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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 6A  FOX  February 12, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EST

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weekend's olde city bar brawl. good day, it is friday, february 12th, 2016 i'm filling in for michael jerrick with alex holley. >> good morning, everybody. >> good morning, everybody. >> and we made it, it is friday. >> it is going to be a cold one. >> i know. >> it is already cold. believe it or not, it will be even colder by sunday. >> yes. >> so, at least it is friday, and we're going to give you a a five. that might be generous in our number today but there is bus stop buddy, we added scarves to the nice warm blanket, coat and stocking cap and now a flyers cap because they won last night. we're expecting sunshine in about an hour, maybe less, single digit wind chills still out there this morning. make sure those kid bundle will up, different radar picture then yesterday. we don't see those lake effect snow streamers heading down in our area like they did. we have 18 degrees but feels like ten with winds at 6 miles
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an hour. in the quite as windy as yesterday but still mighty cold. sunrise 6:58 this morning. other wind chills you need to necessity about, lancaster seven, wind chill of two in allentown, wind chill of 12 below in mount pocono, it feels like six in atlantic city. high temperature today of 28 degrees. we will have early sunshine, included building in later on and flurries by the even of the day before sunset, some will roll in and scattered snow showers on and off throughout the night. a couple pockets of snow squals like we saw yesterday that will happen tonight with a low of 18 degrees and that really cold weekend forecast is coming up, bob kelly. >> good smuggling weather. 6:01. couple problems already, in the neighborhoods, first of all a water minute break in west philadelphia, dave kinchen is their life we will go there in a second. but 63rd street belonged between haverford and master as well as girard avenue blocked between 62nd and 64th.
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this is a tough stretch here because it also carries the septa trolley tracks for both route ten and route 15 trolleys. there is no services through that area and adjusted services on the route ten. if you go to septa's web site you will see exact detour for your exact trolley route. another problem is left over from last night that underground transformer fire giving us problems this morning, walnut street is closed, between 21st inn between the second. we will go to live to steve in a second but if you are traveling in this area a block from rittenhouse square at 21st and walnut is where detour goes into effect at first presbyterian church. stay with chestnut or spruce in order to jockey across town, and instead of getting stuck in the grid lock that will occur once we get in the height of the rush hour. tacony palmyra just complete aid bridge opening here:
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traffic moving again. we are looking live at 42 freeway as headlights move toward philadelphia in reports of black ice on the major roadways but what we have learn when temperatures they're low anything that looks wet is probablyized over, secondary roads, side streets, the front step could be ice think morning. alex and lauren, back over to you. let's get to this breaking news in west philadelphia where there is a lot of water that is freezing in the street. >> of course, that is causing major traffic troubles for commuters. scene haverford avenue. dave kinchen standing by live with the details, hi there, dave. >> reporter: we have some new information here, just in terms of what we actually see upon further look or investigation with our own eyes we are looking at what appears to be i malfunction of a fire hydrant. all of that water pouring out of there. we did notice when we were further back that we saw some of the cones related to construction. so it does look like there may have been a construction project going on here but clearly water gushing out of
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the hydrant area. philadelphia water department has been here as evidence by the cones here that say pwd on them here but everything is icing over. this is also the weather element. as soon as that the water comes up it is icing up. it is really slick right there. but they have put some salt down here but still in the enough to open things up. where we are 63rd and half forward shut down, of course, route 15, septa in trolley or shuttle bus service east or westbound, between 60th and 63rd and also, route ten is experiencing some significant delays there. master street is the only way you have to actually make a turn there. you cannot continue on 63rd. you have to get to haverford where we are right now. police shutting this area down. everything icing over right now. you don't see many people out here now as morning gets later, this will certainly tie up traffic in this area where we are but we can tell crews have been out here a little bit because we have seen salt
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down there. but again, a lot of icing over and the water running down this way, down haverford, street, you can see another block is right down that way, where police are blocking that street right there and water has been running around almost every way, even further down. give them another shot, this way down 63rd street. you can see that the street down that way is also block. so, all have of those on coming cars coming up this way will to have make a turn, make a turn to their right our left. so again more people kind of getting up and getting out as we have seen more cars and headlights heading up this way. this will be a major problem for the morning in terms of getting around, guys, back to you. >> dave kinchen thanks very much. emergency crews are on the scene of the underground fire in walnut street in rittenhouse square. >> at least 90 people are forced out of their homes and businesses. officials say underground electrical explosion started the fire on the 2100 block around 6:00 last night.
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you can see thick black smoke, there pouring out of the manhole. the right now traffic is still being detoured around that area and there is a heavy presence of emergency crews on the scene there. the attorneys for former eagle lesean mccoy says his client did in the the say he made a mistake on camera. shady was asked about a fight that injured three off-duty police officers. >> we talk about it from philly he was coming out of the restaurant. they asked him what do you think about what was willing on. the authorities are deciding whether to charge the current buffalo bills star. here's the video right here. it broke out of recess lounge. so in this video philly said they heard him saying he made a mistake. but this morning, or, shady's lawyer called and saying no, he said i'm going to make a statement soon. i will make a mistake, make a statement. >> we will see what he says, if he says anything. >> a lot of people have been listening trying to see which
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one did he say. it is hard to tell. search continues for a woman who abandoned her four year-old daughter at macy's department store in center city. police say that 27 year-old was questioned for allegedly stealing $1,500 in merchandise. well, all of a you had is even the woman ran away, the girl was able to tell officer's her mom's name are and where she live. authorities were able to reunite her with her grandmother. even more students sick at a local college, symptoms so severe some had to go to the hospital. we will tell what you officials are saying new about what is going on and what started it. blank. >> i think we should not make promises we cannot keep. >> every proposal i have introduced has been paid for. >> it was clinton verse sanders last night in the spirited democratic debate how hillary clinton is stepping up just days after bernie's pig win in new hampshire.
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what a beautiful look at that sunrise. >> well, classes are canceled for a second day after a serious illness in montgomery county. >> dozens of students ape teachers at ursinus college of gotten sick. this morning buildings on the campus have been sanitized and washed down, close to 200 students and staff have reported stomach illnesses since wednesday, and at least 30 of them became so sick they had to go to local hospitals or urgent care centers.
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>> a lot of people are getting sick if you don't necessity someone that is sick you know someone who knows someone hoist sick and going to the hospital. pretty terrible. >> when i walk through residents hall every hall smells like puke, every where, all three floors. the there is in reason to be here. >> the schools dining hall has been closed, social events canceled and montgomery county health department is investigating the source of this illness. 6:11. >> it was clinton verse sanders last night in a spirited democratic presidential debate. how hillary clinton is stepping up just days after bernie's big win in new hampshire. bob kelly. >> good morning, everybody. 6:11. we have an accident on the schuylkill expressway right new eastbound heading in toward south philadelphia, passyunk, oregon after new there and bucket your seat belt lets get for a ride, no charge for this ride, sky fox, in route to that water main break, in west philadelphia and causing in the only a detour in the neighborhood but problems on mass transit, there we go, nice shot, stick
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your hand out and give a wave to sky fox and close that window because it is cold.
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6:14 on your friday morning anticipating valentines day on sunday, weather-wise though you may be dreading the frigid forecast, you can be my valentine with 18 degrees as a high temperature and then the evening, 3 degrees, for the night, if you are going to have a late night, it is monday the next day but still, as long as you are prepared,
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you can be bundled up. the early morning temperatures, are going to be n'synx will digits and wind chills will be well below zero on sunday morning. we will get some notification, from the national weather service, they have already issued a special weather statement warning bus this brutal cold and some cases record cold. record for philadelphia for sunday the 14th is 2 degrees. we are forecasting three. our other record are temperatures, actual temperatures below zero. we could tie or break a few of those. there is cold air in place already but we will get reenforcement with another cold front coming through tonight, so even though we will see no snow or anything weather right now, we should start out the day with sunshine by four or 5:00 in the afternoon is when we could see the first of the snow flakes ahead of the front and then we will see widely scattered pockets of the snow just like what happened yesterday where we get isolated snow squall or two that can happen outside tonight into the early hours
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of tomorrow. and then, very windy, very cold, saturday and especially on sunday. both weekend days, extremely cold, and with tonight's snowfall, we could get an inch in the poconos. we could get half inch if you get that snow tonight, so another, quick, fast and furious dumping of the half inch of snow possible tonight. 18 degrees, right now. wind chill, is ten, in philadelphia, it feels like single digits, just brutal cold, make sure that the kids if they are going to school today have their hats and gloves honest specially, so wind are not as bad as they were yesterday but temperatures are lower. it is still cold. 28 degrees today, and that is balmy compared to tomorrow and sunday when we're 20 and 18 respectively for high temperatures. we will get to 35 degrees, on sunday, and late day, snow changes over to rain on tuesday. that is monday into tuesday, i should have said, and then it is something we could see
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linger into wednesday morning. so after a licensing holiday weekend getting back to reality may be a challenge for a variety of reasons, bob kelly but plenty of challenging this morning. >> definitely a challenge this morning for residents in west philadelphia as we look live from sky fox over the scene of this water main break. i caution using the word water main break because from the ground it looks like water is coming from the broken hydrant or maybe a construction project that was on this corner here at 63rd and haverford. there is water coming from underground icing over the road surface here. this is a live will from sky fox. the lets go to our maps. because this happened at 4:00 this morning. sixty-third, closed, haverford over to master, and girard avenue is closed, 62nd over to 64th. now in addition to the vehicles on a detour the septa a trolleys are having a rough go because girard avenue, and 63rd carry the trolley tracks
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for both route ten and route 15. there is no services in that area for the 15. they cannot even get shuttle buses through. adjusted schedule on route ten. best bet go to and get the exact detour for both of those trolleys whichever one you used. now here on rittenhouse square, walnut street blocked as a result of the underground transformer fire closed from 21st to 22nd and if you go up walnut you will be push off. stay with chestnut or spruce through morning rush hour. accident here on the the schuylkill expressway, eastbound right in south philadelphia, right before the break off for i-95, air port and passyunk avenue. eastbound accident. because of the cold temperatures, septa's market frankford line is showing its express ab services. all trains making all stops so that in one has to stand out any longer then i have to with 18 degrees out there, on the platforms this morning.
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lauren and alex, back over to you. 6:18. 6:19. last night's debate was in wisconsin but candidates were looking to south carolina and nevada. in their opening statements both hillary clinton and bernie sanders both concerned the black vote. african-american voters in 2008 made up more than half of the democratic voters in that state. in her opening statement clinton mentioned discrimination against african americans while sanders criticized racial in equalities. >> now look, we have to do is build on a honest conversation about where we go next. we now have much more information about what must be done to fix our criminal justice system. >> when you have childhood african-american poverty rates of 35 percent, when you have youth unemployment at 51 percent, when you have unbelievable rates of incarceration which by the way, leaves the children back
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home without a dad or even a mother, clearly we are looking at institutional racism. >> another focus of the the debate was over the size of government, and feasibility of sanders proposals. sanders propose that had public colleges and universities be tuition free while clinton says she has a debt free plan. >> here's the deal, next republican contest on february h caroline, same day clinton and sanders clash in the nevada a caucus. following tuesday g.o.p. vote are made their choice in the nevada while democratic primary to south carolina on the 27th. >> if all that sound confusing we will keep you updated as we move for. more than 30 groups are asking a federal election official to withdraw changes made to a national forum regarding residents of kansas, alabama and georgia to provide prove of u. citizenship in order to register to vote. >> group sent the letter to the u.s. election assistance commission arguing the impact would be particularly significant because 2016 is a
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presidential election year. people typically register in greater numbers. >> among those signing the letter were non-profits, common cause and public citizens, and the naacp. well, occupation of the national wild life refuge in oregon is finally over. >> surrounded by fbi agents they last surrendered yesterday. they were last hold out from a group that had seized refuge nearly six weeks ago this he were demanding that the government turn the land over to locals and release two ranchers who had been imprison for setting fires. officials a no one was injured and no shots were fired when all four of them were taken into custody. a police officer in georgia is dead, after a shoot-out in the apartment complex, it was just outside atlanta major greg barney was part of the narcotics task force serving a warrant yesterday. he was behind the apartment complex when one of the suspects, ran, shooting at him. another officer returned fire hitting the suspect. he is new in the hospital. he is expect to survive. back to breaking news we have been telling but water flooding streets of west philadelphia, how the wet
6:22 am
disaster could effect your commute this morning.
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good morning, i'm howard eskin. flyers needed a win badly. they found a right team, to get healthy an they did so last night. flyers played the buffalo team within point away from being the worst team in hockey. flyers end their three game losing streak.
6:25 am
brayden schenn, wow, that didn't feel g ridden into the glass. wow. got to hurt. he came back and played and scored a goal. rj umburger how about this first time in 50 goals, over year, 50 games, over a year. scores a goal. flyers win it five-one against buffalo. scoring goals makes it very nice for your goaltender. >> very nice thing to have. for myself, when we have goal support to work with on a given night, it takes the mental strain off a little will bit to make sure you don't have to be perfect. >> temple with a big win last night, to temple, quinton decozy starts come back. they were down by 12, out scored connecticut 21-four. they win 63-58. that is sports in a minute. i'm howard eskin. taste of spring in south philadelphia, despite bitter cold phillies truckloaded with supplies for spring training will leave for clearwater today. >> i wish i was leaving with it. >> me too. >> florida sound amazing.
6:26 am
well this video posted on the phillies twitter account she's quip. lined up ready to head south. truckloaded with 2400 baseballs, more than 1,000 bats and a hot dog launcher will arrive sunday. pitchers and catchers arrive wednesday and they will have their first work out on thursday. once again, can we get -- >> can we hide in the box. >> they wouldn't know. >> it has been chilly down there but chill any florida is nothing compared to what we will see here. >> single digit temperatures. i don't necessity if i will get outside. >> i'm working sat the day morning and then i'll go home. >> yes. >> so coming up next, hillary clinton respond to a statement made by madeline albright who says there is a special place for women who don't support each other.
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we have water flooding streets of west philadelphia right now. how water could affect your commute this morning. it feels like, freezing, outside. it feels worse than freezing. the it will get wheres than this. coldest temperatures of the season, frigid wind chills, all expected this weekend. a couple hundred people in center city where we lost power early last night what officials are saying this morning about that underground fire in rittenhouse. >> look at that black smoke. and four year-old left behind at a department store, what police say little girl's mother tried to do just before she took off, without her baby
6:30 am
girl. good day, everyone it is friday, february 12th, 2016. >> we made to it friday. >> we did. >> we're so excited about this. i'm not excited about how cold it will be, sue. >> but at least you will be prepared, because we have been talking about this for days and days and days how frigid it will be over the weekend. we've cold wait for the bus. the bus stop buddy, is there a scoff added to the blanket, coat, gloves, hat. flyers cap, they won last night. so, right the now we only have lake effect snow around the buffalo area. it was streaming down to our area yesterday with those crazy snow squals. the not expect ago this today. we are starting off with sunshine and 18 degrees but it feels like ten thanks to those wind. they are not the as high as yesterday but still so cold, sunrise 6:58 officially. we will get wind chill of 12 below in mount pocono. nine in pottstown. seventeen is what it feels like in dover. we're only getting to a high of 28 degrees, some sunshine,
6:31 am
we will cloud up in the afternoon and we will see snow flakes by the evening commute, and sunset time is 5:33 p.m. so bob kelly with these temperatures, and that water main break not only is it a traffic issue but an icing issue as well. >> this will be the first of many situations like this over the next couple days with the cold temperatures. we are seeing slow downs on the schuylkill and i-95, big problem in the neighborhood this morning, west philadelphia, 63rd, closed between haverford and master, lets get for a ride, sky fox over the scene of the busy intersection that not only handles vehicles traffic but also the septa trolleys, the route ten and the 15, are impact this morning. we will go to dave with more details in the second but the water that is coming up underground probably associated with this construction project on the corner, and icing over this busy stretch here in west philadelphia. let go back to the maps, girard avenue is also closed sixth second over to 64th and
6:32 am
route ten and tracks for route ten and 15 trolleys are in that stretch. get to and they will have the exact detour for each one of the trolley routes. other problem is left over from yesterday, underground transformer firewall nut street closed this morning between 21st and 22nd, steve keeley is there, we will go to him in a moment. heading through this stretch you will want to stick with chestnut or spruce because if you use walnut you'll get stuck in the grid lock in the height of the rush hour and those detours go into effect. the with the cold temperatures, come septa making adjustments on the market frankford line. no a or b express services this morning. every train making every step. they are trying to keep everybody with the shortest amount of time on the platforms witt being 18 degrees out there. this is a hot mess out there in south philadelphia, this is the schuylkill expressway, eastbound, the ramps, to philly international airport, passyunk avenue, and it is a
6:33 am
three way split. we have equipment on the scene here right now, what started out as just two or three vehicles it the looks like it could be more than that. if you are trying to come into south philadelphia, that is your ramp there for i-95, and philly international airport. by the way, if you get to the airport no delays looking to get out of town someplace warm. alex and lauren back to you. we're going to florida. >> let's do it. lets get back to breaking news out of west philadelphia where water is flooding an area and causing trouble for commuters. >> they are told to stay away the area. dave kinchen is standing by. dave, what is happening right now. >> reporter: right now we have better look at what this appears to be right here. we are still waiting for confirmation from the philadelphia water department but we can see is there a malfunction here with the fire hydrant just gushing water there was a project underway here and we believe they were putting in some new traffic lights, that is the latest
6:34 am
piece of infrastructure we can see here with this construction but clearly water gushing out from this hydrant here and turning into ice not too much longer after that. as it spread out. it there seems to be more water here. police officers on the the scene tell me that the the water department was here early this morning. they did put down the cones. they have philadelphia water department on it. we are told the water department will be back out here at 9:00 according to officers on the scene. they are telling us that there are major blockages out this way, especially with weather, the element, because of the water turned into ice, freezing up on septa tracks there. so route 15, in trolley or shuttle bus services between ease and westbound 60th street and 63rd due to the situation, eastbound is experiencing delays between malvern loop and girard and lancaster avenue. that is what septa is
6:35 am
reporting. neighbors are telling me we do have water. they say they do have water. that leads us to this is more of a hydrant issue. we have made several calls to the water department still waiting to hear back. we were told by police on the scene that they will be here at 9:00 o'clock n fact we did see the captain out here make something calls. we will try to talk to the captain too. he just got here on the scene. we have not had a chance to talk to him just yet. let me just show you one of the delays. that is master street. you can see how people have to either turn right or left, and they cannot take 63rd, past here to haverford where this water, where this water is gushing out. so, more traffic, more cars coming out because it is getting, of course, later in the morning since we have been here earlier and the sun comes up we can see more kind of glaze of the ice that has been forming down the street here, down 63rd street, and also down haverford, a big issue
6:36 am
here. the salt has been down here, earlier this morning. water department was here putting salt down to deal with the ice buzz obviously more water means more ice. so that means we need more salt. that is a major problem. you know, i can show you another street that is block. you will to have tread carefully as you walk out this way. by the way we will check within more time with the water department and check with the captain out here, if you can get some more information, back to you. >> thanks, dave. an explosion, smoke, and flames, ignite under walnut street this morning. it doesens of people out of their homes and businesses, steve keeley on the scene in rittenhouse square. >> this is the scene from yesterday but steve, there is still officials out there this morning. >> reporter: just about three blocks from rittenhouse square to be precise, 21st and walnut. you are looking down with all of the equipment in the middle between 21st and 22nd which bob was just talking about abe barricade up. the despite these barricade in the the middle of the street
6:37 am
we saw a cab crash into them because they are tailgating people and going so fast and they didn't realize the road was shut down. twenty-first street you see the person try to make a right turn. traffic starting to build, and that means a lot of grid lock through center sit the eye streets as people try to figure out around this as you can see, this lead to 76, the blue sign you see there now. in the light 276, and it is main way to 76 for people in center city. so they are to figure out how to get to those roads out here. here's y12 hours ago. the here's the picture from our man, chris peter shon put this on you tube. black billowing smoke from one sewer transformer grates on the sidewalk. we are coming up from several of them, and why they are digging holes, and live picture, you can see a peco crew over here. on 21st street. they are trying to get all of the lines that link under ground here and get them fix. until they do, they beauty
6:38 am
couple of big transformers in here. they have not hooked them up. that means they think they might have it fixed or these guys are here just in case to get power back on to the 90 or so customers here, while it is still light. you can see it is all still dark w that i will send it back to the bob kelly and three lovely women, and the band you see on pbs when they are begging for money. by the way this is only time anybody confusing our show with anything to do with pbs. >> we will take the compliment. steve keeley, thanks. steve, we have had so many different areas in the the city. walnut, west philadelphia we have breaking news to tell but a large fire at a large fire in central park in new jersey. >> it is route 206, it is closed in hillsborough, a and look at the this, this is at veterans industrial park, you you can see this for miles. look at that thick, black smoke. this fire started yesterday, we reported this yesterday in the 10:00 p.m. news. this is not live.
6:39 am
this is a video of what it was like. they are telling us it is live, bob. >> so this is live video. this fire started yesterday, that is why it is confusion. they thought it was out but it is backup again. so far in injuries have been reported but witnesses have said they heard explosions, and shook ground and rattled windows in that area take a look. >> there was confusion, alex, because it started yesterday, then it was out. now it is back this morning because we see it live again, it the is burning again. we will see, bobbies checking, of course, route 206 and we will have an update on exactly what that means for your morning commute. >> 6:39. also developing the search is on for a woman who abandoned her young daughter in a macy's department store. >> he is being questioned by authorities and then took off. the 27 year-old woman was in their custody for allegedly stealing $1,500 in merchandise. all of a sudden woman ran away leaving her daughter behind. four year-old was able to tell officers her mother's name and where she lives. authorities were able to
6:40 am
reunite the girl with her grandmother. now they are still looking for her mother, of course. there was another round of democratic debates last night, this is on the heels of the clear victory for senator bernie sanders over hillary clinton in the the new hampshire primary. >> pbs hosted the event in wisconsin. biggest focus on have the night was on african-american issues. they were directly talking to people in south carolina and nevada. the debate over the size of government. clinton was asked about a recent statement made by madeline albright in which the former secretary of state says there is a special place for woman who don't support each other. here's how clinton responded. >> it does than the change my view that we need to empower everyone, women and men to make the best decisions in their mind that they can make. that is what i have always stood for. >> well, clinton says she will fight over other gender too, meaning men but it is still necessary for women to stick together to knock down those barriers. governor chris christie asking the federal government
6:41 am
to help, new jersey. pay for last month's big winter storms. >> the storm dropped as much as 20 inches of snow, cut power to 270,000 homes and flooded several coastal towns, and, just one day after suspending his bid for president, he sent a letter to president barack obama detailing 82 million-dollar in costs. 28 million. christie is asking the president for disaster declarations for 17 of the states's 21 counties. the storm broke storm record in six counties, stretching a lot of local budgets. well, penn state's former president is suing the university over a backlash from the sandusky scandal. >> graham spanier has filed a lawsuit saying university violated an agreement they made when he stepped down. he claims penn state trustees made comments that damaged his reputation after he resigned under pressure in november 2011. penn state isn't commenting, spanier also find a defamation claim against former fbi director louie free for his support on that scandal. 6:41. it turns out that the netflix
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shows you watch can make our break your love life. update to netflix? we will tell you more after the break.
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when morning comes it will be all right. if you are bundled up, if you are head together poconos mountains or already there for the long who will take weekend because this is such a popular ski weekend, i hope you brought lots and lots of layers. because there is frostbite danger for being outside too long in the temperatures we will have, over valentines weekend. and on the day itself in philadelphia, bitter cold with below zero wind chills in the morning. keep that in mind. at least you cannot say you weren't warned. as we are looking at arctic blast for tonight, we actually have a cold front up here, to the north of us that will come through tonight, a little bit of snow, a whole lot of cold. sunday morning wind chill will be below seer year, and as far as the jersey shore.
6:46 am
be prepared for. that coldest day of the weekend will be sunday morning, high wind, and especially, tomorrow, with wind gusting to 30, maybe even 40 miles an hour, and making it feel even colder and scattered snow showers are possible, that is especially for tonight, but anytime over the week went that blast of cold air coming through. we don't see any of those, lines of snow coming down from lake erie as we did yesterday with those snow squals. it looks okay for us for right now but looking in the future cast, it does show that there is some snow in store for later on probably tonight. we will see clouds increasing by two or 3:00 in the afternoon. it gets rid of the sunshine and start looking for flakes anytime after four or 5:00 o'clock, probably just a few little areas of snow bursts, snow squalls and flurries flying around rest of the time. that will be through midnight. then wind pick up after midnight and we will get that arctic cold that feels colder then it does right now and that sticks around for both saturday and sunday. and for tonight, we could end
6:47 am
up with maybe half an inch of snow, in certain spots, because of that cold that is coming in. 18 degrees right the now in philadelphia if you are walking out the door. these are the important numbers, the wind chills. it feels like ten in philadelphia, 12 below in mount pocono. it feels like 17, in dover, delaware, and we have wind not as high as yesterday but every mile april hour of wind speed makes it feel colder then it is. we will go with a two for tomorrow and one for sunday because the cold, then snow rolls in late in the the day on presidents day, yeah, and then lingers into tuesday but changes rain. that looks like an interesting weather situation at the end of a holiday weekend. that will see a lot of changes, bob kelly, wow. >> wow. >> wow. >> wow. >> there is word for the day. >> wow. >> good morning, everybody. here's a scene of the warehouse fire we just showed you from our sister station's
6:48 am
chopper up there in north jersey, it is route 206 in hillsborough township. it is about ten to 15 miles north of princeton, new jersey. it is not in our immediate area. that was a flare up from the fire that started yesterday. here locally 95 southbound a little slow up in the betsy on down to the schuylkill, running slow, conshohocken to belmont. then we will update that situation in the neighborhood as we heard from dave, a water leaking from underground there right near a fire hydrant. bottom line 63rd closed between haverford and master. we're still waiting for water crew toss arrive. girard avenue closed between 62nd and 64th. this is a busy intersection here in west philadelphia not just for the vehicles but for the septa trolleys. so the route ten and the route 15, come through that intersection. so there is in services and no shuttle buses for either of these one trolleys routes here. so you want to go to the, their web site, and they have specific detours for
6:49 am
each one of those trolleys this morning. the as we heard from steve keeley down here on walnut street 21st block, walnut blocked 21st to 22nd because of an underground transformer fire and you don't want to get stuck in that detour. stick with either chestnut or spruce. that will get you around the situation that is taking place there this morning and all of the trains making all of the stops on market frank for line so no a or b express service. watch for had big concert tonight. bruce in south philadelphia, lauren and alex, back over to you you. >> are you going? >> i'm trying. i had a couple of opportunities but i have not ruled it out yet. >> would be, bob will go. >> it turns out that the netflix shows you watch can make other break your love life. >> here's how. recent study admit to sitting through their partner's weird shows just to keep the peace at home and at the same time 30 percent have of couples
6:50 am
said they consider watching top shows together but that creates bonding time. study shows many people in first days tell lies about watching programs just to impress their dates. others admitted to asking someone out based solely on show compatibility. >> really. >> such a conversation starter now. people are like what are your favorite netflix show. you you start rattling them off. >> you discuss characters, favorite moments. >> if is there a show you are unfamiliar with, you are like you watch that? then you start judging. >> i also think, they say, you say certain shows you want to impress and i watch all of those documentaries on net flicks. >> you go to netflix don't they show what you recently watch. >> you can see it. >> then you will really necessity how are dealing with. >> 6:50. did you watch american idol last night? >> ♪
6:51 am
>> wow. ruben studdard, fantasia a big night on american idol, contestant sang on stage with your favorite american idol alumni. >> and next week, two mercon testtents will sing. my gosh. i would be so intimidated to go sing with fantasia. >> she has a voice. >> i like her haircut. >> she looks good. >> yes, so you can watch american idol right here on fox 29, on wednesday and thursday night. >> i love ruben studdard, yes. >> he was more quiet. >> i did hear him sometimes, pandora on the stations. >> yes. >> okay.
6:52 am
>> go ruben. lemar odom made his public return at brother-in-law kanye west insuring fashion week show last night. >> did you watch this. >> yes, i did. >> i was like let's check it the out. then i watched it for like two hours. >> yes. >> screameesy season three, first time we are seeing, lemar odom since being hospitalized back in october. that is when he was found unconscious in the a nevada brothel. kim kardashian posted this pick after the show. kanye west dressed all of them, of course. he took over madison square garden for premiere of his new album the life of pablo. also, debut his fashion show season 36789 show drew more than 20 million viewers on line, and it is jay-z and there were also thousands oz have people there, it was a pack house in madison square garden. sources are saying west put his own twist on the new york fashion week. of course, he did. just a way it was set up. they had a big tent.
6:53 am
he had a introduction. they ripped off cover. you see models standing there we will talk about it later, you have to see the instructions for models what they were told they had to do during the show did north west make an appearance. >> the whole family was out there, singing, dancing. >> it was a lot of things going on. there was a lot. they were holding her. >> yes. >> kendell jenner was. >> there was fur every where. >> kanye also announced that he is probably going to have a new video game coming out. >> it says that he plans to unveiled his new adventure only one, the game, a video game inspired by his late mother. the 21 time grammy win are previewed video game concept with this teaser video that shows a woman riding into the gates of heaven. >> he said that was purpose, his mom trying get to heaven and all of the things that she is trying to go through to try to get there. >> beautiful video with the colors and everything. >> in the next hour philadelphia's pol willcy to
6:54 am
close certain fire station as cross the city is history, the president of the philadelphia's fire fighters union joins to us talk about the end of the brown outs. remarkable things are happening
6:55 am
at your local acme. we're making changes, and we're getting better every day. cleaner. friendlier. fresher. like fresher meat and seafood. and fresher produce and hundreds of organics. to top it off?! we're lowering thousands of prices throughout the store. right now, chobani original, simply 100, flip, or oats greek yogurt and progresso classic soups are 10 for $10. and fresh raspberries or blackberries are buy one get one free. low prices, great quality, and friendlier service. acme.
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spot right a national civil rights organization turning 107 years old. >> on this date, the national association for advancement of colored people, also known as the naacp was founded in new york city. one of the founders, civil rights icon, and naacp principal objective is to assure political educational social my north group citizens of the you had, and eliminate
6:57 am
race prejudice. >> that is cool. >> happy birthday to the naacp. we will continue to follow breaking news, water flooding streets of west philadelphia, this wet disaster will affect your morning commute. dave kinchen is live and we will explain it all coming up at 7:00.
6:58 am
6:59 am
just by switching to progressive. so you'll be bringing home the bacon in no time. sorry. get a free quote at what a mess, a water main break, plus, this is what you get. the biting cold temperatures
7:00 am
this morning and when we will finally warm up. no power, in heat, and this is why. flames shooting from underneath the ground, what happens and why many are still in the dark this morning. left behind search for mother of this four year-old girl, found alone at a busy store. why police officer say her mom just left without her. >> madam secretary, that is a low blow. >> democratic presidential hopeful square off, once again, the at a more uncertainty for race for white house. the campaign has a focus turns to the south. good morning, happy friday. >> wow. >> yes. it is february 12th. >> yes. >> valentines weekend. >> yes, it is valentines weekend but it is also a special day. we have some birthdays on the show. >> yes. >> we have some doughnuts, bob kelly. >> yes, steve keeley did this today. >> okay good we know yours was


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