered. it is 8:02. lets get back to the national anthem because you are exploding on twitter and facebook who did it better gaga from last night or back in 1991 whitney houston. i think which any is hard to beat but gaga really came through. >> she did. >> what hashtag should we use fox 29 good day. >> sure. >> cast your vote there. >> hey everybody. >> good morning everybody. >> good morning. >> it will snow. >> yes. >> in fact it is snowing in some of our viewing area. >> if you are close to the shore you may see some snow flakes this morning. so we will get you a six out of ten today because we will expect clouds in places where it is not snowing. the wind chills in the 20's, bus stop buddy is all bundled up at the bus stop. you see snow flakes sneak nothing to the very eastern part of our viewing area, but look at that storm out to the west, and that is eventually
8:03 am
going to skirt east, and become a coastal storm and annoy us a lot, tonight, tomorrow and even into wednesday morning. we still have a winier weather advisory for ocean county, new jersey for this morning. 39 degrees. the it feels like 32, and we're expect to go get to 40, before those flurries arrive, very late, by the tail end, of the evening rush we will start to see first snow flakes. we will tell you how long this all lasts coming up, hey there, bob kelly. >> penndot started to put down that brine last night and early this morning. they can't want to have their trucks out there caution a traffic jam or stuck in the traffic jam, and so that they are ready to go, for whatever is coming our way later on tonight. good morning to broomall, a live look at blue route, 476, right here near broomall interchange, a lets start, they are sleeping in late after the big game, 295 on the southbound side watch for a vehicle fire near burlington
8:04 am
mount holly, for route 541. new jersey turnpike looking g north on the freeway coming towards the city, an accident right here near creek road. that is causing delays, heading in toward philadelphia. up and over that walt whitman. still a mess in wilmington. i-95 southbound an accident right at 141, and that is causing delays in, both directions, just south, of the delaware memorial bridge. so, mass transit we have some problems on patco but everything is good to go there, with no delays, mike and alex, back over to you. 8:04. happening today a judge is second to sentence catherine not in the in her role in an attack of the gay couple in center city. i jury quick the 25 year-old on several misdemeanor counts including recollect restly endangering another person and simple assault. authorities say she was part of the group of party goers that included two men who walk in the area of 16th and chancellor streets in 2014. her co-defendants pled guilty and received probation. also today a protest over temple's plans to build a new stadium in north philadelphia.
8:05 am
residents are planning to protest during the university board of trustees today and organizers are upset that the president is moving forward with 100 million-dollar football stadium, without hearing from the community first. >> um-hmm. well, the denver broncos as you know are super bowl champs for super bowl 50. denver's defense proved to be too much for the carolina panthers. that is for sure. first touchdown of the game came off of, this play and then they fulled. von miller, mvp of the game, sacks cam newton. ball goes in the end zone. broncos were up ten to nothing. let's blaze over to the final quarter. it the is von miller again. hold on. that is at least one of the scores right there. that is the only touchdown they scored all day. all right. what else is happening here. >> yes, stripped again. >> this was a lot of fumbles, balls all over the place every where. >> a lot of guys. >> is there the strip sack
8:06 am
right there. >> is there the moment, cam newton did not try to recover that fumble. >> so game end 24-ten. no surprise, von miller name most valuable player, in super bowl 50. >> he is from my hometown so i'm sure people back home are very excited. >> two sacks out of the seven, von created. >> he was all over the place. >> hey bill anderson what did you think. >> it wases a rough game for cam. thankfully you retired the dab because cam didn't need it last night. they were questioning whether he was a sore loser. he is under fire for storming out of the press conference after losing the super bowl and throwing etan trum on the field once he realized panthers were going to lose. they were the favorite going in to the game. game started rough for cam. the broncos made it worse, sacked, seven times, seemingly on the ground the entire game and ended up collapsed in frustration as you can see right now as denver scored the winning touchdown.
8:07 am
but his troubles didn't end just then. at the post game press conference cam was grilled by his poor performance and lack of sports man ship. gave one ward answers before deciding he is having enough and he is walking out. >> so, it is a lot of things. >> anything in particular that is memorable. >> nope. >> just for yourself and your team mates. >> unaudible. >> now i guess people can kind of understand why super man cam newton may have been upset but not so much, eli manning. in the manning household, eli didn't seem too happy that his brother payton was taking home a super bowl victory. eli isn't standing out above and beyond everybody else in the family.
8:08 am
look at this, while everyone else is jumping around celebrating, cheering, eli looks like he is annoying or in a stayed of shock. some are saying it is because eli has two super bowl rings, previously he had bragging rights in the family as only one who had two super bowl rings but now he is going i'm never going to get distinguished. >> i hope he retires. >> it upset me to see cam struggling like. that i kind oven joyed to see him wining, eli a little upset. >> a couple of things. >> yes. >> his behavior at the press conference, in different than bill belichick do you remember when he lost to the the giants . >> they spend their whole lives getting ready for a moment like this. and then all of the hype, all of the pressure for cam. i don't know. >> bill's right, he had no time to dab. he didn't have to. betty white did it for him.
8:09 am
betty white says on instagram she taught cam newton how to dab and there she is. >> there she is, that is a is in dab right there. >> bill, thanks. >> so ryan reynold was a fan favorite for his commercial a hyundai, i don't know, it is a car. everybody in the neighborhood, looks like ryan, in fact, it the is a good one. lets check on bill murphy. fifteen course meal at 8:00 in the morning. you had had one course. you had soup. is what the second. >> the second is, mirqa, i don't know what it is, it is coming out of the kitchen in two minutes, round two of 14, coming up guys. >> we will see new two minutes. hi, jen. >> mike, you asked for it, stuff that looks super fancy, that is, less than 50 bucks. come on back, and we're at
8:10 am
suburban square a across from trader joe's because everybody is asking where are we this morning. after trying brookside chocolate, people talk about it online. love at first taste. i would liquefy it and bathe in it. curse you, brookside! your nefarious plans have succeeded. nefarious? are we still talking about chocolate? brookside. talk about delicious.
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i'm here to get the lady of the house back on her feet. and give her the strength and energy to stay healthy. who's with me?! yay! the complete balanced nutrition of great tasting ensure. with 9 grams of protein and 26 vitamins and minerals. ensure. take life in!
8:13 am
all right. almost 8:13. we have storm number one bringing snow to the coast and here's storm number two, which is also eventually going to be a coastal storm. let's deal with what is happening right now very light rain in cape may county, very light snow flakes changing over to rain, and to the north of that there has been some snow, as well. it is all very light. tomorrow, lets get right to it, three to 5 inches possible, maybe more, maybe less, and storm hasn't even formed just yet but get ready for accumulating snow throughout the entire day tomorrow. right now our wind chillies 32 . our actual high temperature should be about 40, today, and it should stay dry but cloudy all day, occasional snow on and off throughout the entire day and night, tomorrow into wednesday morning, and then get ready for really cold temperatures, bob kelly, especially over the weekend. over volume tines weekend how about that. >> if i had a person to
8:14 am
snuggle up with. 8:14 on a monday morning, a live look at a schuylkill expressway. starting to see big jams. everybody got a late start this morning. the westbound heavy now from the boulevard all the way out toward conshohocken. stacked and pack inbound as well on the freeway north bound coming towards the city. there was an accident near the black horse pike and then that delay continues in toward, philadelphia a. live look at the benny, three lanes stacked up into downtown philadelphia and then that accident, on i-95, in delaware, still causing a problem, the accident itself is southbound, and right near route 141 which is south of that delaware memorial bridge. we still got ramp closure on i-95, aramingo and girard avenue ramps but otherwise your normal delays into downtown, mike and alex, back to you. after the super bowl every year u.s.a. today newspaper calls thousands of people and surveys them. what was your favorite? what was the worse, et cetera. we've got the list.
8:15 am
we cannot do all 63. we can do top five. here to help us is paul pomp roy, managing partner at ab and c creative intelligent. an ad agency in philadelphia absolutely, been around for 44 years. >> our super bowl is today, absolutely. big day for the whole industry, yes. >> we can't do all 63. let's do the top five, ryanville, here it is. >> warning, here comes your ticket. >> the entire town is filled with ryan reynolds look alike and these two women are looking around. what are they selling, the car. >> they had a good day yesterday in general. this is, selling a future benefit of the darryl which is early detection system. very playful way of getting a cross that core benefit where
8:16 am
women and men are paying attention to ryan reynold but, it is distracted driving. it is the feature on the ad, clever and clever way of highlighting that. >> i thought it was really cutesy. >> but this is cute, isn't it. >> the doretto's doll, lets take a look. >> hey. >> hey. >> is everything okay, sir. >> big moment, my mother laughed out lot. she was like my goodness. >> dogs play well in the super bowl. they always do. what is great for the past ten years they have invited people from the outside to submit, entries. they have gotten top winners. it was a very clever ahead of
8:17 am
its time idea for doretto's and pays off for them. they always score high. >> there was one submitted by every day human. the here's another one coming up, i think. >> this one was kind of a shocker. >> but i like it. >> and there is your beautiful baby. >> any day now. >> really. >> you are eating doritos he is eating doritos. do you see what i have to deal with. >> i know. >> stop it. give me that. >> that was great. >> it is a good super bowl ad and at minimum entertaining. that was an entertaining ad and got across core product benefit that they are fantastic to be eaten. >> i got ahead of myself. here comes the weaners.
8:18 am
>> ♪ the. >> hundreds of weaners running toward loving humans. >> this is one of my favorite of the night both as a consumers and advertiser and i will tell you why. again, good super bowl ad has a funny moment, touching moment, something that entertaining but got across very core easy to understand product benefit and that heinz, dogs, they go together. it was very clearly done and well executed. >> according to u.s.a. newspaper and survey of thousands of people, the number 1ad last night, involves philadelphia. >> yes. >> philly's own kevin hart. >> you look good. >> thank you.
8:19 am
>> hey, you taking my little girl out, um. >> yes. >> why don't you take my new car. >> thanks, pop. >> go ahead, baby. >> watch this. >> it is fine. >> you are messing with the wrong daddy. >> yes, my dad said that. >> there were no fewer then 40 celebrities in super bowl ads and some seem force but when you match a good message here with the right celebrity, well done. >> what are they selling. >> what they were selling there the tracker. >> that is done very artfully, so cleverly with the right
8:20 am
celebrity. >> you look like a ad guy by the way. >> thank you. >> so, role monkey baby. >> i might just chill tonight. >> monkey baby. >> so they are selling a new energy drink from mountain dew. they go to the ad agency. how do we sell this. you find three staples of super bowl commercials, cute animals, certainly puppies, and then babies. so, let's incorporate them in the animal that we create, is that it. >> that is probably going for that moon shot moment sometimes you hope a ad takes on a life of its own beyond the super bowl. like mckenzie became a cultural phenomenon. the hope was this would be something that would take off beyond. i'm in the sure it will. one good thing as you
8:21 am
highlighted, they are three things putting it together. whole point was this ace new product that will combine three things, mountain dew, juice, caffeine, three things that go together. there is something that make sense from a advertising standpoint. >> here's the thing, could they not have made it cuter looking. >> baby legs. >> yes. >> but we're still talking about it. >> that is exactly what they were shooting for. >> will that catch phrase catch on. >> when would you use it. >> that is a threat. >> yes. >> thanks, man. >> glad to meet you great meeting to. >> thank you. >> real life mad man. >> do you drink scotch and smock cigarettes all will day in fact, i already have have. >> great. >> before we talk half time, more beyonce news. >> i almost fell out last night, mike, i'm in recovery. >> a new video and new tour. we will play this new video,
8:22 am
some surprising moments in that video. when is she coming to philadelphia when is the date. >> i'm so excited. >> chris murphy should be on to his second course out of 15. >> we are getting course two right now. chris, what are we having here. this is going to make a we have those presented as carmelized onion trail. you will have a saferry. >> car on the doughnut. >> my goodness. >> a little celery, and bubbles as well. >> you don't get bubbles at wawa for breakfast. we will be right back.
8:23 am
8:24 am
8:25 am
just by switching to progressive. so you'll be bringing home the bacon in no time. sorry. get a free quote at everyone is seeing it, from talking about this, this morning, really over the weekend. we found out that what beyonce touches, well, it turns to gold. this is her new video called
8:26 am
formation and it has racked up more than 7 million views on you tube. she just dropped it, like she has been doing it, recently over the weekend on saturday. it is so funny. only beyonce can drop video on saturday and everybody knows the word when she performed it on sunday. it goes hand and hand, a song, considered an anthem for black woman. thinks a commercial she played after her super bowl performance announcing she's going on world tour and response in social media in general to the formation and this single a has been massive. there has been a twitter hashtag called black girl magic and soon you will be able to get tickets for a formation tour. presale goes on tomorrow. she has a show at lincoln financial field. she's coming sunday june 5th. it will be a busy weekend. day before is roots picnic. the hughes weekend. she will be in hershey. as i said only beyonce can make this announcement and
8:27 am
everybody checking their bank accounts. she gave us two days notice. now we have to get ready for fact she's going on tour and coming to philadelphia in june. what did you think of the music video formation? i loved it. i thought it was great. we're seeing different side of beyonce. she's evolving. we will talk more about formation and about her performance a little bit later in the the show. 8:27. forget pizza, wings, you can get a healthy dinner tonight in a snap. we're talking about snap kitchen. the it opened officially in philadelphia this morning. a local spot serving up healthy meals fit for any diet and you can take it to go it is that easy. mike is heading there but we will check on chris murphy. what is this number three, chris. >> number three and they might be bringing month and i'm double fist ted ready to go. come on, you cannot use as you these forks. i'm at marigold at forty-fifth
8:28 am
and larchwood. somewhere after the break.
8:29 am
8:30 am
8:31 am
time for an update the with the weather. sue you are talking about snow coming our way. >> yes, they are. so am i, actually. we've got a number of the day that is a six out of ten. bundle up, wind chills in the 20's and around freezing this morning. the this is what we're watching. this is a taste what we will get tomorrow. everybody will get a little bit of this. little bit of rain, little bit of snow but enough to accumulate. our winter weather advisory continues for ocean county only for today, a a lot more for tomorrow. we will get a early high of 40 with mostly cloudy skies, a dry evening, flurries coming after that. and then sunset time at 5:28. we will let you know how much snow we will expect coming up next time. that should get you through your monday, bob kelly, how
8:32 am
are we doing. >> things have been better. it was a late start. 8:32 as folks are heading out, live look at the benny stacked up from mid span into downtown at eighth and vine. crews started to put down a salt brine solution earlier this morning so they are ready for later tonight and this time tomorrow. they do want to have the brian crews get stuck in the traffic cams. outside of atlantic city flooding along the black horse pike route 40. that is something we will have to watch out here for the rest of the morning. still big delays on i-95, in delaware. this is all south of wilmington. all because of an accident right here near route 141. schuylkill running slow from city avenue to center city. and then out of town, westbound heavy from approaching the boulevard, out and up the hill into conshohocken. alex, back over to you. thanks very much. >> i have been wondering where mike went. he walk out. i know he was hungry.
8:33 am
it looks like he is in the middle of the market street because he is excited about this new restaurant opening up in old city called snap kitchen, mike. >> well, it is, it is kind of a restaurant. can you hear me okay. i'm just past third on market street here, and because we have a new neighbor a cross the street i have been at the that 7-eleven every single day. it is a typical convenient store. i go in there all the time. it is almost impossible to find something health any there. you ever go in a convenience store and looking just give me a piece of lettuce or something healthy, and you cannot find it. so across the street at a new place called snap kitchen, it is the exact opposite idea. guess what i mean. >> everything is in here is healthy. everything its healthy in here. it is their first day. it is a ribbon cutting. look at the biggest scissors i have ever seen. >> what is going on, man. >> how are you.
8:34 am
>> hi she will. great to see you here on behalf of mayor kenney. >> can i do it. >> yes, sure. >> you are a strapping young man. >> well, welcome to the neighborhood. >> ready, set, go. >> wow. >> thank you. >> and is what your name. >> beth. >> can you turn that music off. can you you explain the what the concept is. >> sure we're a fresh healthy take away option. everything is here chef driven which means it the is delicious and diet approved which means it is healthy. it is convenience to eat healthy. we make everything in house in our kitchen in kensington. 8500 square feet. we have coffee, tea, breakfast, lunch, dinner. >> was is that. >> that is lunch and dinner. we have green vegetarian and vegan. >> let's start there. green is what. >> vegetarian or vegan. >> and then is what the red.
8:35 am
>> readies your red meat, beef, lamb, et cetera. >> yes. >> yellow is your poultry. >> and grue are green is vegetarian and vegan. we have snacks as well on the bottom, deserts. snacks over there we also, have third party items yes. >> here's the thing. so many people are juicing. george, go back down to the juice. these are made every day. >> we make everything fresh every day. reallies i to tell when everything, was made or when it should be consumed through the consume by date on the top. >> split is. >> so your buying for a couple days. you can make sure thaw are planning accordingly. >> can i just say this on behalf of us at fourth and market, welcome to third and market. welcome to the neighborhood. >> thank you very much. >> i will be back. >> all right. >> probably later today. >> bye, everybody. >> snap kitchen. >> wow. >> look at that. >> and snap kitchen is really good. they have all types of food, different flavors. you can take to it go. simple, easy, healthy.
8:36 am
that is a good thing. 8:35. empire wins big at naacp image award but that is not all, the big award that michael b jordan took home, he was a win ever over the weekend. we are going back to check on chris murphy. do you have your next course yet. >> i have chris with me from marigold and we're talking about three, four, and 567893 is which one. >> three is this one right here. >> what is this. >> rhode island squid noodles, they are served with cucumber and oil. sun cried tomato pesto. >> and this is warm. >> correct. >> and what is the fourth one. >> we have, parmesan ravioli, served with red pesto and mushroom and powder as well. >> yes. >> you have tartar. >> i have a beef tartar. i will call this, white truffled snow or powder. and house made sauce. >> my goodness. baggets are good too. >> more coming up; after a
8:37 am
quick break.
8:38 am
8:39 am
8:40 am
all right. so here is the thing. we're encores number five, chris. >> yes. >> six. >> we're at six. >> six of 14. >> what are we having here. >> this is a winter oyster. it is in fact, brine, leached. cranberry and mini net bubbles as well. >> you can pick this one up if you wanted to. >> you guys are bigot bubbles here at marigoal. >> we tend to do, a good amount of bubbles as well. >> that is amazing. >> that is not an oyster, that is vegetarian. it is fantastic. mike and alex. >> it is an explosion in your mouth. >> it is a marathon, in the the a sprint. >> at marathon it is marigold. naacp image award were on
8:41 am
friday night in california. >> and one of our favorite shows, took home big award. we're talking about empire. taraji p henson took home outstanding actress in a drama series. terence howard won for outstanding actor in a drama series. and yas won for jesse smallet with the creative song you're so beautiful. >> the big news for alex on friday night was. >> yes. >> another big winner. >> michael b jordan. >> he won for his role in creed. >> he got outstanding actor in a motion picture but he was in the done. he also got entertainer of the year. >> wow oh, what a man, what a man what a mighty fine man. >> wonder what he is getting his girlfriend and maybe co-star for valentines day. >> we are convinced michael p jordan is dating her. but i looked at the pictures from the red carpet but he
8:42 am
arrived alone. >> they said what you are telling me is, i do have a chance. >> no, i know i don't have have a chance. >> chris what are you eating now. >> like i said, jen, what are you eating now. >> she's finding gift for under $150. >> look at the these. >> what are they. >> which side is under $50. is it the round side. >> left. >> or the other side. >> left. >> round side or the zigzag side. >> come on back we will be right back. >> now lets check with chris's face, and we're waiting on him. >> well, we're getting round seven here from chris here at marigold. >> what is this. >> this its is a root, oven roasted carrots, par snips and a can bring radish. >> this looks delicious. >> nice and warm. >> we will be right back.
8:43 am
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yeah, 8:45. and, there is a a look at the snow that is left on the blue mountain ski area. maybe adding to these totals tomorrow, adding to the base, i guess, and we've got a lot going on and a little bit of time to show you. here's what is happening right
8:46 am
now, storm number one spreading snow into ocean county and part of atlantic county. tiny bit of rain in cape may county, ocean county still under a winter weather advisory. we've got coastal flooding, times of high tides, already happening and thinks through tomorrow because of tomorrow's storm. that will give us a winter storm watch, for these counties that are highlighted. so we have got the a arrival time light tonight of storm number two. temperatures will vary. that is why precipitation type will vary. it will a accumulate on grass to start. this is very latest of what our estimates are for accumulation but this storm forms which it hasn't even formed yet mike and alex, these numbers will probably change a bit. we are starting off a little conservative in our snowfall predictions. >> as you just mentioned there is quite a bit of flooding, already down the shore. we are getting reports of atlantic city quite a bit of flooding. this is absecon boulevard in
8:47 am
absecon, new jersey. the snow is whipping through the frame there. the water is arising, for sure. >> the cars are having trouble getting around it the there, they have one lane. >> it is close to getting cut off here so be very careful as you know. valentines day gift for under $50. i'm all over this. >> here's the thing, you have look expensive. >> it has to look expensive. >> this is the thing it has to look fancy pants. you nest he how to make stuff look fancy pants without breaking the bank. >> no question. >> okay. first of all lets begin with this one which one of these two because i asked mike anal he can. they both said this was the one that was more expensive, and. >> it is not. >> okay. >> it is these, they are only $36. >> you are get getting getting amazing look. it can be alone on your arm or part of your arm party. >> arm party. >> so all of these, each under
8:48 am
$50. >> so is arm party here to stay. >> here to stay. >> not a question. >> and now you are doing little thingys. >> has. does that look cool hanging off of it. >> i think so. >> and, this is fun because thinks a great look. this is great for the season. this is one of the the new, stones, it is a beautiful necklace stone. >> drucey. >> cut crystal. >> do you see that. >> yes, really pretty. >> under $50 you have a bunch of stuff. one thing we love about coming here, price is right and you have different styles for different types of people. >> there is in question. >> okay. so this is part of our area our area of where we are. >> this is a lot of really great stuff here this is i great statement cuff for under 50. we have skinny bank also because they have sayings honorary them chest very nice. it is $36. it is real leather. >> i love that. these are things were you talking about here.
8:49 am
what does this too. >> it is what we're wearing. >> okay. you can wear it as a necklace, or you can put it around your wrist and wrap it five times around. >> great idea, it is a dual purpose piece of jewelry. the it is really well. we have red for valentines. >> and that is good for a guy to give to someone because you don't know if they want to wear it as a necklace or a bracelet. >> this is a great piece to throw around your neck with a gold chain because you can layer it. >> i love it. talk to me about you love these as well. >> yes, well, i was talking about how wonderful they are. they are light weight wait, they are great, they are gold, it is a $36. it is cut brass. >> oh, wow. >> so this is just a great look. you put this on and it is all thaw need. it shows up on camera. >> these are some of the other things we were talking b the these are press tie these little things. >> this is a, necklace that is
8:50 am
a dual purpose. this can become one single necklace or worn as two necklaces. crystal can come apart. you can either wear it as just a single charm, or as a double layered necklace. >> that is really cool. >> i really have been enjoying using pieces now that you can use for two different purposes. >> yes. >> this one also. you can take it off your neck. i did a clasp here. it become a 16-inch necklace. >> really pretty. >> when we come here people wonder where you are. people as we wrap up, know you from, this is your wholesale store and you sell other places, knee man's, yes. >> but yes, we're in suburban square but we look like we're in on one's dental office across the street from trader joe's. mike and alex, people are tweeting where is that. >> 119 colter avenue. >> that is where we are.
8:51 am
>> we got it. >> okay. >> nice place. >> very nice. >> will smith says tough even up kid why he wants his children to face criticism and drama and trauma in their lives.
8:52 am
8:53 am
8:54 am
good morning, eight credit 54. live look at 422, eastbound at egypt. so for everybody leaving the house, royersford, collegeville, heading eastbound toward king of prussia. we have an accident, ahead of you. southbound i-95, it the has been a light morning rush hour, upside down kind of a morning all because of the late start, because of the last night's super bowl, and now as we showed from you down the shore here high tides, and
8:55 am
flood ago long the black horse pike. the route 40. just outside of absecon. we have reports of high tides flooding down in the wildwood area as well. so if you are down the shore be ready for that, this morning. the westbound on the schuylkill, heavy from the boulevard out through conshohocken but mass transit looking g mike and alex, back to you. lets get back over to university city, as it borders with west philadelphia a restaurant called marigold. i have a question from twitter. it the is diana. she wants to know from the owner and chef there, can they manage allergies like shellfish and soy because you're not really ordering. >> real quick question we got a question on twitter fun someone watching this. this is chris, one of the owners what about allergies. if you come in, idea it is a surprise. >> yes. >> what if someone has allergies. when i sat down, i cannot eat walnuts. what do you do. >> we call every reservation a day or so in advance what they
8:56 am
can and cannot eat, not so much their allergies but for exam familiar they are vegetarian, gluten free, we pretty much have preparations, to be made. >> if there is two couples coming here for dinner for valentines and a table of four, someone might be lack test intolerant, other food issues, four people sitting could have a variety on what they are eating. >> it changes for the individual not the entire table. >> you make this here. >> blood orange sorbet. >> yes, we make it here. >> that is good too. >> this is way to cleanse the pallet, mike because this is number eight, eight is in the enough. we have how many more to go after this, five or six. this is fantastic. we will be right back. >> this is so much fun. >> at least 14 courses, at least. >> can he make it through. >> chris murphy, heck yeah, he will go back for seconds. >> from half time to celebrity
8:57 am
sightings we are recapping best and worse of the super bowl, did you catch beyonce little will bit of the slip. >> mike, is there quite the debate on my face back page, alex holy fox 29 did you like the half time show or did you not like it. let's discuss.
8:58 am
8:59 am
9:00 am
♪ it didn't sound very good. i liked it. i like this part when they come marching toward the camera. >> i love the camera angle. >> we will have all of the super bowl highlights, of course, of the half time show. >> quite the debate. >> quite the


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