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tv   Fox Morning News at 4A  FOX  February 15, 2016 4:00am-5:01am EST

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i knew it was february, but this is cold, for february, even, right? it seems like it. it is freezing temperatures. so the huge storm now impacting our area later today as you can see from ultimate doppler live, from the weather authority. >> it is big. >> plus as political world speculate whose will take over for supreme court justice antonin scalia hear touching word from those who knew him well. i tried to fight him, i tried to grab his gun a and break his finger. >> my goodness a woman and her sick moth's tack inside their own home? what the suspects said to make victims answer that door. happy presidents day, it is monday, february 15th, 2016. day after valentines day. >> really. >> man. >> it was people out every where yesterday despite how
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cold it was. >> out for brunch, lunch, dinner. you invited our producer to brunch. >> yes, she was busy. >> she didn't go. >> she was cleaning. >> she said i got to go to church i can't do brunch. >> that is it. >> sue serio, it was just too cold to go anywhere other than, from the kitchen back to the couch. >> with that cold air in place this storm heading our way from the southwest is indeed starting out as snow. is there probably light snow in delaware but mostly what you are seeing in radar isn't making it to the ground just yet. we will check more in depth with that but we have a winter weather advisory that starts at 6:00 and goes until 2:00 in the morning for tuesday for wintry precipitation that will eventually change over to rain but dry in philadelphia right now. only, 17 degrees, feels like eight, and wind chill, sunrise time 6:54 this morning. other temperatures in the teens for the most part but
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our wind chills are, many of them, in the single digits. the it is cold, cold, cold, left over cold from the weekend. it will not stay this cold that is why we expect change over. so for your presidents day today not much of a wind, but changeable precipitation ate least it is not a school day. so we do have snow, changing over to rain, maybe an inch or two, before we get to 37 degrees. we will talk more about when we expect to it arrive, how long it will last, all that good stuff coming up in just a few minutes. it is 4:02. happy monday bob kelly. >> right back at it, sue bye, good morning. it is good thing with presidents day we will see light volume, for the morning rush hour, but with presidents day, and the holidays means everybody wants to get out of the house and do something later on today. we will be doing that with the storm coming our way. right new we are good to go, nice and quiet on i-95. penndot did not have any work crews last night the because
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of the cold and of course the holiday. ben franklin bridge looking good. sue saw a couple of spots a as well, crews have been out and they put down briment in e so we are ready to go for the snow and wintry mix that is coming our way. for the gang in south jersey, new pattern of traffic shuffle that went in effect over the weekend on the the 42 freeway right in the a area of i295. if you are using mass transit this morning, first of all, bundle up if you have to stand on the corner and wait for buses especially today because, they are rubbing on a modified/holiday schedule. everybody, september, new jersey transit, patco and even dart. today is first weekday where dart service changes go in effect and fare increase and market frankford line they are using shuttle buses until will 5:00 a.m. the chris and lauren, back over to you. frigid temperatures, are building encased in ice after a major fire fight. >> that fire reached six alarms and destroyed several businesses, jennifer joyce on the the scene with the very
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latest on this, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, lauren and chris this fire happened two days ago and still we have philadelphia a fire fighters out here on the scene dousing these properties with water. piles of debris, covered in white and ice sickles hanging two to 3 feet licensing from what is left of this building, since the fire happened saturday night we have seen frigid cold temperatures, single digits temperatures with wind chills that put our feels like temperature below zero. now, according to this block of frankford avenue it is like a ice skating wink. it is closed off to vehicular traffic but also not are safe for pedestrians walking over here to the sidewalk, you can see the sidewalk is coated in ice. the as of right the now fire fighters still do not the know the cause of the fire. we don't know if weather played any role in the start of the fire, which, again, happened saturday morning inside of an ought the owe body shop here but we do know mother nature certainly made this fire difficult to battle,
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with wind, reaching 30 miles an hour, on saturday morning, lauren and chris. >> man, okay, jennaphr joyce, thanks very much. frigid temperatures this morning have people staying inside right now. bitter cold making it dangerous to walk outside without bundling up. >> our team coverage continues with dave kinchen live in wilmington delaware with the a look at the conditions there. hi there dave. >> reporter: how are you lauren and chris. on this president day it is almost as cold and icy a as it was at the big debate saturday night this presidents day. but where we are we are here in wilmington we are getting snow flakes right now, and the flakes will be much larger and coming in at a bigger clip in just a few hours with that storm brewing in the baltimore/washington area it will be up toward wilmington later this morning but of course the big story was the low, low temperatures over the weekend and a very, very cold valentines day. we were out and about, fox 29 cameras were in center city
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philadelphia a, as couples were holding hand walking around but it was not the their love doing the warming up, it was, of course, all of the layers that they were putting on. we talk to the folks out there and about how they were staying warm and here's what they had to say. >> oh, man, we dressed head to to toe covered in layers being as warm as possible. they have got their jackets on as you can sianni they love it. they are pulled out of the closet they get real excited. >> i'm just waiting for tuesday when it is warmer. couped up in my apartment the whole time. time for me to eat. you have to find something to eat that is what brings me on in the cold. >> reporter: you have a ski mask on. >> yes, do to protect me from the very cold wind. hard part working around in the cold is getting cold in the face. >> reporter: no doubt about that and especially when you get snow in the face to can see snow flakes coming through that light right there, street lamp, and we are starting to
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see again, just the early stages of the snowfall that will be getting to day in the wilmington area more of that coming up, from the baltimore washington area, and wilmington and will be moving north east after that. back to you good dave kinchen. >> thanks, dave. lauren? happening today, it is back to class the a at ursinus college after more than 200 students became sick and, get this the college says that number is still growing. ten new reports came in over the weekend but the frequency of students showing symptoms has decreased. ursinus is working with montgomery county health officials to figure out where illness started, in most cases, those who became sick said they were feeling better within 24 hours. also happening today, embattled congressman chaka a fattah makes his reelection bid official, for the u.s. house of representatives, this morning, he is traveling to harrisburg and will hand deliver his petitions for reelection. according to fattah he has more than triple will number of signatures required to run.
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he says he is expecting an endorsement from the service employees international union tomorrow. as political world speculates who will take over for supreme court justice antonin scalia who passed away saturday on natural causes those who knew him well are remembering a friend. fox's lauren steinbreaker had has more. >> reporter: senator orin had hatch is there nothing but good memories and respect for antonin scalia. >> he had a great sense of humor. he was one of the most powerful justices ever in history. >> reporter: he said they went to dinner, often talked in hatch's office. the is there so much stories to share. >> i said, you will have to give up smoking. he took his cigarettes right out of his pocket, handed them to me the whole package and then he said, does that include cigars. >> reporter: in a professional sense hatch described justice scalia as one of the principal of conservative jurist in the the country. remine him of the person, he says but didn't always like scalia's court opinions. >> some of the liberals didn't
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like his opinions but they were always well written and he will be very difficult to replace. >> reporter: that is where focus is already turning, will replace the long time justice? happies critical of president obama's past appointments. >> he has appointed the most liberal just advertise zest. >> reporter: hatch says it will create a political mess, ultimately the senate will need to confirm that appointment. hatch and utah's other u.s. senator mike lee both sit on the judiciary committee that gives that approval. >> i don't think that person will make it through. >> reporter: the decision should wait until the next president takes office. >> the court will survive and court will issue its opinions. >> reporter: as debate swirls he is still grieving for his friend. a loss he says not just for those who knew scalia but for the entire nation. >> that was fox's lauren reporting. scalia's body was flown back to virginia last night no word on funeral arrangements just yet. authorities in allentown trying to id a woman found
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yesterday afternoon stuffed in the recycling container, a parking lot. homicide investigators say she was an asian woman 18 to 30, about 5 feet tall, 119-pound with short black hair. if you can help, call the lehigh county coroner oral even town police. at 4:10 police are looking for two home invaders who pretended to be utility workers who broke in the south philadelphia home, they knock down a dirt on the street sunday morning and when they wouldn't let them in, they forced their way in. both woman and her mother battering pancreatic cancer were injured. >> i said look, do you think we have money? look, my mommies sick, you know, we're going through chemo, i don't understand why you are doing this. >> the the man that ransacked an upstairs bedroom before leaving without taking anything. the daughter needed three stitches in her head. she said they never saw men before and they don't know why they were targeted. 4:10. a few names being thrown in the ring as a replacement to the late u.s. supreme court
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justice antonin scalia. the local politicians, being considered for the highest court in the land. plus staying with politics of sorts, donald trump and is using philadelphia an example for what needs fixing. we will tell you what the presidential front runner said.
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all right. we've got the winter weather advisory in effect in case you were out of touch over the weekend. is there a winter storm heading our way and all of the places highlighted in purple
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are expecting, you guessed it, winter weather. that is thus the advicery. we've got this long storm, it the is just covering a big area from tennessee all the way through into west virginia, virginia is getting some snow from this storm right now. with our cold air in place, when we get something, it will be snow as well. it looks like kent county, delaware, some of this is making it to the ground and moisture coming across the bay so it looks like you might be seeing snow in cumberland county, new jersey. it will not be licensing before wilmington will see a few snow flakes and then eventually us here in philadelphia. it will start off pretty slow and then get cranked up later on. here we are at 3:00 in the afternoon and it is still snow, temperatures are still cold enough. we will have to watch, throughout the day is what that temperature is because as milder temperatures move in you will will see this line of rain moving north so by that
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8:00 o'clock we have switched over to rain in philadelphia and along this i-95 corridor. tricky parties where youe this pink and that will be a sleet kind of mixture, of winter, wintry mix of weather which could make things slippery in the neighborhood north and west of the city. now we have change over to rain overnight, so tomorrow, as folks get back to school and work after a holiday it will be a rainy day and then by the afternoon it will be a lot of rain coming through. we could get one, maybe 2 inches of rain in some spots. it is a rain day tomorrow. we will have have flooding probably at the shore. we don't have astronomical high tides which is good but we will to have watch those back bays. this storm stays with us until 7:00 in the evening on tuesday, and then it is, outta here. so we will have, this with us in various forms for a couple of days, so, the snow before we get to the rain, could accumulate north and west of the city two to 3 inches.
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inch or two here. less than a inch south and east of us before that change over. thirty-five should be our high today. look at tomorrow, 56 degrees. i know. after that cold air over the weekend, it is up and down a bit but by the owned of the week it does look like we will be back in the 50's, once again. but we have got a messy day i to get through today bob kelly, just hasn't arrived yet. >> can we bureau some of that 56, can we trade off. wouldn't that be nice if we could do that. like the shell game. good morning everybody. we're in good shape this morning. no problems on the major roadways. penndot, dell dot, new jersey dot, they were outputting down that brine getting ready for first flakes to fall. later today through evening rush her will be a rough go with the storm coming our way but we will not have a rush hour. a lot of folks have the day off, all of the kid are off from school, so they will be driving you crazy by 11:00 o'clock. what will happies folks will want to get out and do
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something with the kid. you want to get out there and do that early enough before lunchtime. schuylkill looking good. in problems on i-95. they have put down that salt brine solution on the major roadways in preparations for the flakes coming our way. good morning, to king of prussia, no problems up there near the mall, looking good downtown philly at vine street expressway, ben franklin bridge. most of the work crews were not existent last night and had night off but there is a new traffic pattern shuffle here on 42, at 295, if you are using mass transit today, just keep in mind everybody is running one of those, modified/holiday schedules i'm talking septa, new jersey transit, patco even dart has not only holiday schedule but they had some service changes and a fare increase that went in effect over the weekend. today is first weekday for that one and market frankford line and broad street subway they are using shuttle buses to 5:00 a.m.
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chris and lauren back over to you. new jersey senator corry booker is one of the names on the the short list considered to replace u.s. supreme court justice antonin scale y flags are flown at half staff at government buildings in honor of scalia died of natural causes on saturday. his body is now in virginia. funeral plans are still being made, is there growing debate over whether president obama should make a nomination during his last year in office. republicans argue obama is a a lame duck and vacant see should be filled by the next president. >> lame duck for 11 months. presidential candidate donald trump highlighted a philadelphia could go go through a rough time. an auto parts green manufacturers, based in the northeast is laying off more than 1300 workers and shipping jobs over to mexico. trump made a, statement about the layoffs and then said quote i'm the only one who can fix this. we need to keep jobs here in america. the billion air has in the been a fan of out sourcing jobs to other countries.
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so far the post has received more than 69,000 likes, and more than 12,000 shares. a 46 year-old man survived getting shot in the head in north philadelphia, the victim is in critical condition right now. police called out to the 31 block of the north 15th street just before 4:00 o'clock yesterday afternoon. the officers took the victim to temple hospital. right now no word on the suspect and in weapon has been recovered. just days after pulling in port in north jersey this cruise ship damaged at sea new back out on the ocean. we were there when hundreds of passengers walk off anthem of the seas last week. >> a new set of passengers boarded the same ship this weekend hoping for a smooth are ride. last week royal caribbean vessel was heading to the bohamas when it encountered a nasty storm. 75 miles an hour, waves of about 30 feet high, as you can see from that cell phone video from one of the passengers through the cabin window. people boarded this weekend. hey, they weren't worried. >> lightening doesn't strike
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twice. >> that storm last week damaged the ship's propulsion system, that was fixed, along with the full coastguard inspection before the anthem of the seas sets sail. it does it set sail if it doesn't have sales. the missing what the wrist are blamed on runway millionry problem that caused havoc across maryland into pennsylvania this happened last year of course. >> "fox news" reporting someone failed to put batteries in the automatic deflation device inside the problem that would have stopped it. the blimp got lose from maryland last october and its dangling tether caused power outageness pennsylvania, before it was shot down by police hours after the journey started. military officials are not saying who is responsible for the battery oversight. all right. philadelphia native kevin hart represented big time during all-star weekend. coming up serious news the comedian showed on and off the court. >> and then winning lottery numbers.
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good morning, i'm howard eskin. flyers coming off a tough loss against new jersey need wins if they have any chance to make playoffs. they have to look at those numbers now. last night a tough game with the rangers to madison square garden with the score one to nothing, rangers, derek stephan makes tit to nothing. he had two goals.
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rangers win three-one. flyers score with less than ten seconds left. temple making a late push for the tournament bid. lee a core assenter. game was tougher. the quinton decozy will hit three. temple wins 77-65. at&t pebble beach pro am down to the final shot but vaughn taylor on 16, 28 feet away, this birdie putt the puts him 17 under. mickelson fell will apart a little bit but still has a chance to tie at 17 with a 5-foot, 5-inch putt. first time all week he missed a putt. twenty-three times. that is something. that is sports in a minute. i'm howard eskin. you keep the toe opened and just push it in. see what happens to phil. it happens to me every time i play by the way. >> let's talk basketball. >> it was a big weekend. >> last night was nba all-star game held in canada.
4:25 am
this year kobe bryant played in his 18th and final game. >> bryant is second leading player to be chosen for the team just behind kareem abdul jabber, also of the lakers, magic johnson another laker, with a moving tribute to bryant that featured several nba players. west won the game against the east 197-173. kobe scored ten points. >> that is something. >> come on he is old. >> come on. >> another highlight of all-star weekend was when philadelphia comedian kevin h theart tied golden state warriors player, drayond green. everybody thought he would just blow him out but then kevin h hans art will get a participation trophy. in one thought wow do as well as he did. they tied at 12, three pointers a piece. >> is there anything he does don't well. >> look at the that. >> here's the thing. >> no philadelphia 76er even
4:26 am
invited to play but philly represented, kobe born in philly, grew up, went to lower merion high school. kevin h theart philly native. there is your philly representation right there. >> let me ask you this after three-point contest was dunk contest. that is what i saw did you see it. >> i did not. >> so there was a dunk from aaron gordon, did he not win but everybody said that this dunk he did, look, over step's head the mascot, between his legs. >> and then zach levin, who won the contest. >> now, is he related to adam. >> he is not. >> but both are pretty young. >> go ahead. >> it is okay. >> his dunk, i thought, he did one from three-point line from the free throw line and they said he went under his legs, and then dunked it, watch. >> alla air jordan.
4:27 am
>> look at that. >> did y'all see that. >> don't do that. >> yes. >> it was pretty good though. those two did very well. >> 4:27. senator corry booker makes a short list to fill a supreme court vacancy. the that is not all. other big news being released about him this morning.
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it will be a messy monday, look radar is telling it all. snow, sleet, rain, all of it, it is heading our way. >> and back to class at ursinus college but after more than 200 students became sick what officials are now saying about the fast spreading bug. all right. happy president day. it is monday, february 15th, 2016. >> i was with friend yesterday at brunch people were sitting around, three day weekend, i said for who. >> yes. >> yes. >> the news never stops. and neither does the weather apparent hi sue serio it just keeps getting more. >> at least it all held off until valentines day, was over, so a lot of folks who did have off today got to go out to dinner last night. lucky you. we have got a pretty large storm here, it is rain, down in parts of the tennessee, and
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then it changes to snow as we get in the eastern part of the state, kind of icy in between and then snow with these cold temperatures, that came in over the weekend, and still in place, so we are starting to see some light snow spread into southern delaware. there may be a little bit in cumberland county, new jersey a lot of what we are seeing here is the gray, in the quite making it to the ground just yet but we will keep an eye on things and let us know what you got where you are. if you are up this early anyway than owe a holiday. winter weather advisory is in effect until 10:00 a.m. we expect things to change over to rain if not earlier. one to 2 inches of snow though before that happens. we have 17 degrees but feels like eight in philadelphia right now. sunrise time 6:54. no sunshine just changeable precipitation, temperatures are in the teens, this morning, but wind chills if you are walking out the door you have to layer it up still cold from the weekend those temperatures still with us, single digit wind chills this
4:32 am
morning. your presidents day forecast is for a high in the mid 30's, eventually we will inch up above freezing and that is when that snow will change over to rain. we are thinking it will top off at 35 degrees today with the snow changing to rain. so we have an adventure in traveling, bob kelly, not only today but tomorrow too with the rain. >> well, good thing that this morning we will see light volume because of the presidents day holiday, folks are off from work, kid are off from school but as we were talking everybody is looking for something to do today with the kid and that will happen around ten or 11:00 o'clock right around the time we see those flakes coming our way. could be tricky travel throughout the day. right now heading out the front door no problems or delays at all. majors looking good, heading up to the poconos to maybe do some skiing or snow tubing you're good to go at the moment. good morning northeast philadelphia, this is frankford and linden avenue up there by the academy road ramps for i-95. penndot, new jersey dot, dell dot they have treated the road
4:33 am
yesterday. they have put down that salt brine solution so we are ready for first flakes coming our way. no problems on the vine expressway coming in or out of the city. because of the holiday pretty much work crews are none in existent last night. that is good news to start our monday morning. the falls bridge still closed that long term project they want to use city after new bridge instead. new traffic pattern developed over the weekend if you are coming in or heading in to south jersey along the 42 freeway in the area of 295 and old bellmawr, new jersey. all of the mass transit systems are using a modified/holiday schedule. make sure you check the schedule before you head out there because it is cold, standing on the bus corner, chris and lauren, back to you. the frigid temperatures are leaving some buildings encased in ice this happened after a major fire fight in frankford that fire reached six alarms, destroyed businesses, jennifer joyce at the scene what two days later, jen? >> reporter: nearly three
4:34 am
hours after this fire started you can see fire fighters still on the scene here at frankford avenue at the griscom street where six businesses were destroyed by flames over the weekend. the reason the hose is still running is because it is hard to see right now, it is so dark but coming out of the rooftop here you can still see smoke pouring out. these buildings collapsed in the fire over the weekend and as a result some of the fire got buried. there are still hot spots buried underneath these icy patches. urn a the corn are we did see heavy equipment. they will bring in this machinery to dig out this debris. right now icy conditions made it very difficult for fire fighters to get in there and try to clear it themselves. lauren and chris. >> all right, boy that is tough work out there. >> i know. >> jen, thank you. happening today back to class at ursinus college after more than 200 students became sick and get this the college said that number is still going up. ten new reports came in over the weekend but frequency of
4:35 am
students showing symptoms has decreased. ursinus is continuing to work with montgomery county health officials to figure out where illness began. in most cases those say they were feeling better within 24 hours. all right. 4:35 is the time on this monday morning and as senator corry booker makes short list to fill supreme court vacant see. the his first authored book is due for release. what timing. >> it is titled united and spotlights his rising future in politics. in it the booker writes about the people who inspire him. he makes a passionate call for working together to fight social problems including criminal justice reform and poverty. united is a available tomorrow in hard cover, paper back, e book and, of course, audio. pope francis condemns drug trade and administers to sick children, that story for you straight ahead on fox 29.
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good morning. welcome back at 4:38. looks at national headlines body supreme court justice antonin scalia who died over weekend has been flown from texas to virginia. he was staying at a west texas resort when he was found dead in his room on saturday, when he failed to show up for breakfast that morning. scalia was 79 years old and last reported he did die of a heart attack. meantime president obama said he will nominate a successor to the late justice in due time. white house says decision making process will begin once senate returns from the week long recess.
4:39 am
republicans argue he is a a lame duck and vacancy should be filled by next president but obama intend to fulfill his constitutional duty. rick snyder pushing for federal government to expand insurance coverage for people exposed to that contaminated water in flint, michigan. >> in a statement snyder asked medicaid coverage be increase todd people under 21 and pregnant woman exposed to that toxic water. he a said that 15,000 more people in flint would benefit if the government approves that request. for more than a year, residents there drank water from the flint river, before it was proved to be, in fact, safe. u.s. surgeon general plans to visit flint tomorrow to talk to residents there. 4:39. an officer killed in the line of duty is being remembered by his loved ones. atlanta area officer is tied to south jersey serving seven years as a volume tear fire fighter in lawnside. >> major greg barney's family laid him to rest and those who knew the the officer remembered him as, always, committed, to encouraging and
4:40 am
protecting others. they say that he used every skill that he had to try to save lives. >> i have never seen major barney disrespect anyone regardless of what they are charged with. he treated everyone with respect. he explained to them why what they did was wrong and why they shouldn't do it again and they just had to have a great amount of respect for him. >> investigators say a man, subject of the warrant, shot major barney and that maim i had duran ross. another officer then shot him. ross is still in the hospital, now facing murder charges. 4:40. lets look at world news for you. pope francis was in mexico city where he preach at an open air mass to hundreds of thousands office people. one child gave the pope a valentine, another sang to him. the pope condemned the drug trade and violence that comes with it drug drug money quote wealth that tastes of pain. >> wealth is the seizing hold of good destined for all and
4:41 am
using it only for myself, for my own people, that is, taking the bread from the mouth of others or even at the expense of their very lives. that wealth, which taints of pain, bitterness and suffering. >> pope francis will visit u.s./mexico border in the middle of the week to bring attention to the immigrants attention. we celebrate a true pie mere in the arts. we will look at the life of the first african-american to become a regular conductor after a major american symphony orchestra.
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so yah, some winter weather heading our way today. winter weather advisory in effect for one to 2 inches of snow before things change over to rain. we're not expecting a big snow storm but it doesn't mean we went get a mess and i think it will happen as things change throughout the day-to-day. you will see rain, ice, snow, we will get a little bit of all of that throughout the course of the day but starts out as snow because it is so darn cold from the weekend. you know how cold it was over the weekend. now we are seeing brighter white, on radar spread nothing to kent county, sussex county, delaware. cape may county in new jersey. cumberland county, in new jersey as been will show you on this traffic camera. we will see wet roadways, nothing much though going on in the philadelphia area just yet but what we see isn't quite making it to the ground just yet. so future cast shows very spotty, snow flakes, throughout the morning, but i
4:45 am
think we will see something, and then by afternoon we will see enough to accumulate an inch or so. then we will get this icing period of six or 7:00 o'clock for the drive home for folks who are going home today and that is what really could be the tricky travel. before we change over to rain. do you see rain moving from south to north. overnight hours it is all rain and then it is a lot of rain, maybe in the in the morning tomorrow, as we get back to reality but by midday look at the this orange here, by 1:00 in the afternoon heavy rain could add up to an inch or two in places, and that could cause, some flooding. that will be our issue tomorrow. today, it is slippery travel, tomorrow will be rain, lots of it, by wednesday, we will blessedly dry out. so how much snow? we think north and west of the city for folks skiing today that will be fun, two to 3 inches. one to 2 inches of not so much fun travel throughout i-95. less of an inch south and east of us with those cold temperatures changing but it is in the teens right now.
4:46 am
the so it will be frozen precipitation for a while before we can inch up above freezing, wind chills in the single digits, keep that in mind if you go out early this morning. average high temperature is 44 . we will get above that tomorrow but yesterday's high was 20, so that was warmer then we were expecting but it was not a record yesterday with that cold, it was just cold, 35 degrees, today, as we see that change over to rain and then the overnight hours we will stay in the low to mid 30's. we have rain, nothing but rain, and high wind tomorrow, as well, and then we will dry out by wednesday, and then it gets milder, as we get in the weekend. by saturday and sunday we're talking about temperatures in the mid 50's both days but we have a lot of mess to get through, bob before we get there. >> beginning of the mess starts right here. we have as you just mentioned out here in south jersey, this is a live look at one of our new jersey dot cameras, route 47 and 347 coming out of
4:47 am
wildwood, rio grande and head back toward the city. we are seeing snowfall not only here in south jersey but up and down portions of that garden state parkway and covering delaware. it is starting to inch its way up and you can see exactly the scenario that is happening. the ground is so cold, that as the snow begins to fall, it will quickly stick and cover the road surface. the it will make things slippery as we begin our morning rush hour. northeast philadelphia, no flakes at all, everybody hitting the snooze button. this is a live look at princeton avenue in the great north east but penndot, new jersey dot, dell dot they have put down salt/brine solution yesterday and hopefully some of that salt left over from the last couple of storms. no problems on the freeway, we expect light volume morning rush hour, and it scares me that with the kid home from school folks are off and will get cabin fever by nine or 10:00 o'clock. the lets get out of the house and lets go do something
4:48 am
today. that will be around the same time we will see flakes moving in and road start to be dangerous here. live look the at ben franklin bridge, in problems at all up and over into downtown. could be a rough travel day for folks heading to philly international. earl willer the better getting down there check with the air lynn before you do. shuttle bus services running on both market frankford and broad street subway lines until about 5:00 today and across the board, with the presidents day holiday all of the mass transit systems are running on either a modified or a holiday schedule, chris and lauren, back to you. this morning we will celebrate a true pioneer in the arts. henry lewis was an african-american double base player and orchestra player born in 1932. >> born in los angeles. he began studying piano at age five. played the clarinet and several string instruments. at 16 he joined los angeles orchestra, becoming first black orchestra player.
4:49 am
he got assistant conductor of the l.a. orchestra and moved to newark, new jersey. >> yeah, in 1968, he became conductor, music director of the new jersey symphony. he transformed the group in the nationally recognized orchestra that yearly performed, american 100 concerts, after retiring in 1976, he continued to tour as a guest conductor for 20 years, until his death from a heart attack at the age of 63. he was a first black person to become a regular conductor of a major american symphony orchestra. >> breaking barriers. >> very cool. >> yeah. >> right here in our area too. >> absolutely. >> just like that. speaking of new jersey. >> yes. >> young beauties got a special opportunity to get dolled up, a collinswood beauty salon holding a special event for children. little cuties getting their first taste of professional hair and make up, at verde salon. the theme of the the day was beauty and the beast because, the broadway play is in town. some girls got braid in their hair just like bell, and the
4:50 am
salon says it the is all about making little ones feel just like a princess. >> it is one of those feel good days. our clients are all moms. my team members are moms. we have a fun day for little girls to come in, feel like a princess, get all dolled up and perfect time to have beauty and beast in town so we have partnered with them. >> owners hope to make this a annual event. >> look at that hug. >> yes. >> so cute. >> yes. >> so cute. >> so pretty. >> they blush when you finally see them, walk down the stairs. >> you know, i wash that off before you get it on your clothes. valentines day typically focused on is what closest to you, how a volleyball league in colorado chose to give, instead to families in need of blood. >> sweet.
4:51 am
4:52 am
4:53 am
spokesbox: ♪ go paperless, don't stress, girl ♪ ♪ i got the discounts that you need ♪ ♪ safe driver ♪ accident-free ♪ everybody put your flaps in the air for me ♪ i love this song. of course, this is springsteen from the 80's from the tunnel of love album. it is on valentines day. >> daylight. >> all day long, i listened to that and could not find my cd. kids took that down in the basement all scratched up you
4:54 am
still have cd. >> yeah, i'm old school, sad, right. >> yes. >> so, a local volleyball league in colorado. i still have record. like original record like when billy idol's albums came out. >> do you have any eight tracks. >> that was my parent's generation, that was not me. lets get back to colorado where, they are raising money for families torn apart by immigration detention. >> our fox reporter has the story. >> definitely has to be hearts in the card. >> reporter: february 14th. >> valentines day typically happens, and it is important to me but i don't celebrate it >> reporter: sometimes a hallmark card. >> you have to have some red. >> reporter: does not do a hallmark who will will day justice. >> none here. >> reporter: personal touch from a secret admirer. >> always in our heart and mind. >> reporter: is in everyone of these hand made card. >> they are not alone. we are trying to show them love.
4:55 am
>> reporter: each week members play the game that they love. >> we have become family. >> reporter: this family decided to share their love this holiday. >> sometimes they need a car to live even up their day. >> reporter: notes being detained in aurora detention center. >> sometimes they are alone, they don't have friend or family to go with them. >> reporter: in the hearts and mind of many in this league. >> i know people that have been through that. >> reporter: they support them where play. >> volleyball latino is a a volleyball league that raises money for families torn apart by immigrant detention. it is a natural thing for us to want to do things especially throughout the holidays where families, should be together. >> reporter: this day of love is special for these players. >> it is not just about love, it is like your partner, more than just about chocolate and flowers and teddy bears. >> it is friend, it is family. >> reporter: day to celebrate love ape show compassion. >> to bring a smile to someone's face, you know, that may not have been smiling for months. >> reporter: to strangers who need it most. >> this is about reminding
4:56 am
people that they matter, that they are human being, and that their lives should be dignified and for that reason valentines day is now, important to me. >> reporter: photo journalist oma arthur, and fox 31, ten versace. 4:56 is the time. in the next hour valentines day is just one day in the year, right. how students at one elementary school in colorado are doing more to spread the love. >> here's more of valentines day by bruce, who was in town friday night.
4:57 am
4:58 am
4:59 am
we're seeing no end in sight, when it comes to these freezing temperatures. a large storm impacting our area later today and how long we can expect to it last. >> as the political world speculates as to who will take over for supreme court justice antonin scalia, hear touching word from those who knew him well. >> i tried to fight him and grab his gun, break his finger. >> a woman and sick moth's tacked inside their own home. what the suspect said to make the victims answer the the door. >> wow. >> coming upright at 5:00 o'clock on this monday morning, day after valentines day on this presidents day, it is monday, pep 15th, 2016. right in the middle of the
5:00 am
black history movement right in the middle of another storm. sue, you will look at the number here. if it is any better than a one, i will be shocked. >> um-hmm. >> really. >> explain that to me right now. >> right now, it is okay. >> but it is going to be very messy travel today. i know. maybe i should have gone down to a two. >> i would go one and in berth. >> okay. >> but you know, i'm trying to take the day as a whole, anyway, we've got rain, ice, we have got snow, all associated with this same storm. you see everything streaming from the southwest. so as we look at our area, obviously the southern part of our viewing area will get precipitation first. we have seen some in cape may county, in new jersey, and then in the southern two counties of delaware not too much in our area. still dry, but boy is it cold. how cold is it? we will let you know in a second after we show thaw winter weather advisory for good part of the area but not


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