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tv   Chasing News  FOX  February 12, 2016 12:00am-12:31am EST

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bill: welcome to "chasing news". ♪ >> two years old. >> check out the picture posted on twitter. picture was posted by clifford durrant. i will smash. >> acts like a jerk. >> opened all ages. all about human connection. >> what's your middle name? >> all right. bill: wrote on, you are chasing a horrifica horrific murder story. >> a quadruple crime of passion. a stabbing occurred on
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wednesday morning. the details are disturbing. the nypd is on the hunt for a 23 -year-old man after he allegedly stabbed his girlfriend and her three small children in their hotel room right back here, the city gave them while they were we will -- while they were waiting for shelter space. died of her injuries. one of the two children stabbed and killed was four-month-old maja sykes, the actual daughter of the alleged murder. now, the only survivors of this tragedy or the toddler girls. you won'tgirls. you won't believe her name. she is recovering in a local hospital. after going through the phone he was told that color was cheating on him. wednesday morning she and two of her three babies were
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dead. police recovered a large bloody kitchen knife at the scene and it has been reported that he called his mother to confess and said to her that he was going to kill himself last time he was seen taking a bus. yet toyet to be located by the police or anybody else. since 2015 new york city has house homeless and hotels. this was 42. closing the shelter hotel. the mayor immediately announced security. offered free 24 hour security be provided to them through the department of homeless services. the hotels don't have to accept that because they are privately owned.owned. this trend of violence and shelters is ever increasing.
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housing homeless in new york city. >> still sick to my stomach. take a step back,a step back, sit down with the borough president my and discussed borough -based policy, security. get rid of that hotel. hotels are not -- bill: couldn't this have happened anywhere? the fact that it is aa homeless shelter. >> this seems like it was a crime of passion. it was not a random act of violence at all. >> mental instability. clearly. >> people were staying in the shelters. if not someone needs to be there. bill: thanks. keep chasing. >> check out this picture posted on twitter. primary season.
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you can see st. john university students and on her computer is a sticker. underneath the picture he wrote 7,000 retreats. now apparently it went viral. when cliffordviral. when clifford said he would not take the picture down there was an altercation physical. no one got hurt but she posted on her twitter page that he got a warning. the school gave me back a pretty generic statement saying the safety is our top priority. we are aware of the incident that occurred earlier today and it is being addressed. any violation of our code of conduct is subject to the
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conduct process. one person actually new clifford. >> this is definitely being taken out of context. i don't think it should be blown out of proportion like that. >> it was an appropriate. >> it has a lot to do with politics. more and more you are seeing a resistance. bill: it has to do with social media. the idea, social media allows people to talk tough. i think nothing is going to happen. >> saying that this could clifford is a nicea nice guy, pretty much all he did was just outright mean. >> in my eyes they are both at fault.
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at the same time you can be there on social media any anytime. bill: is the school going to take any action? >> they have not responded. bill: thanks, tamra. >> the men's basketball team is having a season to remember. i headed over to a practice in new jersey to catch up with there only senior. over 1,000 and is also the team's leading rebounder. >> started when i was about seven years old. it's a family thing. >> in the family theme has carried over. >> just because we have that
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kind of mentality everybody comeau we are always clowning around. really close. i feel like that helps us out a lot. >> they are serious about the rest of their season. >> it is going to be tough. the mindset that we have been bringing. >> after practice we played a game. >> isn't that called worse? >> it is a condensed version. >> if you want to catch it might not be as easy as you think. the tickets are limited. they are selling some up to $200. >> i think that's great. he is a senior. the only senior. coming back almost fully intact. and i asked them about the
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nba. >> let's not focus on the let's focus right now on the season. catastrophic collapse. at-large at least. they have more wins now. sixty-four teams. >> the teams of just underestimated them? >> a smaller conference. in the history of small conferences. i think it is a possibility. >> after the 1st quarter. ucla, usc, georgetown, notre dame. >> by a large margin. >> it is very visible, the chemistry.
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♪ >> viral music videos with a gymnastics video. now they are bursting piñatas has zero gravity. check out this new music video. the new song is upside down inside out. them watching it all morning long. >> some big money. we don't know. bill: he called in this morning. let me tell you something. it was more than that. >> i am way too trusting. one of my gals comeau what
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is this. watch away with a lot of money. now the federal prosecutors, they go, we have to send these people to jail. she has two kids. >> kids. >> people in new york city, glimpse of the media coverage. asking people what their biggest regret is. in the middle of the city. the responses seemed different at 1st. the responses all had something in common. over 2 million views later they got the message across. bill: want to know where we are headed? you nowhere.
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>> chinese. >> another day in the life of being a chaser. >> we do it differently.
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bill: "high speed chase",. >> governorgovernor chris christie is back in new jersey for good. the question now. >> i think what you may actually see, possibility this government doesn't really give an endorsement until later. listening to the democrats he would be exceptional in that position. >> expected to run out this summer. that christie decide to raise gas taxes? well, democrats say they are ready to negotiate. on february 16 the governor will release. and you better bet we will have the answer. >> nypd.
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subway platform. in flatbush on wednesday. standing on the platform with this guy. you don't belong here. if you recognize, call crime stoppers. >> hey, guys. i you ready? heading out. they are headed to your home. ♪ bill: you guys may have noticed that diane i have been going around the state. some of the newsmakers, with around.
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see what they like to eat. >> you recognize that. declan the scanlon. >> declan. >> escape the neighborhood. >> a little background. also has a pretty interesting life at home. partnering crime. and of course you have to ask him. >> a little bit of an awkward conversation. the movie she is rolling out. >> your wife plays a wife and mother.
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have them both on. >> he did. >> the workout. >> that's it. >> it. >> heather was known. bill: phineas, dog was home. little do they know. and jessica had a little run-in. and declan said he would replace it. >> the important stuff. >> he loves leftovers. literally each shelf and they were label.
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>> how long do you keep the stuff? >> go bad quickly. >> done enough. >> again. february 10. >> are not going to smell it? >> seriously. >> what did you do? >> in the video you can see him. ♪
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bill: coming up next, speed dating. >> so sexy.
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bill: the airport if she said that. >> take a look at this video you can see him holding the. he tells the baby, whose that. this would chance, pass the baby often than do it again. >> the uncle was babysitting that day. >> it's just going. ♪ >> new york minutes wasted
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that we forget that in a new york minute anything is possible. use those precious moments. a leap of faith. >> what's your middle name? >> clifford. >> like the big red dog. >> with the kickstart fundraising campaign in full swing suggest that we put down the candy crush saiga and play game of connect four. >> you got me, buddy. ♪ >> opened all ages.
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it's all about achievement and excellence. >> i know. i know. >> you could have one right there. >> sorry, i don't date losers. a social experiment. now he has invited multiple us cities to take part. it will take place underground. on multiple levels they just want to share. ♪ >> okay. >> that he cares. >> reached his goal. but for now. >> this cracks me up. i spent most of my time
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avoiding people. pays to bring two sets of headphones. bill: you had me at connect four. >> the wrong venue to try to romanticize. not only that left and right. >> go out onto his kickstart her campaign and at some money. something that is new. let's get let's get off of phones and get out there and talk to people. let's remember that we are human. >> we are late, we are late for a very important date. >> that's guys great. teesixteen. >> the next hot new ingredient and cocktails, cannabis. that's right. bill: i think stabile has volunteered. >> willing. >> that's a really good question.
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>> ♪ >> this is a fox 29 news update. >> good morning, i'm fox 29 meteorologist kathy orr. we are in for a very cold overnight period. 17 in the city, falling to nine in the suburbs with a few flurries or snow showers and a very cold wind. when you head out the door in the morning, here's a look at what we will be walking out into. in the poconos it will feel like five below, philadelphia seven, the same in
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