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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  February 12, 2016 10:00pm-10:31pm EST

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dangerous cold invading the northeast in time for valentine's day. >> how cold it will get. >> nothing but the very best for a deserving group of youngsters attending their prom. those stories and more coming up in 30 seconds. >> fox 29 news in hd sponsored by x1 from xfinity changing the way you experience tv ♪ happening now dangerously cold air making its way into the region and those temperatures could be record breaking. >> a live look right now at wilmington, delaware. where temperatures are already in the teens and that is without
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the wind chill and the worst is still yet to come. good evening, i'm dawn timmeney. >> i'm chris o'connell. code blues are in effect across the region tonight as those temperatures fall. scott williams tracking the tumbling temperatures courtesy of this arctic blast. fill us in, scott. >> that's certainly right, chris and dawn. right now that arctic boundary still to the north and west but out ahead of it we've seen a coating of snow across philadelphia into south jersey as well as delaware. that disturbance moving out to sea but take a look off to the north and west. more snow squalls and behind this arctic front some of the coldest air we've seen in quite some time. that's because the polar vortex that air is moving right down from canada toward the philadelphia area over the next several days. a live look right now at the philadelphia international airport. 23 degrees. but look at the wind chill. it already feels like 15 in philadelphia. so 23 right now in philadelphia. 19 degrees in pittsburgh. take a look at the 0-degree
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right now in marquette, michig michigan. 10 below in international falls. but look at the core of of the colder air you can see as high as almost 25 even a 31-degrees below zero in parts of quebec. so as we go hour by hour, take a look at the feels like temperatures by tomorrow afternoon and then continuing into sunday at 9:00 a.m. feeling like 10 to 20 degrees below zero. coming up, we'll talk about some safety tips but also the potential for a president's day storm with the seven day forecast. back to you. >> all right, scott, thanks you heard from scott how cold it's going to be. you'll need to pile on the winter gear layer up if you plan to be outside at all this weekend just exposing your skin to these temperatures for even a few minutes can lead to frost bite. >> that's why it's so important to dress appropriately and make sure others are doing the same. sabina kuriakose live in center city for us. how cold is it out there, sabina. >> reporter: it is freezing out here but we still do have a lot of people out and about in
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the city, chris and dawn. albeit many of them extremely bundled up. still the city though not taking any chances issuing a code blue alert for these life threatening conditions. laced up hitting the ice outside city hall. despite the extreme cold, creeping in and dusting of snow, philly buzzing with a friday night fever. on the eve of a long holiday weekend. >> it's not too cold to be ice skating? >> no. when you're with your friends you forget about it. >> reporter: over at the art museum steps -- >> this is one of the spots we had to see. you know, this is philly monument so we had to come and check it out. >> reporter: carla and solomon are visiting from chicago. they didn't let the record cold keep them from paying homage to rocky. >> bundled up or not make no mistake with wind chills dipping to 30 below over the weekend the bone chilling freeze can be life threatening. city team shelter in chester hit
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by unflicks of homeless trying to escape the frigid temperatures. >> we only have three beds left. it's very dangerous to people to be outside. >> we'll be at capacity. >> reporter: with ski resorts reporting sell out crowds on the slope and sea isle polar plunge set to send 2,000 people jumping into the icy atlantic hypothermia and frost bite are very real fear. >> if you jump into the ocean with temperatures this cold, you really run the risk of having a serious problem. wear the right clothing. you want to layer up and if you're skiing or snowboarding or whatever you're doing, fine, just make one run and then come in. you want to make sure with temperatures like this you cover your nose and your ears because you could lose them. >> reporter: and chris and dawn, as you mentioned earlier, the worse is yet to come as we continue throughout this weeke weekend. dr. mike saying that with the
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temperatures we're about to see frost bite could strike in as little as half an hour. dawn? >> thank you. good advice, sabina. it's also important we can't stress this enough to take care of your pets with these dangerously cold temperatures the very best thing you can do is to bring them inside out of the cold but if you can't, there are a couple of important tips to remember be sure to provide the animal with shelter from the wind, clean dry bedding be sure to check on them. make sure their fur is dry and their water dishes are not frozen. never leave a pet in a parked car because it can amplify the effects of the cold and again bring them inside if you can. in philadelphia, you can report dogs that are left out in the cold by calling (267)385-3800. this is going to be a busy place this weekend. blue mountain courtesy of our pocono mountains camera already wind chill subzero there. you can always stay on top of the weather with our fox 29 weather cap. just search for it in the apple or google play stores.
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new tonight an cued hit-and-run driver is under arrest in delaware county. police in chester nabbing the man who they say was behind the wheel of a car that struck and killed a woman from boothwyn earlier this week. fox 29's shawnette wilson is live in media for us tonight and shawnette, that driver is now facing a long list of charges. >> reporter: yes, dawn, he is charged with inn voluntary manslaughter and vehicular homicide. investigators say he was on parole for drug conviction and driving on a suspended license. investigators also tell me scott the suspect in a statement admitted to the hit-and-run. 35-year-old brahim scott is champed in the hit-and-run death of a woman in chester early tuesday morning. investigators say he had a lawyer with him when he turned himself in last night. >> thank god, yes. hopefully i don't know what he was thinking or whatever. >> reporter: john gray is relieved to hear of the arrest. he worked with the victim, 24-year-old maryann bennett. she was a cashier at sam and sam meats in chester. >> very friendly.
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bubbly. great personality. was good with everybody. we all loved her. >> reporter: investigators say tuesday morning scott took off from his girlfriend's apartment after a domestic dispute. they say he was driving at a high rate of speed when three blocks away at ninth and highland he hit bennett as she was crossing the street. knocking her 12 feet in the air and 35 feet from the scene. investigators say scott ditched the car which they found soon after. it had been snowing that morni morning. >> he was driving that car we believe at a high rate of speed without clearing the snow off adequately of the windshield leaving a small hole for him to see out of and he could probably barely see anything. >> reporter: meanwhile, bennett's funeral was held today as familiar and friends learned of the arrest. >> i hope rest for maryann and her family. >> reporter: we also learned that the car scott was driving had only one working windshield wiper that is according to investigators. they also say that when he admitted to the hit-and-run he said he did not stop because he
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was scared and he panicked. dawn, back to you. >> sad story, thank you. police in camden county trying to find a woman in connection with hit-and-run lindenwold police releasing this surveillance video today. they want to talk to the woman you see right there after a hit-and-run yesterday nearly wawa on chews landing road. if you recognize this woman, give police a call. the number of sick students at ursinus college continues to rise tonight. 192 students at montgomery county college have reported the mysterious stomach bug. ursinus officials still don't know what caused the campus wide illness. classes have been canceled for the last two days while the campus is sanitized. the campus dining halls did open for business again today after county health inspectors gave the okay. and water services back to normal tonight for residents living near the intersection of 63rd and haverford avenue in west philadelphia. a water pipe broke overnight sending water gushing through the road and causing an icy
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mess. crews repaired that pipe through the day water service was restored about 4:00 o'clock this afternoon. the murder of a georgia police officer is having a profound impact on a new jersey community. that officer served as a volunteer firefighter for 17 years. major greg barney was shot and killed in clayton county, georgia while attempting to serve a warrant yesterday. but before becoming a police officer, major barney helped protect lives in south jersey as a volunteer firefighter at the lawnside fire company. former co-workers say they're not surprised that barney gave his life in service to others. >> he believed in what he was doing. he touched am people doing it. i can't say anything, you know, negative about greg. greg helped a whole lot of people. he was friends to everybody. >> meantime the suspect accused of of shooting major barney has been charged with murder. he was shot by another officer. a suspected cocaine dealer is behind bars after running from police and dragging a delaware state trooper.
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troopers pulled over purnell collins for a traffic stop last night but when they asked him to get out of the car, they say he drove away dragging the trooper for a short distance. collins eventually crashed and tried to run on foot but a k9 officer was able to catch up with him. police say he had more than 40 grams of cocaine on him. investigators say a later search of his bridgeville home found multiple guns that he's not permitted to own because of prior prior convictions. a packed rocking house at the wells fargo center in south philadelphia tonight. of course, it was all to see a performer we are all too familiar with here in philadelphia. >> he really needs no introduction. ♪ >> back in fill the boss bruce springsteen and e street band in town for the river tour. springsteen of course no stranger to philly n fact he's the only artist ever to perform in every live music venue in the city. this is my first concert ever at
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the spectrum. citizens bank park, lincoln financial field, veterans stadium even jfk stadium and still decades later he is still at it. love him. >> sounding good. um-hmm. >> this region is rich with sports history and now there's new a place to celebrate that history and this museum has something you won't see in any other sports museums. it's a night to shine for an amazing group of young people as they hit the red carpet. what big names made it all possible. >> chris, the weather authority continuing to follow an arctic invasion. find out when records could be challenged. your valentine's day forecast plus what to expect for president's day. may be a chance of snow. details next.
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♪ check this out. the statue on top of our lady of lourdes medical center is all lit up in green tonight. it's to celebrate both the patient and donor after successful transplant surgery takes place at the hospital. our lady of lourdes reminds everyone how important it is to be a organ donor. >> in camden county ribbon cutting held for the depachi sports museum. the 100-year-old building was a bank and vault used to hair the rarest items. it's a passion project from cardiologist any las depachi who turned his 35 years of sports memorabilia collecting into a museum. it will include an original sign from connie mack stadium many 150 game worn jerseys. local couples set example of everlasting love. just two days before valentine's
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day. cherry hill mayor chuck kahn initiating this vow vow reviewing ceremony. eight couples recommitting themselves to their partners including a man and woman who have been married for 67 years. good for them. the couple had similar advice about how to live together happily after ever. have a sense of humor, work out your differences, don't skimp on romance and enjoy each other's company. a new jersey teenager giving back as he does every year to the hospital that cared for him when he was born nip weeks premature. melvin shepherd of moorestown is now 18 years oldie visits the nica at cooper today. dropping off the proceeds from his annual pennies for premie's collection. he's been doing it for 11 years now. it's a way for shepherd to thank the hospital for the medical care he received back in 1997 when he was born weighing just 2.9 pounds. since 2005 more than $2,000 in
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pennies have been donated to the intensive care union. a worldwide movement on display in philadelphia tonight. they rolled out the red carpet in center city for a prom for those with special needs. as our joanne pileggi shows us for those attending the gap more russ event it was a night they will never forget. (applause). >> the event is really to honor the guest that is we have tonight. their opportunity to -- their night to shine. >> no less than the red carpet treatment with photographers and cheering crowds. this is a night to shine for people with special needs and disabilities. >> it is a big deem it's awesome that philadelphia selected to host this this year. >> this is all made possible by the tim tebow foundation. dozens of churches around the country and around the world holding proms just like this for people with special needs. ♪ >> we're having a great time.
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>> i want to be here with my roommates and my friend. >> red carpet, get your shoe shine, everything. thank ya'll. >> reporter: you look really fancy. >> thank you. >> reporter: tebow may not have scored big i the eagles last season heisman trophy winner and philanthropist scored big time with the people invited to this party. >> great to see everybody and all my friends, you know. i don't hang with them that much. >> reporter: each of the guests were paired with volunteer from epic church which offers ministries for special needs people. >> she's my special date tonight and i'm here to help her have a great night because it's her night to be the queen. >> reporter: lucky her. >> exactly. lucky me. >> joanne phil will he gee, fox 29 news. >> what wonderful event. all right. a live look at sea isle city
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tonight where get this tomorrow the 22nd annual polar bear plunge will be had we're told it's on for anyone brave enough registration begins at 8:00 a.m. then the plunge is at 2:00 p.m. >> scott, i went down to south street for cheesesteak tonight. there was a nice coat of snow out there. >> yes, that's right. we're talking about some snow showers at ahead of that arctic front chris and dawn but take a look at the polar vortex. that is headed right in our direction for most of the upcoming weekend. take a look at records in jeopardy. two back in 1979 in philadelph y morning. the forecast is three. one below is the record in allentown. look at the forecast. three below. reading will likely tie the record at four below. wilmington and atlantic city i think you'll be safe. but dangerous cold tonight threw this weekend. records will be challenged. the cold is once again sunday morning. winds are going to be gusting 40 miles an hour and once again
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those snow squalls could drop a quick coating. we saw that earlier in the evening. but take look off to the west that's the arctic front. that's the game changer for the upcoming weekend so pretty quiet a couple of flurries out there and we're watching those temperatures. 23 degrees currently at the philadelphia international airport. still out ahead of that front because look at the winds out of the south and west but still feels like 15 degrees right now in center city. take a look at some of the other temperatures right now. it feels like one below in the pocono mountains it feels like 22 in millville. it feels like 17 degrees in atlantic city. so here's what we're talking about. wind chill warnings saturday through 1:00 p.m. on sunday. feeling as much as 30 degrees blow. we have those wind chill advisories area wide and take a look at the hour by hour forecast by saturday afternoon, feeling well below zero. and then the core of the feels like temperatures by sunday at 7:00 a.m. we're talking 21 below pottstown. 36 below in the pocono mountai mountains. so stay safe out there frost
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bite that can occur. watch out for people, pets as well as those pipes. check your tire pressure and also those car batteries because they can go down during this really arctic air. also as we move toward president's day watch the clock here. we'll be watching some moisture move into the cold air in place from the weekend so it will start out as all snow. we're talking as we move toward monday afternoon and then gradually changing over to some rain but once again that's not going to occur until later on in the afternoon and evening and then overnight by tuesday we're still talking about the potential for an icy mess. how much snow are we talking about? it looks like most of the snow will be well to our west. the least as we move south and east of philadelphia but still a couple of inches possible before we see that change over. also some icing could occur in the carolinas on president's day, and then for us, as we move toward monday night into tuesday, may be approaching up to a tenth of an inch of ice
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before that change over to rain so things could be a little icy and dicey. cold tonight, 19 degrees for tomorrow with those flurries. a frozen valentine's day forecast. take a look at the numbers. the high temperature only 18 degrees but once again we're talking about a high temperature really well below where we should be for this time of year in the 40s and then watching that system monday into tuesday before we warm up. maybe another wintery mix by friday of next week. so just a lot going on. >> i'll say. >> brrr. >> wild weather. >> exactly. >> sean bell joining us with sports. the answer ai back in the news. >> that's right. great news for sixers hoops fa fans. the answer becoming one of the finalist for the 2016 hall of fame class get his reaction and the inform ba rising star game features the sixers only hope. jahlil okafor squaring up with the best young guns in the league and he hell his own. that's coming up next in sports. >> now with tomorrow's traffic here's bob kelly. good evening, everybody.
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busy day in south philadelphia tomorrow. we got the flyers on the ice at 1:00 o'clock. they exit, put down the hardwood. nova basketball coming in 8:00a lot of change over and out of south philly tomorrow. going to or heading home from any of those games, penndot will be working on 95 as well. both cottman avenue and girard avenue and if you use the dart system be ready service changes and fare increase coming our way starting on sunday. have great night and i'll see you bright and early tomorrow morning for good day philadelphia weekend.
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♪ nba all star weekend and of
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course the sixers have no all stars. sam hinkie has gutted the squad. draft a couple of future stars. struck out with super stars when it comes to -- meryl lense noel and embiid last year jahlil okafor has a chance he landed himself in the nba rising all star game. okafor average 17 points, seven boards the first half of the season no defense play in this game it's basically a showcase. still okafor showing what he had. look at that dish to devon booker. he gets the bucket. later okafor showing off this point guard skills gets the steal. he'll take it to the floor hisself down the court. no defense obviously but take the shoulder and the finger roll. team u.s. a leads 112-107. today allen iverson announced it's a one of the finalist for the 2016 hall of fame class. the answer was drafted number one in 1996 by the sixers led to the team to it's only finals appearance in the last 30 years
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and he won league mvp that same year in 2001. 11 all star games and averaged 26 points in remarkable career. but he still had to even be reminded of his hall of fame status. >> allen, congratulations on the nomination, and we may be seeing you later this summer. you never know. where? >> springfield. >> oh, i hope so. (laughter). >> ai always entertaining off the court. this will be the final all star weekend for the five or six greatest players ever play the game kobe bryant continues his retirement tour and today he reflected on the young guys that surround this all star weekend. >> this is pretty cool. i'm looking around the room and i'm seeing guys that i'm playing with that are tearing the league up that were like four my first all star. it's truly -- how many players can say they played 20 years and
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actually have seen the game go through three, four generations? >> a little bit of fun. all star festivities start with the celebrity game and of course kevin hart making jokes in the game. making jokes of the basketball. look at that air ball. he's awful. he's just terrible. not popular he's running around. they lose 74-64. but it's always fun. kevin hart great guy entertai entertaining. >> love ai, too. where? that does it for us tonight. good day physical weekend starts tomorrow morning at 7am. >> fox 29 good day special you gotta try it is next. your mega millions lottery drawing is next. have a good night.
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♪ >> welcome to our you gotta try this special, i'm iain page. i'm's lucy noland. a local restaurant made daily meals list of america's 50 best steak housees, so our mike jerrick went to barclay prime just to find out why. >> ♪ >> i am at barclay prime. just off rittenhouse square, and i have been here before, chef mark, good to see you. >> good to see you. >> i have been here many times. i never had a bad meal. this is one of the best restaurants in america. so really, top five restaurant, steak housees in america and you guys got named that. that is pretty cool. >> yes. >> no, now look at


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