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tv   Good Day Philadelphia Weekend  FOX  February 14, 2016 7:00am-9:01am EST

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>> this is morning on "good day philadelphia" supreme court justice antonin scalia dead. settinsetting up an leck year be who will be the next person to serve on the nation's highest court. waking up to dangerously cold temperatures this morning. how long this arctic blast is expected to stick around. >> roses are red, violets are blue, i'm not doing poetry i'm literally talking about flowers here because valentine's day is one of the biggest days for flowers. we'll show you how florists prepare. that's coming up. >> from the fox 29 studios, this is "good day philadelphia" weekend. >> and good morning, everyone, happy valentine's day. >> yes. >> as you know karen is still on vacation. so we have the pleasure of being joined by the lovely and talented shawnette wilson. good morning. >> good morning to you. >> everything is good.
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>> everything is good so far. i'm jealous of karen. she was very smart. she left valentine's weekend and it's freezing outside. smart. >> she got out of dodge. >> where it's warm. >> valentine's day. you're the married one you got to lead us through this. >> i got to work you through this. so far so good today. just a little cuddle weather out there if you want to say that. we have peaks on the weather map and things who aringing pretty cold out there. this is the coldest that we will be with this whole arctic outbreak right now. temperatures are down into the single digits and wind chills are into the down below zero a 33 below in mount pocono. seven below in philadelphia. so it is cold this morning. try to find some indoor activities for you today. here's one. we have weekend wendy with sue. >> dave, weekend wendy is full of love today and you're right, her card is so cute that she made she gets a chance to make some more at the philadelphia
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magic gardens. they're having a valentine's card making workshop. if you've never been, this is a place with gorgeous mosaic everywhere. you got to stop beach it's at 1020 south street and it takes place between noon and 4:00 p.m. lots of love in the air today from us and weekend wendy. >> a lot of pinks and reds on the weather map as well even whites up there. this is the coldest temperatures that we will see. the actual air temperatures down to single digits and below zero in mount pocono. trying to climb up out of the 20s -- into the teens 20's may stay below the 20-degree mark here but the good news ultimate doppler not tracking any snow. less wind later today. that wind will die down. real not talking about bitter cold wind chill. wind chills below zeros this morning. temperatures will stay below 20 even though we're not talking about the cold wind chills keep the preventive measures in place for the frozen pipes and keep the pets save today and even tomorrow. wind gusts are here 10, 20 miles an hour. but look how they just quickly
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die down by this afternoon. starting about 2:00 o'clock, things lighten up a little bit even a few calms there and the wind starts to change direction ahead of our next storm which will impact the shortened work week. president's day on monday could be talking about wintery weather all in the seven day forecast. i'll have that coming up. >> sounds g shortened work week for who? >> we'll be here. dave said it is bitter cold. these temperatures have many people staying signed this sunday morning. but there's some people like us who needed to get up, get outside and face the frigid temperatures. >> cold which youly helped me wake up this morning. another person up and out in the cold is fox 29's jennifer joyce much she's life at city hall this morning. >> hey, jenny. >> valentine's day and then the cold. >> reporter: yeah, it's a lot right there. people are running out and getting presents this morning. we've seen a few stragglers out here in the city hall area as you heard dave warren say, just 9 degrees outside feels like
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zero or below with that wind chill brutal weather on sunday in philadelphia. the city has issued a code blue until further notice. with that teams of people will be out around the city looking for anyone out in the cold finding them shelter whether it be soup kitchen, homeless shelter or any type of emergency shelter. it's just too cold to be outsi outside. in honor of the chinese new year there will be a parade through chinatown later this morning at the start of the parade which is 11:311:30 only expected to be at 14 or 15 degrees outside. parade goers, better bundle up. hopefully the participants will be able to dress warmly under those costumes as well. again, we are watching people pass through the hub that is city hall getting their day started. we're seeing people bundle up with hoods which is a good thing in this weather you can get frost bite in just a matter of minutes maybe 20 minutes to half hour or so. with the code blue, the city of philadelphia is asking anybody if you see a person in need of shelter call project home that
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number (215)232-1984. again call project home if you see anybody out and about today who might need some shelter (215)232-1984. again code blue is running until further notice. shawnette? >> jenny, thank you so much. stay ahead of any winter weather by downloading the fox 29 weather authority app. get live radar and alerts sent right to your phone just search for it in the apple or google play stores. >> happening now, the nation mourning the death of a supreme court justice. u.s. supreme court justice antonin scalia has died. scalia was found dead apparently of natural causes on the grounds of a luxury resort in south texas. he was found dead in his room saturday morning after he failed to appear for breakfast. scalia served in the nixon and ford administrations. first as minor administrative agencies and then as an assistant attorney general. scalia was nominated to the us supreme court in 1986 by president ronald reagan.
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he was 79 years old. and still no cause yet for that massive fire in frankford that happened just yesterday. more than 100 firefighters balanced the fire that destroyed six businesses on griscom street. investigators say the fire started in an auto body shop the winds of nearly 30 miles an hour quickly fanned those flames. it took nearly five hours to contain the fire but crews had to spend the night putting out hot spots. >> i saw a plume of smoking the building collapsing. >> it was awful. all we seen was deep black smo smoke. >> three people including a firefighter suffered minor injuries. massive accident along i78 yesterday in central pennsylvania has claimed the lives of three people. a stretch along 78 is still closed this morning and state police blame weather for the pileup that big rigs and cars tangled. though all got tangled up together much it happened just before 10:00 yesterday morning in bethel township near the border of berks and lebanon counties.
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officials say winds were strong and the visibility low when the crash happened. >> when i got on scene it was -- it was a weather related crash. reduced visibility and drifting snow across that roadway. crash originated westbound, um, but due to the seventy three rest crash it actually made its way into the median and to the eastbound lanes on i-78. >> 40 people were taken to the hospital. according to the pennsylvania emergency management agency, some of the victims were in critical condition. classes at ursinus college will be back in session tomorrow following a weekend full of cancellations there. the collegeville school continues to deal with mystery illness that has sickened close to 200 students. the university says the students and staff have reported symptoms of stomach infection. they include vomiting, severe abdominal pain and diarrhea. health inspectors found no issues with the school's dining hall and trying to determine if the illness food bourn or transmitted to person to person. sudden vacancy on the
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supreme court bench justice scalia died sure to bring new angle to this already contentious presidential leck season. >> our the presidential candidates reaction to do his death during last night's debate and whether or not president obama will be able to name a successor. >> you got to say was got to say in 104 characters. that soon will be changing. wait until you letter you use in your tweets. >> did it for us. >> i hear. >> barry white. we are asking you all dressed for valentine's day to send us, tweet your favorite love songs put them up on valentine's, we share the love. >> what are your plans for valentine's day. we're interested. this was bill's pick. barry white. >> good stuff. ♪
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♪ prime court justice antonin scalia dead today at the age of 79. the longest serving member on the current high court was found dead of natural causes saturday morning in west texas. >> fox's joel waldman has more right now from washington. >> reporter: news of antonin scalias' death coming in the midst of a pivotal presidential election where control of the court has been a hot topic.
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sending shop waves throughout the political world. >> reaction to the news of justice antonin scalia's death came swiftly from across the political spectrum. >> he no doubt be remembered as one of the most consequential judges and think kearse to serve on the supreme court. >> reporter: the flags outside the supreme court lowered to half staff tributes poured in from both republicans and democrats. many of whom praised scalia's legal mind even when they did not necessarily agree with his opinions. >> an original in many ways not just legal minded but just an original guy really nice. ruth bader ginsberg was his bev friend. >> reporter: appointed in 1986 by president reagan scalia was the first italian-american justice to sit on the court and staunch conservative voice on the bench. he rode the second opinion in major cases in major years including president obama's signature legislation the affordable care act. his death touching off a political fire storm chance for
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the president to appoint third supreme court justice during his time in office. that was surely tip the scale of the court in favor of the liberal leading justices. >> republicans holding majority in the senate will likely try to delay a new supreme court justice nominee until after the november general election. a move that certainly get push back from the democrats. in washington, joel waldman, fox news. thanks so much, joel. so what does scalia passing mean for the supreme court and for the presidential campaign? joining us this professor david barrett from villanova university and professor bill rosenberg from drexel university. good morning, gentlemen. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> let's start with you, professor barrett. the immediate impact, i mean obviously you have now a four-four split. what does that mean for going forward in the supreme court? >> well, i think it means a lot of the decisions are not going to be handed down, um, this somewhat unchartered waters for
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the chief justice. there's a lot of talk about how, you know, maybe the republicans seem to be saying that president obama should not proceed with the new appointment to the court and that's politically understandable but also creates a deadlock supreme court awful lot of ways. this was an eloquent voice. a lot of five-four decisions one way or the other but scalia was on the one side which is the conservative side. so there's now this potential for deadlocked supreme court and they're always very important decisions that lie ahead. it's a very historically interesting situation. >> professor rosenberg, chiming in on that, the whole situation about a deadlocked supreme court some saying we shall not go forward with an appointment right now. can the court even function this way? >> the court can function. the court has nine members normally but there are times in which there are less than nine people participating. i think one of the things that's important to think about with
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this controversy that's sprung up immediately after the death of scalia is whether or not president obama is going to have the right to actually place another person on the supreme court mitch mcconnell came out immediately and said no. i think that that really starts a fire storm. you have to realize other presidents have put people in even during their period, kennedy. i think the other thing that's important to recognize is that thurgood marshall when he died, he was the lion of the left. he was replaced by a very strange conservative clarence thomas which really changed the complexion of the court also. this argument about conservati conservatives wanting to save it as a conservative spot real until justified. >> it came up obviously in discussion witness candidates donald trump, governor kasich, they weighed in on this. let's hear what they had to say. >> i think he's going to do it whether i'm okay with it or not. i think it's up to mitch mcconnell and everybody else to
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stipulate. it's called delay, delay, delay i wish the president would think about not nominating somebody. if you were to nominate somebody, let's have him pick somebody that is going to have new money muss approval and widespread approval across the country this could happen without a lot of recrimination. i don't think that's going to happen. >> i don't think ever in history unanimous approval across the country. professor barrett, what do you think about the candidates saying purposely delay, delay, delay? and putting that out there for public reaction. >> well, it will be interesting to see how the public does respond to that. you know, president obama has just a few weeks short of a whole year left in office so the idea that he should not offer an appointment which seems to be the preference there from the candidates strikes me as unrealistic so i question how politically feasible that's going to be, and if there is delay, delay, delay by senate
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republicans, it seems to me that then becomes an issue in the general election and may be not in offer if aable way for the republicans. >> what type of person should replace him? we'll get your response to this. but first justice scalia had a chance to weigh in on this several years ago who he would want to replace him. let's seaway said. >> i would not like to be replaced by someone who immediately sets about undoing everything that i've tried to do for 25 years, 26 years. sure. i mean i shouldn't have to tell you that. unless you think i'm a fool. >> professor rosenberg you started talking about this. should there be any consideration into the person they're replacing? he said don't undo what i've already done. does that even need to be taken into consideration by whoever ends up appointing the next justice? >> i think that's just in general public. definitely into the play here. as i mentioned a few minutes ago, when thurgood marshall was replaced clarence thomas took his spot and i think you
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couldn't find two die met tree opposed individuals in terms of ideological perspectives. it's really nice that clarence -- that scalia would like to maintain his legacy with another seat. but, you know, he had his chan chance. did he his service and now president obama has the opportunity constitutionally to nominate whoever he chooses and it's the role of the senate not to delay, delay, delay, but rather to confirm or not confi confirm. >> professor barrett, professor rosenberg thanks for spending time with us this morning. >> thank you. >> my pleasure. it will be interesting to see how we proceed. i feel like the day after someone passes on, we should end that segment with condolences to his family may he rest in peace and then we'll get to the political side of it. now let's take a live look outside. we take look at the weather today. this is absecon, new jersey. a frigid start to the day valentine's day. dave warren is it going to warm up any? >> yes, it will warm up just a
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little bit. just little. it's dropped all night here and these are the coldest temperatures that we've seen so far. thank it waited for us by the time we get up this morning this is what it feels like on your skin. bundle up said it all last night and think morning. the coats, the halves, the scarves put them on before you step outside. lowest -- coldest wind chills we've seen down well below zero pretty much where. cold arctic air is to the north and these are the current temperatures only into the single digits. record is two. not quite seeing record low temperatures here in philadelphia but these numbers will stay right about the teens maybe not even making it up to 20 degrees this afternoon. cold winds here but look at this headline. storm develo developing. it will get a little warmer now we have to watch for some rain and snow. it will be snow initially as the storm develops here. this area of low pressure will bring up a lot of warm air no question it changes over to rain. the question is when? well, it looks like we have some light snow coming in by the end of the
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day tomorrow but it will be quickly changing over to rain before we see that sunsetting. so this is the -- this is how it's starting look how it ends and how much snow and maybe some ice we can expect to see that will be coming up with the complete seven day forecast. here's alex. >> well, it's probably one of the biggest days of the year for florists valentine's day is a big day for flower sales and our fox 29 photojournalist bill rohrer takes us in focus to see how florists get it altogether for the big day. ♪ >> good morning valley forge flowers. >> if you are anything like me, you will end up waiting till the last minute to buy a valentine's day gift. >> not until the men get a nudge from somebody ladies at the office or maybe subtle hints from their wife. >> a few days before valentine's day at valley forge flours florists are on their toes making four to 500 floral arrangements this week. >> it's extremely crazy because you never know what's going to
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happen. we have nine lives here. and they'll be a time when most of those lives will all let up at once. >> everybody wants roses for valentine's day. my favorite is tulle pips lips. i love tulips. >> this store has six flor roll designers and six people out making deliveries g if somebody is not home you don't leave a package on cold day for the neck three days it will be too cold you look for neighbor. >> cold temperatures this weekend may damage the flowers. the flowers are out the door early but it's still pretty busy inside. >> definitely want something to go out today, tomorrow. >> flour room manager david knows it could be no business if valentine's business wasn't on a sunday. >> people have differ options today. often decide instead of buying flowers they have time to take their wife out to dinner or movie or a show and in this neighborhood people even go to europe for three days. >> if you're not take your loved one on field trip your flowers are just fine. valley forge flowers will be
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waiting for you. >> we're here to help you. >> bill rohrer, fox 29 news. >> thanks so much, bill. always finding good information. we appreciate that. bill cosby is still fighting to get criminal charges against him dropped. >> yeah, this isn't going anywhere any time soon. what he's doing now as the sexual assault case against him proceeds. >> this spring not only warmer temperatures the way but new technology. find out what apple could have in store for you. ♪
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>> this is fox 29 sports in one minute. >> i'm tom srendenschek the flyers play at new york tonight in madison square garden. yesterday couple of losses. defenseman dell sad dough injured his wrist. he'll miss a couple of weeks maybe the rest of the season the game with new jersey. the flyers down one to nothing in the third period. shane will fire. point in 11 straight games that is an nhl rookie for rookie defenseman. in overtime the devils get the game winner. flyers get a point. devils get the win work-one in overtime. villanova number one team in the country taking on saint john's in the first half the cats zero for 11 from behind the arc.
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saint john's down one at the half. are you kidding me? in the second half let's go inside. daniel with the slam. cats role 73-63. st. joe's take owing and lasalle at the arena and james demure with a slam. the hawks are playing with authority right now. they win it, 88-62 over lasalle. that's sports in minute. i'm tom srendenschek. (vo) shop all makes, models and colors in your neighborhood... all with worry-free ownership. head to your neighborhood enterprise car sales and let the people who buy more vehicles than anyone... shift your thinking about buying your next one.
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♪ welcome back and happy valentine's day. thank you for joining us this morning as we take live look at ben franklin bridge, it is a cold one to start the day. we'll check in with dave warren coming up to see what your day is going to shape up to you. >> deceptive sunshine that's what they tell us about that. let's take look at some of this morning's top stories. >> us supreme court justice scalia has died. scalia was found dead apparently natural causes on the grounds avenue luxury resort in south texas. he was found dead in his room saturday morning after he failed to appear for breakfast. scalia served in the nixon and ford administrations first at minor administrative agencies and then as an assistant attorney general. scalia was nominated to the us supreme court in 1986 by president ronald reagan. he was 79 years old. unveiled university city in
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mural will have a hands in. the design of the mural entitled the legacy of bishop richard allen a.m. e church was unveiled by the third episcopal district of african-american church. they invited the community to get him help on starting date. it is expected to take five months to complete. the finished product will be dedicated during a ceremony that will be held on july 4th. of course, apple could be releasing new devices in the near future. always saying that. >> right. >> according to the nine to 5mac apple will debut the iphone 5e and i-pad air three on marc march 18th. 4-inch display smaller than the iphone six but has the hardware of the newer phone. apple of course has not commented on the rumors. weekend wendy very excited about going back to the penn museum today. it's a special day of
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valentine's activities for the whole family including you read for this writing love notes in egypt shouldn't higher row grief fixes. you see the higher row grief fixes in back of weekend wendy. you can learn how to do that and tell somebody you love them in very he can on the tick way. at the university of penn the penn museum of arc key ology andth throw polling from one until 4:00 p.m. now wendy has a sweatshirt on inside, dave. i think she needs to put a whole lot more on outdoors. >> right, sue. layer up and keep everything covered here this morning. wind chills this is the computer forecast. we'll show you how it will drop here throughout the day. cold as it will be right now. but by this afternoon, no more subzero wind chills only single digits. area of blue here a light wind setting up very calm conditions about five or 6:00 o'clock. so the actual air temperature into the teens that will be what the wind chill is. finally that wind dies down. until then, though, the cold
7:32 am
temperatures are here. down into the single digits. near record territories not quiet setting records this morning. but down to nine in philadelph philadelphia. 11 below. that is the actual air temperature there in mount pocono. morning wind chills below zero. it gets a little better this afternoon but temperatures stay right about 20 degrees. so we still have to take that precaution here this afternoon ton night to prevent frozen pipes and keep the pets save. winter storm coming in. we'll look at that and have the timing what to expect in the seven day forecast coming up next. >> thanks, dave. i keep trying to say i'm philly strong but you see single digits, brrr. i don't know if i'm that strong. >> not built for that. >> okay. bill cosby's lawyers are trying to have the sexual assault case against the comedian dismissed again. cosby's lawyers claim they had an agreement with a former prosecutor that the 78-year-old would never be charged with sexual assault. early this month they talked about this and a judge rejected those claims. but now lawyers for the comedian have filed an appeal to the state superior court.
7:33 am
to try to get through all of this and break it down for us joining us by skype this morning attorney and fox 29 legal analyst ken rothweiler g morning, sir. >> good morning, bill. >> so, ken, they're doing this again. so the appeal is that there was in fact this agreement that there was a no prosecution that it wasn't in writing. what's different in the appeal than was originally ruled on? >> well, nothing really although they do have to make some different legal arguments. now they're appealing this to the superior court and bill you can expect this. i think bill cosby team will pull out all the legal maneuvers to try to prevent him from being prosecuted. so what they're doing is they're appealing two thing actually. their appealing judge o'neill's dismissal of their motion and they're also appealing his failure to disqualify the da's office kevin steele who ran against bruce castor. so they're doing it on two grounds, and we'll see whether the superior court even entertains the appeal because
7:34 am
there's some argument that it's not timely that this appeal is more appropriate at the end of the case than it is now. >> help me understand. using your legal mind for those of us obviously who are not attorneys, they're appealing essentially because they didn't like the original ruling? >> this is supposed to be something violation there was a procedural issue nothing -- you can appeal just saying i don't like that? >> well, no, you can't. but you're right. they don't like the decision. they are making -- they are basing it on a legal basis. legal basis one of the legal basis it violates due process bill cosby's due process rights and some other legal things they're saying as well. but that's basically what they're trying to do is have the superior court take another look at the ruling by judge o'neill and see whether they'll overturn that ruling and therefore if they did that, there would be no criminal case going forward and bill cosby would not be criminally prosecuted. >> water cooler talk for a second.
7:35 am
at the risk of sounding perhaps a little bid morbid mr. cosby is 78 years old. water cooler talk attorneys pulling out every stop, every appeal throwing everything out there so if you can't win, you stall and you've got a 78-year-old client. can you make this drag on for years? any truth to that? >> i don't think you can make it drag on for years, but you're right, that's exactly what the goal is here to delay, delay, delay, because he's not in jail right now. he's not serving any time, you know, behind bars so the longer they delay the better it is for bill cosby. you're right. he's 78 years old. no one knows how long someone is going to live. no one expected justice scalia to die at 79 years old. so delay, delay, delay works for bill cosby. >> and always a pleasure to speak to you. my last question when do we get the invite to that cabin you seem to be chilling in. (laughter). >> every weekend i'm doing it right here from my cabin up in the woods. you're invited any time. bill, would love to have you. >> we got witnesses that you said that.
7:36 am
thanks, sir. always a pleasure. talk to you soon. >> on days like today we typically tell to you dress in layers bundle up and try not to even go outside, right? so take a look here. why are these people bearing it all? you'll want to know why. fine out why they're choosing to brave the cold temps when we come back. >> well, when you think valentine's day i'm sure you're probably thinking chocolates. yes, the two just go together. coming up we'll talk about the health benefits of your valentine's day presents. >> look at the picture. that's mike in our control room, not in the control room but that is his lovely wife ryan. happy valentine's day ryan from mike. look at that. >> if you can say happy valentine's day oh to your wife on tv there's no sense having a job much. >> he's throwing up the heart signs. well done, mike. >> happy valentine's day, ryan!
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♪ karaoke going on. >> now i'm waking. >> right. >> yeah. >> they took our suggestions and your suggestions. you've been sending them in putting them on our facebook page. erin outstanding job in the control room. >> they played one of your songs already i haven't heard mine y yet. >> madonna crazy for you.
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>> we'll get to that. happening this week, lots of closures tomorrow for president's day. in philadelphia, that means all city offices will be closed and trash and recyclables won't be collect the. people who's trash is normally picked up on monday should put it out on tuesday. additionally free library and parking authority violations branch will be closed. does that mean they're not writing tickets? as will the marriage license bureau. let me check on that folks. don't park free yet. >> we can only hope. >> we'll check. they tell me they are writing tickets. their office is taking the day off but they're still writing tickets. >> they plan to meet tuesday to complete 12 new applications. each applicant will have the coons speak for three minutes. the public have a chance to talk which is always very interesting on this issue. src held two public hearings nine hours of public testimony and considered more than 1400 written comments. >> 7:40. taking a look at this reality star caitlyn jenner will speak
7:41 am
at the university of pennsylvania on wednesday evening. conversation with author and penn alum buzz bissinger that will be an interesting discussion much he's always fired up. wrote the articles about jenner's transition for vanity fair. >> in you documents are bringing out more controversy for one auto company. >> why they say it wasn't necessary to follow government suggestions. >> short little tweet 140 characters what our user could soon go from little snippets to envelope? what twitter says it may do to keep it competitive with facebook. >> that's a bad decision, twitter. this is good. look at monty g. >> good morning. >> sending out the love. happy valentine's day to my lovely fox 29 family. >> this is from al. not only is it valentine's day we're celebrating the day we got engaged. very nice. >> congratulations.
7:42 am
and from tamara and al are together and al is there with daisy. happy valentine's day everyone! >> send us your pictures we would love to see them. more love music. madonna crazy for you. >> i can hear it. we got things to do. i can't sing. >> go right ahead. we'll wait. >> ut-oh. i'll move on. taking live look at allentown right now. 2 degrees? 2 degrees, crazy. this is crazy. i'm crazy for you. >> sing it. >> we'll be back. ♪
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♪ twitter has long been known to make you express yourself in 140 characters and some people don't like it. some people like it because it's kind of nice, keeps things short could you soon be able to write long message and paragraphs and letters on twitter? we'll address the rumors in this wee week's tech. >> i'm anthony mongeluzo and this is your tech tank. twitter 300 million users sounds pretty good, right? compared to facebook over a billion users. not really. so twitter is trying to change things up right at the core. the one unique factor of twitter is tweets limited to 140 characters. now what they're throwing out there is allowing to you tweet
7:46 am
up to 10,000 characters which basically equates to 2,000 words. they're getting a lot of backlash from this online. what do you think? i think it's going to be just like facebook and they're going to lose the edge that they have. but since they're already losing they might be trying to sell. stay tune. look at your twitter account, look at your twitter app and read the news because in march, your tweets might go from this to this. you'll want to talk more, maybe even on twitter. reach out to us hash tag tech tank and for now keep those tweets short. thank you, anthony. as we take a look sea isle city. shawnette that doesn't look that bad, right. >> it looks warm. >> looking and feeling are two different thing. not time for me to take trip there. a few more week for that. >> a lot pour weeks. >> yeah. >> we got a lore more weeks before it's time to go to sea isle city. dave, are we going to get a lot of more cold today? >> a little more cold. they say smile you're in sea
7:47 am
isle. that's the water tower says you're slivering there miss and. it will be improving later today. right now temperatures nine in philadelphia. single digits out there. bundle up. little exposed skin that's what you want because still wind chill down below zero. the scale shows that we are improving. sunday to monday of course and look going up a little bit each day. it's pretty bad now but not too bad tomorrow morning. it might drop a little bit, though, because now we're talking about another storm. storm developing that's really just off the southeast here and the cold air is in place so we do have to start talking about a little bit of snow, but no question there's some warm air coming up this will all be rain and a lot of it here. once we get that initial band of snow. it comes up and moves through between about four and 9:00 o'clock. there's that rain/snow line. so we can have some snow accumulating not much, though, here's what we're thinking very little across south jersey and delaware.
7:48 am
right along 95, maybe one or two and it will be wet snow and the temperatures will be warping up. so the roads should be clear. but just be a little slushy mix here. now there will be more because that rain/snow line doesn't quite make it up to allentown lehigh valley until later. look by tuesday morning. 50s upper 50s this storm brings in a lot of warm air but the precip sticks around. very heavy rain is coming down throughout the morning on tuesday and by the afternoon it's slowly beginning to move out. so what we're thinking here is that it could be a mess. monday for the p.m. drive maybe rush hour it's a holiday but afternoon drive we'll see that rain and changing -- snow changing over to rain. it will be on the roadways though pretty slushy and we can get some ice to the northwest. now the rain will be heavy at -- during the day tuesday and that could lead to some flooding it's not the wintery weather on tuesday it's the heavy rain. few showers are possible there on wednesday and then by thursday we have sunshine there with little bit chilly though
7:49 am
friday mick of sun and clouds and milder air come comes back n saturday we're talking about the temperature of 54 degrees. bob kelly, is that what we have right now? sue. sue is here with silly science. hey, sue. >> ♪ sometimes scientists cook up ideas that sound pretty silly. we've made it our mission here at fox 29 to call them out when they do research that seems like a no brainer. but this week we need to talk about a study that has scientists around the world geeking out. this week astro fiss sifts let us know that they finally have evidence that albert einstein was right all along. they verified his famous theory of relativity unveiled a hundred years ago. but they've actually proven is his wave theory. there are ripples in the fabric of space and time. what does it mean? that's hard to wrap your brain around but it
7:50 am
boils down to this. scientists can now hear the universe and they're pretty pysched about it. >> galileo turn a telescope to the sky and open the era of modern observe al astronomy. i think we're doing something equally important. >> researchers say this is already changing the way they study space and proving that one of the most revered minds in history was anything but a silly scientist. he was actually on to something. ♪ he was on to something. well done, sue. we've been talking about it all morning. we're celebrating got your red on. >> i do. >> it's valentine's day. >> we're here to help you out. >> that's beyonce' in the background you're not getting her but we'll help you come up with last minute gifts your partner will love an meal that will knock their socks off. >> stay right here. we got you cover. we're taking a look at reading and they tell me it is 4 degrees in reading.
7:51 am
>> that's crazy. >> you know what it's perfect day for? staying inn sigh watching "good day philadelphia".
7:52 am
7:53 am
♪ soothing sound of seal. i love it. >> i don't know a a* word of that song but i like it.
7:54 am
>> kiss from arose and that's what i do. >> that was pretty good. >> all right. it's cold outside. >> this is live look in wilmington. we'll checking on weather coming up. right now as you know today is valentine's day, and in peru it's not just for humans. pets are also celebrating love. in lima pet owners brought their pets to get their -- get their animals legally married. they even got dressed up for the occasion wearing hats and gowns. >> the wedding certificate for or from the city district that included for the bride and groom. >> somebody is carrying a groundhog or something like th that. >> ground hogs getting married. >> as long as it's an animal dress it up. >> okay. moving on, our fox 29 junior reporters are always finding a mazing stories. this morning is no exception. so people are taking a run in a bitter cold in their underwear.
7:55 am
>> this is a real thing. all part of the unique fundraiser that tests people's limits but for a good cause. junior reporter emily acada explains. >> reporter: good sense of humor. >> how old are you? >> reporter: dreamer. >> a doctor. >> reporter: an sports phanatic. >> my son's name is james and diagnosed with ms1 -- ns1 when he was sick months old. >> it's a genetic disorder that causes tumors to grow on nerves and there's thousands of people around the world raising money to end it. >> i'm wearing four layers right now and the runners they're only in their underwear did i mention it's 16 degrees out right now? >> we are a first and for most a charity fund run to raise money for the children's foundation and neuro research.
7:56 am
>> white underwear? >> being poll it shows the outside world that, hey, i'm going to do this thing so that i can make a difference. >> reporter: fortunately for these 1600 participants there was isn't extra incentives to bear the cold. >> you come into the bar, you take your clothes off you get your inner jacket warmed up, get happy, have some fun and go out for a cool run with all of your undee clad friends. >> reporter: cupid's undee run reaches 39 cities and is hoping to raise over $4 million this month to help people like james. >> all right. how cute is he. that was junior reporter emily. his mom meghan was actually dc top fundraiser but she is originally from right here in philadelphia. so a team in honor of james nicknamed jimmy pals will ru
7:57 am
running in philly next weekend. >> registration is still open for the february 20th run that will take place at xfinity live. >> i was going to say who does that but i changed my mine. >> i absolutely support the cause. >> won't there be. >> i'll donate. i'm on board with that. >> they need 4 million. hold you to it. moving on tour valentine's day and cupid many of us will get chocolate today. don't worry about the calories. some chocolate is actually good for you. i'm eating it regardless. what you need to look for on the label. >> me, too, but it's nicer than hotel room. more valentine's pictures coming in. happy valentine's day to the absolute love of my live! from peppermint padd i.e. for life. >> hash tag bff. i love it. >> another one coming in for lauren. happy valentine's day to my love from 2003 to now. love you. >> little hooty in the background. i like this song. well done, guys.
7:58 am
i'll be right back.
7:59 am
8:00 am
>> this morning on "good day philadelphia" supreme court justice antonin scalia dead. setting up an election year battle who will be the next person to serve on the nation's highest court. and so many of us will get chocolates today but don't worry about the calories. some chocolate is actually good for you. i'll talk about what you need to look for on the label before you take bite. >> of course, it's cold. we're all talking about the supreme. i'll just rename he can treatment cold that's what you'll feel when you step outside today. but it's actually going get worse. just how low temperatures will drop all of that and more straight ahead. ♪ >> from the fox 29 studios, this is "good day philadelphia" weekend. ♪ welcome to hour two as we take look at the control room. that's behind the scenes. those are the people who handle everything that we're doing. >> i don't think i've ever really been back there. >> no? >> no. >> you haven't been a lot of places you just do your stories and came in here i haven't been
8:01 am
in this studio in a minute. >> wait. glass table. it's new. things happening. >> welcome to hour two of "good day philadelphia". sunday. happy valentine's day. >> yeah. >> dave, we've been talking about cold weather all morning. it's tough to creative when the like seven. >> sun coming out. >> sun out trying to help. >> eight. >> now it's eight, yeah. there you go. wind chill still down. so the coldest part of the weekend right now. when you step outside be ready for it. bundle up. anything that exposed there, you have seen the sunshine it feels like down below zero on your skin. been talking about it for while. bundle up because frost bite happening. a lot of people are stepping outside in less than 30 minutes when you get numbers like these 10 to 20 below, 20 to 30 there in the poconos with wind chill warning. so winter fest that's what we'll call it. it feels like winter out there. that's exactly what they're doing there up in jim thorpe,
8:02 am
right, sue? >> dave, weekend wendy knows that you can't do anything about the weather. so you might as well embrace it. how about a drive up to jim thorpe, pennsylvania, for their winter fest? it's going to be a blast. it's actually been going on all weekend long today you can enjoy watching folks carve ice sculptures magic shows and the famous jim thorpe mug walk. what does that mean? you buy a mug and every place you go around jim thorpe they'll fill up your mug with hot chocolate and you're going to need it all day long, right, dave? >> hot chocolate and that ice sticking around for while. these are the wind chills down to 10 blow coldest we've seen all night. happening right now 12 below in allentown and mount pocono 31 degrees below for the wind chill. there's that cold arctic air. it is sweeping through and it will be moving out so this is the defendant day so far the defendant few hours right now when we start to see things warm up. as the warmer air comes back ultimate doppler will see some
8:03 am
activity with some snow moving in and even some rain. so the morning wind chills down below zero. bundle up before you step outside even though that wind will be calming later today, feel nice and comfortable as far as the wind chill goes the temperatures still down below 20. so watch for the frozen pipes and keep the pets safe. saying that all last night. that continues tonight. wintery weather plus a little bit of rain is moving inform details on that are in the seven day forecast coming up. >> sounds good, dave. i'm struggling. >> that does not sound good. >> it's a reflex. as soon as i said it -- it sounds -- no. >> it doesn't. >> very informative, dave. thank you. bitter cold temperatures have many people staying inside this sunday morning including us. but there's some people like us who needed to get up and outside to face the frigid temperatures before coming inside. >> some people have to go out today. there's church this morning. you know, people out getting valentine's stuff. but jenny joyce is also out this morning for us. do you think people will be bundled up, jenny.
8:04 am
>> reporter: they are absolutely bundled up. those who are out there shawnette it's not very crowded we're not seeing too many people walking around as dave warren said, we're looking at single digit temperatures right now. however he did mention a warmup maybe teens or low 20s for a warmup later today. so bottom line it is certainly going to be cold and that is why the city of philadelphia has issued a code blue until further notice with that teams of people will be out around the city looking for anyone out in the cold and finding them shelter whether it ab soup kitchen, homeless shelter or any type of emergency shelter. it's just too cold to be outsi outside. if you are out and about today obviously you want to bundle up. your ears, fingers, toes and knows are most susceptible to frost bite in this weather you can get frost bite in a matter of minutes. we talk to one man this morning who still managed to a sense of humor in this cold. he told us he was dressed warm warmly. >> i have like might have five layers. i have under shirt. i have long sleeved button up shirt. i have a hoodie.
8:05 am
another hoodie. and then i got i guess like a parka or something like that right here. and then i have this. i like the winter. you can dress for the winter. people always want it to get hot when it's cold and cold when it's hot. the only difference between the two when it's too hot you can be in the bus and it's still not going to do anything. -- in the above. >> it's really big problem if we see anyone at the bus today. it's normal for your nose and cheeks to get rosy in the cold weather in terms of frost bite. what you want to look out a lack of color an lack of feeling. bottom line if you don't have specific plans stay inside cuddle up enjoy this val towns day. happy valentine's day to you guys. >> thank you jenny. >> go inside. download the fox 29 weather authority app you can get live radar and you can get alerts sent to your phone. all you have to do is search for it in the apple or google play stores.
8:06 am
good morning. happy valentine's day. guessed get ready for road work out there. re not for valentine's day but the brake lights you'll find if you're visiting anyone or taking your honey out a little date today. 95 both at cot map avenue and at girard avenue, you'll see some delays throughout the day. just part of that penndot reconstruction project. they're also the falls bridge closed again today to vehicle traffic the city of a bridge is going to be your best alternate and if you use the dart system, starting today, there's some service changes and a fair increase. so make sure you're ready for tomorrow morning's rush hour. whatever you do, enjoy the day and we'll see you bright and early tomorrow morning for "good day philadelphia". ♪ >> yes, we will. thank you very much, bob. happening now, the nation mourning the death of a supreme court justice. u.s. supreme court justice antonin scalia has passed away. scalia was found dead apparently of natural causes on the grounds of a luxury resort in south
8:07 am
texas. he was found dead in his room saturday morning after he failed to appear for breakfast. scalia served in the nixon and ford administrations first at minor another stiff agency and then assistant attorney gel al. he was nominated to the u.s. supreme court in 1996 by then president reagan. scalia was 79 years old. and still no cause this morning for that massive fire in frankford that happened yesterday. more than 100 firefighters balanced the fire that destroyed six businesses on before this accident com street. investigators telling us the fire started in an auto body shop that winds of nearly 30 miles an hour quickly fanned the flames. it took nearly five hours to contain the fire but crews spent the night putting out hot spots. >> i saw a plume of smoke and the building collapsing. >> it was awful. all we seen was deep black smo smoke. >> three people including a firefighter suffered minor injuries. i-78 is now thankfully back
8:08 am
open this morning after a massive accident along i-78 yesterday in central pennsylvania. that accident unfortunately claim the lives of three people. state police blame weather for the pileup that big rigs and cars tangled together. it happened just before 10:00 yesterday morning in bethel township near the border of berks and lebanon counties. officials say winds were strong and the visibility low when the crash happened. >> when i got on scene we determine it was a weather related crash. reduced visibility and drifting snow across that roadway. crash originated westbound, um, but due to the severity of the crash it actually made its way into the median and to the eastbound lanose and i-78. >> 40 people were taken to the hospital and according to the pennsylvania emergency management agency some of those victims were in critical condition. classes at ursinus college will be back in session tomorrow after a weekend full of cancellations.
8:09 am
as the collegeville school continues to deal with a mystery illness that sickened close to 200 students. the university says the students and staff have reported symptoms of a stomach infection that includes vomiting, severe abdominal pain and diarrhea. health inspectors found no issues with the school's dining hall and now they're trying to determine if the ailment is food-borne or transmitted to person to person. >> new documentary veal volkswagen said it wasn't necessary to recall cars and trucks with potentially deadly at a cad today air bag. in a letter posted on the national highway and traffic safety administration's website, volk wagon originally resisted the government's effort now recalling about 850 to us son audi and zws in the -- vws in the eyes united states. 2006 to 2014. auto makers argued most of the cars have air bag inflaters made at at a cad today vac tower in germany that hasn't had failures like those made in the us and mexico.
8:10 am
at least 10 people worldwide have died as a result of this problem. 139 have been injured. president obama will host leaders from southeast asia tomorrow in submit in southern california and the venue is a place for hollywood finest. the event will take place at the 200 ache consider sunny lands estate which has been call the west coast camp david. previously welcome frank sinatra, bob hope, bill gates and queen elizabeth. the president has used the space several times before to conduct u.s. foreign policy. the estate also has a nine hole golf course. >> i can't play golf at all. iphones, do you have an i phone. >> i don't. i'm not in the iphone click. >> you're safe. >> they're exploring a bug in the i phone software film what could happen if you follow the direction in this post going viral. we are warning you right now, don't do it. >> chocolate you got from your loved one this valentine's day
8:11 am
could be more than just little gift. it could actually be proof your partner wants to keep you around a hill longer. they want you to be healthy. we'll talk about the hell benefits of chocolate, yes, it could be healthy. ♪ >> i'm buying it. it could be healthy. >> that's all i ask for on valentine's day. >> that's it. >> chocolate. in heart shaped box. >> blessed to have this man in my live says edith. happy valentine's day to her love adrian. >> very nice. and this from jesse. happy valentine's day that's erin. very nice, though. >> he doesn't even know. >> well done, jess. >> 167 days till we say i do. very nice. >> nicely done, jess. two points for that one. >> and eating could be your thing when it's 10 or help or 50 degrees. >> what else is there to do. >> some of you. get out enjoy that. if you're tough enough to brave
8:12 am
it. we'll be back.
8:13 am
8:14 am
♪ both of us sitting here singing this song. >> it has pretty good harmony. >> when the mikes are off. it's wonderful thing. >> speak for yourself. >> beautiful scenic center city.
8:15 am
looks like a wonderful day. that's my story and i'm sticking to it. you stay inside. you can stick it to, too. >> yes. >> beautiful day. >> you know how it is. you don't have to go out there and experience it. >> eighths good day to stay in if you don't have to go out. >> alex, what's going on? >> ♪ in your health this sunday morning, it's valentine's day. as you know chocolate is practically synonomous with the holiday. i'm sure you have chocolate in front of you probably right now we'll be eating a lot of it. how can you make sure that your gift from the heart is actual guilty for the heart? fox medical team deena centofanti joins to us explain these hell benefits. some people say if it's dark chocolate then it's okay. >> reporter: you're exactly right. i do have chocolate in front of me right now. >> ooh. >> reporter: as we speak. so let's talk about chocolate. because any excuse to talk about who good it is we love that especially on valentine's day. but there are big differences in what kind of chocolate is good for you. first of all there's a ton of research that says chocolate
8:16 am
made from the kakao bean where the healthy stuff is grown is full of antioxidants got something fee yo bromide, flavonoids all those things, improve blood flow, lower blood pressure, they lower your risk of heart disease. chocolates good for brain function. what more could you ask for? here's the thing. make sure you're eating the right chocolate and it has to be dark for it to be heart healthy and all those other things, too. here's one example. what you do you look for the percentage of cocoa this one has 88% cocoa on it. which is pretty high. that means it's pretty good for you. dark chocolate by definition has to be at least 35% cocoa. but to get a real health benefit from it, you want it to be about 70%. i know that's a lot of numbers much 70% at least and the higher the better. problem for some people it's a little bit bitter. it's a little tough to eat sometimes if you're used to eating, you know, something like the cadbury milk chocolate. when you compare the two, alex,
8:17 am
here's the big thing. milk chocolate while it tastes delicious, when you add mill tock chocolate it sort of negates the health full benefits of those antioxidants you're not going to get any real heart healthy benefit out of eating your milk chocolate. when, f you're doing your own research look at the label. you want the first ingredient to be bittersweet chocolate that's what it is on this one. versus, you know, sugar, oils, fats, that sort of thing which is what you'll get on other chocolate bars. white chocolate and i know we love our hershey's just remember white chocolate is -- doesn't have any cacao in it this is delicious you're not getting that cocoa bean in there which is where we get all of our antioxidants. so there you go. it needs to dark to be considered really healthy. it is interesting alex that chocolate has more antioxidants than black tea, green tea, talk about good green tea is for you. >> i love granny tea or red wi
8:18 am
wine. >> that's even better. >> granny tea, red wine and chocolate. you'll be in good tape shape i think. >> sounds good. so it sounds like, though, 70% what i shall be looking for 70% or higher? >> exactly. 70% look at the front. read the label and even when you're eating the good dark chocolate the 70% or more, coc cocoa, you're only supposed to eat a couple of squares. >> i was just about to ask you that. take a little piece every day? >> well, i'm telling you to do as i say not as i do, i would say just a couple of squares. sometimes you keep going back for another square and another square. although you'll find when your eating dark chocolate if you have a sweet tooth like i do when you're eating dork chocolate it is easier to cut yourself off because it's not just as sugary. it doesn't trigger that same craving as other things do because this is pretty low sugar compared to, you know, compared to your simple candy bar.
8:19 am
this is about 50-gram of sugar for this whole bar and this whole bar is about 10 grams. that is a big difference. you see the difference. >> you opened up my eyes. now when i'm walking i walking y aisle i'll be checking 70%, dork chocolate. thanks so much deena. now that we know according to deena what chocolate we're supposed to be eating, we all know there's some easy to love any way. what are those chocolates for you? do you have a chocolate you have to? i can't say know it to. for me it's reece's. tweet us or facebook us or go on instagram. use the hash tag fox 29 good day. what are your favorites shawnette and bill? >> they showed one of my favorites i like the milk chocolate cadbury one square, what you talking about willis? i eat the whole thing in one sitting. >> that was great in theory. >> it was. >> one square of chocolate. she's very nic nicely said you d cut off that one square because it's nasty. >> with that being said, you know, i do need to work out. >> valentine's day. i'm eating the whole thing.
8:20 am
what do you want to do now. >> we want dave to look at weather. >> wash down that red square with the red wine. >> good thing to do there. you need to stay warm this morning. these are the numbers coming in. 10 below in philadelphia. that is the wind chill defendant we've seen. so if you are heading out today, just bundle up. you'll be fine as long as you take precautions and a few events coming in to us this morning. we have this weather question from burlington county. >> firefighters flea mark at charles for forward street palm. new jersey. come on catch a deal. >> it's supposed to be really cold. how cold will it be and feel? >> cold for some ice fishing guys. that's a great looking event but you step out this morning from nine till about 2:00 temperatures are either single digits or lower teens. may be by 2:00 o'clock it's a little better. that wind is dying down. bitter cold wind chill this
8:21 am
morning things start to improve even in the surrounding suburbs this afternoon cold arctic air is here. single digit temperatures down below zero in mount pocono at 11 below. once we start to warm things up a little bit, we have a storm developing that storm is also bringing in much warmer air but it starts us a you have with snow and ice before changing over to rain. it is developing across the southeast and it will be changing over to rain definitely. the cold air is not in place, but you'll have to deal with a little bit of snow here starting monday evening and and that changing over to rain by monday night. the snow will accumulate. could have little bit of ice look at those amounts in that seven day forecast. that's coming up later. >> thanks, dave. i will not say good news but informative. taking a look tragic news as the pass of this man ace moore philadelphia pulitzer prize winning reporter and columnist passed a it way friday night. he was the first african-american reporter at the philadelphia inquirer. ace investigative reporter. more advocated for diverse
8:22 am
newsrooms. as a family members of the national association of black journalist he continued to fight and the philadelphia chapter moore was a leader there. he was also a teacher and mentor to hundreds of aspiring reporters. i actually say i'm one of them. i work closely with him for years. he was a mentor of mine when i was in radio. statement from current nabj president sarah glover reads in part "i'm heart broken by the passing of my long-time mentor and friend acel moore was 75 years old. and on behalf of myself and family, may he rest in peace. we'll be right back.
8:23 am
8:24 am
when you're told you have cancer start with a team of experts
8:25 am
who treat only cancer. every stage. every day. the evolution of cancer care is here. learn more at appointments available now. >> it is time for today's black history month spotlight. this morning we begin with the lady behind one of the most quoted movies. the color purple by alice walk walker. >> oh my life i had to fight -- all my life had to fight. i had to fight my daddy, i had to fight my uncles. i had to fight my brothers. >> boy she did a great job. alice walker was born in 1944. alice won the 1983 pulitzer prize for fiction for her 1982 novel the color purple. of course the movie starring whoopi goldberg and oprah there, danny glover it was directed by steven spielberg. the youngest daughter of
8:26 am
sharecroppers alice walker grew up very poor. her mother work as a made to help support the family's eight children. the georgia native began as a social worker, teacher, lecturer and took part in the 1950s silver rights movement in mississippi especially. before writing the color purple. ♪ apple find a bug in the software. >> would could happen if you follow the directions in this post going viral. we're warning you do not do it. it will mess up your pope. >> and we have birthdays on this valentine's day. florence henderson is 83 years old. >> carol brady. >> carol brady from the brady bunch. you are correct. >> actor simon pegg is the new scotty in star trek.
8:27 am
>> happy birthday, simon. >> i think that's it. >> more valentine's love coming in from heather. happy valentine's day to her love. >> also coming in, happy valentine's day to my beautiful wife jenn, love you with all my soul from michael. >> they are friends of the show. be nice. happy valentine's today to my lovely fiance' shani brown. and lottery numbers. you could be the winner. ♪
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
♪ another one of those songs i know the song but don't know any of the words. >> melody is good. hum along and fool people. >> i love the pictures we're showing. if you stay inside, you're convinced it's sunny beautiful day. >> go out and get your day start. >> don't good out and just stay inside and watch fox 29. taking look at this morning's top stories. you have heard u.s. supreme court justice antonin scalia has passed away. he was found dead apparently of natural causes at a luxury resort in south texas. found in his room saturday morning after he failed to appear for breakfast.
8:31 am
scalia served in several administration nixon and ford administrations first in minor positionpositions then assistant attorney general he was nominated to the u.s. supreme court in 1986 by then president ronald reagan. served four years being involved in some historic cases. he was 79 years old. the philadelphia home show is now underway at the pennsylvania convention center. more than 300 exhibitors are there to display everything from home improvements. you should hang out. you're doing that right now. >> i need to go. >> to home decor searches. the home show will be open again today and next weekend. we have been warning you all show but here it is. a new bug could render your iphone useless. online hoax shows this picture encouraging users to set the date on their phones to januar january 1st, 1970 to see a retro mode on your phone. i don't know why anybody would do that. >> that sounds cool. >> i guess the problem is, it crashes your phone. even geniuses at the apple store
8:32 am
may not be able to get your phone up and running again. so don't do it. your phone could end up being a mess. is it really worth to try and see crazy retro. >> not for the money you all pay for the iphone stuff. >> you all. i got a free upgrade. >> all right. take look at weather now. >> let's do it. >> speaking of segue, speaking of frozen i phones, dave, people are froze end. >> freeze there outside right. good segue here. we're frozen this morning. this is as cold as we will get this morning with our wind chill temperatures. what it feels like on your skin. bundle up. this is pretty dangerous when it gets down to this cold -- this level especially mount pocono 22. this is the actual forecast for 9:00 o'clock. but the good news, it's it its it goes up a little bit. by this afternoon the temperatures and wind chill will be about the same. they're still into the teens. not much of an improvement there but the wind is dying down. changes on the way, though, for president's day. it's time for our weekly andrew
8:33 am
weather question. here go. >> good morning everyone at fox 29 weekend. long weekend we decided to take presidential tour at mt. rushmore. guys, how did you even get up there. get down there from there. we went to washington you see where the president lives at the white house. >> four scores and seven years ago. >> lastly, dave, how is the weather looking for to us check out independence mall right here in philadelphia? >> thank you andrew. maybe not the best tomorrow. we are looking at not the cold air but a little bit of a change. warmer is coming in but this is precipitation developing a wide range of it. we will start with clouds in the morning. 18 that will be our high temperature for the day. not dropping overnight. as it gets warmer we'll start with snow that could accumulate before changing, definitely changing over to rain by 9:00 o'clock and that rain continues heavy at times tuesday. seven day forecast. right now it's time for breakfast. here bob. good morning everybody.
8:34 am
monday through friday i handle the traffic but on the weekends no traffic, so it's time to eat. our weekend edition of breakfast with bob here at the hollywood grill in wilmington, delaware. i'm with fill the owner thanks so much. we'll be behind the scenes here. >> it seems like you're qualified to be back here. >> this joint is jumping. silverware going in and out. the grill is stacked and packed here. >> home cooking. >> let's start over here. you have french toast. >> french toast. we have scrambled eggs. >> this side here. come over here. >> then we have scrapple on the grill and home fries. >> scrapple i her somebody eating scrapple. you have to have scrapple. >> you'll try to put mow to work here a little bit. >> okay. >> so we have six orders lined up. what's the first one. >> first order creamed chip beef. >> my father loved creamed chip beef. >> i know it starts with toast. >> your name, hahn? >> an stays ya.
8:35 am
>> this is your dad here. you'll be in charge of this place sooner or later, right. >> right. >> you'll hold the mike for me right there. thanks a will the. the toast. >> the toast, home fries,. >> very good. >> nice. >> okay. >> chipped beef in that container where the label is at. >> okay. >> it's messy back here. you're all dressed up. >> one scoop or two? >> two accident took place. >> two accident took place. okay. ready? order up! order up! creamed chip beef. >> oh, my god. >> i'm so hungry right now. >> he never brings us food. i love bob but he goes and prepares all this delicious food. never brings it into the weekend show. >> really? >> yeah. >> he should come today because i'm starving right now. my stomach is officially eating
8:36 am
itself. >> happy birthday to bob and steve keeley they celebrate birthdays this week. when you're in space you're weight less, right. >> um-hmm. >> we all knew that. there's way to feel weight less right here on earth. >> one popular band used that technique to produce an amazing music video that is going you guessed it viral. >> of course. >> as mike jerrick and alex holey shows us in this morning's trend. >> good morning everybody i'm mike jerrick. >> i'm alec holey and this is the trend. ♪ >> let's start off with a group called okgo you probably remember them their most famous video the one on the treadmills they choreographed while singing. doesn't that look cool. >> now they made new one, mike. >> yes. >> did you see this? >> ♪ video for the song titled upside down and inside out was shot inside a, gravity diss app% for
8:37 am
moment and when we say moment we mean no more than 25 seconds. so okgo had timed the routine perfectly. they used the same technique for astronauts in outerspace. >> we're going to ucla in southern california. gymnastics meet. >> and this business of one is talking about because she has some moves. >> that's so feign in a ucla bruins. she's got to be the first gym nast to gab, nae-nae and hit the -- dab and nae-nae. she did the original harlem shake. she scored a 9.925. we couldn't give her at least a 10? >> i saw what it was. she didn't stick the lanning. i'll be like bella core rolly. stick your landing. and that is the trend.
8:38 am
8:39 am
8:40 am
♪ we got the seal thing going. cut back to cameras. in trenton, is the river freezing? >> it looks like patches of ice. >> it could very well be. it's just that cold outside.
8:41 am
i feel like it's highly possib possible. >> i know it's frozen. is it -- >> haters never prosper. as reminder. >> just go. >> happy birthday to aunt lynn from our producer aaron. sends all of his love. happy birthday to you aunt lynn. >> and we have a happy valentine's day to my love. this is from ab. >> and more from morgan. khloe valentine's is her uncle beau. thanks for the flower uncle beau. thanks guys for all the pictures, comments and song suggestions. hey, mike. >> oh, no. it's valentine's day and you completely forgot. have no fear. our karen hepp has some tips to help get a last second gift together for your significant other. you'll love it. karen, take us around the house. >> good morning. for today' around house the it's valentine's day weekend. david, thank you for the
8:42 am
flowers. >> certainly. >> give me really quick things for today. >> quickly, two wine glasses we just decorated with little bit of valentine ribbon. wine glass behind it when your beau comes home sitting there on the table. sits down and relax have an evening together. >> how about a hostess gift. >> if you need a hose test gift a little jar of jam a little 95 to go. perfect thing to walk into the house with. >> i'm going to jazz up my table and make it morrow man tick. >> simple thing. red napkin folded with a little pocket for a tuck and then you want to take a flower and a contrasting color, red and white perfect for valentine's day, just tuck it in put it next to your mace settin setting be it t sets the mood for the evening dinner. >> love it. valentine's ideas in a minute much that's today's around the house. ♪
8:43 am
8:44 am
8:45 am
♪ allentown right now it's cold there. with wind chill down into the -- about 15 below sunshine trying to help but the wind continues this morning. this is the coldest we will see here this weekend. right now is where we see the coldest temperatures. the actual air temperatures below zero mount pocono but single digits pretty much everywhere except once you get to south jersey and southern
8:46 am
delaware. weather scale pretty bad here this morning. a little bit better each hour and by tomorrow morning we'll be okay a little bit better. there's some winter weather coming in so we'll keep it right about there before it may drop a little bit here. winter weather will start as snow. this is the storm we're talking about monday. no question this will change over to rain. very warm air is coming in from the south but it's cold initially. so this could impact part of your monday this snow will be coming down it will accumulate. the temperatures have been cold so watch the roadways especially untreat the surfaces. by about 6:00 o'clock, a little bit of snow on the ground a little more north and west but changing over to rain as that warm air moves in. later travel monday night should be okay. by tuesday, all the snow is pretty much melted. there could be a little bit of ice little more snow up across the lehigh valley. the snow amounts we're looking at very light. town two. quickly melt across new jersey and right along 95. two to three in the north and western suburbs.
8:47 am
maybe a little more across carbon and monroe county that could even mix with little bit of freezing rain but look at many temperatures by tuesday morning. everything is melting as we're into the 50's here. the rain will be coming down. still heavy at times but we continue to warm up. the storm just pulling up a lot of warm air. nothing keep this from happening so no question we'll see it change over to rain. the rain will be heavy and this could lead to flooding tuesday morning. the winter weather monday night but the flooding rains on tuesday could have the biggest impact there. seven day forecast the numbers keep going up and up. 18 today. 16 tomorrow morning. 37 monday afternoon. that will change to rain. heavy rain pretty much everywhere even up across the northern suburbs tuesday. then by wednesday, just a few showers there will linger down to 45 degrees. chilly day on thursday. friday is a little warmer and next weekend we'll talk about a little more rain with a temperature of 54 degrees. we'll take it. the weather is getting better. all right. we're about to tell how you can wow the love one special person
8:48 am
in your life. how much do you have to actually spend on your valentine's? you know you're keeping up with the joneses according to survey by american express people plan to spend $212 per person to celebrate valentine's day. $72 of that amount is on gifts. that's down from last year's valentine's day by $84. the couples asked 80% plan to celebrate the day even if they don't spend a dime. so also on this valentine's day, we've got a special treat for you. we want to tell you exactly what you can do, how you can wow that special someone in your life and the dish it girl. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> welcome. >> thank you. >> this is going to help you especially bill in case you didn't make plans earlier. >> thank you. >> no problem. >> you actually made all of this. tell us how we can do it. >> yes. i manny hey you forgot to make reservations way too cold to go outside this year.
8:49 am
>> i plan to whip up a delicious dish. >> that's even more special. you're put your heart and soul into it. >> i love that. but it's really not that hard. i promise you. >> all right. >> so here we have kind of the steak dinner. that's the first theme. we have a beautiful filet mignon and all you do sprinkle some salt, pepper, rosemary on that and in about three minutes on each side with a bunch of butter in the pan. butter equals love. >> okay. and then you can be really fancy and all you got to do take balsamic vinegar and sugar boil it down into a reduction and you have a beautiful reduction to pour over your filet really really fancy. >> that looks really good. then get extra love in there and you'll take some goat cheese and put that on top as well. everybody loves some balsamic and goat cheese. >> presentation is important especially sacrifice going out to dinner. >> definitely. if a guy made this for you would
8:50 am
you be wowed. >> definitely. >> if this plate came out and i said i made it. >> yeah. i would say where did you order from? >> that's what i would say. you have bacon vinaigrette we'll put that over salad. we have nice greens there. so you're feeling like you're doing something good. a little bit healthy for the one you love as well. >> because bacon and cheese screams healthy. screams delicious. >> how long are we talking about in terms of preparation and start to finish. >> with this i would say you can get this done in about 45 minutes. >> i can do it. >> you can do that. >> what else. >> let's move down. >> if you want to go more the italian style, i've got you covered, too. over here we penny vodka really common for people to order in restaurants people love it because it's creamy. there's a fork right there. >> there's a fork right there. dig any any time. this is a lot of basil arc lot of butter, little bit of heavy cream. of course your vodka in the vodka sauce and here something
8:51 am
to munch on before you start because while you're in the kitchen banking around with the pots and pans might want to distract them. here we have some gore son sole la cheese, honey, salt and pepper. >> we got all snack. we've got to wrap soon. >> get to dessert. >> dessert we have some chocolate with raspberries sauce on it. that's super simple just a fancy way of saying in italian chocolate pudding. so dress it up. >> go for it. you dig on in. while you try it we want to know do you plan to took night he have were an instant poll. deena, thank you very much. >> thank you. >> appreciate it. >> good. >> hmm, hmm, hmm. >> awesome. >> i guess it is. >> all right. vote in our and stan poll. do you plan to cook tonight or you going out? if you plan to cook, use our hash tag fox 29 yes. tweet us. if not fox 29 no. if you decide you want to do all
8:52 am
of this go to we'll have all of deena's delicious recipes. >> thank you very much. >> really delicious. not a lot of time. >> i'm good at that. >> not a lot of time. >> we'll be right back.
8:53 am
8:54 am
>> it's a week later but people still talking about that darn super bowl last sunday especially carolina quarterback cam newton's post game press conference. howard eskin had issues with cam's one word answers to the
8:55 am
reporters and that bothered at least one person in the viewing audience. who took time to knock the king. >> howard i heard what you said about cam about the season and not talking to the media after the game. kind of ridiculous to me. >> still required to deal with the media. all it was was a two minute news conference with very short answers. >> do you take that to heart? >> no. >> the other players on his team and the head coach all spoke. cam, grow up! >> peyton manning didn't even shake his hasn't. other people got no flack from the media for it. it wasn't really good advice. he tanked it looked terrible. neck day or two days celebrate a quarterback an gray leader. >> i don't know where to start with you. number one i see you're from pittsburgh and you're steeler
8:56 am
fan i'm sure so you were clue less to start. all right. the players are not required to shake hands. and peyton manning and quarterbacks always shake the other quarterback's hand. the stanley cup finals you got to shake everybody's hand through the line? give me a break. that point is stupid and ridiculous. and that makes you an idiot. and the other point that you totally misread cam newton did not apologize two days later. he made it worse by saying, well, if you accept losing, then you're a loser. well, every other player on his team and the coach spoke to the media. it is a requirement. if you're going to be a leader, which apparently he's not, then you've got to take that step and show people when you win, you're great. when you lose, you got to show a little bit that you're a pro and
8:57 am
do that. aaron, please, when you're coming at me next time, can you come at me with something a little bit better? and get the facts right. thank you. >> always under stated howard. as we wrap up our final valentine's greeting this one from kathy happy valentine's day to the love of her live my life johnny b. >> from sandy my best friend i promise never to take granted all she's done for you. i love you mom? happy birthday on valentine's day. >> from miranda, happy valentine's day to my beautiful baby girl, mommy loves you, donna rose. thank you miranda. >> thank you everyone for spending time for us this morning. we leave you looking at deena's delicious food. we're all going to eat and enjoy this. shawnette thank you so much for coming in this morning. >> thank you for having me. >> it was good. >> recipes will be on happy val teens day everyone. >> stay warm. >> deena, thank you. >> thank you. >> enjoy. >> go for it. >> keep watching fox 29 all day.
8:58 am
enjoy. happy valentine's day!
8:59 am
9:00 am
i'm chris wallace. today the judicial legacy of antonin scalia and the fierce political battle to replace him. i plan to fulfill my constitutional responsibilities to nominate a successor in to you time. >> and gop candidates respond as necessity duke it out in the bare knuckle fight for south carolina. >> we're not going to give up the u.s. supreme court for a generation by allowing barack obama to make one more liberal appointee. >> i really wish the president would think about not nominating somebody. >> after marco rubio's damaging debate performance last week -- >> this notion that barack obama doesn't know what he's doing is just not true. >> there it is. there it s the memorized 25-second speech. >> he can get his campaign back


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