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tv   Fox Morning News at 5A  FOX  February 15, 2016 5:00am-6:01am EST

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black history movement right in the middle of another storm. sue, you will look at the number here. if it is any better than a one, i will be shocked. >> um-hmm. >> really. >> explain that to me right now. >> right now, it is okay. >> but it is going to be very messy travel today. i know. maybe i should have gone down to a two. >> i would go one and in berth. >> okay. >> but you know, i'm trying to take the day as a whole, anyway, we've got rain, ice, we have got snow, all associated with this same storm. you see everything streaming from the southwest. so as we look at our area, obviously the southern part of our viewing area will get precipitation first. we have seen some in cape may county, in new jersey, and then in the southern two counties of delaware not too much in our area. still dry, but boy is it cold. how cold is it? we will let you know in a second after we show thaw winter weather advisory for good part of the area but not every place.
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18 degrees feels like ten, outside, right the now and then these are the temperatures, we're in the teens just about every where, it is 2 degrees in mount pocono, popular skiing weekend, we will definitely to have layer up, if that is where you are heading for a day trip. we have a wind chill of ten as we showed you in the city, only three is what it feels like in lancaster. nine in wilmington. that is where we are right now. for your presidents day we will have a high eventually of 35 degrees, and that means the snow will eventually change over to rain, we will break that down for you because temperatures really critical in the type of the precipitation that we get but that is your forecast for today, we have got back to to reality forecast for tomorrow, and much more, coming up. bob kelly, hey. >> hey, sue, good morning everybody. we are seeing flakes moving into our area here's a live look at the garden state parkway, down the shore, as you head on the way to cape may. some big flakes as well. so again quickly, it looks
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like it is trying to stick and cover what would be that left lane here, on that garden state parkway. you know the drill, first ones out of the the gate this morning as the flakes begin to kind of cover secondary roads an inside streets, the major roadways, the less traveled lane like that left lane there probably will start to see that snow cover first. live look at i-95 in bucks county 4:13 no flakes yet but coming our way from wilmington, i-95, 495 down near dover air force base. we are starting to see that same light snow start to cover road surface. the here's a live look at the benny no problems at all coming from downtown, 42 freeway, looking good as well as you work your way in to philadelphia a. if you are using mass transit, bundle up, it will be cold, waiting for bus on the corner and all of the mass transit systems are running a modified or a holiday schedule. today is first weekday since dart made service changes and
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hiked up the fares. that will heat you this morning. if you are traveling out of philly international today it could be a rough go. airport is opened, ready to go but i would check with the airline as far as your flight status. the chris and lauren, back over to you. first flames and now ice takes hold in several businessness frank for. >> fifty-six alarm fire. now, that frigid, well, weather right there in this area is causing bigger problems. we will talk about water, jennifer joyce and freezing temperatures. there is all kind of ice around you. >> reporter: this has been a challenging job chris and lauren here on frankford avenue in griscom street. fire fighters are still on the scene and look at all of that ice. you can see ice hanging two to 3 feet long from these properties. fire fighters here still trying to put out hot spots but they are keeping their distance, the frigid temperatures have caused the properties, the streets, and the sidewalks to complete thely ice over, and so fire was so bad on saturday it caused at least one of these
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buildings to collapse trapping the heat underneath the debris, hence, there are still flames. the thinks still an active scene. fire started in an auto body shop behind frankford avenue on griscom. the cause has in the been determined. a a fire fighter on the scene says because of the fire and the fact that the properties are covered in snow, and ice, a fire marshall has not been able to access this to begin his investigation. there are two backhoes parked around the corner on stand by prepared to come in and clear this property as soon as it is safe. that could begin later today but for now at least four blocks here along the stretch of the frankford avenue at griscom remain closed to vehicular traffic. lauren and chris. >> hard work for those fire fighters, jen, thank you. frigid temperatures, this morning have many people staying inside the bitter cold making it dangerous to walk outside, without bundles up. >> dave kinchen is in wilmington with a look at conditions there dave, good morning.
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>> reporter: chris, good morning to you. couple hit or miss flakes coming through here by rodney square in downtown wilmington but the story right now is the wind. you can see flags blowing right there. it is chill, chill, chilly out this way, and that is with of course a snowstorm that is in the washington/baltimore area coming up this way but the real story, of course, over the last 24 hours was the bitter, bitter cold. fox 29 camera out and about in center city as people were trying to warm up, not so much with the love of valentines day even if they were out with couples but warmth of layers, hats, scarves, coats, gloves, everything, the works and we have talk to some people to try to see how they were staying warm and here's what they had to say. >> i would think that the cold weather is going to keep people at home but i was wrong. just diehard skaters are here but it is great. sunnies out. not that bad. there is no wind. we will get to enjoy
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ourselves. >> coming out in 15 degrees, we were ready though. >> reporter: you said i got to get out of the house. >> no, we were watching shows and we said we would rat ther be on the ice today. >> reporter: well, i'll tell you if you wanted to be on the ice yesterday and today, it will be pretty slick, in some areas but it will be snowy. we're getting flakes right now again, downtown wilmington, few flakes passing through. little later this morning those flakes will be much more frequent and much more heavier, so we will get in a nice little round of snow for february but again, bitter, cold back to you. >> dave kinchen thanks very much. bundle up out there. 5:06. it is back to class at ursinus college after more than 200 students became sick and get this the college says that number is still climbing. ten new reports came in over the weekend but the frequency of the students showing symptoms has decreased. ursinus is continuing to work with montgomery county health officials to figure out where illness began and in most
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cases those that were sick were starting to feel better within 24 hours, lauren. also embattled congressman chaka fattah says he has enough support to run for reelection. this morning he is traveling to harrisburg and will hand delivery lex petitions for a u.s. representative. according to to fattah he had has more than triple number of the voting signatures to run. the democrat ace accused of corruption and fraud in connection to his unsuccessful campaign for philadelphia's mayor in 2007. political world speculates as to who will take over for supreme court justice antonin scalia who passed a away over the weekend of a heart attack, those who knew him well, mourn the loss of the friend. fox ease lauren has more. >> reporter: to senator or inn hatch is there nothing but good memories and respect for antonin scalia. >> he had a great sense of humor. he was intellectually one of the most powerful justices ever in history. >> reporter: he said they went to dinner and often talk in hatch's office. there is so many stories to share. >> i said, nino, you will to
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have give up smoking. he took his cigarettes right out of his pocket, handed them to me, whole package of cigarettes and then turned to me and said does that include cigars. >> reporter: even in a professional sense hatch described justice scalia as one of the principals conservative jurist in the country, and everyone like him as a person, he says but didn't always like scalia's court opinions. >> naturally some of the liberals didn't like some of his opinions but by and large they were always well written and he will be very difficult to replace. >> reporter: that is where focus is already turning, who will replace the long time justice. hatch's critical of president obama's past appointments. >> owe has a appointed the most liberal justices. >> reporter: hatch says it will create a political mess. ultimately the senate will need to confirm that appointment. hatch and utah's other u.s. senator mike lee both sit on the judiciary committee that gives the approval. >> i can tell you this i don't think that person will make it through. >> reporter: the decision he says should wait until the next president takes office.
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>> the court will survive and the court will issue its opinions. >> reporter: as debate swirls he is still grieving for his friend, a loss, he says, not just for those who knew scalia but for the entire nation. >> that was fox's lauren steinbreaker reporting. developing right now in allentown authorities trying to id a woman found yesterday afternoon stuffed in the recycling container in a parking lot. homicide investigators say she was an asian woman 18 to 30, about 5 feet tall and 119-pound and short black hair. you can help call lehigh valley coroner oral even town police. also police are looking for two home invaders who pretended to be utility workers to break into a home in south the philadelphia. they have knock on the store on mold street sunday morning. when would the man let them in they forced their way inside. both the woman and her mother, who is battling cancer, were injured. >> i said look, do you think we have money? look, my mommies sick, you know. we're going through chemo. i don't understand why you are
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doing this. >> the man ransacked an upstairs bedroom before leaving without taking anything. the daughter needed three stitches in her head. she said that they never saw the men before, they don't know why they were targeted. republican presidential candidate donald trump recognized a philadelphia company that is going through a pretty rough time. >> cardone injuries, auto parts remanufacturer based in the northeast, is laying off more than 1300 workers and shipping jobs to mexico. trump made a statement on his facebook page about those lays offs and said i'm the only one that can fix this. we need to keep jobs in america. and to quote one of the billion air's platforms is to keep jobs in america. so far it has received more than 69,000 likes and more than 12,000 shares. pope francis condemns drug trade and ministers to sick children, that story straight ahead.
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winter weather authority and winter weather we have. it is affecting the entire northeastern part of the country, different types of messes, down here in the carolinas we're talking freezing rain, winter storm warning in effect for most of virginia and west virginia, and a flood watch in effect to the northwest of that, winter weather advisory, every place you see purple, high wind watch in new england. it is a winter weather advisory for us though, until 10:00 o'clock tonight when snow changes over to rain.
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we should get just enough to drop one to 2 inches on the ground before the changeover and then lots of rain. the as we zoom into our area the brighter whiteys down here in kent, sussex counties in delaware now into cape may, atlantic counties in new jersey. maybe a little flurry activity in berks, chester counties right now, but nothing just yet in philadelphia a. yet. now here's where we are watching carefully in the only type of precipitation but temperature which will determine the type of precipitation. so by 10:00 o'clock this morning we have zoomed up in the 20's, but by 3:00 in the afternoon we are getting just above freezing, 33 degrees in philadelphia and see warmer air moving from south to north so we see change over by 6:00 o'clock to rain. we're hoping for not april extended period of ice in between but where you see pink here is where travel will be tricky for drive home today and that is lancaster, chester counties, north and west of the city where we might have most dangerous travel with icy
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conditions, but tomorrow morning at this time we will be in the upper 40's, and then the 50's on tuesday. 57 degrees by 11:00 o'clock tuesday morning. here comes rain and lots of it, by about, two or 3:00 o'clock in the afternoon, maybe even a couple thunderstorms with these dramatic temperatures swings. then things calm down and then we will get back to seasonal temperatures by tuesday night. about an inch, inch and a half of snow for everybody, before the changeover to rain, what an adventurous presidents day it will be weather-wise. if you stayed in all weekend because of the cold temperatures maybe if you have a chance just say it again today because we do expect that snow to change over to rain and then lots of rain tomorrow. and then look at what happens by the weekend, temperatures in the 50's. something to look forward to bob kelly. >> i think that is what will happen. today kid are off from school, and folks off will get that cabin fever.
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lets get out the of the house. we have to go do something because kid are off. that is what you want to watch. already here we are starting to see the snow, stick to and cover the roads, down the shore. this is a live look at route nine, in south jersey, portions of route nine, 47, garden state parkway all starting to be snow covered. same deal in delaware down near dover air force base and quickly inching up in towards philadelphia. here's a live look at i-95 near commodore barry bridge, in flakes just yet but again, it is coming up that i-95 corridor and slowly will be creeping in and causing a mess throughout the day. in problems on the bennie, all of the crews have been out there and they put down that brine with salt trucks ready to go. you know the the drill on the 42 freeway in problems or delays yet coming toward the city. we will see a light rush hour as compared to a workday but i think later on during the second half of the morning and in the day you want to be careful heading out just to do
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something with the kids that are off from school. the september, new jersey transit, patco all running on a maryland filed or holiday schedule will so make sure you know the timetable. it is cold out there. buses may not come every ten minutes typically like they would on a monday, maybe 20, 25 minutes depending upon the holiday and first weekday after dart's services changes and fare increase. all this went into effect over the weekend. if you typically used dart get to their web site and make sure you have the latest schedule that shows the correct times for today being the who will will day. could be a rough travel day for folks at philly international, i would check with the airline and just make sure your flight is on time especially the later part of the morning if you are heading down, later in the day we will get worse it will get and as we have been hearing from jenny in the neighborhood in frankford after saturday's fire, icy conditions with some local detours. that is along griscom right by
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area frankford after and right underneath market frankford line. market frankford line services are not impact but it is certainly icy trying to get to the platform there in the frankford section of the city, chris and lauren, back to you. well, a an enormous open air mass in mexico for the pope. he is mentioning over 300,000 people showed up for this. >> he got a special present. he will probably never for get. "fox news" correspondent kelly wright has the story from new york. >> reporter: for hundreds of the thousands of mexican faithful the trip of pope francis to that nation meant an open air mass in a crime ridden suburb of the mexico city. during sunday services the pontiff condemned the drug trade and violence that comes with it calling drug money, wealth which tastes of pain. >> wealth is the seizing hold of goods and using it only for myself, for my own people,
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that is taking the bread from the mutt of others or even at the expense of their very lives. that wealth which tastes have pain, bitterness and suffering. >> reporter: but for children too sick to venture out of their hospitals the pope made a house call of sorts. >> here i bless you, the doctors bless you, every time someone takes care of you, everyone, the nurses, staff, everyone who works here blesses you children but you also must also learn bless them and ask geez to us take care of them because they take care of you. >> reporter: one child gave the pope valentine, other gave him something he will probably never for get. >> ♪ >> pope francis will visit u.s. mexico border in the middle this week to bring
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attention to the immigrants polite, in new york, kelly wright, "fox news". democratic presidential candidates take their messages to church. >> hillary clinton and bernie sanders took to the pulpit at victory missionary baptist church in las vegas. the two are campaigning ahead of the next weekend's democratic caucus in nevada. sanders praise president obama but said much more needs to be done. while clinton accompanied by john lewis, stressed her ties to the african-american community. >> remaining republican date for president debate saturday night in south carolina but felt more like a saturday night fight. several heated exchanges between the candidates especially donald trump and jeb bush, trump once again getting personal over bush's family and he got booed for this time. >> my daddies the greatest man in my mind. while donald trump was building a reality tv show, my brother was building a security apparatus to keep us safe and i'm proud of what he
5:21 am
did. >> unaudible. >> he has gall to go after my mothery watched every minute of it, it was fun to watch. >> yes. >> they went at it. >> it just gets -- you see trump there and to his right is ted cruz. he looked at cruz and said three or four times you are just a nasty guy. you are nasty. and that is what it the has evolved. john kasich made great points. i thought strongest performance were there bush and marco rubio. anyway, south carolina primary is this coming saturday. there will be a democratic caucus in nevada on the saturday as well. >> all right. 5:21. valentines day just one day out of the year but students at one elementary school in colorado said they will extend the love to last for a week. >> you'll love these numbers if you have them.
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♪ down in the heart what do you think? ♪ and in the stars above hi ted, glad you could join us, we think you're going to like these numbers. ♪ bring me a higher love ♪ i could rise above
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valentines day falling on a week day this year, most of the parties and treats have already come and gone. >> as fox's kent irdell reports, students made valentines, well, last a lot longer than most. >> in the past valentines day at heritage elementary school have been pretty standard.
5:25 am
>> normally we are giving like the candy. >> reporter: most of the students in the sixth grade classroom still like candy and dislike idea of having a special valentines. >> no, that is gross. >> i told my parents not the until i'm a junior in high school. >> reporter: maybe that is why this year, the entire class decided to use their scissors. >> we cut it. >> reporter: to cut more than just paper parts. >> have move your finger and pull it through. >> reporter: the entire grade decided to find these fuzzy fabrics with the money that would have gone to tasty treats. >> it took candy out of our head. >> it was a mixed reaction at first. >> reporter: but that reaction began to change when they learned what this project was tied too. >> we're making blankets for n icu. >> basically when premature babies are healthy enough to go home with their parents. >> reporter: something that piper snyder knows about firsthand. >> i was three weeks early, and i had a hole in my heart. >> reporter: years later this part which a purpose shows
5:26 am
just how full piper's heart has become. >> it tells me that i can help out other kids who are going through the same thing. >> when you think of this type of the party. >> it is fun. >> reporter: hard to imagine a better example of a lesson in love. >> we have to ask ourselves what will we do, think about ourselves and it is greedy. >> reporter: it turns out giving can be sweet too. >> watching on camera, you know, it is that much fun but it really is. >> reporter: good thing they chose to make blankets. >> it makes me have the chills because it is exciting. >> it is giving me the chills. it is a great idea. >> reporter: this valentines day party is pretty cool. >> and done. >> reporter: photo journalist chris, fox 31 news.
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♪ most weekends only last a couple of days. some last a lifetime. hampton. we go together. always get the lowest price, only when you book direct at you stayed inside all day yesterday because it was too cold to go inside. >> i went to church though. >> that is good. >> well, hopefully you put more effort in praying for me. stay inside today too because look at this mess a lot of it. gone but not forgotten how pennsylvania governor tom wolf is honoring former supreme court justice antonin scalia.
5:30 am
>> happy presidents day, monday february 15th, 2016, when you pray for me. >> yes. >> what was your biggest concern. >> no concerns, in concerns, just prayer. >> okay, good. >> okay. sue serio, good morning. for folks, inclined to venture up in our hills in the pocono mountains. >> right. >> good skiing weather today. >> i think it will be good skiing weather but you have to be careful getting there because by the time you get on the road there might be precipitation falling and it will be of the wintry variety. the not only getting there but getting home you have to watch for slippery conditions. but as long as you are aware and take your time, you should be okay. here's a look at bus stop buddy who we make work even on a holiday. you don't see school buses but he is bundled up this morning. single digit wind chills, maybe better than yesterday but not much. weather by the numbers today we are still going with a three out of ten, it will be tricky travel once all this
5:31 am
precipitation gets here. it looks like it is mostly affecting southern portion of our viewing area, kent county, sussex county in delaware, it looks like you are getting a coating on the ground around dover, and a little bit, in cape may county and atlantic county in new jersey but all these counties that you see are under the winter weather advisory, doesn't include south jersey where we're in the really expect ago accumulating snow, 18 degrees but feels like ten in philadelphia right now. sunrise time is 6:54. we have temperatures in the teens as we mentioned wind chills in the single digits this morning and a high temperature eventually of 35 degrees. but until we get above freezing, it is not going to be fun to travel around. it will not ab lieutenant of snow maybe within to 2 inches we're expecting but doesn't take much to make a mess and i know bob kelly we both seen this firsthand it doesn't take much. >> it doesn't take much. i think a storm like what we're going to get to day
5:32 am
where we will get a little bit of everything depending upon where you are watching us this morning is worse. i would rather see, 6 inches of snow, visual effect that stops people in the tracks, keeps them at home. this dusting that we're receiving right now this is a live look down the shore, 47 and 347, just outside of wildwood and rio grande there. this fellow coming through the intersection, the light snow starting to stick to the road surfaces specially road that were not treated on the overnight. here's a live look at new jersey turnpike, starting to see at least one of the two lanes snow covered here. this is right here near exit number one the delaware memorial bridge. lets get to delco though no flakes at all in sight here. so again the road will change depending upon where you are traveling and as we move through the morning, right now in dover, delaware sue mentioned south jersey, definitely seeing that light coating, problems on the bennie, and in problems on i-95 in northeast philadelphia
5:33 am
using mass transit today all of the mass transit systems they are all running on a maryland filed or holiday schedule, chris and lauren, back over to you. thanks very much. >> worth waiting for a train and you are out there freezing. >> let's begin our team coverage with the cold temperatures. lets go to dave kinchen now. dave, you are in wilmington. and they are going to see some snow it sound like later this morning. >> reporter: that is right, in fact we were just talking about it, sue and bob were talking about the the coating takes place in dover. we are get something flakes here in wilmington right now. we will show you a better view in the the light there. kind of steady, light flakes here, then we have gotten the last hour, we're expect to go get more than that as that snowstorm moves up from the baltimore, area, and washington d.c. area and starts passing through where we are right now before we reach that system even moving further toward the north east. it has been a day where people
5:34 am
have been, some folks out and about are wearing extra layers and just we saw folks getting off the bus not too long ago and they were rushing to get where they had to go but still not too many people up at this hour, of course, and if you can stay in and stay warm leave a little bit later as late as you can and start your car up, it is always good to have one of those remote starters. that is always a good, good investment. that way you don't to have sit in your car freezing and as you warm up that type of thing but again, just the story right now just really light snow flakes here in wilmington delaware but that will change in a bit, back to you you. >> dave kinchen please stay warm. no gloves. really dave, what is it, 18 degrees. >> he has ear muffs. >> reporter: earmuffs are there. my hand are warm. it is the microphone. strange enough it is pretty warm. >> well, stay warm.
5:35 am
>> that is a real man. >> i know. >> no set of gloves on. the cold forced emergency crews to take extra precautions in norristown. flames erupted inside a three story home on powell street just before midnight. >> fire fighters put it out quickly but called on pup works truck to lay down salt to keep area from freezing over. they have used septa buses for crews and resident to stay warm, the cause of the fire is now under investigation. 5:35. pennsylvania governor tom wolf is honoring former supreme court justice antonin scalia. >> by ordering u.s. and commonwealth flags at state complex and state facilities fly at half staff. scalia died over weekend of natural causes. the 79 year-old served three decade on the nation's highest court. president obama has ordered flags to be flown at half staff at federal buildings around the country and in u.s. embassies. >> appointed byron old reagan in 1986. all right. 5:35. you know who that is. >> drake.
5:36 am
>> that is coach drake of team canada beat up on kevin hart's team u.s.a. over weekend but before the game. >> classy drake and hart had another on court confrontation, we will tell you all about it. >> can't wait for that.
5:37 am
5:38 am
good morning i'm howard eskin. the flyers coming off a tough loss against new jersey had a tough one, if they will make playoffs they have to start winning. tough game with the rangers. lets go to madison square
5:39 am
gander. flyers down one to nothing to the rangers third period, derek stephan will score he had two goals on the game. rangers win three-one. flyers scored with less than ten seconds left. temple making late push to get in the ncaa tournament. playing an easy team. they still win, quinton decoast which the three, 77-65 over south florida. at&t pro am came down to the final shot, pebble beach, thinks vaughn take already on 16. the birdie putt puts them seven under. phil mickelson went back and forth during the day, 5 feet, 5-inch toes tie it, send it to the playoffs, first time in 23 puts that he missed, and vaughn taylor wins. in the nba all-star game a joke, 196-173 the west win it. 169. are you kidding me. that is sports in a minute. i'm howard eskin. good morning. >> let's see, phillies own kevin h art, of course, comes out of retirement to square
5:40 am
off in drake in all-star celebrity basketball game. >> when asked about city verse city. >> i mean, if we're talking city verse city it has been a tough year for you, but other than that, let's just say four time mvp. >> yes. let's just enjoy the fact, okay. you know some people like to leave on top. that is what i did. i came back in the for myself but for my country. >> kevin could in the pull off a win for his country, team u.s.a. loss to team canada, 76-64. kevin hart got some skills, he can drain the three's. >> yes, ridiculous, right. >> man, i didn't know. did you buy kanye's new album. >> no. >> the life of pablo. >> he dropped it over weekend. >> if you have the money to
5:41 am
spare why mr. west says, does he go by mr. west. >> mr. west is in the building. >> that is how he goes. >> you can say it, i can't. >> says he could use the extra exchange. >> he is broke. >> come on
5:42 am
5:43 am
all right. it is going to be an interesting weather day and remember, if you were with us just a few minutes ago we mention that had there was no winter weather advisories for
5:44 am
southern new jersey, bing, now there is. this is in effect until 10:00 o'clock tonight because we are seeing wintry weather, move into southern new jersey, so, this is going to be a changeable storm all day long. we will keep an eye on it. but the 2016 presidents day storm will not be at its worst here it looks in southwestern, virginia, and west virginia around roanoke is where they are expect to go get most snow, we won't get much as far as accumulation but it will be as bob kelly likes to say tricky travel for today. it is snow because of all of the cold air that moved in, and settled in over the weekend, and there we're seeing a coat to go probably a quick half inch. dover, delaware, down in south section county delaware and cape may county in new jersey. not too much here to the north at least not yet but eventually everything will move from the southwest to the north east. throughout the rest of the morning i think in the metro area we will see very light
5:45 am
snow, thin through the afternoon especially early afternoon when we will accumulation whatever we are going to get but you see this rain moving from the south and then by seven or 8:00 o'clock we have made our change over it seems to rain. tricky part will be where you see this pink north and west of the city, where we expect the wintry mix of precipitation which means it could be icy. luckily red ways have been treated so hopefully travel will be okay but take your time. then by tomorrow morning we have change over to rain, light rain in the morning, heavy rain in the early afternoon and then look at this by 2:00 o'clock very heavy rain moving through. so an inch, maybe 2 inches of rain in the forecast, for tomorrow, and big difference in temperature which we will show you right now in the seven day forecast. so, we're expecting yeah, maybe one to 2 inches of snow before the change over to rain and here we go 35 today eventually, and we're only in the teens right now, 56 for a
5:46 am
high tomorrow, after the rain end, and we will end up with temperatures that are more seasonal on wednesday with a high of 46. little chillier then that on thursday and then temperatures bounce backup in the mid 50's, but bob kelly, it does seem like we did get that brining on the road yet which is a good thing. >> that is a good thing, definitely. new jersey dot, dell dot and penndot put down that salt brine solution yesterday. the here's an example what is coming our way starting to creep up in to south jersey, a live look at route nine down the shore as you can see quick as the flakes start to form they will start to form that light coating, an top of the road surface. rolling out of the driveway and make your way throughout the day depending upon where you begin and end your trip road conditions will change. live look at the southern end of the new jersey turnpike right here near delaware memorial bridge. an example of that storm coming up from the south, delaware through dover, dover air force base, and, then
5:47 am
southern new jersey, down the shore, starting to see the first coating of snow on the road surface. here's i-95 in delaware county no snow flakes just yet so that is good news. i think we will have a light rush hour, as compared to a normal rush hour but what scares me is that everybody is off from work. the kid are off from school. cabin fever what do you want to do lets get out of the house. that will happen late are this morning. we will be driving around with the light dusting on the road surface and things will be slippery. bennie looking good. in problems there. a new pattern for gang coming from the 42 freeway in bellmawr, new jersey, put that in effect over the weekend and then jenny has been reporting live all morning long saturday morning's fire there in the frankford section, icy conditions, griscom at orthodox. orthodox is that main drag coming from the boulevard heading down in the neighborhood. watch for icy conditions and
5:48 am
ice on the approach to the market frankford line steps, but no delays on mass transit this morning. we are celebrating a try pie mere in the arts. henry lewis was an african-american orchestra conduct are born in 1932. >> born in los angeles. from the age of five he began studying piano. he later learned to play clarinet as well as several string instruments. at the age of 16 he join the loss acknowledge a less philharmonic becoming first black instrumental is in the major orchestra. after gaining national recognition, he conduct los angeles philharmonic. he moved to newark, new jersey where he became conductor and music director of the new jersey symphony. >> he transformed the even sem many in to a nationally recognized orchestra that yearly performed more than a hundred concerts. he retired in 1976 but continued to tour as a guest conduct are for 20 years, until his death from a heart attack at the age of 63. he was the first african-american to become a regular conductor of a major
5:49 am
american symphony orchestra. >> wow, such a loss at age of 63 with all that talent. so sad. kanye west released his much anticipated album life of pablo and debuted his latest fashion creation. now he said he need loan and prayers. >> what does this say here. >> it has us scratching our head. i write this to you my brothers while still 53 million-dollar in personal debt. please pray we overcome. this is my true heart. >> what does he mean this is my true hard. >> i don't know maybe this is real, it is in the a joke a lot of times you say did he really post this. maybe this is me. he sent this saturday night as he waited to go on saturday night life. after his performance kim kardashian tried to urge people on twit tore buy his album. so, everyone sort office unclear how he got this in
5:50 am
debt. >> well, my mom always said, it is in the what you make. >> it is what you save. >> well, it is that. >> it is what you spend. >> yeah. >> they have a pretty lavish lifestyle. >> that is true too. >> yesterday he tweeted facebook found are mark zuckerberg says mark zuckerberg invest $1 billion in kanye west ideas. then mark zuckerberg says something else, i know it is your b day but can you please call will me by tomorrow. >> what? >> i don't know what is going on with him. >> kim k is loaded with money, right. they have a prenup? i guess. >> i don't know, can days was giving me inside dish on what is happening with his financing. it is kind of complicated. you would think when you are married to kim kardashian you wouldn't have any money problems shall right. >> she has a whole empire there maybe they keep things separate. she said get buy his album, help a brother out.
5:51 am
i don't know. so what about this story, tyra banks is enjoying mother hood. >> she share the first photo of her new baby boy, york on instagram. she's 42 now. she's holding her new son close to her chest while he snugglesness blanket with the caption this is happiest valentines day of my life. banks reruled last month that she and boyfriend eric. >> thank you had their first child via surrogate. banks has been opened about her struggles. they tried iv f for a long time but it didn't take. so they did this a surrogate. >> good for her. >> okay. 5:51. yesterday was national donor day, find out how a special recipient are thriving after getting a second chance to live.
5:52 am
since 1961, pearle vision has provided the neighborhood with expert eye care. that was dr. stanley pearle's vision and we still proudly carry on his legacy. today, doctors like lisa hamilton perform eye exams that can help detect diabetes. because we care for you... and your eyes. this is genuine eye care, in your neighborhood. this is pearle vision.
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good morning welcome back. time is 5:54. just 18 degrees. the great day to stay inside and eat that valentines day chocolate on this presidents day. during national donor day, recipient is a across the country yesterday, they pause todd remember person or people who made their second chance at the life possible. in philadelphia a fox 29's jennifer joins caught up with a group of people who aren't just living they are thriving.
5:55 am
>> she's breaking record on a national stage and competing all around the world. >> meet janet, a retired dhs social worker from the nicetown section of the city and top ranking athlete in donate life u.s. and world transplant games. >> achievements that never could have imagined ten years ago. >> that was real. not being able to breathe, not being able to walk and breathe was just crazy. >> reporter: janice was diagnosed with heart failure at the age of 49. one year later she underwent a heart transplant a setback that inspired janice to live life to the fullest. >> i was not going to sit on the side lines, and i said this hearties going to get a beat down. >> reporter: it is national donor day. >> four organs from one donor and seven years later ramona howard is still going strong.
5:56 am
gift of life, and franklin institute are teaming up to share these stories and encourage people to donate. >> every single day waiting for valuable organs. you have a chance to be a hero. you can save a life. >> reporter: written marks says that an organ donor saved her life. she was diagnosed with heart failure in college. she was a premedical student and now she's a doctor, running 10k's and eager to give back. >> i work now as a pediatrician and i have a a chance to touch lives of patients and families. >> reporter: jake or haver spent his birthday spreading word about organ donation. >> please be aware of the need for organ donors. >> reporter: he was gifted a new heart at just seven months old. >> i'm so very proud of him today. this is one of the first times he got up like this. >> reporter: if you are inspired by janet, jake on, written and ramona's story i don't blame you. how can you become a donor? head to our web site at fox we will post all of this
5:57 am
information there. reporting from the franklin institute i'm jennifer gist fox 29 news. such a worthwhile cause. at 5:56, the unexpect death of supreme court justice antonin scalia sparks a brand new debate in washington. why democrats and republicans will fight over his vacancy being filled or not.
5:58 am
5:59 am
apparently, people think i'm too perky. so now i'm not being perky, telling you that drivers that switch to progressive save an average of $548! whoo! i mean, whoo. well, it is still stupid cold.
6:00 am
so lets take it up a notch with some snow, sleet and freezing rain. come on everybody. just hold until friday it could get up in the upper 50's. i'm going for 60. let's go for it, what do you say. and then there is this. >> i'm quite confident that law students will be reading justice scalia opinions a century from now. >> supreme court justice dies unexpectly as people remembered justice scalia. debate started in washington d.c. about how to fill the vacancy. and it is back to class today, yeah, ursinus college after 200 students got so sick. what officials are saying about that fast spreading, mystery big. it had them running for the rest rooms. horrible. good day everybody it is monday, february 15th. most people of today off, national holiday. >> yes. >> except for big college kids there is in such thing as a


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