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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 7A  FOX  February 12, 2016 7:00am-9:01am EST

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finally warm up. no power, in heat, and this is why. flames shooting from underneath the ground, what happens and why many are still in the dark this morning. left behind search for mother of this four year-old girl, found alone at a busy store. why police officer say her mom just left without her. >> madam secretary, that is a low blow. >> democratic presidential hopeful square off, once again, the at a more uncertainty for race for white house. the campaign has a focus turns to the south. good morning, happy friday. >> wow. >> yes. it is february 12th. >> yes. >> valentines weekend. >> yes, it is valentines weekend but it is also a special day. we have some birthdays on the show. >> yes. >> we have some doughnuts, bob kelly. >> yes, steve keeley did this today. >> okay good we know yours was yesterday.
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we will combine them, it is friday, everybody has reason to celebrate. so here you you are, we know you love yell i doughnuts. >> we know it. >> we have a feeling steve keeley does too. >> let's zoo good look at that. >> they are hard shaped. >> there you go. >> we love you, bobbies what we're saying. >> love you back. >> happy birth the day. happy birthday to steve keeley. he won't touch doughnuts. >> every once in a while. >> that is true you you you might need coffee to warm your soul because it is cold sue serio. >> preparation for weekend, which is worse starting tonight, really cold air moving in but it will get for a five out of ten, i think i will be generous with that five. very cold out there. bus stop buddy showing what you to wear today, lot have the bundle will up, as much as you can and over the weekend as little exposed skin as possible for the kid that do to have go to school today, do not forget the hat and the gloves, especially. so, no lake effect snow in our area right now like there was
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yesterday, is there plenty have autopsy buffalo area but for us, it is still 16 degrees, and with a wind chill of seven, with sunrise, official the at 6:58. it just happened. 7 degrees wind chill also in pottstown, 11 below is what it feels like in mount pocono. feels like six in atlantic city. our high a whooping 28 degrees, not even close to freezing, and it will feel chillier then that. some sunshine early cloud later on in the day and some flurries possible for the drive home. and that takes care of friday, weekend forecast, bob kelly, it is coming up. >> sound good, sue. 7:02. good morning to you as we wake up on this friday morning. the we're starting to see the slow down here on the the schuylkill and i-95, but we have some problems in the neighborhood. first of all, left over from last night that underground transformer fire, walnut street closed, birthday birth steve keeley is on the scene and he will bring us lateness a few moments. market frankford line all trains making all stops this morning. here's a crash out in king of
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prussia along 202 just north of the king of prussia mall, and in west philadelphia, 63rd street closed, haverford to master, lets go upstairs, sky fox, over the scene, of the water, that has been gushing out from the street corner here, it looks like it is coming from below the fire hydrant, but the big problem is that the cold temperatures at 18 degrees, water is coming out but freezing over the entire intersection here. it also is closing down girard avenue as well, but this stretch is carrying the trolley tracks, for both the the route ten and the route 15 trolley, which are impact, dave kinchen has been live on the scene all morning long, dave, is there anything new from the folks down there in the neighborhood. >> reporter: we have another woman tell us that she does have water and her mother has water. so that is a good thing. the residents living close do have water. this is again, apparently some kind of a piping issue underneath this fire hydrant
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here. police are on the scene and they are telling me we necessity this in the city, very old pipes in the area here but this the water continues to gush out. we have put calls into the water department. we have in the yet heard back, from them. we do know according to police on the scene they were here earlier this morning and they will be back out, water department will be back out around 9:00 o'clock to do further assessment and containment of the situation here. you can sea water running all the way down 63rd street here, 63rd, of course, closed at master and half for, and just a big, big, mess, an attraction to the folks here especially kid getting out for school and that sort of thing watching all of this we can show you right there all of the cars who have to turn and go from master making a left on to 63rd because they cannot come right due to the blockage. now, salt has been down here from early this morning but there is still more ice development here, with these very, very cold temperatures. so that will be a problem, and bob, as you said, you can see
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septa tracks right there water getting on that tracks and forming into ice. so route 15, ten, both of those routes are impacted by this. so definite the liz check your septa listing, if you travel in this area. the as you get later in the morning it will be a major inconvenience for folks who have to get to work and have to drive through that area. this water gushing out. it seems like more is coming out from my observation in the last couple of hours, as we first got here. we have construction, going on here. it looks like from what we can see they have put new traffic lights in the area i don't know if that is exact project going on here but some type of project happening here and water coming out in that same vicinity. we will check to see if we can get information from the water department but that is latees from west philadelphia, back to you guys. >> dave kinchen thanks so much. >> we will bring you breaking news about a large fire in the
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the industrial park in central new jersey. but we have sky fox over in west philadelphia -- we do not have sky fox. we have heard sky fox was up in west philadelphia you can see the smoke from this fire all the way there. this is in central new jersey. this is sky fox i believe, yes, this is sky fox, yes, very hazy. >> it is expect i. >> top of the screen there. >> this fire started yesterday, and closed down a major roadway in that area. route 206. bob says it will not affect our morning commute here but it is at veterans industrial park. no injuries were reported but man, it is a big fire. witnesses told us they heard explosions and it shook the ground, rattled windows. very powerful explosion that started this fire. we still don't necessity why or how. >> we don't necessity how it picked backup because yesterday we thought it was out and this morning as you can see here it is still going, going strong too. >> we will keep you updated. 7:06. also developing, emergency crews are on the scene of the underground fire in
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rittenhouse square. >> this started with a loud explosion, thick smoke, dozens of people out of their homes and businesses, you can see video there with smoke coming out of the manhole. steve keeley is on the scene at walnut street where they have been trying to clean it up all morning. >> reporter: not all bad news. philly new has a boardwalk. the lieutenant of wood, lots of board. chris, spin around here real quick. we have traffic trouble that we predict. this is 21st and walnut, because walnut is closed, the lights working but you nobody is obeying the the light. we saw cabdriver, we saw a cab crash into that. traffic starting to build here as people try to figure out their way to 76. because the ramps are just beyond this closure point. look, in that shot right the there you can see a couple of big electrical replacement devices there in case they need them to put the power back on because they had 90 people without power. so they brought those generators in and so far they
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are just sitting there unusual and that is a good sign that they think they will get this fixed. but they have a huge hole dug in the left shoulder of walnut and that is why walnut is shut down. guys are working in there. they have been working all night in this cold. the let's tell you why. because 12 hours ago here's a picture from chris peters. he got the this picture last tonight during the evening rush before the sun went down, black billowing smoke coming out from underground here. the wires leading up to the transformer for peco caught fire and burned, and somebody said it was like an explosion underground. you can see, chris, come back over this way, do you see manhole cover. something you never noticed. peco has its own manhole covers. when those transformers blow up they go flying up in the air. good thing nobody got hurt when that blast happened underground. but fill gas works. they dug a hole on 21st street. you see their big pile of dirt. they check their lines when stuff like this happens. holes all over that weren't here yesterday. be careful in this.
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i leave here, going over to see philly fanatic and phillies as they helped south. thank you for birthday wishes. i'm a lot different then most people on tv. since it is eligibility day, despite cold i'm shopping at all 55 and older communities. leisure town, pleasure village and holiday village my first three stops. >> good for you. >> an exciting celebration, steve. >> get those discounts. >> happy birthday, steve. >> all right, see you. >> 7:09. well, of course we have been talking about this ursinus sickness that is happening at the campus there. >> listen to this... >> residents hall every single hall smells like puke, every where, all three floors. no reason to be here. >> students at ursinus college described conditions at the school right now after 185 students, are sickened by a mystery illness. the school is practically a ghost town right now. the classes and weekend
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activities were canceled as officials try to figure out the cause of this illness. we will write in doctor mike to talk about this out break. doctor mike, yesterday we talk about this, there were about 100 students who got sick and they closed down cafeteria because they thought it was a food born illness. >> well, it very well could be. if you look at all of the facts it comes up with one cause in my mind and that is a virus. we live in a developed country. we have good sanitation. it is most likely that this is a viral illness. there are a number of viruses that can cause this, the most common was the noro virus. and that is the kind of virus that you hear about on cruise ships, and it usually causes epidemics like this between december and april. the wintertime. so that fits. so what you find with these kids is that they get very, very sick, very quickly, and then they will get better in
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about 48 hours. so, it is really, you will want to die, that is how badly you feel but you mostly have no problems, and you'll survive. >> it sound like a long 48 hours, i think big question is how is it spreading so fast because they are in close quarters and if it is the air or touching? >> well, if my theory is correct and this is a viral gastroenteritis, that means you have nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea, that virus can be exposed every where. you heard the guy talking about the fact that they were puking and it smells like puke, every where, well, vomit can actually spread the virus. and it gets on in adamant objects, countertops, can be spread from food and it is spread whether we we call the fecal oral route where you get poo on your finger, you get tonight your mouth and there you go. it doesn't take many virus particles, to spread it.
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it spread like wild fire. >> can they really clean everything backup. >> they are doing the right thing to get everybody out of there. they will use bleach. they will clean everything. let everybody heel up and hopefully get this under control. when this happens on a cruise ship many time cruise ships to have come back to port because it is throughout the entire ship it is a real problem. only people that really need to worry about this are very, very young, very, very old and people with immune systems that aren't very good and they can get into trouble. >> if they are sending everyone home because of the contamination there are we concerned that it will spread to other areas, they are taking it and going to other places. >> that is a very interesting point. you can still shed the virus even though you you start to feel better.
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hopefully everyone told these kids look, you want to use your own towels, you want to use it if you can a separate bathroom, you want to make sure and wash your hands, wash your clothes, and really make sure you you are meticulous about that so you don't spread it to mom and dad, wouldn't that be unpleasant and not nice. >> yes, especially if they are paying your tuition. >> down bring them home. >> we necessity how those community dorms and bathrooms are. >> hopefully they will clean that up then. >> i necessity. 7:13. >> hillary clinton/bernie sanders facing off in his first debate since sanders won big in the new hampshire primary. focus is on winning voters in south carolina and nevada where primary votes are a week away. doug luzader is live in washington with more on last night's debate. here we go, we wanted, the tells wanted obama/clinton ticket in 2008. they didn't get that, doug. eight years later hillary
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aligning herself with obama and attacks bernie sanders in the process. let's listen to that first bite. >> reporter: sure. >> criticism that we heard from senator sanders about our president, i expect from republican, i do in the spec from someone, running for the democratic many in nation to succeed president obama. >> that is a low blow. i have work with president obama, for the last seven years. one of us, ran against barack obama, i was not that candidate. >> well, you know, what do you think this means for her this little quarrel they had there. >> reporter: it is fascinate to go watch this play out. on the face it does seem unusual that you would have a candidate lining herself with the president that is not terribly popular at the moment. where is president obama particularly popular right now? among my north voters in south carolina. you have almost a full embrace of the president from hillary
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clinton. sanders is very careful about what he says about president obama as they get closer and closer to south carolina. so this is going to end up being a pivotal contest to see whether hillary clinton can get back on her feet after that big loss in new hampshire. >> you are right, they are focusing a lot on race. sanders comes back and he goes after her saying those charge is a begins hillary for wall street contributions he addressed that, so let's listen to this comment. >> why in god's name does wall street make huge campaign contributions? i guess just for the fun of it. they want to throw money around. >> he is suggesting, that this could compromise her own agenda. >> reporter: that was probably one of most effective attacks last night. he always brags about the fact he realize on low dollar donations from lots of small, private donors, $27 he keeps saying but the number may the average has gone up but he
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doesn't rely on super pacs or corporate donations. this is something where hillary clinton definitely has an issue here. it is tough to preach campaign reform when you are relying on a lot of big donors but she makes the point that president obama did the same thing and that she's not the unique in that regard. but how is that going to resonate with voters is the question. >> we will see what happens, doug luzader, thank you so much. 7:16. sue serio, it is still breezy, hasn't changed there. >> you you think it is cold now. there is nothing we can do about it but we can prepare you for the frigid forecast for valentines day. so hopefully, you will get something valuable perhaps as a gift but you also get your gift of bitter cold temperature. 18 degrees. 19 degrees. high pressure in control this cold front will come through tonight with a little bit of snow and a whole lot of cold behind it. this arctic blast which will bring the coldest air of the
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season, starting tonight. by sunday morning wind chill will be ten to 20 degrees below zero. so it is wind chills in the single digits now and that will seem balmy compared to what we will get sunday morning. we might have have a temperature of 3 degrees but feeling colder then. that isn't 3 degrees cold enough? my goodness. so for presidents day itself, the snow arrives late in the day, and changes over to rain on tuesday. the it could link inner to wednesday. that is your seven day forecast, a roller coaster ride, of temperature, bob kelly, fasten your seat belts. >> that temperature dropping, it is definitely cold out there this morning. make sure little ones are bundled up and we have a couple situations to tell you about. schuykill expressway, we have heaters cranking, brakes tapping as well on the schuylkill between belmont and conshohocken, south on i-95, heavy in the betsy ross bridge. we have a water main break in west philadelphia, 63rd closed haverford to master, girard
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closed 62nd to 64th and problems on both route ten and route ten trolley line because of those tracks running along that same stretch that isized over. we heard steve keeley walnut street closed from 21st and 22nd. stay away from walnut and use chestnut or spruce as you work your way west over toward the schuylkill expressway, because if you use walnut you will go right into that detour and then grid lock. market frankford line all trains making all stops today. they want to try to keep everyone off the platforms as quickly as they can getting them into the trains. no a or b express services here. this is live look at route 202 north of the king of prussia mall and an accident right there at the intersection. lauren and alex, back over to you. the attorney for former eagle lesean mccoy says his client did in the satisfaction, he made a mistake on camera after he was asked about a fight at recess lounge in that video that was asked about the fight, it went every where, tmz, national sports shows. he is saying he didn't say.
7:19 am
that there has been no decision on any possible charges related to that fight that happened over the weekend. we're talking about the video posted on ill i where it shows shady leaving misconduct tavern wednesday night with his friend and he was asked about that fight. >> sean brace who shot that video asked mccoy and he claimed that the nfl player said he made a mistake. mccoy's lawyer is dispute ago this. he is saying his client was saying make a statement. you listen and you candy side. >> i want to hear your side do you have anything to say. >> unaudible. >> i want to hear if you have anything to say. >> unaudible. >> one more time i apologize, one more time shady. >> unaudible. >> so, was it i made a mistake or make a statement. those two word sound like but you say what. >> when they are mumled in a cell phone video and hard to
7:20 am
hear. >> yes. >> it could be either way. >> case now making prosecutors and we will see what happens with the charges from the recess lounge. >> but attorney has said no, no and it makes sense you don't want to say you made a mistake before charges come out because that will come back and bite you you later on. >> when you hear sports talk radio people were calling in yesterday saying shady is not the guy who say on camera i make a mid takes because it is something that they didn't think that is exactly what they said. >> a lot of people in our news room, if you were to take a walk around was this same video playing over and over. >> um-hmm, did he say that. no, i don't know. it is up for interpretation. >> we will see. >> so, philadelphia's policy to close certain fire stations throughout the city is history, the president of the philadelphia fire fighters union joins us to talk about the end of the brown outs. and there is a new twist on the most common valentines day gift, don't be regular, don't give a red rose, right. there is a different type of rose you can give this year. remarkable things are happening
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who can it be. >> i don't think there could be a special delivery for a valentines day gift. >> could it be special roses being delivered? >> well, we're seeing when it comes to rose is a lieutenant of people get roses on valentines day. >> yes. >> would you prefer, roses, or bacon. you know my answer. >> here's the thing, bacon rose. >> yes, you can have both in one, lauren. >> we will talk about this. you want flowers for valentines day. do you really want flowers? >> i will take them. >> they are always nice. >> you don't like them. >> no, i would rather someone give me 80 bucks but i do want pork flowers. we are talking about bacon flowers, they are expensive. they sell between 30 to $300 a bouquet. these bacon flowers were so popular they sold out on the web site.
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that web site is bacon creative idea to send your special someone the gift of love with bacon. you can get the smores type, anniversary special, the pumpkin bacon, flowers, and it is only a four person team. it was started by two guys in south florida, they expand todd four people. they cannot keep up with demand and maybe next valentines day. >> best thing about this for people say they don't like flowers because they die. >> yes. >> this end this problem. >> that is me. >> i just think they always die on me. >> here you eat your flowers. >> how much are they? how much are they again? >> it depend on which type and how many you get. prices start at 30 and they go up to $300 good 300, how many bacon roses do you get for $300. >> i don't know but turf look that up. >> it better be a monster bouquet with the best check late and bacon. >> i better not worry about
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breakfast for at least a month, $300. >> research says your girl friend requested bacon roses and he didn't think they were out there. i love it if it is true. >> now he has to marry her. >> but they are sold out. >> he is in the dog house. >> you you know what, he can make his own. the it can't be that hard. the just get bacon and, you know, exactly. >> it won't be as pretty, i'm sure. >> in. >> but a homemade valentines day gift, now that is nice. >> you get points for effort. >> listen to us ladies, fellows. thanks so much, lauren. >> have a awesome weekend. >> you too. >> happy valentines day. philadelphia's new mayor making good on a campaign promises ending brown outs for city fire fighters, president of the the fire fighters union joins us next to talk about how this will impact the department.
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spokesbox: ♪ go paperless, don't stress, girl ♪ ♪ i got the discounts that you need ♪ ♪ safe driver
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♪ accident-free ♪ everybody put your flaps in the air for me ♪ find out what happened in los angeles, yesterday. >> a young girl honored for saving her mother's life when tragedy strikes. jay la martin and her mom and little sister will join to us talk about her actions. >> good morning. we are coming up on 7:30 on this friday. >> we have a lot of people talking about it. philadelphia mayor jim kenney makes good on a campaign
7:30 am
promise. >> i'm happy to formally announce within of the major sacrifices made during the recession are in longer necessary. we have formally ended brown outs in the philadelphia fire department. >> policy was implemented in 2010 and supposed to save city money but philly city controller alan butkovitz found overtime costs jumped from 50 million in 2010 to just over 34 million in 2014. president of the fire fighters and paramedic union any thomas joins us this morning. good morning to you, andy. >> good morning, how are you. >> good morning, how are you. >> you say big victory for you guys. >> we're impressed with mayor kenney, we applaud him for ending brown outs. we like the work alan butkovitz is doing as a advocate for the fire department. >> for people saying there might be some trouble with this report from the city controller's office and maybe all of the facts and data aren't really accurate is what your response to that. >> well, with the data, it is a problem because last year we
7:31 am
were responding further incidents, we have gaps in coverage in the philadelphia area and if we can become closer and put people in the firehousees we can respond in a soon are time frame and then we can save more and help more people. >> reality was, they had to pick back when this happened in 2010 when mayor nutter put this in, it was lesser of two evils. they were dealing with the recession and fall out from that, 3.8 million-dollar hole that they had to fill, when they instituted brown outs we had to do something. >> you had to do something but there is also cost that having brown outs. last year there were 282 injuries of the philadelphia fire department. accidents increased by 60 percent. we're responding further to try to a is is the public. when you call 911 you want us to show up. historically people like when philadelphia fire fighters and paramedics show up. when the shorter time span for to us get there, the more the
7:32 am
public gets -- well, they are happy. >> you guys were against mayor nutter's policy from the very beginning. you never thought it was a good idea. >> it is never to do more with less. so if you take away companies, take away support for public, you take away their safety net. it is no the good. >> it was never seen as a in efficiency, lets put people in different places and make this more efficient. >> well, there is asset allocation. if you take away something, our response times are longer. it the puts gaps and holes in coverage for the city of philadelphia. >> well, since then, they have hired more staff, for the fire department and also -- >> correct. >> when you think about that and fact that the brown outs are canceled out what does this mean for services. >> i think we will look forward to working with the new administration when it comes in. we have dealt with our medic units in the city of philadelphia our paramedics respond on a daily basis. our call volleys extreme. they are coming from further distances. if we can put more companies
7:33 am
in service closer to the need and with the asset allocation or strategic plan we can put people closer to the emergency situation you are saying new administration when it comes in you are saying -- >> mayor kenney announce that there will be a new fire commissioner in the city of philadelphia. >> of course that will weigh on who they take in and what will be the first steps. >> first steps will be i'm sure we will have a meeting with them and we will discuss strategies that we think we can help them going forward. we have plans that we'd lake to see put in place. we'd like to end rotations for paramedics and emt but we have to work with whoever comes in and make that happen. >> within of the things i was reading about yesterday you guys will refocus on training so people don't worry about other outside factors. >> that is correct. we look forward to the safety reports. we look forward to their is a couple reports out there that
7:34 am
we do not have gotten yet so once we get those reports we will be better to evaluate what is going on in the department and then we can work with the administration to change and help the citizens. >> this is, of course, something very close mayor kenney because his father was a fire fighter so he kind of understands from being a family member what fire fighters are going through. >> his father actually work with my father as a fire fighter. >> really, nice little connection there. >> we will look forward to the benefits of ending the brown outs in the city and also the new administration coming in. >> thanks so much for having me, i appreciate it, happy valentines day. >> thank you. >> happy valentines. >> i love early valentines day wishes. sue, we will pass some of those wishes over to you and hopefully you can warm things up. it is the way it is, we are warning you how cold it is right new for kid who do have school will today, some have a very long weekend, but for the
7:35 am
wait in the bus stop it is brutal out there with single digit wind chills. the as much of the kid that can be covered up as possible is our advice today, scarves, gloves, hat, it is five out of ten in your weather by the numbers today and we are starting off with nothing on radar, unlike yesterday when we had snow squals moving through dramatically. today it is 16 degrees but feels like seven out there another wind chills in the single digit as well. almost all of them. we have a high of only 28 degrees, today, and we will call it frigid friday and by the end of the evening drive, we will probably have a few snow shower and flurries with more cold air on the way. we will talk about the low, low numbers in the seven day forecast, bob kelly is here right the now with what a friday it the has been so far. >> yesterday, we had snow squals, today we have water main breaks. the excuse me. we have sun glare here eastbound on the schuykill expressway. so although it is super cold,
7:36 am
the sun, it is not the doing too much to warm us up. we have lost a few degrees. we are down to 16 coming into philadelphia we have an accident right here probably caused by the sun glare. right here near girard and zoo area. slow go from the betsy in through girard avenue. delays the blue route rolling from villanova down into route one. updating situation in west philadelphia neighborhood 63rd street closed between haverford and master, girard also closed 62nd to sixth fourth, that is all because of that underground pipe, spilling water out on the roadway and september's's route ten and -- septa's route ten and 15 trials. as we heard from steve walnut street still closed between 21st and between the second. that transformer fire from underground last night. grid lock. everybody was rolling along walnut street there just sitting in that traffic waiting to get to the the detours. stay with chestnut or spruce and that will keep you out of that yam during the morning.
7:37 am
septa's market frankford line, no express services today, all trains making all stops, all aboard, girls, back over to you. >> all right, scary moments for barry manilow, how he is doing after being rush to the hospital following his concert last night. winter is hard on your nose.
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a lot of people are hoping and wishing they can get on the plane because they want to get out and way from this cold weather. maybe visit there, and warmer location, valentines, and then monday, holiday for most people, three day weekend. >> if someone said, think of this as a three day weekend. >> valentines day. >> yes. >> the news is always on. >> that is true. >> remember when harrison ford broke his leg on the set of the latest star wars movie. >> yes, criminal charges are being filed in that accident. the production company, is being prosecuted, attorneys say poodles was responsible for managing risk created during the filming of the force awakens. >> ford was hurt by hydraulic
7:41 am
metal door and air lifted to a hospital in oxford. he had surgery to repair his leg. first court appearance is scheduled for may. man, that could get messy. >> did you see star wars. >> i did not. >> why not. >> yesterday i said there was another movie i didn't sianni they are like what, who are you. >> titanic. >> you haven't seen titanic. >> it is cold outside this weekend. just stay up in your house and watch all these movies. >> i know, my attention span at some point i'm just like okay, next. >> this is good weekend, what else will you do, you need to be inside. >> yes. >> barry manilow was rushed to the hospital following complication from his an earlier surgery. >> news was announced to his fans on the facebook page. he was scheduled to play in nashville tonight and last night. it is also not clear whether he will make a scheduled appearance during monday night's gram a wards. >> he was supposed to make an appearance. >> yes.
7:42 am
>> so hopefully he will be able to make it and he will be fine but we will keep you updated on how things are going. the president stops in southern california and so does the traffic. details on what some are calling an obama down. >> i know that dance. >> no wait that is not a dance. >> no.
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gorgeous sunrise, and it vice important, and it is a popular skiing weekend. we have cold, cold enough to make snow but only too cold on the slopes. danger of frostbite with as cold as it is this valentines day and presidents day weekend. so here we go with your break down of your sunday for your morning brunch, 10 degrees. for your midday meeting, 18 and late night dinner about 15, as you want to go out to dinner on sunday evening. what a mess. that is because the secondary cold front is going to come through tonight and give us even colder air then had we have right the now. high pressure in control for early part of the day and we will get cloud moving in. some precipitation, tonight, not a lot, but there will be some snow showers, this evening. tonight. ten to 20 degrees below zero when you wake up on sunday
7:46 am
morning, crazy. so that is the coldest air of the weekend, high wind, too. making it feel even colder, especially tomorrow with winds gust to continuing to 30 to 40 d snow showers are possible, and especially tonight. we have a record for sunday have of 2 degrees, we're forecasting three but we could easily make it to two and tie the record. other record, allentown, reading, wilmington, atlantic city, if the the record are below zero we could ease liz tie those sunday morning. with no precipitation, we will see cloud on the up crease later in the the day. we will join our future cast at 2:00 in the afternoon. we will will see things clouding up by 5:00 o'clock, some showers, snow showers, are around, and, some of them coming through by 10:00 p.m., so that will be around for the rest of the night, you could run into a snow squall or snow burst, this evening, perhaps if you are going out for an early romantic dinner. we will see how that plays out but most of our computer models are calling for a half inch of snow, tonight and then
7:47 am
16 degrees as you walk out the door, right now. that is the actual temperature, what does it feel like? it feels like seven. feels like 11 below in mount pocono. eleven above in wildwood. the wind is not as high as yesterday but it is colder then yesterday, so it is a wash. and then tomorrow it is even colder with a high of 20 tomorrow, high of 18 on sunday. starts to get better on presidents day and we will get get the precipitation rolling in. by the even of the day we will have some snow changing over to rain with warmer temperatures and that precipitation could linger into wednesday morning the certainly not a boring seven day forecast and it hasn't been boring on the road today either, bob kelly. >> it has not. we were talking birthdays. mine was yesterday. steve keeley toys day. yesterday one of our viewers said can you wish me and my husband a 50th wedding anniversary. happy 50th wedding anniversary. i said sure send me a pick, we will put it on camera. they lost all of the pictures during hurricane sandy. she don't have any pictures.
7:48 am
happy anniversary to betty and tom moore, 50 years together. >> why don't you draw them a pictures. >> that is what i'll do. >> i'll drive to your house and do a painting and wine things. >> painting with a twist. >> painting with a little twist. happy anniversary to tom and bed i, thanks for watching us each and every morning. live look at schuylkill expressway, little sun glare. the don't let it fool you, it is not warming up, it is 16 degrees outside and icy spots on your sidewalks, driveway, maybe even parking lot, the septa market frankford line, no a or b express services, all trains making all stops today and keep everybody off the platform. are you going tonight, bruce, 7:30, sold out crowd down here in south philadelphia. watch for that extra volume. septa is adding extra trains on the subway and on the market frankford line for all
7:49 am
of the concert goers down there tonight. and then tomorrow, double bubble they have flyers in the afternoon and then villanova basketball later on in the edge. if you use dart starting on sunday they are putting in service changes and they are hiking fares up. grab a new timetable so you are ready to go for fink of the week n west philadelphia updating this situation, that water all over the roadway frozen over 63rd closed between haverford and master, and girard avenue also closed, 62nd to 64th and this has problems on the route ten trolley is being tea toward, the route 15 trolley they cannot even run shuttle buses through girard avenue. go to and sees detours for those respective routes. walnut blocked from 21st to 22nd as a result have the last night's transformer fire. use chestnut ape spruce street this morning for remainder of the rush hour, alex and lawrence, back over to you good can you say jammo real
7:50 am
quickly for us. >> jammo good there was a presidential jammo, because the president caused some trouble for motorist in los angeles. >> he landed in l.a. around 3:30 yesterday. so he could appear on the evans dinner show. taping was first sit down with her since 2007. people were bracing for heavy traffic as motorcade made its way through the city but they were not expecting this. >> isn't there always traffic in l.a., always backed up. >> they're upset that the traffic that they normally sit in was even worse. >> look at that. >> three hours, shut dunn for american three hours. >> yeah, it doesn't sound normal. how many times do we deal with that here. >> we're on the schuylkill. >> motorcade madness. >> conshohocken curve. >> we have two lanes, that is what we have. >> the problem was they were major highways already congested so it piled on. >> it is a disaster. >> then they called it the
7:51 am
obamajam. >> i will use that when he comes to town. >> obamajammo. >> i think. okay, go. >> there it is, a new music video, i don't know but we know what we expect. >> we do. >> i don't know. >> let's listen. >> ♪ this sopping is called upside down and inside out. >> it is awesome. >> yes. so, basically they did this and they shot this in gravity defying, plane. >> yes. >> got it. >> and when it the is at a specific angle gravity appears to be wait the wait lessness only lasts in american 25
7:52 am
seconds. >> okay. >> so they had to time this perfectly and do it over and over. that is cool. >> that took forever. >> so how they are sitting down and then they were fledge around in space. >> it is something cool i would want to do. >> me too. i necessity, i have been to space camp, when i was growing up. they have little things you can go and they blow the air ape it blows you up. >> it is in the the same thing. apparently thinks same technique they use to train astronauts before shipping them off to space. >> okay go. >> is this a music group. >> yes. >> yes. >> got it. >> from where. >> they are not here. >> i thought i read about this yesterday. i think they are over in russia. >> i don't know. >> well, that is cool. >> let's just go, how about that. local second grade student knew exactly what to do when her moth are passed out with the life threatening illness. now she's honored. eight year-old jayla and her mother will be in our studio to talk about her actions and what she did that was so amazing it saved her mother's life.
7:53 am
and spring starts today, a the least for phillies, we are live as truck carrying their equipment and supplies heads down to sunny florida.
7:54 am
7:55 am
7:56 am
the weekend is almost here. we will feel how cold it is. i just talk to sue. she told me there is a wind chill of seven. single digit seven, that is it. it can be all upset or do something fun with it. how you about this new trenton social media where people around the world they are freezing their pants, and then staging them in the snow. so we captured this a little bit back when we had our little blizzard. we are like hey, it is cold enough we should try it out. it is unclear where this started. people posting photos on social media, freezing clothes call them invisible people. some people have done elaborate things. we will try it out. mike, you are in charge of this little project. how sit looking.
7:57 am
>> this just in, it is me. >> hi mike. >> this is just stupid tv stuff that morning tv does. >> i love it. >> this is equivalent of frying an egg on the sidewalk, in august, when it is 110 degrees, right. this is what tv people do. so we can end up on you tube. >> first of all, this is the way i chose to dress today. i have a jacket the on. >> very nice. >> scott, one of our, what do you do again. >> i'm a executive producer executive producer. >> can you hold this. lean it toward my face. i have a mountaineering jacket on, over a more tasteful, sophisticated coat and then a suit coat and then a sweater: do you want to see more. no, okay. okay. one of our producer, her name
7:58 am
is milky way, i have some of her clothes in my apartment and i cannot figure out why that was but we will see if her little, under shirt here, is this -- what is that? we will put tonight water. we will see how fast this freezes. we will just lay it out on the street probably should ring this out. anyway, come on, come on baby. and then we have a couple other things, including jeans. this is like a cooking segment. do you see the jeans. we will put it in the water: but we have a finished product in the oven when was this put out do you know scott. >> around 4:00 this morning. >> around 4:00 this morning. these are megan's jeans. we have put them out at 4:00. they froze within 20 minutes.
7:59 am
>> yes, 15. >> yes, look at that. >> can we lean them up. they are absolutely frozen. and there is your little anchorman. i'm trying make a anchor woman are these female clothes. >> mike, put your head on that. >> okay. >> that is your body. >> what? >> put your head over those bodies. >> hold on a second. >> how is that, can you go out wide. real wide. cam on in here. do you go to mastery school. come on in here. take a picture with me. >> do you ever see the movie frozen. >> yes good let it go, let it go. >> okay. do you want to see something else. tell your science teacher, scott, hold that. by the way, ladies and gentlemen, kitkat kline, kitkat kline, this is other thing stupid tv people do.
8:00 am
>> is he go to go do what i think he business to do. >> it didn't do anything. >> it need to be colder i think. >> go to school. have a good day at school. give me a hug. there you go. have have a good day at school. >> to. >> alex, lauren. >> well, thank you mike jerrick. >> my hand are freezing. >> come back inside. >> good friday sometimes i wonder. it is friday, february 12th, 2016. ♪ ice, ice, baby >> a deep freeze glazing over the region just how low will temperature go? when we can see record breaking numbers. oh, it is cold. right place, right time, this second grader hailed a hero this morning.
8:01 am
>> i'm still trying to get over the fact that i almost died. >> how her quick thinking may have saved her mother's life. >> what does a perfect woman look like? men are weighing in. what a dream company woman would look like according to guys. boss is back in philly tonight. bruce springsteen playing at wells fargo center. >> ♪ born in the u.s.a. >> he is also coming out with a new book, what he wants you you to necessity about his childhood, in new jersey. what is the temperature. >> it is 16 degrees. >> don't come over here. >> my hand were in water. >> you need to wear gloves, mike. >> you need it all today. >> every year i try to go entire winter season without gloves. >> why. >> i don't know, gloves bother me. i always lose them. >> you put them somewhere.
8:02 am
>> i have gone all winter with mismatched gloves. >> back in the the day when i was a little kid they used to have little clips on the end of your coat. >> that is true. >> do you remember, the babies had the string, up the one arm and around the sides. >> yesterday i was walking and i dropped my other glove. i had to backtrack and go figure out. >> did you find it. >> yes. >> i did find it, thank goodness. >> okay. >> now that we have shared our glove stories, we will tell you how cold it is outside. our number is a five. you can barely see with the scarves, coat, hat and gloves. you need it all today because of those single digit wind chills. the sunshine is deceiving out there this morning. but we don't have any snow to show you on radar so our sunny 18 degrees feels like eight outside right now, and other wind chills in reading it the feels like ten. in trenton it feels like six. and in atlantic city it feels
8:03 am
like nine. that is right, 28 degrees is all we will manage today. by the end of the afternoon drive, we will see snow flurries on this frigid friday but it is a literal, bob kelly, frigid friday. >> good morning everybody. 8:03 on this friday morning. it has been a rough go for will folks in the neighborhood, water main break and transformer fire. we have some sun glare to warm you up just a little bit. sixteen though on the screen there that is the temperature reading. it is cold out there. a lot of cars having i have rough go getting started this morning. market frankford line in express services, all trains, making all stops, this morning, and in west philadelphia, we have had that water main break this morning. sixty-third remains closed, haverford to master. girard closed 62nd over to innings is fourth and because of the location there water is all over the trolley tracks, so septa's route ten and route 15 trolleys are being impacted. go to for the exact
8:04 am
detour on both of those routes there. rittenhouse square, walnut street ramp closed between first over to between the second from that underground fire from last night. anyone using walnut street you will get and drive right into a major traffic jam. use chestnut street or spruce through the remainder of our morning rush hour. checking in with the airport okay there, mike and alex, back to you. it is dangerous cold out there, we have been having fun but it is dangerous cold. >> yes, mike i mentioned sue said wind chill of seven. >> seven. >> so dave kinchen is live in west philadelphia to tell us how people are coping with the cold. i bet they are all bundled up, dave. >> reporter: as cold as a relationship between sam will i hager and eddie van halen although that might have that you had at some pint. do you see this? they are working in the cold here. the it is freezing. i'm joined by steven. you started working two hours ago. what is it lining being in this cold here. >> it is real cold out here. we have been here all week.
8:05 am
it will get even colder this weekend. but we are out here trying to make money. >> reporter: do you need more layers, people coming into get tires do you need more layers. >> not really because we have overhauls, jump suits, they are fireproof. >> reporter: all that work heat you up from getting one tire putting it on and off. >> working all day keeps you warm. >> keep yourself moving if you can. if you can, bundle up too. we will show you folks driving by here. we saw some people walking up the street bundled up and kind of a slow, a lull right new but people still to have get to work on a friday. they have to wear a few extra layers out here. a little bit of the patch of ice there but not the a whole lot where we are. we were on that water main break earlier at 63rd and haverford. it was amazing to see the water actually coming out of that fire hydrant and how quickly would it freeze, within almost minutes.
8:06 am
so you really have to be careful, just in this weather to make sure you are taking your time where ever you are going. back to you guys. >> well, second grader at myers elementary school in elkins park is recognized for saving her mom's life. eight year-old jayla martin was home with her two-year old sister when her mom got deathly sick and passed out. she quickly called 911, dressed her sister and gathered her mom's things. she got her sister's car seat ready so they he could ride in the ambulance. so joining us, this morning, we have latoyia mart win her daughter jayla and e ms superintendent, and we have another guest here, what was your name again. >> ava. >> little ava. >> we have quite the hero. how are you, this morning jayla. >> where do you go to school. >> myers elementary. >> let's talk about what happened and then so you heard something, you heard something upstairs with your i heard her
8:07 am
moaning and screaming. >> what made you decision to call 911, how did you know that is what you were supposed to do. >> she told you. >> you remember it. >> was this training you had at school or from your mom. >> assembly at school. >> all of the assemblies at school. >> yes. >> you were saying, lieutenant barto you have never heard someone this young knowing exactly what to do in a situation like that. >> we have emergency situation all the time. it is very stressful on everybody react ago this way. she was just completely composed and helped me get the child seat out. we generally don't take kids with us to the hospital when parents are sick paw it can be even more scary. she held me get everything together and situated. she knew where everything was. >> for you to say you have never seen something like that, you have been in this business for 22 years.
8:08 am
>> yes. >> wow. >> mom how do you feel she was able to do this in this situation. >> i'm very proud of her. she's very responsible. it just goes to show that she listen. >> how are you doing? >> i'm doing better, i did heel. i had major surgery. but she's still helpful with her little sister but she's doing well. >> do you help out with her sister. >> yes. >> this shows how important it is and at home and school to talk tour kids about what to do in unfortunate situations like this. >> absolutely. you never know when there is going to be an emergency and you can never other prepare. if you just keep telling your kids what to do, then whenever the time comes they will be able to do it. >> a lot of times we think we are saying and telling our kid what to do and maybe in the the listening, okay, yeah, yeah, yeah. is there a good way to connect with them to make sure they understand. >> whenever you see something like this on tv, this is a perfect opportunity to say,
8:09 am
hey, so what do you do if there is an emergency and reenforcing it. we have been showing this picture with you they gave you a plaque. >> yes. >> what was that like. >> it was a surprise. >> the sister is happy too. do you want to say hi. >> hi. >> was it a surprise. >> yes. >> so your friend at school have they said anything about this at all. >> they said congratulation is that is nice. >> are you going to make sure tell them they necessity what to do in this kind of a situation. >> no. >> you don't want to. >> hopefully they are watching this now so they will see what you did and you'll know too. keep us updated. congratulations. >> yes good give me five girl. >> and we wish you the best and in your recovery. >> thank you. >> do i get a high five too. yeah. there we go. there is a night little will smile. >> thank you so much.
8:10 am
>> 8:09. the boss is in philly. bruce springsteen playing at wells fargo tonight plus how you can hear all about what he calls poetry danger and darkness of his new jersey childhood. flonase allergy relief nasal spray.
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so go ahead, inhale life, excite your senses, seize the day and the night. flonase. six is greater than one. this changes everything.
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weekend is almost here, the weekend of love, but you you may not love the numbers we have in the forecast. look at the high for sunday, 8 s day but it will be an excuse to cuddle, then we go out at night for dinner and it will be 13 degrees. what a week even. we have a secondary cold front coming will through the other day. this one is going to give us even colder air then what is already in place right now with high pressure in control and precipitation on the the way as well, later on this evening, into maybe through about midnight tonight. so tonight is when we will get some snow showers around. ten to 20 degrees below zero on sunday morning. we have been telling you for days, that is the coldest morning of the weekend, so, yes, clouding up later on in
8:14 am
the day and then, snow showers tonight, flurries flying around, high of only 28 degrees. if you think that is cold look at saturday and sunday, high of 20 on saturday with winds that gusts maybe to 35 miles an hour. it will feel even colder then that. valentines day, the coldest morning with a low of three, and wind chill of 15 below. it starts to get better on president day on monday, but then we will get a storm coming in that starts as snow, changes to rain and goes back to snow on wednesday morning. that is a little complicated bob kelly but we will handle that one on the good day weekend addition. >> good thing i have my valentines flannel pajamas for the weekend. 8:14. this is egypt road just after of 422. an accident right on the bridge there i wouldn't be surprised if sun glare has something to do with it. you can see sun glare has been wick here right around that dashboard level. conn on in, no problems at all on the bennie.
8:15 am
the here's a live look at ben franklin bridge from the camden toll plaza friday morning usually lighter then other workdays. the in problems at all coming up and over into downtown. taking the train this morning market frankford line no express trains, all trains making all stops because of the cold weather. if you are going someplace warm so far so good the at philly international. we have problems in the neighborhoods in west philadelphia, 63rd street closed between haverford and master, girard, also closed 62nd to 64th as roadwaysized over from broken pipe pouring water out since this morning. septa's route ten they have add just ted services. the route 15, there is no service at all in that area because of the ice they cannot even ride shuttle buses through neighborhoods. check with on the exact detour route for both the ten and the 15. mike abal he can, back to you. it is close to spring training when they load the equipment back out to the
8:16 am
ballpark. >> i'm feeling warm thinking bit. >> we all wanting to to florida at the this point because it is cold outside. >> road trip. >> it will be an interesting baseball season wouldn't you say. look at the big old truck they have packed up. >> that is huge. the it is a 18 wheeler. >> do i believe we can fit this there. >> i think so let's yum 7n they have balls, bats, and anything you need to play baseball down in florida. clearwater, florida. the team will be put in the semi and driving down to florida today, hi there steve. >> it has been the same driver from the same company in wayne. he just backed up the big tractor trailer inside the stadium. that is good driving. it is empty now. they are just starting to load it. are you ready for list. i will go down the list what they are bringing. 0,000, 12-ounce power aid. that lot of power aid. 2400 baseballs. 2,000 short and long sleeve shirts. 1200 baseball bats. see if they used aluminum bats in the pros you wouldn't need that much. what else is in these boxes.
8:17 am
600 pairs of pant, 600 batting practice hats, 450 pair of socks, 350 pair of shorts, 250 batting practice tops. those are special tops. 200 fleece, 200 light jackets. 150 pairs of batting gloves. 140 batting helmets. they didn't use batting gloves or helmets when i started watching baseball as a kid, 125 leather ande list particular belts. seventy-five spike plastic and turf shoes. twenty-five sets of golf clubs. we will find out why that is coming along. twenty coolers. a half pallet of power aid mix to go with the already ready to make drinks. six bicycles, and one thing we can show you, well, we will tell you the last thing at the end. we have dan. he has been doing this for 26 years but in charge of the packing list for 15. do you ever forget anything, that you have been doing this so long. >> income on wood if we have, if we do we will find out on
8:18 am
sunday and try to get tonight clearwater by tuesday what player uses the most socks. >> combination there, everybody. whatever they need, we will just give it to them. we will have plenty of socks, hats, t-shirts, whatever the players want it is our john to give it to them. >> are players responsible for packing any of their old stuff, like the old days. >> generally not. they have gotten away from that. we have give players an opportunity to pack their lockers autopsy the the end of the season f they are too slow or lazy or whatever we will do it for them just to speed up the process and speed up our off season so we can do our inventory. >> what is with the golf clubs is that one set per player because there is a lot more players than 25 man roster that we have in the regular season at spring training. >> there is also front office, coaches, players, staff, there is a couple outings down there and it is not all about baseball. there is some leisure time. they have golf. >> baseball is leisure time they are playing baseball for
8:19 am
a leaving. they are in the working like you. >> that is correct. >> dan, we feel warm watching you do your job here. the last thing on the list is for the most valuable player, my bff as i tweeted, there he is, he is checking his luggage. do you see what he is packing. one tooth brush and his hot dog launcher that is last thing on the list, all right. >> doesn't he look warm by the way. >> look at the this. >> he knows it myself i birthday. i didn't even tell anybody. how about this. greatest birthday wish i get my birthday, and a wish from the philly fanatic a red velvet cup cake and a jersey i'm getting. >> he guess sneezed on it. >> i will eat it. >> fanatic jersey anytime. >> how about that. >> look at steve being the birthday boy. >> somebody told me i would be doing. >> fifty-second rule. >> it is still good.
8:20 am
>> you know what, if i knew i was going to do this for a living when i was ten, 45 years ago and hang with the philly fanatic and i would have been like don't even pay me, but now i want to be paid still, sorry. >> well, they stuck to that, they are not paying you much, true. best birthday ever. >> thanks. >> last year they sent me down with spring training. >> you are not going. >> this year i wanting to because it is so cold. >> you are not doing. >> i wanting to to lenny's. >> down in clear what ther so good. >> getting ready for valentines day you are running out of time, half of men admit to wearing something for luck, on valentines day, and special occasions what do you think that is. what would guys wear for good luck. what is the perfect woman look like? it's you alex holley. >> not at all, but men are wearing in and supposed it is supposed to be leak selena
8:21 am
gomez. >> she's very cute. >> what would a dream woman look like according to a man. we will necessity what that will be. >> we will take a look by the way we have put megan wilke, what do you call that. >> a hurt. >> and it froze in 15 minutes. this is stupid tv stuff that we like to do. >> why not. >> it even has a bust line for some reason. >> yes. >> well...
8:22 am
♪ i've been a turkey farmer my whole life... and i raise turkey for shady brook farms®. we don't use growth-promoting antibiotics, that's just the way things should be done. that's important to me. my name is glenn, and i'm an independent turkey farmer. (female announcer) shady brook farms®. no growth-promoting antibiotics, just honest, simple turkey.
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so now i'm not being perky, telling you that drivers that switch to progressive save an average of $548! whoo! i mean, whoo.
8:25 am
boss is back in town and e street band playing in the wells fargo center tonight alex holley. >> they are bringing river tour to philadelphia. do you need more springsteen? he just announced, his autobiography born to run will be released in september. >> he were a book. >> he did. >> can you machining what he has seen in his life. >> oh, my goodness. >> he has been around the world. >> started out in new jersey, asbury park. well, for a lot of men idol judge jennifer lopez is the perfect women. >> we know why. >> why. >> you know why. >> according to the research we found american men tend to prefer darker features. well, this is finally a break through. you are thinking of her butt. >> yes. >> dating site, is what your price came up with the perfect women. she's kim kardashian's complex, selena gomez highs, jessica beal's body and em was son's brain. according to the analysis
8:26 am
ideal woman is intelligent, athletic, 5-foot nine and jewish. >> and jewish. >> 5-foot nine, really. >> i'm out. >> you are way out. >> i was than the enclose. the that wasn't going to happen. >> but you have all these qualities. >> except for 5-foot nine. >> and body of kim kardashian and -- >> come on. >> you have a nice complex. >> i got that. >> what do you call it. >> honey. >> i used to get teased when i was younger, you are so yellow and all. that would i go home and tell my mom. they make fun of me. >> red boned. >> no, you are golden. >> you are golden. >> i am like i'm golden. >> golden. >> so what are you. >> if you go get something for me you would be a goal even retriever. >> come on. >> you are like a little oscar statue. >> you know what you you are.
8:27 am
>> pastie. >> i am rather pastie today. >> quincy, help me out. >> red bones, i love it. i love what is going on here. guys, q as cupid. i will sneak up on a young lady because it is valentines day. the whole community loves her. we have flowers. if you go and surprise her you have to surprise her with flowers. >> well, thank you we will use these flowers to help's and you just never know, come on back.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
wye necessity this song will be playing a lot over this weekend. >> oh, yeah. >> so, do you go out for valentines day tonight, or saturday night, you will not wait until sunday good why not have a whole weekend full of celebrations. >> okay, all right. >> so quincy, we call them q-p
8:31 am
id, what happened. >> they want to you read what is in the prompter. >> i was going to. >> i'm building up to start reading. >> they don't want to you talk, they don't want to you take over. >> quincy harris is trying to bring some valentines day cheer to some of our viewers, in this morning. >> is that your anchor man reading. >> yes. >> one person who wants to do something special for this morning, zeza. >> well, you may remember last august when owner of the kosher bakery in overbrook park nearly died after being shot during a robbery. >> i remember that story. >> bullet went through her windpipe and into her neck near her spine but thankfully she is back at work. >> zeza and what will we do for her. >> spread some love her way. >> okay. guys, lot of people have been talking to us about her. she is really the heart of this community. we have flowers, with tim
8:32 am
right here. we will surprise her right now. beal walk in. hopefully she's like, right here, this is live tv. i feel like cops. zeza. >> yes. >> zeza, we're looking for you, how are you doing. come on out, come on out zeza. ze za this is quincy from fox 29, how are you doing, sir. >> i'm doing good this is george. >> come on out. >> zeza, everyone in the community loves you. and, you know, it is valentines day. everybody is talking about you. we wanted to come by and give you valentines day cheer. >> that is really nice, thank you. >> yes. >> we have some roses right here. >> how are you doing. first of all, good morning. >> good morning this is compliments of the flower show, god bless. >> thank you, thank you.
8:33 am
>> happy valentines day. george is in the the a i good valentines because he is a bad worker but how has it been. >> i'm glad i'm back. with all of the support, people that pray for me, i'm here. >> well, we just want to say happy valentines day to you. >> okay. >> i with sing to him but my voice is back. would you like me to sing to you. >> here we go. >> ♪ >> it ace little fettywop. >> we thank you, people in the community are happy you are back. >> i necessity they are happy. i'm glad i'm here for my people, for my customers, for my people that i see every day. everybody is welcomed here. thank you for welcoming me back.
8:34 am
but i'm back. i'm back. >> thank you for not cursing at us live on tv. it is valentines day. quincy is turning in to cupid. really special. >> great that we can support that. >> i necessity that business affected a lot of business. >> everybody in that neighborhood necessary her. >> thank goodness she survived. and knew, sue that we would get fettywop on friday before valentines day. >> what is up with that. >> i wanted to hear a little bit more. >> that was goodish. >> well, anyway, it is obvious or what, very cold outside. bus stop buddy is really bundled up. we have single digit wind chills despite the sunshine, so shades, plus the hat, coat, gloves and a scarves for good measure. it is 18 degrees, and that is in the cold enough. 8-mile an hour wind. and some other wind chills, as
8:35 am
you walk out the door in reading it feels like 10 degrees. feels like four in lancaster. two in wildwood nine in atlantic city. high of 28 today. mixture of sun and cloud, late day flurries or snow showers. lingering through the evening. overnight the le of 18 tonight, wait until you you see numbers for the weekend they are even lower, mike and alex, then then. >> do you remember on national bagel day we talk about rainbow bail also in new york. >> we went crazy over it in brooklyn. >> this is a brooklyn basely that makes these rainbow bagels. >> you don't need to go to brooklyn for this. we have them right here in our area we will take to you this place and see these rainbow bagels in person. >> glassboro, new jersey here we come. >> let's go. >> did you watch kanye yesterday. >> shy did your. >> my goodness. i was watching for two hours.
8:36 am
he debuted his new line. lemar odom was there and the entire kardashian family. >> the whole clan was there. he got the special treatment. >> high priced usher showed recovering star to his seat. >> usher. >> no. (dog) mmmm.
8:37 am
we've been together since 2012. dinner is absolutely our favorite time together.
8:38 am
i do notice that sometimes i eat better than her. i get my healthy bowl of beneful, and she eats a cheese stick and a cracker. that's what she ate last night. cheese stick and a cracker. can you believe what some people put in their bodies? (vo) beneful originals is a healthy blend... ...your dog will love. with whole grains, real beef and accents of vegetables. beneful. healthy with a side of happy.
8:39 am
hey, it is 8:39 on this friday morning. good morning, reading, pennsylvania. well, hillary clinton and bernie sanders, debated last night, in milwaukee, wisconsin. so, i tried to read something into everything. they didn't shake hand, at the beginning of the debate and pie the end of the thing, they were holding a little back. here's a taste. >> this is what we have heard from senator sanders about our
8:40 am
president, i expect for republicans but not for someone running for a democratic many in nation running for president to succeed president obama. >> that is a low blow. i have work with president obama, for the last seven years. one of us, ran against barack obama, i was in the that candidate. >> wow. >> chris wallace joins us now, are you back in d.c., chris. >> i am back in d.c., not iowa, not new hampshire, good morning to you, mike. i noticed exactly the same thing. >> they did not shake hand in the beginning of the debate good one quick question, why was it in milwaukee, why wasn't it in south carolina or nevada. >> that is a good question, you should ask pbs. i think part of the eye tea was they wanted to take this nationwide and, you know, it had been in these two states. so it is following the calendar and the map of the
8:41 am
primary, take it national, i don't know. maybe they like milwaukee. >> very pbsish. >> we like milwaukee. >> so i will play another sound bite here, this is bernie, always accuses hillary clinton of taking wall street money. >> why in god's name does wall street make huge come pain contributions? i guess just for the fun of it, they want to throw money around. >> just for the fun of it. >> chris wallace seriously look me right in the eye does bernie sanders have a chance to being president of the united states. >> i guess you have to say yes. i wouldn't bet the house on him. i think he's still a legitimate favorite. couple points he just swamped, in new hampshire, 60-40. has raised seven million-dollar since then. she is an interesting spot because she's tying herself to
8:42 am
the obama administration. you could argue that is smart as they helped south to carolina, more african americans voting, but on the the other hand we saw in 2008 when theres a vote between experience and change, people vote for change. he is not quite as good an examplar of change as barack obama was given he is a 74 year-old democratic socialist but he surprised us so far. i wouldn't bet on it the but i think he does have a chance. >> chris, if you need help booking the she today for sunday, give me a call, i know people. >> let me get that number, you never know what could happen. let me just say i have two quick things. the republican debate on saturday night we will have the very latest on that and secondly i know you go bed early, i go to bed early, these 9:00 o'clock debates are killing us. >> why do they do it. >> it is almost like they
8:43 am
don't want to us hear them. >> how about a debate at 9:00 o'clock on a saturday night. >> on valentines saturday night. >> list men my house at this point it doesn't matter whether it is valentines day or not. >> what will you get your life. >> she might watch, i have gotten her a very, very good present. >> we will find out next week. >> yes, i will will show you next week. >> what would chris wallace give his wife. start thinking about that. get on twitter, what would chris wallace give his wife. she's a very good cook. the she has written books about cooking. i don't think he is doing that >> alex holley? kanye west, listen to this here, kanye west drops his new cd, and a new jeesey.
8:44 am
>> who says that. >> people from yesteryear. lemar odom was at the concert last night at madison square concert. let me tell you you who came with lemar? everyone of the kardashians. we will supply i it for you.
8:45 am
8:46 am
8:47 am
so, we have frozen a pair of jeans because that is what morning tv people do. this is tv stuff. >> this is what we do. >> we dipped those jeans in water and they froze in 15 minutes. now they are standing by themselves. you know, i was called frozen pants when iowas in high school. >> why is that mike. >> many reasons that i cannot get into. >> i broke my lent promise by mistake. it was an accident. >> you sure did. >> i was going to go 40 days, dax, from tmz, without sailing the name. >> kardashian. >> and it was in the teleprompter and i read it, a pol guys you can start over. i can hear you but i just can't see you just add a day. >> i'll add a day.
8:48 am
i cannot say the word... >> i say start all the way over. >> starting, now. so alex, take it. >> so, dax, i have to admit i said i will check out the this kanye season three show. and i said i went in and was like my gosh i was loving it. >> explain what it ways, madison square garden yesterday afternoon. >> madison square garden, season three of his fashion line and he played his new album, correct, dax. >> he had a whole lot of celebrities joining him. he invited everybody one he knows. and then models on the stage. it was very celebrity filled. but i have to say one of the most noticeable people there was when kanye came walking in. he came walking in with lemar odom. you see lemar. he escorted him to his seat. this is was a huge deal. everyone obviously going crazy inside madison quarter garden exited to see lemar.
8:49 am
walking around by himself. i think that was a big deal. reason lemar would have been out there was lemar kind of owes a a lot to kanye, feels like he helped him get better in the hospital and he could not remember aloft things, he was having trouble with his cognitive function. kanye would come in and play him a couple of his tracks, and say what do you think of this. and i guess one time kanye came back and said lemar i want to you replay track number three. everyone was like you remembered something. he hadn't been remembering anything. the he was able to remember one of the tracks and wanted to rehear it. that was a big step forward for him. so lemar wanted to give back and be in new york for the big show. >> so while you are talking, dax we are looking at video of his new fashion line. it looks like he has created white t-shirts. >> no, it is all kind of fashion that we saw. >> but dax, i have to admit i didn't know what was more fascinating, kanye ribe to his
8:50 am
own music or watching these models, the instructions they had. >> one do not smile. >> i was going to say they were standing there for so long i started to feel bad for them. you can they will they were starting to get their legs hurt, some would sit down. it was interesting to watch. neve campbell came out at within point strutting her stuff. it was something you have to watch. what is going than right now you could not walk away. enjoyed the songs. i said okay, kanye he says it is best one. >> very create i have and unique. >> yes. >> the whole thing. >> it was add madison square garden, that is epic. >> of course, twitter was going crazy, tidal, live stream was up and down, and it really is the master of publicity , i will tell thaw. >> it was broadcast to movie
8:51 am
theaters around the world. that had to be a huge audience for him. have a great weekend. happy valentines day. >> thanks, dax good the title is tlob, true lah life of pablo. they explain what this means to me. >> pablo. >> why it is called that. >> who is pablo. >> i'll explain. do you want to explain now. >> we will explain later. >> in fact you had to see a list of these models what they had to do long list of what he told them they had to do. >> this is what i like to see out of you, lauren, jen, why don't i recreate. that i'll get the way you all should be looking while i'm talking. >> milky way, can you put the picture of the kardashians up again. they all have white on. you can tell they choreographed. >> kanye dressed them. >> there is in question bit. >> i have a question about this picture. it is going to be put backup by milky way.
8:52 am
who is headless one in the middle. there is someone there with no head, who is that. >> it is a shoulder, it is her arm, it is kylie's arm. >> she's leaning to her right. >> to chloe is that what you are talking about. >> it is hard to say because i cannot say their name because it is lent. >> kylie, leaning toward chloe. >> okay, fine. >> lottery numbers.
8:53 am
8:54 am
8:55 am
people object twitter, they caught me again i apparently said the word. >> kardashian. >> trying on get the picture backup, right. >> it is harder then you
8:56 am
think, mike. >> start over my lent promise. >> you have two days on. >> not to say the word. >> kardashian. >> starting now. >> hey mike is what chloe's last name. >> love is in the air. love is in the air but should it be with somebody at the office? how many co-workers have been mixing business with pleasure. >> not over here. >> with pleasure. >> i know people who are dating secretly here at fox 29. >> do you. >> do tell, give me the tease. >> i will give you the t i'm brewing it right now and i'll tell you after the break.
8:57 am
8:58 am
8:59 am
okay is that a new camera over the aquarium. it looks like a different shot
9:00 am
from the past where we would see more of center city. is this the same thing. >> no. >> okay, society hill towers over there. >> they probably should level it out, do we have a level there in the construction area. we can level that shot out. okay. >> good day. this whole show is kind of, every day. >> who is doing the tilting. >> that is me. >> alycia keys, i mean sue serio joins us now, and hi alex. >> who am i. >> who would you be. >> that speaks lot. >> you just look adorable. >> it is friday, february 12th, 2016. man, is it cold. >> very cold. >> but we're going to heat it up for valentines day. >> let's do that. >> people going to be going out tonight, and tomorrow night. about half of all men, that we surveyed, admit to wearing something for luck. on special occasions like this sunday or satur


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