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tv   Fox Morning News at 5A  FOX  February 9, 2016 5:00am-6:01am EST

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our big story this morning is the weather. we are looking live outside our studio in olde city, and you can see live radar showing the system that is covering, and coming right here to our area. >> it is tuesday, for you on this february 9th, 2016, and we have team coverage of the latest round of wintry weather. sue serio is standing by with who could see the most snow. bob kelly has a look at roads during their morning commute. >> lets get started with sue, sue, you will pick a number for today. >> i have chosen a number, it is not a high number, it is a four out of the ten because of the challenging of predicting this storm but getting through the day and watching the changing conditions, with us. the don't forget we have a fox 29 news app and a fox 29 weather app. so when we're not with you live on tv you can check that
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throughout the rest of the the day and see is what going on. you can get it on i phone and androids. i know that. now we've got a look at the entire situation, there is a lot going on, on this map, where we're watching, rain, and heavy rain at times in southern delaware, sussex county especially there is snow though here in the baltimore washington area and a little area of heavier snow. this is what we will see later on than in the day where some of this moves up to the north and into colder temperatures. if you are getting snow you could get a snow burst and get maybe poor visibility and a burst of accumulation, all at once and then there will be a lull for a while. that is how this will get for the rest of the day right at freezing which also makes things tricky. our high temperature will be in the upper 30's and we're thinking on and off snow and maybe a few snow bursts in the evening, we will break it the all down coming up in a few. 5:01. lets check those road bob kelly. >> good morning, everybody it
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is ayuky messy kind of days. in the just a morning rush hour but as sue mentioned this will impact us all throughout the daze an hour by hour things will change. we are hovering right around 32 degrees. anything that is wet has that potential of being slippery. penndot, new jersey dot, dell dot, they have put down the layer of salt, all over the place. a live look at the vine street expressway. so far, so good on the major roadways, here's a live look down in delaware along, college avenue, and speedometer readings in the 50's, although temperatures in the 30's, there. we will roll into an accident at york and county line road, and new jersey turnpike, already knocked the speed down to 50 miles an hour, and all of the bridges have reduced speed coming in and out of philadelphia so far this morning. and already two flooding situations we're watching, brooklawn circle flooded out that is route 130 at the circle will and then further south down in logan township route 130, and 322. mass transit, airport, so far,
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so good but hang with us because that will change throughout the morning, chris and lauren, back to you. we have crews all over the viewing area to to keep you up to date on the weather winter. we will check out how things are looking with steve keeley. >> i think dave kinchen, he is in delaware, steve keeley down the shore. lets go to dave first at rodney square. how is it looking there. >> reporter: pretty good. we saw a salt truck coming through here in the the last 20 seconds or so, moving through market street here. i will step out of the way. i want to she you the guy right here, probably digging out. i wand fur we can go over there and talk to to him. we will see if he has sometime. he hads his car covered with some snow. this was first coat ago this came down. how are you doing sir. can you talk about digging out getting your car reading here. tell me wharf to do to get all this snow removed. >> i was than the prepared coming from the south, i will just use this little thing to
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take the ice off. >> reporter: what is that. >> i don't know i pulled it out of the trunk. >> it looks like you might make a scratch. >> reporter: well, drive safe out there. good news there is brine down on the road, wilmington publishing works officials got heat before the january storm, they took heat from residents saying they didn't move fast enough. public works officials are telling the press they are ready for the storm. they had trucks out ahead of time putting brine down. they are saying they are ready. it doesn't look like a tenth avenue freeze out if you get that rock and roll reference, chris but crews want to make sure this isn't a freeze out the we are ready springsteen playing friday night at the wells fargo center. >> that is right. >> those tickets aren't cheap either. flooding at the shore can be a certain for people living in that area as winter weather moves in. some road might need to be shut down as levels rise.
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>> steve keeley good morning, sir. >> reporter: greg and i dragged both a court have brine on the way dunn here. we are feeling great. it is, gator aid f you need a jolt try that brine, you have to get it, put a cup in back of one of those penndot trucks or dell dot trucks. this salty though. lets look at the bay front. now we will give you oceanfront. boy, even though we are hours away from high tide, just stay on that shot and you'll see waving crashing up. you can sianni hear the white caps crashing over the sea wall over here. so already spray hitting the street. that happens every time we have these full moons and new moons like we have today, and some of the wind from these winter storms. that is where we will get the flooding in the streets here in atlantic city. we are down here in the inlet
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section, notorious for its flooding problems and its flooded streets. you can see some new construction down here, beautiful homes, some protected by this new sea wall but you can see what happens where that old boardwalk was. look at these waves crashing. we are elevated because we know special spots to go and that is why this section of the boardwalk hats survived because we have a big rock jetty protecting us from the element out here. but it is a nation. over to the left, go to the left there and you will see just stay down there to the end of the oceanfront and see the waves crashing above there. chris and lauren, we will give you a a look at this all morning. now watch, here it comes again, as bad as it the looks now crashing over the sea wall imagine at high tide at 9:00 a.m. how bad it will be. i guarantee i don't know if we will stand up here because just getting to this spot with flooded roads may be a little rough. >> i'm sure we will there been live for new four hours.
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steve, thank you. penndot crews tracking snow moving in the area they say trucks are loaded with salt ready to hit the road. >> penndot officials say workers began preparing for the storm yesterday by treating the road with that brine. they will have plows out the for the storm. penndot its hoping lulls in the the snowstorm scan help them keep up with snow removal efforts. head up if you live in the sit of brotherly love. the city is canceling trash collection in philadelphia toy dave you are asked to hold your trash until next week. missing out on sue's forecast take the weather authority app with you, fox 29 weather app, see live radar, get alerts sent right tour phone. you can find it in the apple and google play stores. we are following breaking news, out of germany right now. the reports say as many as four people now, are reported dead as a head on train crash. this happened this morning an hour outside of munich. 37 miles south east of munich to be exact. a little will town of spa
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town, another 150 people hurt. police say that the crash happened in an in accessible region. the rescue teams are still working to get people out of those trains. this is a live look right now. what you do not sees is rescue helicopters are carrying the injured, again, more than 150 injured to area hospitals. this is the biggest accident according to german officialness years in that region. we will keep an eye on this terrible head on collision, deadly one at that out of germany, lauren. the delaware county district attorney's office is expected to hold a news conference in regards to the deadly police involve shooting. police say the confrontation started yesterday morning in chester. when officers tried to stop the suv, the driver just kept going. family members said one of the victims was on the phone with them, when this all went down, and then relatives tell fox 29 that longer was the one who died, and his cousin, is injured. authorities have not yet said if all have of the shots came from police but no officers were injured.
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new castle county delaware police are investigating after a man was found dead on it side of a tgi friday's last night. police say the victim a man in his 20's was found shot to death around 7:00 o'clock outside the restaurant on north du pont highway. right now police are working to interview any potential witnesses, and no arrests have been made at this time. and rafael rob the former university of pennsylvania professor who pleaded guilty in 2007 to killing his wife a year before has a parole hearing today. prosecutors, gathered with attorneys for family members of the victims yesterday. they are urging the parole board to end robb's bid for early least lease. prosecutors want robb to serve out his entire ten year sentence. would the man convicted of assaulting a i gay couple in center city, back in 2014 is spending the first of many days behind bars. twenty-five year-old catherine knott appeared in front of the judge yesterday, and the judge sentenced her to five to ten months in jail and then two years probation. a jury convicted not the not late last year of simple assault and two other offenses.
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we could learn more this morning about whether charges will be filed in connection with the big brawl inside of a popular philadelphia nightclub, that brawl, involving several nfl players, and two off-duty officers. recess lounge in olde city was the scene of the violence early sunday morning. authorities say that the fight broke out between two off-duty philadelphia police officers and four people, associated with the nfl. investigators have not released their names but they are trying to determine whether former eagles player lesean mccoy was one of them. the rumble reportly started over a bottle of champagne. the big gains for group fight to go get a football stadium on the campus of the temple university. university's board of trustees approved funding last night for initial designs and studies of an on campus stadium and retail project. opponent protested yesterday on campus, they say, that the stadium would hurt the surrounding communities with noise, parking, and lights. the university officials promised to collaborate with neighbors, chris. today voters in new
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hampshire are heading to the polls for the first primary of the election season. donald trump is lead ago monk republicans. the focus is turning into who will come in second, jeb bush, john kassig and chris christie have been stepping up their attacks on senator marco rubio. it is basically a four way tie according to the polls for second place. on the democratic side, bernie sanders still hold a very strong lead in most polls, of course, he is from the adjacent state of vermont. well have continuing coverage, of the new hampshire primary tonight throughout our 10:00 o'clock newscast an own fox 30-foot waves pummel a cruise ship and passenger told to hunker down. one woman describes a terrifying situation. >> a live look this morning at snow, it is coming back to our area sue will have your complete forecast when we come back. blank kassig. ♪
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>> all right. so this again is a storm of long duration, but not necessarily, high accumulation, and if you are just waking up, we have downgraded our winter storm warning. we have chester and delaware county for three to 6-inch: winter weather advisory for everybody else with lighter accumulations when all is said and done. some of the reason is rain mixing in. we have coastal flood warning and watches, advisory i should say. high tide along the ocean between 7:30 and say 9:30
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because of the back bay flooding, and high tide comes after that, high tide and then the flooding. high tide along the delaware river anywhere let's say between eight and 9:30 this morning. so right the now we do have precipitation. that is changing, now last time we have looked, we saw rain and look at what happened in the last couple of minutes. it change over to snow in sussex county, delaware, northern part and also in kent county, delaware. we're still seeing snow in the baltimore washington area slowly moving northward, maybe northeast ward, we will keep an eye on it for you and we will keep an eye on this area to see fit moves northward as well. just that fast with a temperature change we will change from rain to snow. we think that will happen throughout the rest of the day. there you can see future cast, snow in the purple and the white and then the green is rain and you can see that moving north ward, it is on and off throughout the day. we will have lulls during the day. it doesn't mean it is over. scattered now nor the evening
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rush. due pending on where you are and where it decides to happen but some rain possibly milk in as well with a chance of temperatures above freezing. we're still dealing with scattered snow showers around eight or 10:00 o'clock. after midnight we will start to see the beginning of the end and maybe our last snow flakes seven or 8:00 o'clock tomorrow morning at the the very latest. the so, that is what we have got going on there we will take a look the a the seven day forecast, we will be above freezing but not much today with 36 degrees, at times, and 37, tomorrow with snow, mostly in the morning, cloud the rest of the day and our next weather head line will be the brutal cold, and heading our way, just in time for valentines day weekend. we could wake up, to valentines day morning temperatures, bob kelly of 4 degrees, and when the wind chillies well below zero in the morning, on valentines day. >> that makes for good snuggling weather. >> yes. >> good snuggling weather. >> stay inside. >> good morning, everybody. grilled cheese day on sun day.
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good morning, everybody. live look, south philadelphia, waking up, maybe just a dusting on the hood of your car, but, so far, we're in good shape here along front street down there near the stadium area sue mentioned some changes coming our way in the last hour. the it will be one of those lucky, messy, kind of the days, god bless you over there 32 on the temperature reading over here coming on the benny. they have reduced speeds overall area bridges. the here's a live look in delaware where road are wet, crews have been out there, delaware see it first and then crews have have been out there putting down that salt brine solution and putting down that layer of salt for the beginning of our rush hour. in problems, speed in the 50's on i-95, the schuylkill and blue route but we will zoom in, already an accident at york and county line road, new jersey turnpike they have knock the speed down to 50. good news that the high tide,
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and flooding situations at brooklawn circle and route 130 in logan have been lifted at least at the moment. as we heard from steve they will keep the barriers there because later on around 8:45 or 9:00 is when we will probably see those flood waters coming back in and impact the second half of our morning rush hour. i know jen is in the roving vehicle. i believe you are heading to upper darby, how is it looking out there. >> we are just in upper darby, we're on route three, otherwise known as west chester pike. we're heading threw upper darby, because we're on our way to chester county because we are looking to see how the roads are doing. sue just mentioned some areas that might still be hit later today, delaware and chester counties so that is where we're headed. i can tell thaw on my drive-in this morning, this is what you are seeing. a little bit of snow, little bit of dusting on the roads, i'm sorry, on the grass or on the side but nothing on the road. so if you do have to get out now is the time, to do it.
5:19 am
as you mentioned all of the crews, county crew,s state crews, and city crews they have been well preparing and preparing the streets to this storm. so far road are just fine. again, we're up in are darby. we are heading to chester county. you know what you can do, tweet us, facebook us, tell us where you think we should go and kind of towns, areas you want to sianni we will do just that. guys, back to you in the studio. >> you guys be careful out there. 5:19 is the time. royal caribbean cruise ship was slammed by a storm sunday. one local woman was on game. >> storm forced pass evening tours stay in their cabins for 15 hours as the ship violently rock back and forth. waves reached 35 feet in the air. rose, from south philadelphia, send us these pictures of on board damage cause need storm. she said instead of dinner, staff members came to their cabin with bottled water and snacks. as the storm continues, the ship was original will headed
5:20 am
to florida. it is now coming back to new jersey. >> things were falling all over the place, the food was falling off the table. people are disappointed in the way it was handle. yeah, they are giving us our money back but they don't update us. we haven't had an update in hours by the captain. we have in exact time when we will get back to new jersey. >> royal caribbean says there were no serious injuries, everyone will get their money back and get 50 percent off their next cruise if they are inclined to go. >> i was just about to plan a cruise, my dad said let's go on a cruise. >> i said, which cruise line do you wanting to on. >> he said royal caribbean. >> well, i mean, it could be any cruise liner, it is just mother nature it is true. >> it makes me nervous when it that is time and we have to start planning one because when hurricane season comes it the last for so long you just get so nervous. >> just take a plane, it is quicker. >> it is true. >> we will continue to honor achievement from his african americans during our black
5:21 am
history movement straight ahead meet the woman behind the color purple. >> and she has a birthday today. is there a hint. here are your winning lottery numbers. good luck. >> we will show you a live look at ben franklin parkway, united way building cameras we will continue to track the latest, round of winter weather, it is heading our way. most allergy pills only control one substance, flonase controls six. and six is greater than one. so go ahead, inhale life, excite your senses, seize the day and the night. flonase. six is greater than one. this changes everything.
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a live look at allentown. it is time for our black history spotlight. we will begin with the lady behind within of the most quoted movies the color purple by alice walker. >> all my life, i had to fight, my daddy i had to fight, i had to fight my uncle. >> today, alice walker was born in 1944. she won 1983 pulitzer prize for her 1982 novel the color purple. the movie, starring whoopi goldberg, and danny glover and direct by steven speilberg. >> danny glover as so mean in that movie. the youngest daughter have share croppers she grew up very poor. her mother worked as a maid to support their eight kid. she began as a social worker, teacher, lecturer and took part in the 1960's civil
5:25 am
rights movement before writing the color purple. >> on this date in 1995, bernard harris junior became first african-american astronaut to walk in space this was done during the second of his two space walks. also on this day, satchel page was induct in the baseball hall of fame. denied entry to the major leagues he began in the negro leagues, in 1926, and came one of the most famous show man. page broke through in the majors at the age of 42, he was considered a rookie, and was induct in the baseball hall of fame in 1971. he died in june of 1982. boy, could he pitch. he threw so hard, big right-hander, think of all off the record he would have broken if he were allowed in the major leagues so much sooner then the age of 42. >> a 40 year-old, considered a rookie. >> most guys don't even make it to the age of four in the big league. >> that is right. >> and they think he pitched in his 50's which was amazing,
5:26 am
unheard of. >> yes. >> also amazing, some people say was beyonce's super bowl performance. now is there a controversy, is there someone who has suggest something to say about it, they say we deserve more decent and wholesome, entertainment, and instead of what we got. we will talk bit. live lot olde city right now and a little bit of snow in the forecast, we have you covered, get it, covered,
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colgate optic white express white. whiter teeth in 3 days just by brushing. so now i'm not being perky, telling you that drivers that switch to progressive save an average of $548! whoo! i mean, whoo. a live look at philadelphia international airport. nice and quiet right now, but, it is going to change. >> yeah, live radar shows is there a system covering our area winter weather advisory in effect for many people as you wake up this morning. >> here's the current scene right now in atlantic city, our steve keeley is there this morning n wilmington we will check with dave kinchen in just a couple seconds. >> good day, it is tuesday, february 9th, 2016. i know all of the kids are waking up. the first thing difficult was look out window and hoping to see snow so you don't see school. >> they don't want delay. parents say what do do i now to scrapple tomorrow figure
5:30 am
out, the school, so how does it stand right now. >> not too much happening in the metro area right now. if you are in southern delaware, it is a different story, we had some snow overnight. we have had some rain overnight. we have more on the way, and that is the thing, don't be lulled into thinking that this this way it is going to stay. we have bus stop buddy in water gear. we will give you four out of ten for these ever changing conditions. remember we told you yesterday there would be a lull in the action and then get some snow and or rain and that is where we're going right now. we have a lull in philadelphia a we have got this ever changing precipitation, in southern delaware, rain, to snow, some of it back to rain again. snow in the baltimore washington area keeping an eye on that. all of this will have move northward. i think we will see something before the end of the morning, in philadelphia. meaning snow. it is right at freezing right now. we're at a wind chill of, 24 degrees. we have sunrise at 0:11 now as these days get longer and
5:31 am
sunset at 5:29. don't look for sunshine. we will have a lot of clouds when it is not snowing and possibility of the snowy drive home today, but at times the temperature will jump april above freezing, that is why we have lowered some of our snowfall totals because at times, the rain will be mixing in as well. and yes, it is complicated but we're here to break it all down and we will do that when we bring you the seven day forecast. the wait until you see what is coming after the snow is gone. really cold temperatures. bob cuddle, i was going to say bob kelly, cuddle weather but now you are bob cuddle. >> there you go, heads up, here we go, bob cuddle, fox 29. 5:31. come on, cuddling is over. kick covers off, yes, kid we're going to school this morning. no problems or delays at the moment, on our major roadways. i know kids will be disappointed, but as sue mentioned, she did say this would be something that will be with us all day long. the road conditions will
5:32 am
change, hour by hour, that is you why want to check with your to make sure you have your fox 29 news app to take along for the ride. roads are wet, temperatures right there hovering around freezing mark. if it looks wet is there possibility we could i have a fine glaze, that fine glaze of ice. live look at frankford avenue and girard, in the neighborhood, so here's what you are waking up to when you look out the front door just a coating on the roof, on the windshield this morning, here's a live look down in delaware down by dover downs, again, just wet roadways, this morning, and again, crews put down the brine and salt, so we have to take it easy as we roll out of the drive way this morning. speedometer readings in the 50's across the board. railroad speeds have been reduced on the new jersey turnpike, speed reduced over the benny and walt whitman coming in to and out of philadelphia this morning. if you are flying, expect possible weather delays at philly international. we saw our airport camera, runways are opened, planes are
5:33 am
taxiing, however, as the day goes on, weather could impact flights in and out of other cities. you may want to check with the airline before you head down to the airport. here's your current check of the schuylkill expressway and i-95. we are off to a good start. mass transit, things could be slippery on the platforms and look out as you board those buses. back to you. snow cover from the last storm just melt add way. now our area getting another taste of winter weather. lets go to dave kinchen live in wilmington, delaware for a look what is happening down there, hi there, dave. >> reporter: hi there lauren good morning to you. let me step out of the way. iowa than the to show you a salt truck coming through. finally we have got one coming through as we were going on the air, they usually came by 20 seconds before or 20 seconds after but road crew is here in delaware specifically wilmington and public works department, they say that they were going to be all over this storm because they got a little bit of the backlash from wilmington resident who said they didn't act quickly enough in digging out and
5:34 am
really, getting a head of the january big storm that we had here. so salt trucks are already out as you can see there and there is a glaze, on market street. roads are wet. i want to show you the win blowing. well, not so much at the moment with the flag. there it goes. the wind is coming in, as well and we're getting some flakes coming down here. kind of hard to make them out on the camera there but they are coming down. we will show thaw big flower pot as i like to call it and you can see the snow already in it, there, because there was a coat ago this came down, overnight, and that is kind of the story here, again, dell dot crews also working very hard to try to get ahead of the storm. they have put brine down across new castle county. they were waiting for weather conditions to change before they hit some of the streets last night the in southern sections of delaware, but we understand that crews will be treating those areas as well. but i can tell you that the big thing right now other than a few fleeting flakes, is coming down it is stone cold,
5:35 am
out here to quote the rainbow song from the early 1980's. >> really good heavy metal band. >> absolutely. >> snowfall is leading to wet conditions down the shore. >> little worried about flooding later today. steve keeley is down the shore more specifically in atlantic city, hi there, steve. >> heavy metal dave kinchen impressing sue serio with that fleeting flakes, alliteration going on there look at where we are. we are on my favorite balcony, and the waves are coming right at you in 3-d high tide role in. in the darkness of the night we have a special locations other stations try to steel but look at these white caps coming right at our camera here. we are out over the ocean, in front of the revel casino. this is a beautiful view. i wouldn't mind living here.
5:36 am
i have to ask photographer who was scared i was out here in the blizzard with jared, he yelled at me i have two kids, thinking his life was in peril. the conditions this morning, beautiful compared to the way they were. we will go up to the trump taj mahal and over the lights there is a mist in the air on our windshield we are hit with a little drizzle. we don't know if that is sea mist blowing up from these waves or something coming down from above because you can see there is kind of a cloud but they are breaking up over the rooftop here. this used to be real well lit. we will show you the very dark except for that red light to warn hell cooperate are and airplanes, revel casino. maybe somebody is staying in one of the room. sad how dark it is at this end of the boardwalk but mother nature's light. new moon means it is an eclipse, it is hidden behind the sun but it still has full moon effect of pulling gravity wise these tides in.
5:37 am
that is why we will expect some flooding here around quarter of nine, 9:00 o'clock. so toward the end of the good day. we will see the worst of the flooding. we can make out head line down there on the the boardwalk as officials get a look around here, and keep an eye on things. we will go back to where we started at 6:00 o'clock and give you a lot at the black horse pike so bob kelly has a word on one of the major highways in and out of the atlantic city and see how back bays is holding up down there a few hearst before high tides. >> steve keeley, thank you so much. sue's forecast take weather authority with you with our fox 29 the weather app. see live radar get alert sent tour phone, find it in the apple and google play store. >> if you are heading to the airport right new no delays to speak have but call ahead with the weather coming. ville know of ace moving, my goodness up the charts, when it comes to this new poll, here's the deal, they
5:38 am
are tied for first for the first time in something, we will explain this straight ahead.
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5:40 am
good morning i'm howard eskin. villanova fans are excited today after their basketball team was ranked number one in the country for the first time, ever by the associated press poll. it has been a crazy year in college basketball with all of the top teams losing, so now with a 20-three record villanova find themselves ranked number one.
5:41 am
their next game begins the poll, tonight. sixers doing what they do best, they lose. the lets go to the wells fargo center, under 202nd left, best three-point shooter, jj red dick, they leave him wide open. ties it up at 88. sixers fail to win in the regulation. clippers score eight straight, deapril dray jordan with the jam. sixers beat clippers, 98-92. eagles made another roster move yesterday, not a surprise, eagles released wide receiver rye liz cooper after six years with the team. riley cooper's best year was 2013 when he had 47 receptions and eight touchdowns. the eagles by the way do clear 3 million in tap space. that is sports in a minute. i'm howard eskin. so, so much talk about the eagles and doug pederson now. >> yes. >> here's the plot. >> we're on facebook live. we are doing two things at ones. >> a lot of people on twitter, are very happen that i riley cooper is gone. >> yes. >> after what six years.
5:42 am
>> six years, and big season in 2013. we will see what happens with sam bradford now, because, he is the quarterback. people are saying bring back all of the guys chip let go. >> except maybe lesean mccoy. >> well, there is that. >> they are talking about bringing foles back now which could get real interesting. >> beyonce, her super bowl performance is at center of the controversy, find out who said america deserves decent, wholesome entertainment instead of what we saw on sun take. i loved it.
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looking at our radar. we want to mention in new hampshire it is not snowing right now but is there some on the way for today, new hampshire primary taking place today. the eventually what we're seeing here in our area will make its way up there but we're concerned about getting where we need to go today. we have been watching kent county delaware, rain, to snow, to rain at least on the radar. we're mostly he seeing snow in that area but temperatures arer side of freezing. we have got pockets of heavy rain down in southern delaware, around georgetown, lewis is getting rain and then it is probably light snow along the jersey shore. including atlantic city. steve, i don't think it is necessarily just sea spray, i think you have actual precipitation there. it is showing up as snow on radar. we do expect some of this to
5:46 am
sneak in the philadelphia area before the morning is through, and when you get snow you could get quick accumulation of snow, maybe an insurance or so and maybe some poor visibility for a while and then there will be a lull and then there will be rain or snow. this pattern continues through the rest of the day. we think by the evening rush hour, there could be, what the bulk of whatever we will end up getting during the evening rush. so that could be challenging later on in the day, even on and off throughout the rest of the evening and nighttime we do expect the snow to continue, probably gone for good after 7:00 o'clock tomorrow morning, at least that is what we have going on right now. it is a very complicated storm. so snowfall totals when all is said and done through tomorrow morning three to 6 inches in this darker area of blue, two to four almost every where else. jersey shore may not see any accumulation, or light accumulation, and, and, winter storm warnings where you see pink, winter weather advisory every where else. a quick look the at the seven
5:47 am
day forecast showing after we are finished with this mess tomorrow morning we will start getting cold, and colderrer, and colder so by the weekend we are talking about high temperatures in the 20's. below zero wind chills overnight, so bob kelly, maybe my froid slip was right. >> all morning long. good morning, everybody. it will be a situation where the road conditions are going to change as the day goes on. not just today but all the way through this cuddling up weekend. here's a live lot 4592 freeway. we have the new jersey dot crews out there they have put down that layer of salt. here's a live lot at the blue route, penndot, they have put down the brine yesterday. salt crews are waiting in the wings but so far they are just napping, at least for the moment, and for the gang down in maryland, this is right outside of chapel road here, again, roads are just wet, but again, with the temperatures hovering right around that freezing mark, things could be slippery for the beginning of
5:48 am
our morning rush hour. no problems on the schuylkill but guess what today is. >> fastnacht day. >> we are looking for white stuff in the form of snow but take a look at the size of the cream doughnuts that my gang from holmesberg bakery sent to us today. they sent us a box of the fastnachts which are the fried doughnuts, and then the cream doughnuts, um, um. i only had a half one because i didn't want to have it all down the front of me. speedometer readings in the the 50's on 422, 202, pennsylvania turnpike, just watch it on a lot of the on and off ramps. again, what you don't see is what will get you in the most trouble and this will be the little patch of ice with the wet roads. new jersey turnpike clocking in at 50 miles an her speed restriction up and down the pike there and all of the bridges running with speed restrictions as well. receipts go outside to jen, roaming around this morning. jen, you are on your way to west chester, aren't you.
5:49 am
>> yes, i am, and i have been to the holmesberg bakery and i love everyone of their fastnachts. see here's the situation, it is 31 degrees. we continue on west chester pike. check this out, bob. we have recently went over, 202, as you can see we are crossing over the chester county hospital. it is exactly as you have been reporting. the the road are a little bit wet but certainly they are fine to drive on, and again, we have mentioned it is 31 degrees, because obviously when you look at these slick areas is there a potential for a little bit of ice. i can tell you this jared our very carable, receive driver hasn't encountered too much ice. road crews have been out all night prepping these surfaces. the major rose you want see the snowplows, they are there, they have been treating the road and they are prepared for whatever happens next. it is same type of situation we're seeing on these side
5:50 am
roads. so again, we are in west chester, or chester county and we really want to see the what the roads look like. you see a little bit of shining, i don't know if it is the light. it is wet here but certainly not icy. but again that can all change. 31 degrees. sue serio says this storm will change hour by hour, the good news this car can go hour and hour once we fill it up with gas. my kid, they put ice cubes in the toilet and they turn the pajamas inside out, and they put up a spoon in their pillow. when brody was in third grade, mrs. gilbert told him that is how you get the a snow day. >> i haven't heard that one yet. >> they will be mad at me because i refused to turn my pajamas inside out the because i was already in bed.
5:51 am
>> oh, well. >> that is cute. >> jen, thank you. >> let's talk beyonce. she's in a center of controversy. >> rudy guiliani says america deserves decent, wholesome, entertainment. his word, right instead of what she had to offer. >> beyonce performed on sunday's super bowl half time show. she took the field, surrounded by dancers sporting afros and black braids. many believed the performance was a reference to the black panter party and the black lives matter movement. guiliani ripped apart her performance calling it an outrageous attack on police officers. >> i thought it was outrageous that she used it as a forum to attack police officers who are the people that protect her and protect us and keep us alive, and all we should be doing in the have african-american community and all community is bill up respect for police officers. >> well, beyonce said she
5:52 am
anticipated this. she knew backlash was coming with the release of her new single formation. >> here's the deal, yesterday in the group chat we were all chatting about this new video. i told you, it is a lot that came with it. >> correct. >> one of my girlfriends say that she learned from a former boss of hers that we have to learn to be comfortable with the uncomfortable. >> correct. >> we say that all the time in our group chat. is there so many topics that are uncomfortable to talk bit: beyonce is like, this pop superstar with tons of money. i think she's saying i'm not that far removed from these issues that we are dealing with on a daily basis. yes, i have money, yes, i'm a main stream artist but i have seen the issues happening whether it is hurricane katherine, the black lives matter movement, the flint, michigan situation. she is just being normal. >> just by the very color of her skin you now she grew up with racism, in the face of it growing up in the south. >> that is part of who she is,
5:53 am
she has become something entirely different which is enormously wealthy and fame bus she had to deal with that. >> correct, she is saying i'm not coming that far. >> i don't think her performance to me was i slap in the face to anybody. i think her performance was just what it was, she performed her new song and when you see video i think it gives you more perspective as to the word behind it and what it means, so maybe that is what he was offended by. >> i wouldn't call it the outrageous. >> i was offended by chris martin trying to act cool, trying to, be cool. >> at least taraji called him adam le vine. a group of police officers went above and beyond what they did, to deliver to kid in the neighborhood to make sure they had some fun.
5:54 am
one of the cool perks of this place is you can eat as much cereal as you want. it's like i'm going to work to get some. alrighty. we just like cereal. we make it, eat it, love it, live it. (laughing)
5:55 am
5:56 am
♪ >> good morning, welcome back to 5:56. almond brothers sweet melissa as we have one of our viewers and facebook friend. group of powe police officers went above and beyond to make sure neighborhoods have a place for kid to have a good time and staying safe at the same time. officers in ohio said there were three officers patrolling
5:57 am
when they noticed a group of kid playing basketball. they had no backboard. the officer sprang into action, they went to the wal-mart and spent their own money to buy a new hoop and backboard for those kids. >> we just started talking we should buy them a hoop, something reallies i for to us do we bought them a hoop, we tried to put tonight one pizzas we have the car, and the officer was able to put tonight one piece. >> good for those officers. we will take a quick break and be back with good day philadelphia
5:58 am
5:59 am
6:00 am
we've got snow, rain and coastal flooding. in other word it is a snow day. hi everybody. >> we are going to go take a live look in delaware we have a reporter there to give us an update. >> they will get it before us. >> from delaware to down the shore, we have you covered, just in case anything happens, we're also checking highways here including i-95. it looks like around cottman. >> look at you on the money. >> i'm all over it, bob in case you ever quit. >> he might take your job, bob. >> filling my personal day request. >> good day everybody it is a snowy day to day. it is also fat tuesday. it is primary tuesday. the it is february the ninth, 2016. this isn't going to be a blizzard. i have a metaphor for what it will be. the it is a


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